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tv   earthrise Wild Recovery  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2021 1:30am-2:01am +03

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this whole country should be held accountable but police especially i am so thankful to all of you i am hopeful for a greater america for a great great vote of confidence i will tell you that speaker pelosi called us not once today but twice our speaker is a great leader she is somebody that wants to see this through we have a great president who wants to see this through we have one little hiccup in between let's get this passed the senate yes let's get justice in america but once and for all and forever one last comment i met a young lady yesterday her name was. whom she said one thing to me that i promised her that i would repeat today. is not part of the of the flight family but she is part of the right family and she said one thing and i promised her i would say it today. we are all god's children yes. thank you.
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thank you tony. and the speaker pelosi. we need to acknowledge when we were at the courthouse as we were leaving i got one of those collars then we stopped there you know i do. and it was kristen colonus and. roxy the best just in there walking that we stop to miss innes the president joe biden 1 coat to talk about what a moment this was for america and how we have to use this moment to be 0 down so we want to acknowledge president biden acknowledging that we are all a better america today is and i want to make a model. ok week we got so many good staff people to thank jim
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mcgovern machine and roma people who work you know and of their you know us support non-lawyers silk everybody briefly we want to have 1 we can't be in minneapolis and have 3 a representative jeff want to come up a snail were great minnesota councilor jeff songs i miss you know good value. so i just briefly want to say i love this city i love the state and no longer can we be known for these massively infamous failures in civil rights we owe our children in our community more from this moment further from this conviction now we have to be leaders in this country on civil rights and everyone
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standing up here will work tirelessly until that happens and i challenge everybody else in minnesota to make that same effort thank you. thank you. thank. god we. took a step back so we're proud of making the podium let's try to make the podium just there by took a step back we're going to have that bam that if we don't we don't have this ability we don't have the family come out of this. ok. ok. we're going to have the family. come and try to greet you all. so this is good. that you had a back up to so make the cameras trying to the tram as a chemist trying to get the podium. right now.
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and right now we're going to bring up a man who we have 1st met on. tony i remember he could do was cry. because. he was heartbroken and he was heartbroken because 1 remember and so many times. it's a case to us to make us a cause you know about sonnets a hash tag but today i'm just was a flesh and blood. my mari they slip into bed with george. i mean the stories that they tell you notice was a close family. he tells a story when i used to peer home gentlemen it was. you know. yeah he had become so dignified and articulate and express and not just the fight for justice for his family not just
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a fight for justice for black 2 america but he really had to because so articulate and sand we have to fight for oh americans mr for alone astroland. you could become a. been if you recall the me baby al. jesse cali me steve all of it. but then this is i feel relieved today that i finally have the opportunity so hopefully getting some sleep. a lot of days dead i prayed and i'll hold and i will speak everything into existence i said i have faith that he will be convicted. and that
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alone journey. and it in less than a year. and the person that comes to my mind is 1955 and to me he was the 1st george floyd. that was immaterial. well. i did. with one scene in which never was and she just brought him back to life. people forgot about him. but. he was the 1st george floyd yes. but today you have the cameras all around the world to see and show what happened some of brother. it was the most impeach the world seen his life being extinguished and i could do nothing but watch. especially in
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a court room over and over and over again as my brother was murdered. times they're getting harder every day. 2 miles away from here mr wright done to me right here he should still be here. we ought to always understand it we have to march we will have to do is follow life. we have to protest because it seems like this is a never ending cycle. revenue i'll always told me we gotta keep fighting. i'm a put up a fight every day because i'm not just fighting for joss anymore i'm fighting for everybody around his world. i get calls i get d.m. speedball from brazil from gun from germany everybody learned it in italy they
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all stand the same thing we won't be able to breed until you are able to breed. today we are able to breathe again. ms gone are told you will get justice and we still we're going to fight for you too. we got a 5 fer everybody thank you all so much for just giving us this time because we're here and we're not going anywhere and i want to thank all of the protesters all the attorneys who stepped up all of the activists who stepped up and many who think they're not activists but advocates thank you all because justice could just mean freedom far. behind. and turns clark right we were have terms for
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george's brother from new york city. name. robin more. and i will increase every little priest and i have received. so many of most israelis. but. i'm very thankful and grateful. grateful for the people. in this world for the support the praise the love that was shown whether you sent it so by social media over the city e-mails or however just we just appreciate the love appreciate it seemed the last scene. i call them. i call them up we build the bomb in relationship to his whole journey appreciate him he will cause me i'm all
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in the yoke you call me a check up on me. because i'm the only one of the everybody else is in who is down south so but he he never could have robbery to check up on me and i'm grateful for that. and wait for forever softer. even fighting alongside. men. reverend jesse jackson here thank you so a lot of history here yes the history is here this is mine you meant to. reference us and jesse jackson soft and he lived to see this in. their fight wasn't in vain. it just didn't happen when he did it but it happened now and
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then and they had to see it and be proud of it. they go back to we did their preserves and. my family is a family that will not back down from prison. and i believe because of prison. we got the verdict we wanted. and then we got on our knees. some were stood up well we axed the right person we asked the right one yes come on. we said god we need justice we need it now. he hates it. i'm hummin i'm just grateful i'm grateful to my grandmother my mother on stage got to see this history made. i mean even great and i'm grateful my
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brothers and i am grateful and i'm proud of him and. i will salute him every every day of my life i will salute him. because he showed me how to be strong he showed me how to be respectful. he saw me i speak my mind. i'm a missile but now i know he's a history. what a day to be a flowing man wow. thank you. thank you terence now we were here from 1 george's baby brother rodney florida. oh. you know would almost say it is 1st i would like to thank advocates that act of
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like thank you thank you very much and i. think you missed it 3 days i think and maybe won't but thank you for everybody stayed out there making a statement with us and karajan us and i went dark days dark nights we had on you know we got something in mrs flynn there from social media sites came 'd in so many and but you know what thank everyone each and every one so many people grocery store 'd and we hear from the elders you know i believe in respect and i'll just give you guys on to respect men and women and i had to walk up in a grocery store stop me to a mask of face and head in a mass and they say hey i reckon i've sat in your face let me talk to you i know who you are we have a job to stop the whole of the great conversation telling me what they experienced as a child what they saw and what they need for change and they say we are here for you and this is everywhere i go my brother go we go and thank you people for the love
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in history some thanking everyone because we can admit this and this is the victor for all of us there is no color boundary on this this is everyone who has been held down pain down and you know we're people and we stand together in unity and this right i like think i would seem to me being quite lonely keep witnesses down and we would like to thank the jury i mean everybody thank god they got a mighty thank you and you know what people we're not done yet and. my brother joe he smile and his beautiful daughter is here deanna maybe you're so beautiful in the snow this morning rob. you have my heart baby thank you for holding gina keeping us strong i know how hard it is i know our heart and he is like to thank everyone who helped out in this case to thank this jury from having all right said alice in this because they go oh ok everybody knows that you know what the jury had the same i
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said we are here guilty choices let's take them i would like to think again everybody to prison. for joyce despite is not over we're going to stand here together we don't try to get it just pass yet this act has to be passed people it has to be we don't keep pressure on the senate everybody thank ya lawful common joy it's a notice we love thank you. ron. and next we have a man who when i hear met him and joe is used to takes each other all the time. congresswoman sheila jackson lee always talk about cutie homes houston texas back there rocks i think yakama who. we got here from brandon williams was like a son to john it's.
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a very emotional day for me now really had it worse i'm overwhelmed with joy but i do want to start by saying thank you. first off thank you doll you. protesting in the middle of a pandemic when your lives and safety on the law appreciate it. especially to our legal team being tony. just. curious just like you. definitely definitely thank you to keep us in and his team. i think they did amazing jaw from start to finish on. our little evidence of the witnesses everything proved exactly what we saw in the video. where
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you. are questioning the decision not a jury and i want to watch. the system fails us as black men and women in america. with all evidence the everything points to a guilty verdict we somehow still don't get the guilty verdict or in some cases i got my good friend to walk. we don't even get charges. and we've been hearing from brandon williams nephew of george floyd we also heard from other members of george floyd's a family his brother is following his terrance and a rodney all of course giving their reaction to the guilty verdict that derek show of in being found guilty on all sorry counts of the killing of george floyd a little earlier we also heard from the reverend sharpton the civil rights activist
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ben crump who of course was also the flood floyd family attorney who mentioned that this would be a turning point in history and also kristie worse another family lawyer who said the whole world should not have to rally to get justice for one man those the words of chris stuart family lawyer for the floyd family because indeed the whole world did rally when those images of george floyd that being killed went around the world well that's the reaction of the lawyers the family of george floyd but protesters outside minneapolis court also shared their reactions to the guilty verdict. use the fake $20.00 to review. this. work.
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i feel vindicated but i also feel. i feel as though. this makes us unstoppable i feel like the fact that we were able to secure justice for george floyd result we can secure justice for every black person who was killed by police i think i'm definitely still processing emotions i don't think it's hit me quite yet. overjoyed i'm very happy because this morning i didn't have no hope that if this man even don't go to you and i find out he's going to. be manslaughter so i'm i'm damn happy happy one motion for sure this is not just a problem in minneapolis this is a problem all around the united states. as you just said is a park and just kind of like a lot of people feel i protested on where this protest even done is no year if i just point. reaction there from outside the court in minneapolis that
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guilty verdict now we are expecting comin soon from president joe biden has also been reaction from president barack obama who has tweeted today a jury did the right thing but true justice requires much more michelle and i send our prayers to the foid family and we stand with all those who are committed to guaranteeing every american the full measure of justice that george and so many others have been denied that tweet from former president barack obama and we are waiting to hear from president biden as well let's go to john hendren who's following the trial for us in minneapolis we do know that the president by then called the floyd family. to say that he was so relieved about the verdict i guess that really shows you how for symbolic this trial had become for the united states. that's right it's perhaps not
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surprising that the president weighed in on it this case has become a national referendum on racial justice and the jury's decision was swift and decisive guilty on all counts and for many black americans who for generations have felt preyed upon and abused by white police officers it seems is still holds the power to surprise judging by the reactions of people here in the streets they were not expecting guilty verdicts on every charge. which could weigh end up with a sentence of as much as 40 years even more in prison we're hearing a group of people right now marching down the street. in any case this was a verdict that has resonated not just at the white house not just here in minneapolis
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but across the country and in chicago and washington and of course here there have been national guard troops in the streets security here is been extraordinarily high you can see the courthouse back there has to high gates in front of it there been national guard troops there and there's a real sense of relief certainly here in the streets of minneapolis that it's likely to be celebration that we hear in the streets here rather than the kind of anger we've heard since george lloyd died on may 25th we're hearing a crowd march down their street here but it's not be angry voices that we have been hearing there will likely be no riot no fly. in this street there was talk even a congresswoman was trotting about giving the only verdict that was guilty was manslaughter there would still be activity in the streets and she urged people to be more confrontational well now what we're hearing is not confrontation it's
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celebration. john hendren new with the latest from minneapolis john has been reporting on this case from the very beginning in the protests even before the trial started john thank you. well ronald sullivan is a professor of law and director of the criminal justice institute at the harvard law school and joins us by skype from newton massachusetts thanks for joining us here on al-jazeera a little earlier we were hearing from the floyd family and the his lawyers the families lawyers and kristi ewart who is a family lawyer said the whole world should not have to rally to get justice for one man how much of an impact to do you think the global attention that that video in this case got how much of an impact do you think that has had on the events of today trial and then a guilty verdict. well i'm sure it had a significant impact in the sense that this was nothing that could be swept under
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the rug the eyes of the world so to speak were indeed watching it insured that the state of minnesota as you know removed the trial from the local prosecutor in the attorney general's office prosecuted the case they brought in the absolute best prosecutorial team that they had and they took the case extraordinarily seriously they realized that we have a dark and bleak history in the united states of white officers and white people generally not being convicted of the crime of killing black people what they wanted to do was to ensure that there was a fair trial and that all was done in order to prove what looked to the world to be a pretty open and shut case so in that sense that this received so much publicity certainly had an impact on the quality of the prosecution as so now
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a lot of the reaction has been about how this could be a turning point but they said it has to be built on so how do you think that will happen. i think that's right it is a 1st step one thing that could happen immediately in minnesota in all across the country is that states can pass something called carry old the law a different state in new york in buffalo new york they passed a law that. mandates that police officers intervene when they see another police officer using unreasonable force the law also protects an officer who intervenes from being disciplined for doing so so this is a law that arose out of a case of a police officer kerio horn who stopped someone doing a chokehold on an unarmed handcuffed black man and people are saying if only george
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for always had to carry all horn so her case got essentially codified into a law that mandates makes police officers intervene when they see someone. see another officer in gaijin and reasonable force all it would have taken is one just one of those officers on the scene to say hey stop is too much you're hurting him he's not breathing and george way will be alive today so legislation like that has to take place across the country that's not the only thing that has to happen but some of the speakers at the press conference are correct that this is a 1st step keep us and said this is about accountability we don't have justice yet justice is a process and we have to work on it but this is an important 1st step. ronald sullivan professor of law and director of criminal justice institute at harvard law
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school and former attorney's office michael brown family as always thank you for sharing your views with us thank you thank you. and let me just remind you of the breaking news story that we have had in the past hour and a half or so the jury returned the verdict in the derek chauvelin case over the killing of george floyd guilty on all serene counts. their show of in has since been remanded in custody taken out of the courtroom and in handcuffs and the judge said that sentencing should happen about 8 weeks from now obviously there has been an incredible response to the verdict the crowds literally crying with joy outside of the courthouse we know that president biden called the floyd family to say he was so relieved we are expecting to hear from joe biden
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in the next half hour or so that is it from london my colleagues and though we'll have more on the story stay with us here on al-jazeera. 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby i've been in florida is moving to start to really. reveal secrets. sitting out there will be people outraged internet. connection some don't want exponents many in legacy media love the last shooting. duck next week night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera.
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that was 1st fully effects in its life is a clear demonstration of all the measures that cut that ed away as it has put in place to ensure the highest standards of safety and hygiene on ball p.p. if i stop. in-flight entertainment system you'll be cabin cleaning systems disinfectant robots. today is an important day for the airline industry and the message for travelers is that we are walking tirelessly to implement every measure to safeguard their health thank you the boy. most people will never know what's beyond this storm. deafening silence this $100.00 some forms always seem to touch danger to freedom.
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most people will never know what it's like to work with every breath is precious. with you is not an option. but we're not most people. this is al jazeera. i don't acknowledge this is the news on line from doha with one story dominates bulletins right now and landmark verdict the jury finds form a policeman derek shaven guilty of murdering george for. 6 years family and friends of floyd.


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