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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthy a world for you. for everyone. this is al jazeera. and you're watching the al-jazeera news our line from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes chad's military says president idriss deby has died of injuries suffered while visiting soldiers on the frontline his son is to become the next interim leader. also rusher accuses the u.s. and nato of provocative activities in the black sea as it builds up troops along
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its border with ukraine. and jury deliberations are underway in the trial of former police officer during chauvin charged with the murder of george floyd in minneapolis. and the european medical association says the benefits from the johnson and johnson covert $900.00 vaccine outweigh the risks of blood clot. and i'm he said with the sport ahead of european football clubs breaking away to form a super league to come to the senses but the president of the new competition real madrid's florentine appear is insists that it will be the savior of the sport. welcome to the news hour one of africa's longest serving leaders chad's president idriss deby has been killed the army says he died after sustaining injuries while visiting the front lines where his forces have been fighting rebels the army
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swiftly and now stevy son general bahama will take on the role of interim head of state well the death comes just a day after he won a 6th term as president and chad's forces have been battling the front for change and concord rebel group says 2060 which wants to overthrow the government and. what it calls power back to the people now the military has imposed a nationwide curfew and closed its borders begins our coverage. this was chad's president idriss deby campaigning last week provisional election results indicated he'd want a 6th term in office the debbie had reportedly joined his son and other soldiers on saturday to repel an attack by a rebel group in the northern province of can him near the border with libya according to the military he was severely injured it says it will now create a transitional military council led by debbi son and has suspended the constitution or union for
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a transitional government will be put in place new republican institutions who we put in place to facilitate the transition and by the organization of free democratic and transparent elections following the spirit of sacrifice that the marshal of chatted for for all his life right up until his last suffering idriss deby was a former military officer who came to power in 1990 he faced numerous coup attempts and analysts say he had a reputation for ruthlessness the electoral campaign was very violent and just i think some people we in the small and we remember that interested me and. surrounded the home opener and killed his mother the rebel front the change in concord group wanted to remove debbie as president it attacked a government position at the buddha on election day on april the 11th chat's closest ally france provided its military with logistical support and intelligence
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it seems like the removal of debby has not changed the military situation and as long as the military remains largely loyal to his son which seems likely to be the case given that he used to be the commander of the presidential guard and the chinese best units he's a 4 star general is only 37 years old. if you can keep that loyalty then there's no way the rebellion can can take advantage of that anymore and they could have under his father. more than 300 rebel fighters have reportedly been killed in the fighting over the past few days the president dead he has now also died in the fighting has shocked the nation and made the security situation in the widest hell region even more fragile victoria gate and be al jazeera. will have a mortgage was going on the line from chance copland to mean have you with us i mean just let's start with what we know about the circumstances of the death of the president considering he was on the front lines of a conflict zone in the north at the weekend. yes indeed let's
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take this back a few days on the day of the election as well on a 14 day april 11th when the rebels attacked a military position at the border and bessey neighboring libya now following that the rebels then as planned the rebels known as the forces of change and concord in the grand canyon which is about 300 kilometers from the capital in your manner they announced that they were on a mission to liberate them and head towards a minute to oust now to seize it and. we what we do know is that over the weekend. known to be leading his forces circumstances and has them so numerous times over the past few years then went forward with his troops to try to. leave the situation himself news that he was injured or something that the army didn't release and till this morning when they announced that he had passed away from his
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injuries so we don't know exactly when he was injured and how long he was injured before he was before he passed away this morning the other thing is that the army says that he was injured he was evacuated in jamaica so looking at the time of the fighting which happened around the weekend and the time that the rebel was pushed back which was on sunday it looked like he was injured quite a few days before before he died from his wounds as just being the fractious election in the country with the death of the president the constitution is no be suspended the speaker takes over but that hasn't happened his son is taking over what do we understand about this scenario. yes indeed the constitution says that the speaker of the parliament will be the one and charge for about 40 days and that's about a new transitional government and an interim government but that's the 1st thing that the military announced following the announcement that he has passed away from his injuries is that they are suspending the constitution as well as solving the
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government and the legislative assembly or the parliament so all those institutions that were in place prior to the death of president agrees that we are no longer in place and now we have his son but the 7 year old. who is a 4 star general and who was the 2nd in command in the chaldean intervention of course in northern mali so he does have a certain degree of military experience which is which looks like what this military or the transitional military council is looking to lead this country during this crisis that is formed due to the death of the president that he now we've also looked at members of the transitional military council themselves leben members most of them from the army from various ethnicities and tribes that is something that looks like the army has studied very well there has been concern that there will be division in chad especially amongst the military in a country where security has always been top priority that is something we heard
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repeatedly from people here during elections saying that they're concerned about the security but it looks like the army has a very well during the period where he said he was suffering from his if you read and make sure to come up with a transition military council that represents a large portion of the military to try to keep equation that is something they also said in their statement that they want to make sure that during the 18 month period which the transitional transitional military council will be leading the country remains united and stable of course it's a fast moving story that's developing all the time we'll come back to you of course throughout the day to morgan the force of the trial the incompetent ameena of course over to the budget. where an address joins me live an editor of the new still trying across while the african continent and the rest of the world news of debbie's death will certainly a regional neighbors in that fight across the sahara well especially when it comes to groups like buckle but eisel. exactly
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as we speak now with the cabinet in the here and of the new the elected president has been holding meetings since the news filtered in that. he has died of his injuries on the bottom front the government of the generalized to our knowledge extend to china and forces to help to deal with insurgences and attacks by armed groups in its borders i then on the side of the nigerian border on the money and border and broken if i so because china is also contributing forces to the g. feistel group of nations as well as the contributions being made by fronts here in nigeria we expect if statement shortly from the president i remember very well when president obama to bloody a took over power in 2015 the fost country visited was child and he met with president idriss deby then to seek support and cooperation in the fight against but then i saw it was not even on the map now i sware piece on the scene and there are
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concerns that the emerging developments in china the rebellion in china the political crisis there as well as the incidences of what i'm attacks as well as i still and other groups activity in this hell itself is causing great concerns on this part of the lake chad region and it often is that because of security concerns it within china itself the new president or the new government in place mainly with bro it's gone so just to try to bolster security internally because we're talking about a country with a history of kools with a country a history of rebellion. now they have a crisis at hand and they have thousands of forces look at it out of the country who are trying to keep the peace in other people's homes and the priority for many child use is to bring those forces will to do with his problems internally and if that happens that will leave
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a lot of countries in the region vulnerable remember nigeria remember child remember cameroon anusia public which has a group called the multinational joint task force which has been trying to do with our own eyes of all of it last 10 years or so although to a large extent i succeeded in chasing our book around for for most of us do and of course the us the geopolitics parts of it i mean he was a straight talker he's a very clever was a very clever military tactician he often criticized his neighbors for a lack of commitment to the fight against groups like booker her arm and i saw another enemies that they they all felt they had i mean how much is his leadership specifically going to be missed because he was released he always did spearhead not just those conversations within the region but also that negotiation with western capitals when it came to extra help that was needed. exactly like you said be straightforward talk us most talk as well and very
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controversial and most times remember last year when peter led he's no stranger to leading his troops on the battlefront must yeah he was on the shores of lake chad leading the troops and got help in ousting book or routing them from charging territories and then he made an announcement a controversial announcement that recently was to was later clarified by the child you know authorities he said well he has dealt with the problem when you stare treats up to the neighboring countries to do with the problems like you doesn't want to see is that them relax and big odds and then at the bottom fighters and i saw fighters. streaming back into child again on he met with the regional leaders and they just crossed and there was some progress to such an extent and we've seen an uptick in the movement of charge in forces in the region which of course helped to deal with the problems not only conflict is raging we've seen how book or time
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has succeeded in attacking military formations occupying briefly some towns and cities in the north east of the country and also dealing with its own problems now these countries will definitely need it drips debby's. their contributions in this region and not not only in the lake chad we can we're talking about this al but can a fossil money countries like france which also rely on the expertise and the experience of chad in forces in dealing with the crisis in the region these countries will definitely miss that experience whether or not the sun will leap up to that expectation it's only time that can tell but for the not for the time being their best hope is that how much it was debbie would leave troops why they are so that they can continue to contribute to efforts of those countries trying to deal with the security challenges ahead for the latest evidence that for said the nigerian capital thank you. we're joined now by cameron hudson he's a senior fellow at the africa center based on the atlantic council joins me now via
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skype from washington d.c. good to have with us on the program when we talk about. the forces fighting a rebel group who we're actually talking about because all we have and we have a name front to change and concord rebel group who are they and what they want well this is one of the many kind of rebel groups that have been active throughout the country but primarily in the in the north along the libyan border this forces that outside the country for the past year plus fighting as part of the coalition that khalifa haftar put together in libya so they have they have been fighting alongside other mercenary groups in libya for some time now ironically one of the reasons that they're coming back into chad right now is because of the peace agreement that was forged under the united nations auspices in libya requiring all foreign armies to leave the country and so they're doing just that they're bringing
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with them the training and the arms that they gained inside of libya and they're bringing them to chad and so i think one of the challenges right now is they really haven't articulated a very clear political agenda other than the removal of debbie from office and so now that that's been done on the battlefield i think there is kind of an open question as to what their future political agenda will look like now that their principal military objective has been achieved well it may be partially achieved if you think the fact that the sun has now been. put in as the interim leader can he take on this group does he have the loyalty of the troops that his his father had in terms of the fight that he's got not only perhaps within his own borders but also externally. well it remains to be seen but my suspicion is that no he's not going to be able to maintain that loyalty we've already that hearing some initial reports of desertions in the chatty an army army soldiers are reported crossing
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into cameroon we've heard there was disgruntled meant to some degree in in the army and the fact rebels 'd have been doing a lot to try to enlist and recruit chaddy an army soldiers to join their cause to rise up and to and to overthrow it on the deadly regime listen i think that you know much of the the army is made up of debbie's agalloch. tribal relations and so that complicates i think the situation but it's very clear that the son is no match for debbie the father and it's not clear that he will be able to overcome not only the dissension within the military ranks but let's not forget that there's a deep resentment within the the population of chad we're just coming out of a very contentious election that that was really stolen from the chaldean people from the from the moment the campaign was was announced and so i think people's
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patience was growing very thin in the country with which the the institutions that debbie had put in around himself to really protect his family his tribe. from outside forces and so i think you're going to see a lot of sympathy for the stat rebels from among the population and i think that this military council that is i mean is going to have a very hard time remaining popular among among the people and the so that the web is the voice of the opposition you might say stay within the country while we've got this sort of military leadership in charge because a political opponent. boycotted the election recently he's described relations with the west quite succinctly as they found someone to do that when. when they close their eyes and just let him do it so basically they have to perhaps re-evaluate the situation on the ground right now and to see what they can what would that be son and also what the relationship will be with the child the in
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militaries could be quite a difficult path to navigate. well it is and i think you know one factor that will play i think a decisive role in all of this is the reaction of the international community i think there's an opportunity here for countries with influence in chad like like france like the united states and even some of the neighboring states and the african union to come in and help to try to manage a transition we saw this in sudan 2 years ago when the bashir another 30 year dictator was removed by his own military you saw an international attempt to forage and create a kind of civil military transition to avoid the worst kind of bloodshed and ethnic violence that is very possible in chad just like it was in sudan and so i think there's an opportunity for the international community to play a role here to help bring about a a a more safe and secure outcome i mean washington and paris have already expressed
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concern that they want not just stability but it branches word continuity and i think that we can't conflate continuity with stability in this circumstance right now because of you on the program thanks so much for joining us. plenty more ahead here on the news hour including thousands of migrant workers rushed to leave the indian capital ahead of a weeklong curfew as a surgeon coronavirus cases threatens to overwhelm parts of the country. or the british government threatens to pass new laws to stop some of its top football clubs joining a breakaway european competition and the l.a. lakers struggle without le bron james the best of the n.b.a. action coming up with peter in sport. in other news more than 20 russian warships have begun military exercises in the
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black sea that's according to russian media the move comes as the u.s. pushes back against moscow's plan to block foreign ships from parts of the black sea for 6 months now washington says the move is unprovoked escalation now it fears that russia will restrict access to ukrainian ports in the sea of souls and that it marks another attempt by moscow to destabilize the country conflict between kurds forces and russian backed separatists in eastern ukraine has been escalating the use top diplomat says russia has deployed 100000 troops along the border let's cross over to bernard smith in moscow with the very latest i mean this is a fast moving story as well bernard report suggests there is a lot of military activity in and around crimea so what more do we know right now. there are some recently published satellite images showing what is a very serious buildup of military hardware in and around crimea and ukraine we've seen pictures of fighter jets lined up on
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a runway in crimea we've seen pictures of air borne troops are many units attack helicopters smoke generators. jamming equipment reconnaissance drones and a military hospital and the e.u. and u.s. estimate this between 82100000 ground troops along the ukraine russia border russia says all of this the defense minister sergei short who is because nato and the u.s. are indulged and provocative activities in waters and airspace around the black sea he doesn't say or those provocative activities are exactly and he says these are long planned military drills also russia's prime planning to restrict access through the curch strait that is good they're going to stop they say millet naval vessels going through that strait that provides a link for ukraine to its eastern ports and there is a treaty between russia and ukraine that says those waters the hours of sea in the
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strait are supposed to be freely accessible to both sides so the ukrainians would see that as a provocation but russia says this is all a military exercise but whatever it is it is a very clear demonstration of russia's military capabilities in and around ukraine and crimea of course but another story that we keep very close eye on in russia developments in the health of the kremlin critic alexi the different voices saying different things about the state of his health what's happening with him. well people who have seen him are all generally united in the view that is it is in a very bad way his lawyer was one of the last most recent to see him last night he says he's now been given a glucose drip but as an indication of how ill alexei navalny is it said 3 nurses made 6 failed attempts to find
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a vein to put the drip in and only on the 7th the time where they able to put the drip in he's now in a solitary ward in a prisons tuberculosis hospital no indication he's got tuberculosis and he's recently posted on his instagram account a statement the regime came with a came was sent with his lawyer last night but that statement just came out today and it's written in the valleys typically sort of sarcastic sarcastic and sardonic humor he says i'm a shaking skeleton walking inside a prison room with a court's decision on my hand with which i'm killing mosquitoes on the walls and ceiling he says you can threaten children who refused to eat with my picture and he says my lawyer has told me about your huge support both in russia and across the globe and this moment was very valuable to me and he finishes by saying i was laughing when i read the quotes of prominent doctors saying with my level potassium i should either be in intensive care or coffin i'm not so easy to get he says after not a chopper after not shock potassium is not so dangerous and so novelli continuing
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to show they're ahead of nationwide demonstrations in support of him planned for wednesday and russia continuing to show that some sort of defiance through his humor but it's within moscow for us thank you. now the jury in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derek jovan is holding its 1st full day of deliberations the 12 jurors are considering 3 weeks of testimony from 45 witnesses chavis accused of killing george floyd after kneeling on his neck for more than 9 minutes president joe biden called george floyd's brother on monday so long as what the president say to you what did you say to him and what was that like in general. it was just a scholar. he no it is the the lose of them a member he knows the process of what we've gone through so he was just learning no
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lynas no he was praying for us in hoping that everything will come out to be ok. yes yes basically. 100 is following the trial for us in minneapolis in the schools it's the 1st full day for the jury as deliberations a delay it's it's more or less the way to game is that for those of us that a change is waiting. that's right the jury has been deliberating for about 6 hours over 2 days and tensions in security are high you can see the big fence in front of the courthouse way down the road there and the national guard is manning the streets here in minneapolis but it's not just here it's also in washington d.c. and chicago that you've got uniformed military manning the streets and buildings being boarded up because of all the concern about what's going to happen when this verdict comes out and it was almost for not and that's because a congresswoman
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a maxine waters called for protesters to get more confrontational and to demand a murder verdict in this case well that was before closing arguments the jury was not isolated the defense counsel in this case after closing arguments asked the judge for a mistrial saying comments like these could pull the jury pool bias them as they deliberate the judge denied that request but expressed some annoyance with congresswoman waters ultimately saying the comments of one congresswoman don't really matter and that man that president biden called villainies floyd george floyd's brother he was asked a comment about that he said it's all really a distraction from the injustice suffered by his brother but you can see that as we wait for this verdict tensions in tempers are high and david will continue to wait until about to vote it comes through john had for us there in minneapolis that said
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the u.s. calls over to the white house our correspondent. tonsil of course telephone call between the president and the floyd family a family. about the sort of conversation itself. we know that the conversation took place on monday that this was a president reaching out not just as of president but also as a man who understands what it's like to lose a loved one joe biden of course recently lost his son beau biden he also suffered the tragedy of losing his wife and child decades ago when he 1st became a u.s. senator so he has experience public grief and so he reached out to the family to essentially say i know how you're feeling i'm praying for you and to offer that sort of message of empathy but at the same time i can tell you while the president made that phone call the white house itself is preparing bracing for what they
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expect could be potentially not just protests in the region where this is taking place this court case and where this jury is now deliberating but all across the united states in fact a senior white house administration officials saying that they feel that this is a bit of a tinderbox case that this could erupt not just into protests in that one city but also across the united states and it brings back in so many minds 30 years ago the trial of rodney king one of the world's 1st viral videos were a police beating the rodney king was caught on videotape. when those 4 officers were acquitted it led to days of protests that resulted in thousands of arrests deaths and even the national guard being brought in so this is all in the backs of so many people's minds as they sort of stand on the edge waiting for this verdict even as the family members are appealing for calm could be thanks very much
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so they have to commute home to their old one tells correspondent. britain's prime minister says he'll consider legislation to stop english football clubs from joining the proposed a european super league boris johnson gave the english football association his unwavering support in its attempts to stop the breakaway competition 12 of europe's elite clubs planned to join the new multi-billion dollar project if barca has more on this from the british capital leave of course the the prime minister getting involved in this. and it's not just the prime minister in the past 2448 hours the buying clash has been immense we've heard from the french president from boris johnson the prime minister we've heard from multiple managers players fans pundits you name it and nearly all of them pretty much all of the united in their frustration anger and consolation about what this super league may mean for the future of international football and for also
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england's national game as well the british prime minister was very very quick off the mark to suggest that the government would do everything possible to stop plans for the super league in its tracks he's talked of a legislative bomb being thrown into the mix to try and brings things to a halt we don't exactly know what that means right now but the suggestion is that he could well try to employ and see monopoly or anti competition rules to try and throw the plans off kilter we've also as a mention heard from the french president emmanuel micron no french teams are currently signed up to take part in the super league but the french president clearly worried he's saying that he will do everything possible to make sure that existing competitions internationally are protected in the forces of the general reaction among sort of british football fans because it's something of a divide between sort of rich owners and ordinary you know founds who pay the money
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that actually pays the wages of these very rich footballers. the problem right now is that none of those rich show news about to come out and given any kind of statement whatsoever we've heard from florentine oh perez who's the president on reality my brit he's pretty much the only person that's come out so far saying that he believes that the plans will save international football given the financial hit that many teams big and small have faced during the global pandemic but from the fans that we've spoken to here at chelsea's ground in china and stamford bridge they are deeply worried that they have been completely sidelined by largely foreign billionaire owners who are in their eyes at least putting profit before the sport itself just looking at some of the banners that are probably slightly out of shot here one of them says fans not customers another one
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saying very much what they see is the death of football as we know it's over this is a game that's existed for 150 years largely without changes to the pyramid structure that exists in at the moment where you've got grassroots teams at the bottom and that back and forth from relegation and promotion goes all the way to the richest and biggest teams in the country the fear is that if this breakaway is allowed to happen that football will never be the same again of the other fast moving story that we're keeping an eye on here and i was there for the moment he thanks very much for joining us from london. well still ahead here on al-jazeera pakistan's parliament is to vote on whether to expel the french ambassador in a deal with a banned conservative party and his supporters. see the law must responds to a fatal crash in texas why the electric car company is being served a search warrant and a landmark day in the n.h.l. as one player breaks the record for all time appearances that's all coming up with
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peter in sports so do stay with us. there has been quite hot recently in the event and in egypt that's all changing now the wind is becoming almost sure means the temp has dropped by about 10 degrees in many places it's still quite hot in iraq $41.00 in baghdad and down in kuwait where up to 40 still $38.00 in doha are fairly she would $38.00 but there's no significant wind on this forecast out except for this one which is blowing down through serious down through the red sea that's the reason the temperatures have been pushed back again again no real change here but doha is down to 32 as a hint of a wind direction here wind change i should say otherwise look at this sunshine through turkey iran and even the time we get to friday afghanistan looking dry and
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sunny as well that's a change the seasonal rains through africa maybe aren't obvious but side thought them is this red strip that is words to what the heat wave there it has reached a long way south and it's one of the causes of the fires down in cape town and the winds unfortunately not going to change the not going to help the fast situation the toll as for right now nothing in the forecast a little bit in the eastern cape maybe and fairly obviously this weakening line here which is the seasonal right might develop a tropical side over the water but heading dangerously close to land. in the south of india to find out a tiny box in the disk you've brought an extensive mining operation to a standstill coronavirus how he wept across the world with devastating impact and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade here in vietnam we
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visit a rescue center for some of the world's most threatened animal and joining the call for an end to the global wild. earth rides on al-jazeera examining the impact of today's headlines where does your flight go from here the people of myanmar to do. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion it's every time i raise them i will. be called a race based programs to open your eyes to an alternative view of the while today we are about to feed. themselves hungry magots see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. ool.
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bookmark you're watching the al-jazeera news are with me so robin the reminder of our top stories the army and child has announced president interest has been killed while leaving soldiers on the front lines had just won reelection and was one of africa's longest serving leaders his son general idriss deby has been named as the interim leader of an 18 month long military transitional council the army says democratic elections will take place after the transition period. and the u.s. has called russia's plans to block parts of the sea to foreign ships us unprovoked escalation washington says it would be another attempt by moscow to destabilize ukraine. europe's drug regulator has found a possible link between johnson and johnson's covert 900 vaccine and rare blood
6:37 pm
clots but the european medicines agency says the benefits of the vaccine still outweigh any potential risks johnson and johnson stopped rolling out of its one dose job last week after recommendations from us or sorties 6 cases of unusual blood clots were identified amongst people who were immunized with the job now the delay has halted vaccination efforts in the e.u. well more the sets bring in stuff that's not correspondent in the dam i mean what does the a.m.a. statement mean ready for the vaccination campaign in the e.u. step. well it means that there is another disputed vaccine actually that could create concerns among people here. in the e.u. as you say it's very rare in aids cases in fact they found blood clots and also this sudden decrease of blood platelets mostly within younger women in the ages of 18 to 48 years old in the united states and that was also the reason they stop
6:38 pm
vaccinating people with this johnson and johnson vaccine but overall they say this risk is so low that of course for the overall population facing this risk of covert 9000 still in this 3rd wave that's happening in europe at the moment they should still at minister this vaccine it was an important vaccine that a lot of countries here in europe are counting on especially here in the netherlands because it's been developed here and laden in the national and state have asked for 11000000 vaccines here and in the over all of europe 200000000 vaccines of johnson and johnson were supposed to be shipped to europe to be vaccinated here in the coming months. there is of course this concern now this will all be delayed because people will be reluctant and also there will be a choice by the separate countries to impose an age limit for example the netherlands has sat with our stars in a car below 60 we're not using it anymore so that means that every country has
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a separate policy and of course that this could create delays of course is a real search back to europe you develop vaccines coming with serious side effects with how will this really affect people's willingness to be vaccinated big question mark really isn't it. absolutely as i sat with us as we saw the same side effect similar side effects just a few weeks ago now it's the janssen we call it here in the netherlands of course people are getting reluctant even those who are now saying above 60 you can actually safely use it especially because alli of course are facing many more risk of course at 19. but what we seeing in europe and especially also here in the netherlands at a lot of people who actually are cold to get this vaccine now not coming they're just simply not showing up so doctors here are having oversupply suddenly of astra zeneca because people are reluctant and that's of course a very bad side effect compared to the very small risks and doctors have been
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stressing this very small risk that these side effects can occur. thanks very much. bus and train stations in india's capital have been overwhelmed as thousands of micro workers flee the city by the latest restrictions to curb the spread of the crowded virus have seen many daily wage earners losing their jobs india is struggling to stem the world's largest rise in cases elizabeth purana possible from new delhi. just hours after dell is local government announced a week long curfew thousands of migrant workers rushed to bus and train stations they squeeze their way onto buses climbing on top of each other and onto the roofs the closing down of all but essential services has seen many workers lose their livelihoods i've been getting ready for the congo kelley's chief minister said that
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nobody needs to leave delhi ask him where would daily wage earners like us go what will we do they earn in the same day if they don't earn in the day they can't have a mulek night where will we go if not home these are the same questions which were asked during the nationwide lock down a gear ago it led to 100000000 migrant workers returning to their home states after losing their jobs millions had to go hundreds died on the journey this some lives that. lost their lives that are completely dispensible. for the government for the middle class and for the rich and i think this was up with. what we have begun as a. hush mother is petitioning the supreme court to force the government to provide basic services to daily wage earners delhi's high court has asked the local government to divert hundreds of millions of dollars of public money to ensure workers who've lost their jobs don't go hungry it said both the central and state
6:42 pm
governments failed in their responsibility to protect daily wage as last year and i asked why they haven't made plans to do better. the high. the court also said the capital's health care capacity is at the stage of imminent collapse health experts say it's likely the double mutant variation of the virus which has been found in india that's causing infections to rise much more rapidly than last year we've seen systematic increase in across india moralistic north of the theme they suggesting that what might be happening is that something that is more trance this move between people in the very rapidly moving to the population of people who are yet to contract infection and therefore spreading faster. the world health organization and governments around the world are monitoring what's happening in india as concerns grow about the spread of this variant elizabeth pradhan al-jazeera new
6:43 pm
delhi. pakistan's parliament has postponed a debate on expelling the french ambassador until friday is a key demand from protesters who blocked roads in fault with police leaders of the band 30 killer back party and calling for the end to the protests after negotiations with the government there would be nationwide strikes in protest against french cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed at least 6 people have been killed and there are some value france and best to my question is will cutting ties and sending the french ambassador back stop this is there a guarantee that no one will insult the prophet after job harm for our own skin when we expel the french ambassador and cut ties with france means we'll cut ties with the european union half of our textile exports go to europe this means half of our textile exports will be reduced by means unemployment and the closure of the factories kimo harder has more from the capital islamabad. parliament took up that issue today. that. the speaker of the national
6:44 pm
assembly saying that a committee should be form so that both the government and opposition members can reach some sort of a. that of course had not happened yet some of the opposition parties even boy courting. mentor day the parliament. the interior minister what instrument. going to be giving a press conference tomorrow. and not today of ambiguity. because there were no i mentioned that no individual or group. of that date however the opposition is blaming the government for not making them an. issue and it is it going to be important to see whether
6:45 pm
that is going to be some sort of a breakthrough but for the time being the relief on the street 10 in pakistan because that d.l.p. was threatening to wage countrywide protests marching on it. happening for the moment but they did indeed a crucial issue and a critical issue that has to be dogged. in the support of germany's conservatives in his bid to succeed anglin merkel as chancellor in september. will be the joint candidate for the governing christian democratic party and the christian social union in federal elections later in the new limitless stepping down after more than 15 years in power. had also been buying to lead the sense right bloc but it's not conceded the place stephanie. how small it. he is the premier of germany's biggest state he's been a staunch ally of markel throughout his political career he is pro europe he's pro
6:46 pm
immigration he stood by her certainly when merkel open the borders in 2015 to hundreds of thousands of refugees that called her a lot of grief he was very much her ally on that but he comes at a time when there are challenges challenges also to him his stance on coronavirus he wanted to open restrictions already last year at a time when it was seen as controversial so he's been seen as being a little bit back and forth on that and also at a time when the party the alliance is polling very low around 27 percent and this is because of the handling of the coronavirus also because there's been some political fortunes scandals when it comes to some politicians having made money in deals and when it comes to acquiring mosques for the virus they've stood down but certainly it has damaged the alliance really an alliance that's that's that's been at the at the center of german politics since 19891 contender is the green party and they announced their candidate yesterday a 40 year old woman and alina bear
6:47 pm
a lot of support there and they're nipping at the heels of this alliance so he's going to have to do some damage control but certainly now that they seem to have agreed on who the man will be that could potentially be germany's next chancellor they can at least focus on the election campaign and try and convince voters that they should remain in power. police in the u.s. of texas serving search warrants after 2 men died in a car crash on sunday they were in a vehicle which was believed to be operating without anyone in the driver's seat in a tweet the c.e.o. with a completely rejected the idea of the vehicles driving software was to blame most quote that data logs recovered so far show auto pilot was not enabled with autopilot engaged is now approaching 10 times lower chance of an accident than the average vehicle welnick as a correspondent at automotive news europe which is a leading automotive business publication he says tesla seems to be overplaying the abilities of its vehicles. i really think the american national highway traffic
6:48 pm
association should should clamp down on what they what's being termed as full self driving within tesla and what is actually semi autonomous technology a lot of people that assuming that it can have the car can just drive itself in and any number of situations but is clearly being seen is that there are some gaps in the cars knowledge i mean this isn't any bad reflection on tesla it's incredibly complicated technology to to to to produce but at the moment tesla seems to be overselling it failing to read the small print that says that you need. big trial of your vehicle all time and they're saying to their mates hey look at what you can do and you know and it's pretty covering a lot of situations but it's not clever in every situation and that's the problem and so until the cars are regulated and and we can say ok now you can take your
6:49 pm
hands off the wheel safely and and have confidence to do so then they really should not be sold as self full self driving that's just a it's it's dangerous former us vice president walter mondale has died at the age of $93.00 he served in law alongside president jimmy carter in the late 1970 s. in 94 he ran against ronald reagan for the white house becoming the 1st nominee from a major party to pick a woman as his running mate but he lost by a landslide after declaring that he would raise taxes if he won. coming up next. peter how small the way but say to your opinion football so do stay with us.
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move. for the all.
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book about peter so thank you we'll start with news just in that a madrid court has said you a fair and fee from us not to impose sanctions on clubs all players taking part in a super league until it fully considers the case of the proposed competition the threats of being banned from representing their countries has caused concern among some of the continent's top. here's liverpool's jordan henderson has called an emergency meeting of english premier league captains on wednesday henderson's club is one of the 16th to join the breakaway league e's one of the most influential skippers in the premier league manchester city or another team who have signed up but their manager pep guardiola is not on board with the idea is not a sport when the relation between the effort and the success the effort and reward
6:52 pm
doesn't exist don't exist so is not a sport so is not the sport of the success already garant he is not the sport of the nd he doesn't matter if you lose that's why i said many times i won the best competition the strongest possible so especially the premier league and is not for when one team. fight fight fight arrive in the top enough to cannot be qualified because the success is already weren't people just for a few clips even so 2 of the most powerful men in world football the presidents of the fair and you a for have urged europe's breakaway clubs to think very carefully about forming a super league insisting it's not too late for them to change their minds to be english clubs mainly come to your senses. not out of love for football because i imagine some of you don't have much of that but out of respect for those
6:53 pm
who believe in themselves dry so that they can go to the stadium to support their team and want that dream to be kept alive gentleman. you made a huge mistake some will say it is greed others. arrogance flippancy or complete ignorance of england's football culture but it actually doesn't matter what matters is that there is still time to change your mind. if some. elect. to go their own way. then they must live. with the consequences of their choice they are responsible for their choice concretely this means
6:54 pm
either you're in. or you're out you cannot be house in or how far out we've heard a lot of negative reaction but the main instigators real madrid's club president florentino perez says the super league will save the football he will be the chairman of the new super league and says there's no chance teams will be kicked out of their leagues and no chance players will be barred from representing their countries perez says change is necessary for the sport survival or not. they're not going to kick us out of the champions league not madrid none of us and not from the league either i'm sure of it we want to say football at this critical moment the sport has to evolve like life like companies social media has changed behavior and football has to adapt why a 40 percent of young people between 16 and 24 no longer interested in our game because there are too many matches of poor quality they have other platforms to
6:55 pm
entertain themselves that is the reality interest of viewership are down the rights also declining so something has to be done and the pandemic makes it more urgent we are all broke this could very well end up in the courts one leading sports lawyer says he'd be more confident representing the breakaway teams because he believes you a 1st case is not that strong. i do not see that they have any competition law mashers especially on the on they argue it's a close. from my point. where we start a new venture a new entry in the market that new entry is often allowed to have some excuse if it's a good tact in business just imagine amazon or google would act similarly and say anyone who is offering goods currently on amazon marketplace is not allowed to do that only competing marketplace but los angeles lakers coach frank vogel says lebron james is progressing each day with he's a rehab following an ankle injury suffered
6:56 pm
a month ago but braun is now missed 16 games and it's proving costly for the lakers having lost 9 of those encounters their latest defeat coming at the hands of the utah jazz who are also without a leading scorer donovan mitchell the jazz lead at the end of every quarter to run out winners by 14 points. the chicago bulls have an uphill battle to make the playoffs but they've been impressive in their last 2 outings and they produced another strong display against the boston celtics nickel or virtue of it chad $29.00 points and 9 rebounds helping the bulls win 10296. and detroit aged out cleveland in the final minutes of the clash the persons took the lead with less than 30 seconds left thanks to frank jackson detroit had a couple more baskets holding on to win by 4 points the cavaliers have lost 5 of their last 6 games. it's not often that japan takes center stage in major league
6:57 pm
baseball but that's exactly what happened when the alley angels host of the texas rangers former teammate said japanese club nippon ham fighters kohei and shohei otani face still for the 1st time in major league baseball after trading place in trees pre-game went on to claim bragging rights the texas pitcher dismissed otani twice helping the rangers win $64.00. and there's a new record in the n.h.l. and belongs to veteran patrick malo from the san jose sharks the 41 year old has broken the lot for most games played 1768 appearances across 23 seasons has also played a remarkable 899 consecutive games when all of eighty's n.h.l. debut in 1907 all but 2 of his current teammates were either not born or still in primary school the canadian also has 2 olympic gold medals and that's all the.
6:58 pm
thanks very much peter and of course so you've been watching i was there he was out with me so probably peter 7 news on the other side of the break to stay with us. in the 3rd time lands of home in mesopotamia where the 1st settlements formed the cradle of civilization iraqi people who've depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by and pollution outages or world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its
6:59 pm
people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. this is one of the down things there are revolutions in all of this make our planet pretty good we have to meet the c o 2 emissions targets electric cars and nuclear mitchum in motion they need to be mine sure people are just talking about the summers and that's going to solve the problem could hurt the world of business and commerce driving energy transmission is the promise of clean energy an illusion the dark side of green energy. on al jazeera. has a new daddy take advantage of the relatively clean air after weeks of toxic small stopped people from venturing outside institutions including harvard say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the coronavirus and more deaths from it and no way in india is the situation was bad and dandy the number of cases auto record highs and where a desperate situation of the indian government set up
7:00 pm
a new commission to monitor sources of and pollution across 5 known from the state's health experts and by mentioning and been wanting for a month for the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on dogs because the 19. chance on me says president idriss deby has died of injuries suffered while leaving soldiers on the frontline his son the army general will be interim leader. he was one of the region's longest serving leaders they'll be says one of his sons will take over but many questions linger over charles the region. as a whole rob you want to hold is there a lot of my headquarters here in.


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