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tv   Women Make Science Dolphin Sanctuary  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2021 6:30am-7:01am +03

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in the stories in the wall of the making the most of every news possibly the biggest entertainment. factor the way the. cinema but the feeling is that. the people who thought that using that at the moment saw the owners of the club but no one's much much more than a rarity or so full that that on that me obviously have exposed them too much and possibly they believe that all the possibilities for many years so they want much more money and they want it now and these projects are. well the founding class. 8 more than this project thing than i you just since the very beginning and what we have thought your book you have a slice of 3 and the 50 medium are all you lost just for
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subscribing to this part. i'm sam is a band with a look at the headlines here now and to syria now russia has expelled 20 diplomats from the czech republic it's a reaction to a similar move by prague accusing russian spies of involvement in a 2014 explosion at an arms depo the man in question are also wanted in the u.k. for the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter the u.s. is warning of consequences of kremlin critic alexina valmy dies in prison valley is in the 3rd week of a hunger strike and close to death according to his personal doctor. close allies of the valley have called for massive protests in moscow and st petersburg on wednesday. have you ever seen with your own eyes how someone is killed you're
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seeing it right now but whatever the people have to look the other way and not think about it change the subject that doesn't change the fact that alexina violently is being killed in a terrible way and in front of everyone's eyes ok bird's ruling parties inching towards an outright victory in parliamentary elections prime minister your gracious korea is still ran a campaign based on turning around the economy being devastated lately by the pandemic coronavirus infections in argentina are at their peak there over $22000.00 cases are being reported daily it comes as the country received a shipment of 864000 astra zeneca from the kovacs scheme of those i headlines the news continues here and now just after women make signs. the climate is changing and action now is paramount the challenges are immense but
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overcoming the this crucial will president joe biden galvanized efforts for stronger action stay with all just 0 for special coverage of the media's something . it's going to be choppy biased ok 2 of them i was kind of lead to the 2 teams and then always want to experience and then within just. and when we observe we observe all kind of as well but we really are focused because we're on the goals in 80 and
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it will go in and. we have a sighting capture before. we actually see them doing say with that swimming diving . there somewhere in that general vicinity. those things that ice. fish are snoqualmie on don't feel they belong to a large ball that name or meter for the last 11 years and now that you are doing to take pictures of adorable things with them identify which individual they are and when we saw them.
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i was very young i always loved the science of biology in nature. they must be 7 near the bolt and they thought about that 5 at least that we saw a fire that away. we'll have a special landing lights they are very complex social structures and they break. these. just today. and you can see the feelings in there visiting the fact that a state so down to find that. we have a very diverse. that is rare charismatic giants this param way and then with these animals and
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yet children know more about the dinosaurs and realize next to us we have a greater brighter on the miles that we share a day. and than a dolphin sighting apart from the science of the day that they're just think that will animals still a and when we see them i think we all share the same responsibility we need to do something today but that these amazing animals. before. we do is are the root of all of the body of. the. book. for.
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the. book with a bit of. a trip to the. where heading to the island where we are creating the my life sanctuary which we have at night. but also that will cause dolphins have been released from captivity. very stressed because. there's a lot of wear and all that there is we need to make to get there to make a sanctuary i'll.
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tell. you we actually get on the car you know and all together work you right. you got it yeah ok we are now in our stance on her i think i am or. not for the. ah he wasn't going to leave money in this place just bring the fragments went scuba divers are they going to get here so i it's a boy and so just make sure they have good grades to go down the hill. but you know this is one of them and phases of recasting that was known to a seeker as passport to her. lashes that to their plantations. the bait is closer than the idea of a side for many of the friends reason within that their waters are very but on the
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other side there are strong currents running within that bay which ensures a very cold renewal of. what they have the bay. in their elder sexually becomes very which provides a wide variety of habitats. when we bring. the animals of that injured the. chances of recovery of survival and go have a good healthy life while their hosts in the bay. they
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. think we got it. all of this is in the stomach there were a ton of micro plastics and there from like saran wrap you can see there is a b.b. pallor and lots of fibers. yes loggerhead. and yeah i was only 30 to some of. these are huge pieces of plastic that were stuck in their stomach $85.00 pieces total we need to change them all how we can raise the money in awareness raising from. hoping to save that thing. and i work. something over the last decade we have realized
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a very important problem much stronger than our carbon footprint is our plastic food and there is no facility that can really provide efficient care and we have believed ation for these incidents and this is one of the main reasons that sparked all the need for the creation of the century. these animals suffer greatly during a favorite thing. where they have. the ability to do any of
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the natural behaviors and they have even the chance to communicate because every song that. goes back to them and becomes really a force for their i call occasion system. has come not even and there is the slave they have to always be alert they have to always remember to breathe so they cannot have the luxury of even dreaming of their own freedom. what will happen to these animals when the close are they going to be transported to other it will feel not out on the world or can we provide the best well 1st allusions for them in their sanctuary that is as close as possible to their natural environment.
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38 you know a son sherry in locations where there's no noise pollution and there's no human presence has a lot of challenges in constructions of what our way from the grave that road these and many other holes that we need to overcome. sam i said in my. but i know that i thought of simply on a mickey that among men to port the. port there it would have the markets and it's going to be a post of blood because there's a lot of. this will be defamation area where we will have. room for the staff and. a kitchen and. recreation resting area so they'll be
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a staircase as they were waiting for the comics week that will connect to the ground floor their work school and plan but we're running out of money so we need to raise funds to be able to complete these. people on the bottom of the. room. and i do whatever we're going to. we're going to do with. modest. but also enough for it so if you have. a preview. of her my daughter 30 min with. a little bit of. buy and a new manager. for you but if the theme of it will actually. be a blur but i would just do the
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a for the case because use. it when i was looking at me. but i've been in the middle. the logical was probably my daughter they knew they were going to be able to give us give it up support them but was one of us about what they be. going to pull out of any one i will never. be able to pick you know nation with them i mean . you know i must buy i live in a home and i'm not going to. have that. quite a ride coming over the the hill there in the view was amazing yes and the good thing is that there's no human presence and a few friends a bit further away in the hands and all of the students are here saying turns a searchers everyone is here to get workers and to be done we have to be
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able to complete this part of their. wallets before the end of next week because rains are expected to start the targets 200000 that we need to as soon as possible so you lay awake at night and wonder about all this or yes we do lay awake at night all of us because it's a important now that all these constructs that are ongoing all this work on going to not run out of funds and lose this momentum of construction i want to dive the fire area i want to look at it at the bottom and the depth in the current the tide and there's not much of that in it so perfected here. but you need to really see it you know from the dolphins point of view. right now we're going to get a look at the environment here we're also going to be looking at different
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parameters water temperature depth as well as you know how do we construct in this environment the facilities that the security fences. the navigational buoys what's the bottom like and so we'll get a good look at that i mean the serious already been well studied by the team here and it's my 1st opportunity to get in the water and have a look at again from the dolphins point of view of. the. as a person who has evaluated numerous sun trees and they have their limitations centers it's important to hear he's. the blond that we have on the place. and then just
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a huge threat. and this is the a story has actually been quite an inspiration to me. i had my or her and the doris and their ability to have this dream and have this passion and do everything everything that they can to work for it. just hearing their stories and. working here on the boats and living in this not the best conditions just because they want to study these animals even if we don't see anything i love being out
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here i love being out on the water. going in between the islands and it's just a beautiful i mean to me. this is a specially designed a hydrophone that we use when we do our marine mammal surveys it picks up the bio acoustics of. predominately cetaceans so whales and dolphins. all right so now hold it 'd. ok the hydrophones out when we can observe these animals in the wild. we're able to establish baselines and then when we have dolphins in our sanctuary we can monitor them and record their vocal characteristics or vocals. with photos and
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behavior we're able to figure out how they're adapting to their new environment because we have this baseline data of how they interact in the wild. i heard about 4 individuals so we really need to be keeping our eye out just scanning the surface of the water see if we can see them. when they surface you noticed the blow was big one of the above that's what you need to look for.
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it's quite follow a by a to me there's no way. he got everything that. he. thought. and. i thank you. we have another 15 or 10 minutes left of daylight you never know maybe going to see some splashing in here sunset. some of the last one let's see. this out there. right here. nothing. 35. something many things are here and. they keep running away. one a false one of course. you could see something coming out of the world. over that one
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a quote hey guys me out of in one. place there straight ahead there was 3 individuals there one out there. i want to talk. white there's 3 here different morning yeah she's on. the list i have chills. we have 3 rizzo's dolphins it's very rare to see them so this is really exciting. this is the best i've seen. this week you know white kids yeah so
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over the rizzo's they're born black and they accumulate scars over their lifetime a star really easily you know they're really old or they're like really aggressive . begin to fight a lot. of various time that will pound research was exactly here really want to be the years ago who we had to come in to us and we had to be very careful when the picture we saw the photos developed about 2 and a half months later it was. just mean several times and i felt i mean i should just find a nice place in one of these beautiful islands and have 10 kids and just stop this whole process but we cannot. have any time it's an amazing feeling to see and observe these anchorman and it was. they are so free and happy and they should be and it just makes me feel so sad and angry when you realize that they're going to find him too small
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a space says for our business and for pleasure. i'm looking forward to listening to the f.b.i. and this thing has a out they sound very. tough not if they know the parts of europe i'm process of closing down and he would be afraid to not be able to provide a solution for them. first of all can i show you some footage that yes that i shot here because i spent a considerable amount of time underwater we're looking at the environment the
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design and build we're looking at sustainability then when we look at the videotape here even though this is such a pristine environment we find those remnants of man like the plastics. the bag. there. that's the video there. it is. good. and so i was a little bit taken aback to see some evidence in the environment here. that
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there are some evidence that maybe some sailboats a bank or in this this safety harbor and. made a quick disposal of their waste. but all that's easy to clean up. for me the water quality is based on not only these fish but the smallest of fish the glass minnows the micro minnows. and you see them just flourishing in this environment. so it's a healthy ecosystem. we score the waves the tidal surge the salinity all those environmental factors.
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as well as the budget that we're building and i think on all of those you're scoring very high at about an 88 a half. you certainly have the location you have done your homework it has everything you need so now we focus on the funding. we take the next steps keep the momentum. confident we will find people who will share the load with us and will be able to succeed in a short amount of time. they are very determined to make this idiotic the very song.
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we don't have a lot of time to waste so we don't have the option of just thought right now we have to continue protesting their life ours is. i'm out of the cities for the blind and a robotic arm for the disabled. i junk australian engineer isn't venting tools to help people gain independence. i stopped trying to use and you decided that we're close to the ability to recognize objects on the fire and say that people with limited vision will be able to recognize everyday objects women make science group of gals on al-jazeera. joggers in new delhi take advantage of the
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relatively clean air after weeks of toxic small stops people from venturing outside institutions including harvard say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the coronavirus and more deaths from it and nowhere in india is the situation worse than in daddy the number of cases auto drug where a desperate situation of the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of pollution across 5 know for india the state's health experts and environmentalists and been warning for months that the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on dogs because the 19 from the al-jazeera london broke out to people in thoughtful conversation i can be in my culture i can still raise my voice against bigotry arche with no host and no limitations but actually exposed to injustice in our society to as mccarthy and has had in hospitality we have
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protected these men who are violent and bully studio b. unscripted on al-jazeera. the u.s. swarms rusher of consequences of kremlin critic alexina valmy dies in prison some of the hunger strike. for tat moscow it spells 20 check diplomats and a growing this due to over 2014 explosion. i'm sam is a this is al-jazeera live from.


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