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thousands of migrant workers rushed to leave the indian capital ahead of a weeklong curfew as a surging coronavirus cases threatens to overwhelm the country. i know about this and this is an observer live from doha also coming up the jury's out in the murder trial of derek children the former minneapolis police officer is accused of killing george floyd. as the u.s. warns russia against blocking access to the black sea we'll report from the
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frontline of ukraine's conflict. the ukrainian soldiers here say that russian separatists in recent weeks increasingly been using snipers moved in and all the genes in especially since the russian troop build up in the pool. and the mozambican town of pemba struggles to support thousands of people fleeing violence in the north. but some train stations in new delhi have been overwhelmed by thousands of migrant workers fleeing the city as a weeklong covered 1000 locked down goes into effect it's a reminder of a similar exodus joining a nationwide lockdown last year and is reported more than 200000 new cases for the 6th consecutive day and into tuesday it reported a record number of deaths from the virus more than 1700.
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i'm leaving because a lot down has been imposed nobody house is in lockdown not the government and definitely not the rented house owner but we have to pay everyone we are far from home and we are here to work hard and earn for our family back home and this situation will end up doing the opposite so we have to go home elizabeth autonomy's in new delhi and she says the government is being urged to provide welfare for migrant workers. government announced on monday that from monday night for one week that it was imposing what it called a curfew but one of the restrictions of the same as doing the knock down the nationwide lockdown even last year with people on their homes on this they would what are considered essential services and they're not allowed to leave their homes on this it's to get essential supplies in just hours after those restrictions were announced we have seen thousands of migrant workers people who would who live in different states to which they would crowding the streets off the capital crowding
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and train it to them and it was because they have many of them who are dating wages and those who once again as they did last year they've lost their jobs they come to afford to pay rent and they want to return home now tenant has pleaded with migrant worker is not to leave and try to assure them that they will be looked off to high court has asked both the central and state government why we are seeing the kinds of pictures we did last year and why they haven't learnt anything in the past year it's also asking the local government here in delhi to spend $400000000.00 to make sure that all of these people these modern flu because the fed now that they have no way to feed themselves as well as the scenes that we are seeing at bus and train terminals we're also seeing cars on the leaving by foot on the border with the station all. again because they feel that they have
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no option. amanda is the director of the center very quickly studies and the author of locking down the poor which is about last year's lockdown in india and he's joining us now from new delhi it's good to have you with the surf think you very much indeed lizabeth was just mentioning there the even the high court in new delhi is saying that the government should be doing more to help and i know that you are putting forward a petition to demand more help how confident are you that the government is going to do something more this time. actually that you know all the signs. cause and he does. he have learned. from what happened last year the point is that the idea of what lockdown is distributed locked out in a country playing 9 out of 10 will. have moved social security. you know most of them living bundled tenements in the ideals in kind of social distancing is impossible asking them to wash their hands they do that even they
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don't have. to water. it even in its design law. excludes the poor from its protection and that's a lot of people and therefore the say don't go to the doctor and if you do. at least the payment of middle ages into the bank accounts of the dissing the person. 'd doing the beaches transfer the suit. but none of that kind of that happened last year and it led to has just. gone to the supreme court developing this. but but nothing really came of it. you know a lot of things. but i think most importantly not just there. but just the idea that $100.00 exploited.
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things will get really bad the government. employee would protect us that just don't and therefore all. 'd the government today. don't bloody. day is very vivid to that that people could stand by and and trust and their full tank to take care of them. by disputed journey to the countryside where they had little it's lighted the falls is he said after the last locked on that many people were left and left distressed was the words that you used can you give us some examples of how some of these workers were living in the aftermath of the mass migration we saw last year and the lock down. some of
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them you know a large number of them decided government after a few days and started booking and the depraved battens they put the police in disinfectants but those who didn't actually had an even worse deal because they were kept locked up in extremely crowded buildings you know if if you are asking for social distance this was the very opposite of it and they were defense that they were being kept like this. is a poor hygiene and then i would be homeless people who actually had nowhere to go. the desperation because they literally put. 'd people having to stand in sometimes 2 kilometers few kilometers to get a small little food that distance and the movement of involved relations actually in india was popular larger than we have seen any distance
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migration anywhere in the world except will be the movement of. africans sleeves to the americas and it is that sort of does that we saw. once again be seen to be. doing the same thing. it seems to be that seems to be a i split and the way that the government thinks about this is i'm quite pretty confident that the government knows what the consequences of something like this is going to be because they've got evidence from last year it's already attempting to do with the pandemic on a significant scale within and within india and yet it's a lot of festivals to go ahead it's a lot of mass rallies to go had for elections what do you think there is this apartment suspect and thinking in the government. you know i think that you know whatever they come you know it's now gaining. 'd doing that god and doing that
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but then this see the finest to see the minister anything that is crowded with people when we had that was something they. did in the gun. and you know people learn by what they see not what they hear and. the kind of mixed messaging that they're getting. significant increases in hospital beds defying oxygen shortage is beefing that people don't have enough busy not enough vaccinations to cover populations all months if we go at this phase. i think that you know i think what we've seen and i've said so in my book is. 'd that there's some names that need to be protected but the last couple of days that are completely dispensible. 'd for the government
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for the minute and for the rich and i think this was up a very alarming with 'd what we have become as a. going to stop you there because unfortunately we are running out of time but we do appreciate your joining us and thank you very much indeed thank you. their state department is changing the way it puts together travel advisories for american citizens it once has warnings to match recommendations from the centers for disease control more closely the result is that another $130.00 nations are being added to washington's do not travel list but new advice doesn't actually prevent american citizens from going to those countries. the jury in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derrick sherman is trying to reach a verdict is accused of killing george floyd often kneeling on his neck for more
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than a 9 and a half minutes jovan is facing 2 murder charges and a manslaughter charge john hendren has been following the trial in minneapolis. otherwise we are in recess until we hear from the jury in their final words on the most highly charged us civil rights case in decades prosecutors told jurors to trust their eyes but for the defendant's actions pushing him down. george waited died that day. to drugs he just breathlessly derive a diet drug overdose in that time. maybe it was the tail pipe maybe it was in large part maybe not use your common sense. use your common sense believe your eyes what you saw you saw what the jury saw was the same 9 and a half minutes the world saw of then minneapolis police officer derrick show vinnie ling on george floyd's neck until paramedics carried off his lifeless body in
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a case that started with an allegedly fake $20.00 bill and ended with protests and riots across the united states prosecutors said the evidence proved children used excessive force choke the life out of floyd and refused to render medical care even after he showed no pulse or want to write. and at the time of causing the death the defendant committed or was attempting an assault in the 3rd degree. and that's been proved beyond a reasonable doubt with those being proved in the venue a 2nd degree felony murder the defendant is guilty or innocent you know the defense argued that show been held floyd face down just as he was trained to was putting on mr floyd eminently dangerous we've heard a lot about the prone position. consider just the basic proposition people sleep in
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the prone position people sometimes in the prone position people have massages and the prone position the problem position in an office. is not an inherently dangerous. proposition during restraint is not an inherently dangerous. it is routinely trained in the use by the minneapolis police the park defense lawyer eric nelson blamed bystanders for show vince failure to administer lifesaving c.p.r. saying he felt unsafe and hoping to give jurors enough reasonable doubt for an acquittal he offered a broad array of alternative theories for floyd's death heart trouble drugs even car exhaust we have to analyze this case from the perspective of a reasonable police officer at the precise moment with the talent of the circumstances when it comes to the use of force children's fate now lies in the hands of the jury which is in isolation until they can render
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a unanimous verdict one reason for sequestering them is to make sure they don't hear news of protesters demanding show vns conviction but with demonstrations across the country it's not clear they won't be able to hear protests from where they're deliberating. deliberations can range dramatically in length in 1902 it took 7 days for jurors in the police beating of rodney king to find 4 officers not guilty 3 years later jurors took less than 4 hours to declare o.j. simpson not guilty of murder for show of an end for residents of minneapolis in cities across the u.s. that wait will be filled with anxiety and fear for what comes next john hendren al jazeera minneapolis still ahead and pakistan's parliament is to vote on whether to expel the french ambassador and to deal with a banned conservative party and his supporters. at a 1st in the history of space exploration nasa flies a helicopter on mars describing it as
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a white brothers moment. by super typhoon sergei still obvious satellite picture shows it is a major storm but it's mostly over the water not kellie's edge effect has been felt in luzon and they still are it's likely to curl away there rather than going closer it's disappearing during thursday but it's still a dangerous it's the coast classic movie heavy rain inland given that's where all the energy is you think where we can fit in the gap beyond that was increasingly growing showers from west papua says the ways it to borneo that is true but the main rain is going north into peninsular malaysia into thailand there must have tongues is dry but that's not true for laos cambodia or vietnam were to be
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increasingly wet and the change of seasons become very obvious now in australia as a bite in the wind as a weather comes up from the bite out show me this is a proper frontal system using can be very cold as it goes through well relatively speaking it will fade it but once the wind's gone the sun comes out you still got 15 present degrees in melbourne and 18 up in adelaide as for west australia little colder it was but perth is how young to 25 what showers there are up in the tropical parts of queens and hardly a surprise this doesn't warm embrace been. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else is well out. in the world god we still believe the fight. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. i am
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the voice we are the one. witnesses on al-jazeera. they want to go to 0 remind of our top stories this hour bus and train stations in new delhi have been overwhelmed by thousands of workers leaving the city as a weeklong lockdown goes into effect india's reported more than 200000 new cases for a 6th day. after 3 weeks of testimony the jury in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer derek children is trying to reach a verdict he's accused of killing george floyd and faces 2 murder charges and
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a manslaughter charge. the u.s. has described russia's plans to block parts of the black sea to foreign ships for 6 months as an unprovoked escalation washington says russia could restrict access to ukrainian ports in the sea of us off and that marks another attempt by moscow to destabilize the country conflict between kev's forces and russian backed separatists in eastern ukraine has been escalating the use top diplomat says russia has deployed 100000 troops along the border just trafford's been to the front line in eastern ukraine and has this report. ukrainian soldiers reinforcing their trench the military is dug in alone approximately 300 kilometer front line stretches across the donbass region of eastern ukraine. and the recent escalation of fighting against pro russia separatists and a military build up of around 100000 russian troops close to the border is
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a reminder that this 7 year long so-called frozen conflict is not over yet. a new generation is growing up with this war it's important we finish it there are comrades being killed and injured all the time the same as me or younger this is the defense of the motherland. separatist positions are around 130 meters from here both sides of kings each other repeatedly violating a sings fire agreement that has failed when it was signed in 2014 but ukrainian soldiers here say that russian separatists in recent weeks i think recently been using snipers mortars and genies and especially since the russian troop buildup on the border to bomb down shell of a coal mine an industry that provided jobs and income for communities here since soviet times shows how indiscriminate the fighting has been the ruins of a village
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a reminder of the more than 13000 people killed and the 1000000 forced to flee their homes this is gonna be a milk over and a sun roof when we met them sheltering in their cellar from a mortar attack 4 years ago and this is them now who has never known life without war ghalia says things have got bad again in recent weeks most of those a lot of those. each year in new zealand happens in the morning and evening but who should 1st we don't know it has been quiet especially the last 2 years but the past 2 weeks it started again i worry when he goes to school he calls me when he gets there and before he leaves to come home we don't watch news anymore because it makes the snorers i don't even like go into the shops anymore because you worry about what may happen earlier like many others who live close to the front line
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says she can't leave the village because she and i have nowhere else to go after al jazeera. eastern ukraine. early results who chance president idriss deby has won reelection for his 6th term in office supporters went to celebrate after he secured more than 79 percent of the vote there is one of africa's longest serving leaders he was due to give a victory speech but his campaign director says he's visiting soldiers on the front lines to lessen the threat of regional violence. at least 11000 people have been forced to flee during last month's attack on palma in northern mozambique humanitarian workers say most are now being looked after by their relatives and nearby pember is putting even more pressure on local communities that are already struggling as hard on the toss of reports from. susanna felix's she was preparing food for her children when she heard gunshots then she saw her neighbors running
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confused and frightened she grabbed her kids and also ran it was the middle of the afternoon on the 24th of march the day of the attack on parma by an eyesore backed armed group began to say off i grabbed my children and we started running my husband was at work on the other side of town i haven't heard from him since march and his phone is switched off. the family is now staying with a relative in the provincial capital. but oh my dear is so who could barely support his own wife and children now he has even more mouths to feed. more than is one we share a little with each other i am the only one working if i can find food to bring home i tried to do just that sometimes you have nothing to eat it will sometimes eat one meal once a day aid agencies estimated by 90 percent of those who reached from parma are staying with relatives in recent months. in northern rows and it has been
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overwhelmed as thousands arrive on foot and on both the population has grown or some people say it's doubled many people are choosing to stay with relatives already struggling economically. humanitarian workers do regular follow up visits offering psychological support and other assistance to those affected by the violence but the needs are great last month's attack on the gas rich town of parma killed dozens of people and displaced thousands more this is a crisis to which the world needs to pay attention this is a crisis that desperately needs for us as humanitarians more funding we've got a lot more to do here we've got rising needs and while there are many competing crises around the world it is vital that this one gets attention these people have been through so much they've been through conflict they've been through sightlines and they have urgent needs that we have to help them meet god or problems when most of the major gas discoveries have been made in recent years has seen violence and
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instability since 2017 many families are constantly on the move every time a town or village is attacked they say go back to parma and any of the other conflict zones is no longer an option for them how to al-jazeera mozambique. hong kong court has sentenced a woman to 3 years in jail for running a group chat on messaging up telegram during the $2990.00 government protests but on a 6 year old was found guilty of conspiring to destroy property citing people to injure others a few days ago another court handed down lengthy jail terms to some of the city's most prominent pro-democracy leaders for their role in the 2900 runnings. pakistan's government has agreed to ask for a parliamentary vote on whether to expel the french ambassador it's part of the deal with the banned political parties bake in an effort to end the week long demonstrations that are being nationwide strikes when the t.l.p.
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has been blocking routes into major cities in protest against cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad at least 6 people have been killed come on haifa has more from islamabad. we have been told. it's going to be decided by parliament day we'll debate that issue and the expulsion of the. french ambassador from pakistan dated one of the key demands of the day weekend bag. man or translate into expulsion. and we. play out because the open nation had been criticizing the government for. emraan khan. to the nation saying that it was done except that the tactics of the p.n.p. going to win any points as far and the rest of the world was. change anything i need a question that day. changed. people would support the march
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on it. and that led to a frantic talk between the. earlier declared they had their dead addict out fate. had to go back to jail day needed in jail and hold and then talk to him to try to convince him that he should call golf and march on islamabad now that he didn't have already led to a huge loss they have led to. now he did not go. a trial has begun for 4 drug making companies in the u.s. state of california over accusations they fueled an opioid epidemic johnson and johnson teva endo and allegan facing allegations they downplayed the risk of long term use of opioid painkillers to boost sales and a half a 1000000 people have died in the u.s. from opioid overdoses over the past 2 decades it's the 2nd big case of its type after oklahoma successfully sued johnson and johnson in 2019 former
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us vice president walter mondale has died at the age of 93 he said alongside president jimmy carter in 1904 he ran against ronald reagan for the white house becoming the 1st nominee from a major party to pick a woman as his running mate but he lost by a landslide after declaring he would raise taxes if he wants. the u.s. space agency has successfully flown a small helicopter on law's ingenuity as it's called over 3 meters above the martian surface nasa is celebrating the challenging and historic feat laura button money has more. all 10 of our data. on. the excitement from these nasa scientists and engineers was clear as they made space flight history these still images from mars show ingenuity the 1st how to cook to ever to fly on another planet and then came the video it's granted at 1st and shows that covering
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our 3 meters above the r.c. surface and then touching that is amazing brilliant you know there are indeed making your i guess your greater mars is not yet over isn't just a 1st rate by. the united nations take a moment to the best of both the work and more the. ingenuity took off from the dusty red surface of mars this desired crater early on monday but the data took several hours to reach a milestone for a space flight that nasa scientists compared to the 1st flight on earth by the wright brothers in 1903 technology demonstrations are really important for all of us you know it's really taking a tool that we haven't been able to use and put it in the box of tools like they said they'll go for all of our missions going forward at mars if we really want to
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explore the red planet explore possibility of past lives present microbes and things like that under different conditions. we're going to need to travel quite a distance which a helicopter like this with absolutely our own. flying a helicopter or drone is a seemingly simple task on earth but engineers aren't used to flying them on mars. the flights can be affected by many things the martian atmosphere is very thin and so it's more difficult for the helicopters one point to me to retrieve plates to lift itself up. in its test flight on earth scientists had to create conditions similar to mars the ingenuity weighs 1.8 kilograms on earth but only 0.68 kilograms on mars its batteries can also be affected by temperature on mars that's an average of minus $53.00 degrees celsius. engineers he isn't
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alone it hitched a ride to the red planet on nasa's perseverance rover which touched down in february and was soon begin to explore the mars surface engineers he is expected to conduct more flight tests with the hope that one day it can travel further as part of nasa's quest to find any signs of life on mars nor about a man the al-jazeera. this is all just a release of the top stories bus and train stations in new delhi have been overwhelmed by thousands of workers leaving the city as a with a long long goes into effect and has reported more than 200000 new cases for a 6 day. i'm leaving because a look down has been imposed every house is in lockdown not the government and deaf .


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