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across the world. so no matter how you see al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. ready. al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes russian state media says he is being moved to a prison hospital the jailed opposition leader has been on hunger strike for nearly 3 weeks. record a single day surge in corona virus infections in india its capital will be under
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a curfew for a week. but in australia and new zealand restrictions are being used with the opening of a travel bubble linking the 2 countries. a warning to the international community the crackdown to mean more will continue unless the wider world acts. to the sports arena has been sacked. this comes as european football is rocked by the news the 12 of the continent's biggest teams including planning a breakaway super league all the details and reaction coming up this hour. welcome to the news hour we begin with breaking news from russia where the country's prison service says the opposition leader alexei now vali is being moved to a hospital concerned about of all these health has grown during the last few days he's
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been on hunger strike for several weeks protesting against his jailing on what he says are political charges let's bring in bernard smith he's joining us from moscow what more of the prison all thought he is saying about not only. the prison authorities in russia say he has been transferred to a prison hospital it's about 90 kilometers away from the penal colony or colony where he's serving 2 and a half year sentence for parole violations they say he's also receiving a victim in therapy by his own consent of the start of his hunger strike on march 31st of this is now day 20 and since then he'd only been drinking water is via his wife visited him last week in prison she said he'd lost a lot of weight he had difficulty speaking he's suffering from spinal problems and
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he's on the weekend these are lies said his life was hanging by a thread and of on his supporters are also called for 'd nationwide protests from on wednesday evening they were calling for 500000 people to sign a petition after which they would have these protests there just slightly short of that but because of no volleys failing health they believe it's much more urgently needed to have these protests to bring attention to his circumstances the police service in russia today warned people that they shouldn't attend those protests on wednesday and bernard let's just pivot to another story for a moment and it's on the diplomatic route between czechoslovakia and russia where do things stand right now and how are the russians describing relations. well the czechs have said this morning that they have been surprised by the russian reaction by the force of the reaction from russia to the exit polling of 18
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russians from checkers from the czech republic in response 20 diplomats from the embassy here in moscow have been told they have to leave their begin 24 hours leave us they've got to be out of the country by tonight the czechs say but it's more diplomats than the number of intelligence officers we expelled to note the difference the checks making a distinction between intelligence officers people that invent identified as intelligence officers rather than diplomats so this is the biggest crisis in relations between these 2 countries really since the end of the communist era the checks we understand will probably only have about 5 diplomats left in their very large embassy here in moscow and the checks of also barred russia's state nuclear already from bidding to build a new nuclear power plant in the czech republic. ok thank you so much bernard smith
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for that update from moscow let's bring in stephanie decker she is joining us from berlin stephanie it's so the e.u. foreign ministers will be holding a virtual meeting and top of the agenda there is russia tell us about what they'll be discussing. yes there are that's already started all member states they're foreign ministers discussing like you said a lot of issues that have to do with russia they are going to start by discussing the expulsion of russian diplomats from the czech republic and the retaliatory measures measures that moscow has taken they are going to discuss the health conditions of alexina valley we had a strong statement from the e.u. yesterday saying that no valley should be allowed access to his own doctors doctors that he trusts and that his health conditions is fully in the hands of the russians that they hold russia responsible for his his situation that he should be released
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and they're also going to be discussing ukraine and the russian troop buildup along ukraine's borders and they will be joined by ukraine's foreign minister as well now he has been pushing. the you for more pressure but i think certainly initial reports coming out of the e.u. that we will not be expecting any form of new sanctions announced today we are expecting a virtual press conference in about 3 hours from now so we will have to wait and see what they come up with but certainly the indications at the moment probably strong statements rather than actual new sanctions being imposed ok stephanie will scroll through the letter thank you for that update from berlin. corona virus infections have reached record levels in india nearly 274000 cases were confirmed on monday and more than 1600 deaths the government has announced a weeklong crew for you in the capital region of delhi and britain's prime minister has just cancelled his visit to india that had been planned for next week the tree
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again the reports. india is in the grip of the 2nd wave of cave in 19 and nowhere is that being felt moved in its hospitals there are shortages of beds oxygen supplies and medicine adult to say this time they've seen a change in who is being admitted to hospital what we're seeing and this is all anecdotal. personal experience is there are younger patients who are being admitted into hospital. and are more strict than the type of disease that young patients usually have which is my to moderate india reported 275000 new cases on monday that's the highest daily tally in a country that's now the 2nd worst affected in the world. scientists say a new variant with a double mutation may be driving up infections in most cases we've only seen one area of the virus mutating from the original virus in this case we have 2 separate
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me taishan sites which is really concerning because as you know you know every time that we have a mutation we're worried about increased transmissibility increased threat of death and lack of ability of our vaccines to work. despite the rising cases political and religious gatherings are continuing in many places last week 3000000 hindu pilgrim faith in the ganges river for the command of festivals and millions more voted in local elections in the status of the pradesh. i think the guard was let down our just by indians but by indian leaders massive election rallies were held. and subsequently the masses into festival of all one tribute to work massive search in the city of ghaziabad the crime authority ems awful say
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some families had to cremate their relatives on the street and with a new variant with a double mutation to contend with in the faces many more difficult days ahead victoria gay to be al jazeera hell of a bog was a science journalist in new delhi and he explains what's driving the latest wave of infections i think the guard was let down are just by indians but by indian leaders the elections were carved out in 5 states massive election rallies were held and subsequently the masses into festival of which was being held and still going on at. all. to work massive search which is happening in novel coronavirus cases of forward 19 in the us the situation is grim but having reported
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many pandemics since 1904 i'm sure sooner than later india will be able to control the serbs. the double mutation which has been detected in is in india a variant of concern maybe. you know sequencing efforts are going on unless that is figured out and we know exactly what people have been teaching of the presence of the w a dent in the indian search undertaken to get big then we will get to know how much role the w. didn't play but right now experts tell me it is the same good or not why the as it existed last april which is causing this massive search hundreds of passengers from australia have arrived in new zealand after their governments reopen borders families and friends are reuniting after the 2 countries
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launched a so-called travel bubble on monday it allows quarantine free travel for the 1st time in more than a year new zealand and australia shut their borders to everyone except residents and citizens and march 2020 well my daughter has been in use in one scene it's january 20. 9th crew. i'm in oakland so finally i left it is just 15 she's 16 now yeah so it's a bit emotional for me yeah i think this is going to be a p.t. is the key a lot of hugs a lot of tea is i had good success because we were there in january last year we were fortunate to go back for a waiting but yet since a locked it down and we haven't been able to control that it feels like forever. more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including this chad's army says it has killed or captured hundreds of rebels in an operation that began on saturday. and
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then sports peter will be here with the action from an exciting 2nd grand prix of the new formula one season. but 1st a monitoring group in myanmar is warning the military will continue to torture and murder pro-democracy activists if the international community doesn't act the assistance association for political prisoners made the plea after a state television broadcast images images of 60 trainees with signs of what it called harrowing abuse meanwhile supporters of a newly formed pro-democracy government rallied in a way on sunday the newly formed national unity government says it should be included in crisis talks with neighboring countries it's criticize the regional invitation for the military leader to attend the special summit in jakarta on saturday tony chang will bring us all the latest information he's joining us from
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bangkok that's in neighboring thailand tony so as we're saying state television has broadcast really distressing images of people in detention what more can you tell us about. did well this was part of sunday night's news broadcast when 6 teenagers were shown pictures were shown on t.v. they appeared to be badly beaten we understand they were taken from the yankin district of yangon they've been accused of being involved in a bombing there outside a government office on saturday in which 3 soldiers were reported to be injured no evidence was presented of their involvement but some of them showed really quite severe signs of beating one in particular kinney and 2 young women had a very swollen cheek and appeared to have a very black eye and this is not the 1st time we've seen people who are in
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detention being shown to have been quite badly beaten in fact throughout these protests and the military crackdown that's followed we've seen members of the security services using extreme force in the detention of demonstrators some of them being very badly beaten dragged away unconscious of the streets we've also had reports from some of those coming out of detention that they've been treated physically very badly while in military custody and indeed. the assistance association of political prisoners the you mentioned say that 3229 people have been held in detention in the 1st step further stated that 2000 it currently being held in places unknown and they're very concerned about their well being so it does continue to be a major problem the message of course from the military government is very clear and that is a warning to people that if they engage in these protests this is the fate that
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could befall them yeah and tony the military leader has been invited to that asio and summits but not the unity government who formed from those who are opposing the gentiles so how is that likely to play out. did we heard on on monday to the from the deputy foreign minister of that national unity government the contending. the invitation to minong live the senior general us military forces to attend this summit in jakarta he said that you know the national unity government needs to be involved they represent the elected government of myanmar and if they're not involved it will be problematic for the future i think of the sea the hoping that they will be returned to paris some stage it is difficult for the governments of the southeast asian nations
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because many of the the members of this national unity government are still in detention and most important i suppose uncertain suchi who remains in detention as she has been since february the 1st. in a location known nonetheless i think the great fear is for many people in myanmar that this will smooth the process by which governments in this region and more generally around the world start to accept this military hunter and that the actions of the coup slowly legitimized we're going to turn a chang thank you for that update from bangkok chad's military says it's whole to add an advance on the capital and german are from its northern region a spokesman says hundreds of rebel fighters were arrested or killed but the rebel group has said its forces will press ahead with their drive to oust the president idriss deby who is on course to extend his 3 decade long hold on power let's bring in head of morgan she's joining us from chad's capital so where do things stand
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right now. well there in what we do a lot of what we have right now is the number of the of soldiers who were killed from both sides the chechen army said that it has killed over 300 from the rebel front for change and concord group which attacked cities in can name and which entered the town from libya on the 11th of april which is a little bit over a week ago on the day of the presidential election where people voted for their presidential candidates now we also know that the chad in government has said it has also sustained injuries as well as our casualties on its side it said that at least 5 soldiers were killed it has brought dozens of soldiers who were injured in the battles between the rebel group and the government in canon province which is up north the group itself entered after attacking a station a government station on the border from libya on the 11th of april and then proceeded towards the capital it says that it wants to oust the president idriss
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deby who looks like he's set to win another 5 years in power after program provisional election results show that he is living in the presidential year and not only that him about this attack also happened on voting day so what's the mood like where you are. well the opposition have condemned the attack they say that they don't want to resolve the issues of chad and the fact that the president has been in power for 30 years through armed struggle they say that the best way forward is an inclusive national dialogue bringing together all the opposition parties as well as the various other actors on the political arena here in the in chad and to try to resolve the differences and to try to iron out their issues they say that the best way forward obviously is for the rebels to put down their guns and also for the government to stop attacking the rebels so that they all come together around the negotiating table to trying to come up with some kind of some form or shape of governance and new fresh elections are held now it's well known
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that the opposition have never been your mindset they've been split it took them quite a few weeks to be able to come up with a united candidates and even then they were not all unites it so there is a division among the opposition now we have a division between a political opposition and an armed opposition and this looks like it's going to play out for a very long time because right now president agrees that he is going to win and he says that he will. try to contain those forces the forces that attacked while trying to address the opposition who are largely boycotts of the elections ok have a morgan thank you so much for that update a huge fire in capetown has ravaged parts of table mountain slopes above the newlands neighborhood or in flames and more residential areas are threatened cape town university has been evacuated fires often break out in this part of south africa during periods of drought. a benz political party in pakistan has
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released 11 police officers it took hostages during protests on sunday police had earlier raided the offices of beta hakin bake which led to violent protests that killed 3 people charlotte ballasts reports i. suppose is a to recalibrate pakistan will not be silenced no one is healed he they started protesting last year after caricature of the prophet muhammad who republished in fronts well then last week they protested after the government arrested their leader cleric sod risky he had to man did the french ambassador in pakistan be exposed in a ban on french products. those protests resulted in the government. which led to more protests. on sunday a party spokesman said security forces raided the offices in lahore they responded again on the streets in all several of the supporters with coups and dozens were
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injured they're going to put this out the challenge will be attacked by police traitorous started shelling and fired bullets directly at us boys were injured some got bullets in the chest some got shot in the head but when it rectified here they fired directly at us and threw us with water some men had their chest burned others their back face or body i was later they returned with it original grievance against from us i might as well not we told the police we neither have weapons nor are we terrorists but they started firing on us and used tear gas many supporters died and those who were killed one slogan oh prophet we are here for you expel the french ambassador and cut off relations with france local police said sunday's violence began after a police station was attacked they accused peace of forces of taking 6 officers hostage to. prime minister imran khan said more than 600 officers were injured in
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protests last week there is a media blackout also show media has been caught in some areas the teal peace and good news from the rates through many muslim majority nations in october the crown defended the publication of caricature of the prophet muhammad caricature preschool teachers samuel passing it shown in class before he was beheaded boy caught some protests were organized in bangladesh somalia syria libya yemen afghanistan iraq and here in pakistan championed by the t o p. 6 months later the party has banned the leader displaying the supporters killed and wounded and still they chant on balance 0. officials from saudi arabia and iran have held diplomatic talks this month in an effort to ease tensions they cut ties 5 years ago after saudi arabia's execution of
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a shock cleric which sparked violence against its embassy in tehran the recent talks were held in iraq and early april and our reports have included discussions about attacks from yemen into saudi arabia by iranian backed who have the rebels sources quoted in the reports also say discussions focus on lebanon's political vacuum and concerns among some gulf states about the influence of hezbollah in the region mark fitzpatrick is a former united states deputy assistant secretary of state he says biden's retreat from the middle east is pushing saudi arabia to take matters into its own hands. well this is a very good step you know the saudis have been wanting the united states to carry their water for them they've been demanding a seat at the table in the talks with iran to restore the j.c. peel away but now they have their own table to set at directly with the iran and you know i don't think they're going to resolve their differences overnight these
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are very complex issues but it's a good start the iraq saudi rivalry is been playing out in many places in the middle east but most vicious leap in yemen where you know iran doesn't have to be there but they like to have to make trouble for the saudis and the way to a to stop that troublemaking is to talk directly and to try to persuade iran to stop sending missiles for example to its rebel allies i think the united states will be quite happy that the saudis and iran are talking i'm sure that the by an administration has been recommending to its saudi partners that they really should take the initiative and talk directly with iran and you know that the fact that the united states is seen as pulling back from the middle east and pulling out of afghanistan for example is a is
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a reason why the saudis really have to take matters into their own hands they can't rely on united states. 12 of europe's biggest football clubs say they'll launch a breakaway super league 6 english teams including liverpool chelsea and both manchester sides have agreed to join european giants real madrid barcelona and eventis will also play in the league the club's owners are being accused of a power grab on the football governing bodies found you a father have threatened legal action or tank treads mary is the b.n. sports correspondent in italy he says the proposed european super league is all about money it's a time where the football. not only to bring people together. but it is especially one of the biggest industries in the will of the making the most of the revenues possibly the biggest entertainment. factor the way the.
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cinema but the feeling is that. the people who thought that using that team and saw the owners of the club but no one's much much more the 11 year olds fold that that on that because obviously they have exposed them to march and possibly they believe that all the possibilities for many years so they want much more money and they want it now and these projects with these $12.00 finding their clubs he's opened 8 more than this project he's got a thing than i you just lie since the very beginning and what we have thought your book you have a slice of 3 young love the 50 all you lost just for subscribing to this party. well much more on that story than later in this news hour in the sports bulletin and also ahead right after the break we'll take you to
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cuba that's where young people say they want meaningful changes the communist party looks to select new leaders. we'll have more on nasa is the time to conduct the 1st controlled flight on mars. and after a severe coronavirus outbreak the vancouver canucks are back on the ice and the n.h.l. reader will have that story in sports. however for sunshine you're off to look no further than scandinavia which you believe you've got largely dry weather coming through here big area of high pressure keeping it settle munchie there is a fire danger risk at the moment and with little rain rain in the forecast over the next couple days that could increase further hopefully it will turn a little damper as we move towards the middle part of next week we have got some
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wet weather down into the southeast and coated with a couple of areas of low pressure here some very heavy rain just rolling out of the black sea pushing up into ukraine possibility of some localized flooding here at these up into that western side of russia with seeing some rain coming into moscow turns cold but it has been recently temps have been getting up to read 18 celsius over the past few days so that is something of a change going on still into the mid teens there into scandinavia you notice but there's that wetter weather just not going up towards the norwegian fjords see some what's the weather and some windy a weather coming through here links back across the north of the u.k. we'll see some wetter weather starting to push its way in across scotland filtering out in the process by wednesday temperatures at around 11 degrees celsius fought in troy a little further south but we have got showers into northern parts of. i have a good pot of friends.
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came from the countryside to cairo and became part of a. this a just as different from be in the form of al-jazeera world meets the man who's been keeping a close eye on residential life in the big cities for decades but who may now be passing into history. to see from all the people he wasn't gorman but he's now managed by a security company the doman of egypt on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the biggest challenge to his presidency is not only having to deal with ambitions going to the offices but also referred to was quite before we detail coverage called the voice recording is now safely in jakarta in the hands of indonesia's transport safety commission from around the world let's go experts say that could be a government of national unity if that's the case that. will keep his job.
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the is the. the you. got the top stories on the al-jazeera news our russian state media say jailed kremlin critic alexina volley has been transferred to a hospital for prisoners the u.s. has warned of consequences of all new dies in prison he's in the 3rd week of a hunger strike. india's capital region of delhi will be under a weeklong curfew from monday night as the country battles a record surge in infections nearly 274000 new cases were recorded in the last 24 hours and more than 1600 deaths a monitoring group in riyadh maher is warning the military will continue to torture
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and murder pro-democracy activists if the international community doesn't act the plea was me it made after state television broadcast images of 6 detainees. cuba's governing communist party is meeting this week to select its new leadership and policies the government is under increasing pressure especially from younger generations to make reforms to risible has more. and the land that stuck in the past that's the feeling people. have had about cuba for many years. he's a cool can have an a and estoppel living in the government's so-called reforms. if there's no radical change in the system there is no why else there has to be a different way of thinking if not than i'll have to see how i skate displace been a cook for 10 years and because of the pandemic we have no work. our way to
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eat social reforms over the. decade including the expansion of internet access have strengthened cuban civil society and many are now daring to speak out. small protests have cropped up despite tight control by authorities. cuba is in the middle of an economic crisis both because of the pandemic that's her tourism but also continuing and crippling u.s. sanctions this week the government announced it is loosening a decades old ban on slaughter of cattle and sale of beef and dairy ranchers will be allowed to do as they wish with their livestock after meeting state. says this will allow him to increase productivity who would understand value for 60 years we did not have the right to eat an animal however as long as i comply with the regulations that are now being imposed on me by the state this opens up an
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opportunity it will also enhance and increase the production of cattle in the country but economies say much more needs to happen for the country to get on the road to recovery ok live by the earth in a government in by that the measures need to have a big impact and they need to happen now to help develop the country put an end to be or ocracy i believe the new measures can be implemented and vietnam is an example of what we could become it's a country that has a communist party leading and has one of the fastest growing economies in the world you have to enter the world buckets and reform the economy. people like i will miss her believe only political change can bring about radical reforms and that's why he continues to look for a future outside the island where he believes he'll be able to fulfill the dreams he says he's denied at home.
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police in brazil have raided illegal parties in sao paolo as the country sees record daily covert $1000.00 deaths and a new dangerous strain of armed officers close down venues and detain party goers as part of a special task force to enforce social distancing and the past month police have been cracking down on hundreds of secret parties. a lot america received its 1st batch of vaccines in december and there is great fanfare that at all and the coronavirus nightmare but 4 months later deaths and infection rates in some countries have reached record levels daniel shrine the reports from one osiris where many vaccination programs have barely got going. another 800000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine have arrived in argentina they're part of the world health organizations culverts program designed to ensure they reach all corners of the globe yet they all you meet. from today will be working to
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distribute this lake suspects to the different places that need it we're working as fast as possible and trying to speed up the distribution process. their lead to the more than 6000000 doses already here in the country of 42000000 where infections are again reaching record levels it's not enough. it's also a long way short of the promises made by the previous health minister back in february you know the name with the vaccine agreement we have reached and that the actions we are taking we estimate that in august or september we will have vaccinated all arjan times the one in a position to be vaccinated he later resigned in a corruption scandal the elderly in vulnerable and some key workers are being vaccinated but most are still asking when this will arrive. they should have been here today receiving their vaccines but there aren't enough they're simply not arriving in sufficient numbers in the meantime the only other way to contain the
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virus a further lockdown measures and to keep waiting patiently. health workers in mexico are among the 1st to be vaccinated back in december optimistic then about a future that is still not arrived on the land we're going to benefit under the vaccine will be of great help in reducing the deaths that we health workers have there is no space in hospitals and so i think this is a good opportunity. there is a similar picture across much of latin america more than 25000000 people have been infected and 800000 have died the list of 4000000 vaccine doses of arrived in colombia half a 1000000 each and believe you're in ecuador in just 250000 in venezuela where health workers have been protesting but. our fight is to call for vaccines needed the government nor the president have pity for the people let the vaccines in give us protective equipment and hospitals so that there are no more
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deaths in the world health organization says that for the vaccines to be effective at least 70 percent of the population must be covered. one of the few success stories in the region is chile where more than half the population has received at least one dose. meanwhile the rest of latin america in joules yet more look down nation is and continues to wait for the vaccines to arrive. and they're all jazeera one of cyrus we're taking a back to one of our top stories and that is the health of the kremlin critic alexei and of on the we're going to speak to alexander who is an independent politician he's joining us from moscow thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so the latest news we're getting out of moscow is that state media is reporting that not only has now been transferred to a hospital from 4 prisoners just briefly are you hearing anything new on his health or the situation well unfortunately the only thing we all hear is that the
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condition is getting worse and worse he really. did die. saying that he's hard to make up the moment because. i mean his body functioning he would live for and not at all. horrible of course right and that is something the government of course disputes when it says that his health is in fact satisfactory but the message on xander from the international community has really been loud and clear which is given advani the medical aid he needs and to not let him die so is are authorities in russia now feeling the pressure from the international community. well i think even if they feel this pressure i'm not sure that they do care about it until something personal for them happens for instance there is a big difference for the russian authorities between economic sanctions and
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personal sanctions they don't care about economic sanctions because they don't care about the consequences for the whole economy of the country somehow or other they will compensate their losses by putting more taxes and wages for us for russian citizens because they are being driven by their personal interests not by national interests but when it comes for possible sanctions they do really care because their families their assets their stolen money everything is in europe and they not a state they adore in the reality of those countries despite their rhetoric and they will really care only when it happens that something personal for them happens right but so far we have seen a lot of rounds of sanctions and particularly from the united states but there hasn't been any change and now the u.s. is threatening more sanctions. i think the only thing the. western countries and the united states as well do not understand or probably
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ignore. the fact that you cannot just place one figure into the sanctions least because they are business dirty business are being done by their cronies you need just the classical political investigation in order to make clear who their cronies and in order to put 'd into the sanction least personality it's totally not public they are not celebrities or something like that you know nobody knows those figures but the police shoot no so that's what i mean that exactly what should be done but that's not being done and that is how they still keep their money in european countries in the united states that is how they still keep their families there for instance even their lovers and so i think probably europe is somehow interested in this. act
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expert of corruption because you cannot export corruption without imports how much support is there for the protest movement on wednesday we understand on the supporters and in russia have called for a nationwide protest but the police warning people not to come out so far so what do you think will happen. well i'm afraid. the police would behave in the very harsh way they did during february protests because it seems they have some kind of a strong allergic reaction on any kind of. especially. the so-called sanctions though this is incorrect i mean the whole word is incorrect because even according to the russian according to the russian constitution which seems to be raped by authorities but still you don't need any sanction for.
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because we have to go $31.00 of our constitution that allows us to gather peacefully in the armed but still they say that it's not sanctioned and. that somehow gives them the right in their minds to beat people just for nothing i think that. they are well intended to to make everything in a very harsh way ok thank you so much for speaking to us from moscow thank you now u.s. space agency nasa is hoping to make history as it attempts to launch a helicopter on mars if it's successful the flight called ingenuity will be the 1st powered and controlled from another planet and it was sent to mars attached to the perseverance rover which touched down in february that's right the sarah was an astronomer with swinburne university of technology is joining us from melbourne hi
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there thanks for your time with us just talk us through what will happen during the test flight. right for the action should be happening just as we speak which is really exciting. so in the test flight they're going to trash for meat is which doesn't sound like an incredible distance to us humans who are used to seeing helicopters way up in the air but martians a really really tricky planet to try and actually fly or vehicle on compared to the test but really used to freak and they actually get enough lift. from their wings that have been specially designed for this helicopter so if it's successful or what kind of information go to tell us. if it successful they will do further tests over the next coming weeks and months but what it really tells us is that they're designed so that particular type of helicopter with really correct from all of the engineers with nashiri and j.p.l.
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for designing the actual wings to lift this. at this little helicopter off the martian surface is an incredible feat because the martian atmosphere is about one percent of what we have here on earth very little very little particles to actually push to make you lift one when your chance of the helicopter and to make it even more difficult the temperatures can get to about one negative 60 degree celsius which is i think imagine incredibly freezing which makes mechanical design very tricky at libor cation and other other packs of like ball bearing joints do not work in those that are affected. and so there's a lot of tricky engineering that goes into it. so how much of a game changer is this. huge game changer i think being able to design across that he's able to maneuver it without needing to transfer to
1:45 pm
the actual planets or being able to fly from work ation to location will have huge advantages in the next coming decades out right now we do have the incredible mars rovers and the brand new one percy the 2020 rover. which they do incredible science from these rovers but they aren't able to travel very great distances so where they land they have you know a small region where they're able to travel and if we really want to explore the red planet explore possibility of past life present microbes and things like that and the different conditions on the martian surface we're going to need to be able to travel great distances which a helicopter like this with absolutely allowed in the future and you were talking about the challenges just a moment ago but let me ask you this if it's not successful this particular test flight what happens next. in science. the great thing about science is a lot of the time when your experiments fail they teach you infinitely more than
1:46 pm
they would if they succeed so if it is unsuccessful then that needs more learning learning outcomes for them to be able to really design the actual features in it failing would give them information on to why it failed where they're not able to generate believe that the actual mechanics not not work the way they thought it was going to defend on that our all that type of jazz. and even if it doesn't work which fingers crossed and touch with that. we'll still be able to learn and build upon future experiment right we do hope it succeeds but for the time being sarah thank you so much for speaking to us from melbourne that sarah. thank you. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour peter will be here in just a moment with the latest europe's top football clubs threaten a break away from the.
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pack of sports as the peter thank you so much will start with breaking news coming out of tottenham football club in england they've announced that they have sacked manager josie marino he's only been in charge for 17 months but has been unable to replicate the success he has had at other clubs talk of a 7th in the premier league 5 points off the champions league places with only 6 games to go but they are in the final of the league cup in just 6 days time more on that shortly. it comes amid a story that has rocked european club football 12 top teams including tottenham have signed up to a breakaway super league competition and it sparked
1:49 pm
a very passionate response they would stokes reports. football's european governing body u.a.e. for is under attack 12 of the continent's biggest clubs have announced they're breaking away from the prestigious champions league to form a rival european super league barcelona real madrid not letting go of agree to join from spain in italy both ac and into milan have signed up alongside you ventus and 6 clubs from england's premier league also i want to slice of the party manchester united manchester city liverpool chelsea arsenal and tottenham you. know once much much more than. all that that and that me obviously all too much so they want much more money and they want it now so far there are no teams from france or germany including the current european champions by munich but 3 more clubs are expected to join the list of founding members who are all set to
1:50 pm
pocket more than $400000000.00 each just for signing up seriously in the midst of a pandemic an economic crisis football clubs at national league level going boss nearly furloughing players clubs on the edge in league one and 2 and these lobbing soon calls about breaking away and basically create more great. joke the managers of these teams are now in an awkward position little pull your gun club for example has previously spoken out against the idea of a super league manchester united's only going to solve dodged the question at his news conference on sunday i don't think it's for me to comment on now. it's an issue we just have to wait and see where it went up and there was a similar defensive response from athletic i madrid's coach diego simeone any terribly does the internet i'm just a manager and i'm prepared to coach my players under any circumstances i have no doubt that the club will decide what's best for selves the super league clubs want to start a soon as possible while still competing in their own national leagues that seems
1:51 pm
unlikely though given that the premier league the league and syria have all joined you a for in condemning the move saying they'll do whatever it takes to stop it will governing body pfieffer has also said that any players who take part will be barred from their major competitions including the world cup. 4000 fans were allowed into wembley for the f.a. cup semifinal on sunday and some of them made their views clear on the super league when you take. a league you may have had a close shop assistant it seems like a lot of big boys they're. taking away some of their revenue more you already taking them from out of college one of you a physics committee meets on monday the superleague announcement has no doubt added a few things to the agenda david stokes al-jazeera let's bring in a global sports correspondent rob harris live from london rob it's all happening
1:52 pm
1st of all what do we know about and shows a marine you're being sector taught them. yes loss of any 17 months in charge of a familiar picture a play a feud and various disputes within the club really escalated through this season a season when at one point it looked like they could be on for the title there in the 1st place in december but they've completely collapsed also accepted the f.a. cup the europa league and now like 7th in the premier league but it comes just days before he was due to potentially habitable is going to chance to end. back to 2000 and has missed out the chance to take home to city in the league cup final and chairman daniel levy levy recognizing this be a difficult period for. and tottenham join the pandemic of the last year or so but ultimately he was out having failed to restore top them to even the position they were under say no and he lays one of the short shorts
1:53 pm
a spell of his money career since the early days of it gets taught them are one of the clubs that are part of the super league story and they have been through the developments today already we do we stand on that. well this was the big announcement yesterday with the clubs announcing their breakaway and the opposition is growing particularly from fans of all those clubs that would be part of this new elite clique but the threats have been piling in your way for have said that they would be banned from compete in domestic leagues as things stand they wouldn't be allowed to take part the players in international competitions with their national teams and in the last few hours as well i've seen a letter that the super league clubs have sent to the usa from faithful leadership saying they themselves have started their own legal proceedings not said where but to force through this plan to get the super league breakaway very strange in the letter they say they recognize the next 2nd existence the ongoing existence of the champions league but of course be a champions league without some of its biggest clubs if these elite do go ahead
1:54 pm
with the breakaway it's ultimate brinkmanship that you a for over just who controls the champions late yeah and the super league looks like the format would be based on an american sports model could you explain to our viewers what this might actually look like. yes we're currently the champions league is $32.00 teams all the teams have to qualify so that domestic league finishes are less they've won the champions league the previous year they were g. to expand not $36.00 teams and 2024 what this super league envisages is a 20 team format with $15000.00 members who'd be guaranteed entry each year didn't matter how they did if they were in their domestic leagues still season only 12 clubs have signed up so far they're hoping for another 3 spots but their plan is for a a significant group stay splitting the teams into 2 groups and then have a quite traditional format as we expect now go into a quarter finals as 2 legs likewise the semifinal in
1:55 pm
a single game final they need to start it as soon as possible and yes very hard to imagine them even competing in the champions league still this season you've got you've got them still in contention for this season's competition and you know so that is going to be a significant move in the coming days and weeks and today with the way to the meeting that it's going to be interesting to hear what they actually say and you wait believe this republic on the day they still hope to announce their new own expanded champions league well that's ok rob thank you for that we'll speak to you again soon. next for stuff and won the 2nd race of the formula one season the red bull driver eased to victory at the emily of ammonia grand prix you need to beat the finish 22 seconds ahead of time champion lewis hamilton will be never the winner of these career for stuff and is just the point behind hamilton heading into the next race in portugal on may 2nd. it's also been confirmed there will be a new f one race in miami starting next season as part of
1:56 pm
a 10 year deal that will take place at a new circuit in the hard rock stadium complex which belongs to the miami dolphins n.f.l. team if one haven't raced in florida since 959 and it means there will now be 2 races in the u.s. alongside the one in allston texas. it always felt like we needed at least at least 2 races if not more there to really. really integrate with the audience because there's such huge sporting fans out there they're amazing when you go to any of their sporting events like the n.f.l. or the n.b.a. there's a huge amount of passion so i hope that we can we can you know the great thing i think it's going to give some probably around 4000 jobs to people in in the rural area in miami and i think this can be a really positive thing hopefully for their stefanos to pass as one tennis is monte carlo masters and he did it without dropping a saints in the whole tournament the world number 5 was up against russia's andre rieu believe in the final and he beat the number 6 seed in straight sets 6363 to
1:57 pm
win his 1st title of the year and 6 overall. in the 1st member of his family to raise the trophy at the monte carlo country club either he's mother won a junior title at the same venue 40 years ago but. returned to action in the n.h.l. after enduring one of the worst covert 19 outbreaks in world sport at least 21 players and 5 members of the coaching staff were infected leaving the canadian side an able to play since march 24th in their comeback game the canucks defeated one of the league's top teams that's around to make the leafs $32.00 in overtime thank you the captain scored twice including the game winner. that's all we'll leave it for now more sports news on the way again a little later ok peter thank you so much in the meantime you can always had online for all the latest sports news and all the latest headlines on al-jazeera our web
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site is al-jazeera dot com that's it for the news hour right now but rob is with you in just a moment we'll have all the latest updates everything you need to know on the other side of the break thanks for watching but i for now. the protests started cheerfully in front of the x. museum in amsterdam hundreds of protesters gathering to demand the government lock down restrictions and lift a curfew the 1st in the country since world war 2 this threat is that we use our freedoms to protesters who are not funneling social distancing rules who will be to be ordered to disperse by police but police are trying very hard to close friends
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a scenario that happened last week when thousands were rioting in cities across the night. after some protesters started throwing stones at night to no fireworks police on horseback moved in to clear the area. i like of oz in the south of india to find out how a tiny box in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a standstill khulna had he wept across the world with devastating effect and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade here in vietnam we did that a rescue center for some of the world's most threatened animal and joining the call for an end to the global wild wild cherry earthrise on al-jazeera. from the world's most populated region. and untold story. from across asia this is. discover the current events.
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conscious. and conflicting politics. going on when east on al-jazeera. russian authorities say alexina vali is being moved to a prison hospital the jailed opposition leader has been on hunger strike for nearly 3 weeks. i know about this and this is almost 0 a live from doha also coming up another record single day surge in corona virus infections in india its capital will be under a curfew for a week. but in a strictly i'm using.


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