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bishops show patience to show must go on. the air. coated 19 infections in india rise to more than a quarter of a 1000000 a day now the world's largest vaccine slows exports to immunize its own population . by money to fight as it is out there live from doha also coming up thailand sets up temporary hospitals to cope with rising infections risking its plans to reopen international tourism. escalating diplomatic tensions to russian suspected of prison attacks in the u.k. and now linked to an explosion at an arms death in the czech republic. the
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controversial plan in indonesia digging up the dead to make way for a great strike. we begin in south asia the new epicenter of the pandemic infections in india a still surging with daily cases reaching record numbers it's reported more than 261000 new cases in the past 24 hours and $1500.00 deaths with a highly contagious variant of the virus suspected but while india has been helping other nations as the world's largest vaccine manufacturer it's been running out of its own supply so now it's delaying exports and will prioritize immunizing its own population. thailand has also seen a rapid rise in cases more than 1500 a day anyone who test positive is now being transferred to hospital or supervised
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isolation with no at home cornered allowed tony chang is at a newly built field hospital in bangkok. this one's going to open tomorrow they've got 350 beds here it seems like a lot but bangkok alone announced 357 new cases day so in effect this could well be filled within the next 24 hours people aren't being allowed to stay at home even if they're asymptomatic if they test positive they've either got to come to a hospital or to a field hospital like this where they can be monitored they'll be kept here for 14 days until medical staff can absolutely guarantee that they're free of the 19 if they develop symptoms while they're here they'll be taken on to the hospitals but this is being set up because thailand is now. 4050 months into the pandemic really beginning to feel the squeeze people here acted quickly this was the 1st country
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outside china to detect cope with 90 the borders were closed pretty early on the government has been very efficient but at some stage i think the spread of widespread. 1000 in the community was inevitable it seems to be happening now people have been travelling around the country for the time new year holiday many are now coming back to the city there is a concern i think that with people travelling quite freely over the last 2 weeks that that spread will get wider and the numbers that we're seeing 1767 new infections today will get greater. brazil has begun vaccinating teachers in rio de janeiro the government has been criticized for its slow vaccine rollouts teachers and other education professionals were showed you will to be vaccinated 1st the reopening of public schools continues to be controversial in rio de janeiro
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canada's biggest province on tara is extending a stay at home order as experts won't warn that cove in 1000 factions that could rise 6 fold place and i will to stop and question people if they believe they have attended any social events and nonessential travel is banned the province of nearly 15000000 people reported about 5000 new cases on friday we know that if we hang in there. and fall the rule for the coming weeks as much as we're tired of them as much as we're frustrated we have a chance of getting to the summer in much better shape this is a moment for us to dig deep at what is hopefully the very late stages of this pandemic for us all and make it through its time to show
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our neighbors and our loved ones what we're made of as we keep people safe. and those who are opposed to lockdown measures protested in toronto on saturday. angry about the latest restrictions on tar is premier doug ford is under pressure for not going further critics say he abandoned a previous stay at home order to suit allowing the current surge in cases. police in the czech republic is searching for 2 russians linked 282014 explosion at an ammunitions depo that killed 2 people because of the pepper of an aborted of are also accused of poisoning sergei scholar powell and his daughter year in the u.k. and 2018 as a result this czech government has expelled 18 russian diplomats accusing them of s.b. an arse in plans to discuss the matter as an e.u. foreign ministers' meeting on monday yes he said i did look at our school didn't i
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had a meeting with the russian ambassador to the czech republic and i now asked him the following steps as a foreign minister of the czech republic i decided to deport all workers of the russian embassy in prague who are clearly identified by secret service as members of russian secret service as we are and g o u 18 workers of the russian embassy need to leave the czech republic in 48 hours. let's go to our correspondent ben smith who is live for us in moscow ben and so talk us through exactly what is happening here who are these 2 russians. well this is the biggest crisis in relations between the czech republic and russia since the end of communism in 1989 and it goes back to an explosion at an ammunitions depth of about 3 nominations store 30 kilometers southeast of prague back in 2014 now the czech security services say alexander petrova and russia one
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that is 2 men traveling under that identity spent 6 days in this area up to and including the day of the explosion and it says these 2 men are wanted in connection with that explosion these 2 men of course have been named subsequently by the british security services as alexander michigan and totally checked the gas man wanted in connection with the attempted murder of a script in salzburg a. 28 c. they attempted murder him and his daughter now both these men are not going to be extradited from russia russia is already into facts quoted an unnamed sources saying that already but russia does not expel. citizens who are accused of crimes on foreign soil so it's very likely that the czech republic will ever get to see these 2 men or ever get the chance to try them but it's an indication also in western europe of how a lot of countries in europe are beginning to push back more assertively against
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perceived diplomatic spying activities by russian security service personnel are now 7 countries in the last few months in europe that have expelled russian diplomats from austria bulgaria the netherlands sweden it's really unless latterly the czech republic and the 7 countries of course that we know about i get many thanks for that ben it's meant that for us in moscow. people have protested outside a police station in the u.s. state of minnesota for a 7th noise against the shooting of a 20 year old black man former officer kim potter has been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter after facing shooting dante rights during a traffic stop near minneapolis has prompted a debate about whether the charge goes far enough. the family of the man who killed 8 people at a fed ex facility in the u.s.
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city of indianapolis has apologized to the victim's relatives a 19 year old gunman later killed himself 4 of the victims were from the sikh community and this time again just want to reiterate that all public reporting is and the investigation has not confirmed a motive in any way shape or form. that being said it's very difficult for our community not to feel targeted and especially big given the violence that we have endured for so long and for so many jackie southern iran has been hit by a magnitude 5.9 earthquake it was centered in the province of the share which is home to a nuclear power plant there so far no reports of any damage or casualties. there's optimism about the new clear nuclear talks in vienna with iran's deputy foreign minister saying a new agreement is being formed members of the trouble 2015 deal wish the u.s. pulled out off in 2018 all meeting in the austrian capital ahead of the iranian
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delegation says there are still serious differences but discussions are on the right track the u.n. nuclear watchdog has confirmed iran is now enriching uranium at 60 percent purity and the phenomenon it seems a new understanding is in the offing all sides have a commonality in the a front on objective the part that we have to pay it is now clear of us as we have said many times and interested in protected negotiations by talks and needed to shed light on all discussions and naturally talks will continue we think talks are now at a point where all sides concede and begin trough the new joint don't command it can start even now at least in areas that the 2 sides of common ideas. still ahead on algis their concerns that the upcoming monsoon season could leave thousands of raw . and isolated islands. and why the pandemic is making scavenging even more
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dangerous and gaza's overflowing rubbish dumps. it's time for the perfect jenny. sponsored plan qatar airways we got some pleasant spring sunshine across western parts of europe not too much heat to be talking about having said that but some are some warmer air around that's going to be up for scandinavia towards baltic states some still some decent spells of warm weather down towards the southeast there are some clout in between we will still see some showers sticking around the balkans eastern parts of here cheri just pushing up towards the western side of russian we have got that line of sherry right say just coming in across the west. and potent into germany last he founded right across the british isles we have got some wet weather trying to make its way into not really making too much progress having said that as we go on into
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monday i wetter weather coming up that western side of allah maybe the outer hebrides far west of scotland also saying some wetter weather but lossy settled and sunny there's the wall things to scandinavia 16 celsius there for us lemme see about it so 13 in moscow is not too bad but that's down on recent valleys funniest shows down towards the balkans by this stage counts was that western side of the same temperatures just started to ease off a little as we go into the next couple days across northeastern parts of africa but the sunday 41 celsius monday a similar value it will turn somewhat colder by the time we come to choose day. to qatar airways talked to al jazeera. can you tell me what the government you represent is now illegitimate and we listen we do not sound fence material any country to the iraq conflict and yet we meet with the global news makers until about the stories that matter on al-jazeera
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a lot of the stories that we cover all highly complex so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can as al-jazeera correspondents that's what we strive to do. they're watching out of their mind top stories this hour and he is reporting daily record numbers of infections health authorities registered more than 261000 cases in the past 24 hours and the nation is running out of vaccine supplies and will start delaying exports. people who test positive in thailand are being transferred to hospital or supervised isolation with no at home quarantine allowed countries
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experiencing a rapid rise in infections with more than 1000 new cases a day. check places such as russians linked to 2014 explosion at an ammunition instead they are the same men accused of poisoning said guests cripple and his daughter in the u.k. and 2018. aid agencies a warning a group of rango refugees could be cut off during this year's monsoon season thousands have been taken to bashar on chaar a low lying island that surfaced in recent years tanveer chowdhry reports now from dhaka. since filing a military crackdown in myanmar 3 and a half years ago hundreds of thousands of rohingya refugees have been living in the world's largest refugee camp in cox's bazaar but since last december more than 18000 have been relocated by bangladesh government to an isolated island.
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with 5 children is among them and afraid. the monsoon season is almost i was worried when there was heavy rain and rain this morning i'm alone with my children what will i do if there are storms and floods there are no guarantees that there will be no floods. rights groups aid agencies and many refugees say the island is made of silt and didn't exist couple of decades ago and i believe those staying there are exposed to tough conditions and bad weather bangladesh is struggling to find a long term solution for more than a 1000000 running out of refugees since last december the country has started relocating many of them to across the law and in the bay of bengal because of what it cites as congestion and security issues in the world's largest refugee camp in cox's bazaar the government said island has all the facilities that are needed and can withstand storms and high seas but that disputed by many who have arrived there
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. i know it was a mistake to come here i won't suggest others come here we are worried about storms and floods and how to survive under such conditions aid agencies have warned that with the cycle on season foster approaching people on pashtun charge could be stranded and face food shortages when major storms strike the international red cross ses there are too many on certain it is. to be quick and it. will be like in a month or even the. iraq. and. the loop the minute. the government. well we. will be you in a month or unit would cope with it and many on the island say they're disappointed. that it's not like the russians provided to us here are just
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not enough to survive on her that we would have an easy and comfortable life here than in a camp but the conditions of the same if i hear someone is coming to passion char i would tell them not to come here. for the rowing guy who fled me in my life remains in secure their homeland is now ruled by the military jumped at their flat and the face an increasingly precarious existence in the land they have sought refuge country charge 3 al-jazeera bangladesh. china is urging the united states and japan to stop meddling in its domestic affairs and harming its interests and then responds to a u.s. japan joint statement expressing concern about human rights in hong kong engine jiang and beijing's activity in the south china sea china's foreign ministry says it has indisputable sovereignty over islands in the south china sea and says hong kong and ginger an op its own a fast the u.s.
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state department is ordering all nonessential personnel out of its embassy in chad saying the security situation is deteriorating the warning follows reports rebels making their way towards a captain jim mena from the north german nationals have also been advised to leave chad's military says operations against the rebels threat on the way. u.s. president joe biden has confirmed the number of refugees allowed into the united states this year will soon be increased from a historic law by than one initially agreed to limit admissions 215000 account set by his predecessor donald trump that was criticized by democrats and refugee advocates prompting the white house to say a final increase cap would be set by mid may castro has more from washington d.c. . first of all this reversal came very quickly at the beginning of the day on
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friday and here in washington the white house had said that biden one is actually break his promise to lift the cap on emissions to refugees and keep it at the trump historically low level of $15000.00 in that unleashed an outcry from democrats who said that that decision was shameful very quickly then the white house reversed course said that there would be more refugees admitted after all but hasn't said exactly how many and as to why there has been a lot of criticism for the way that the white house has communicated about this 1st they said it was because it would take time to rebuild of the damage that the trumpet ministration had done to the office of office of refugee resettlement which had been gutted under the previous president later though today president biden said that the situation was very much tied to what's happening at the border of the united states with mexico of course that's where we're seeing a historic wave of migrants many of them unaccompanied children trying to enter the
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country from central america and it is the same office of refugee resettlement who must then process those miners and president biden earlier today said that that was a crisis on the border and that the bureaucracy of that office is strained nevertheless he says he's trying to admit more refugees into the country. an italian court ordered former interior minister material slovenia to stand trial for refusing to let a migrant ship dock in sicily 2 years ago salvini who's the leader of italy's immigration league policy insists that he did nothing wrong or each islands. for several weeks in 2019 the open arms bob done to the hot sun of a sicilian summer on board around 100 mostly african migrants italy didn't want them but nor did any other european states then italian interior minister.
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wouldn't let the rescue ship dark until european leaders relented and took the migrants in to his dismay an italian judge has just ruled selvi must stand trial for the migrants kidnapping. to be taken for a kidnapper absolutely not the idea is simply ridiculous it's simply ridiculous i'm sorry for my children i have to explain to them that their dad doesn't risk going to prison to morrow morning that next week saturday god willing i'll be at the playground with them i'm sorry about this salvini and his anti immigration league party had prevented several migrant boat landings clashing with italy's court system n.g.o.s like open arms and the e.u. another similar 2nd case is still awaiting a judge's decision on whether it will go to trial. recently salvia me and right wing populist politicians from hungary in poland have been setting up a new nationalist political force within the e.u.
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but a conviction could see salvia jailed for 15 years and barred from holding office the open arms trial begins in sicily's capital palermo on september 15th rai chalons al-jazeera. there's been another night of violence in occupied east jerusalem because of pandemic restrictions during the holy month of ramadan. new rules forbidding muslim worshippers from gathering at one of the main gates in the old city sparked anger israel says it's issued 10000 permits for vaccinated palestinians enter the area for prayers. people in israel no longer need to wear mosques outside schools have been reopened in the latest sign of a gradual return to normal life mosques were made mandatory a year ago to kep the spread of coronavirus but now they only need to be worn indoors as rails been able to wind back restrictions due to a successful vaccination campaign all than half of the population has received both
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shots. and the pandemic is westing a waste disposal crisis in gaza 2 of the region's 3 landfills reached capacity 20 years ago now there's growing concern about the improper disposal of medical waste that's a good name reports from the gaza strip. a dented can of beans a scratched mobile phone case where some see rubbish the abate boys see money for food the brothers are 8 and 9 years old and admit they'd rather be playing football instead each day they help their unemployed father rummage through this mountain of filth. that. i'm going with my father to help him collect things like an 1000000 cuppa he needs me and my brother to help out. about. this overflowing dump reached its capacity 20 years ago improperly disposed medical
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waste is among the rubbish putting at risk the health of the abate family and others who scavenge here and live nearby get emad abate doesn't think about that he is a father needs to find his family of 8 their next meal alone obama blair well we are all god to protect me and my children from disease because my goal to find to sell things to make money for my family i'm not afraid covert 19 has led to an increase in medical waste yet gaza doesn't have the staff for it there isn't enough money to put fuel in the rubbish trucks and the israeli and egyptian blockade is preventing donated trucks and equipment with the latest technology from entering. a comment helis chairman of the national institute for environment and development says even before the pandemic the medical waste crisis in gaza was catastrophic. aside from
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government hospitals there is no standardized protocol and. ordination for the safe disposal of medical waste that comes from homes and other sectors. with gaza is to have 3 official landfills already full for years illegal dumping grounds have proliferated officials say political differences between fatah and hamas are worsening the problem we have to the vision and we have to strengthen the government led government in. baghdad to guys frame it will make us more strong the government is working with various groups to devise a plan phyllis would like to see children get paid to help recycle. until then be a big brothers room the rubbish dump hoping for their next good haul that might earn them as much as $6.00 natasha going to. gaza. libya
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has begun rolling out its kind of a 19 vaccination program as received doses of the russian chinese and british oxford astra zeneca jobs libya's recording an average of $1000.00 new infections each day australia is in no hurry to reopen its international borders and prime minister scott morrison says he's not willing to risk australia's mostly corona virus free lifestyle by doing so it's one of the few countries that's been able to keep cases under control g to lock downs and strict quarantine measures the border closure and restrictions on the number of people entering the country has meant thousands of australians have been left stranded overseas. the russian opposition figure is in the 3rd week of a hunger strike in prison and close to death according to his personal doctor. has been refusing food in protest against his treatment in jail his doctors not allowed
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to see him but after receiving test results says he could die at any moment of ali was jailed in february for violating parole conditions while traveling to germany for treatment after being poisoned construction on a racetrack for international motorbike events is under way in indonesia the government wants the coastal area monday leka to be an international sports tourism hop but people there say authorities are choosing them dollars rather than protecting their rights just to washington reports now from jakarta. on the island of lombok this racetrack is one of the country's most high profile infrastructure projects the circuit will host major racing events when complete and there will be new hotels roads and airport extensions to make way for thousands of racing fans but slick promotional videos don't tell the full story. people living here say they are being forced to rebuild even loved ones because the area symmetry
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is being demolished by developers. it feels like we are not allowed to be here at all anymore even the bones of our ancestors are not allowed on the sly. houses and farmland are also in the developers sites so i said this area of the construction project is on his land. so. this is also the water should be viewing area they brag about how this area is near the beach and so we have to leave this place and. people have protested against the development since its early stages. hundreds of them face eviction and many say they're being intimidated. they brought so many police ready to attack me and also their own security but i didn't go they wanted to take down my house without any notice that very day or tried to fight back. city a says he was offered $200.00 for $1.00 hectares of land and his house he says he
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wants fair compensation from the state owned indonesia tourism development corp the united nations says indonesian authorities face serious allegations and the land has in effect from the look of. indigenous people the indonesia tourism development corporation denies any wrongdoing and the government says the project will benefit everyone. we are going to make sure that all the developments among the rica including the moto g.p. circuit will benefit people in lubbock mentally is one of 10 areas around indonesia selected by the government as a priority zone for truism development but critics say development should not come at the expense of human rights while some try to stay and protect their land others say they had no choice but to go. because of this merger g.b. circuit we have to leave our home the home that we. come from how much the man says
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he was only compensated for some of his land now his family like many others faces the challenge of starting again somewhere else just to washington al-jazeera jakarta. my. this is out is there are these are your top stories and he is reporting daily record number of infections health authorities registered more than 261000 cases in the past 24 hours and the nation is running out of vaccine supplies and will start delaying exports all those who test positive in thailand are being transferred to hospital or supervised isolation with no out home corn seen allowed the country's been experiencing a rapid rise in infections with more than a 1000 new cases a day tony chang is at a newly built field hospital in bangkok people on being allowed.


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