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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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to al-jazeera. can you tell me what the government you represent is now illegitimate and we listen we do not sell the fence material any country the conflict in yemen we meet with the global news makers until about the stories that matter on syria. the. al-jazeera. you're watching the news our life from headquarters in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes russian author already has a alexina volley has been moved to a prison hospital the jailed opposition leader has been on hunger strike for nearly 3 weeks another record single day surgeon coronavirus infections in india its capital will be under a curfew for
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a week closing arguments are to begin shortly in the murder trial of derrick cho venner the death of george ford but we live in minneapolis the 1st powered flight on another planet nasa has helicopter ingenuity makes history by taking off and landing on mars. similar to small shows a marina has been sacked as manager taught them this comes as you a 5th chief has destroyed the news that 12 of the continents biggest teams including spears are planning a breakaway super league as a disgraceful self-serving proposal. welcome to the news hour russian authorities have announced that opposition leader alexina volley has been moved to a prison hospital the kremlin critic has been on hunger strike for several weeks protesting against his jailing on what he says are politically motive. charges
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russia says it rejects all foreign concerns about and of on these health and warns his supporters that plan demonstrations on wednesday will be considered illegal for the latest updates on the story bernard smith will join us from moscow so what more are we hearing about of all these health and whereabouts bernard. he's been he alexei navalny has been transferred to a penal colony hospital it's about 80 kilometers or so away from where he was serving his sentence for where he was serving his jail sentence now the prison origins say he's now receiving voluntarily victim in therapy and he's been on hunger strike since the end of march 20 days now and those 20 days he's only been taking water so it's something of a small advance that he's agreed to take victim in therapy we spoke to one of the doctors who's been who's actually in the valleys doctors he's not been allowed to
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see him but he says that the fact that election of ali has been transferred to a prison hospital a indicates that he's clearly in a very bad ways very sick but it be at least suggests that the authorities are coming some way to meeting the. demands for proper treatment in the valley such as chronic back and leg pain as well as the consequences of the poisoning he suffered and of course now the consequences of this prolonged hunger strike his wife said last week when she had seen him he'd lost a lot of weight and he was having difficulty speaking and his allies said on the weekend that his life was hanging by a thread but at least a positive note of mine a positive note from his doctors that he has been transferred to this prison hospital his supporters they've called for nationwide protests on wednesday the russian authorities have told people that they should stay away from those
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demonstrations ok bernie thank you so much for that update from moscow let's bring in stephanie decker she's joining us from berlin and stephanie is keeping an eye out on what the e.u. has saying about the stephanie. well they are telling russia very clearly that they hold russia responsible for the health of alexei navalny their urging and this we have a statement from the used top diplomat jos a burrell saying this but also the german foreign minister echoed this yesterday and others the e.u. really speaking with one voice when it comes to saying that they should be releasing him that they should allow him access to his own doctors those he trusts . and they have already sanctioned some of the individuals that were involved in arresting the valley when he left here left berlin in january was arrested upon arriving in russia so that is the message in that virtual meeting at the moment
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they're discussing that to discuss discussing other things as well to do with russia ukraine also the incidents in the czech republic and also just news out that they have to cited to put extra sanctions on some senior military officials in myanmar and also some companies connected with the midget because they are discussing an extensive range of topics today in that virtual meeting. just on that issue of ukraine how concerned are you countries about russia's troop build up on the border with ukraine. well yeah they say it's a very serious situation they're urging russia to withdraw their troops is all words at the moment during the korean foreign minister is also part of that virtual meeting we know that he wants europe to do more whether it's you know more sanctions on russia or whether it's military aid the foreign minister has invited the used top diplomat to go into or the front lines so to speak if you will burrell
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has not taken him up on that at the moment but we are expecting to hear within the next half hour or so a press conference virtually of course in the times of corona but let's wait and see what exactly the e.u. is going to say and i think more importantly if they're actually going to act in terms of applying more sanctions ok stephanie will speak to later thank you so much for that update from berlin while xander solid as an independent politician and also part of the opposition and russia he explains how sanctions can be used to put pressure on russia. i'm not sure that they do really care about it until something personal for them happens for instance there is a big difference for our or russian authorities between economic sanctions and personal sanctions they don't care about economic sanctions because they don't care about the consequences for the whole economy of the country somehow or other they will compensate their losses by putting more taxes and wages for us for russian
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citizens because they are being driven by their personal interests not by national interests but when it comes for possible sanctions they do really care because their families their assets their stolen money everything is in europe and the united states they adore in their reality those countries know despite their rhetoric and they will really care only when if it happens that something personal for them happens with some countries in the united states as well do not understand or probably ignore the fact that you cannot just place one figure into the sanctions least because their business their dirty business are being done by their cronies you need just a classical political investigation in order to make clear who is their cronies and in order to put into the sanctions at least personality it's that are totally not public. corona virus infections have reached record levels and india nearly
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274000 cases were confirmed on monday and more than 1600 deaths the government has announced a weeklong curfew in the capital region of delhi and britain's prime minister has canceled his visit to india that had been planned for next week victoria gate and he reports. india is in the grip of the 2nd wave of cave in 19 and nowhere is that being felt moved in its hospitals there are shortages of beds oxygen supplies and medicine adult to say this time they've seen a change in who is being admitted to hospital what we're seeing and this is all anecdotal. personal experience is there are younger patients who are being admitted into hospital. and are more strict than the type of disease that young patients usually have which is mighty moderate like many indian states delhi has been recording its highest number of cases since the pandemic
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began its leader has announced new restrictions for the capital's 30000000 people. but a team in the lead on it out there we don't want to take delhi to a place where patients are lying in hospital corridors and people are dying on roads after carefully considering and analyzing the situation your government feels it is important to impose a log on and for 6 days india reported 275000 new cases on monday that's the highest daily tally in a country that's now the 2nd worst affected in the world. scientists say a new variant with a double mutation may be driving off infections in most cases we've only seen one area of the virus mutating from the original virus in this case we have 2 separate me taishan sites which is really concerning because as you know you know every time that we have a mutation we're worried about increased transmissibility increased threat of death
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and lack of ability of our vaccines to work despite the rising cases political and religious gatherings are continuing in many places last week 3000000 hindu pilgrims bathed in the ganges river for the canal a festival and millions more voted in local elections in the state of a pradesh. i think the guard was let down are just by indians but by indian leaders massive election rallies were held. and subsequently the massive don't festival of whom all are on you are doing your work massive search in the city of ghaziabad the creditor awful so some families had to cremate their relatives on the street and with a new variant with a double mutation to contend with india faces many mood difficult days ahead victoria gate and be al jazeera let's now bring in barkha dutt who is an indian
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television journalist and filmmaker she is joining us from a cemetery in new delhi that is where you have been filming today tell us what you've been seeing. hi well i'm afraid the news is not very good presently you can see behind me it's actually a graveyard and since i've been here there has been ambulance after i'm didn't see driving in with bodies that are to be buried in this green yard that has now become a graveyard in the heart of delhi which is the national capital i've been travelling across india over the last fortnight and everywhere it is the scenes story the health system is broken everything has run short oxygen cylinders critical drugs oxygenated beds speace at cremation grounds funeral sites and graveyards like the one i'm reporting from at this moment and as one doctor in charge of i.c.u. said to me right now it's all of this what if doctors run short to morrow that's
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a real worry because several people who were in the health care sector are actually testing positive themselves and there's a real concern that as this flood of the 2nd wave hits india we are seeing a critical short supply of everything that matters in particular oxygen because as we know high flow or exigent is a key week in which goal replacement's are treated i was at a hospital where in one hospital in gujarat as the prime minister's home state there were 1400 patients 300 of them on ventilators 600 of them on haifa oxygen and i was listening to the doctor in in your report that you played previously i had the same anecdotal feedback at all of these cremation grounds and in these hospitals those who are dying us suddenly much younger i've been encountering people as young as their late twenty's and early thirty's i've also been inside an i.c.u. just for children in 2020 children hit with a covert virus did not need hospitalization in 2021 we are finding that they do
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there are kids as young as 18 days old who are in some of these icy was battling for their life and doctors are extremely what it is that the virus seems to be. younger and younger parts of the indian population as all of us are learning and drugs year round all very concerning why do you think it has come to this in india when back in february the country was reporting a decline in cases. well. you know i think there are a couple of different things that have happened i think the country got complacent i would even say triumphalist about the fact that we had bucked the cold it trends that the wood was grappling with i think we are we really are not god to down too soon i think we did not rule out a vaccine program fast enough there was a sense that india could be handled with just the door vaccines that are being manufactured domestically we have now finally got the clearances for sputnik which
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is that russia developed vaccine as well as other foreign made vaccines like pfizer and more done but the government killed those approvals only now when we're in a crisis situation so with the benefit of hindsight we were definitely slow with rolling out a vaccine program and we did the very conservative approach of keeping the flaws job for the elderly which is you know which may be one way of doing it but what we can now see that perhaps it was the working population people in their forty's were really going doll to a vulnerable who really needed that dose and we have also seen vaccines around shorten the last few days we have seen people who have not been able to get their share your 2nd 2nd shot so i would say a big mistake was not ruling out the vaccine program fost and often the 2nd is mixed messaging the fact that election rallies and religious functions mass congregations continue to be held is steadily messaging and it's coming from very powerful people all the way from the top across political parties and how can you
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tell ordinary people to mosque up and not come out of their homes when mammoth election rallies in religious congregations are taking place and you say you just said as well that you feel that india's health system has collapsed. that's a really worrying statements what's at stake now for indians. and i should clarify that when i say health system is collapsed it isn't the doctors or the health workers they're working 247 but the infrastructure that they need to enable them to do their work mostly oxygen it is critical for oxygen to be available to these hospitals for beds to be available for drugs to be available and we're seeing on all of these counts we're seeing you know shortages and which is why the country has fallen back on lockdowns and what's at stake for us well 1st lifes and then also livelihoods this country was really ravaged our economy was ravaged by the lockdown the national lockdown last year we saw it hit the poorest
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of our citizens the most we saw the largest exodus of human beings is the partition of india as millions of daily wages left the cities to go back to their villages so this time. the government has been hesitant to impose an absolute lockdown but states panic and delhi where i am right now the chief minister said the health system is cracking he has no option so i really want it about you know both lives how much human life is going to be swept away in the 2nd wave but i'm also extremely worried that if we go down the route of lockdowns what is it going to do through the economy what is it going to do to marginal workers what is it going to do to people who are already impoverished and live on the margins of fossil psyches so i think i think there's a lot at stake for us yet and we just have to hope that this pos is but it isn't there's no magic wand anymore we might be too late in being able to contain the 2nd we have to just live through it and and suffered it very worrying situation but we
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thank you so much barca both for and giving us so your point of view from india thank you thank you. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including chad's army says it has killed or captured hundreds of rebels in an operation that began on saturday a large fire hoods cape town's iconic table mountain threatening residential neighborhoods and a university. shows a marine you know the latest in sports with peter. but 1st it's day 16 of the derrick chosen trial in the u.s. city of minneapolis the prosecution and defense teams will both begin their closing arguments in just under an hour's time the former policeman is accused of murdering george floyd by kneeling on his neck for more than 9 minutes last year the case is triggered worldwide protests demanding racial justice john hendren following the
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trial he's joining us from minneapolis john so a significant day today to talk us through what we should expect. well we've got a few spring snowflakes in the air and it does feel like the end of an era in minneapolis has been under pressure of various sorts since the death of george floyd on may 25th and today what we're going to hear is. denouement that is the closing arguments from each side and the rules are interesting. you can go when you're closing arguments. to go 60 minutes that's about the limit of the attention. most juries now after that they get sequestered meaning a jury instructions and then they will be isolated in a hotel until they come up with a verdict and during that time they will have access to all the evidence they can
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come back they're going to computer in that room they could come back into the courtroom to see those exhibits but because. the rules are a little bit different here so they'll be able to consult a computer and if the questions that cannot be answered like say questions. means they can go into a video with the judge and the lawyers. and get answers to those questions and we don't know exactly how long the deliberations could take. if it happens very quickly they are. on either innocence or guilt immediately because all 12 of them have to decide in a quick decision is. because there are 3 charges here murder 2nd degree murder 3rd degree homicide sentences ranging from roughly 4 to 40 years they're going to have to talk through which of those charges if any. in this case so the jury will
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begin. in terms of packing for this occasion. long or short yes john in anticipation. how are how is not only minneapolis but other american cities preparing. well you can see it right here right across the street here you see these gentlemen pulling out boards they're boarding up that hotel it happens to be our hotel and this is happening 2 blocks from the courthouse which is down at the end of this street behind me and that's going on throughout minneapolis for weeks buildings have been boarding up here especially close to the courthouse and close to george floyd square that is the site where george floyd died which has become a memorial for blocks it's actually blocked off from traffic and essentially
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patrolled by local people. i left chicago yesterday and chicago's downtown was boarding up as well that's how big this decision is and that's happening in cities across the united states there will likely be protests at the end of all this if protesters in the black lives matter movement are not happy with the verdict here and what the threshold is for them to be satisfied is unclear there are 2 murder charges there's a manslaughter charge one suspects that the more severe the sentence the happier the crowd will be but we really don't know so 2 things are going to happen coming up we're going to get the verdict after closing arguments and after the verdict there will be likely a matter of days and then we will hear a sentence and that likely dictates what happens in the streets across the u.s. ok john thank you so much john hendren reporting from minneapolis. 12 top
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teams in european club football have signed up to a break away super league competition and it sparked a very angry response at all levels of the game they have it stokes has the latest . football european governing body usa for is under attack 12 of the continent's biggest clubs have announced they're breaking away from the prestigious champions league to form a rival european super league barcelona real madrid not letting go of agree to join from spain in italy both ac and into milan have signed up alongside you ventus and 6 clubs from england's premier league also want to slice of the party manchester united manchester city liverpool chelsea arsenal and tottenham you. know once much much more the. fall that that bond that me obviously all too much so we want much more money and they want it now so far there are no
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teams from france or germany including the current european champions by munich but 3 more clubs are expected to join the list of founding members who are all set to pocket more than $400000000.00 each just for signing up seriously in the midst of a pandemic an economic crisis football clubs at national league level going boss nearly furloughing players clubs on the edge in league one and 2 and these lobbing soon calls about breaking away and basically create more great. joke the managers of these teams are now in an awkward position little club for example has previously spoken out against the idea of the super league manchester united's only going to solve dodged the question at his news conference on sunday i don't think it's for me to comment on. it's an issue we just have to wait and see where it went up and there was a similar defensive response from athletic emma dreads coach diego simeone oni terribly does the internet i'm just a manager and i'm prepared to coach my players under any circumstances i have no
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doubt that the club will decide what's best for selves the super league clubs want to start a soon as possible while still competing in their own national leagues that seems unlikely though given that the premier league the league and syria have all joined you a for in condemning the move saying they'll do whatever it takes to stop it will governing body faith has also said that any players who take part will be barred from their major competitions including the world cup. 4000 fans were allowed into wembley for the f.a. cup semifinal on sunday and some of them made their views clear on the super league when you take a league to make it a close shop assistant it seems like a lot of big boys that there is a great pressure. taking away some of their revenue it's all morning already taking them from out of college one of you a physics of committee meets on monday the superleague announcement has no doubt added a few things to the agenda david stokes al-jazeera chards military says it's halted
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an advance on the capital and german are from its northern region but the rebel group has said its forces will press ahead with their drive to oust the president agrees there be who is on course to extend his 3 decade long hold on power earlier a military spokesman said hundreds of rebel fighters have been arrested or killed. the sheriff would have set the number on us and as you can see we put an end to the threat we broke down the ranks of those militants we killed a large number of them dozens were injured and captured their gear has been destroyed too from what the chaldeans have seen those militants have no clear plan have a morgan has more from the capital. what we have right now is the number of the our soldiers who were killed from both sides of the head in armies have backed it has killed over 300 from the rebel front for change and concord group which attacked cities in can name and which entered the town from libya on the 11th of april which is a little bit over
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a week ago on the day of the presidential election where people voted for their presidential candidate now we also know that they've had in government has said it has also sustained injuries as well as our casualties on its side it said that at least 5 soldiers were killed it has brought dozens of soldiers who were injured in the battles between the rebel group and the government in canon province which is up north the group itself entered after attacking a station a government station on the border from libya on the 11th of april and then proceeded to where it's the capital it says that it wants to oust the president idriss deby who looks like he's set to win another 5 years an hour after program provisional election results show that he is living in the presidential polls a large fire and cape town has ravaged large parts of table mountain the slopes above the newlands neighborhood are in flames more residential areas are threatened as well cape town university has been evacuated fires often break out in this part
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of south africa during periods of drought robyn adams has more from cape town. well it's been going to be 30 plus hours with the $260.00 or so firefighters group from one across the city to our complaint displays as things stand at the moment the blade has not yet been under control or broken the. neighboring areas particularly on the slopes of people who they have been asked to evacuate evacuate their homes loads of good roads adjacent loads of been closed as well and schools have been closed we are. running a station at the back of the stick a monsoon to this but you can offer. relation and i situated to buy if i could being tasked with bringing the slaves under control at the moment i efforts are being hampered somewhat by gradient winds being called a tidal bank and national parks you could say that they were hoping that some course of this week expecting at least this would help the efforts with the nexus
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of the key kilometers per hour but on monday morning they were talking speeds but instead he said the wind is fighting a big factor this is just being on a table sliding scale that we haven't seen in recent years the fact that with the resulting filth evacuated their homes the university of cape town in particular has been so badly affected by this fire the african studies library in particular losing decades in pain to these old journals and documentation shifting things with history i can interact rekha and then also the oldest will move in the country it's been around 17 months 6 months the bullet is the only whipping we will interact with that it's no more the devastation i think it's a little carpentry this was a let's not get a check on the weather with african. how our interview warm spell of weather across the middle east on usually warm for many of us here some places a cloud further north and that's going to just pick the temperatures back around
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the levant over the next day or so but was still getting into the high twenty's in beirut's the 6 there for damascus as a 40 in baghdad and rising get to 42 by the time we come to wednesday to see how those temperatures just fall back a touch just along the eastern side of the mediterranean here in concert doha gets up to 38 degrees plenty of warm sunshine that warm sunshine stretches further south across the rest of the write in peninsula making its way into the far north of somalia but the central parts of somalia pushing into central areas of more showers coming through here those scattering of showers now the seasonal rains do quite nicely right down into tanzania running up across the democratic republic of congo right across into the gulf of guinea will see some showers to make in the way into northern parts of zambia northern areas of mozambique northern parts of madagascar a little bit of wet weather around the eastern cape of south africa down towards the southeast and cold we want the rain where those wildfires are taking place in cape town the brisk winds the dry weather looks set to continue over the next
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couple of days and if anything it's a touch warmer by wednesday coming up on the news hour on al jazeera where in cuba where young people say they want meaningful changes the communist party looks to select new leaders i really struggled being on my own for most of the sub or not being out to see my family it is tough as england opens up university students are demanding to know when they'll be allowed to return to class after a severe coronavirus outbreak the vancouver canucks are back on the ice in the n.h.l. peter will have that story in sports. al-jazeera who is beneath the waves with a team of women. and determined to save the dolphins we all share the same responsibility we need to do something today but that amazing outing using a variety of scientific techniques to study their behavior we can monitor them for
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their vocal photos and behavior were able to how they're adapting to their new environment women make science dolphin sanctuary on al-jazeera. finland has committed to cutting its carbon emissions with the world's most ambitious reduction goal carbon neutrality in just 15 years now it's really it's hard to actually get to and we can do it if we want to but 1st the nation must tackle the dirty legacy of a profitable fossil fuel industry and being an active emissions souls' people in power finland's plummets warriors on a. the .
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following on the top stories on the others there were news hour the russian opposition leader like cinnabon the has been moved to a prison hospital the u.s. has warned of consequences if prison is in the 3rd week of a hunger strike. india's capital region of delhi will be under a week long curfew from monday night as the country battles a record surge in infections nearly 274000 new cases were recorded in the last 24 hours and more than 1600 deaths it's day 16 of the derrick the us city of minneapolis the prosecution and defense teams will begin their closing arguments shortly the former policeman is accused of murdering george floyd by kneeling on his neck for more than 9 minutes last year. well a monitoring group in myanmar is warning the military will continue to torture and
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murder pro-democracy activists if the international community doesn't act the assistance association for political prisoners made that plea after state television broadcast images of 68 say knees with signs of what it called harrowing abuse meanwhile supporters of a newly formed pro-democracy government rallied in a way on sunday the national unity government says it should be included in crisis talks with neighboring countries and it's criticised an invitation issued by the regional bloc assy on for the me and more military leader to attend a special summit in jakarta on saturday. a band's political party in pakistan has released 11 police officers it took hostages during protests on sunday police had earlier raided the offices of it's a headache in a bank which led to a violent protests that killed 3 people charlotte ballasts reports. so who does have to recalibrate pakistan to not be silenced nowness t.l.p.
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they started protesting last year after caricature of the prophet muhammad who republished in fronts. then last week they protested after the government arrested their leader cleric saad risky he had demanded the french ambassador in pakistan be exposed and a ban on french products the. those protests resulted in the government. which led to more protests. on sunday a party spokesman said security forces raided the offices in lahore they responded again on the streets in all several of the supporters were killed and dozens were injured they're going to put this out the challenge will be attacked by police traitorous started shelling and fired bullets directly at us boys were injured some got bullets in the chest some got shot in the head but when it rectified here they fired directly at us and threw us with water some men had their chest burned others
4:35 pm
their back face or body always later they returned with it original grievance against from us i might as well not we told the police we neither have weapons nor are we terrorists but they started firing on us and used tear gas many supporters died and those who were killed had one slogan oh prophet we are here for you expel the french ambassador and cut off relations with france. local police said sunday's violence began after a police station was attacked they accused peace of forces of taking 6 officers hostage torturing sub. prime minister imran khan said more than $600.00 officers were injured in protests last week there is a media blackout also show media has been cut in some areas the tailpiece anger towards france where verbal rights through many muslim majority nations in october the crown defended the publication of caricature of the prophet muhammad caricature
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that for a school teacher samuel passing had shown in class before he was beheaded boycott some protests were organized in bangladesh somalia syria libya yemen afghanistan iraq and here in pakistan championed by the t.l.p. . 6 months later they party is banned related is hanged his supporters killed and wounded and still they chant on shelob ellis 0. cuba's governing communist party is meeting this week to select its new leadership and policies the government is under increasing pressure especially from younger generations to make reforms terrorism has more. and i learned that stuck in the past that's the feeling people like i will me sad have had about cuba for many years. he's a cook and have anna and estoppel living in the government's so-called reforms.
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if there's no radical change in the system there is no way out there has to be a different way of thinking if not then i'll have to see how i skate displace i've been a cook for 10 years and because of the pandemic we have no work the way to keep up with social reforms over the past decade including the expansion of internet access have strengthened cuban civil society and many are now daring to speak out was. small protests have cropped up this by tight control by authorities 6. cuba is in the middle of an economic crisis both because of the pandemic that's her tourism but also continuing and crippling u.s. sanctions this week the government announced it is loosening a decades old ban on slaughter of cattle and sale of beef and dairy ranchers will be allowed to do as they wish with their livestock after meeting state called us.
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says this will allow him to increase productivity will and this is sent out for 60 years we did not have the right to eat an animal however as long as i comply with the regulations that are now being imposed on me by the state this opens up an opportunity it will also enhance and increase the production of cattle in the country but economies say much more needs to happen for the country to get on the road to recovery by the athena government in by that the measures need to have a big impact and they need to happen now to help develop the country put an end to bureaucracy i believe the new measures can be implemented and vietnam is an example of what we could become it's a country that has come. eunice a party leading on has one of the fastest growing economies in the world you have to enter the world buckets and reform the economy. people like i will miss her believe only political change can bring about radical reforms and that's why he continues to look for
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a future outside the island where he believes he'll be able to fulfill the dreams he says he's denied at home. or latin america received its 1st batch of vaccines in december there was great fanfare that it would end the pandemic there but 4 months later death and infection rates in some countries have now reached record levels daniel a reports of one of sirees where vaccination programs have barely got going. another 800000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine have arrived in argentina they're part of the world health organizations culverts program designed to ensure they reach all corners of the globe yeah they are you me martha i need it from today will be working to distribute this latest batch the different places that need it we're working as fast as possible and trying to speed up the distribution process. there led to the more than 6000000 doses already here in the country of 42000000
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where infections are again reaching record levels it's not enough. it's also a long way short of the promises made by the previous health minister back in february you know that the modern era with the vaccine agreement we have reached the actions we are taking we estimate that in august or september we will have vaccinated all arjen time for one in a position to be regulated he later resigned in a corruption scandal the elderly in vulnerable and some key workers are being vaccinated but most are still asking when this will arrive. they should have been here today receiving their vaccines but there aren't enough they're simply not arriving in sufficient numbers in the meantime the only other way to contain the virus a further lockdown measures and to keep waiting patiently. health workers in mexico were among the 1st to be vaccinated back in december optimistic then about
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a future that is still not arrived more than one of the brighter than the vaccine will be of great help in reducing the deaths that we health workers have there is no space in hospitals and so i think this is a good opportunity. there's a similar picture across much of latin america more than $25000000.00 people have been infected and 800000 have died but this the $4000000.00 vaccine doses of arrived in colombia half a 1000000 each and believe you're in ecuador just 250000 in venezuela where health workers have been protesting but. our fight is to call for vaccines needed the government nor the president have to see for the people let the vaccines in give us protective equipment and hospitals so that there are no more deaths in the world health organization says that for the vaccines to be effective at least 70 percent of the population must be covered. one of the few success stories in the
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region is chile where more than half the population has received at least one dose meanwhile the rest of latin america are in joules yet more lock down measures and continues to wait for the vaccines to arrive. and there are 01 osiris there is increasing anger in england overcovered 1000 restrictions continuing to prevent face to face learning students have been working remotely since last december and they won't be allowed to return until shortly before the academic year ends and her summons has been to staffordshire university in stoke on trent. they're doing all the right things to stay covert secure but while shoppes has cylons a big gardens may have reopened university students can't get back to face to face lectures they could return within a month but it will be 3 weeks before the academic year ends for most of them it's we've got students out there who might be working in the working in leisure centers
4:43 pm
but they can't come on campus to study and we know that they do want to come on just to finish off the air. and really meet meet their peers colleagues and get back into their education and the sort of more traditional way you know their 1st year at university or their graduation in those years you can get back. here again staffordshire university is doing better than most 2 thirds of its 12000 students have been allowed to return for practical reasons. health and social services are among a host of courses here able to use immersive technology for instance we will bring in a physical patient romantic in patient in this environment elsewhere though a mock courtroom remains empty law students are at home many politicians fear a spike of infections similar to what happened when universities opened last
4:44 pm
september but several surveys dispel that fear one of them from the office for national statistics which directly reports to the u.k. government they estimate up to 3 quarters of students have already returned to their accommodation and there are some who have lived on campus throughout the pandemic chris steers has only recently lifted himself out of depression i'm not going to lie at 1st i really struggled being on my own for most of the summer not being able to see my family it is tough universities say too many students are suffering now because of government inaction they say while schools have reopened higher education is being stifled and drew simmons al-jazeera stoke on trent. hundreds of passengers from australia have arrived in new zealand after their governments reopen borders families and friends are reuniting after the 2 countries launched a so-called travel bubble on monday it allows quarantine free travel for the 1st
4:45 pm
time in more than a year new zealand and australia shut their borders to everyone except residents and citizens in march 2020. more than 100000 people in the philippines have been evacuated from their homes to escape threat of the typhoon more shelters are being opened to ensure social distancing during the pandemic but least 22 villages are flooded there's also been power outages and 4 provinces typhoon surrogate is forecast to move towards the northwestern parts of the country later this week. kate farraday is governing party has returned to power with a majority after winning sunday's parliamentary election being come back prime minister ran a campaign based on turning around the economy which has been devastated by the pandemic because reports from cape verde his capital prior. drawn by the beats of prime minister to religious grace your best campaign using
4:46 pm
his supporters take over the streets of the camp with more than a celebration his victory in their victory he says to go about the tour guide who lost his job because of the pandemic. i want him to get like the poorest the good men into a ready because they would get paid for that there is them if you go to the poorest you get the money you know what's the matter what the word for the rest of. your work for the group. during the campaign blamed the country's problems on the pandemic while the opposition leader ahmad a conceded defeat she accuses the government of mismanaging the economy among those that hoped she would become the country's 1st female prime minister is 84 year old . who grew up with. despite it being difficult for me to walk for me voting is a way to keep the struggle alive for all the women of cape ferd. generations of men
4:47 pm
fleeing drought and famine migrated abroad in search for work they left behind wives sisters and mothers who now make up the majority of the archipelago. they argue demographic that transformed key bird from one of the world's least developed countries to a thriving middle income economy in this election the number of women elected in parliament doubled over half of them are from the prime minister's ruling party. after the celebrations prime minister with a sure story i feel i will have to put words to action because he's promised peace people. jump started the economy and the return of tourists to this nation. in an interview with the rather prime minister admits his country is facing unprecedented challenges. with 3 years the 50 or drought the worst of the laughter to 70 with him back to the life
4:48 pm
of families and the farming sector after that more than a yet of pandemic and we face the worst economic and social health crisis that keep water that we experienced still we manage to protect companies jobs and protect people's incomes. borders in the ruling party slogan a steady power hope for change in their circumstances and the country's future. al-jazeera. officials from saudi arabia and iran have held diplomatic talks this month in an effort to ease tensions they cut ties 5 years ago after saudi arabia's execution of a cleric which sparked violence against its embassy in tehran the recent talks were held in iraq in early april and our reporters have included discussions about attacks from yemen into saudi arabia by iran backed the rebels sources quoted in the reports say discussions also focus on lebanon's political vacuum and concerns
4:49 pm
among some gulf states about the influence of hezbollah in the region. israel in greece have signed their biggest ever defense deal it includes a $1600000000.00 contract with them is really a contract or to build and operate an air force training center in greece it's been announced as pilots from both countries take part in a joint exercise in greece. u.s. space agency nasa has made history by successfully flying a helicopter on mars the flight is called ingenuity and it's powered by solar batteries and is controlled by a team here on earth it was sent to mars attached to the perseverance rover which touched down in february sarah webb is an astronomer with swinburne university of technology and what she says is the success of the helicopter will help future explorations huge game changer i think. they are going to design a cross that is able to maneuver itself without needing to change the actual
4:50 pm
planets of being able to fly from one occasion to locations will have huge advantages in the next coming decades right now we do have the incredible mass rovers and the brand new one. the 2020. which they do incredible funny it's from these rovers but they aren't able to travel very great distances so where they land they have you know a small region where they're able to chapel and if we really want to explore the red planet explore possibility of past life present microbes and things like that on the different conditions on the martian surface we're going to need to be able to travel great distances which a helicopter like this with absolutely allowed in the. just a moment peter will be here with the latest europe's top football clubs threaten a breakaway the details coming up.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
on time for the sports news here's peter green thank you very much we'll start with the story that has rocked european football 12 top teams of signed up to a breakaway super league competition that's prompted a strong response from governing body you a folk its president alexander has vowed to stand against what he describes as. disgraceful and self serving proposals he confirmed that players of the clubs involved in the super league will be banned from complete comp petering for their national teams including at the euro 2020 and the world cup in qatar 2022 there are
4:53 pm
12 teams involved with 3 more set to follow real madrid barcelona and atletico madrid are the spanish teams in italy hits both milan clubs and you venters and there are 6 in total from the english premier league manchester united city liverpool chelsea arsenal and tottenham earlier chelsea's coach thomas to call gave his response let's be honest i'm employee of this club and i trust this club and my chop is very clear so i'm maybe not the right person to ask this i'm i am i can understand that you're curious i can understand that there are many and very emotional reactions out there which i can also understand but i honestly don't know enough to judge it i don't know the details i was not clearly obviously not involved my players were not involved in this decision making so we have the maybe the possibility maybe it's a good thing to do to step back and to don't give our opinions and to don't lose
4:54 pm
our head about this because this is clearly a thing between the clubs the premier league leader and city are have all joined us in condemning the move they issued a joint statement and felt to do everything they can to stop it including banning teams from their competitions and taking legal action if necessary southampton would be one of the teams left behind in the premier league and we can hear from their coach now it's a big threat and we have to fight her very hard against event hopefully we we have the fans on our side that they are going with us and without the fans football will not work it is nice to watch the big games but it's also nice to see sometimes a smaller team winning against it begin. the reaction has generally been a negative one especially among the fans we've heard from joe blott is the chairman of the liverpool spirit of shankly supporters' group for 41 support and house won't. be long to the custodian of all or what we think they do own
4:55 pm
or what they don't belong to the lungs. and the driving force when they're on the other are going to capitol. or it's essential part and be an even more greedy. that cannot be allowed to up and this is even got world leaders talking from french president emanuel macron to the british prime minister barnes johnson. we're going to look at everything we can do with the football authorities to make sure that this doesn't go ahead of the way that it's currently being proposed i don't think that these good news for the found that it gets good news for football in this country. that they don't get these these clubs are not just great global brands of course a great global brands are also. clubs that have originated historically from the
4:56 pm
out times from their cities from their local communities they should have a link with those fans one of the breakaway teams tottenham are having a busy day they also announced the sacking of their manager joe zimmer renia he's only been in charge since november $29000.00 and has been unable to replicate the success he has had at other clubs spurs are 7th in the premier league 5 points off the champions league places but they are in the final of the league cup in just 6 days time we spoke to a.p. global sports correspondent rob hatteras. yes loss of any 17 months in challenge of a familiar picture of player feuds and various disputes within the club really escalated through this season a season when at one point it looked like they could be on for the title there in the 1st place in december but they completely collapsed also exited the f.a. cup the europa league and now lying 7th in the premier league but really as exit comes just days before us due to potentially which haven't really going to chance to end the job going back for 2008 and has missed out the chance to take home
4:57 pm
months to city in the league cup final and chairman daniel leaving levy recognised as being a difficult period for some rino and tottenham join the pandemic of the last year or so but ultimately he goes out having failed to restore top them to even the position they were on the merits airports are to say no and he lays one of the shorts of the shorter spell of his munge and gero career since the early days of it . and away from football the vancouver canucks have returned to action in the n.h.l. of trying during one of the worst covert 19 outbreaks in world sport at least 21 players and 5 members of the coaching staff were infected leaving the canadian side able to play since march 24th in their comeback and the canucks defeated one of the league's top teams the toronto maple leafs 32 win over time thank you the captain boho over at school twice including the game winner. of the sports news for no more on the way again later thank you so much peter and thanks for watching the news
4:58 pm
hour on al jazeera back in just a moment we'll have much more the day's news and all the latest headlines from the terek chosen trial just about to get underway in minneapolis. it is only a change because. people believe in a place that is because they're. trying to make a political my city around the state senator they put themselves out to make the changes. we should have taken this. country. we have a disk culture to slosh and to create new areas we have to change this culture one of the fortunate ones. but all the people that majority of these legal research
4:59 pm
talk about are just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are huge refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to being. in the 3rd thailand's of whom in mesopotamia with the 1st settlements the cradle of civilization iraqi people who've depended on the tigris and. euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted and pollution algis or world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. from the al-jazeera london broke out to people in thoughtful conversation i can be in my culture i can still raise my voice against bigotry aki with no host and no limitations the pandemic
5:00 pm
actually exposed the injustice in our society to as mccarthy and has done a cat in hospitality we have protected these men who are violent and bully studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera. closing arguments are to begin shortly in the murder trial of derek cho over and over the death of george floyd will be live in minneapolis. you're watching out of their own life from a headquarters in doha i'm doubting obligates are also coming up russian off already say alexina volley has been moved to a prison hospital the jailed opposition leader has been on a hunger strike for nearly 3 weeks.


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