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tv   101 East Pakistans Water Crisis  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2021 7:30pm-8:00pm +03

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human rights while some try to stay and protect their land others say they had no choice but to go i began i don't know because of this moto g.p. circuit we have to leave our home the home that we love. company. demand says he was only compensated for some of his land now his family like many others faces the challenge of starting again somewhere else just to washington al-jazeera to counter . this is al jazeera and these other headlines russia's u.k. ambassador has promised that alexina vulnerable die in prison earlier the u.s. told russia that they'll be consequences if the kremlin critic doesn't survive valmy is said to be critically ill mike hanna has more from washington d.c. on the comments made by the u.s. national security advisor jake sullivan appearing on
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a morning news shows saying that there would be consequences but not really giving very much details about it i also give you exact quote in terms of the specific measures we would undertake we are looking at a variety of different costs that we would impose and i'm not going to telegraph that publicly at this point i will communicated directly to russia said the national security adviser so it's basically a warning shot across the bows no real details what's the weather about what the consequences should be should not only die in prison but certainly it's a diplomatic step by the united states that is likely to only increase the frayed relations between the u.s. and russia. hospitals across i think breaking point is the region becomes a new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic india's reported more than 261000 factions. there are no backs in the hospitals there are no beds in the i.c.u.
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there are no ventilators there are no medicines are in charge supply even oxygen is in sharp supply in more and more states and those who have died are a great thing for our worst for the scent commission what can be more dangerous and more frightening than this scenario and the sad part is that the numbers are still rising therefore coming few days me actually even voicing it egyptian local media reporting that at least 8 people have been killed in a train derailment and 100 others have been injured north of cairo. the u.s. state department says ordering all non-essential personnel of its embassy in chad rebels are said to be making their way towards the capital mena well those are the headlines to keep it here on al-jazeera one on one east is up next.
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in pakistan a battle for one of the last necessities plays out under the cover of documents but the who doesn't stumble on is on my mind that i'm not that i'm but i'm caught by me . in the country's biggest city kharaj in the taps are running dry with water in short supply a black market is thriving of course ok but they are. good with. as all thor she struggles to deal with climate change heat waves and broken infrastructure millions of dollars worth of water is being stolen and sold
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to people who can pay a premium to have enough you know you've already been given to the 101 ace meets the water things of karate and reveals how climate change is leaving pakistan dry. kharaj pakistan's largest city with a population of 20000000 is brought to a standstill. a sufi heat wave strikes the southern port city in june 25th day with temperatures as high as 45 degrees celsius. unaware and unprepared around 1500 people across kharaj perish from dehydration and 8 struck.
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memories of 25th dane continue to haunt karate to die but as dr rozza from a buffy shockey hospital tells us now people are better prepared. in the last 201-5216 is helen gaining movie day trying to find. models who make a good awareness program of their news it knew we didn't need no warning this soon but so easy to have. it's a destructive piece and a few reports come with all the llama i who. move among whom the modification needs to have it was slow but. this is the new normal in karate. environmentalist's a pakistan is particularly vulnerable to the impact of climate change. and
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in megacities like karate lack of trees molls of asphalt roads and toll buildings are increasing heat absorption. the growth of poli planned it densely populated settlements is making matters worse ago. voting to kill coleman director of the not sedations environment program karachi. is a spectacular example no bob when there's an explosion in a small. go through 50 with would. be entered have now been out of just 30 so. you have more people who need more water in your more shops and federal you need more also mismanagement. or not manage to protect its water courses. with rising temperatures the population consumes more water. more than a 1000000000 gallons unaided h.j.
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to supply karate citizens but the city is only able to provide around half that amount. for residents like muhammad or if that means the taps often run dry. so you played by the. will bear god. to get wider war to go. back out over here obvious go money line better go to. the wider world. your funny. broken water distribution lines multiply the problem across the city. to i am sorry for arrives at the government's bang distribution pipeline 100 measures from his home. he plans to divert water to his house with the i did hoses and a small bush arise. and got it got
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more done when we got to got to find it more to go to. the immortality and i got to. be much more. but i just need to get some of that. there are one and a half 1000000 people in this district alone. to say i'm going to. be here next year look they're going to. look up all right but overtaken by the hour but. we head to the karate waterboard to ask managing director assad come on what's causing the problem. it could actually keep your demonic head from
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a 1000000 gallon party bushman naturally i will carry can be had linkages be had but it's pretty haskin who would have been to him minus critically had to come up. and get the party to some degree funny how my. i would have been a doubter meaning a lot of the building iraqi water to have. as water becomes spot a black market is thriving. so where does all this water go. to find out we go in search of kharaj these want to say. it's a lucrative business where water is stolen and then sold for high profits. after many attempts we finally convince a water face to mesa's so on a time limited. you present to do their duty you can do their job if i need to.
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but i'm going in there going to this. to get the market. at least for. the next. insert current illegal. 30 year this is our borders are. just. taken to a congested slum where one of the faves explains how it works now is i mean next sunday in the beginning to see any of bonnie on connection there isn't.
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some 11 or the bunnies are big time industry go by 7 that are safe simply illegally by me not feel you are being. ready to. go get my grandmother that. doesn't lisp another month but when you think all this marriage governments i believe. anomalous and. when you leave. the guard the border to the. side or departments with. the name tigers to where they steal the water from. water that they then sell at exorbitant rights while government officials get a cost. on to. get beyond the supply can that for copper have to execute it will be here. and i'm a whole show going to be
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a nice meal if you get committed to the hotel you're. going to have the morning or miss in buchek at the end of the man and i make a. lot of here to kind of what the department will say. this stolen water is diverted from the poor to the rich who can pay more. one solution the city has developed for its water needs a water tank is that now had too much of kharaj cheese water distribution. more than $10000.00 tank is operates in the city under government control making an estimated $50000.00 deliveries to consume is across karate each day but there are a few checks and balances and when heat waves hit karate and the demand for water sources excessive bribes. allowing tanker drivers to jack up their rights to.
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delivery of a 1000 gallon water tanker costs from $12.00 to i-ching dollars per trip it's a state process especially for large whole families who spend up to a 3rd of their income on stolen water. a global study projects that nearly 5000000000 people live in water stressed regions. by 2050 while the united nations estimates that water shortages could displace hundreds of millions of people as early as 2030. the karate water board says they are stepping up their fight against the sea she's with. today we going on a ride with top of the shroud who heads the task force against water theft i'll be . your door to talk about it. but i didn't order this because it had devised out of the book the divine authority of god talk
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a pretty funny you divorce me like this is going to hit we don't know you are you just funny wouldn't you like to go there is more of the bunny in the water and given his work you know oh. that's. a water pump it's complicated in the right. to be explains the kind of money changing hands in the garage and it's a liquid water industry. they're going to be feeling the food we get them. on the morning. on the other we're going to get the one. it's about that old fellow and he has that covered up to yes he got engaged. ever get him out of order that. i tell op it or that old and you know but oh they can go on to work all day that it will be. to get the young gentleman of them but what they're. the day's work is not done
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tubby sure has received another teapot. a textile factory deal by is stealing and reselling wasn't. a suspect is a rest of the same. total you get off. if you give back to the here. native land by a nickel jaw. i mean obviously you do the way you think about human body if you get the middle i'm going to tell you.
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about. the illegal pump from the bowl is taken out and confiscation. of. yeah peter this is routine work for to be sure and his team they destroy iran 10 pumps a day and arrest the perpetrators but he decides he of 20000000 people and with limited resources the karate water board can only play catch up with the thieves as schuchat cockatiel explains climate change will only worsen kharaj she's water was grammar jane will mean more. and will mean more routes into i mean there are no action and the quantity am remarks and the quantity. i want to a more general theme yes there were missing american and embarrassed. soaring temperatures in south asia a reaching pake levels jews are rising grain house gas emissions the hague is
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destroying the human langley's since that supply of water to the rest of the subcontinent. the clay sea it's in northern pakistan and the biggest collection of auschwitz outside the polar regions but now. we travel to the other side of the country to gumi it's a village in northern pakistan to investigate its impact. according to a new study 36 percent of the glacis bound in the region will be gone by 2100 sitara per diem is a glaciologist who has studied these auschwitz for the last decade this was once the area we kid plenty of water from these clay shit because the glacier was much higher so that what it was. that he chatted during these 8 ition
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jenna's the glaciers that where the sensitive to climate the x. according to the template yet and the precipitation when it's hot it's a lot. since not in the snow line in northern pakistan has receded by 1 point one plummeted. what sancia still wasn't possible in 1000 years has happened within 30. if global emissions remain at current levels future generations may never see eyes in south asia. these glaciers are also important who are these hominids who are living here who defend on these as if that's real for their livelihoods so it's not for civil leave out that watters. on these glaciers. it leaves these village communities nestled in the mountains highly vulnerable. and less than. and
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you. can feel the. lakes forming within the glycine is often burst causing flash floods destroying life property downstream. shall cut ali a local resident and tool god takes us to the good kinglake one of the largest in northern pakistan. as the sun blazes only we see streams of water running down the crew passes. the water is collecting into a massive like within the glazier shall cut says it could burst today any time and flood the village below our cars getting our job up one of the. dying by a supporter i still will melt. is it you we are. all the other get in the snow here are stubborn i. need it it will need to pay out the pointer.
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to a get if get us there man apparently and you you but are getting. much of the excitement . in june 29th take a glacial lake formed in the neighboring sheesh her place here. local officials quickly built a concrete wall to prevent the water from bursting the banks but it filed to stop the savage torrent that suddenly engulfed the village. local resident. remembers that fateful day. the water basically banana but was the target jordan many with him i cannot. go but i'm not up. signet. john boehner job and. one other.
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order. the whole. mission. was but be it when you get off that's a good move you need. to wreak says dozens of homes washed away. big from the disaster management authority says it could have been much worse they can do is the a bald muscular camel dyke is about going to give us elizabeth and 100 person. to thing we've all done it a record. 20 percent damage and he was a good person was a b. as it is on going to prison are 200 feet. go under feet is nothing more damaging was a oh my position. but. to reach takes us
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to the sheesh percolates here he believes it's the size of another disaster in the making. he says this black lycia is moving down straight 5 to 6 mages a day towards the village due to rising temperatures are b.b. too good does a lot of the inventor. or ja bit oscillate then as other. jobs upon return from us come years. undergoing it doesn't bother you yeah. yeah yeah yeah it's called. prime minister in ron cons response to the challenge of global warming began with a program called the 1000000000 trade tsunami $1000000000.00 trees were planted between 20142017 at
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a cost of 169 $1000000.00 the prime minister has vowed to plant another $10000000000.00 trees by 2023 the aim is to increase forest cover and attract grants that will help reduce rising temperatures. but more needs to be done 2025 has been mocked as the year when pakistan may turn into a water scarce country unable to meet its walls and needs. in a country beset with problems climate change is not considered a top priority issue by the population. but today young pakistanis taking to the streets of lahore and other cities across the country to demand urgent action to tackle the. climate crisis but.
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i think. these young people about how climate change will affect their future. don't rely on her yet nor can i smell. you present them at all it is not them give us this thing that you have been his have been a company for the use embodied and you know i love it just love it and that's the beauty of the b.b.q. like. pakistan contributes less than one percent of the world's grain house gases yet it is one of the most vulnerable countries affected by climate change. with one of life's necessities. disappearing
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it needs urgent global action to stem the tide. thousands of children were removed from east timor jury needed in asian occupation decades later what i want to enjoy is members of this last generation as they find their head hard. on al-jazeera. told to i'll just say right. when you tell me what the government you represent is now illegitimate and we listen we do not sell the fence material any country the
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year old conflict and yet we meet with global news makers until about the stories that matter on al-jazeera when i enter the ring i feel on top of the world i don't want that feeling to go away when the show ends the final on call it in retirement and i thought oh my last line watch for laugh line meet the form a circus performers gracefully supporting each other on the stage of life going les you got a broken bone and a minute off it was beautiful witness presents off to circus on and just that's fish loose patience is still must go on. the climate is changing and action now is paramount the challenges are immense but overcoming the this crucial will president joe biden galvanized efforts for stronger action stay with the just 0 for special coverage of the leaders' summit on climate. models the plan from moscow is on good
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luck god we are the while traveling the extra mile where all the media don't go we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. org. russia has vowed to retaliate after the czech republic says 2 people charged the thing its act in the u.k. are behind the 2014 explosion. warnings of consequences from the u.s. about the health of kremlin critic alexina vuln the russia faces diplomatic pressure on a number of fronts. my . mother i'm our markets in doha.


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