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center for some of the world's most threatened animals and join the call for an end to the global wild wild here in earth rod on al-jazeera. unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from on london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. the u.s. tells russia there will be consequences of kremlin critic alexina valmy dies in prison faced as the czech republic says the 2 russians accused of poisoning sergei script in the u.k. were behind a deadly lost an arm step. you know i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program the world suffers its worst week yet the new covert cases field by soaring
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infections in india. madagascar 10 schools and hotels into hospitals off the president's helpful tonic fails to stop the cove it's that. and as chad await his final action results rebels are saying they are advancing on the capital to oust president interest a.b. welcome to the program tensions between russia and the west are continuing to escalate after a week of sanctions and diplomatic expulsions the u.s. says one russia they'll be consequences of kremlin critic alexina valmy dies in prison he is now 19 days into a hunger strike and supporters say his life is hanging by a thread on top of russia's military buildup on its borders with ukraine and in the
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crimea russia's ambassador to the u.k. has warned of a bloodbath if ukraine responded by also moving troops to the region now russia is embroiled in a rout with the czech republic it's accused russian spies of being behind deadly blast at a check ammunition warehouse in 2014 and has now expelled 18 russian embassy stuff in response russia has hit back saying that it's expelling 20 czech diplomats but it smith and moscow begins our coverage. a series of explosions hit this ammunition depot 330 kilometers southeast of prague in october and december 24th seen 2 men were killed almost 7 years later the czech government says it now knows who is responsible and that quote you know that's based on clear evidence obtained during the investigation conducted by our security services i can say there is a well grounded suspicion about the involvement of officers of the russian intelligence service in the explosions at them when you know 2014 these are the 2
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men the czech government wants to question their travel to prague and 2014 on the russian passports under the names of alexander petro of and. they are the same men wanted in britain for the attempted murder of a former russian spy and his daughter surrogate and u.s. cripple were poisoned with a nerve agent smeared on the front door handle of their home and solve spree in 2018 there is no. me the 3rd were interviewed on russian television the men said they gone to solve for some sightseeing particularly the city's cathedral spire they are very unlikely to face questioning for either the czech explosions all the british poisonings as russia doesn't extradited citizens the 18 russians are forced to leave prague join a growing list of diplomats forced to fly home to moscow in recent months 7 european countries and the u.s. have either expelled russian diplomats for alleged spying or in response to russia
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expelling european diplomats the foreign ministry here says its retaliation will force frog to fully understand its responsibility but is strong the foundations of normal bilateral ties burnitz met al-jazeera moscow. now close allies of kremlin critic alexina valley of call for massive protests in moscow and st petersburg on wednesday as his health deteriorates and volleys daughter dasha is calling on russia to allow her father medical treatment after doctors warn that he's now risk of kidney failure he was jailed in february for violating parole conditions as a result of traveling to germany for treatment after being poisoned. you would have you ever seen with your own aunt's house someone is killed you're seeing it right now whatever the urge people have to look the other way you know not what think about to change the subject that doesn't change the fact that alexian of only is being killed in a terrible way and in front of everyone's eyes and why it can or is following the
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story from washington 1st of all how significant is this warning from the biden administration about the possibility of consequences should never die in prison. well the warning from the national security adviser jake sullivan is very significant indeed it's warning that there would be strong consequences should know about me die while in russian custody he's doubling down he would not actually specify what the consequences would be saying that the u.s. has a range of options and saying that the matter has been communicated directly with russia itself but this follows on a phone call between president biden and blood in me a putin earlier on in the week in which biden was reported to be highly critical of the russian president accusing him of interference in the u.s. electoral process criticizing him for its actions of the crimean border and is believed to have talked about the issue of the imprisoned dissident as well so the
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bite of that ministration in the wanting to keep pressure on the administration of that emir putin. right now at the same time there has been a week of tensions. and sells diplomatic expulsions and sanctions what are washington's options at this point in in dealing with russia. well the u.s. has already imposed a series of sanctions on russia on both individuals and on russian corporations that russia has retaliated with a tit for tat a series of sanctions on u.s. personnel so certainly there has been this diplomatic back and forth and it's unclear exactly what the u.s. could do to pressurize russia in forms of punitive sanctions that it has not already done the possibility perhaps of the expulsion of an ambassador which would be a very extreme diplomatic step but at the same time the white administration has signaled
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that why while it wants to keep pressure on russia and on to me of putin at the same time it wants to establish some form of dialogue in his firm call with vladimir putin president biden suggested a face to face meeting in a neutral can country over the next month so clearly the biden administration while continuing to criticize putin at the same time wants to keep a diplomatic track possible thank you very much like countering washington. where people in eastern ukraine a wide about what that russian trip build up on the border might need for them charles strafford reports just now from the ukrainian capital kiev on a growing sense of concern about an escalation in hostilities. ukrainian soldiers on the front line on the highest level of alert since the signing of an often violated cease fire agreement with pro russian separatists 7 years ago russia says
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its deployment of an estimated $100.00 cells and soldiers in every weaponry to areas near the border with ukraine poses no threat ukrainian military say they are preparing for the worst earlier than usual i was mobilized and came back to the front line i believe this is a crucial moment to defend my country. world leaders in nato have urged moscow to pull back its forces most of these houses were destroyed in fighting in 2015 around a 1000000 people live in a 10 kilometer wide so-called contact zone the stretches on both sides across the front line oxana says she fled with her son jamie a from separatist controlled areas 2 years ago yet that's true. i have lived here since 2019 i used to live in a live cup but i had to flee because of my political views it has been quiet these last few days but this is the 2nd night in
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a row my soul wakes in the middle of the night screaming there is similar devastation in pro russia separatists control the areas. they have been shooting recently everyone waits but nobody knows how the negotiations will end. the leaders of ukraine russia germany and france the so-called normandy format have repeatedly failed to find a political solution to the conflict crane refuses russia's demand that it talk directly to pro moscow separatist leaders russia refuses to withdraw from crimea if you don't keep our in 2014. lists a political deadlock or maybe levels remain the breakdown in the current ceasefire was fairly predictable because the sides were negotiating in good faith it stopped negotiating in good faith in probably in about october and they'd reached the point where they were instead of trying to find common ground they were deliberately putting forth proposals that they knew would annoy the other side or that they knew
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would be nonstarters and once that starts to happen then you know that the breakdown of the ceasefire is only a small it's only a matter of time russia calls it a military exercise ukraine says it is a dangerous provocation of the 7 years of failed peace negotiations the un says will most sri and a half 1000000 people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance and protection in eastern ukraine. al-jazeera kid. awhile this carney experiencing its highest infection rate yet of the covered 1000 pandemic despite the ongoing vaccination rollout while the health organization figures show the week starting monday april 12th has been the worst so far for confirmed global cases more than $5200000.00 infections have been reported this
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week alone taking the total global figure beyond the $140000000.00 fueling that rise india which reported more than 261000 new cases and 1500 deaths on sunday the government is freeing up more hospital beds for cover 1000 patients as a number of cases continues to surge want to end 6 people tested is now returning a positive result ospital wards usually reserved for government employees being converted to covert facilities after warnings from seanie adults as. no backs in the hospitals there are no beds in the i.c.u. there are no ventilators there are no medicines are in charge supply even oxygen is in charge supply in more and more states and those who have died are debating are worse together for the cent commission what can be more painted us and more frightening than this scenario and the sad part is that the number side is still rising therefore coming few days me actually have even virus in acting. cases are
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rising rapidly in thailand as well with more than 1500 a day there anyone who test positive is now being transferred to hospital supervised isolation with no at home quarantine being allowed out there is tiny change visited one of the new isolation sanchez as it prepares to receive its fast patients. this is the new code 19 feel hospital at the bangkok arena in the west of the thai capital one of 4 facilities has been set up to deal with the 3rd covert wave that's now hitting thailand all across the country and you can see the conditions are pretty basic they've got a cardboard cause here which is for easy disposal once the patient has been checked out after a mandatory 14 days some basic bedding a mosque eterna that will be strong across the top but it's very hot and humid here and when this is filled with 350 people it will not be very comfortable but there
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is no choice you cannot stay at home if you test positive if you're showing symptoms you'll be treated in hospital as people have been so far they're now getting so many that they want to remove those people who are asymptomatic from the general population and keep them under supervision in places like this and this is happening all over the country cases arising by the thousands every day or more thailand has been very successful dealing with covert 90 was the 1st country outside china to detect cases it's also now saying that it is not immune and there's the economic problem to consider as well thailand has protected itself by closing itself off it was very hopeful as were many people here that it will be able to open up to tourists later this year vaccinations became common but the 3rd wave suggests it is not yet ready to open up and thailand's vaccination program is
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lagging behind with most people not able to register to vote. into this you want to take a look at gaza now the territories experienced a record high 466 new cases and 23 deaths in its last 24 hour reporting period received very few vaccine doses with just 3 percent of the adult population inoculated almost all intensive care beds are in use you variants of the virus are fueling a 2nd wave there but israel has taken a significant step forward with the government saying it's no longer called pulse series where a mosque outside schools have also reopened another sign of a gradual return to normal life lost so made mandatory year ago now they only need to be worn indoors israel as one of the world's most successful lacks nation programs more than half the population has had at least one case. and watching out is there at live from london much more still ahead for you going to be live in cape verde web polls have just closed in what is expected to be
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a tightly contested election and bring the refugees moved to another lying island in bangladesh fear they'll be flooded when the cycling season again. hell i've got some lovely warm spring sunshine it's a process scandinavia o'toole's about 6 days love the big area of high pressure in charge just has to keeping it cool brice and sunny and old seep out a little further west as well a little more clout in across the british isles into areas of france into a good part of germany some showers that we have the eiffel showers into central parts of europe system west of weather coming through here just around southern poland czech republic austria sings well too wintry showers as well for good measure over the high ground just want to say wintry shabbas to just around
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southern parts of the balkans and you see some wet weather that was bill gates was the black sea it was that western side of to. anchor around 20 degrees celsius 20 on the other side of europe perth madrid so we'll see bad here although it does cool off a little as we go through a cheese day with the child's the since i was creeping in here not too many showers across the british isles scotland will see want to those they fizzle out as they pump into our area of high pressure still some pleasant will be there for norway also 15 celsius but some rather wet weather coming into the western side of a russia may while across northern parts of africa or hot sunshine into north eastern areas of egypt car it does cool off by midweek. from the al-jazeera london broke out to people in thoughtful conversation i can be in my culture i can still raise my voice against bigotry arche with no host and no
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limitations the pandemic actually exposed the injustice in our society part 2 of us in a car and has a cat in hospitality we have protective men who are violent and bully studio b. unscripted on al-jazeera. to leave the . the in. our mind are the main stories now the us is one russia that will be consequences of climate critic alexina valmy dies in prison valley is on the 19th day of a hunger strike and his doctors have been denied access to him meanwhile the czech republic is saying that 2 russian spies accused of
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a new case crippled poisoning were behind deadly blasts in an ammunition dump near prague in 2014 to expel the 18 russian embassy staff in response russia says it's expelling $28.00 czech diplomats. and our other top story the world is experiencing its highest infection rate yet of the cove in 1000 pandemic of health organization figures show the week starting monday april 12th has been the worst so far for confirmed global cases with more than 5200000. i'm out of gas is also reporting a surge in covert 1000 infections a west african island nation and remain relatively untouched but it's now recorded 4000 new cases this week alone and as charlotte ballasts reports schools and hospitals are being converted into hospitals. welcome to the live hotel in medicare because capsule and turn on a river these days people chicken to do just that live it's one of many hotels and
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schools that are now makeshift hospitals as medicare screws fragile health system is buried under thousands of new cases. we have the virus which is the south african variant and the 2nd wave this variant also triggers more severe reactions has to increase of death in madagascar and. madagascar a country of 27000000 people had escaped the worst of the pandemic since the outbreak began it has recorded 31000 cases and 538 deaths but 4000 of those cases came this week more than 800 on saturday. we came here yesterday and there were still places available but now it's almost full earlier this month medic ask is president andre rodger alina reluctantly joined the world health organizations kovacs program to procure vaccines he had 40 against
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them the leaving a herbal tonic made from the n.t. malarial plant a militia was a cure he dubbed it covert organics and last year ordered the military to deliver it to vulnerable residents he even exported thousands of doses to more than a dozen african nations the world health organization says there's no proof it's effective still it is in high demand. so far medicines are free except when they are out of stock you have to buy them elsewhere medicines are free when they still have stocks available. for madagascar this is near the fight is on to control the virus in hospitals hotel schools as they wait the vaccines to arrive at dallas al-jazeera. the u.s. state department has ordered all non-essential personnel out of its embassy in chad saying the security situation there is deteriorating german and british nationals have also been advised to leave the warning follows reports of rebels advancing
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towards the capital legend mina to oust the president address debut who is on course to win last week last sunday's election it will morgan has more now from chance capital. the united kingdom has at its name to the list of countries that are advised that is advising its nationals inside chad to leave the country as soon as possible because of the advance that the rebel group known as the far known as the front for change and concord say they are making towards the capital injun manner now france which is chad's closest ally has not advised its nationals to leave the country but it did issue a statement saying that the embassy here issued a statement saying that its nationals should remain inside the capital because of the security situation now defunct for a change and concorde is an armed rebel group that was formed in 10 to 16 to counter and ousted president idriss deby who's been in power for 30 years now and who looks like or is said to it was poised to be an hour for at least another 5
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years after providing provisional results showed that he is leading in the presidential polls in the elections that were held exactly a week ago and the government issued a statement then saying that it's pursuing the the rebels using it's our it's our forces as well as work planes and the foreign ministry issued a statement saying that the wolf by the diplomatic missions is to make sure to premature and that the situation right now is under control and there is no need for the concern that those diplomatic missions are currently showing by telling their citizens to leave the country meanwhile we have a statement from the rebels themselves saying that they are getting into a ground that they are right now you can province which is in the north about 300 kilometers away from the capital and that they will continue to make their way towards the capital to oust the president idriss deby polling stations have now closed parliamentary elections the 2 major parties led by incumbent prime minister craig in silver this campaign rival. she's hoping to make history as the country's
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1st female head of government that's going to nicolas sarkozy in prayer in there. it's been some very colorful and vibrant campaigning there what is the atmosphere like now the polls have closed. well let me show you around here where we are right now we're in a popular neighborhood in downtown pryor called shapiro and just moments ago right behind me is the polling station the local library that's where people came to vote but unlike in other polling station producer in affluent neighborhoods there's been a little churn out here still doubtless fair because of the polling station here you know people are frying chicken selling beers. but at stake here is very serious issues it's the economy now in this neighborhood most of the people that live here have a relative in boston in the east coast of the united states or in poland or in
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portugal many of the people here depend on the financial reminiscences the money set back to the country to survive in the year of the pandemic like anywhere else has badly affected the people on this island nation maryam. tell us about. how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the economy then because obviously this is a country that relies heavily on tourism travel restrictions in place and. measures have been taken elsewhere obviously affecting people and their livelihoods. that's right i mean a particular cave bird that's really reliant on tour is from europe because of restrictions in europe i mean that people can't come here and so the government here has had to deal has had to walk a really tight rope between trying to ensure that people are protected from the
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current virus whilst there is a surge here and the same time keep people gainfully employed in they've done that by subsidizing salaries up to 70 percent of salaries of people who work in the tourism sector has been paid by the state but as a result public spending spending has really gone up and so the government has to take really drastic action like selling national assets the airline company here of couple of very day has been sold to iceland air the maritime routes that link all the 9 islands of this of this nation have been sold to a portuguese company and so that hasn't gone down well with a lot of people here and will probably be sent translated in the votes but if you talk to young people here there's also a sense that the thief towards the political system as a whole they feel some of them that they they don't recognize themselves neither with the ruling party nor with the opposition now 600 candidates
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are running for the 72 seats in this parliamentary election and so these parliamentarians have. a very important role for people in local government here access to water has been a big issue here because of climate change this island where we stand santiago well it hasn't rained for 3 years miriam until september so access to water the shortage of water is one issue that people want to see results so we'll find out in the next couple of hours what will happen in this election and who the next prime minister will be marry him. very and. porton issue the water shortage is remarkable thank you very much nicholas x. rays all the latest from the prior where polls have closed in a parliamentary election now a couple of other stories to bring you gyptian media reporting that at least 11 people have been killed in a train derailment almost 100 others were taken to hospital with injuries it
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happened as the train was traveling in a city of 230 kilometers north of cairo this is the latest in a series of accidents on egypt's rail network and comes just 3 weeks after 19 people died and 2 trains collided in southern province south of cairo aid agencies in bangladesh a warning a huge number of rango refugees could be caught off during this year's monsoon season thousands of families have been moved to russia on char a low lying island the bay of bengal the only surfaced in recent years some refugees say they are scared of what's going to happen if the area starts to flood tanveer choudary reports from dhaka. since filing a military crackdown in myanmar 3 and a half years ago hundreds of thousands of rohingya refugees have been living in the world's largest refugee camp in cox's bazaar but since last december more than
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18000 have been relocated by bangladesh government to an isolated island. widow with 5 children is among them unafraid of. the monsoon season is almost a year i was worried when there was heavy rain and rain this morning i'm alone with my children what will you do if there are storms and floods there are no guarantees that there will be no floods. rights groups aid agencies and many refugees say the island is made of silt and didn't exist couple of decades ago and they leave those staying there exposed to tough conditions and bad weather bangladesh is struggling to find a long term solution for more than a 1000000 running out of refugees since last december the country has started relocating many of them to across the law and in the bay of bengal because of what it cites as congestion and security issues in the world's largest refugee camp in caucasus bazaar the government said island has all the facilities that are needed
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and can withstand storms and high seas but that disputed by many who have arrived there. it was a mistake to come here i won't suggest others come here we are worried about storms and floods and how to survive under such conditions aid agencies have warned that with the cycle on season fast approaching people on pashtun char could be stranded and face food shortages when major storms strike the international red cross ses there are too many on sutton it is. all about. money or even to get. but. the government has. that loud and. well we still don't know how it. will be in a month all of our community would cope with it and many on the island say they're
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disappointed and. determined it's not like the russians provided to us here are just not enough to survive on we heard that we would have an easy and comfortable life here than in a camp but the conditions of the same if i hear someone is coming to passion char i would tell them not to come here. for the rowing guy who fled me on my life remains in secure their homeland is now ruled by the military john to their flat and the face on an increasingly precarious existence in the land they have sought refuge country charge 3 al-jazeera bangladesh. stories for you now the us is one russia that will be consequences if kremlin critic alexina valmy dies in prison and valley is on the 19th day of a hunger strike and his doctors have been denied access to.


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