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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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from the world's most populated region. in-depth stories from across asia and he said. type us culture and conflict and politics when i went east on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. other than i have a hell of a hit scene and this is the news our live from doha coming up for you in the next 60 minutes and italian judge orders the former interior minister matteo south vietnam to stand trial for stranding a group of migrants at sea in 20193000000 people have now died from coal that 98 in a number of infections is wising some countries still with vaccination setbacks. a
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royal farewell the queen elizabeth and a small group of course family members say goodbye to prince philip and eritrea admits for the 1st time its troops have been fighting in ethiopia is to dry region where they're accused of committing atrocities and i'm we're hearting with sports major league soccer has started its new season aiming for financial comeback after losing close to a $1000000000.00 during the pandemic. we begin this news hour and it's a labor a judge has ordered former interior minister and deputy prime minister matteo salvini to stand trial the right wing lead party leader has been charged with kidnapping in a case involving a ship carrying refugees and migrants in 29 scene let's get more night from nuri
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chalons he joins us live from london morning what more can you tell us about this case. well basically the actually being 2 very similar legal cases the salvini has been embroiled in and they are both of them links to 2 separate incidents where ships that herds try to dock. on the italian coastline with migrants on board that have been rescued at sea were prevented from doing so by the italian governments at the time and one of them was coles the n.-g. o. stories are operated by spanish n.g.o.s the ship was called the open hands and the other one was a italian coast guard vessel called the gregor se both of these ships were basically kept off the coast of italy over the space of a month or so the open hands was in july 2019 and the gregory it was in august
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2090 now these legal cases have basically been brought against salvini to try to work out whether there should be 2 separate trials for 'd the charge of kidnapping that he could be held responsible for the illegal kidnapping of these migrants on board these vessels now one of them the open hands here has now been referred to trial the other one is still ongoing last week a prosecutor said that it shouldn't go to trial and a judge will decide on that in a few weeks time now if he is convicted of this kidnapping then he could face up to 15 years in jail potentially and be barred from holding future office the trial that we know of that will take place will be going ahead in poland though the capital of sicily on september the 15th now salvini has always said that he was a century doing his duty as
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a minister of the italian governments and that he shouldn't be held accountable for . that that century that was his job to protect its elite. from this flow of migration and that he would do it again if he was in the same in the same role again he's just tweeted i'm going to trial with my head held high in your name as well as mine it's the 1st i'm always defending our country as a citizen sacred duty that is what i'm being tried for now obviously has a reputation as being right wing very anti immigration and the leader of the elite party and its leader which at the time was in control now is sensually as he's part of it's of these coalition governments a government of national unity so this is a big deal a big political deal it's like it is indeed were a challenge that bring us the very latest live from london thank you very.
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more than 3000000 people have now died over covert 90 worldwide that figure compiled by johns hopkins university is still rising quickly with deepening crises in countries like india brazil and france the true number is almost certainly significantly higher many cases were overlooks in the early stages of the outbreak government's miscounting and possible concealments are also factors and while vaccination campaigns are rolling out quickly in some countries most are suffering setbacks rarebit dangerous blood clots and has also been linked to 2 over the vaccines in use will have their experts are warning of a humanitarian calamity in south asia which is fast becoming the global epicenter of the covert $1000.00 i break the region's most populous nation india has registered nearly 235000 cases in the past day that's yet another
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daily records priyanka gupta has reports. on the outskirts of new delhi's ancient walled city a young man buries his father the. a few meters away a steady stream of mourners carry bodies of their loved ones in the capital's largest graveyard for muslims it's now on those full families speak of their anger and despair as a day to keep piling up in the city's mortuaries. people are being made to run around but they're not letting anyone meet patients people are desperate even for drinking water over there doctors are not meeting the patients they are keeping their distance and if someone's oxygen finishes and that person is simply lying there an attendant. you delhi has imposed a week in curfew and there are restrictions in one of india's most populous states my russia to slow infection rates in the worst hit regions but reports of.
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shortages of hospital beds medicine and oxygen have led to more fears. i'm very very scared the situation is terrifying if i wasn't an essential worker i wouldn't have left my house at all no one should go out but this new social distancing here polling booths in some of the most politically charged regional elections prompt. what can we do unless people try to protect themselves how much can we do that's why i stood behind the lines because i would try to manage and control the crowd but nobody listened. some are blaming petitions for holding large election rallies . on one hand over 1000 cases arising and leaders are doing rallies where they and their supporters are not even wearing masks this is something to think about how people vote if they are not allowed to do it. for days hundreds of thousands of hindus have been gathering at camilla an important religious festival increasing
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concerns of more infections now prime minister in the movie is urging worshippers to keep the festival symbolic amid criticism of the government's handling of the operate there calls to scale up vaccinations and impose tougher restrictions the for a 2nd wave of the virus in the world's 2nd worst affected nation gets even worse. germany has more than 3000000 confirmed cases of covert 19 chancellor angela merkel has asked parliament to pass a bill granting the government's new powers to force locked arms and curfews in areas with high infection rates thailand is facing a record rise a new cases of coverts with more than 1500 new infections reported on saturday but the thai government appears reluctance to order a 3rd locked tony chang reports from bangkok. mass covert testing at a basketball stadium in bangkok thailand on saturday recorded the highest rise in
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new cases for the 4th day in a row despite being the 1st country outside china to record infections thailand has kept the deaths within double figures but there are now real concerns the kingdom could be in the grip of a 3rd wave of the virus he might not say here i think this outbreak in thailand would be long because do you care very in spreads. new restrictions have been placed on entertainment venues and restaurants banning the sale of alcohol 24 hour markets and gyms have had their opening hours limited but thailand's government appears to be doing everything in its power not to go into complete lockdown by a gang made up now there is no lock down ok i sympathise with you but we would need to reduce the operating hours i don't want to close everything down closing is easy but who are those who are suffering. stopping the spread of covert 19 has come at
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a huge economic price closing thailand's borders to shut down the lucrative tourist trade and those businesses that have survived the pandemic so far would probably be finished if a 3rd wave extends the shutdown for much longer here in bangkok things are now noticeably quieter but business is being kept alive by the urban middle class outside the capital however many communities have seen incomes drop by more than 50 percent and that's not going to improve until the borders are reopened. the slow rate of vaccinations however means this won't happen for some time thailand has vaccinated fewer than one percent of the population despite attempts to focus on tourist destinations like who cares the local producer of the astra zeneca jab said this week they won't be in full production till june for many time businesses that will be far too late tony ching al-jazeera bangkok. iran says it has
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identified the suspects behind the attack on one of its nuclear facilities say t.v. is reporting the man fled the country before the attack on the natanz plant on sunday saharan blamed israel for the operation coley it's an act of nuclear terrorism and said baker has more from tehran we understand it's a 43 year old reza karim e who who is allegedly behind the sabotage at the natanz nuclear facility iran's main nuclear facility now we believe that he escaped the country before the incident according to iran and iran is seeking to get a hold of him and wants interpol to issue an arrest warrant and he's image was aired on state t.v. now what was different different about this is that before when we have heard from the intelligence ministry or the agency is that they are after suspects we have really heard names or images but in this case iran has released an image that this
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was played out on state t.v. they showed video footage of that natanz facility but we didn't see any of the damage that had taken place and iran is after this individual and they are circulating his image iran is still blaming israel iran hasn't changed that at all that this individual could be someone that was recruited by foreign agencies that's our understanding from here in tehran it was similar when iran chief chief scientist and factories are there was assassinated again iran said that other intelligence agencies from other countries had recruited people from within iran so this could be a similar case but who are still ahead on this news hour including. we have very very graphic reports from toddlers. or effect stories of children separated from their families in northern wasn't big enough to scape in violence attacks last month the muslim holy month of ramadan is
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a time of reflection and celebration but it's become a struggle for many in lebanon to bring you a special reports for us next night for tottenham and england's captain harry kane leo will be here with that story in sports. my. britain's prince philip has been laid to rest in the royal vaults at windsor castle that you can read in birdseye and at the age of 99 last week only 30 cool swell family members were able to attend the private ceremony because of coronavirus restrictions prince philip was the u.k.'s longest serving boil concerts after being married to queen of this both for more than 73 years when the farquhar is at windsor he joins us now from their neavitt scaled back funeral there due to the pandemic but one so full of ceremony and significance.
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yes that's right and one that has concluded in a very peaceful and tranquil days a beautiful spring day here in windsor we know members of the royal family that were in attendance going back to the state apartments where the queen has been living it has been for her and prince philip their home during the coronavirus pandemic it's where they have been shielding together with a loyal band of staff known collectively as h.m.s. bubble nothing like the large crowds that we normally see major royal events all because of coronavirus restrictions and in many ways according to some reports that maybe water prince philip would have wanted a man who wasn't all that keen on standing on ceremony however there was a significant amount of pageantry in this funeral his body was brought to st
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george's chapel within the confines of windsor castle and especially it's a down open top land rover flanked by members of the military who had a multitude of different orders from the small air force the navy the army as well and also walking behind his coffin his 4 children including prince charles and his 2 grandsons prince harry and prince william meeting for the 1st time in many many months after the growing disputes over prince harry's future role in the royal family putting something of a lonely figure in st george's chapel itself was queen elizabeth because of restrictions having to sit some distance away from the rest of her family this deeply personal movie moment in her life after the death of a man that spent 73 years loyally her side. joining us live from windsor need thank you very much indeed we can speak now general david
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leakey a former british military commands. it's helped the roads the brother of black roads in the houses of parliament which is responsible for organizing states and ceremony ceremonial occasions like the state opening of parliament he joins us now from will share in the southwest of england as kids have you with us on the news are we heard there from our correspondent that this more scaled back ceremony was probably more in line with warts that you could edinburgh would have worn since you're someone who has met the chick of edinburgh in your previous roles at the houses of parliament. here that you share that this kind of events is more in line with the chicks wishes. yes the planning for this funeral was was actually designed and undertaken by the duke himself over many years so he wanted it to be
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a mixture of the things that mattered in his life saying he wasn't after the state ceremonial pomp but he wanted celebrated at his funeral the things which were closest to him and those were the military and there was plenty of military in evidence today the royal horse artillery the navy the air force the regiments and the army of which he had been an on recurring lore colonel commandant so those were very much features and secondly he wanted. a celebration of his faith and we saw that in the funeral service in st george's very poignant readings and prayers and thirdly we saw the in-form ality that he liked in his life and in fact his sense of humor as well so not for him a gun carriage for his funeral for his coffin not for him
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a large black shiny her swim glass windows covered in flowers know what he designed was an old landrover converted to carry his coffin and and that was the in formality and and in a way the way in which he he approached life from a pragmatic down to earth very personal very individual and often very informal he wasn't stuffy person he had a sense of humor twinkle and a great closeness to people and. than in formality which disarm people and for which he had a great. reputation and. other challenge though involved in this event you can only prepare for so much impossible really to prepare for a pandemic but this ceremony really demonstrated the power of what people can do
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when the challenges presented themselves and thinking of course of that choir of just 4 people so raise some goosebumps for viewers watching that as someone who's organized these kinds of a vein was your reaction to how people have risen to the challenge of making this a socially distance funeral but still a powerful one under these tight restrictions. yes we've quite often had to do this and i remember when i was when i was black wrought in the house of parliament and responsible for organizing the state opening of parliament which is one of the great ceremonial and pageant days in our calendar and. normally interests in rehearsals the planning for it goes on for weeks beforehand. but we've had to organize it once or twice and very short notice and sometimes when the political political shenanigans have gone on
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a parliament has had to be dissolved and then reformed state opening of parliament has had to be planned fairly quickly and sometimes or been more than one in a year and when that happened sometimes the politicians and the royal family have agreed that they will have what's sometimes known as a dress down state opening so not the full ceremonial not with all the horse guards and carriages but a much more dressed stand people wearing suits and not the full ceremonial uniforms and so we're very useful very very used to doing this and the plans of course if you've made large elaborate plans that have been set that much easier to scale them back than to round them up. indeed it's interesting you mention the point of an address downer as state open it gets difficult to imagine the the queen of the ticket edinburgh in a pair of nike trainers that you have met the chicken several occasions i have how
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do you remember and what what would you what side of him would you share with the international viewers of al-jazeera. 2 things i would say about the duke one is that he was a very very intelligent man very well read and and he listened and was very thoughtful so if you engage him in a conversation he wouldn't he wouldn't accept ambiguity or fluffy answers he would look you in the eyes and say what do you mean. really what do you mean and he would press you on a point that was the 1st thing the 2nd thing is he had a great sense of humor and a great sense of fun. and i experience that on a number of occasions and i actually was stuck in a lift with him and the queen in parliament at the end of one of the events which they attended in parliament and the queen had been on her feet full well too
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probably over 2 hours and she was well into eighty's bye then. and it was agreed that at the end of the event instead of walking down the grand staircase to the bentley to take her back to buckingham palace instead she and the duke would go in a lift and the houses of parliament quite quite old buildings and the lift inside them is quite old too but this lift which she was going to use was polished up but it was quite small and at the end of the event the 3 of us got into the left and i was assured that all i had to do was to turn that the override key in the left and press g. for ground and we would go to the ground floor and so i turned the key in the in the lock and press g. for ground floor and as you know lifts always give a little jerk before they set off but instead of going down the lift went up and it stopped at the next floor the doors opened and luckily nobody was there the door's
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closed i press g. again and the door the door was closed and and a no the lift did not go down it went on up to the very top floor in the victoria time where the parliamentary archives are and the duke and the and the queen through the heads back in laughter they thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the the visit was. well a small part of the visit was going wrong and they enjoyed might embarrass mint and discomfort and do cost me he said what is here in this victoria. and i explained to him that it can train the parliamentary archives all the acts of parliament passed by passed by parliament will catch that and he said are there any other documents there and i said yes the. the document which was signed for the execution of oh dear and by this time i was launched into my
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explanation look the execution of one of the queen's precesses. and they thought this was very amusing and. the lift was open and there standing in front of them with 2 members of the parliamentary archives staff with their costa coffee cups and they were just going out for a coffee break there wasn't room for them in the lift and they said they'd get a lift the next time it came and as we were going down to the ground floor looked at me and he smiled and he said don't worry black rod he said this happens to us quite regularly last week we got stuck in the lift in buckingham palace and we were stuck for 45 minutes before an engineer could come and let us out thoroughly enjoyed it they were fazed by it they were informal and they thought it was all part of the fun of living life that's marvelous well thank you so much for sharing that story whether it's general david leaky their former black rod thank you very
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much for joining us on the al-jazeera needs our appreciate it thank you. eritrea has admitted its troops are fighting in ethiopia's northern region it's the 1st time the horn of africa nation has explicitly acknowledged its role in the conflict ever trained forces are reportedly dressing as members of the ethiopian military both governments have previously denied their presence contradicting testimony from aid workers refugees and residents the u.n. says the eritrean forces have committed atrocities well william davidson is the senior ethiopia analyst at international crisis group and joins us now from nairobi and neighboring kenya thank you for being on the news are with is just 1st of all why do you think eritrea has now mrs its presence in tikrit what's behind this. this is really the same reasons as the ethiopian government it's a couple of weeks ago mounting evidence of their present presence becoming harder
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to deny and obviously with that amount of evidence increasing international pressure. off the edge ethiopia's governments admitted their presence and said they would withdraw and eritrea said nothing that did lead to suspicions that there was a difference between the 2 governments who are allies in this conflict integrate so perhaps eritrea is government also wanted to dispel the idea that there was any major split between this hour and asmara over this issue and then whatever issue trying to retrieve their achieve their you said the ethiopian eritrea were allies but it's unclear at this stage what their goal was of going into the tikrit region was it to help the ethiopian government. quell the uprising. might be unclear from the eritrean government's statement but i mean i think. military was part of an operation to remove from power. regional government which
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fell into dispute with ethiopia is that your government the line now being adopted by both governments is that this was simply a matter of eritrea protecting its national security also securing some border areas are part of the conflict began but as mentioned in your intro the evidence is that eritrea is military has been almost all over to great and heavily engaged in the fighting since november and has also been accused of those atrocities while with those atrocities there have been appalling reports coming out of the region do you think anyone will be held accountable for these and by whom. there's a joint investigation that's supposed to be getting underway between the united nations human rights investigators and here investigators so we will have to see what the mandate is what level of access they have got on the ground they get on
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the ground what types of accountability processes. at this stage it's very hard to say but given the scale of the a trust is magine that at some point. both ethiopia and eritrea and military personnel will probably be held accountable and what happens next you think well that's the massive question since the ethiopian commitment to eritrea as withdraw has been no evidence of that actually occurring indeed the un see a humanitarian coordinator told to screw its account so that there is no evidence of that eritrean withdrawal so now that eritrea is committed. might be increased expectations that that will lead to actual withdrawal but really i think it's a matter of the international community launching this very carefully because of course up until now the 2 governments have completely denied eritrea is presence so therefore there is no particular reason to take them at their word that this
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withdrawal commitment will be implemented ok william davison there from the international crisis group great to get your analysis thank you so much indeed for joining us on the user thank you very much. the un says hundreds of children were separated from their families when a town in northern mozambique was attacked by an armed group last month many of them arriving in pember from where. has this report. when an armed group attacked the town of parma in mozambique it's got a province some of these women got separated from their children their plan was to reach pemba the provincial capital hoping this sons and daughters had also managed to get here as well for them the day. i want this war to end i can't take it anymore people are left with nothing people are suffering a lot of children are without their parents you know how many pregnant women a hair without their husbands here by themselves i just want to live in peace i
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want this war to be over please let this war be over. after a few phone calls is told her children are still stuck in parma hungry and afraid but right now she can't get to them the united nations says thousands of people fled palmer last month many of them are children traveling on their own some saw their parents being sold we have very very graphic and reports from car dealers that shouldn't even sold some of the words telling us i saw my father being beheaded i saw my mother being killed and somehow we see other children bringing the younger brothers and they talk to us as tiny adults it's sad it's quite shocking the armed group calling itself al-shabaab with links to eisele is behind the attacks that began in 2017 some of them others his age children are being kidnapped by the the boys are forced to become fighters and the girls forced into
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marriage and 16. and accompanied minors will eventually be pace with host families in mozambique that's if their parents or relatives kaante found but as attacks in kabul delgado province grow in size and frequency humanitarian workers warn more children could once again be on the move. from the port turn over her to a very distressing situation you're outlining 4 rows of any of the families of the children you've spoken see managed to reunite. well there is one family when palmer was attacked last month about 8 of them got it in different directions and they hid in the forest for days until it was safe enough to move and then the 1st lot managed to make it to where they found an uncle that they now staying with the other locked in a riot a few days later went to a reception center and together with the help of the humanitarian workers they
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managed to track the 1st half of the family and now reunited at the uncle's place right now what's happening in the region is that an assistant team sent by the southern african development community is in the region assisting the threat level and seeing what country you can do to assist was a big that team with a report that african leaders who are planning to have a meeting at the end of april that meeting will typically be about mozambique but people are nervous and some of them are panicking and either example a few days ago there was a rumor that a talent what the tat it turned out to be a hoax but a lot of people's lot of panicking is what i'm talking about possibly moving their wives and children out of combat and out of province to spiral of up to the capital where they feel it is less so they are people knowing that these attacks could continue and of course the military work with it that they are overwhelmed at this attack happened in march in parma weeks later people are still arriving at this age
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and sentence i've been his cell to they need some of the my desperate and of course the children coming alone looking for their parents if you play any relatives they can stay with where they think they can be thing. so they're joining us live. in about a province thank you. so i had sewn al-jazeera. anger on the streets of minneapolis hundreds of people protest against the latest shooting of a 20 year old black man and a tit for tat escalation with the russia and you crave influence in their diplomats and one of baseball's all time greats hits another career lands mark all the sport coming up for you later in the show.
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hello things with certainly heating up across much of the middle east particularly in the levant region we're seeing temperatures in turkey edging up into the mid twenty's we were barely seeing them hit the double figures a few weeks ago so lots of sunshine coming through clearer skies there will be some isolated showers across northern areas but further south things are drying up and it's a similar story for iraq and into syria to just here edging up into the high thirty's and see what happens in beirut as we go into monday temperatures reaching up to 35 degrees for the south things heating up across the gulf states 38 degrees in kuwait 38 as well in doha we will have a bit of a wind kicking through blowing the dust stop and we'll have hazy sunshine for many areas of the u.a.e. and into those isolated showers we saw in saudi arabia and now dried up and the heat is definitely coming through so we had to north africa things are looking rather hot here those thunderous showers continue across the ethiopian rift valley
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into somalia and affecting parts of kenya but much of that rain is across central parts of africa into monday will see heavy a showers across western parts of the democratic republic of congo. the all the. the. my. this is al jazeera quick writer of the top stories this hour former italian interior minister has been ordered to stand trial right wing league party leader has been charged with kidnapping in a case involving
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a ship carrying refugees and migrants 20193000000 people have now died of covert 19 around the world the united states remains the country with the highest number of deaths followed by brazil all cases are surging in south asia and britain's prince philip has been laid to rest in the royal vaults at windsor castle but you can bet we were died at the age of 99 last week only 30 calls for family members were able to attend a private ceremony because of coronavirus restrictions. the russias f.s.b. security service says it's detained a ukrainian diplomat in st petersburg it accuses oleksandr so sunoco of trying to obtain classified information from russia russian law enforcement databases tensions are already high russian troops are massing along the ukrainian border life noted to charles stratford who's in kiev for us we were fed it statements in
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the past our form ukraine which indicates a possible escalation does not. that's right yes i mean this statement comes off the back of a similar statement by made by the russians only a couple of hours ago announcing that this ukrainian diplomat was going to be expelled from russia as you say. he was detained by the f.s.b. on april the 16th is accused of trying to acquire information from russian databases. basically gathering intelligence now the ukrainians have come out in the last hour or so and have made a similar statement. they said that in response to the what they call the provocation the senior diplomat of a rush of the russian embassy will also be expelled expelled sorry from ukraine within 72 hours from april the 19th. we called the ministry of foreign affairs here
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they seem to be some sort of confusion he was described as the senior diplomat we've now got that clarified that he's a senior russian diplomat that the craniums will also be expelling the ukrainian statement went on to say that we completely reject the accusations against the consular officer such actions grossly violate the vienna convention on diplomatic relations of 1963 and reaffirm russia's chosen coal's of aggravation with ukraine of course this comes with this huge russian military deployment that's happened in the last couple of weeks up to what's believed to be around 100000 russian troops on the ukrainian border the russians saying that this is just a military exercise and pose no threat would leaders and nato saying urging russia to withdraw those troops seems as if russia so far is not listening so this tit for tat this this spot with respect to the expelling of their respective diplomatic
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people diplomatic staff by both sides it can only be one can only imagine he's going to make the tension even worse. life and he have. more than $3000000.00 lebanese that's half the population facing a tough ramadan this year the monthly cost of if the hour or the meal to break their fast no cost $2.00 and a half times the minimum wage the world bank says food prices there have become the highest in the region has more from beirut. for millions of people in lebanon food is becoming a luxury prices had already increased 5 fold since 2019 before the holy month of ramadan began families of muslims are struggling to afford the if tar meal that breaks their dawn to dusk fast. fish prices are insane and they have gone up even
6:40 pm
more during ramadan a plate of salad with cost $6.00 times more disappear what do we do do we beg we're not used to begging ramadan is an important event in this time of calendar but there are few signs in this working class neighborhood gone are the lights decorations and the vending stalls with traditional drinks that are staples on an if tar table lebanon's economy has collapsed so has the local currency and that's reduced people's purchasing power. those who used to buy culo vegetables are now buying half while others buy a piece some just walk away after knowing the prices. a month of its star meals for a family of 5 is now estimated to cost $2.00 and a half times the minimum wage which is worth $60.00 at the black market rate and with no hard currency it's that rate which dominates trading. down our salary hasn't changed but the prices have soared as desperation grows so have
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scuffles over subsidized goods and supermarkets lebannon imports most of its food and there have been shortages as the government runs out of dollars. despite wheat being subsidized by the government the price of bread has also increased over a month buying a single pack of bread a day will cost more than 10 percent of the minimum wage charities helping the vulnerable have had to expand their efforts unemployment is rising and at least half the population of 3000000 people is poor. maya terrell tells me her organization feet up to 1600 families a months they thought of it all you see before but this moment in my mean that we might not have the far or i mean we have to eat after a long many have had to change their diets some have stopped buying meat at herb's and spices in america we used to buy an ounce of paper for 2 and
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a half dollars now costs more than $10.00 what are the poor going to 8 politicians failing to agree on a reform minded government also means there will be international aid and now lebanon is on the un list of hunger hot spots so what there are a lot. israel says is conducted air strikes against targets inside the gaza strip its military says it hit a hamas training facility and ansi aircraft missile launcher post it's in response to a rocket fired from gaza which landed in southern israel on friday nights no group has claimed responsibility for that attack well the 23000 prisoners have been pardoned and released by myanmar's military leader it's unclear though whether any of them were approved democracy activists who were arrested during protests against the recent koon the pardons are customary to mark the new year holiday in myanmar this is the 2nd time the giants have done so since it seized power in february and
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thailand's foreign ministry has confirmed myanmar's jones and these are men and then will be attending the upcoming asean summit the association of southeast asian nations brings together its 10 members annually to discuss regional issues this year it's being held in indonesia asean has already called for isolator on sensitive g.'s release from prison. hundreds of people have rallied in chicago in support of a teenage boy who was shot dead by police as i rage to about shooting of a young black man by police near minneapolis during a traffic stop 15 several incidents during the past month which have heightened tensions across the u.s. but issues of policing and racial injustice she reports. hundreds gathered in chicago a day after police released video from the march 29th killing of 13 year old adam to later by a police officer. in the off tomorrow the police had said that the boy had died in
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an all md confrontation you have the video shows to later complying with an instruction to put his hands up he's been shot dead an investigation is underway. the video about him to later his death was released as the trial of a police officer. in minneapolis i was protests continue here in brooklyn following the killing of a rice. the protesters here have long argued that the disproportionate killing of people of color by the police is a systemic issue not the result of a few bad apples and the mother of dante right again despaired of a system that may finally be putting police officers on trial but that remains fundamentally broken justice yes justice is definitely what we want but i'm never going to get. justice would be bringing my son home to me justice would have been my son jiving to the carwash income you know i'm after that i'm not going to get
6:45 pm
fat but 2nd degree manslaughter is not ok i'm not ok with that that's not right she murdered my son my son is never going to come. so you get the fit on a police pension right now why my son is going to be buried in a few days and that's not ok but the protests in brooklyn center all just about police killings now they're also about the police response to protests about police killings on friday many of the protesters will both groups in solidarity with samir hassan she lives opposite the police station where night after night tear gas and smoke grenades have been fired with abandon. on wednesday she left her apartment in her bathroom to look for her brother she was tackled to the ground. she was then jailed for presidents of an unlawful assembly all week the irony has not been lost
6:46 pm
on those here but the response to these demonstrations against unnecessary violence and the over policing of black communities. is a beam unnecessary violence and over policing shihab rattansi al-jazeera brooklyn's and. the gunman who shot and killed 8 people at a fed ex facility in the u.s. on friday had previously been interviewed by the f.b.i. that was after his mother cold police raising concerns about his mental health officials also revealed 1000 year old brandon who was a former employee at the indianapolis center president joe biden has issued a statement urging members of congress to pass gun control legislation christen salumi reports. another corner of america the scene of yet another mass shooting this time at a fed ex facility in indianapolis a gunman opening fire late on thursday night killing workers outside in the carpark before going inside to kill others and then himself by friday morning police were
6:47 pm
still trying to piece together the motives of the gunmen details remain scarce he got out of his car and pretty quickly started. some random shooting outside the facility there was no confrontation with anyone that was there there was no disturbance there was no argument he just appeared to randomly start shooting and that began in the parking lot and then he didn't go into the building into the facility for a brief period of time the f.b.i. later revealed that the gunman a 19 year old former employee was interviewed in april last year after his mother became worried about his mental health however he was later released overnight workers families gathered at a nearby hotel and waited to be reunited with relatives on shifts compound in the anguish a fed ex policy banning cell phones at the workplace which made it harder for
6:48 pm
survivors to reassure loved ones indiana's governor eric holcomb tweeted condolences but was immediately criticized for his anti gun control agenda he's received an a grade from the national rifle association reserved for politicians who demonstrate particular enthusiasm for blacks gun laws the mayor of indianapolis summing up the feelings of the majority in the country what we are left with this morning is grief grief for the families of those killed grief for the employees who have lost their coworkers and grief for the many americans struggling to understand how tragedies like this continue to occur later president joe biden issued a statement saying too many americans are dying every single day from gun violence it stains our character and pierces the very soul of our nation we can and must do
6:49 pm
more to act and to save lives. this latest tragedy coming just weeks after mass shootings in atlanta colorado and south carolina drawing further attention to what's been described as a deep seated epidemic of gun violence christian salumi al-jazeera. brazil's president joe both sanaa has sent a lessor to u.s. president joe biden recommitting to stop illegal deforestation in the amazon by 2030 years climate envoy john kerry responded urging immediate action be taken to back up the pledge brazil has appealed for several millions of dollars in international supports to meet that goal. he was going leader raul castro has called for respectful dialogue between cuba and the united states he expressed a willingness to build a new kind of relationship with the u.s. as he presided over his final congress of the communist party of cuba on friday
6:50 pm
castro also confirmed he was handing over the leadership to a younger generation ending 6 decades of rule by himself and older brother fidel. i 3 astronauts been on a joint's russian american mission have safely returned to earth the expedition cancer and ends when the soyuz spacecraft landed in counseling stan astronauts had been on the international space station for about 6 months that's an awful long stay. here on al-jazeera we've got the sport coming up after the break where major league soccer it's open better times are ahead of the new season kicks off leah will be here with that story and more. in pakistan's largest city climate change and water shortages and driving some residents to desperate measures it's 101 east meets the waters of karachi
6:51 pm
funneled to 0. the castors a pledge to distribute communist party since the 1959 revolution this power is handed over to the guilty as candle we look at the situation in the country today this is the end of the me but continuation of the legacy or the beginning of real change in cuba special coverage has rolled past 2 steps down on al-jazeera. i'm a like of us in the south of india to find out how a tiny box in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a standstill coronavirus how he wept across the world with devastating impact and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade here in vietnam we did that a rescue center for some of the world's most threatened animals and joined the call for an end to the global. earthrise on al-jazeera.
6:52 pm
is sorry for the sport here's lia thank you hala major league soccer has started its new season with some teams welcoming fans into their stadiums for the 1st time in more than a year the league has suffered huge financial losses during the pandemic but that has not stopped a new team from joining andy richardson reports the way for our trade out of his car and instead of the bill by travelling as far as. the seattle sounders could hardly have asked for effect to stocks at this season the big went on for the 1st time in 13 months a limited number of fans were able to watch the action inside this stadium a lack of crowds at many venues last season's contributes to major league soccer losing close to $8000000000.00. the man in charge of the league says the
6:53 pm
pandemic has given its all t. minus 20. of pause for thought for a god crossing to the far side of. their ability to sort of empower everybody around them to have optimism and confidence by the way at no time with that that get more tested then during the you know i would speak to owners a lot and say we have to spend most of our time ensuring that we can get through this with some of our time ensuring that we can move forward. in cities uncertain times comes a new team lost in f.c. $15000.00 season tickets have been sold and a $260000000.00 stadium is close to completion a celebrity corona completes the package why not become an owner well. coming in my fifty's and got 3 children i travel the world with my job what's the one game that's always in town whether i'm in right convect whether i mean
6:54 pm
cleveland where i'm in new york whether i'm in cape town where i'm in mali after there's one game that's always in town. football as we call it soccer in america david beckham is part of the ownership team behind into miami heat with the team heading into their 2nd season an underwhelming debut campaign has prompted beckons to call on his former manchester united team mate phil neville for help these are the best moments this is why the job this is why you get into football for the big moments when you actually go out there and you're playing for the 3 points you played for for you know to get up in that lead to start the seas well to specially self against the best managers in the best players. everyone involved in the league hoping this season the focus can stay on the football and the fans can remain in the stands and the richardson al-jazeera. west ham have missed out on the chance to go 3rd in the english premier league they were beaten 32 by newcastle and stay in
6:55 pm
4th place the when moves newcastle 9 points clear of the relegation places. and harry kane scored twice for tottenham in 22 draw against everton before picking up an ankle injury just before full time the results we have spurs in 7th place with everton just behind tottenham's manager says he doesn't enjoy playing games without fans it's just it is not football. with some folks who is a difference starting by one side more difficult but another side's more exciting and more explosive so. football results fans and it's like. good food but it's all sultan. ronald koeman has the chance to win his 1st title as barcelona's head coach are about to take on a flood in the copa del rey final the spanish media is reporting that cumin may lose his job if the team fails to win a trophy this season because we had
6:56 pm
a run of 19 games without losing we are losing one minutes and then i need to talk about my future maybe i need to accept. i don't agree but i think you have to do your job you have to talk to the people in the club and i have one more year of contract reigning world champion lewis hamilton has taken pole position for sunday's a 1000000 remagen a grand prix hamilton won the opening race of the season in behind and he finished just ahead of the red bull pair of sergio perez and max 1st stop and during qualifying in italy his mercedes team mate about that in both us will start from 5th place on the grid. baseball pitcher max scherzer has hit another career landmark the washington nationals player passed sajjan on the all time career strikeouts list shares are total now stands at $2808.00 he's closing in on
6:57 pm
a place in the all time top 20 his efforts this game helped the nationals when 10 over the arizona diamondbacks began with it go out there. you know just be durables you know year in year out and build execute pitches. that's what i take away from you know pass and so young i was you want to very small time. you know different game now that it is back then but to be able to do that to me that it's more than just pigeons it's how you take your body which do you prepare teams have been able to welcome back limited crowds a season there are some downsides to that though like on happy new york fans who threw balls under the outfield during this defeat against the tampa bay rays the game had to be paused during the unrest the yankees it went on to lose it 82 and they said it last now in the american league east well that's it for me has a record hala thank you very much indeed for the sneezer to keep it here on
6:58 pm
al-jazeera though be back with you after this very short break with more of the day's news. halfway between tokyo and now she's a look of who was there and relatively sleepy place not a lot of violent crime and so when 4 people get killed on one occasion in as bloody a massacre as this was in the tracks a lot of report. a task force of each police officers was created to find
6:59 pm
out what happened. police counted more than 40 stab wounds all together in the victims. when i enter the ring i feel on top of the world i don't want that feeling to go away when the show and the final on call begins retirement and i thought of my laugh line watch the laughter i meet the former circus performers gracefully supporting each other on the stage of life going less you got a broken bone a of a minute off it was the order to witness presents after circus on and just that's
7:00 pm
faceless patience is still must go on. if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your elbow. the. an italian judge orders the former interior minister material salvini to stand trial for stranding a group of migrants at sea in 2019. per day and i have my here's an ad this is al jazeera life and also coming up 3000000 people have now died from covert 19 and the number of infections is rising as countries deal with vaccinations that.


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