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can you tell me what the government you represent is now illegitimate and we listen we do not sell defense material any country to fuel the conflict in yemen we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on syria. coronavirus deaths past 3000000 globally and brazil warns women to delay pregnancy of the worst of the pandemic has passed. them can but al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up after a public outcry president joe biden says he will raise is pretty desists is low cap on refugees. iran's top negotiator says talks to restore the 2015 deal are on the
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right track as the united nations nuclear watchdog confirms to iran isn't richard uranium up to 60 percent purity oh no. queen elizabeth bids farewell to prince philip her husband of 73 years and a scaled back funeral attended by just this. it's been more than 14 months since the 1st known case of cover 19 was detected now the world is once again confronting a staggering toll more than $3000000.00 people have died worldwide the worst affected country remains the united states with more than half a 1000000 deaths but it's india that's recording the fastest rise in cases nearly 235000 infections have been reported in the another daily record brazil has the
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highest daily death toll in the world just under 3009 to have died in the last day and the health ministry is warning women to delay pregnancy until the country passes the worst of the pandemic. at this moment of the pandemic built when we see there is a difficult situation in maternity wards because of the situation that's happening in maternity wards he should be evaluated as like what happened with the stars and 6 if possible we recommend delaying pregnancy and to a more suitable moment so you can have your pregnancy in a more peaceful way. the reports from the colombian capital bogota. night burials have become the norm and so paolo's mean cemetery as grave diggers struggle to keep up with bodies piling up more than a quarter of the world's coronavirus that's recorded last week were in brazil with
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new variants proving more contagious in dangerous. health officials are even asking women to delay pregnancies. at this moment of the pandemic built when we see there is a difficult situation in maternity wards because of the situation that's happening in maternity wards he should be evaluated as like what happened with. if possible we recommend delaying pregnancy and to a more suitable moment so you can have your pregnancy in a more peaceful way. meanwhile a new study says coronavirus in brazil is affecting an alarmingly high number of babies and children who stepped all could be 3 times more than official estimates. and hospitals are running out of beds and crucial drugs for patients. and their national aid organizations say the brazilian government of j. you're also matter a pandemic the nih here is to blame for thousands of avoidable deaths this disease
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needs to be taken seriously by the authorities. this morning and they need help. there is no national centrally coordinated that fisi interests. but if measures which we have seen working in other contexts like limiting. movements and activities waiting box and promoting physical. and increased hygiene measures i did not implement i but even in countries with more stringent restrictions in place new variants are driving major surges ingrowing dissent i think on this capital bogota where a new total lockdown has been imposed on weekends small shop owners and street vendors took to the streets in protest more thought it will go more we go hungry every time we close and go into quarantine i am a humble worker i still do so on the streets that's what i live from i don't have
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anyone to help me or i similar scenes in argentina a country reporting the highest number of infections since the start of the pandemic. parents and children protested outside the presidential palace after president i'll bet a 5th man this announced schools will be shut again for 2 weeks. but hospitals on the brink of collapse governments say they have no choice but to impose new stay at home orders and other restrictions and with just a fraction of latin americans backs united and a shortage in supplies there will be many more months before things will improve alexandra. but a gasket is witnessing a surge in code 19 infections with schools and hotels being transformed into hospitals the african island nation has recorded 31000 cases since the outbreak began last year 4000 of them from last week alone shelob ellis reports.
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welcome to the live hotel and medicare capsule and tanana river these days people chicken to do just that live it's one of many hotels and schools that are now makeshift hospitals as medicare screws fragile health system is buried under thousands of new cases. we have the virus which is the south african variant and the 2nd wave this variant also triggers more severe reactions has to increase of death in madagascar and. madagascar a country of 27000000 people had escaped the worst of the pandemic since e outbreak began it has recorded 31000 cases 538 do this but 4000 of those cases came this week more than 800 on saturday. we came here yesterday and there were still places available but now it's almost full . earlier this month medicare screws president andre rodger alina reluctantly joins
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the world health organization's kovacs program to procure vaccines he had fought against them the leaving a herbal tonic made from the n.t. malarial plant artemy zhou was a cure he dubbed it covert organics and last year ordered the military to deliver it to vulnerable residents he even exported thousands of doses to more than a dozen african nations the world health organization says there's no proof it's a fictive still it is in high demand. so far medicines are free except when they are out of stock you have to buy them elsewhere medicines are free when they still have stocks available. for madagascar this is new the fight is on to control the virus in hospitals hotel schools as they wait the vaccines to arrive at dulles 0. libya has begun rolling out its covert 19 vaccination program it has received
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doses of the russian and chinese vaccines as well as british oxford astra zeneca jobs they're all out began in tripoli with plans to extend distribution across the country in the coming days the vs recording an average of 1000 infections every day . and the number of refugees allowed into the united states this year will soon be increased from its historic low president joe biden had initially agreed to limit admissions 215008 cap set by his predecessor donald trump that was criticized by democrats and refugee advocates prompting the white house to say a final increased cap would be set by mid may. how does your castro is monitoring this story from washington heidi there's been a lot of to and fro on this issue in the past 24 hours. that's right and very good explanations as well coming from the white house 1st of all this reversal came very quickly at the beginning of the day on friday here in washington the white house
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had said that biden what essentially break his promise to lift the cap on emissions to refugees and keep it at the trump historically low level of $15000.00 in that unleashed. an outcry from democrats who said that that decision was shameful very quickly then the white house reversed course said that there would be more refugees admitted after all * but hasn't said exactly how many and as to why there has been a lot of criticism for the way that the white house has communicated about this 1st they said it was because it would take time to rebuild of the damage that the trouble ministration had done to the office of office of refugee resettlement which had been gutted under the previous president later though today president biden said that the situation was very much tied to what's happening at the border of the united states with mexico of course that's where we're seeing a historic wave of migrants many of them unaccompanied children trying to enter the
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country from central america and it is the same office of refugee resettlement who must then process those miners and president biden earlier today said that that was a crisis on the border and that the bureaucracy of that office is strained nevertheless he says he's trying to admit more refugees into the country. thank you for that update there how does your castro in washington. well shaker is a senior us advocate at refugees international she joins us also from washington d.c. by skype thank you for your time. first off i'd just like to get your thoughts all new president biden's promise that he will actually increase the refugee cap but just not right now it's quite disappointing and a little bit confusing. as the previous reporter mentioned the president
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promised in february and consulted with congress about essentially tripling the number are 286-2500 refugees for this fiscal year and then sort of backtrack there's also a long delay if this was what the president was planning on doing it's not clear why he delayed so long and lights were the lights people had refused to get off flights because of the delay in mentioning this so it's a bit confusing obviously groups like mine refugees international is going to try to keep 'd the president to his promise to raise that cap come a what is the backlog right now how many people are waiting to to come having already been vetted and cleared. well over 15000 so there are several 100 people ready to fly tomorrow but there are at least 30000 people ready you know vetted by us c.i.s.
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. the part of the department of homeland security that. ensures and vets are refugees overseas and then there are almost 70000 refugees in the pipeline at different stages so there are way over 15000 ready to go and so we hope is that the biden mr ation really quickly hits this 15000 cap you know we're good but hopefully by may and then right why do you think that he's not increasing the cab ride away i mean do you think it might be time to what's happening at the us mexico border with asylum seekers and the optics i guess. i do think it has more to do with politics then capacity issues the president said you know we can't do 2 things that wind research he's the president you certainly must do a few things that one and it's also true that refugees and asylum seekers and the
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children are handled differently they are the office of refugee resettlement does handle both populations but there are voluntary organisations ready to welcome refugees here as to why i mean what is really surprising to me is that the president didn't say if it was simply a capacity issue i mean maybe the president could have raised it at least a bit. and then say will will will will raise it some more later on there's something quite confusing about all of this and i think if the president really wanted to to make this happen we could be a rich country of plenty of resources if money was an issue the president could have asked could ask congress for a supplemental fund which is happened in the past to handle this so this is really something that we can do right now and we should be doing more or i will have to leave it there thank you tom shaker there from refugees international thanks so
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much still ahead on al-jazeera and i get emotional to this day when i talk about it but it's in my it's in my blood i feel such a connection there. diaspora. why people from across the wilds choosing to leave europe and america in favor of paper. and why human rights campaign is in indonesia want to hit the brakes on a new multibillion dollar very strong. it's time for the perfect jenny. sponsored point at ways. we've got some rather unsettled weather making its way across japan at the moment it will brighten up as we go into the early part of next week so there is that
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wetter weather and at times wintry weather over the high ground that's making its way further north woods and east with some heavy downpours flow flurries there into whole qaida further south it's fine to settle a soccer 17 celsius 17 celsius to 4 so beijing time she's here at around 24 degrees plenty of dry weather hazy sunshine temperatures not going up a touch as we go on through monday quality always an issue here of course 20 celsius that the soul as well will see highs of around 22 when tokyo by monday warm sunshine coming through some pleasant weather by this stage but we pushed further south where it is not quite as pleasant we have super typhoon making its way towards the philippines in place to say that it does not look likely to make landfall as we go on through the next couple of days winds of around 240 kilometers per hour could get up there up to 50 over the next 24 hours or so it's moving pretty quickly and it looks a lot it's just not just way further north woods as we go on through the next day
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or so so will let me get close to that eastern side of the philippines should stay offshore but some very big waves that many. at ways. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture decreasing the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between if tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do with the solution we get organized what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking about talking it's like trying to 14 we're trying to clean when we're talking right now up front with me marc lamont hill on al-jazeera.
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you're watching are just there a reminder of our top stories this hour 3000000 people about died of course the 19 around the world though experts say the true number of deaths is likely much higher . brazil has the world's highest daily death toll at just under 3000 the health ministry is urging women to delay pregnancy if possible as it appears variants are more dangerous to expectant mothers. president joe biden is promising to raise a limit on the number of refugees about into the united states is back tracked on a decision to maintain a cap of $15000.00 per year posed by donald trump. the united nations nuclear watchdog says iran isn't reaching uranium at 60 percent purity confirming earlier statements from terrell comes as members of the 25th day nuclear deal continue efforts to revive the agreement in vienna which former u.s. president donald trump pulled out from european and russian negotiators are
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positive about the progress and the head of the iranian delegation says talks are on the right track. of the financial year long since a new understanding is in the offing all sides have a commonality in the a for an object to the part that we have to pay it is now clear to us as we have said many terms are interested in protected negotiations but talks are needed to shed light on old discussions been naturally talks will continue with the talks are now at a point where all sides concede and begin troff to a joint document it can start even though it least in areas that the 2 sides of common ideas. a solid rods is a senior fellow at the national iran american council she says iran wants to return to the deal but is being consistently provoked. i think we have to separate the enrichment issue from going to go she ations issue and the reason for that is the 60 percent enrichment was a direct reaction to the attack on that sense to the nuclear facility on mountains
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and so while you have the international community the p 5 plus one you have the united states and iran trying to return to the deal there are still those parties it appears to be that this is another sabotage attack by israel there are still those parties who are opposed to the deal and so they are still continuing to use methods of sabotage to undermine the deal but iran is quite serious about returning to the deal and if we do so obviously under the obligations of the deal you're on would not enrich at 60 percent it would come back down to $3.00 from the u.s. perspective it's a little bit murkier from the iranian perspective returning to compliance is fairly straightforward you know it's a matter of how much uranium they have how much at what level they can rich on the u.s. side the trump sanctions were intended to undermine biden's ability to return to the deal and this is precisely something i believe the biden ministration understands and we've seen that language from iran special envoy rob malley as well as from the state department saying that the united states understands that in
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order to return to compliance the sanctions that are inconsistent with the deal would have to be lifted and so i think that's the area that you see the deputy foreign minister out actually talking about when he says you know there are still some differences but that's the idea that they're trying to work through to actually get to the place where iran is getting the economic relief that it was promised. russian opposition figure alexina valley is in the 3rd week of a hunger strike in prison and close to death that's according to his personal doctor the delhi who is president of a person's most prominent critic has been refusing food in protest against a treatment in jail his doctor is not allowed to see him after receiving test results says he could die of any moment of l. he was jailed in february for violating parole conditions as a result of traveling to germany for treatment off to being poisoned. the czech republic is expelling 18 russian diplomats in a case related to an explosion at an ammunition depo prime minister. says
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unequivocal evidence points to russian involvement in the 24 teams lost which killed 2 people the czech foreign minister added the 18 embassy staffers have been identified as russian spies and ordered to leave the country immediately. ok birds government says more people are immigrating to the small island nation than leaving it political stability is appealing to african migrants and members of the diaspora who are choosing to return because huck reports from an dello on the island of solvent chair. anchored in the harbor of keep virgin island of service auntie's the vessel of return for architect d.m. me this is much more than a floating music studio it's a call to africans whether in the diaspora our african-americans to return home to the continent designed by nigerian financed by amalia and located in keep bird it's
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a tribute to african contemporary design and a window into the future. world water it's a fluid environment so food space you know we have to learn to live with water instead of fighting with it we see this also as a vessel of return for people in the african diaspora and as a place we right we're now it is of the african continent once a country ravaged by famines and drought 46 years after independence the small island nation is one of africa's fastest growing economies trucking but african migrants who are choosing keep bird over a life in europe and the diaspora are returning to their homeland among them really monies from the east coast of the united states she has built a business helping african-americans in deep burdens relocate to the islands and never go. that i was truly home until i moved out of it and i get emotional
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to this day when i talk about it but it's in my it's in my blood i feel such a connection where i feel at peace here. is no longer poor but a stable middle income country with a young and educated population a key demographic for opposition leader hofner armada looking to make history for a party the african party for the independence of the bird who wins the legislative election she will become the youngest and 1st female prime minister in keep bird she has made youth employment and attracting the keep virgin diaspora a priority and often but then we have. to prevent care if there is to move in the 10 years and the huge just we have become what we are today thanks to their financial contribution skilless and nolli they transmitted to us 12 countries. these ones uninhabited islands where slaves were shipped off
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to the americas have 145 years later become a nation that welcomes design and creativity to the continent to me the vessel of return isn't in vain for africans to imagine and invent their own future nicholas hawke al-jazeera. construction on a racetrack for international motorbike events is underway in indonesia the government wants the coastal area of banda leaker to be an international sports tourism hub the people there say all forces are choosing tourism dollars of their rights just to washington reports from jakarta. on the island of lombok this racetrack is one of the country's most high profile infrastructure projects the circuit will host major racing events when complete and there will be new hotels roads and airport extensions to make way for thousands of racing fans
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but slick promotional videos don't tell the full story. people living here say they've been forced to ribera their loved ones because the area symmetry is being demolished by developers. it feels like we are not allowed to be here at all anymore even the bones of our ancestors are not allowed on this land. houses and farm land are also in the developers sites i said this area of the construction project is on his land. and this is also the water should be viewing area they brag about how this area is near the beach and so we have to leave this place and. people have protested against the development since its early stages. hundreds of them face eviction and many say they're being intimidated. they brought so many police ready to attack me and also their own security but i didn't go they wanted
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to take down my house without any notice that very day or tried to fight back. city a says he was offered $200.00 for $1.00 hectares of land and his house he says he wants fair compensation from the state owned indonesia tourism development corp the united nations says indonesian authorities face serious allegations and the land has in effect from the look of. indigenous people the indonesia tourism development corporation denies any wrongdoing and the government says the project will benefit everyone. we are going to make sure that all the developments in mumbai rica including the moto g.p. circuit will benefit people in lubbock mentally is one of 10 areas around indonesia selected by the government as a priority zone for truism development but critics say development should not come at the expense of human rights while some try to stay and protect their land others
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say they had no choice but to go. because of this merger g.b. circuit we have to leave our home the home that we. come from. to math says he was only compensated for some of his land now his family like many others faces the challenge of starting again somewhere else just to washington al-jazeera jakarta. prince philip has been laid to rest at windsor castle just outside london the trick and by died at the age of $99.00 last week it was a relatively low key affair with attendance kept to a minimum because of covered 9000 restrictions the barca has more from windsor. a moments of pared back pageantry within the confines of windsor castle prince philip 70 years of royal. the globe but his final journey was short on the back of a specially modified land rover the prince him self had
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a role in designing his naval captain offices sword placed on top who king behind the coffin is 4 children prince charles princess son prince is andrew and edward together with his grandsons prince william and prince harry with their cousin peter phillips between them. it is the brother's 1st meeting since the dispute about harry and megan models decision to step back from royal duty and the couple's tell all interview with oprah winfrey lining the routes senior members of britain's armed forces or knowing prince philip's career in the royal navy where he commanded a ship. the funeral service began with a minute's silence queen elizabeth cutting a lonely figure in the pews of st george's chapel far apart from the rest of her family wearing a mask throughout. before the pandemic there were plans for 800 guests but only
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30 carefully chosen representatives were allowed to attend no grand eulogies or big speeches the duke of edinburgh regarded buckingham palace in central london as his office and windsor castle as his home there's a longstanding tension between members of the royal family his public and private lives as representatives of the 1000 year old british monarchy ironically it was prince philip who 1st invited cameras into the royal household in the 1960 s. the family has remained under immense media scrutiny ever since even during times of personal grief. r r r r as the prince's body was moved to the royal vault memories of years of public duty and charitable work a legacy muddied by a catalogue of jarring remarks some saw as racist and sexist the put him in olds
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with modern britain at a time when the royal family has been struggling to retain relevance for many prince philip has remained for more than 70 years is a symbol of stability loyalty to his wife queen elizabeth and continuity in changing times part of the very fabric of british identity thieves barca al-jazeera windsor. there and these the top stories 3000000 people have now died of cover 19 around the world though experts say the true number of deaths is likely to be much higher brazil has the world's highest daily death toll at just under $3000.00 the health ministry is urging women to delay pregnancy if possible as it appears variant somewhat dangerous to expectant mothers. has moved from the colombian camp.


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