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tv   Al Jazeera World The Doormen Of Egypt  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2021 9:00am-10:00am +03

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and current affairs that matter to. down to 0. and again i'm norah garland these are the top stories on al-jazeera after 3 weeks of witness and expert testimony jury deliberations have begun in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer accused of killing george floyd direction even is facing 2 matter charges and man's daughter thousands of protesters have rallied outside the courthouse demanding savings conviction his age his state governor and the minneapolis mayor have called for calm but they say they'll continue to protect people's right to march shepparton see has more from minneapolis. we're proud of multiple calls very for peaceful protests from civil rights leaders and activists
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the families involved 3 minnesota governors if you strike you will consider to turn as you discussed the protest you must acknowledge to troops we cannot allow civil unrest to descend into chaos we must protect life and property but we also must understand very clearly. if we don't listen those communities in pain and those people on the streets many of whom are arrested are speaking a fundamental truth that we must change we will be right back here again several 100 protesters now marching around minneapolis we're expecting civil disobedience and now this will be a test of what the governor is saying whether he will respect peaceful civil disobedience or whether he will immediately crack down as he has certainly states troopers of national guard have been a for the last over the last week and indeed what their reaction will be to the media covering. the actions of local security forces that in the last week they've been actively targeting the media and detaining the media so upset about changes as
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well but it will be an interesting few hours and interesting interesting several days or no matter how long it is while the jury deliberates. bus and train stations in new delhi have been overwhelmed by thousands of daily wage migrant workers fleeing the city as a weeklong cave in 1000 knocked down comes into effect in just reported more than 200 thousands new cases for a 6th straight day there's a problem has more from new delhi. no one is allowed to leave their homes unless they work in essential services or go out to get essential supplies the delhi government may be announcement on monday with just a few hours notice because the what they call in a curfew which is essentially all of the same restrictions that were in place last year during the lockdown that came into force at 10 pm on monday night after they made that announcement we have seen a very numbers of migrant workers people who work in different states to where they're from who don't live in delhi crowding one of dani's biggest bus stations.
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russian state media are reporting moscow plans to block parts of the black sea to foreign ships for 6 months u.s. says russia could restrict access to ukrainian ports in the sea of as of and that it marks another attempt by moscow to destabilize the country. russian opposition leader alexei navalny has been moved to a prison hospital his doctor says he could be near death while still thirds say his condition is satisfactory the kremlin critic is on a hunger strike over what he says is a lack of medical treatment. marks the end of the castro era with the transfer of power to a new leader president miguel diaz canal takes over from raul castro's communist party chief the most powerful position in cuba and succession marks the end of 6 decades of rule by castro and his brother fidel. the head of european football's governing body has condemned plans for a rival super league calling them a spit in the face for president alexander says players involved will be banned
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from competing for their national team's world cups and european championships the body of german leader angela merkel has backed. the conservative candidate for the chancellor september's elections it follows a week long power struggle with rival mark a soldier from the sister c.s.u. party lines is under pressure to agree on a candidate after its popularity plummeted and former u.s. vice president and liberal icon walter mondale has died at the age of 93. unsuccessfully ran against ronald reagan for the white house becoming the 1st nominee for a major party to pick a woman as his running mate. headlines the news continues after.
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in hi yeah. but then nobody even. has a lot of money. but that i'm on my own and if the computer was airlifted to. a war. enough said what in the muck them on nobody can though i laugh and i look at look to my minimal come on mostly on me when i. was. very little but even if it had been us one that i will go to sudan but i love it here you. feel better about it you little or feel out of beirut.
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i want to. move there it would. have been home with. me in the will but as i each. would. either get out. some highly i like it a whole issue of an uncertain way of showing brad at them and i sure. it is a mechanic at that dilemma i mean we'll add that in. a misstep can i fix it mess.
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and then i'm on. a modern and actually 2nd well for 2nd mr. i should have given he had to answer a model that. can and does that come better in and hagley a ali i also feel better but. maybe sacking new orleans so that the al. binti lead the community does that but hash why then in nobody but. i had to get. out of course because the guy you and the leg i. was a little bit but i thought you know what they give a damn about us love it's love i thought i made guess what i would never write if
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i'd been a collapse had a for the guy that is sad that musharraf is less an analyst at the diminished place like that their makeup done. from a small. d. to for your turn. to weed out his early one mean sears and m r o. d b to more of the only new is do more. good to most of us. very. little. show called to say. it was
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a. lot of the next month when i left it with that black little thumb up in medical about this. one of my own and that in 300. we. are not. called that are in fact when i get back to me well it doesn't be half way i should have checked or sort of had the copy. you see. was. the.
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could whole world was a bloody. how do you. think. i don't condemn non profit in the south if you can get betty yanni said that mccain should my saying we have been kid that you can hear and look. at the south from the fish. and in the house only so that i would have to fight that they've been hit on credit. and home but i'd say mall or let you add it up on this list that i came to as i meant look to the saddam of their kind of awesome and i'm hostile i could be you i mean if you made enough. of them will be the fall of. you how will your school yard my feet i have has a lot more. at the 2nd half ago last 2nd fuel.
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we have mobile. so let me get the sorts of winter this is all you know if you just said something i'd wanna stop and talk about the evolution 1st of all to. us as legitimacy should a condo get involved. so a little to dinner and if you. thought of. shopping felt. somewhat. less good i felt the political was chugging also. but i had little but i mean stop out of. it will still live there. while my own mother has
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sort of we're not still more. just do you know if you have a lot of friends deaf and dumb and i don't. mind you know. if you didn't see a lot simpler ones that i think lay i said it's a beautiful. kids. know. that i'll be up in this can i. can get 100 had the democrats in the gold color look. so candidly mine i can remember her shandong. little but i don't.
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have a bunker holler follow the football star how you feel is our differences will never come he said you know me and some other haggis and i'm going to never have a. hold on when i had to put in a hard i mean i meant. not accept. i didn't. lie you pulled all. the mean. wrong. you know that old dude must know we. only hand in last 100 knots. but he did say. 11 is not a movie. no one had developed have. another. mole you've got a lot of. or philosopher one of those you know hold on a little boy was the anomaly in the film over the end but webb thought how you know
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what the how well i said that the how we met in the hospital. in make them a few many escort has. led to be can let us again be well let the whole episode and well let us come up. when you don't want to. help with that i'm not on there and i will give you a little 111 i don't want to i don't give you the. i'm a go my son isaac i did talk i let him look whenever he said i said i don't mean whatever you want to welcome him where i feel it got today i'm with i love to live . and ian was killen. him symphony i'm the nurse the middle of the house and of out of the. i can be locks and a bit of in bed been named alan you know i lived in this bed homebase yelling been
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in power but i don't miss what i know going into the house no house of the house and in this. welcome isn't much the monitor it's a little more. so i'm going to have to tell a whole we're live here in about one hour on which a lot more be healed. and how does a lot of the high go. well i. know a business. is the have acted the. one bad you could aim can for coming in at a motel as an actor but that you hire a moment and way of a good keeper out harry said but whether i get a new start for you have shown to some suddenly messy i am.
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your mother 2nd i want her to see a model i'm want to talk about i. can almost from you know us and we know. that nothing on the hummus to tell you. what the odds would look and what the bible says. of the thought of the father. in the pub or the time on the low and i look a lot like them won't buy more luck with the work. or to her load of money for the idea or. fall on us of tar heel harder because if my leg were harder than it
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my feet do to us so we were told to not all those who can ride of the movie over who can be different oh you are awesome oh lor b.c.b. mckim me tell ye ye shall smear me mainly he. you've. been with. been a witness and sold. them so. i'm so good i want to go for yeah well that's almost. dated and she'll have problems as almost loose gutter ball be brutal bought. an outfit that lauren to hide that told. you on separate unless i said i think that i would. like a while gotta. pull my. gran's on. my get your be. be. civilized.
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to the one softly. buy to no. more than most not to serve in the. other culture see any. less of a short. in the don't know. if you. learn a few of the look. at the. you know. one of. the brand new hosts on the record at the moment. told the show well the.
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model must have always been a while how are you how the not the from the love of. the model to how much it was for gable but of whom with. the web and the wows you saw had a role model with medical help be a cli the. second. had its own look for them and i don't know i don't want to be the same enough with. the whole and about in the tell me that drama. can be live in the hotel. let can tell mr i'm a. lot despite the shit that shit bad but that would like a law that blow up the. senate in the head but webb. as a you. feel when that man mohammad. there are way back. in
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a cinematic mind that she. had the net shit anything but web. many thing but where. in the modern moderate. media. of the. let them be. sure that we are not bad because they give a fuck that one plus of something yet film in the death that doesn't get in the financial crisis at hand can short little. but where flecking them again after many met him in the woods he fell bill campbell i'm just
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saying it. about web one my had meant other your art kenneth moore would often mocked up my neck to get them for the hook to study in the deaths of any yet. i've learned from more about what i mean yeah. some women are in have been you're the innocent the. be and the big. can in the cathedral might be tough for. the nano or a. cessna mini real human being to move an inch of freedom we have no bond in the recognition money is not only. bought in a bimbo web in some game and. i is
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a usual. way. for all in where would that fit in walked emma. tell it hasn't yet there was a. but about what the out of here out of the lot out of the web and do for osha but about web ish city are all the way we bury our column and fast but in the has all but web i should brugge all our man well ecan know i love. healthier guess. you might come up with doing a little. bit. since you should throw her out i can bet are good then she been at the show the
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other back and has a few mag by the imho america's challenge her best the whole way that is the hyla has little more to mock illini hustle see for what could be or wasn't fema shaken if the haste in the elop the elbow web ilam of our heroic the whole malik it donya we're back in was off along with our limp nails so we see. you she can be in jeans. and they can really. hold you to a new book communed you want to see him once you want. very . very. very very. very.
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vocal. you. are going to. be aloof is no war you know who do. you want to be. freed. in order. to get us.
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to court. me a fit me well enough said what. can it be. lending shut off and what the death part of. our food. must for. that web. when i enter the ring i feel on top of the world i don't want that feeling to go away when the show ends the final on court in retirement and i follow my laugh line watch the laugh line meet the former circus performers brace from supporting each
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other on the stage of life keep going lest you got a broken bone every minute of it was beautiful witness presents after circus on i'm just that's business show patience is show must go on. a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby have been implementing those meetings got a really. revealed secret see you are. sitting out there there will be people outraged internet. connections some don't want to expose sneak in legacy media. mass shooting. documents with night al-jazeera investigations house is still a massacre on al-jazeera. teaching you can watch al-jazeera english streaming live on ikechi channel. plus thousands of our programs believe when documentaries and in-depth musicals. subscribe to you cheap food slash al-jazeera english.
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again i'm norah colander all of these are the top stories on al-jazeera after 3 weeks of witness and expert testimony jury deliberations have begun in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer accused of killing george floyd their excited van is facing 2 murder charges and manslaughter. bus and train stations in new delhi have been overwhelmed by thousands of daily wage migrant workers fleeing the city and the week long lockdown comes into effect india's reported more than 200000 cases for a 6th straight day and a record number of deaths per annum has more from new delhi no one is allowed to leave their homes unless they work in essential services or go out to get essential
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supplies the delhi government made the announcement on monday with just a few hours notice the cause the what they call a new curfew which is essentially all of the same restrictions that were in place last year during the lockdown that came into force at 10 pm on monday night after they made that announcement we have seen a very large numbers of migrant workers people who work in different states to where they're from who don't live in delhi crowding one of delhi's biggest bus stations russian state media are reporting moscow plans to block parts of the black sea to foreign ships for 6 months the u.s. says russia could restrict access to ukrainian ports in the sea of as of and that it marks another attempt by moscow to destabilize the country russian opposition leader alexina valmy has been moved to a prison hospital is doctors says he could be near death battle for his condition is satisfactory the kremlin critic is on a hunger strike over what he says is a lack of medical treatment. cuba has marked the end of the castro era with the
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transfer of power to a new leader president miguel diaz takes over from raul castro as communist party chief the most powerful position in cuba the succession marks the end of 6 decades of rule by castro and his brother fidel who led cuba's 159 revolution. former u.s. vice president a liberal icon walter mondale has died at the age of 93 he served alongside president jimmy carter in 1904 he ran against ronald reagan for the white house becoming the 1st nominee from a major party to pick a woman and his running mate but he lost by a landslide after declaring you would raise taxes if he won those are your headlines let's get you back now to al-jazeera world. jumped into the story there was a lot going on in and join our global community when i thought of all the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware that be part of the debate don't ever
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take anybody's one word because there is always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear the new and be part of today's discussion the stream on out is there on. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to school supplies and training to help the world's most found people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and a vaccine working with scientists and health workers to learn all we can about the virus keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the land advocating for everyone to have access to essential health services now
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more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthy a world. for everyone. but .
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again. it's a business about. how we didn't. say that in other columbus alaska was a. second polar bear get a 2nd that armada somebody wanted to get there before the 2nd before the well for the north be. allowed to a number fee. and macand they could have he had more debt that. he had he. had yeah he was sorrow. i still don't. know. if you're on the official line on one of the elements or chemical of. the mother who was
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a little crooked. ben was a valid that you know better than city mostly due to an economic and. it's maybe a. way out of. what . dad what. kind of. a bigot he hadn't. that said i'm well i'm a can do in a feat. and listen. in for. being. aware that even less and it's at the least the neck and mess and it. had. to be the good that is it would let in the left. center but for you right at
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a minute for you. but that was due to. get a woman of the month for. the last over the hormone daughter found at the. soccer field that's right in. there that men are men are enough to nod must win for him. that that then they met there was you for a local mayor elect get it but mr lynn as a man a said bad well man when i hold my for. all my. god i'm not. in
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a bill out of. that message or my model for my ass or mess that i'll come out of all of what at the present was a filibuster you. are all kind of worth the read. so i was ready to have some of those if for a 2nd. more thought i was of the wind up with. more formal studies. i thought that some of those. $7000.00 blooms on oil. from the monkey a woman at the turtle took lemon. italian. to tell you another time but i would have to tell you no archibald to the motor terms as. another daughter and fair. game more case it was if you. had to did you tell us how to. get her to. film.
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how it can and i was. not at least not at. the start of feel. up to. be a newbie a spotless elater if a and shovel of lamb let into a lot of the rot i'm a fish that have been moving along for how do you top that and had laid out of 10 of them have a lot here and more still ugly ines look to taught us has he men. will we see some more of them involving email for you with laymen lost through a window well most will give you the letter d. muslim go again share a with the yard tell it many times you are going off the mayan if.
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you were to have will will be many did. ill be given him the right. elbow or being. a good mom we. were going to go in while. me sure. was e of help would mean in washroom in total. how does how does our motto how does that feel may i ask. that of the couple to know what the public should. feel. where. they.
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in no. issue with eyes ynys saying. i got developed. a limb talked about how. they should see. what it did the world to hire a letter. kalid to restart the mystery has he. i'm
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attacking them but. i had any any lesson and. that is a. good thing. about the how do you not have seen. from us on the. need the most on the lookout. to the beginning to get laid and i was you know a field day or 2 letters he would go to. verity within a once. how does our motto. or rather how. did that we wish what we do. with it in libya we're little of a better diminish we. might have meant. to have.
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done a lot of a. lot of them offenses then i'm bad then they got a 2nd or they did. get on the. well rumor through. the new album or i'll come see you me you are near some scene. one. you just. don't have it at. all let me show it i am a. let me start by. he she. started behaving awful but i think the beginning. of the law in italy that we didn't know which is not the
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typical of us. that the if you missed. them i let him in. if you had the idea. as well so that you and i had a lot of committed. beyond an effect in no way a bond in a by in a clear cut real like beera general allen bear and also la motta for. your father is the inflected any indian. but it's all the intercom well and. the who. will do or if the man was the way ember the new while they're
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going to add them and armada get because of allah light message. and i fish in the dark. that are also a sort of generated. area will only lead you from a vision idea. the book enough of a break america is a shop. but it must. have been will be in which you can look for an acronym i fought for the voice of the how of molecular cord to her your 2nd go. forth a bomb that could have her thought he. had no idea how to smile. with the limited value they met held by leak whistle from 5. 100 feet beneath that the leg. of. their lives war handed norman in the stuff. men alive in the compound actually by the.
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on the it's not only. odd to shot of him but i'd meant it shall help with an 11 tape. zot of the for shot of out of the 3 but if you do not know what i like how god then adds that minute then and it will go to show what the guy she left in a few 100 in the book. what a feel for soil for. you to give almost. any misadventure. or. does it mean no. way mash a lot of. this. he did it go. away stuff i was there but i mean i think.
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we need to have the kalulu problem i believe. the money of the. thought and then i get to be young he's over the house and definitional you don't know how. long the. lesson had to. be the get on with them or with them again i had them the 2nd how do you think i would be a muslim to. the heart of the. bomb and how they have sort of it and so had all the other method to make any of.
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the. 11 had. a lot of. planes and i did. well to just. be. doing the wall. to be. what i'd be what i live. and muddied. the. water to be.
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a good one. and was then across into contact theatre in a bottle but what. if in this. whole. second. element out of the. second in no way. i'm about to go to.
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see it on the new moon. with that they're going to have all the. children know how to. ice for a long. i mean the money. show the people that are going into wealth.
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and the. like. let me give. us. a few 1000000. if you made. sure of the hamas and fatah. and about how to talk about weapon of staff that sensitive i would not if you know that i would have. the. garage but when i thought i'd have. to buy the i shot in the hole most of them
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but i showed in the 2nd. well actually i showed a normal food. and. i should have also. saw that he. may not have been. up the. bell. but you get a. well harris.
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layout as us and we may not. be. on. the. market. by him but had a wee wee bit security. in the. movie or your mother.
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or your mother. was. english my. if you give that. dollar a little unknown is she. going to have the definite bottom half full of love and almost done is out the door before them all look at those out in the lake. be in security will go up in their.
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job description i would see from the wall the feet but that harris. but that. would help if the left did the trick the right. if you. let him about. the more all.
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of the men of one of the lead to deliver a mom are young of year. one of the pillar. of color on the top and both were long calling it in the. old war model at the moment. in the flood thailand's of home in mesopotamia where the 1st settlements formed the cradle of civilization iraqi people have depended on the tigris and euphrates for
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centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by wounds and pollution outages or world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. warm spell of weather across the middle east and usually warm for many of us here some places a cloud further north and that's going to just pick the temperatures back around the levant over the next day i was still getting into the high twenty's in beirut 36 there for damascus as a 40 in baghdad and rising we get to 42 by the time we come to wednesday to see how those temperatures just fall back a touch just along the eastern side of the mediterranean here in concert doha gets up to 38 degrees plenty of warm sunshine that warm sunshine stretches further south across the rest of the arabian peninsula making its way into the fun north of
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somalia but the central process amalia pushing into central areas of more showers coming through here there's a good scattering of showers now the seasonal rhinestone quite nicely right down into tanzania running up across the democratic republic of congo right across into the gulf of guinea will see some showers to make in the way into northern parts of zambia northern areas of mozambique northern parts of madagascar a little bit of wet weather around the eastern cape of south africa down towards the southeast and cold we want the rain where those wildfires are taking place in cape town the brisk winds the dry by the looks set to continue over the next couple of days and if anything it's a touch warmer by wednesday. finland has committed to cutting its carbon emissions with the world's most ambitious production goal carbon neutrality in just 15 years now it's really time to actually
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get to and we can go eat if we want to but 1st the nation must tackle the dirty legacy of a profitable fossil fuel industry and being an active emissions souls people in power finland's climate warriors on a. the climate is changing and action now is paramount the challenges are immense but overcoming the this crucial will president joe biden galvanized efforts for stronger action stay with the just 0 for special coverage of the leaders' summit on climate. one half scottish and half lebanese so diversity is really important to me and al-jazeera is the most diverse place i have ever worked we have so many different nationalities and this is a nice book together in this one these are guys sation and this diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage giving
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a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of al-jazeera. thousands of migrant workers rushed to leave the indian capital ahead of a weeklong curfew as a surgeon coronavirus cases threatens to overwhelm the country. about us and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the jury's out in the murder trial of derek so one the former minneapolis police officer is accused of killing george floyd. pakistan's parliament to vote on why.


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