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maybe to be mine sure people are just talking about the soldiers in. the world of this is the commerce driving energy transition is the promise of clean energy an illusion the dark side of green energy. on al-jazeera. revealing eco friendly solutions to come back threats to our planet on al-jazeera. the global covered 9000 death toll pauses 3000000 but despite deaths and infections rocketing in india festivals and elections continue to draw crowds. allow i maryam namazie and you're watching al-jazeera coming up on the program
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hundreds of children still separated from their families 3 weeks after the armed groups attacked palma in northern mozambique italy's former interior minister is ordered to stand trial on kidnapping charges for leaving migrants stranded at sea. or r r r r r r and queen elizabeth bids farewell to prince philip the husband of 73 years at a scaled back funeral attended by just 30 casts. into the program 3000000 people are now known to have died of covert 19 though experts saying the actual number is likely to be much higher another 2929 deaths have been reported in brazil and more than $67000.00 more cases. while south asia
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is rapidly becoming the global epicenter of the pandemic india has now recorded more than 200000 new cases for 3 days in iraq. to reports. 2 that on the outskirts of new delhi's ancient world city a young man buries his father. a few meters away a steady stream of mourners carry bodies of the last ones in the capital's largest school for muslims it's now on most full families speak of their anger and despair as a day to keep piling up in the city's mortuaries. people are being made to run around but they're not letting anyone meet patients people are desperate even for drinking water over there doctors are not meeting the patients they are keeping their distance and if someone's oxygen finishes and that person is simply lying there an attendant. you delhi has imposed to weaken curfew and there are restrictions in one of india's most populous states my russia to still infection
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rates in the was taped regions but reports of shortages of hospital beds medicine and oxygen have led to more fears or i'm very very scared the situation is terrifying if i wasn't in essential work or i wouldn't have left my house at all no one should go out but there's no social distancing here polling booths in some of the most politically charged regional elections cranked. up what can we do unless people try to protect themselves how much can we do that's why i stood behind the line thinking i would try to manage and control the crowd but nobody listened. some are blaming petitions for holding large election rallies. on one hand over 1000 cases arising and leaders are doing rallies where they and their supporters are not even wearing masks this is something to think about how people vote if they are not alive to do it. for days hundreds of thoughts. of
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hindus have been gathering at camilla and imported religious festival increasing concerns of more infections now prime minister in the movie is urging worshipers to keep the festival symbolic amid criticism of the government's handling of the operate there calls to scale up vaccinations and impose tougher restrictions before a 2nd wave of the virus in the world's 2nd worst affected nation gets even worse. we go to thailand now the country has also seen a record rise in new cases of co the 19 with more than 1500 new infections reported on saturday but the thai government appears reluctant to order a 3rd lockdown wary of the economic effect it could have tony chang reports from bangkok. mass covert testing at a basketball stadium in bangkok thailand on saturday recorded the highest rise in new cases for the 4th day in a row despite being the 1st country outside china to record infections thailand has
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kept the deaths within double figures but there are now real concerns the kingdom could be in the grip of a 3rd wave of the virus he might not say here i think this outbreak in thailand would be long because the luke a very in stress. new restrictions have been placed on entertainment venues and restaurants banning the sale of alcohol 24 hour markets and gyms have had their opening hours limited but thailand's government appears to be doing everything in its power not to go into complete lockdown by young made up now there is no lock down ok i sympathise with you but we would need to reduce the operating hours i don't want to close everything down closing is easy but who are those who are suffering. stopping the spread of covert 19 has come at a huge economic price closing thailand's borders to shut down the lucrative tourist trade and those businesses that have survived the pandemic so far would probably be
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finished if a 3rd wave extends the shutdown for much longer here in bangkok things are now noticeably quieter but business is being kept alive by the urban middle class outside the capital however many communities have seen incomes drop by more than 50 percent and that's not going to improve until the borders are reopened. the slow rate of vaccinations however means this won't happen for some time thailand has vaccinated fewer than one percent of the population despite attempts to focus on tourist destinations like because the local producer of the astra zeneca jab said this week they won't be in full production till june from. many tiny businesses that will be thought to look to tony ching al-jazeera banco well earlier i spoke to dr krishna day a collide to rector of global health and evasion center he says the wall is facing
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a dangerous period now where infections are rising but vaccines can't be deliver it unfortunately in many parts of the world we're starting to see real excel aeration as we're starting to see 2nd 3rd 4th away use of depending on the location and in many cases we're months away from being able to get vaccines out in any substantive quantities so we're not there yet even though the science has delivered and many vaccines are available they're not getting out in a substantial way yet and as we heard the ramp up in capacity to make more vaccines isn't really going to be substantially higher until the 2nd half of the year and we're really in a very dangerous period where india brazil other countries are really going through a tough period where not only are the cases going up but we're starting to see health systems really buckle under the pressure well brazil is one of the wild west to countries right now and has been a warning to women to delay pregnancy until the country posses the west of the
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pandemic because the virus variants appear to be having a greater effect on pregnant when. a condition to. go to each of the other of these moments of the pandemic to be when we see there is a difficult situation in maternity wards because of the situation that's happening in maternity wards be evaluators like what happened in 2006 seeing if possible we recommend delaying pregnancy and to a more suitable moment so you can have your pregnancy in a more peaceful way. meanwhile in canada the biggest province ontario is expanding and extending a stay at home order as experts there warn infections could rise 6 fold but he said being given new powers to stop and question people who have left their homes ontario is also introducing a ban on nonessential travel from neighboring provinces and halting non-essential construction work province reported almost 5000 new cases on friday for the
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premiere is urging people to cooperate with the stricter measures. all the way back to the fall we have parts of this province that have been in great lockdown we closed the the entire province we closed the schools place we've increased health care but we go back to the beginning we scrambled everywhere when this 1st happened over a year ago it's like we've all been pushing this boulder amount and you know until we have more vaccines we need stricter stricter measures. hundreds of parents in mozambique still searching for their missing children off to armed groups linked to i cell right at the town of palma last month u.n. workers say they're horrified by the stories they're hearing from survivors many of
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whom a very young children they've been arriving in pemba. reports. when an armed group attacked the town of palma in mozambique province some of these women got separated from their children their plan was to reach pemba the provincial capital hoping this sons and daughters had also managed to get here as well the warden thought was. i want this war to end i can't take it anymore people are left with nothing people are suffering a lot of children are without their parents you know how many pregnant women ahead without the husbands here by themselves i just want to live in peace i want this war to be over please let this will be over. after a few phone calls is told her children are still stuck in parma hungry and afraid but right now she can't get to them the united nations says thousands of people fled palmer last month many of them are children traveling on their own some saw
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their parents speak so we have very very graphic reports from toddlers that shouldn't even said some of the words telling us i saw my father being beheaded i saw my mother being killed and some we see other children bring in the younger brothers and they talk to us as tiny adults and say it's quite shocking the armed group calling itself al-shabaab with links to eisele is behind the attacks that began in 2017 some of them others his age children are being kidnapped by the boys of the fighters and the girls forced into marriage and 16. and the company of minors will eventually be placed with host families in mozambique that's if their parents or relatives can't be found but as attacks in kabul delgado province grow in size and frequency humanitarian workers warn more children could once again be
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on the move. al-jazeera him most and. now eritrea has admitted that its troops are fighting in ethiopia's northern territory region but has vowed to withdraw them this is the 1st time the horn of africa nation has explicitly knowledged its role in the conflicts eritrean forces are reportedly dressing as members of the ethiopian military both governments have previously denied their presence there contradicting testimony from aid workers refugees and residents the un says the eritrean forces have committed atrocities. now an italian court has ordered the former interior minister mattel's salvini to stand trial on kidnapping charges for refusing to let like when ship dock in sicily 2 years ago but salvini news leader of the gratian league party is confident he won't be going to prison or chalons has more. for several weeks in 2019 the open arms bob done to the hot sun over sicily and summer on board around 100 mostly african
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migrants italy didn't want them but nor did any other european states then italian interior minister. wouldn't let the rescue ship dock until european leaders relented and took the migrants in to his dismay an italian judge has just ruled selvi must stand trial for the migrants kidnapping. going on to be taken for a kidnapper absolutely not the idea is simply ridiculous it's simply ridiculous i am sorry for my children because now i'll have to reassure them that the dad will be going to prison tomorrow morning that next week saturday god willing i'll be at the playground with them i am sorry about that salvini and his auntie immigration league party had prevented several migrant boat landings clashing with italy's court system n.g.o.s like open arms and the e.u. and other similar 2nd cases still awaiting a judge's decision on whether it will go to trial recently salvia me and right wing
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populist politicians from hungary and poland have been setting up a new nationalist political force within the e.u. but a conviction could see salvia jailed for 15 years and barred from holding office in the open arms trial begins in sicily's capital palermo on september 15th rory chalons al-jazeera. so i had on the program iran is saying it's identified the suspect behind the attack on its main nuclear facility at natanz. back to school off the course american parents threaten legal action if that children don't return to the classroom fast enough. hello there whether this law or across australia over the next couple of days you
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still got a few showers just hugging the east coast of new south wales they're in the process of pulling away that with high pressure in charge of escaping it largely fine and settle the way this coming in from a southwesterly or in a westerly direction over the next couple of days said the temperatures will slowly but surely start just not up in the right direction 1900 system melbourne 18 celsius the hope a tad warmer as you go on into monday tad drier to that eastern side of new south wales i want to schools up towards the cape york peninsula the shell is still popping off from time to time further west it's far and dry a little colder than of late for perth around $23.00 degrees on monday we're going up a touch as we go on through choose day but she's day we will see some wetter weather moving through victoria melbourne could see some showers longer spells of right along with a good part of tasmania and by monday we could see some heavy rain also coming into the north island of new zealand got some heavy right in the process of pushing away from northern parts of japan at the moment some west of whether the around chicago
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northern areas of honshu addle slowly but surely make its way further east which is because through monday by skies coming back in behind the ice in tokyo of 20 degrees. al-jazeera who is beneath the waves with a team of women determined to save the job it's also. the same is going to be limited when something truly protect them a thing on him using a variety of scientific techniques to study their behavior we can monitor them for their book or photos and behavior were able to how they're adapting to their new environment women make science dolphin sanctuary on al-jazeera. the earth.
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i'm back watching out as they are live from london look at the main stories now 3000000 people are now known to have died of cove at 19 though experts are warning that the true number is likely to be much higher south asia is fast becoming the global epicenter of the pandemic with india recording more than $200000.00 new daily cases for 3 days in a row hundreds of parents in mozambique are still searching for that missing children 3 weeks after on groups raided the town of palma u.n. workers say they are horrified by the stories they read from survivors many of them young children. and an italian court has ordered the former interior minister met me to stand trial on kidnapping charges for fusing to a migrant ship docked in sicily 2 years ago salvage any insists he did the right
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thing. here in the u.k. prince phillip the late husband of queen elizabeth has been laid to rest in the royal vault windsor castle he died last week at the age of 99 his funeral was a relatively low key affair with just 30 people in attendance because of 1000 restrictions from windsor neve barker reports. a moment of pared back pageantry within the confines of windsor castle prince philip 70 years of royal spanned the globe but his final journey was short on the back of a specially modified land rover the prince him self had a role in designing his naval cap and offices sword placed on top. of the coffin is for children. princess son prince andrew an edward together with his grandsons prince william and prince harry with their cousin peter phillips between
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them. it is the brother's 1st meeting since the dispute about harry and meghan moghuls decision to step back from royal juicy and the couple's tell all interview with oprah winfrey. lining the route senior members of britain's armed forces cornering prince philip's career in the royal navy where he commanded a ship. the funeral service began with a minute's silence queen elizabeth cutting a lonely figure in the pews of st george's chapel far apart from the rest of her family wearing a mask throughout. before the pandemic there were plans for 800 guests but only 30 carefully chosen was and representatives were allowed to attend no grand eulogies or big speeches the duke of edinburgh regarded buckingham palace in central london as his office and windsor castle as his home there's
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a long standing tension between members of the royal family his public and private lives as representatives of the 1000 year old british monarchy ironically it was prince philip who 1st invited cameras into the royal household in the 1960 s. the family has remained under immense media scrutiny ever since even during times of personal grief. or our. as the princes body was moved to the royal vault memories of use of public duty and charitable work a legacy muddied by a catalogue of jarring remarks some saw as racist and sexist the put him in olds with modern britain at a time when the royal family has been struggling to retain relevance for many prince philip has remained for more than 70 years is a symbol of stability loyalty to his wife queen elizabeth and continuity in
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changing times part of the very fabric of british identity we've barca al-jazeera windsor. russian opposition figure like seen around me is in the 3rd week of a hunger strike in prison and close to death according to his personal doctor the valley is present that same attractions most prominent critic has been refusing food in protest against his treatment in jail his doctor is not allowed to see him after receiving test results says he could die at any moment of his child in february for violating parole conditions as a result of travelling to chan mini for treatment after being poisoned. in the czech republic is expelling 18 russian diplomats on suspicion of being behind an explosion at a military ammunition warehouse the prime minister under a publish said he has strong evidence that the russian military were involved in the 2014 blast which killed 2 men checked elisa also hunting 2 men carrying
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multiple passports including russian ones with the names alexander petro of and of they are the same names used by suspects in the attempted poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in the u.k. 2 years ago russia has denied involvement in the attack but it will go to prove this going to be said through our post on clear evidence from our security services our must stay there is a reasonable suspicion of the involvement of russian obvious says in the explosion of ammunition depots where our fellow citizens and fathers of families who were injured wrote to commend the work of security troops is the police in the hit call to secure its organized crime did a professional job pandemic this case is still being investigated by law enforcement authorities the czech republic is a sovereign state must respond to these findings in appropriate style. iran says its identify the suspect behind the attack on one of its nuclear facilities state television is reporting the man fled the country before the attack on the natanz
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pond happened on sunday to her on has blamed israel for sabotaging its electrical grid calling it an act of nuclear terrorism as i beg has more from to run. we understand it's a 43 year old reza karim e who who is allegedly behind the sabotage the natanz nuclear facility iran's main nuclear facility now we believe that he escaped the country before the incident according to iran and iran is seeking to get a hold of him and wants interpol to issue an arrest warrant and he's image was on state t.v. now what the what's different different about this is that before when we have heard from the intelligence ministry or the agencies that they are after suspects we have really heard names or images but in this case iran has released an image that this was played out on state t.v. they showed video footage of that natanz facility but we didn't see any of the damage that had taken place and iran is after this individual and they are
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circulating his image iran is still blaming israel iran hasn't changed that at all that this individual could be someone that was recruited by foreign agents is that our understanding from here in tehran it was similar when iran chief chief scientist most in fact result there was assassinated again iran said that the intelligence agencies from other countries had recruited people from within iran so this could be a similar case now president joe biden saying he will increase the maximum number of refugees allowed into the u.s. this year up on friday he shelled a plan to raise the cap to 62 and a half 1000 instead of signing an order limiting admissions to his story low of 15000 established on the donald trump of the white house is quickly forced into a reversal by an outcry from the democrats why did you cast her is in washington to explain more about this so heidi president joe biden in trying to satisfy his base
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without alienating groups of voters has caused a fair bit of confusion. that's right a bit of reversals in the last 24 hours merriam which the white house explained saying that this is due to bureaucracy and they're trying to blame the trump ministrations saying that under former president trump the refugee resettlement office was so gutted that it's taken time to rebuild and reassess its capabilities and that that is why at least in the morning of friday here in washington at that time it would have been decided that biden's promise of lifting the cap to some $62000.00 refugees would not be plausible but then there was that our cry from democratic lawmakers saying that biden breaking his promise was shameful and we saw that very fast reverse so again from the white house saying that the cap on
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refugees who will be accepted this year the u.s. would be lifted after all but to how much whether or not it reaches that $62000.00 as biden had planned that is still to be determined and going to bear in mind many of these people are escaping economic crisis but it's going stability climate disasters what is the situation they then face at the border what are they confronted with. that's right the border is a separate issue but we just heard in fact president biden time these 2 things together he spoke with press earlier saying that there was a crisis on the border and it's key that he use that word for the 1st time something that his administration has hesitated to do that crisis he's referring to are the unaccompanied minors from central america children fleeing poverty and violence there and arriving at the u.s. border once they are in a u.s. custody they are handed off to that same office of refugee resettlement that is in
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question and biden said that that agency was essentially swamp that they couldn't do those 2 things at the same time handle the influx of migrants at the border and resettle the oversea refugees now how that will be resolved is still to be determined but of course there's also the political pressure that biden has found himself under with the look of the border being facing an influx of migrants certainly is something that his administration knows makes them look weak and perhaps many are saying that biden's earlier decision to keep the refugee level back at trump levels that may have been a fumbled attempt to look stronger at least to avoid the attacks from republicans that the by the ministration is weak on immigration thank you very much heidi joe comes from washington and all the developments most u.s. schools that will close during the pandemic of started allowing students back to
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the classroom and learning but it's not happening fast enough for some parents is that the children's physical and mental health is suffering so now taking government officials to court as christensen reports. it's been a grueling school year for 17 year old mitchell gilman with his basement bedroom serving as his classroom he admits it's been hard to stay motivated during virtual learning it was definitely a challenge not quite knowing my teachers the atmosphere of not being in a classroom and sitting inside your house day after day. how often of the fun part of school is going in and socializing with your friends has extra curricular activities like basketball are happening but is a little bit more monotonous. less stuff to do and while new york city's secondary schools recently reopened time actually in the classroom is limited his mother got worried when he started sleeping more and eating less is he really excited about
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learning no he's not in the laboratory he's not in the hallways he's not in the cafeteria at school he's not engaged in school. that's why parents like her in new york new jersey and los angeles are taking school officials to court in new york and on line campaign raised nearly $25000.02 pay attorney jim or megace to represent them or the safest places for children he blames teachers unions not safety concerns for ongoing reopening delays which he says are putting children at risk there have been some kids who have committed suicide the kids are depressed they want to go back and it's not only going back to school they want to engage in their extracurricular activities whether it's sports or chess club or whatever it may be they want to go back to normalcy a c.d.c. study shows emergency room visits for mental health related issues among older children rose more than 30 percent at the height of the pandemic. in response to
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the lawsuit new york speer argues that almost all city schools like michel's are open for in person learning but parents point out that most students are only allowed to attend part time and even when they're in the classroom they are on the line often learning from a teacher who is that whole. unions point to poor ventilation and overcrowded conditions as safety concerns unique to city schools as for mitchell who attends a public performing arts school there's more spring in his steps and stance instructions resumed it's the one class he's able to do in person his family and others are pushing for all classes to be in person by autumn kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. our main story this hour 3000000 people are now known to have died of covert 19
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around the well though the experts are saying the actual number is likely to.


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