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i don't cover all of that the america for most of my career but i think it's alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why. a way to a verdict the jury is now considering if a former u.s. peace be should be convicted of murdering george 4. and it's protesters gather outside the courthouse an appeal for come from minnesota state. but that commitment to protect your right to protest continue to do it and do even better will protect your life and property to do so within the limits of the law.
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and this is al jazeera life and also coming up why some of the world's best footballers face but if their clubs join a breakaway european competition. we're on the 3rd of the obese floods and droughts the u.n. confirms 2020 was one of the hottest on record and despite competition is dropping pandemic. so the jury has begun deliberating the fate of the former u.s. police officer accused of killing george floyd 7 faces sentences of up to 40 years in prison on 3 charges john hendren has been at the trial in minneapolis. otherwise we are in recess until we hear from the jury in their final words on the most highly charged us civil rights case in decades prosecutors told jurors to trust
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their eyes but for the defendant's actions pushing him down the george way to die that day. drugs he just. a drug overdose in that time. maybe it was the tail pipe maybe it was in large part maybe not use your common sense. use your common sense believe your eyes what you saw you saw what the jury saw it was the same 9 and a half minutes the world saw of then minneapolis police officer derrick show been kneeling on george floyd's neck until paramedics carried off his lifeless body in a case that started with an allegedly fake $20.00 bill and ended with protests and riots across the united states prosecutors said the evidence proved children used excessive force choke the life out of floyd and refused to render medical care even after he showed no pulse.
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and at the time of causing the death the defendant committed or was attempting an assault in the 3rd degree. and that's been proved beyond a reasonable doubt with those being proved in the venue a 2nd degree felony murder the defendant is guilty. not the defense argued that show been held floyd face down just as he was trained to put in mr floyd eminently dangerous we've had a lot about the prone position. consider just the basic proposition people sleep in the prone position people sometimes position. the prone position the problem position in. is not an inherently dangerous. proposition during restraint is not an inherently dangerous and. it is routinely trained in the.
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police the part defense lawyer eric nelson blamed bystanders for chauvinist failure to administer lifesaving c.p.r. saying he felt unsafe and hoping to give jurors enough reasonable doubt for an acquittal he offered a broad array of alternative theories for floyd's death heart trouble drugs even car exhaust we have to analyze this case from the perspective of a reasonable police officer at the precise moment with the talent of the circumstances when it comes to the use of force. as his lawyer spoke show been who has worn his mask head down taking notes throughout the trial removed it. in the hands of the jury which is in isolation until they can render a unanimous verdict one reason for sequestering them is to make sure they don't hear news of protesters demanding conviction but with demonstrations across the country it's not clear they won't be able to hear protests from where they're deliberating. in heated civil rights trials deliberations can range dramatically in
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length in 1902 it took 7 days for jurors in the police beating of rodney king to find 4 officers not guilty 3 years later jurors took less than 4 hours to declare o.j. simpson not guilty of murder for show of an end for residents of minneapolis and cities across the u.s. that wait will be filled with anxiety and fear for what comes next john hendren al jazeera minneapolis. take a look at the scenes outside the courthouse in minneapolis what you reckon 2300 protesters awaiting the verdict rests on the outcome of this trial not least how people react on the streets and let's cross to she ever times he's also in the city of minneapolis and she had multiple charges are on the table in the number of ways that this could play outs and what has been a trial under intense media scrutiny. intense
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media scrutiny intense scrutiny from. from the members of the public whom you see on your screen perhaps protesting who are calling for what they call was justice. we have had multiple calls there for peaceful protests from civil rights leaders and activists the families involved and indeed we just actually just to be got a rather interesting consumer tree message from the governor of minnesota it's interesting because actually for the last week we've had protests in brooklyn heights as a result of the shooting of another black man a 20 year old michael don't say right i've been protests i was since then since his killing in which we witnessed the immensely over militarized escalate tree policies off the of the police force and the police forces around the state and state troopers and national guard but interesting in that in the last couple of hours the minnesota governor if you can strike you will consider 3 times as you
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discussed protest. we must acknowledge to troops we cannot allow civil unrest to descend into chaos we must protect life and property but we also must understand very clearly if we don't listen to those communities in pain and those people on the streets many of whom were arrested are speaking a fundamental truth that we must change we will be right back here again. it's going to be an interesting evening we understand about. several 100 protesters now marching around minneapolis we're expecting acts of civil disobedience so now this will be a test of what the governor is saying whether he will respect peaceful civil disobedience or whether he will immediately crack down as he was certainly states troopers and national guard have been a for the last over the last week adding to what their reaction will be to the media covering. the actions of local security forces in the last week they've been
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actively targeting the media and detaining the media so upset about changes as well but it will be an interesting few hours and interesting interesting several days or no matter how long it is while the jury deliberates ship thanks a lot in minneapolis russian opposition leader has be moved to a prison hospital his thoughts who says he could be near death while president throw days describe his condition is satisfactory the kremlin critic has in his 3rd week of a hunger strike and smith has more now from moscow. volodymyr region prison hospital number 33 is where alexina valmy has been transferred. the lawyer for the 44 year old opposition leader after 20 days on hunger strike drinking only water his client situation is only getting worse because he looks sad so sad he's getting thinner vinod than he used to be he walks with difficulty he has no strength alexei is one
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of these doctors he's not been allowed to seize patient but going by his latest records says is at risk of kidney failure. his health is already on high then or now and every day the risk increases the longer person stays on hunger strike the deeper the metabolic disturbance has become and the harder it is for them to get back to normal because a long hunger strike list to damage of all their bodies organ functions. serving a 2 and a half year sentence for embezzlement that he says is trumped up he was arrested in january after returning to russia from germany he spent 5 months there recuperating after almost being killed by what the germans say was poisoning with a banned nerve agent his cases added to moscow's international isolation. russian diplomats have been expelled and the us and e.u. have imposed sanctions the allegations of cyber hacking election interference spying and the occupation of crimea we have very much worried about the health
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situation unleashed in the valley yesterday we issued a statement of behavior the 27 member states hosking to russian authorities to provide. the health care he needs and they are responsible for their safety net and he says he'll stay on hunger strike until the prison authorities allow him to see his own doctors alexina supporters have asked people across russia to come out and demonstrate on wednesday evening the square in moscow is supposed to be one of the places where they're going to gather and it's already being fenced off russia's police have advised people not to come out and protest but it's meant al-jazeera moscow. to ukraine which says all sides involved in conflict in the country's east to reaffirm their commitments to reach a cease fire on monday talks were held between ukraine russia germany and france to help end fighting between kids forces and russian backed separatists the conflict
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has escalated in recent weeks and a ukrainian soldier was killed in the latest fighting the use top diplomat says that russia has amassed 100000 troops along the border. in a new report the united nations has issued another stark warning over the state of the global climate top u.n. official say the world is on the verge of the abyss with global temperatures moving dangerously close to the cap set by the paris agreement jazz bass reports now from u.n. headquarters in new. 2020 was the year that for many normality stops the covert 19 pandemic meant many factories and offices across the world closed commuters stayed at home and airports were largely empty as the global and networks were reduced to skeleton schedules you might think the resulting drop in carbon emissions had a discernible effect on the environment he didn't the year which saw the largest ever wildfires in california and colorado and global sea levels rising was still
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one of the warmest 3 years on record that they think these reports should a lot i'm as old. 2020 was 1.2 degrees celsius hotter then pre-industrial times we are getting dangerously close to the 1.5 legally sell shoes limits that was set by the scientific community we are on the verge of the obese so why did the slowdown caused by the pandemic not have a more positive effect on the environment according to the secretary general of the world meteorological organization because the effects would temporary carbon dioxide levels have been building up over many decades last year. or at least speak or so for the very. best in their field based consumption of.
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these gases these are you haven't seen. this grim report the u.n. says is something every world leader should read many prime ministers and presidents will be attending a virtual summit organized by president biden on earth day this thursday the u.n. secretary general says he wants to hear promises of action from countries rather than just more words james al-jazeera at the united nations. still ahead here on al-jazeera cuba turns the page on the castro era and chooses a new communist party president to meet the country. and why parents are behind the push to reopen schools in argentina despite a write in coronavirus. it's
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time for the perfect channel the weather sponsored by qatar airways hello there the weather's looking fine and try across a good part of eastern asia subtle weather there across. the korean peninsula japan said their warm sunshine here $26.00 celsius in tokyo which is day afternoon is a 234 so warm enough hazy sunshine there in beijing and around $25.00 degrees this area cloud just pushing across central parts of china make its way further eastwards over toward shanghai towards the u.s. sub china sea butting up towards the yellow sea but ahead of that it stays fine dry settled and sunny dry fine too down towards the south hong kong around $28.00 celsius but it's not looking too far to dry for the philippines over the next couple of days we have got a super typhoon making its way further north and some places say it's backed off a little in terms of the strength of the winds 230 kilometers per hour credited to a category 4 storm still looking at damaging winds across that eastern side of the
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philippines with some very heavy rain and parts are seeing over 200 millimeters of rain in the past 24 hours and what are these spots could see a similar value city we're keeping an eye we're not quite sure exactly how close it will get to lose on but it will get close enough to bring those damaging winds in with further spells of very heavy rain with a couple of days. sponsored plan qatar airways when i enter the ring i feel on top of the world i don't want that feeling because when the show ends the final on court in retirement and i found my last line watched the last climb meet the former circus performers gracefully supporting each other on the stage of life keep telling us you got a broken down and they mean it off it was fearful witness presents off to circus on and just that's.
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the danger what yard zira remind of our top stories this hour and after 3 weeks of witness an expert testimony jury deliberations have begun in the trial of the former police officer accused of killing george floyd it's off to find a lawyer who made. activists are rallying in front of the minneapolis courthouse calling for savings conviction minnesota's governor says protesters have a right to be angry but demonstrations cannot be allowed to descend into chaos. a russian opposition need to elect he never on the he's been moved to a prison hospital his doctor says he could be near death while authorities say his condition is satisfactory the kremlin critic is on a hunger strike over what he says is a lack of medical treatment. now the head of european football's governing body
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says plans for a rival super league are a spit in the face 12 of the continent's top clubs including mensch united and real madrid announced plans to join the new multi-billion dollar project if bucca. hours after some of the continent's richest clubs threaten to split european football into the sport's governing body in europe you wafer hit back hard saying you were expelled the clubs players from future european championships and world cups i can't stress more strongly at this moment. in the footballing world stand united against these graceful self-serving proposals we have seen in the last 24 hours from a select few clubs in europe that are fuelled purely by greed above all else on sunday night 12 of the continent's richest clubs revealed plans to form
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a european super league rivaling you a 1st prestigious champions league pass alone we are madrid and athletico have agreed to join in spain in italy both ac and into milan have signed up alongside eventis and 6 clubs in england's premier league also want to join manchester united city liverpool chelsea arsenal and tottenham the managers of the teams have been dodging quick questions let's be honest i'm employee of this club and i trust this club and my chop is very clear so i'm maybe not the right person to ask the internet already i'm just a manager and i'm prepared to coach my players under any circumstances the plans 11 prompted this intervention from the british prime minister we're going to look at everything that we can do with the football authorities to make sure that this doesn't go ahead of the way that it's currently being proposed so far no teams from france or germany including the current european champions by munich plan to join
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the new league but 3 more clubs are expected to sign up or set to pocket more than 400000000 dollars when they do it a project funded by u.s. banking giant j.p. morgan seriously in the midst of a pandemic an economic crisis football clubs at national league level going bust nearly furloughing players clubs on the edge in league one and 2 and these lobbying assume calls about breaking away and basically create more great. joke the super league clubs want to start as soon as possible but the premier league the league and syria have all joined us in condemning the move so too have many fans competing clubs face being booted out of their domestic leagues several television broadcasters are also refusing to abandon you a for a national league to join the new project but if it does go ahead football's single sporting pyramid from the lowest grass roots teams all the way to the top may never
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be the same again leave barca al-jazeera the european union has announced sanctions on members amir mas military is new evidence of the joint his brutality emerges he used top diplomat says the sanctions will hit 10 individuals in 2 corporations belonging to the military it comes as a political prisoner monitoring group in memory appeals to stronger international action. a new report from human rights watch says the chinese government is committing crimes against humanity in its treatment of the week is unchanging province drawing on information collected by rights groups and journalists it details abuses since 2016 when beijing stepped up its actions against the raiders this includes arbitrary and for more arrests of turkic muslims an estimated 300000 people have been sentenced in the past 5 years the actions include mass surveillance and restricting the practice of islam the report says there's increasing evidence a separation of children from their families forced labor and forced returns to
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china if any other government the world is committing crimes against humanity on a scope and scale we would probably already be well on their sale to the kind of independent investigation that we're calling for. and i think it's it's long overdue you know that the chinese government no longer extracts impunity. cuban communist party leader raul castro has officially passed the baton to president mcworld the although castro says he will no longer hold a high office his successor makes it clear he will remain influential on all decisions he said newman has this report me again. then. passing on his post as 1st secretary of the all powerful communist party to 60 year old president we get. an image that is supposed to signal the end of the castro era although not quite one year ago that comrade there are all 4 legitimacy and because cuba needs
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him will be consulted on the most important strategic decisions for the destiny of the nation. while billboard's hailed the communist party as the soul of the revolution its 8 congress transpired behind closed doors cubans waited to hear if a much promised generational change would finally take place. we expect positive changes because the younger generation is more modern in accordance with our times and open to changes that we need especially in the economy. but when the names of the new politburo were finally announced on state media 4 of the 14 members were 77 years old and the rest between 50 and 60 fidel castro was 33 and are only 29 when they took power more than 6 decades ago when you're alone like troll castile the u.s. can and will also hold the position of president of cuba at a challenging time was. done to me is collapsing and dissent increasing
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opponent medea fayyad says that hominess party will change the most barbecue in families are struggling in a human diary an escape crisis and the other side of the regime has been more regression more violence in their case you have to this light is open in millions for dan to build their absolute power at trees and that isn't that they don't want you. to this communist party is one of only 4 in the world that remains in power and describes its future as one of continuity guaranteeing that continuity with a more in bold and younger generation of cubans may no longer be so easy to see in human al-jazeera. schools in argentina's capital of reopened after a court ruling rejected
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a government order requiring classes go online for 2 weeks new coronavirus restrictions and one is harris have created tensions between the federal ministration and city authorities as well as parents and teachers for the purposes . a gathering outside a school in the province of one of scientists they came to ask the governmental prioritize education during the pandemic. if they buy it in a quite indeed all sporty and this country has poverty rates of 42 percent and over 50 percent of the children have no computer or internet so i'm here for the children who do not have access to education because education is the only thing that will change this country. last week president and one of the for a man this increased risk traditions in one aside is to prevent the spread of call that 1000 argentine ace in the 2nd wave of its old break and more than 20000 infections are confirmed every day among the measures taken where the suspension of in person to last is for 2 weeks parents with their children even year in front of
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the president's message if they couldn't handle the overwhelming odds are going to clean up there and even certain classes last year in one of the lockdown and that was that i made threats from crazy when young guys were the ruling coalition parents came here today and. something similar me happened this year and that's why they're here to demand tracking down through the last resource i in the city of one side is for example a court rejected a federal order suspending classes for 2 weeks the city of one of the scientists is run by a center right opposition figure or. statistics show the infection rate in schools is minimal. we know the pandemic continues the virus circulates but we cannot choose between education and health the challenge is to find the common good and to learn how to live with this and do it with care and
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responsibility parents and teachers respect in the protocols some here believe disagreement about how to handle the pandemic between the government and the opposition is hurting argent. fight against govan 1000 hospitals are struggling to cope with a rise in infections so far only 11 percent of the nearly 45000000 population has been inoculated and that's one of the reasons why anger against the handling of the pandemic has been on the rice. at the beginning of the pandemic when the president was like a protective father public opinion took care of him and supported him he had a 68 percent approval rating but now he's dropped over 40 points because he's disconnected from the problems people are facing every day aside from the pandemic president i was at the farm and this is trying to convince the public about the risks of covert 1000 and the challenges ahead. the problem is that many seem to have lost faith in their governments have billeted to protect them experts here say
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fighting the virus without consensus will not succeed. and one of scientists. all americans the age of 16 are now eligible to be vaccinated against covert 19 many states of forwarding started inoculations within the age group but the centers for disease control made it official from monday about half of all adults have had at least one dose with their own a 3rd fully vaccinated. engine is on earth of operated and flown a vehicle not a planet for the 1st time nasa is ingenuity helicoptered made the historic flight on mars orbit manly has more. payment our data. on. the excitement from these nasa scientists and engineers was clear as they made space flight history these still images from mars show ingenuity the 1st how to cope to ever to fly on the not the planets and then came the video it's granted at
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1st and then shows us covering our 3 meters above the r.c. surface and then touching back down is amazing brilliant you know there are indeed making your fears and yes your greater mars is not yet over isn't just a 1st rate by. the united nations take a moment. let's go across the world and more throughout the resonator. ingenuity took off from the dusty red surface of mars this desire crater early on monday but the data took several hours to reach a milestone for space flight that nasa scientists compared to the 1st flight on earth by the wright brothers in 1903 technology demonstrations are really important for all of us you know it's really taking a tool that we haven't been able to use and put it in a box of tools that they said they'll go for all of our missions going forward that
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mars if we really want to explore the red planet explore possibility of past life present microbes and under different conditions. we're going to need to travel quite a distance which a helicopter like this with absolutely our own. flying a helicopter or drone is a seemingly simple task on earth but engineers aren't used to flying them on mars. the flights can be affected by many things the martian atmosphere is very thin and so it's more difficult for the helicopters one point to me to retrieve plates to lift itself up. in its test flight on earth scientists had to create conditions similar to mars the ingenuity weighs 1.8 kilograms on earth but only 0.68 kilograms on mars its batteries can also be affected by temperature on mars that's an average of minus $53.00 degrees celsius. engineers he isn't
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alone it hitched a ride to the red planet on nasa's perseverance rover which touched down in february and was soon begin to explore the mars surface engineers he is expected to conduct more flight tests with the hope that one day it can travel further as part of nasa's quest to find any signs of life on mars nor about a man the al-jazeera. this is our surveys are the top stories and after 3 weeks of witness and expert testimony jury deliberations have begun in the trial of the former police officer accused of killing george ford that's after final arguments were made on monday well activists are rallying in front of the minneapolis courthouse calling for a conviction that it is governor.


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