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it hitched a ride to the red planet on nothis perseverance rover which touched down in february and was soon begin to explore the mild surface engineers he is expected to conduct more flight tests with the hope that one day it can travel further as part of nothis quest to find any signs of life on mars nor about a man the al-jazeera. this is all just there these are the top stories bus and train stations in new delhi have been overwhelmed by thousands of workers leaving the city as a week long lockdown has gone into effect in his reported more than 200000 new cases for the 6th straight day. i'm leaving because a lot down has been imposed nobody house is in lockdown not the government and definitely not the rented house owner but we have to pay everyone we're far from
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home and we're here to work hard and for our family back home and this situation will end up doing the opposite so we have to go home after 3 weeks of testimony the jury in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer during 7 is trying to reach a verdict is accused of killing george floyd and faces 2 murder charges and a manslaughter charge. the u.s. has described russia's plans to block parts of the black sea to foreign ships for 6 months as an unprovoked escalation washington says russia could restrict access to ukrainian ports in the sea of ourself and that it marks another attempt by moscow to destabilize the country the top diplomat says russia's deployed 800000 troops along the border. pakistan's government has agreed to ask for a parliamentary vote on whether to expel the french ambassador as part of a deal with the banned political party to take a look big in an effort to end the week long anti france demonstrations have been
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nationwide strikes and the g.o.p. has been blocking routes into major cities in protest against cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad the european union has announced new sanctions on members of his military says there's been further evidence of the jaundice brutality the sanctions will hit 10 individuals and 2 corporations belonging to the military me a monitoring group of people again for stronger international action to stop the torture and killing of protesters. cuban president mikhail diaz canelo has taken over as the head of the ruling communist party replaces roll castro the succession marks the end of 6 decades of rule by castro and his brother fidel but he has canel says castro will still be involved in important decisions. and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story goodbye. ready for another perspective listen to the tape
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al-jazeera is flagship news podcast with milly could be a lounge or discover hindsight and a regional docu drama could cost new writing by chance don it's the same as an interest politics and culture go undercover t.v. allegations of corruption by those in power and if you're in a hearty get your news in 2 minutes from al-jazeera nice updates on the radio. india is the world's biggest vaccine maker but days of record breaking cold 19 infections have forced it to delay exports its hospitals are under strain and cases are rising so how will the government bring it under control this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm a jew him just a month ago india declared an end game to the pandemic kovan 1000 infections were falling the health minister heaped praise on the prime minister as well as the export of vaccines to developing nations but now the world's 2nd biggest population is recording nearly $300000.00 new cases every day that's more than joining the 1st wave of infections last year hospitals are buckling under the pressure the region around its capital new delhi is going into a weeklong curfew scientists say mass gatherings are fueling the spread of a new more infectious variant will bring in our guests in a moment 1st this update from victoria gate. india is in the grip of the 2nd wave of cave in 19 and nowhere is that being felt more than in its hospitals there are shortages of beds oxygen supplies and medicine adult to say this time they've seen a change in who is being admitted to hospital what we are seeing and this is all
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anecdotal. personal experience is there are younger patients who are being admitted to hospital. and are most strict in the type of disease that young patients usually have which is my to moderate like many indian state stelly has been recording its highest number of cases since the pandemic began its leader has announced new restrictions for the capital's 30000000 people. but it's a demon he lay down and out there we don't want to take delhi to a place where patients are lying in hospital corridors and people are dying on roads after carefully considering and analyzing the situation your government feels it is important to impose a logon and dental for 6 days india reported 275000 new cases a monday that's the highest daily tally in a country that's now the 2nd worst affected in the world. scientists say a new variant with a double mutation may be driving our infections in most cases we've only seen one
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area of the virus mutating from the original virus in this case we have 2 separate me taishan sites which is really concerning because as you know you know every time that we have a mutation we're worried about increased transmissibility increased threat of death and lack of ability of our vaccines to work despite the rising cases political and religious gatherings are continuing in many places last week 3000000 hindu pilgrims bathed in the ganges river for the canal a festival and millions more voted in local elections in the state of a pradesh. i think the guard was let down are just by indians but by indian leaders massive election rallies. and subsequently the massive don't festival of whom all are on doing their work
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massive search in the city of ghaziabad the creditor reams of full says some families had to cremate their relatives on the street and with a new variant with a double mutation to contend with india faces many mood difficult days ahead victoria gate and be for inside story with only one percent of india's population fully vaccinated against covered 19 the government is limiting vaccine exports the serum institute of india is the world's largest vaccine maker it's delayed the shipment of millions of doses to kovacs the u.n. backed global initiative to deliver jobs to lower and middle income countries the institute c.e.o. has urged the u.s. to lift the embargo on exporting raw materials so it can ramp up production the indian government is now rushing to import vaccines. all right let's bring in our guests and put the cherry india to send or i'm on a global coordinator for the people's health movement and professor at the school
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of health system studies at the institute of social sciences and going talk india deepika chattery a medical doctor and member of unesco's international bioethics committee and here in doha would a chandra assistant professor of government at georgetown university a warm welcome to you all difficult let me start with you today how do we know if the new double mutation coronavirus in india might be behind this fueling of the record surge of cases in the country could that in fact be the case yes of course i mean we speak from statistics and our observation and we have observed in the past one month or so that the transmission has increased rampantly the new strain has so many variations and it sells i mean if you just speculate the population that it affects is the younger generation and you think look at it from a local look that's going to through the younger population in the population that mobilizes more as compared to the older divident which the previous strain affected
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more commonly so that is one of the contributing factors also the new strain as of now we are observing that it does not fully detected on our t. p.c.r. test as well the s. mutation off it if it denser get dropped off and we didn't even miss it on our t. p.c.r. test so of course this new t. sions in the genitive grows of this virus does in the ups rather escalate a rampant transmission in the current 2nd we have scenario of course yes but i saw you nodding quite a bit to what deepika was saying there did you want to jump in and add to it. he had i mean i don't think i mean i don't think the indian government is very keen to own up to the fact that there is an indian variant now after the so baffert kind of the u.k. or the brazilian variants and so it's a kind of case of baxley nationalism gone wrong and i think that's a cause of great concern now doctor syndrome on how close is the health system in
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india to a breaking point at this stage. it is yet the very stressed some of this sentence fades some of the. best local began systems from earlier times or did fear that i'm the 1st we. really have to believe bit back and make that less crisis of the oxygen where some of the nodding in the speaking spirits met their. very best to their be the 1st i heard giving more than 10000 numbers that day they're really that because they're all going to gossipy these well i don't even know yet and i'll get there that will only give. people. i'm not going to have to do it all of this sort of you did it is because i'm extended in fact media you can see that in some of the speech there's no doubt not made its presence but there's a me and i. who can do is one factor that holds all i generally they're not
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mocking very meek management and defeat that is to be removed as tended to be between a. lot of the government and i was that they're both great respect and i don't have 60 operatives in these ladies thieves at this stage mark being able to buy stock to get indicted and not even dead but it didn't end there it's bad enough that the whole or whatever last bit of that if this catastrophic and i'll get me out of here i ain't got that big loss on that one to get him off that the average. beat. and i am a fish meat is not the standard d.v.r. well glisan believe in your. back if that was the problems let me ask you india has pledged to raise monthly production of its own code in 1000 vaccine about 10 fold
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to nearly 100000000 doses by september given what you're seeing now the severe shortage of the vaccine in india is that even possible. yes about the vaccine production i'm not worried as much as i'm worried about the transmission and the morbidity and mortality associated with the 2nd wave because we were as it is the highest crossing number of months producers of vaccine is just that the lull and the complete sense beard you know it affected the entire pool that scenario be it the precautionary measures or the vaccine production measures that also initially were rampantly exporting vaccines now with the curtailment of the seam and all of emergency approval of the sputnik 5 vaccine which is going to stop that must productions in india by the end of this month and also going by the statistics that we have i think till date that's an edict that mean all to produce more than $120000000.00 that's in those us that's a production is not going to be an issue of course it will be difficult but it is
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a very attainable and possible sadness point as i again leave focus at a more concise concern and you know what about this market mortality and morbidity of the 2nd wave than the vaccine production to die while all this is going on of course and while infections are soaring throughout the country politicians are continuing to hold huge rallies across the country for these state elections i mean is the government not worried that this could make things much worse. i really think that they've been caught napping they've been caught there you know i mean where's they really did take that between november and march from the 2nd they've started you know they really i relax they didn't make the preparations they should have a window and i think we're seeing that now that the it did go ahead with the regular election campaign which really isn't ready at realestate by any kind of account but
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clearly the multi government would get away most of the had a very busy election calendar in march in april and he was planning to continue and i sigh my general sense is that the government can wait a sense of complacency so it does ultimately culpable for people also taking this is the situation very casually doctors and a roman how concerning is it for you to see that mass these huge these massive political rallies and the religious festivals are ongoing throughout the country at such a time such a dire time when it comes to the pandemic. conspirators are not here to watch he should have been was i want to be back on a few back to that with an on back because i would bark because back when about other paths i did actually think about the day we were there words and not just facts and stuff like that but today the lighting of our food forced the media and
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both us but the bigger our boss beyond it's giving employees close to 4000000000 go 30 this day we believe me that being over the back is maybe soon but actually we need to have last month implement that i sold millions for a perfect 1000000 because of what we have to do anything about the blocking that would be left alone being bankrupt or can be so the author was behind the. fabia i never forgot and kate is gone we've seen are going to do to get awful though the 500 or the public financing. spotfire thank god for being able to double it is tough life to reach 700000000 people. who have read all of our because the wrong is being are you going to is also licensing the small company to stock up manufactory production and using this law back in the city to do this and to get that but all
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of this to happen are either the learning to do to stop production or the 15 to europe says that's the best it is worth a bit closer to the mob and that full you know all of the art of the 2nd week before all back to the the way the greatest explorer been around don't go into the books ready even though the inboard to be a lot of it has to be manufactured but the last thing the other papers that will be stepping up manifested a new leaf in addition to your back to the nation is all those who really problem that the work cost of the unless there's a. oh debbie did. they get it and will laugh at that luteal blah blah blah. ad not going to be. that it's admirable that they didn't. vote not them the doctor and the doctor. docs and our own i'm sorry to interrupt
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you but i want to get back to actually something you're mentioning now in just a few moments i want to i want to actually ask now to expand on a point you were making as you were talking about the serum institute of india of course the serum institute of india is the world's largest maker of vaccines and the head of the serum institute of india has asked u.s. president joe biden on twitter to lift the u.s. embargo on exporting raw materials needed to make over $1000.00 vaccines the e.u. has also tighten restrictions around vaccine imports how much is all of that having an impact on the manufacturing of vaccines in india cars has a huge and impact i mean the embalming point itself right now if if if at this point it is lifted up it is going to play a huge huge role in helping us and it in us to ramp up the production of vaccines and i think that is the plenary this was why he chose to tweet about such a sensitive topic and i think even by didn't was you know he should realize that at
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this juncture we should keep aside our political differences and help each other in combating this pandemic because you know outsourcing and insourcing raw materials from these places are embargo has been implemented is really going to help us and hence our production be as doctors and their mentioned we eat by september that's good 3 months from now the i said i'm not worried about that in production i'm worried more about the transmission but that doesn't you know defy the fact that we need to ramp up the active adoption as well and right now the air vaccinating 40. a.v.o.'s and only do it with co-morbidities and the frontline workers but as i mentioned before the current stream that is transmitting in india affects their younger proposition more and but the recent trends and said to sickle observation so no we need to shift our focus and you know not completely be oblivious of this young population as well because this vaccine has been i mean this virus is been
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affecting the younger population but as much aggression as was the previous that virus affecting the older population the people the direct very significant need to logical changes and people are acquiring oxygen and then to lead us much more and this is a young population we are talking about and doing this and they are vaccination campaign the young population has been absolutely sidelined because we were following the trend of the previous virus and now we need to update the trend of the vaccine also cordingley so of course that means more requirements more requirement of x. in production is out of the proportional to the requirement of raw materials which of course is again directly proportional to the embargo is lifted off all of these places so that we can get these rerum tootles from this so yes it is a very valid and significant point which the powerful 1st world nation in view of the greater good should really consider would i the fact that the that it india right now when it comes to cover 1000 vaccines we're talking more about imports than exports i mean the fact that the government has taken action to open the doors
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for vaccine imports and to fast track emergency approvals for other vaccines like johnson and johnson possibly pfizer does that speak to how much pressure the government is under right now to try to turn things around. yeah i mean does the government primarily deals with big public policy questions to headline management and tweet so this is and this is this fall approach to public policy has been a has been explores now because of course it is not just this government previous governments haven't built the health care infrastructure and now we're kind of reaping. what has been sown in the past what this government is actually doing it actually did not enter into agreements of modena fires or even sputnik for that matter right and now we have assessed that your ocean where there is this emergency approvals are sputnik there are probably going to be other foreign vaccines as well as well as all the different private initiatives in india but it just seems like
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boarding by the stable door after the horses fled it seems too little too late at this point and so you can see that headline management comes across as not the best way of implementing public policy dr syndrome and how big a problem in india is the issue of vaccine hesitancy and has it so far played a significant role when it comes to the very sluggish vaccine roll out throughout the country will i think there's also the ricin and by accident you can see what one needs is that if you use a lot of answer dave city. india's 1st problem is not that it's our 3rd and it's in excess and al that and more a lot of people are ordered to rest and. fish. over to dinner to mend their left leg. and seeking behavior met the poor and
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get them back to be so usually me ask wrong ok well that's there done that better here because of this. to a big up of the fire very. well there are 3 very big i did here meet maybe if you leave it to people who come and get all that the decision was that the number one problem in the lot of what happened there the people who got to give us the ship and opened it and that it is because of the law and order approach to public. b.s. that really had been that big problem for people who got to look at everything live now hold it back to their extended well they get the problem is still a greater part of it why don't you and i'll create system that will be joe clark at work i still might have worked as well as to be able who are i. fear much
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more are. explored your blindness so i think there is no big problem not that inmarsat also bet big bucks to do this by does that mean ability to solve the lloyd out of the gate and its out of other way to be should have been able of growing in that accent that it needs to seem to accept that only means that a place where it all had to be out of that range. even in the heart if they are bought and. he said that is a need to expand well already book but if you have any dollar to be had been. managing their. if the indian government has announced that all adult indians will be eligible for the cover 19 vaccine from may do you foresee that this will significantly change the course of things in india will this really change how
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things are going right now well as much as i feel the need of the r. i will not agree that it will significantly change the course of the past the vaccination once again i would like to see doubt on international television about getting a 2 shots of that vaccine will not meet a superhero you can stow contract the virus you can still transmitted and in a place like india where the vaccine coverage is going to be very limited in the beginning irrespective of the populations. the re outreach programs need to be really really vibrant and rampant in order to cover the entire population so even let's say for example a person is vaccinated and then he gets the isn't dramatic infin section all the more likely that he can transmit it to other non that's in need people and considering the level of law awareness that is prevailing in the country right now more than half of the population is believing that one figure there are 2 shots of call that x. and they are you know superheroes so until unless this awareness is spread voices
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variously and agreed great vaccination drive is conducted covering all the strata economic strata of the population i do not see me making any significant changes but yes in the lives of people who are vaccinated the will be saved from contracting the serious manifestations of the illness yes but if i talk about. the entire expanse and realm of the disease on a very huge level no it will not die is the government in india taking steps to expand local production capacity and if so what are they doing. i think that you know one of the panelists mention of the law and order approach and that you see it the lockdowns or partial lockdown that the components the focus of the government now is to leave issues of production to the private sector or to multinational corporations like pfizer and medina and so the government yes is produce has
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created a back seat and it wants to work with the private sector but it is not in some ways the made clear when it comes to production it is also unclear how much money it would make available to the syrian institute for example and what is feasible given the economic situation in india the nomic impact of coping so i think there are a lot of unknowns at this time and i think the government has really been after saying for us every week it's not going to lower the age or choir ment's it suddenly decide that in a couple of weeks anyone who wants a vaccine could get it regardless of the age so it seems that the government is kind of making policy on the fly and not based on any demand and supply calculations and not necessarily based on on actual kind of a plan of sorts which is grounded in the scientific realities the face would i let me just ask one quick follow up question we only have a just about a minute left what are some of the other big challenges facing you know the
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government when it comes to the vaccine shortages. i'm i think. the real issue rick is that production in the next 3 months is probably going to be ramped up but as a number of the panelists have mentioned what's going to happen is by then we would have been there the 2nd wave would kind of have come to an end and then we would enter another phase of the of the pandemic in india but in yes and demick would then take shape where perhaps even the question now is can be provided to 3rd rate i think that is the realistic simulation at this point and of course at the same time trying to mitigate the 2nd wave much as possible well aggressive vaccinations imputing those groups from outside all right we've run out of times we're going to have to leave the conversation there thank you so much to all of our guests t. if he cuts the tree and would die. and thank you too for watching you can see this
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rare to see that it's really exciting the season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. dozens of margaret workers rushed to leave the indian capital ahead of a weeklong curfew as a surgeon coronavirus cases threatens to overwhelm the country. from about the sun this is all to 0 live from doha also coming up the jury is out.


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