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the next 20 years. looms biggest and richest club so faced unprecedented from their fans from the remaining 14 teams in england's premier league pressure that now appears to a force some of the most powerful people in football to change their plans. so this is out there these are the top stories and full police officers shaven has been convicted on all 3 challenges of killing george floyd a case that triggered protests in the united states and around the world for almost 9 and a half minutes he knelt on the neck of floyd in the city of minneapolis nearly a year ago it took about 10 hours for the jury to convict chevon on all 3 charges and 7 is sentence in 2 months and 8 weeks in faces up to 40 is in prison. we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree
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murder while committing a felony by the defendant guilty verdict agreed to this 20th day of april 2021 at 1 44 pm signed your foreperson juror number 19. same captioned verdict count 2 we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count 2 3rd degree murder perpetrating an eminently dangerous act find the defendant guilty this verdict greed to this 20 if they have april 2021 at 1 45 pm signed by a jury foreperson journal or 19 same caption verdict count 3 we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count 3 2nd degree manslaughter culpable negligence creating an unreasonable risk by the defendant guilty. well george floyd's family and their lawyer have spoken on the phone with president joe biden and thanked him for his support. right here larry. you know.
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feeling better now that nothing is going to make it go better. here just disappearing here biden said he was praying for the right verdict he says the result is a step towards justice in america. we have to listen to. keep 3. i keep 3. nice words we can't let those words die within. you to keep your leaders were. we must not turn away we can't turn away. and a car bomb targeting security forces has exploded in afghanistan's capital of kabul as security officials say the blast was aimed at a convoy the interior ministry says it was a suicide attack are you up to date with all the headlines we've got more news coming up a full half hour right after inside story. european
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football in crisis some of its biggest clubs have announced a league of their own fans and governing bodies say they've betrayed the sport but what's really behind this move this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. they're some of the biggest names in sport european football clubs like manchester united and rail madrid have become a global phenomenon drawing big name stars and millions of followers they're now
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among 12 elite teams who have announced a breakaway competition of their own called the european super league many fans reacted in anger while some voiced their support but the sport's governing bodies say they'll do everything in their power to stop the project while those behind the new super league insists the changes necessary will bring in our guest in a moment 1st this report from the parker. hours after some of the continent's richest clubs threaten to split european football into the sport's governing body in europe you wafer hit back hard saying you were expelled the clubs players from future european championships and world cups i can't stress more strongly at this moment. in the footballing world stand united against these graceful self-serving proposals we have seen in the last 24 hours from a select few clubs in europe that are fuelled purely by greed above all else on
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sunday night 12 of the continent's richest clubs revealed plans to form a european super league rivaling you a 1st prestigious champions league barcelona madrid and athletico have agreed to join in spain in italy both ac and into milan have signed up alongside eventis and 6 clubs from england's premier league also want to join manchester united city liverpool chelsea arsenal and tottenham the managers of the teams have been dodging quick questions let's be honest i'm employee of this club and i trust this club and my chop is very clear so i'm maybe not the right person to ask. i'm just a manager and i'm prepared to coach my players under any circumstances the plans even prompted this intervention from the british prime minister we're going to look at everything that we can do with the football authorities to make sure that this doesn't go ahead of the way that it's currently being proposed so far no teams from
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france or germany including the current european champions by munich plan to join the new league but 3 more clubs are expected to sign up all set to pocket more than $400000000.00 when they do in a project funded by u.s. banking giant j.p. morgan seriously in the midst of a pandemic an economic crisis football clubs at national league level going bust nearly furloughing players clubs on the edge in league one and 2 and these lobbied assume calls about breaking away and basically create more great. joke the super league clubs want to start as soon as possible but the premier league league and syria all joined in condemning the move so too have many fans competing clubs face being booted out of their domestic leeks several television broadcasters rules are refusing to abandon you a for a national league to join the new project but if it does go ahead football's single
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sporting pyramid from the lowest grassroots teams all the way to the top may never be the same again leave barca al-jazeera those behind the super league say they want to kick off as soon as practicable the competition will have 20 teams the 15 founding members are guaranteed a place every year other clubs will compete for the remaining 5 spots as we've mentioned each team will earn $400000000.00 just for joining the league that's nearly 3 times more than what the champions league winner gets every year organizers say the format guarantees regular matches between the top teams this potentially means more fans in the stadiums more television viewers and more money for the clubs revenues have taken a hit during the pandemic it's predicted that the world's top 20 football clubs lost more than a $1000000000.00 from broadcasting and ticket sales. all right let's bring in our guests in london aqil vs an arsenal fan and board member
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of the arsenal supporters trust. in law for a u.k. garcia senior lecturer in sports management and policy at law for a university and in beirut trained of its strategic adviser adel e sports focusing on sports signal a-g. a warm welcome to you all but let me start with you today is this idea of a super league well maybe not the exact same thing but the idea has been discussed for years was it the pandemic that pushed it across the line and why why now yeah i think thanks for having me indeed this has been around progress is the ninety's in this pursuit of the late ninety's around the time of the griffin of the champions league and has told of our korea for quite some time while now i think although one handy thing that depend they're making a case the level of depth of the major lapse half accumulate in there in the last year on the all of the other recent i think that which is very important is probably far less this cast is their ability of capitally sponsor bent your head
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most of them coming from the united states who have decided to invest heavily in the sport not only in football not only but what about the course. in iraq the other sports and now they want to finance the super late and i think that probably that is what has people who are the line if you if as president described the super league plan as a spit in the face of football lovers and said that the clubs and players should be banned from all your way for competitions as soon as possible what happens next what kind of impact is going to have on the rest of the season i mean if this becomes a protracted affair then you could you know be thinking ok this is actually a reality but there's going to be some you know legal rumblings around whether or not they can play in these tournaments but as long as this is kind of nipped in the but you know we have kind of this road you know on our doorstep we have you which as we all know or we're just on time last year cut to 2022 where we're at around
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the corner as well. so i think timing is key if we let this drag on and it just gets more serious. as you said they want to start a sop i think that's another important factor but speaking of timing as well you know they said this just as you have for us and it's under chaffering you have as president was unfeeling the new champions league format was to expand to the i mean expand the tournament and also kind of give into this idea of a super elite because as we see in basketball and the euro league. it's it's a different form it's not a group stages so the chapters league will change football is changing we all agree with this but i feel like there was a great miscalculation and the public mood when this was revealed because i would add to what books are so i don't agree with everything he said but football these days with a lot of fans who could force their discontent voice there not because usually but i mean with the far and and with you know the pandemic stopping us from going to
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games i feel like that this was the you know the right time to go ahead and it's backfiring i mean there's developments every minute but it looks like it's about 5 calea was just talking there about this announcement really back flying as far as the timing i was looking at your twitter feed in particular before the show and i saw many posts about how as a fan you were so disappointed in this announcement and the possible formation of a super league let me ask you why has this triggered such a strong response among fans. it is it really takes away the sporting merit you know nobody wants a closed shop and that's essentially what this is going to do it's going to mean the saints each other every single year that's the war for fun who wants a full from what's variety of fun want promotion relegation the excitement you know by having the european suitable e domestic leagues are going to be we can all look at the premier league alicia
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going to win it finishing 2nd to finish and 15 means nothing because if your boss the when you finish 15th you're going to be in the euro in the european simply to finish 2nd was still living so what's insensitive about the playing you know and you know if you're a leicester city or west family of 5 rates. and then you're told even though you finished 4th you're now you're not going to be nice top level european football what's the point so that it's going to be is for that result in a lot of the mistakes from elite and ultimately it is deliberate on football's as absolutely runs an absolute disgrace and it's part of how britain has said that they are going to do everything within their power to stop this super league from happening they said that all options are on the table and the 3 even going to discuss ways of potentially penalizing the 6 english clubs that have signed up to the super league can the government of britain actually accomplish this can they
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actually prevent the super league from happening well it is so it is difficult at this of course difficult because so wish dr remember that we are in britain with just a country which establish an olive very liberal very business oriented and that somehow ironic is really really ironic and somehow that you can 2nd so much if governmental worst of paperbacks or nest national to go against the development of business especially in america not be our british business holder or the by other countries when they want to make them pay their money away on their brackets or there is something in their lease usually ironic about these intentional. the conservative government of boris johnson now the question comes they do it well i think that because of the government of course they can always regulate it it's within their powers then of course it has to be done through that will govern through the parliament and then of course the club will always have recourse to the courts to the different authorities there is perhaps one aspect that miss to be looked at which is that we should not forget that especially the international olympic
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committee and the 5th up if i specially begged the like governments intervening into a sport they really really don't like it on the other hand of course what c. 5 is really that's a lie if governments intervening in football of course when they go against the stuff if a government is going to decide to intervene in for civil affairs in favor to face up i think the fight is going to be far less worried about it it will take a major intervention it will take an intervention that i don't think we probably have seen in the united kingdom and also going take an intervention that will come to take a couple of the case of the united states in the commercial business and even a sport policy but they can do it in the fever had worn in january that any breakaway league would not be recognised by them and the players taking part could be banned potentially from playing in the world cup do you think that's going to happen and how might this impact the world cup going forward just today i was waiting for the players to speak. to you what they were going to spare to really
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bob from there in a position where they can't really. predict their future as i said those tournaments around the corner it's going to take a lot of. you know legal ramifications to see if you if if if if i can actually enforce this and also where because in sports you know usually goes the court of arbitration for sport and it could take even longer over there so as porter said it's something where where anything can happen the british government said yesterday but they before even if the f.a. and people can do anything about it that they will stop and we've heard from royalty we've heard from from footballers they're coming out today so and last night so it'll be interesting to see how things develop but in the end. as as as barker said if if people see is that the government are getting too in the weight
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of their decision making and problem aqil going forward do you think that we could see some kind of compromise struck that would be in the interests of both fans and clubs and if so what do you think that compromise might look like i don't know i mean that's what people are saying though is this a massive negotiation sort of tactic is this kind of clubs really taking it that far as a big threat so then you wait for the do compromise or we don't know you know we don't know there's so much going on you talked about government beef he also supports truslow in a meeting with the premier league and the football association of local supports associations morning with a response i don't really know the opposition has done so for things that happening is not going on is there a compromise maybe and that's what you know i think that's what fans would want because the euro the euro is super league is taking full too far one way and you
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know you a certain fee for not squeaky clean and then you know by no means are fans suddenly thinking they are. clearly i have that's all i'm a governed by its founders the clubs doesn't quite sound right so the clubs definitely more influence when it's us from situations so we'll look to see what will happen there i hope something will be it will be solved but how from your perspective how much does all of this have to do with essentially making more drama for television i mean you tell you matt big clubs here with big stars playing each other more often leading to a bigger audience potential bigger revenue stream from broadcasting rights right guests from broadcasting or let's just call it perhaps a little bit more a wider commercial rights you know it can be if you're right it can be over the internet all right or if i think it's about making more money out of the professional football i let the poor to the chairman of the spanish league i have
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your ask why once hair send in a conference our rivals of the lollipop are not the premier league are not been this league are were rivals nowadays are netflix and amazon prime professional football sees itself being us part of the entertainment industry for right or for wrong i'm not going to say this is where they should be but the piece of this is where they look at the south this is they want to fight for the bench and of the people rather than what you can game of thrones the once the champions league rather than them watching any any that you can use to watch the champions league so if indeed it is indeed about increasing revenue from data commercial operation if this increase and are reaching new audiences beyond europe and in a global market i'm not so sure it is a smart ass remark race charm apparently no parent said last night in a spam celebration i'm not so sure it's about recollecting with a year of football it may well be that they are they think they are losing the
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younger generation and spending their money in football that's what they may want to do but certainly yeah i would agree this is a. only about trying to increase those revenues and then also increase their share of those revenues for each specific as they call their ilia so many people have expressed anger at the announcement of the super league have said in one way or another that this is essentially a case of big business ruining football now do you see that as happening and is this essentially a case of rich clubs getting richer by sharing in the wealth of this what would be a very insular league while everyone sort of outside of it is struggling to stay financially viable sized i think i think gary nabel you know with with passion and poignancy so last night that is pure greed and you know someone like me i grew up watching arsenal spoiling arsenal but only because i couldn't watch red star belgrade and then over the years you know as deep as the root became more connected
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i could watch them and then 5 years ago you know low and behold rockstar was playing arsenal in the europa league to make a choice and and restaurants my 1st club started and you. know the past 5 years we've been playing in and the europa league and champions league so you know to watch this i i know that we're probably going to win it we did win the european cup in 1901 unlike the time i did it talking to man city and arsenal who are the core founders or founding members of the super the but i do feel that many dreams will be dumped because many many football and to zeerust around the world i'm speaking as a fan now we support a hometown club and maybe one of the international so what this will do it will create such a distance between these top clubs like real madrid barcelona man city united and the smaller clubs i mean west and leicester sure they're going to be
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left in the dark what about all the other books in europe i think you have for. you know there are no angels but they're expanding the tournament they're even creating another tournament 4 for 4 teams that finish 4th or 5th or 6th in their respective leagues so the product that we have the champions league is revered thought people love that message also said kids they dream of playing the champions league or the world cup not and you're in super the so despite you know what another drama i think it's warranted football is really a global language i worked for the world cup committee and cut that and. you know usually the big stories off the pitch how to do with cutter. the world cup taking place in november for example when under a lot of scrutiny but at the end of the day this start to a conflict largely see players play in tip top condition and pretty standard i suppose playing at the end of the season so there's a silver lining here to simply don't find any silver lining if you're for. a kill
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as a football fan when you boil all this down does it essentially come down to the question of who owns football i mean doesn't all of this in the discussion around it really highlight a growing disconnect between the big business of sport the community of sports fans especially when you're talking about just you know kids kicking around a ball and aspiring to be like their football heroes yeah absolutely i mean i think i think we've seen in the last few days who does really own folklore and research you know our stone house you know we don't call them owners they're our investors they're investing in asshole just then she made money here no we've we've met them a few once or twice in 10 years we don't hear from the this week all of the owners have got into hiding after announcing their deal you know it's because they're ashamed you know that so defamed or if they want to shake their will be out there at spain's or smites think they're not. so who knows football you know it's sad but i mean what we've seen in the last year of the pandemic is you know football
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grounds the soulless without fans you know it seems the companies have been trying to pump him fake noise which is also ridiculous since a replay sauce is is more than noise to replace those the replace our so i think you know said she got the biggest state home 'd known for was found something the product is far weaker but we've seen that these owners you know that though they'll make decisions they'll be in other countries though hard. and you know the challenge to get away with it and hopefully we're not going to let them sort of what are some of the other challenges that's going to be that the super league would face and also could all this basically just fall apart and if so is there a way back from it. well i think there are a number of challengers i could say that one of the probably the most pressing at the moment is the social political challenge i don't think the organizers of the of the super league and dissipated the backlash i can think would know when the people
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knowing florentino perez know when the owners of the city grew they were ready to fight they were ready to fight back lash they already bully for example us i'm the court of arbitration for sport but perhaps they miscalculated a little bit so the social political challenge is one the other actually i think it is going to be economically because one thing i missed starting to detect is that the 12 founders for the moment for the moment of course we have to wait they're actually having problems inviting other plops to their competition they wanted to have 3 more members and then they wanted to buy 5 more in order to make 20 and it seems for the moment they are going to. be there to invite plus they didn't want to invite or actually to try and do something different so that is going to be another another challenge and finally of course i think it is important to talk to them that's rather technical but we need to mention their legal challenge and their european law there is
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a possibility that someone goes to the european court and announced that was found in glasgow because they are basically behaving like a cartel they are a sickly close and that was the professional football market there are arguments in favor of that there are arguments also against that but i think that the 2nd is that can be made and then there will be a need for a judgment and actually the links to the body beginning of the program when we were talking about timing of course if it goes to dock it will drag for years and years and then perhaps the situation will change so certainly we have the social the social political challenge we have the economic we have the legal challenges i'm actually especially in that me that one failed to convince clubs i was thinking that actually this morning seems to me i believe the biggest challenge. and then one back may actually. get things again back in the bottom. if this actually comes to fruition if the super league actually is accomplished do you expect that fans will ultimately follow i mean will it eventually get support from
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fans. personally i don't know we were talking earlier about you know the younger generation i worked very closely with 43 they're the biggest. social media page over 50000000 or 60000000 for all their platforms and great engagement. and their audience demographic is quite young. and most of the comments i've been reading 24 hours i've indicated that most people are against. of course in a football is the opium of the masses. it would be difficult to say what could happen down the line if it does exist but i feel that it will be met with some with some scrutiny but in the end i just don't think you know the model can succeed because. it's of it's very americanized you know you have the same teams playing against each other well majority of the teams who played against each other every
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season and as you can close and and the other side who wants to see for example and spectacle every year takes away from reading there's also a great great a lot of competition. which could could really you know hurt football. or not part of the joy of watching football is you know having minnows up so. no big club. you know like a relegation battle we're in the n.b.a. or american leagues with the draft system teams going to tank you know they can we were going to rebuild for the next 3 years and it just didn't work out and you know there's like there's lot of competition can either the game and if the game is fair then i feel the audience will those costs lower all right we have run out of time so we're going to have to leave the conversation there thank you so much to all of our guests akil vs board and ilya tran of it and thank you too for watching you can see this and all of our previous programs again any time by visiting our website
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documentaries discussions and reports exploring the consequences of all actions and inactions and showcasing ways in which some a seeking to turn the tide a season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of a day on al-jazeera. in the 1st thailand's of home in mesopotamia where the 1st settlements formed the cradle of civilization iraqi people who've depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by womb and pollution outages or world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. i'm a lack of awesome to sell to india to find out how a tiny box in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a standstill coronavirus how he wept across the world with devastating impact and
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it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade here in vietnam we did that a rescue center for some of the world's most threatened animals and joining the call for an end to the global wild. earthrise on al-jazeera. org. we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree murder while committing a felony by the defendant guilty. a jury in minneapolis convicts former police officer dirty shaven on all 3 counts in the death of george florida. we have achieved to begin to change checked. in this country. president joe biden hails the verdict as a step forward but says more work is needed to reform the system.


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