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tv   101 East Pakistans Water Crisis  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2021 2:30am-3:01am +03

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there has been at the center for black lives matters protests for the last year you may recall that after the killing of george floyd a protest in new york city over last summer it became almost a daily occurrence not just here in brooklyn but all around the city you would see demonstrators on the march carrying banners signs in people's windows at hartman's around the city as well so that. incident they had a strong effect in this city which has its own long history of racial tensions between the minority community here and police and i got some of the demonstrators and protesters you came out here with me sonya and thank you for talking to al-jazeera why what was your reaction when you heard the verdict 1st i was in shock both in a good way bad way a good way that to me justice finally served in a step closer to you know feeling safer in you know a neighborhood in the world period and just like in another way i couldn't believe
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that. i thought i thought it was going to go to the other way i really did and i was just in shock i didn't know what to think but i'm glad it didn't happen that way and don't you know why did you want to be here in the plaza just wanted to come down you know enough to celebrate the victory that we got today it's a big victory it's just not one race if you a c.e.o. his it's everybody it's like one big nation it took the whole nation to get this verdict to go you know we all had to come the government and you know came up to some beautiful result that's what it's about it's not about hating the police because there's some good will it be just one police to do the right thing when it's called for we just don't want to be murdered and i know that it's not just a black think it's white it's asian all races that's all we want is just unity and just to not be murder that's the american way this is this is america right. and
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where do you think the movement can go should go from here. it's good so it's a long way this is just a 1st step it's communicating that's what it's about communicating with the police with within our own communities and it has to start there black lives metal all lives matter so it's all about communication i think that's the next step communication what do we want what's the end result. thank you sonia and announced so much for joining us here i want to go back to you nick and talk a little bit more about the tension in the city leading up to this evacuees were parked on standby for the long sheriff's police officers were told they could not take a break take vacation time this week. knowing that this verdict was coming and that tensions would be on high. police are standing by to the side here you heard expressions of respect for police and what they do do to this particular
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demonstrator and after it's really under way by the city to engage with church and community leaders here to keep tensions low or protest last summer were largely peaceful mostly peaceful there were few and since and and police were criticized for their response to some of those incidents so i'd say be better prepared the mayor told the city that they would be ready that they had learned lessons and certainly we see police and demonstrators co-existing here and in brooklyn tonight and i'll lot of messaging from the city as well as community leaders to keep things peaceful but now certainly the anger that people have feared would spill out into the street is being replaced by relief and and just a feeling of i don't want to say celebration because it's not happy day but it's it's a big sense of relief that we're hearing from a lot of the demonstrators this is seems i really felt across the united states and kristen. thanks very much indeed for that person salumi there in new york let's
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cross over to washington d.c. we can join minora polo who joins us from the black lives and matter in d.c. and men well said the capitol was the center of protests in the wake of george lloyd's killing what to put you today. i want to bring you in a little bit into the scene where we are right now as you mentioned black lives matter plaza just north of the white house i'll step aside we've actually moved a little bit away from from this crowd that you see behind us here only because the music itself is getting quite loud and every minute we're seeing more people arrive at the scene that was a small group that gathered here awaiting that verdict and ever since that verdict was announced people really have just started pouring into this scene now authorities here in washington d.c. just like authorities across cities all over all over the united states have really been preparing for for any eventuality we know that a washington d.c.
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mayor muriel battles or had requested the presence of some 300 national guards troops to aid in the efforts of law enforcement really bracing for the potential of large scale demonstrations here in the nation's capital we have seen even in the time that that i walked over here to downtown washington d.c. i did see several brick businesses that had taken the time to board up their windows there is a large police presence there really was a sort of expectation that they were that there would be protests today and what we're seeing here is the complete opposite of what many were worried about what many were expecting to see it's a jovial scene there is music there is more people arriving bought by the minute as i mentioned a very diverse group of people that's gathering here many of them singing many of them laughing now we should note that while this is a very jovial scene a very festive scene it's also a very emotional scene for many of the people here many of whom have been watching this trial unfold really waiting for this moment and waiting for and preparing for
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any eventuality that really many of the worried that anything other than a guilty verdict would result in widespread. demonstrations here in washington d.c. and what we're hearing not only in washington but in cities across the country is almost a collective sigh of relief many people celebrating but not forgetting that this is still a very emotional moment for for america. well thanks for that some republican in washington d.c. back to you a bit late said man well so let's recap the moment the judgeship read out the verdict for all 3 challenges to the court we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree murder while committing a felony by the defendant guilty verdict agreed to this 20th day of april 2021 at 1 44 pm signed your 4 person juror number 19.
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same captioned verdict count 2 we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count 2 3rd degree murder perpetrating an eminently dangerous act find the defendant guilty verdict agreed to this 20 if they have april 2021 at 1 45 pm signed by jury foreperson journal or 19 same caption verdict count 3 we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count 3 2nd degree manslaughter culpable negligence creating an unreasonable risk by the defendant guilty verdict agreed to this 20 if they have april 2021 at 1 45 pm. well in a statement following the verdict minnesota state attorney general and keith ellison the reacted to shave ins guilty verdict saying george floyd's death shocked the world. george floyd mattered he was loved by his family and his friends his death shock the conscience of our community our country the whole world he was loved by his family and friends but that isn't why he mattered he mattered
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because he was a human being and there is no way we can turn away from that reality. let's join shepherd times is live for us in minneapolis said she had but the national guard would be made ready shops and businesses had been boarded up but it seems. peaceful. but we don't know because all week we've been here. yes the governor of minnesota has mobilized mobilized national guard a week ago because another black man was killed by the police a 20 year old man the police say was because the police officer mistook taser for a gun again we should we should point out that she is well derrick shaven and kim porter they both train as people who are actively training other offices and how to deal with day to day activity and they're the ones who ended up killing 22 black men which goes back to the idea of systemic problems but we know that the national
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guard and thousands of state troopers have been mobilized but what we've seen all week is the. reaction perhaps due to the uncertainty i don't have the how of the situation to peaceful protest has been over militarized escalate sure you know these are protests against a militarized police force against the escalation of policing when deescalation should be needed and yet the reaction off the governor and the state troopers on the national guard has been escalation of a certain point every evening i guess we'll have to see what happens but that was why there was a fundamental contradiction in what joe biden just said because he said all right we'll have federal will push for federal action on policing but as one of your guests already pointed out actually a lot of the issues of policing is local it's up to the governor and the bad but it's the governors of the mayors who are the ones who are asking the police forces to police and escalate there was another contradiction to what joe biden said he
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went into great detail about the problem of systemic racism as a state on america but that he went straight into an argument about a few bad apples in the police force when again the protesters are saying it isn't a few bad apples it's the system it's the system of policing it's designed to police people of color and poor people in a way that dehumanizing them. but many of these arguments will be for the coming days from now there's a sense of some of what we were hearing outside the courthouse just a few hours ago. i feel if. this makes us unstoppable i feel like the fact that we were able to secure justice for george the way we can secure justice for every black person killed by police and i felt a relief i cried you know i'm caroline i'm from black families marching in marching says. all of us are here so it was
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a huge happiness and you know everything else. came when he was down gets. us up and i did that overnight and then. i still feel around i have a good night and i know especially in florida and. you got convicted of on top of it i want to look at these pictures we didn't get just what led to his state. drugs occasional use of fake $20.00 not a reasonable amount of well you have to build a system. with each one of us no matter what we're working class what class and what. ship at this time i guess is interesting to consider what the reaction of the members of police forces around the country will be as they watch these verdicts. you
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know it's very interesting i was just looking at the tweets which. many police officers i've spoken to say yeah we know this really was about this is an exceptional case and that's part of the problem is that this is such a bad case. a jury had to render this verdict it would seem because of the 9 minutes 29 seconds even joe biden he went back to god yeah one of them are vast majority of police officers are fine it's just a few bad apples and that i think is the real concern is that yes police officers can see this is terrible behavior perhaps. but then we're back to is this exceptional i think the question we often hear activists ask is how many george floyds have there been who survived an encounter like that who were knelt on who were effectively not in a half minutes but they survived so then they were arrested and put in jail and they have a criminal record now full some misdemeanor perhaps i mean these are there are so
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many questions and so that's always that fight for activists that do to make sure that this isn't seen just as a few bad apples or just because we happen to have caught this one on camera we can have police forces and police officers say this is terrible that even i can see that this is terrible we're not looking at the entire system but again we do see the. systemic issues are certainly that but that overwhelming feeling of justice at least for now here is george for his brother today we are able to breathe again. is gone. we'll get justice and we steal we're going to fight for you till. we got to 53 everybody thank you all so much for just given us this time because we're here and we're not going anywhere now and i want to thank all of the protesters all the tourney's who stepped up all of that activists who stepped up and many who think
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they're not activists but advocates thank you ah man because just like john was being carried on far. this week isn't really over i mean in the literal sense but also from a racial justice sense we have the funeral of dante writes on thursday the 20 year old killed by an officer last week even as this trial was what was on the way again that idea of a system that is rotten how many bad apples can there be before you look at the entire system we also then still must look at the reaction of the local security forces here who are in reaction to the protests of bereavement to of anger at the killing of another black man they have been met by you know defiance from the security force that's the needs of what i can use which you and
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we've been there always do every night and brooklyn center about 16 kilometers away from the center of minneapolis so even though there is that sense of relief and even though there's that sense of well of course everything will be fine now on the streets we will have to keep an eye on things because again there's a still a lot of a lot of right shifts discussion on the streets right now. and bereaved memory on the streets right now which certainly up to this point has been met with almost indiscriminate violence at a certain point each night in brooklyn center about 16 kilometers away from downtown minneapolis. all right she had thanks for that as she returns in minneapolis well for decades incidents of excessive force against black people in the united states have led to talk of reform but little action in march 991 video of rodney king being beaten by police in los angeles with broadcast around the world the acquittal of the 4 officers involved sparked days of rive in february 201217 year old trayvon martin was shot dead by a member of
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a neighborhood watch group lives matter movement began after the suspect was found not guilty there were several high profile deaths involving police offices in 2014 including eric garner michael brown and 12 year old timer rice in 2015 freddie gray died in a police van in baltimore while in the custody of 6 officers none of them were charged and just a very year ago philander castiel was shot and killed during a traffic stop the officer was cleared of murder let's speak to ronald sullivan who's a professor of law and director of the criminal justice institute at harvard law school joins us live now via skype from newton in massachusetts so important moments as we've been discussing on the program so far but is it a turning point in history can we be that optimistic. i didn't think we could be that optimistic it indeed is an important moment significant moment
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a moment that symbolize a something important is a turning point yet that's premature there's a lot of work that still needs to be done that that list you just read was sobering absolutely sobering. in order to really achieve justice we as a country here in the united states we have to roll up our collective sleeves and get to work this is an important starting point but a starting point it is there's there's much work to be done this sense from some that it's a few bad apples within the police force. is that right or is it is it systemic within the force. it's the latter it's systemic the few bad apples. metaphor it really doesn't do justice to the school in depth of the problem right so you can say that there are more good cops than bad
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cops and indeed the majority of law enforcement are law abiding and go about their business and do the right thing at the same time there are deep systemic problems that exist within police departments all around the country we know that we fail to act on an m d's deep systemic problems manifest themselves in these sorts of deaths that we see we have a regime now where police officers become judges juries in executioners that cannot be in until we begin to weed out the systemic problems been we're not going to have a long term and lasting reform. just discuss it with our correspondent she have returns you about how the hundreds of thousands of police officers across the united states will be feeling as they watch these verdicts what message do you
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think police forces will take away from this decision these verdicts. well we can hope that there is a very direct message so one of the justification for criminal punishment in the united states is its deterrent effect there's a specific deterrent and then there's a general deterrent so specific deterrent is easy children is off the streets and in prison and he can't do that again as a police officer general deterrent means that people will see and police officers specifically will see an officer arrested charged convicted of a homicide and you hope that that will deter them from engaging in the sort of behavior that we continue to see in the united states at least with respect to black and brown citizens so we can hope that it will have a general deterrent effect on police that they know that they can not behave in
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certain ways with impunity that they will be held accountable time will tell whether that will happen but we have a long and ugly and sordid history here of police officers killing black and brown people with no accountability whatsoever that is the say they get away scot free this is different so in this it's the verdict is extraordinarily important because we can hope that it will deter really bad actions like that of cold and with respect to other officers around the country right and another big point of focus still to come course in 2 months time in 8 weeks at the sentencing. in the bell be an important moment to. extraordinarily important so he was convicted of all 3 counts the top counts 2nd degree murder carries a maximum of 40 years in prison in minnesota however there is a
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a syncing scheme and judges tend to work within this scheme so for 1st time offender in massachusetts i'm sorry in minnesota there will be a suggested amount of time and i think it starts at about 12 and a half years and goes up for 1st time offender very importantly here this case has what is called aggravating circumstances and the prosecution has moved to enhance the penalty as a function of aggravated circumstances one aggravating circumstance is it one commits this sort of heinous crime in front of a minor were caught there was a 9 year old child there so the prosecution is going to come in and ask for the sentence to be enhanced over and above what the guidelines say that the judge should sentence the person for now these are guidelines the judge can upwardly
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depart from the guidelines or tao wortley depart from the guidelines. so it's going to be important to watch to see what the judge does with these unhandsome and you may have heard at the very end the judge said something about get your blakeley statements to me within a week in our make a ruling within another week blakeley is the case in minnesota that deals with these enhanced image so the judge is going to make factual determinations as to whether or not enhanced minutes apply and whether he should ratchet up the syncing guideline to what he said and says. derek show been to prison thank you so much for speaking to us and great to have your perspective ronald solvent sullivan professor of law and director of the criminal justice institute at harvard law school thank you thank you. well let's move on to other news now and chad's military has promised an 18 month transition to free elections after announcing the
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death of president idriss deby the army says he was killed while visiting soldiers fighting rebels on the frontline had just won reelection and was one of africa's longest serving leaders morgan reports from the capital. but. this was chats president idriss deby campaigning last week early election results indicated he'd won a 6th term in office but debi had reportedly joined his son and other soldiers on saturday to repel an attack by a rebel group in the northern province of. border with libya according to the military he was severely injured and on monday it announced his passing it says it's created a transitional military council led by debbi son and has suspended the constitution or union so a transitional government would be put in place new republican institutions would be put in place to facilitate the transition and by the organization of free democratic and transparent elections following the spirit of sacrifice that the
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marshal of chatted for for all his life right up until his last suffering. in the capital where people celebrated election victory the night before the announcement there were mixed reactions. it sad news the presidential elections went off peacefully through to the declaration of results by the election commission and then the next day we learned the sad news of the death of the president after being injured badly at the front lines it's sad news for the entire country. whatever the news is surprising i moved by the rumors that are going around about the chances of a consul give me the impression that some information is false they already talking about dissolving parliament that is delicate we have a constitution so for me i'd say it was a coup and he was killed it was a former military officer who came to power in 1000. he faced numerous coup attempts and his opposition accused him of ruthlessness the rebel front for change
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and concord group wanted to remove debbie as president it attacked a government position at the border on election day on april 11th tatts closest ally france provided its military with logistical support and intelligence it seems like the. removal of debbie has not changed the military situation and as long as the military remains largely loyal to his son which seems likely to be the case given that he used to be the commander of the presidential guard and the chair you know his best units he's a 4 star general is only 37 years old. if he can keep that loyalty then there's no way the rebellion can take advantage of that anymore and they could have under his father. more than $300.00 rebel fighters have reportedly been killed in the fighting to or in the past few days that president debbie has now also died in the fighting has shocked the nation and made the security situation in the wider to hell region even more fragile people morgan are just there are. a car bomb targeting security forces has exploded in afghanistan's capital of kabul security
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officials say the blast was aimed at a convoy the interior ministry says it was a suicide attack well the attack comes as afghanistan's a peace talks is set to take place in istanbul this week and they were supposed until after ramadan sources say the talks have been delayed due to the taliban's refusal to participate the talks are meant to fast track an agreement between the taliban and the afghan government in light of the u.s. announcement to withdraw foreign troops by september the 11th and a blunt assessment on tuesday the top u.s. general for the middle east told congress that withdrawing troops from afghanistan will make the fight against armed groups harder. but i can broadly state if you leave afghanistan and you want to go back in to conduct these kinds of operations there are 3 things you need to do you need you need to find a target you need to fix the target and you need to be able to finish the target so those 3 things all of the 1st 2 require have the intelligence support and if you're
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out of the country and you don't have the ecosystem that we have there now it will be harder to do that it is not impossible to do that it would just be harder to do it talks aimed at bringing the united states back into the iran nuclear deal of making progress according to the russian delegate after 4 days of talks in vienna negotiators are taking a break for consultations before meeting again next week under the 2015 agreement with 6 world powers iran restricted its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief has been repeatedly breach since donald trump unilaterally pulled the united states out of the deal back in 2018. to ukraine where the president has asked his russian counterpart to meet in the country's east to discuss an end to the escalating conflict in the region a vote of ms lewinsky invited vladimir putin to the border regions of done by us ukrainian troops in a russian backed separatists have been fighting there since 2014 kids have blames
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that rising tensions on moscow's decision to amass tens of thousands of troops on the border russia says it's just a military exercise. all right that's it for me mcclellan for this news i'll be back in just a couple of minutes with more of the day's news including jeff invited us. teaching you can watch al-jazeera english streaming live on ikechi channel. plus thousands of up programs award winning documentary and dead news reports. subscribe to eugene ford's last al-jazeera english.
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al jazeera. and. alignment verdict in the united states a jury finds a former policeman derrick shaven guilty of murdering george feel. 6 this family and friends of floyd unite to salute the vet it's but say the fight is not so easy.
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i don't make like this is al jazeera life and also coming up.


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