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all creation to a standstill coronavirus had he wept across the world with devastating impact and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade here in vietnam we visit a rescue center for some of the world's most threatened animal and joining the call for an end to the global wild wild cherry and earth rides on al-jazeera. chad's military says president idriss deby has died of injuries suffered while leading soldiers on the front line his son is to become the interim leader. close the whole robin you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes russia accuses the u.s. and nato of provocative activities in the black sea as a build up troops along its border with ukraine. also jury deliberations are
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underway in the trial of former police officer derek jovan charged with the murder of george floyd in minneapolis and the european medical association says the benefits from the johnson and johnson covert 90 vaccine outweigh the risks of blood clots. welcome to the program one of africa's longest serving leaders chad's president idriss deby has been killed the army says he died after sustaining injuries while leaving soldiers on the front lines where his forces have been fighting rebels a state funeral will be held on friday night the army swiftly in aus that general mama will take on the role of interim head of state death comes just a day after he won a 6th term as president chavez forces have been battling the front for change and cold called rebel groups since 2016 which was to overthrow the government and give
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what it calls power back to the people the military has now imposed a nationwide curfew and closed its borders. begins our coverage. this is chad's president idriss deby campaigning last week provisional election results indicated he'd won a 6th term in office debbie had reportedly joined his son and other soldiers on saturday to repel and it. hacked by a rebel group in the northern province of can him near the border with libya according to the military he was severely injured it says it will now create a transitional military council led by debbi son and has suspended the constitution a union for a transitional government will be put in place the new republican institutions who we put in place to facilitate the transition and by the organization of free democratic and transparent elections following the spirit of sacrifice that the marshal of chatted for for all his life right up until his mosque suffering idriss
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deby was a former military officer who came to power in 1990 he'd faced numerous coup attempts and analysts say he had a reputation for ruthlessness the electoral campaign was very violent and just i think some people we in be small and we remember that interested me and. surrounded the home of an opponent and killed his mother the rebel front for a change in concord great wanted to remove debbie as president it attacked a government position at the buddha on election day on april the 11th chats closest ally france provided its military with logistical support and intelligence it seems like the removal of debbie has not changed the military situation and as long as the military remains largely loyal to his son which seems likely to be the case given that he used to be the commander of the presidential guard and the chinese
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best units he's a 4 star general is only 37 years old. if you can keep that loyalty then there's no way the rebellion can can take advantage of that anymore than they could have under his father. more than 300 rebel fighters have reportedly been killed in the fighting over the past few days the president has now died in the fighting has shocked the nation and made the security situation in the white house hell region even more fragile victoria. following developments from child scotland to mena says the army was quick to implement a military council so soon after the staff the 1st thing that the military announced following the announcement that has come with injuries is that they are suspending the constitution as well as gulping the government and the legislative assembly or the parliament so all those institutions that were in place prior to president are no longer in place and now we have like a 7 year old. who is
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a 4 star general and who was the 2nd in command in the chaldean intervention in northern mali so he does have a certain degree of military experience which is which looks like what this military or the transitional military council is looking to leave the country during this crisis that is formed due to the death of a president now we also look at members of the transitional military council level members of them from the army from various ethnicities and tribes that is something that looks like the army has studied very well there has been concern that there will be divisions. in chad especially amongst the military in a country where security has always been top priority that is something we heard a repeatedly from people here during elections saying that they're concerned about the security but it looks like the army has a very well during the period where suffering. and make sure to come up with
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a transition military council. support for military action against rebel groups will be missed by regional leaders. he's no stranger to leading his troops on the battlefront last year he was on the shores of lake chad leading the troops and not help in ousting boko haram or routing them from doing territories and then he made an announcement a controversial announcement that recently was later was later clarified by the child you know authorities he said well he has dealt with the problem when you stare treats up to the neighboring countries to deal with the problems like you doesn't want to see. them relax and big odds and then the boko haram fighters and i saw fighters. streaming back into child again later on he met with the regional leaders and they describe and there was some progress to such an extent and we've seen an uptick in the movement of charge in forces in the region which of course
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helped to deal with the problems now the conflict is raging we've seen how boko haram has succeeded in attacking military formations occupying briefly some towns and cities in the north east of the country and also dealing with his own problems now these countries will definitely mean debby's. contributions in this region and not not only in the lake chad we can we're talking about this al but can a fossil mali countries like france which also rely on the expertise and experience of chad in forces in dealing with the crisis in the region these countries will definitely miss that experience. more than 20 russian warships have taken part in military exercises in the black sea that's according to russian media the move comes as the u.s. pushes back against moscow's plan to block foreign ships from parts of the black sea for 6 months now washington says the move is an unprovoked escalation if it is that russia will restrict access to ukraine ports as the sea of azoff now that
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marks another attempt by moscow to destabilize the country conflict between gears forces and russian backed separatists in eastern ukraine has been escalating that year's top diplomat says russia has deployed 100000 troops along the border well earlier i spoke to bernard smith in moscow on the tensions on the condition of jailed kremlin critic alexina valley. there are some recently published satellite images showing what is a very serious buildup of military hardware in and around crimea and ukraine we've seen pictures of fighter jets lined up on a runway in crimea we've seen pictures of airborne troops army units attack helicopters smoke generators. jamming equipment reconnaissance drones and a military hospital and the e.u. and u.s. estimate this between 82100000 ground troops along the ukraine russia border russia says all of this the defense minister sergei sure is because nato and the u.s.
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are indulged in provocative activities in waters and airspace around the black sea he doesn't say what those provocative activities are exactly and he says these are long planned military drills of course but another story that we keep very close eye on in russia developments in the health of the kremlin critic alexi the different voices saying different things about the state of his health what's happening with him well people who have seen him are all generally united in the view that he is in a very bad way his lawyer was one of the last most recent to see him last night he says he's now been given a glucose drip but as an indication of how ill alexei navalny is it said 3 nurses made 6 failed attempts to find a vein to put that drip in and only on the 7th the time where they able to put the drip in he's now in a solitary ward in a prisons tuberculosis hospital no indication he's got tuberculosis whereas when
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jordan joins me now from our d.c. bureau in washington. obviously the u.s. deeply concerned with what's going on in ukraine and crimea we've got news of this conversation between biden and putin so what's the state department saying about the details of that conversation. well those comments would normally come from the white house but the president has been clear that he's not looking to be best friends with russian president vladimir putin but that he believes that the united states and russia should find a way to get along now certainly with the recent movement of russian efforts to control the waters in the black sea the state department put out a statement saying that it to cry at the move that these are international waters and that russia should not be trying to. illegal control my words over those
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international waters the statement also did underscore the fact that in the u.s. his view the russian occupation of crimea is just that and occupation it does not recognize russia's claim to crimea as russian territory now it is all happening of certainly as the ambassadors from russia and the united states are returning to their home capitals the russian ambassador went back to moscow this past week on tuesday the american ambassador john sullivan announced that he would be returning here to washington for consultations with the ministration that's a route forget he was appointed by the previous president and is currently serving in a holdover position and that doesn't mean that president biden wouldn't want to keep him in the job but certainly the russian government said that both embassadors
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needed to go back to their respective corners as it were to try to assess how to move this relationship forward and so john sullivan is going to be here later in the week for conversations we have imagine not just with the secretary of state but also with the president there is going to be a briefing with the state department spokes person in the next hour here in washington and we'll bring you up to date should any new developments come out of that press engagement do join you then as well science correspondent for in washington d.c. . well still ahead here on al-jazeera thousands of migrant workers rushed to leave the indian capital ahead of a weeklong curfew as a surgeon coronavirus cases threatens to overwhelm parts of the country and the british government threatens to pass new laws to stop some of its top football clubs joining a breakaway european competition those stories after the break. there
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has been quite hot recently in the event and in egypt that's that's all changing now the wind that's becoming on the shore means a temp has dropped by about 10 degrees in many places it's still quite hot in iraq $41.00 in baghdad and down in kuwait where up to 40 still $38.00 in doha are fairly she would set it at that but there's no significant wind on this forecast right except for this one which is blowing down susu is down through the red sea that's the reason the temperatures have been pushed back again again no real change here doha is down to 32 as a hint of a wind direction here wind change i should say otherwise look at this sunshine through turkey and iran and even the time we get to friday afghanistan looking dry and sunny as well that's a change in the seasonal rains through africa maybe aren't obvious but science
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thought them is this red strip that is words to what the heat wave there it has reached a long way south and it's one of the causes of the fires down in cape town and the winds unfortunately not going to change the not going to help the far situation the tall as for right now nothing in the forecast here a little bit in the eastern cape maybe and fairly obviously this weakening line here which is the seasonal right might develop a tropical side over the water but heading dangerously close to land. frank assessments there are a lot of poison but the government needs to watch what exactly happened and what measures never taking for a situation like i'm not to believe you could ever get informed opinions is the u.s. with thinking the military positioning of the middle east wasn't just a simple act of reorganizing ministry assets this is a message to the region the united states years are rethinking its military posture
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in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera with me so robin a reminder of our top stories the army in chad has announced that president idriss deby has been killed while leaving soldiers on the frontlines just won reelection and was one of africa's longest serving leaders a state funeral for friday his son general how much. has been named as the interim leader of an 18 month long military transitional council the army has says democratic elections will take place after the transitional period also the u.s.
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has called russia's plans to block parts of the black sea to foreign ships as unprovoked escalation washington says it would to be another attempt by moscow to destabilize ukraine. the jury in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick cho venues holding its 1st full day of deliberations the trial jurors are considering 3 weeks of testimony from 45 witnesses. accused of killing george floyd after kneeling on his neck for more than 9 minutes president joe biden called george floyd's brother on monday so long as what the president say to you what did you say here and what was that like in general. it was just. he no it is the the lose of them a member he knows the process or what we've gone through so he was just learning no
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lynas no he was praying for us and hoping that everything will come out to be ok this is basically john hendren is following the trial for us from minneapolis. president joe biden just talked about that phone call as well he said that he was praying for the right verdict he said the evidence was overwhelming in his eyes but he stopped short of saying that there should be a guilty verdict and pointed out that he waited until the jury was sequestered are isolated for their deliberations before making public that conversation but as the jury is deliberating in they've been doing so for 3 hours today on their 2nd day of deliberations security and tensions are pretty high here in minneapolis if you look at the building behind me back there you can see those highgate that is normally a road that goes through the courthouse and it's closed off now we've got national guard troops in the streets here in minneapolis along with police but it's not just
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here this is also happening in washington d.c. where they already had $2300.00 national guard troops lingering since that attack on the capitol on january 6th and in chicago there are 125 national guard troops that have been called in by governor j.b. pritzker there so really you've got your curity across the country and of course that's because people are very concerned that there might be a recurrence of the kinds of protests that also mingled with riots and arson last summer after the death of george floyd europe's drug regulator has found possible links between johnson and johnson's covered 919 and rabbits close but the european medicines agency says the benefits of the vaccines to any potential risks johnson and johnson stock rhonda it's one day's job last week after recommendations from us all pharmacies 6 cases of unusual blood clots so identified among people suing
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immunised with the job the delay has halted vaccination if it's also in the european union bason it's an abduction with the latest. well it means that there is another disputed fact seen actually that could create concerns among people here in the e.u. it's very rare in 8 cases in fact they found blood clots and also decide in decrease of blood platelets mostly within young women in the ages of 18 to 48 years old in the united states and that was also the reason they stop vaccinating people with this johnson and johnson vaccine but overall they say this risk is so low that of course for the overall population facing this risk of covert 19 still in this 3rd wave that's happening in europe at the moment they should still at minister this vaccine it was an important vaccine that a lot of countries here in europe are counting on especially here in the natl and
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because it's been developed here and laden in the national and state have asked for 11000000 vaccines here and in the overall of europe 200000000 faxes of johnson and johnson were supposed to be shipped to europe to be vaccinated here in the coming months the is of course this concern now this will all be delayed because people will be reluctant and also there will be a chill a choice by the separate countries to impose an age limit for example the netherlands has sat with our stars in a car below 60 we're not using it anymore so that means that every country has a separate policy and of course that this could create delays. bus and train stations in india's capital have been overwhelmed as thousands of migrant workers flee the city the latest restrictions to curb the spread of the krona virus have seen many daily wage earners losing their jobs india is struggling to stem the world's largest rise in cases elizabeth purana reports from the capital new delhi.
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just hours after delis local government announced a week long curfew thousands of migrant workers rushed to bus and train stations they squeeze their way onto buses climbing on top of each other and onto the roofs the closing down of all but essential services has seen many workers lose their livelihoods i've been getting like the. chief minister said that nobody needs to leave delhi ask him where would daily wage earners like us go what will we do they earn and eat the same day if they don't earn in the day they can't have a mule it night where will we go if not home these are the same questions which were asked during the nationwide lockdown gear because it led to 100000000 migrant workers returning to their home states after losing their jobs millions had to walk or hundreds died on the journey there some lives that. lost them.
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completely dispensable. for the government for the middle class and for the rich and i think this was up with. what we have begun as a. hush mother is petitioning the supreme court to force the government to provide basic services to daily wage earners delhi's high court has asked the local government to divert hundreds of millions of dollars of public money to ensure workers who've lost their jobs don't go hungry it said both the central and state governments failed in their responsibility to protect daily wage as last year and i asked why they haven't made plans to do better. the high court also said the capital's health care capacity is at the stage of imminent collapse health experts say it's likely the double mutant variation of the virus which has been found in india that's causing infections to rise much more rapidly than last year we have
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seen fit to make a concrete give across india mortar lifted off of the theme they suggesting that what might be happening is that something that is more tried this but between people in very rapidly moving through the population of people who are yet to contract infection and therefore 34 after. the world health organization and governments around the world are monitoring what's happening in india as concerns grow about the spread of this variant elizabeth pradhan al-jazeera new delhi pakistan's government has agreed to ask for a parliamentary vote on whether to expel the french ambassador is part of a deal it reached with the band political party 30 kilobuck in an effort to end the weeklong anti fronts demonstration every nationwide strikes on the t.l. pay has been blocking routes into major cities in protest against french cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed. next month holds the promise of a resumption of a national unity government for palestinians want instead of 2 governments
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representing the west bank and gaza strip this will be the 1st time in 15 years that palestinians have to the polls to vote in legislative elections but as natasha going to report from gaza they're already down so the election will actually take place. the last time palestinians voted in a legislative election facebook and twitter were months away from being launched globally the year was 2006 they couldn't have known then they would spend the next 15 years with a divided government and no chance to elect a new one didn't get into about 15 years without an election and we're facing a miserable situation as a mother i wish it will happen and things change for the better. an election for the palestinian legislative council is scheduled for may but already there is widespread expectation palestinians won't be rushing to a polling station headed in to have acted not that of one of these elections only
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for renewing the legitimacy of palestinian leaders and to continue to rely on foreign aid but in the long term it will not serve the palestinian people israel has yet to approve voting in east jerusalem but how has splintered and both fica and hamas are worried about losses in their own bases due to disaffected voters. professor a high morale boost says recent polls show hamas would be lucky to get 25 percent of the vote in gaza but it might be able to get a bigger share in the west bank where people are fed up with the palestinian authority but maybe after the elections we might see a new or different kind of coalitions but that would probably be against the will of the international community which is still a classifying hamas as a terrorist organization and also is one which doesn't want to see a mass in any form of
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a palestinian government so united or unified government between hamas and fatah is unlikely how must spokesman. says the organization is pushing for the election to take place as scheduled and that palestinians are primarily frustrated by the israeli occupation not their leaders. yes about the world and the international community should help us choose our leader and to take our rights back we should be living in a good situation like all the human beings in this region. a generation of palestinians has come of age living with a divided government and no way of changing it at the ballot box the question people are asking is will this year mark long overdue change which natasha al-jazeera. won the support of germany's conservatives in his bid to succeed angela merkel as chancellor in september. be the joint candidate for the governing
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christian democratic party and the christian social union in federal elections later this year angela merkel is stepping down after more than 15 years in power. had also been vying to lead the center right bloc but has now conceded in the race stephanie decker is a burman with more. he is the premier of germany's biggest state he's been a staunch ally of angola markel throughout his political career he is pro europe he's pro immigration he stood by her certainly when merkel open the borders here in 2015 to hundreds of thousands of refugees that called her a lot of grief he was very much her ally on that but he comes at a time when there are challenges challenges also to him his stance on coronavirus he wanted to open restrictions already last year at a time when it was seen as controversial so he's been seen as being a little bit back and forth on that and also at a time when the party the alliance is polling very low around 27 percent and this
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is because of the handling of the coronavirus also because there's been some political fortunes scandals when it comes to some politicians having made money in deals and when it comes to acquiring mosques for the virus they've stood down but certainly it has damaged the alliance really an alliance that's that's that's been at the at the center of german politics since 19891 contender is the green party and they announced their candidate yesterday a 40 year old woman and elin a bear bought a lot of support there and they're nipping at the heels of this alliance so he's going to have to do some damage control but certainly now that they seem to have agreed on who the man will be that could potentially be germany's next chancellor they can at least focus on the election campaign and try and convince voters that they should remain in power. britain's prime minister says he'll consider legislation to stop english football clubs from joining the proposed european super league. the english football association his unwavering support in its attempts to stop the breakaway competition fans of chelsea one of the 12 clubs to join the new
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ball team $1000000000.00 project have gathered outside the stadium in london barker is in london outside chelsea's ground at stamford bridge the growing backlash against the super league. there are a whole load of voices getting involved in this heated debate the backlash has been gathering pace over the past couple of days we've heard from politicians pundits players managers and even royalty joining forces to condemn plans to create the super league but we've heard from pep guardiola manager of manchester city in the last hour or so saying that he didn't feel that it was a sport at all because there are no winners and losers referring to the fact that you can't be promoted or relegated boris johnson the british prime minister has also got involved he was very quick to say that the government would do everything possible to review their plans and possibly adopt them if not council them completely he's been holding talks with representatives from the football association and the premier league we don't know what's in the government's arsenal
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to be able to fight this attempt to create this league there is some suggestion that they may well look to competition laws to stave off any kind of perceived football monopoly and further afield as well we've heard from the french president . he has said that he would do everything possible to defend existing competitions so far no french teams have signed up to the proposal e. 0 with me so romney reminds of our top stories the army in chad has announced president idriss deby has been killed while leading soldiers on the front lines to be had just won reelection and was one of africa's longest serving leaders a state funeral will be held on friday his son general bahama will take on the role of interim head of state have a morgan has more from the capital and to media.


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