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tv   Al Jazeera World The Doormen Of Egypt  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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so no matter how you tell came out just they are bringing you the news and current affairs that matter to you. down to 0. to a a. war. or. 1200 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera i'm kemal santa maria with the headlines india reporting another record number of new coronavirus infections health authorities registered more than 261000 cases in the past 24 hours also india is running out of vaccine supplies and so will continue to delay exports in thailand new isolation centers are preparing to receive their 1st residents now everyone who tests positive has been transferred to one of the centers or to hospital the country's been
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registering more than 1500 new cases a day tony chiang was able to visit one of these centers as it prepares to receive its 1st patients. this is the new code 19 field hospital at the bangkok arena in the west of the thai capital one of 4 facilities has been set up to deal with the 3rd covert wave that's now hitting thailand all across the country and you can see the conditions are pretty basic they've got a cardboard carton here which is for easy disposal once the patient has been checked out after a mandatory 14 days some basic bedding a mosquito net that will be strung across the top but it's very hot and humid here and when this is filled with 350 people it will not be very comfortable but there is no choice you cannot stay at home if you test positive if you're showing symptoms you'll be treated in hospital as people have been so far but they're now getting so many that they want to remove those people who are asymptomatic from the
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general population and keep them under supervision in places like this and this is happening all over the country cases arising by the thousands every day and one time learned has been very successful at dealing with covert 90 was the 1st country outside china to detect cases it's also now saying that it is not immune and there's the economic problem to consider as well thailand has protected itself by. closing itself off it was very hopeful as were many people here that it will be able to open up to tourists later this year as the vaccinations became common but the 3rd wave suggests it is not yet ready to open up and thailand's vaccination program is lagging behind with most people not able to register the vaccines until june this year. live pictures from berlin here is germany holds memorial events for those who died during the pandemic chancellor angela
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merkel president frankel to steinmeyer are among those attending not the 67 people died on sunday bringing the death toll to just under 80000 germany's recorded more than 3000000 cases. on to other news check police want to talk to 2 russians linked to a 2014 explosion at an ammunitions depor they are the same man accused of poisoning circus cripple and his daughter yulia in the u.k. in 2018 is optimism in the nuclear talks in vienna with iran's deputy foreign minister saying a new agreement is being formed members of the troubled 2015 deal which the u.s. pulled out of our meeting in the austrian capital. that how different it seems a new understanding is in the offing all sides have a commonality in their final objective the path the tree have to pave is now clear
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up as we have said many times to end interested in protected negotiations but talks are needed to shed light on all discussions in naturally talks will continue we think talks are now at a point where all sides concede and begin trotting a joint don't command it can start even now at least in areas that the 2 sides of common ideas. their state department ordering all non-essential personnel from its embassy in chad follows reports of rebels making their way towards the capital in germania from the north if europeans prime minister says sudan's fears about the impact of its grand renaissance dam are unwarranted abyei says the 2nd filling will not cause flooding in neighboring sudan fears its own dams will be affected if ethiopia continues to fill the reservoir egypt says it's a serious threat to its water supply it's now up to date with the headlines al jazeera world starts right now.
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kind of it will lead. and the alleged death of a member. of the. union as a plan and if nothing else i want to learn to have. had if you're. there yet. in both iran and less and that little more. on what our lead to a man a. moment . you know. young. bull but john. new lows and when.
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someone. is high yeah. but then nobody even. has a lot of money. but that i'm on my own and if the local bush was elected democratic on a war. enough said what in the muck them on nobody can laugh and i look at look to my minimal come on mostly i need one. is. very little but even if it had been the last one that i will go to sudan but i love
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it here you. feel better about it good lord feel. bad. for them one of them has. been home with. me in the will but if i. didn't get out.
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the idea could hold which was inserted where if she read at them and i show it here it is a democratic that dilemma i mean i will add that a decade or a misstep can have it mess. and them are. modern and actually 2nd. second. i should be very adequate to answer a model. that can and does that come better in and hagley a ali i also feel berated but. maybe sacking new orleans so that the al. binti that the community does that's how they're going to but hash why did nobody but. i had to get. out of course because the guy you on the leg i.
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was all these bit but i thought you know what they give a damn about us it's luck. had we never got it had a for the guy that is sad that musharraf is less an analyst at a diminished place like that there. is from the small. d. to figure 10. through without his earlier one means here and the morrow. between more of the only news is. more. good to most of us.
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very. little. show called to say. it was a. lot of the next month when i left it with that black little thumb up in. about this. one of my own and that in 300 but i would. not. see it. in fact when i get back to me well it doesn't be half way i should have checked or sort of had the copy.
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you see. was to. be. whole wall was a bloody. how do you. think. i don't condemn non profit in the south if you can get betty yanni is so that mccain should my said we have been kid that you can hear. from the fish. and in the house only so that i'm acting for that they've been hit on the credit. and the home for example or let you add it up on this list i came to as i meant look for the saddam of their kind of awesome and i. could be you i mean if you made enough. of them will be the fall of. you how will you scream for
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ya my feet. woke up in the 2nd half ago last 2nd fuel. we have mobile. so let me just the sort of winter this is all you know if you just set some fog on a stop and talk about the evolution 1st of all to. us as legitimacy should a condo get involved. so a little to dinner and if you. thought of. it. will show up and felt. somewhat.
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less good i felt the political was chugging also. but i had little but i mean with saddam. it will stay right there. while my i'm out the house. we're not still more. just do you know if you have a lot of things deafened at some of the other. guys you know. if you didn't see a lot simpler ones and i think les i said it's one of the few. kids. that i would be up in this can i. can get $100.00 had the demagogic it's an exact quote a little. soprano in the
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mind i can remember her shandong. total but i don't. know how government got a homicidal football star to hire you for solid food whenever he said the number and the mark hagger. were never. hold on and had to put in a hard i mean i meant. not accept. i didn't. lie you pulled all. the mean. wrong. you know that old dude must know we. only on most lineups. but he did say. 11 is not a movie if you. had developed had. another for
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the mo you've got a lot of. or the loss of one of those you know hold on a little boy was the consent of all and in the funeral for the and but where the high you know what the how well i submit the how we met in the hospital. in make them a few many escort has. led to be can let us again be well let the whole episode and let us come about. when you don't want to or what with that i'm not on there and i will give you a little 111 i don't want to i don't give you the. i'm a go my son isaac i did chuckle at the look whenever he said like that i don't know what that went to one of them is where i feel it got today i'm with i love to live . and risk 11. times symphony i'm the nurse
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the middle of the house and all of the. i've been binocs and a bit of in bed been named alan you know i lived in this bed homebase yelling been . under the bus when i know going into the house no house of the house and in this . well i can listen which is a little more. than $110.00 a hole it's a lucky one about one hour on which a lot more be healed. and how does a lot of the high go. well i. know a business. is the have acted the.
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one bad you could aim can for coming in at a motel as an actor but that you're high you're not in the way of a good keeper harrison but whether i get a new start for you have shown a some sort of. i am. your mother 2nd i want for 20 some odd. knots can almost from you not and we know. that nothing on the it comes to tell you. not to i would look at what the bible says. the thought of the thought was. a moment. among the lower i look a lot at them up the more luck with the world. to her
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a load of muck for the. fall on us of tar heel heart there will be no this mildly republican in my filter or so we're told will annoy those who call me right of the movie over who can be different oh you are awesome. b.c. been mckim me tell ye. weird me mainly he. being a winsome sold. them so. i'm so glad i want to go for yeah well that's almost whoosh dated and she'll have to live as almost loose. brutal bought. an outfit that long to hide that told. you on staff unless i said i think that i would. like a while got
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a. grand on. my get your be. be. civilized. to the one softly. buy to no. more than most to serena. because your siani. father would have. less of a short. on the don't know. shit. if you. learn a few of the look. at the. you know. one of. the
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brand new hosts on the record at the moment. told the show all the. while how your holiday looking from the love of. the model to how much it was for gable but of whom with. the web and the wows you saw have medical help the the. second. home only for them and i know no one want to be the same enough with. the holy and about. to tell me that drama. can be live in the hotel. let can tell mr i'm a. lot despite a show that bad but that would allow that but what the. senate in a web in the middle as
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a you. feel when that man more. or way back. in a cinema that she. had the net should anything but where. many thing but where. in the modern moderate. media. i mean like a. lot but it could give a fuck the us of something yet in the desert that doesn't get in
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a financial crisis and can short little. but where flecking them again after many met him in the woods he felt caramel i'm just saying it in. a web. meant other euro at kenneth moore woodruff and mocked up my neck to get them for the hook to study in the deaths of any yet. about what being in yemen. some women are in have been your the innocent. and. the and the big. can in the. form for to the. minute really you were removed remove an inch of freedom we have
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no bond in the recommission among us not only. in a bimbo web in some game in belo do i use a. way. for all in more wood that fin walked emma. hasn't yet there was. but a web battlefield out of the lot of a web. but about web based theory are all the we. in the fast buck and has all but web. man well ecan more. shellfish. they know. my father is doing i live there. to.
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says he should throw her out they had a law can bad eggs and he be net show the object as a snag by the imho america challenged best but what i desire has little more to mock illini how healthy for what could be or was for fema shaken if the haste in the. battle but web of our heroic the whole what malik it donya would back in was off and what i limp now you so we see. you see can be indeed gene. meccania of our next. to a new book commune drawn from sin much of whom want. and you are. very it agatha to me very. very very outrage among your very.
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mission. for. going forward you know off the letter from going to. be treated well if is no war your hoodoo swarming a little beaver environment on when you want to be the law. you cannot be how gun wall street is boarded with. was a little thing a little box for. the head of it in order
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a little with. a little. i do to get us all out. and i'm going to try to court. into. the senate and about that should get out i'm going to make deductions about. me when i can view nuff said what. can it be in this bit that many unfit may lend the shirt off and what the death of so many. of our allies need. food. aficionado must walk in bank and believe if one has that in them but web. in pakistan's largest city climate change and water shortages and driving some
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residents to desperate measures it's one no one east meets the water of corruption on no 0. al-jazeera who is beneath the waves with a team of women determined to save the dolphins we all share the same responsibility it is something to me but i made using a variety of scientific techniques to study their behavior we can monitor them for their local codes and behavior were able to adapt to their new environment women make science dolphin sanctuary on al-jazeera. people have come to expect a lot from al-jazeera over the years reporting the commitment to one the reporter places the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of challenging those in power if a politician comes on this channel they will be challenged and that's what people
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expect of us they want the questions on such. as what we've always done that's what we will continue to do. part 2 of al-jazeera well in just a moment of 1st a check on the headlines india has reported another record number of new coronavirus infections health authorities now registering 261000 cases in the past 24 hours india is also running out of vaccine supplies and so will continue to delay exports also new isolation centers in thailand are preparing to receive their 1st residents patients everyone who test positive has now been transferred to one of these or to hospital with time and seeing more than 5100 new cases and day here
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is tiny chang at a newly built field hospital in bangkok people aren't being allowed to stay at home even if they're asymptomatic but if they test positive they've either got to come to a hospital or to a field hospital like this where they can be monitored they'll be kept here for 14 days until medical staff can absolutely guarantee that the 3 of the 19 if they develop symptoms while they're here they'll be taken on to the hospital germany's holding memorial events for those who died of covert 19 chancellor angela merkel and president frank volta steinmeier are among those attending another 67 people died on sunday bringing the death toll to just under 80000 germany recording more than 3000000 cases all up check police want to talk to 2 russians linked to a 2014 explosion at an ammunitions depo they say they are the same man accused of poisoning former spies script al and his daughter yulia in the u.k.
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in 2018. there's optimism at the nuclear talks in vienna with iran's deputy foreign minister saying a new agreement is being formed members of the 2015 deal which the u.s. pulled out of meeting in the austrian capital european and russian negotiated our will so something positive u.n. nuclear watchdog has confirmed iran though is now enriching uranium at 60 percent purity he was state department ordered all non-essential personnel out of its embassy in chad the warning follows reports of rebels making their way towards the capital and jimena people voting in elections dominated by the pandemic of course and its impact on the tourism dependent economy that the tiny atlantic archipelagos stability has been a draw a card from migrants from elsewhere in africa and members of the diaspora who are returning as you headlines i'll see you for the news hour in about 25 minutes time . said his change because.
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they live in a post that is big and then they're. trying to make a political muscle you know you're going to stay in the senate they put themselves out to make the changes something that we. should have taken this. women's contribution. we have a disc culture to slosh and to create new areas we have to change this coach one of the fortunate ones who can leave an establishment but all the people and the majority of these legal research talk about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are huge refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to being more.
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again and. again.
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other columbus alaska was the. second hole of a good 2nd that armada saw but i wanted to get there before the 2nd before the year before the north big macand allowed to a number fi fans had their economic and they could has he had more air but that far . he has he would rather have yeah he was sorrow. so when my poor poor for. a still an. official a little on one of the few official to call on one of the elements to come across. the mother who was a little. innocent the last. valid that. got an entity mostly due to an economic in. its name a. way out of the betty.
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dad that what. we get here. that upmost i'm with i'm not going to feed nor. will. listen. in for. being. aware that even less and it's at the least to the neck and mess and it. would have had. to be the good that is it would let in the left. but for you right had limited for you.
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but that was due to. get a woman of the month for. the last over the border for. the. coffee that's right in. there that men are men are enough to nod must win for him. that that then they met there was you for a local mayor elect get it with mr lynn as a man a said baird well a man when i hold my full effort to. do all my. god i'm not. in a bill out of. that message or my model for him about my office or method on how most of all of what at the present was a filibuster you. are all kind of worth the read. so i was ready to have some of those if for
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a 2nd. more thought i was of the wind up with. more so more follow my studies. one of the 7000 blooms on oil. from the month a woman at the turtle took. italian. to tell you another time but i have to tell you archibald the amount of times. another daughter in fairyland. may have tipped editors out about. it to get her to the. film. how it can and i was. not at least not at. the start of feeling.
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up to. be a newbie a spotless elater if a an inch of a left leg into a lot of the rock i'm a fish that even moving along means how do you top that. had laid. out here and more still ugly ines look to taught us has he men. will we see some more of them involving email for you which layman must rule where most will give you the letter d. mustn't go gain share a with the yard tell it. to my and if. you were to have will will. many did not and. ill be given him the. elbow of being.
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a good mom we. were going to go is wild wild me sure. which was e of how could mean in washroom when and. how does how does our motto how does that feel they have. that if the couple can know what the a bunch. of boys who said. they. in no. issue with saying. we're going to. develop.
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a limb talked about how. they should see. what it did to would hire a letter. to mr has he. i'm attacking them but. i had any day any lesson and. that is a. good. start to how the national scene. from
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us on out to. newton was on the lookout. to watch the beginning to get laid and i was you know a field day or 2 letters he would go to. the way to get in a one off or on long. the how does our motto. or rather how. did that we wish what. will it in libya will it eliminated a mish. george. bush will. you have. done a lot of a. lot of democrats is that i'm bad then i got a 2nd or they did. get on the.
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you would wish. to so i live in a more. uni you are near some scene. one. you just. don't have it at. all let me show what i am a. let me stop at. each. step for beheading of what i think the beginning. of the all or name of that which is then which is not the typical of us. the. fashion but where. i let him in. the idea.
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as well so that you and i had a lot of committed. beyond and africa in no way abandon a buy in italy or could be like beer again what alan. also la motta for. your father to tell him to let in any indian why him but it's all that into well and a filibuster with the whole clothes. will do or if the man want to wear em but the new while the. demi armada get because of allah like message in my fish in the dark. that are also a sort of generic it. will only lead you from a vision idea. the book enough to make is
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a shop. but it must. be in will be in which you can look for an acronym i thought were the kind of whys of the how of molecular to her your 2nd go. for the bomb about the kid of her thought i.e. . how the dear heart is most of us a little limited value them held by leak which was in 5. 103 bits that the leg of. the leg of. the liver wore how under normal the stuff of the. midwife in a can actually by the. on the it's not only. odd to shot of him but i'd meant it shall help with an 11 tape zot of the for shot of out of the 3 but you do not all what i have got and then
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adds that minute then and it will go to show what the got to she left in a few 100 and they don't. well a feel for soil for. more of a. big of almost. any misadventure. or. does it mean no. way a lot of. this is. that they did go. away step in for you was there but i mean i think if you. think we need to have the kalulu problem i believe.
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the money of the. thought and then i get to meet yannis over the house and definitional you will know how. wouldn't. they get on with them or with them again i had a minister can have that i think i would be a muslim but. they have sort of habits and so had all the other method of mccain you. had. a lot of. playing and i did. well to just. to you.
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you'd be. doing the wall. between b. . and i b c i was awful. what i did what i did. and muddied. into concrete theater in a bottle but what. if in this.
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second his 2nd. element out of the. second in no way. i'm about to go to. see it on the new moon. with that they're going to have all the.
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trailer not just with. most eyes for a long. i mean them on the. show the people who know about that are going well. and. it does.
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if you will. if you made. sure of the hamas and fatah. and about how to talk about weapon of staff that sensitive i would not if you know i would have. the border. garage but when i thought i'd have. to buy the i shot in the hole most of them that i showed in the 2nd. well actually i showed a normal food. and. i should have also.
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saw that he. may not have been. and after what he. did. but he did get a lack and had to get in what harris. going to lay out as us and we had a may not. be. on . the. market. by him but had we were security.
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in the lift. or your mother. or your mother.
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was. english my. if you give that. dollar a little under. i'm going to have a definite bottom half. almost done is at the top of them and i'll look at those that are in the wrong being the security will go up in their. job description i would see from the wall the fee but that harris. but that both me and my would help if they left and i took the right.
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to let him about. when i want to. learn. about. the muscles of the men of one of the lead to deliver a mom or young of the. one of the pillar. of color on the top
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and both the long holiday and the. obama. obama voted. in the fire thailand's a foeman mesopotamia where the 1st settlements formed the cradle of civilization iraqi people have depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by womb and pollution and algis their world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers.
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vaccines a promising path out of the pandemic but implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap as the marriage between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geopolitics to the pure economics the misinformation and the latest developments what's going on here is very different for a start the vaccine comes in the form of the nasal spray special coverage of the corona virus pandemic are not just. for the perfect jenny. sponsored point qatar airways how i once again we've got
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more heavy showers across northern parts of the amazon basin to see how the thunderheads line up quite nicely here they roll away across into colombia some rather wet weather coming through here as you go through the next day or so but see you show say snow showers western areas of the amazon say western parts of brazil looking rather disturbed not just some showers just pushing over towards a rare as you go through monday they will sweep through slightly cooler with rio as we go on into monday and she's day not so bad for want to say was it 25 celsius fine weather there just around the river plate you're quite large the set and sunny let's push further north find a sunny that to venezuela as is the case to across a good part of the caribbean the liveliest showers will remain just around that western side of the carriage band panama costa rica could see some big showers but also as you can see across the island stricken absolutely lovely for sunday after knaves and a similar picture as we go on into monday on the right will sink its way. the south was across the gulf of mexico so what's the weather coming in across
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a good possible florida thank you guy was that just around the panhandle much of north america set up one of 2 spread shadows for some time in cola further north minneapolis shooting out. sponsored poll qatar airways a weekly critique of the stories hitting the headlines the news media have been left to sort through mixed messages on a quite complex story from mainstream to street journalism the any major project is to get reach me to send it to the wall keep changing what's going on exposing real world threats to objectivity often of our neighbor it sounds from monster 11000 people who were arrested for the listening post covers the way the news is covered on a jersey. i've worked at al-jazeera english since its launch as a principal presenter and as a color sponsor and with any breaking news story we want to hear from those people who would normally not get the voices heard on the international news channel one
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they would all be very proud of all was when we covered a new poll earthquake 2050 a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be that to tell the people story was very important at the time. this is al jazeera. it's just 11300 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera. welcome to the news hour india's covert 19 infections have risen to more than a quarter of a 1000000 a day searching well ahead of its capacity to supply vaccines to the world's germany pays tribute to the nearly 80000 people who've died of cope with 19.


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