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al-jazeera. and. a landmark verdict in the united states a jury finds a former policeman direction even guilty of murdering george feel. 6 that. his family and friends of floyd unite to salute the verdicts but say the fight is not over.
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i don't make like this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. tears of relief and some celebration outside torched the crowds found to stay on the streets until all forces involved in floods rest are convicted. this can be a giant step forward in march toward justice and. the president biden called it george floyd's death a stain on the nation's soul and said the verdict was a chance change. so much as of celebration and defiance are under way across the united states following the conviction of the former police officer charged over the death of george floyd there it is shaven was found guilty on all 3 charges including 2nd
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degree murder for almost 9 and a half minutes he knelt on the neck of george floyd in the city of minneapolis nearly a year ago in a case that triggered the knowledge of civil rights protests and decades in the united states and around the world pictures now this is the scene in minneapolis in fact the sign the scene where george floyd was killed george floyd closer and as i say celebrations and protests peaceful protests taking place across the united states let's listen in now to how the judge delivered the verdict. we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree murder while committing a felony by the defendant guilty verdict agreed to this 20th day of april 2021 at 1 44 pm signed your foreperson juror number 19. same captioned verdict count 2 we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count 2 3rd degree murder perpetrating an eminently dangerous act find the defendant guilty verdict greed to this 20 if they have april 2021 at 1 45 pm signed
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by jury foreperson journal or 19. same caption verdict count 3 we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count 3 2nd degree manslaughter culpable negligence creating an unreasonable risk find the defendant guilty. well it took about 10 hours for the jury to convict 7 on the 3 charges and 7 is now due to be sentenced in 2 months and 8 weeks and faces up to 40 years in prison let's speak to of course when kristen sue me joins us from a rally in new york and kristen the trial has been a subject of intense focus across the united states and tell us what the reaction has been that. the demonstrators have been gathering in the plaza behind me since the verdict was announced this location where i'm at brooklyn in the heart of new york city has been a centerpiece of the black lives matter movement demonstrators have come here often
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in the last year in fact you may recall that after george boyd was killed the protests in new york city became almost a daily occurrence in all 5 boroughs of the city demonstrators gathering for rallies like this for talks chanting the name of george floyd and other people who have died at the hands of police new york itself has a long history of tense relations between the minority community and police officers as well so people here gathering expressing their feelings of relief i would say we're going to talk to someone an organizer here from the black lives matter movement hakan do so you're one of the people he's been out here since last year. since last year organizing demonstrations like this what was your reaction to the verdict 1st well it was. surreal. it's the 1st time in forever that i've seen people get justice and issues in america
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show. words can't explain how we feel validated we've held a city down 5 years we travel the country same black class matter in just this one just this one victory it's something small just a 1st step. you know that's. that's right and why is it that here in new york this case resonated so much because of the ever gone or murder right we haven't cortines he also died the day he died everybody protested peacefully right and we shut down highways we did everything we have a catered just to get that officer fired but now like it didn't happen we said yeah he was fired but he was not charged we should tell our viewers him and he also said i can't breathe he was caught on videotape being held down in a choke hold by police officer and then later died for a minor offense so it was so it was it was him selling cigarettes so here we go 5
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years later everybody stuck at home because of cold and this time people say i'm not taking this lying down i'm taking to the streets and it's very much and i'm going to make america feel my pain and unfortunately that's what america responds to this was a very interracial demonstrations that we saw here in new york was that did that surprise you know and what difference do you think i'm going to love everybody who's been doing this for ever to those people who just came out last year black white brown asian who weren't convinced until they saw george curry that for them to come out and to be able to share in this victory in a understand it was to people power to create that set of circumstances that brought about justice i'm happy for them as well this is a time of celebration but we are fully cognizant of the fact that tomorrow we are back to work every day the police what is it going to take to mend repairs with the
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police while they want to abolish the police get rid of them entirely no kind of you know police until that point we promote laws black last night a greater new york black ops has passed 5 pieces of legislation since the death of george floyd so we're very strategic i have a law degree we have finance years so which was really in. i mean. we're going to replaced him with another organization filled with social workers feel with which people who. look to heal and not violent on insight and what we also need to understand is every coach with the highest rates of crime have the highest. i might give me a 2nd bro i'm listening we have what we need to understand is very close with the highest rates of crime have the highest rates of poverty so we must start giving people job training 60 schools in america racism is systemic it's not just the cops
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it's the entire government so this is what we must be cognizant of and that's why we continue to fight systemic racism we will fight against these pigs i'm sorry the police but we will we will definitely keep fighting the system in building you feeding our people. thank you so much for sharing this moment with us and telling us your reaction to this is story verdict. as he was saying there is a long history of social movements here in new york this is being seen as a victory but only a 1st step as we just heard a lot of the people i spoke to tonight not all of them support abolishing the police i've heard views on both sides of that matter but they all agree that the issues that have been raised by this trial have only begun to be addressed and they feel that there's more work to be done and there's talk about about that among the people gathered here tonight yes indeed many in various views on the right way
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ahead kristen thanks very much for that chris and to do that in new york. well in minnesota minnesota as attorney general has a called on people to continue the march towards equality while one of the prosecutors jerry blackwell says he hopes a verdict as they posed if in fact. no verdict can bring george perry floyd back to us. but this verdict does give a message to his family that he was somebody that his life matters that all of our lives matter and that's important. and i also hope that this verdict for all of the rest of collective all of us will help us further along the road toward a better humanity. speak to she ever tanzi who's in minneapolis has been following events that coulter let's. say she had the next big moments in this trial is sentencing in 2 months time. yeah i mean
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we also expect that to be an appeal logged by the defense on the grounds that because of all the media attention it was impossible for a jury to be impartial in this case it's not clear how strong that case will be but sentencing and in a couple of in a couple of months. that are also then the factors of whether this is their aggravated factors which could mean currently because it is a 1st time offender he would be on the low end of sentencing but if there are aggravating factors then that sentence can go up and for example remember you would often hear the prosecutors say the child's could see what was happening a 9 year old child could see what's happening and then they would say i don't one year old child did see what was happening a 9 year old child was among the witnesses as george florey was being held down for 9 minutes and 29 seconds and said to derek shaven get off of it now that's an interesting point because if a crime is being committed in front of
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a child that could mean i give a good factor which could increase the sentence so that wasn't just a very moving and poignant moment in the death of george floyd that actually has implications for sentencing so there are all sorts of factors like that that i was in new york as in minnesota there are no illusions here there's much to be done but for now clearly some relief we kept on hearing that thought if not this case then really can a police officer ever be convicted is george tiller's brother today we have agreed the game. is gone i told you we did get justice and we steal we're going to fight the you tube. we've got to fight the everybody thank you all so much to just give enough this time because we're here and we're not going anywhere now and i want to thank all of the
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protesters all the tourney's who stepped up all of the activists who stepped up and many who think they're not activists but advocates thank you all a man he can just put johns me creedon fock all right. i've got no illusions we have joe biden talk about systemic racism in america that he needs to be went into an argument that he's just isolated officers who are responsible for the sort of violence we saw inflicted on george floyd and what we keep hearing from activists here is look very grateful for the prosecution to on the prosecution said the minneapolis police department on trial it's just eric shave and they don't agree they think the minneapolis police department is on trial i think all police departments in america are on trial now the governor of minnesota is on trial but to kill the since since last week when another black man was killed during this trial 20 year old done to rights we've had nightly protests i did spend met with militarized police saying escalation. you know just
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complete violence always randomly inflicted on anyone in the vicinity of brooklyn center about 16 kilometers north of us i'm sure those protests will be going on this evening we're hearing lots of talk about understanding and we're all in this together now for that see how the minnesotan security forces react receiving and continue to react as we as we mourn and people in minnesota and mourn down to right whose funeral is on thursday. all right chad thanks for that. in minneapolis been lots of using common sense across the board about these verdicts let's hear now from a longtime civil rights leader the reverend al sharpton this is the 1st time in the history of this state that a white police officer has been convicted last known convicted of a murder. this is the 1st time in a long range of fight that we've seen 3 counts guilty on all
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3. we don't find pleasure. we don't celebrate a man going to jail we want to read the joy to be alive here but we celebrate that we because young people white and black some castigated many that are here tonight marched in kept watch that say reverend al sharpton let's speak now to their behinds who's a trial lawyer and a former baltimore city prosecutor joins us from washington their behinds welcome to the program as in the event the jury respected the prosecution's narrative. yes they did and you now they did the right thing for once but this is just a valid one case and in america this is going it racism in the criminal justice system but today was a good day but even though the prosecution said this was just one case about
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derrick show but now this was about police brutality across this country and their courage just on a regular regular basis as we even saw our during the course of the trial and what the case really showed is that we have to take it to these greatest lengths the great is heights in order for black people to get justice when it comes to being killed by police in his country i mean and we were still very nervous myself included if there would be a guilty verdict when the highest charge but if there would be a hung jury even though the evidence was overwhelming in this case mean that the former prosecutor the prosecution team did a phenomenal job and that doesn't always happen and that's partly a lot of credit to keep dallas and they're trying to generate from minnesota who pulled together attorneys that could really pull together a tight case and bring it to justice roy and debbie as we've just been hearing the next pivotal moment in all this will be the sentencing how do you see the pony out
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and what else will the judge take into account. well i'm well on the sentencing. the maximum penalty is 40 years in reality show that is not likely to get anywhere near 40 years because in state court as well as in federal court it there are guidelines that are called the sentencing guidelines and it's basically a little formula then takes into consideration if you've ever had any arrest before which as a police officer presumably he has not and so he gives a range based on when a certain criteria as the previous guest said yes it could be enhanced a little bit because there was a young child who was a witness to the crime and that would add additional years but presently what i understand is that a certain scene guidelines for derek showing would fall somewhere within the category of 12 to 15 years and that's just the sad reality the judge can give more
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i don't suspect honestly that this judge would give more than that and that's one of the reasons why in minnesota you have the option in terms of sentencing to either be sentenced by a judge or by the jury it's one of these rare things that they do have and then a standard that they go hand elsewhere and their children are already elected to be sentenced by a judge him presumably i think that's because he knows that he would get a lesser sentence if he was convicted which he has been then from a jury we know that an appeal will take place what chances of success do you think . you know i think that's the prosecution really did a good job because we were talking about a hero we're talking about something that either the prosecutor when the judge did wrong or that the defense attorney was not allowed to do and he should have been able to do it and i honestly on the defense and i honestly don't remember the judge denying that the feds any thing that they wanted to do and terms of one of the
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prosecutorial rambled there were objections that was a stain but even though you raise issues we want to hear what she has to right to do and i'm sure he will do it's not a matter of just saying something was done wrong you really have a higher burden at that point as the defendant because you have to show that what was wrong what was an error on the part of the judge was something that caused you to be convicted so i'd have to be more than you know the judge is making a mistake he shouldn't allow the jurors to be sequestered you have to really show more than just that you have to show harm and some of the things that the judge ruled to and that the defense may not have agreed with it boils down to what we call discretion the judge's discretion things that the judge has the ability to use his own or her own discretion in deciding issues that gets nowhere when appeal so i really do feel that it was a tight case because other talk about congresswoman maxine waters none of that i
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feel is going to really bear anything when an appeal because like i said at that point then it flips and the bird gives one the defendant to show how was i harmed i mean even if this is true how it was i who are happy that end up with this conviction based on what i'm arguing as it is you want to be able there are interesting things for the behinds of former baltimore city prosecutor in trouble but. thanks for having me. well george ford's family and their lawyer have spoken on the phone with president joe biden and thanked him for his support but i do remember that. fellow. feeling about it now nothing is going to make it go better for. him just this is the right thing . biden said he was praying for the right verdict and he was with the vice president called the house and so the result is
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a step towards justice in america for systemic racism day in our nation's soul. the knee on the neck of justice for black americans the found fear and trauma the pain the exhaustion of black and brown americans experience every single day this can be a giant step forward in the march toward justice in america but it's also be clear that such a verdict is also much too rare we have to listen i can't breed i can't breed. nice words we can't let those words die with you. have to keep your leaders were. we must not turn away we can't turn away. oh budhan vice president couple hora says she's in the senate seat paul's the george floyd just
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a simple easing up. we feel a sigh of relief still it cannot take away the pain a measure of justice isn't the same as equal justice this verdict brings us a step closer and the fact is we still have work to do we still must reform the system. last summer together with senator cory booker and representative karen bass i introduced the george floyd justice and policing act this bill would hold law enforcement accountable and help build trust between law enforcement and our communities this bill is part of george floyd's legacy and let's hear from white house correspondent kelly holcomb. this is a white house that believes that there is still so much work to be done and that
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was the focus of the comments * as the u.s. president and 1st lady jill biden as a lot of well as couple harris telephoned george floyd's families to speak with them again saying that there is so much more work to be done and a commitment that they will continue to do that work kamel harris pointing out that we wouldn't even be discussing this case today this verdict guilty on all 3 counts for derek show from the police officer who knelt on george floyd's now causing his death we wouldn't be talking about this if it weren't for smartphones and the courage of those people who stepped out and spoke up against what they see as one of the greatest challenges in the united states and that is systemic racism something that was the focus of the president's comments a challenge to all americans as he spoke there saying that not only is it important to acknowledge that it exists but also to confront it saying that it is
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a systemic racism it is a stain on the nation's sore now in reference to that legislation the george floyd act it is in congress the president referencing that it came out about a year ago but it has still not been passed into law when the president spoke to george foy's family he said he's looking forward to bringing this into law by signing it but 1st it has to be passed in congress is passed in the house it is stuck in the senate. to chad now where the military has promised an 18 month transition to free elections after announcing the death of president idriss deby the army says he was killed while visiting soldiers fighting rebels on the frontline there he had just won reelection and was one of africa's longest serving leaders of morgan reports now from the capital in jamaica. this was chats president idriss deby campaigning
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last week early election results indicated he'd want a fixed term in office but debbie had reportedly joined his son and other soldiers on saturday to repel an attack by a rebel group in the northern province of. border with libya according to the military he was severely injured and on monday it announced his passing it says it's created a transitional military council led by debbi son and has suspended the constitution or union for a transitional government will be put in place new republican institutions will be put in place to facilitate the transition and by the organization of free democratic and transparent elections following the spirit of sacrifice that the marshal of chatted for for all his life right up until his last suffering. in the capital where people celebrated deputy election victory the night before the announcement there were mixed reactions. it sad news the presidential elections
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went off peacefully through to the declaration of results by the election commission and then the next day we learned the sad news of the death of the president debbie after being injured badly at the front lines it's sad news for the entire country. whatever the news is surprising i moved by the rumors that are going around about the chances of a council give me the impression that some information is false they already talking about dissolving parliament that is delicate we have a constitution so for me. i'd say it was a coup and he was killed it greece debbie was a former military officer who came to power in 1990 he faced numerous coup attempts and his opposition accused him of ruthlessness the rebel front for change and concord group wanted to remove president it attacked a government position at the border on election day on april 11th chad's closest ally france provided its military with logistical support and intelligence it seems like the. removal of debbie has not changed the military situation and as long as
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the military remains largely of loyalty to his son which seems likely to be the case given that he used to be the commander of the presidential guard and the chair you know his best units he's a 4 star general is only 37 years old. if you can keep that loyalty then there's no way the rebellion can take advantage of that any more than they could have under his father. more than 300 rebel fighters have reportedly been killed in the fighting to bring the past few days that president debbie has now also died in the fighting has shocked the nation and made the security situation in the wider style region even more fragile people morgan are just there are. a car bomb targeting security forces has exploded in afghanistan's capital of kabul security officials say the blast was aimed at a convoy the interior ministry says it was a suicide attack. well the attack comes as afghanistan's peace talks set to take place in istanbul this week were proponent till after ramadan sources say the talks
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have been delayed because of the taliban's refusal to participate the discussions were meant to fast track an agreement between the taliban and the afghan government following the u.s. announcement to withdraw troops by september the 11th. a controversial european football super league is on the verge of collapse just 2 days after it was announced that says it will have to reshape the projects after all its 6 english league teams pulled out of the competition after a massive backlash from supporters players and politicians barca has more from chelsea stadium in london fans made their feelings known. stamford bridge home of chelsea one of the 6 rebel english teams who signed up for the new league on the pitch the team were facing brighton on tuesday night off it furious negotiations as the club management alarmed by the backlash from firearms were said to be drawing up the paperwork to withdraw from the league fans gathered
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in front of the ground making their opposition clear even the team bus prevented from getting to the stadium the scumbag only put in their team to pay into the super league so they don't have to earn their way into terms but following chelsea's lead in quitting the league manchester city along with spanish side that let it go madrid city's manager gave this damning assessment of the project the sport. is not a sport when the relation between the effort and the success the effort and reward doesn't exist don't exist so he's not a sport so he's not a supporter of the success already garant. earlier on choose staying at a calmer setting in switzerland the president of europe's governing body you wafer urged all 12 european teams from england spain and italy to think again gentlemen you may the huge mystic some will say it is greed. others'
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disdain arrogance free bosio complete ignorance of england's forgo culture but actually doesn't matter the british prime minister met for crisis talks with fans groups and officials from england's football association and the premier league i think it's not in the interests of found it's not in the interests of football and prince william president of the football association said the league risks damaging the english game we love. only days after the idea of a super league 1st surfaced and alex like chelsea fans have got exactly what they wanted a decision by top brass in the club to hastily exit this unpopular project crowds here have gone from protest to jubilation. meanwhile many of the club's owners and top officials have remained tight lipped real madrid president florentino perez who is one of the few to publicly defend the project design he said to safe soccer i
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think and i'm sure there are some what we want to do is save football so it can live peacefully for at least the next 20 years. looms biggest and richest club so faced unprecedented anger from their fans and from the remaining 14 teams in england's premier league pressure that now appears to a force some of the most powerful people in football to change their plans they've barca al-jazeera london. so this is our desire these are the top stories and former police officer terry sheridan has been convicted on all 3 charges of killing george floyd a case that triggered protests in the united states and around the world for almost 9 and a half minutes he knelt on the neck of floyd in the city of minneapolis nearly a year ago it took about 10 hours for the jury to convict show been on all 3
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charges and 7 is due to be sentence in 2 months in 8 weeks and faces up to 40 years in prison. we the jury in the above until.


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