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on the top there straight ahead there are 3 individuals in very rare to see that was really exciting the season of programming exploring the china crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. the news. thousands of migrant workers rushed to leave the indian capital ahead of a weeklong curfew as a surgeon coronavirus cases threatens to overwhelm the country. i'm about this and this is our desire in life from doha also coming up the jury's out in the murder trial of derek siobhan the former minneapolis police officer is accused of killing george floyd. as the u.s. warns of russia against blocking access to the black sea we report from the front
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lines of ukraine's conflict. ukrainian soldiers here say that russian separatists in recent weeks increasingly been using snipers more. teams in especially since the russian troop buildup on the border. and cuba gets its 1st known castro party leader in 6 decades but it's the transfer of power likely to be more symbolic than revolutionary. bus and train stations in new delhi have been overwhelmed by thousands of migrant workers flinging this city is a long covert 1000 locked down goes into effect it's a reminder of a similar exodus during a nationwide lockdown last year it is reported more than 200000 new cases for the 6th consecutive day and in tuesday and reported
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a record number of deaths from the virus more than 7800. i'm leaving because a look down has been imposed nobody house is in lockdown not the government and definitely not the rented house owner but we have to pay everyone we are far from home and we are here to work hard and for our family back home and this situation will end up doing the opposite so we have to go home elizabeth anonymous in new delhi and she says the government's being asked to provide welfare from migrant workers. delhi's government announced on monday that from monday night for one week that it was imposing what it called a curfew but one of the restrictions are the same as doing the knock down the nationwide lockdown even last year where people aren't allowed to leave their homes unless they work and what are considered essential services and they're not allowed to leave their homes on this it's to get essential supplies in just hours after those restrictions were announced we have seen thousands of migrant workers people
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who work who live rather and different states to where they work crowding the streets off the capital crowding and train terminals because they have many of them who are dating a wage and those who once again as they did last year they've lost their jobs they can't afford to pay rent and they want to return home now tenant has pleaded with migrant worker is not to leave and try to assure them that they will be looked after. court has asked both the central and state government why we are seeing the kinds of pictures we did last year and why they haven't learnt anything in the past year it's also asking the local government here in delhi to spend around $400000000.00 to make sure that a lot of these people these my the influence has affected now that they have no way to feed themselves as well as the scenes that we are saying at bus and train terminals we are also seeing migrant workers on the leaving delhi by force on the
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border with the state all. again because they feel that they have no option. the u.s. says it'll be 80 percent of countries on to do not travel list citing an unprecedented risk to passengers because of the pandemic the state department's updating its travel advisory is in line with recommendations from the centers for disease control and prevention it's already listed $34.00 nations and will need to add another $130.00 countries most americans are being prevented from traveling to much of europe because of covert 19 restrictions. schools in argentina's capital have reopened after a court rejected the government's order online classes for a further 2 weeks your coronavirus restrictions are created tension between the federal ministration and city authorities as well as parents and teachers there is about reports from. a gathering outside the school in the province of one of
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scientists they came to ask the government to prioritize education during the pandemic. if they buy it in what indeed all sporty in this country has poverty rates of 42 percent and over 50 percent of the children have no computer or internet so i'm here for the children who do not have access to education because education is the only thing that will change this country. last week president element of a man this increased risk traditions in one aside is to prevent the spread of call 1000 argentine ace in the 2nd wave of its how drink and more than 20000 infections are confirmed every day among the measures taken where the suspension of in person to ask is for 2 weeks parents with their children here in front of the president's message today and there we go when we got there i can clean up there and person classes last year in one of the bikers go down in the world that i made from crazy when you guys were the ruling coalition parent ok miracle. something similar
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may have greatly fear that you are going here to demand tracking down cool should be the last recourse. in the city of one side is for example a court rejected a federal order suspending classes for 2 weeks the city of one of the scientists is run by a center right opposition figure or. who says statistics show the infection rate in schools is minimal. and then. we know the pandemic continues the virus circulates but we cannot. between education and health the challenge is to find the common good and to learn how to live with this and do it with care and responsibility parents and teachers in respect to the protocols some here believe disagreement about how to handle the pandemic between the government and the opposition is hurting argentina's fight against over $1000.00 hospitals are
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struggling to cope with the rising infections so far only 11 percent of the nearly $45000000.00 population has been inoculated and that's one of the reasons why anger against the handling of the pandemic has been on the rice. at the beginning of the pandemic when the president was like a protective father public opinion took care of him and supported him he had a 68 percent approval rating but now he's dropped over 40 points because he's disconnected from the problems people are facing every day aside from the pandemic . president i was at the farm and this is trying to convince the public about the risks of covert 19 and the challenges ahead. the problem is that many seem to have lost faith in their governments have billeted to protect them experts here say fighting the virus without consensus will not succeed. and one of. the democratic republic of congo has launched its vaccination campaign
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after a month long delay health care workers and people above the age of 50 will be among the 1st to receive a job the country secured 1500000 astra zeneca dozers under the covert scheme it's all i was postponed last month because of concerns about where blood clots reported in other countries. the jury in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer during sovan is trying to reach a verdict is accused of killing george floyd after kneeling on his neck for more than 9 and a half minutes sean is facing 2 murder charges and a manslaughter charge john hendren has been following the trial in minneapolis. otherwise we are in recess until we hear from the jury in their final words on the most highly charged us civil rights case in decades prosecutors told jurors to trust their eyes but for the defendant's actions pushing him down
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george later died that day. to drugs he just miraculously derive a drug overdose in that time. maybe it was the tail pipe maybe it was in large part maybe not use your common sense. use your common sense believe your eyes what you saw you saw what the jury saw was the same 9 and a half minutes the world saw of then minneapolis police officer derrick show been kneeling on george floyd's neck until paramedics carried off his lifeless body in a case that started with an allegedly fake $20.00 bill and ended with protests and riots across the united states prosecutors said the evidence proved children used excessive force choke the life out of floyd and refused to render medical care even after he showed no pulse or want to write.
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and at the time of causing the death the defendant committed or was attempting an assault in the 3rd degree. and that's been proved beyond a reasonable doubt with those being proved in the venue a 2nd degree felony murder the defendant is guilty. or not the defense argued that show been held floyd face down just as he was trained to was putting mr floyd eminently dangerous we've had a lot about the prone position. consider just the basic proposition people sleep in the prone position people sometimes in the position people have massages and the prone position the problem position in a. is not an inherently dangerous. proposition during restraint is not an inherently dangerous. it is routinely trained in the use by the minneapolis police the park defense lawyer eric nelson blamed bystanders for chauvinist failure to
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administer lifesaving c.p.r. saying he felt unsafe and hoping to give jurors enough reasonable doubt for an acquittal he offered a broad array of alternative theories for floyd's death heart trouble drugs even car exhaust we have to analyze this case from the perspective reasonable police officer at the precise moment with talent of the circumstances when it comes to the use of force. in the hands of the jury which is in isolation until they can render a unanimous verdict one reason for sequestering them is to make sure they don't hear news of protesters demanding show vns conviction but with demonstrations across the country it's not clear they won't be able to hear protests from where they're deliberating. deliberations can range dramatically in length in 1902 it took 7 days for jurors in the police beating of rodney king to find 4 officers not guilty 3 years later jurors took less than 4 hours to declare o.j.
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simpson not guilty of murder for show haven't and for residents of minneapolis in cities across the u.s. that wait will be filled with anxiety and fear for what comes next john hendren al jazeera minneapolis. the u.s. has described russia's plans to block parts of the black sea to foreign ships for 6 months as an unprovoked escalation washington says russia could restrict access to ukrainian ports in the sea of us off and that marks another attempt by moscow to destabilize the country in a conflict between kim's forces and russian backed separatists in eastern ukraine has been escalating the east top diplomat says russia's deployed 100000 troops along the border shall start phones being to the front line in eastern ukraine and he has this report. ukrainian soldiers reinforcing their trench the military is dug in alone approximately 300 kilometer front line stretches across the donbass
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region of eastern ukraine. a recent escalation of fighting against pro russia separatists and a military build up of around 100000 russian troops close to the border is a reminder that this 7 year long so-called frozen conflict is not over yet. a new generation is growing up with this war it's important we finish it there are comrades being killed and injured all the time the same as me or younger this is the defense of the motherland. separatist positions are around 130 meters from here most alliance accusing each other repeatedly violating a cease fire agreement that has failed and it was signed in 2014 but ukrainian soldiers here say that russian separatists in recent weeks i think recently been using snipers moved. in especially since the russian troop buildup on the border
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the bombed out shell of a coal mine an industry that provided jobs and income for communities here since soviet times shows how indiscriminate the fighting has been. the ruins of a village a reminder of the more than 13000 people killed and the 1000000 forced to flee their homes this is gallia milk over on a sun roof when we met them sheltering in their cellar from a mortar attack 4 years ago. and this is them now. has never known life without war ghalia says things have got bad again in recent weeks most of those a lot of those. each year to new zealand happens in the morning and evening but who should 1st we don't know it has been quiet especially his last 2 years but the past 2 weeks it started again i worry when he goes to school he calls me when he gets
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there and before he leaves to come home we don't watch news anymore because it makes us nervous i don't even like go into the shops anymore because you worry about what may happen ghalia like many others who live close to the front line says she can't leave the village because she and ruslan have nowhere else to go after al jazeera. eastern ukraine. still ahead on al-jazeera pakistan's parliament has to vote on whether to expel the french ambassador than to deal with the banned conservative party and its supporters. we are on the verge of the obese a new climate a warning from the u.n. despite a drop in carbon emissions during the coronavirus pandemic. it's time for the perfect jenny the winter sponsored plan qatar airways
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now it has tried to walk backward europe after depressing few weeks and the clouds you see is coming in directly from the north on you or there are 2 masses to watch this one here of the black sea which is taking rain up through eastern europe and the next one coming in through the british isles and coming to scandinavia which might lead to something but at the moment we sit in relatively mild weather was a good scattering of shower even significant rain where it's darker blue the same is true on its way to portugal in northern spain but she was a bit too disappointing but watch what happens here this wind coming down through the north sea once again a northerly not quite arctic in nature biscuit so not something in it i think it will make things feel a lot colder in germany and for example in prague rio from 17 on wednesday down to about 8 degrees on friday and that goes down to frost at night another disappointment for what should be spring after all now in north africa wind is the
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thing at the moment got quite a breeze picking up over northern egypt has certainly dropped the temperatures which have been quite high recently in for example kyra and pick up the dust running through this effectively the sahara showers further south are not particularly was britain or particularly far north but they're getting there ever so slowly. qatar airways jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian and global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we all want to feed the hungry and be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are good enough to keep the new in each could be part of today's discussion this dream on out is the era.
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george and i deserve a reminder of our top stories this hour a bus and train stations in new delhi have been overwhelmed by thousands of workers leaving the city as a weeklong locked on goes into effect india's reported more than 200000 new cases for the 6th day. after 3 weeks of testimony the jury in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer derek children is trying to reach a verdict is accused of killing george floyd and faces 2 murder charges and a man slaughter charge. the u.s. has described russia's plans to block parts of the black sea to foreign ships for 6 months as an unprovoked escalation washington says there will be another attempt by moscow to destabilize ukraine. a large wildfire in the south
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african city of cape town has been contained after more than 24 hours more than 100 firefighters and emergency personnel struggled with the flames that destroyed a historic campus library of an item supports. overworked and exhausted these are just some of the 250 firefighters have been battling the fire on the slopes of title mountain despite. the destroyed large areas of the university of cape town including parts of its collections of centuries old literature so that because oldest and only working when mo. i think back to the late seventy's hundreds was also a casualty by monday afternoon city officials declared the fire mostly under control. outside of the u.c. . to ward state and 3.
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of the 4 year experience for your fight to stop the fire uses on their fuel with. more than $400.00 pictures of lead an investigation is underway to determine its cause but it's been confirmed one suspect has been arrested accused of arson. this is a woodstock right that the bottom of table mountain only thing is just little bits of smoke at the moment firefighters backing up getting back to base. the scenes earlier on monday residents were packing up the stuff it was smoke everywhere it was pretty chaotic. some people fled to safety others chose to whiten out. is that in the 40 years muhammad simon says he's seen his share of mounting violence. ok the last for you was a mess of it was more than a fire but this one is more when the donations from the public and big business
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have been rolling in for firefighting crews and those displaced by the fire have been taken in by people nearby. there is no city like the motor city when we have a crisis in this city no other city in south africa responds like this no other city has this kind of here's where you will see these kind of donations and volunteer activity and outpourings of contributions and assistance this is a thing of the mother city and we're very proud that people are willing to come forward and make these kind of contributions right now the hope is that the winds will subside and they won't be any further flare ups and the fire could be extinguished in the coming days adams' al-jazeera. early results show chad's president idriss deby has won reelection for his 6th term in office supporters went to celebrate after he secured more than 79 percent of the vote davies one of africa's longest serving leaders and was due to give a victory speech his campaign director says he's visiting soldiers on the front lines to lessen the threat to regional violence. pakistan's government has agreed
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to ask for a parliamentary vote on whether to expel the french ambassador and it's part of a deal with the band political party. in an effort to end weeklong anti fronts demonstrations that are being nationwide strikes on the t.l.p. has been blocking routes into major cities in protest against cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad at least 6 people have been killed. i'm best of my question is will cutting ties and sending the french ambassador back stop this is there a guarantee that no one will insult the prophet after job harm for our own skin when we expel the french ambassador and cut ties with france means we'll cut ties with the european union half of our textile exports go to europe this means half of our textile exports will be reduced it means unemployment in the closure of the factories come on harder has more from islamabad. we are being told that this.
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is going to be decided by parliament and they are going to debate this issue on the expulsion of the. french ambassador from bog standard one of the key demands of the daily gallop baghdad get on by good men or translate into actual expulsion of that ambassador and we do not know how that is going to play out because the open ocean has been criticizing the government for a policy of appeasement emraan conduct god spoke to the nation saying that this was unacceptable that the tactics of their t.l.p. were not going to win any points as far as the rest of the world was concerned in order to change anything i needed quested that day also changed their plans for a march on islamabad these people would support the march on its normal bob and that led to a frantic call between the d.l.p. and the interior minister who had earlier declared they said they're headed
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a stout he of course had to go back to them and jail dead needed in jail and the horror and then talk to him to try to convince him that he should call for the march on islamabad now the tintin's have already led to a huge lot said they have led to the road blockage and enough god now it is up to bala meant. cuban president miguel diaz canel has taken over as the head of the governing communist party he replaces the raul castro who's stepping down but the s.q.l. says castro will remain influential on important decisions latin america had a tendency in human reports me. passing on his post as 1st secretary of the all powerful communist party to 60 year old president begin the scan is an image that is supposed to signal the end of the castro era although not quite one year ago that comrade there are all 4 legitimacy and because cuba needs
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him will be consulted on the most important strategic decisions for the destiny of the nation. while billboard's hailed the communist party as the soul of the revolution its 8 congress transpired behind closed doors cubans waited to hear if a much promised generational change would finally take place. we expect positive changes because the younger generation is more modern in accordance with our times and open to changes that we need especially in the economy. but when the names of the new politburo were finally announced on state media 4 of the 14 members were 77 years old and the rest between 50 and 60 fidel castro was 33 and old 29 when they took power more than 6 decades ago when your will grow like troll castile the u.s. can and will also hold the position of president of cuba at a challenging time was. done to me is collapsing and dissent increasing
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opponent medea fayyad says that hominess party will change the most barbecue and families are struggling in a human diary an escape crisis and the answer of the regime has been more repression more violence in their case you have to this light is open in millions for dan it will their absolute power at trees and that is something that they don't want you to. cuba's communist party is one of only 4 in the world that remains in power and describes its future as one of continuity guaranteeing that continuity with a more in bold and younger generation of cubans may no longer be so easy to see in human al-jazeera. others of us occasions underway after 2 men died in a car crash in the u.s. state of texas on saturday the one in
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a tesla vehicle which was believed to be operating without anyone in the driving seat the c.e.o. of the company elon musk says the vehicle didn't have the autopilot feature switched on. yes judge has ordered 2 leaders of the far right proud boys group to be arrested and jailed on charges related to the january attack on capitol hill shows of pigs and if a nordine have been free since they were 1st charged in march but a judge now says they pose a grave danger to the community and there are no release conditions that would be adequate they'll be kept in jail until the trial a medical examiner's ruled a us police officer injured in the capitol hill riot suffered a stroke and died of natural causes investigators had thought brian sick nick may have died from a serious head injury or from inhaling chemicals 2 men are charged with using bear spray or joining the riot but monday's findings mean prosecutors are less likely to
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bring murder charges. in a new report the united nations has issued a warning about the state of our global climate top officials say the crisis is relentless with temperatures moving dangerously close to the cap set by the paris agreement james bays has more from un headquarters in new york. 2020 was the year that for many normality stops the coded 19 pandemic meant many factories and offices across the world closed commuters stayed at home and airports were largely empty as the global and networks were reduced to skeleton schedules you might think the resulting drop in carbon emissions had a discernible effect on the environment he didn't the year which saw the largest ever wildfires in california and colorado and global sea levels rising was still one of the warmest 3 years on record. they think these reports should
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a lot i'm as old. 2020 was 1.2 degrees celsius hotter then pre-industrial times we are getting dangerously close to the 1.5 degree celsius limits that was set by the scientific community we are on the verge of the obese so why did the slowdown caused by the pandemic not have a more positive effect on the environment according to the secretary general of the world meteorological organization because the effects would temporary carbon dioxide levels have been building up over many decades last year. and probably at least speak or so for traffic but actually there still are the best consumption of. these gases these are you haven't seen. this grim report the u.n.
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says is something every world leader should read many prime ministers and presidents will be attending a virtual summit organized by president biden on earth day this thursday the u.n. secretary general says he wants to hear promises of action from countries rather than just more words james pays al-jazeera at the united nations. this is on to syria these are the top stories a bus and train stations in new delhi have been overwhelmed by thousands of workers leaving the city as a weeklong lockdown goes into effect and is reported more than 200000 new cases for a 6 day. i'm leaving because a lockdown has been imposed nobody house is in lockdown not the government and definitely not the rented house owner but we have to pay everyone we are far from home and we are hey.


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