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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was a main bankroller or opposition to climate action the campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing. it was fusion good thing absolutely. 0. be the hero in the world needs. washing. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian from again this is that is our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the global code 19 death toll tops 3000000 but it's rising fast as countries deal with spiraling cases and vaccination setbacks they include
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thailand where a 3rd wave traced to a nightlife district is risking plans to welcome back tours. anger on the streets of minneapolis hundreds of people protest against the latest police shooting of a 20 year old black man. and for the 1st time in decades the castro family will not be in charge of cuba raul castro is stepping down and i'm lee harding with sports major league soccer has started its new season a mean for a financial comeback after losing close to a $1000000000.00 during the pandemic. we begin this news with the coronavirus pandemic which is now cost at least $3000000.00 lives around the world that figure compiled by johns hopkins university is still rising quickly with deepening crises in countries like him. india brazil
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and france the true number is almost certainly significant be higher while vaccination campaigns are rolling out quickly in some countries most of suffering repeated setbacks there are predictions that asia will become the new epicenter of the pandemic we'll speak to tony change shortly and bank top bangkok but 1st rory chalons who's in london a 3rd of the global covert 19 deaths are there in europe rory you're still dealing with this 3rd wave the various preventative restrictions that are in place and a slow vaccine rollout. yeah and as you would imagine with a continent that is large and complex as europe the picture is different depending on where you're looking it goes from the grim to the much more positive we can start with a grim in france it became the 3rd country in europe to pass the 100000 death mark earlier this week it follows italy and the united kingdom
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and push it through that market it's now got the 8th highest death toll in the world so things are as we can see there are pretty bad with the country it's 3rd machinable lock down the death toll is effectively doubled since it came out of the 2nd national lockdown back in november president macron is saying we will not forget a name we will not forget a face just popped across the channel those of the u.k. which. as i just said is have had a terrible number of deaths but things now here in the u.k. are looking much more positive germany has just taken the united kingdom off its risk list which means that if you come from the u.k. to germany you don't any longer have to quarantine so the u.k. which was the focus of many travel restrictions around europe and around the world
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just a few months ago because of the variance that was discovered in the south of england in september because of lock downs and because of a very fast vaccination program here is now doing much better. italy is looking at easing restrictions i think towards the end of this month the 26th of april that's despite things not changing dramatically that. in countries like italy like the cetera there is a sense that things are becoming a bit more positive thoughts because of fears about you know easing restrictions having. liberalizing effect on people's behavior and new variants cropping up any kind of recovery is seen at the moment as being quite fragile in the united kingdom there is particular concern right now about a variance of corona virus that seems to originated in india and is currently
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causing a large spike in infection rates there it has a double need station which means there are 2 changes that have happened to the virus which make it more effective at infecting people or of aiding the body's immune system so it shows that although in the u.k. there is a feeling that things are getting much much better not out of the woods yet. chalons reporting live from london thailand is closing schools and gyms for at least 2 weeks as it battles a 3rd wave of covert 19 infections it had hoped to be able to reopen to tourism but now. cases arising it reported $1500.00 cases in the last day and 2 deaths less than one percent of the population has been vaccinated let's go live to bangkok on al-jazeera tony chain is with us as we said at the beginning of the program there are fears now that asia could become the new epicenter of the pandemic.
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absolutely think here this is one of the success stories we've seen very low rate of infections deaths from 19 is still less than $100.00 over the whole thing at $99.00 at the moment but we're still very vulnerable that appears because we don't have an effective vaccination program and we've seen this new wave taking hold very quickly about a week ago daily infections were running in double digits today they were 1000 saturday were the 1547 and they've been increasing fast i think in part that's because there is a slightly false sense of security here people have felt very protective but also thailand does have to open up while it's protected itself from covert 19 the economic damage has been devastating more than 20 percent of thailand's economy comes from tourism well that business is a french effectively shut down over the last 14 months it was hoped that things
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could get started again that is the rest of the world got vaccinated thailand could relax some of those border restrictions but with the wave we're seeing now i think the government's going to be very reluctant particularly as they themselves have only managed to that extent less than one percent of the population the tiny company that's responsible for producing and distributing the extra astra zeneca virus said last week that it was only going to be working at full capacity in june so i think that's a big problem and the government has also reluctant to introduce a full of town because aware of the economic damage there brings so many businesses at the moment to just hanging on a full lockdown may well just finish them off. reporting live from bangkok tony many thanks indeed india's infection rate shows no sign of slowing it's registered nearly. 235000 cases in the past day that's yet another daily record
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1300 people died in the same period bringing the total so far to more than 175000 the world health organization says the variant 1st identified in india may be more contagious but despite the rising number of cases some politicians are still holding large election rallies prime minister there and ramadi has urged people not to gather for a hindu event he wants the festival to be symbolic instead hundreds of thousands of people have been gathering along the banks of the ganges river for several days now modi as a religious leaders to tell their followers to show restraint germany now has more than 3000000 confirmed cases of covert 19 the number of deaths increased to just under 80000 on saturday chancellor angela merkel is last parliament to pass a bill granting the government new powers to force lock downs and curfews in areas
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with high infection rates local is appealing to the public to get the job after she received her 1st dose of the astra zeneca vaccine. now to other news hundreds of people have rallied in chicago in support of a teenage boy who was shot dead by police there's outrage too about the shooting of a young black man by police to minneapolis during a traffic stop that than several incidents during the past month which have heightened tensions across the u.s. about issues of policing and racial injustice jabatan see reports. hundreds gathered in chicago a day after police released video from the march 29th killing of the 13 year old adam toledo by a police officer. in the off tomorrow the police had said that the boy had died in an armed confrontation you have the video shows to later complying with an instruction to put his hands up he's then shot dead an investigation is underway that i'm going from here to the video about him to later his death was released as
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the trial of a police officer. in minneapolis i was protests continue here in brooklyn following the killing of dante rice. the protesters here have long argued that the disproportionate killing of people of color by the police is a systemic issue not the result of a few bad apples and the mother of dumb to rights again despaired of a system that may finally be putting police officers on trial but that remains fundamentally the group justice yes justice is definitely what we want but i'm never going to get. justice would be bringing my son home to me justice would have been my son jiving to the car was coming home after that i'm not going to get fat but 2nd degree manslaughter is not ok i'm not ok with that that's not right she murdered my son my son is never going to come. so you get this
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thing on a police pension right now why my son is going to be buried in a few days and that's not ok with the protests in brooklyn center just about police killings now they're also about the police response to protests about police killing on friday many of the protesters will both groups in solidarity with samir hassan she lives opposite the police station where night after night tear gas and smoke grenades have been fired with abandon. on wednesday she left her apartment in a bathroom to look for her brother she was tackled to the ground. she was then jailed for presidents of an unlawful assembly all week the irony has not been lost on those here but the response to these demonstrations against unnecessary violence and the over policing of black communities. is a beam unnecessary violence and over policing shihab rattansi al-jazeera brooklyn's
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and. the gunman who shot and killed 8 people at a fed ex facility in the u.s. on friday had previously been interviewed by the f.b.i. and that was after his mother called police raising concerns about his mental health officials also revealed 19 year old brandon hole was a former employee at the indianapolis center president joe biden has issued a statement describing gun violence as a stain on the country as kristen salumi reports. another corner of america the scene of yet another mass shooting this time at a fed ex facility in indianapolis a gunman opening fire late on thursday night killing workers outside in the car park before going inside to kill others and then himself by friday morning police were still trying to piece together the motives of the gunmen details remain scarce he got out of his car and pretty quickly started so. random shooting outside the
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facility there was no confrontation with anyone that was there there was no disturbance there was no argument he just appeared to randomly start shooting and that began in the parking lot and then he did go into the building into the facility for a brief period of time the f.b.i. later revealed that the gunman a 19 year old former employee was interviewed in april last year after his mother became worried about his mental health however he was later released overnight workers families gathered at a nearby hotel and waited to be reunited with relatives on shifts compound in the anguish a fed ex policy banning cell phones at the workplace which made it harder for survivors to reassure loved ones indiana's governor eric holcomb tweeted condolences but was immediately criticized for his anti gun control agenda he's received an a grade from the national rifle association reserved for politicians who demonstrate
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particular enthusiasm for blacks gun laws the mayor of indianapolis summing up the feelings of the majority in the country where we are left with this morning is grief grief for the families of those killed grief for the employees who have lost their coworkers and grief for the many americans struggling to understand how tragedies like this continue to occur later president joe biden issued a statement saying too many americans are dying every single day from gun violence it stains our character and pierces the very soul of our nation we can and must do more to act and to save lives. this latest tragedy coming just weeks after mass shootings in atlanta colorado and south carolina drawing further attention to what's been described as
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a deep seated epidemic of gun violence kristen salumi al-jazeera following that shooting president biden once again urged members of congress to pos gun control legislation every single day every single day there's a match to this young in the united states if you count all those who are killed out of the streets of our cities and our rural areas it's a national embarrassment and must come to an end i strongly support the universal background checks which i continue to push the congress has to step up and act the senate has to act and i strongly support and continue and never stop supporting the ban on assault weapons and magazines that hold more than 1010 bullets. there with the news out. of the program palestinian prisoners rights groups for new calls to release those whose detention breaks international law. final preparations as britain prepares to farewell say farewell to queen elizabeth's late husband prince
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philip. and in sports a mixed bag for an england captain hurricane live will be here with fascination a little later. the u.n. says that hundreds of children were separated from their families when a town in northern mozambique was attacked by an armed group last month many of them are now arriving in pemba from. reports. when an armed group attacked the town of. province some of these women got separated from their children their plan was to reach the provincial capital hoping this sons and daughters had also managed to get here as well. and want this war to end i can't take it anymore people are left with nothing
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people are suffering a lot of children are without their parents you know how many pregnant women a hair without their husbands here by themselves i just want to live in peace i want this war to be over please let this will be over. after a few phone calls told her children are still stuck in palmer hungry and afraid but right now she can't get to them the united nations says thousands of people fled palmer last month many of them are children traveling on their own some saw their parents speaking so we have very very graphic and reports from cutler's that shouldn't even said some of the words coming as i saw my father being beheaded i saw my. mother being killed and some we see other children bringing the younger brothers and they talk to us as tiny adults and so it's quite shocking the armed
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group calling itself with links to i so is behind the attacks that began in 2017 some of the mothers his 3 children are being kidnapped by the the boys were forced to become fighters and the girls forced into marriage and 16. and accompanied minors will eventually be pace with host families in mozambique that's if their parents or relatives kaante be found but as attacks in kabul delgado province grow in size and frequency the mandatory and work has worn more children could once again be on the move. al-jazeera him my sandy more than 23000 prisoners have been pardoned and released by man last military leader it's unclear though whether any of them were pro-democracy activists who were arrested during protests against evolution from the top as a customer to mark the new year holiday in myanmar but this is the 2nd time that the jointer has done so since it seized power in february. thailand's foreign ministry has confirmed that man mas jones
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a leader men on line will be attending the upcoming assy and so it is associate of southeast asian nations brings together its 10 members annually to discuss regional issues this year it's being held in indonesia siennas already called for ousted leader aung san suu cheese release from prison. israel says that its conducted a strike against targets inside the gaza strip its military says that it hit a hamas training facility and anti aircraft missile launcher post it's in response to a rocket fired from gaza which landed in southern israel on friday night no group has claimed responsibility for that attack. rights groups are using palestinian prisoners days demand the release of people held in violation of international law the prisoner support and human rights association says that all over all around 4 to half 1000 palestinians either imprisoned or detained in israel $140.00 of them
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the children and $440.00 of so-called administrative detainees who could be held indefinitely without charge or trial and an estimated $550.00 prisoners a sicko have long term health conditions there particularly vulnerable to the threat of covert 19. is a lawyer with the prisoner support and human rights association is also a former inmate in an israeli prison he was held several times the longest being for 7 years he joins us now via skype from occupied east jerusalem could tell you with us so the who have 1st hand experience what are conditions like for palestinian prisoners in israeli jails. actually thank you for inviting me to these moments with you. this condition of. the political prisoners in the israeli jail are often very hard and the israeli occupation tries. to break and.
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physical and psychological. and mental. she tuition for the political prisoners. 5000. 5000 prisoners today are detained in 20 different prisons. in all of the palestine but its union. fight. stance is. done by. the occupation to try to control the life of the political prisoners in prison so there are many circumstances.
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by preventing visits from. from prison that's 4 months and 30 years the media gives the medical. preventing prisoners to continue their studies. for 44 months and use preventing us from having. to have the contact with. their were outside of prison their get out of prison as well out of. the mission and isolation. nation prisons. out of that condition in the condition in isolation. the children also we have children who are detained in very. condition they are treated.
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and the condition in the conditions in the prisons for. so that he hopes. to 20 extent has the coronavirus pandemic made things what about a study in precedence think the coronavirus pandemic as it made it worse for prisoners yes. because the 19 that had made the conditions of. the of the detention of the principal to get good sense because since more than one year. actually. it is in that they didn't receive. visits from their families. they didn't see each other since then and then he. and also. about the legal defense in the in the in the courts also me as
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a lawyer. since the gobi been 19 we have no right to have direct relation. with the political prisoners prison has been in the court in the court itself which may come out of that. we are always working. 'd with them on the. d.c. in the court and which makes the heart of that i would work and which were and which is and. conditions in the court or not in the military court makes harder. and it looks hard that the legal defense for the political prisoners could still see many thanks indeed someone hilary them . thank you cuba will be without
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a castro at the helm for the 1st time in 16 is 89 year old raul has confirmed that he's stepping down as the head of the communist phosphate he and his brother fidel began their leadership of cuba after the revolution in 1959 at augustan is in havana with reaction. what does raul castro's retirement mean for ordinary cubans all the sectors of the population are broadly supported by the government particularly those that lived through the huge improvements in health care education public safety that were ushered in by the cuban revolution in the 1960 s. but for 30 years this island has been living through a slow drawn out economic and social crisis and there's a younger generation that's demanding more let me know when the 1st thing i'd change is i'd get rid of the blockade so that the spiralis country would change. when the revolution trials to did a lot for society schools hospitals and there were other things that went backwards housing trade. for me the customers legacy is that there is free education and
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health care and we should be grateful for that and i must tell you that we have serious problems with freedom of expression most cubans are scared to express themselves because they are scared of reprisals all that the police have them in the street or that they take them away in a police car because they won't know the real problems we have cubans are living through the most serious economic crisis since the fall of the soviet union the silence been lush not only by the pandemic but also by powerful new sanctions at the top a ministration put in place improving the economy is the island's main political challenge but the mood here in havana is that more than anything any cuban leader can do improve the economic future hopes and dreams run through improved relations with the united states were to spend 16 years since the botched u.s. invasion of cuba which was intended to overthrow fidel castro's government shortly after the cuban revolution the cia began training a force of cuban exiles to invade their homeland and set up
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a democratic alternative to castro's government. a small army was assembled in guatemala 1400 men trained for a nighttime surprise attack and go to war fabs the secret got out months ahead of time and when the force landed in the bay of pigs they came under heavy fire the mission failed and more than a 1000 exiles were captured and then used for ransom but he called it the by of pigs invasion but cubans refer to it as yet all remembered by many as the 1st u.s. defeat in latin america this is the story of here's a gonzalez who forced to defend the cuban revolution. my name is his seuss rafael gonzales oliva i'm 78 years old and i fought simply a good one i joined in 1960 the anti aircraft artillery unit in the get on my base on april 15th they attacked. the 1st
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aircraft we saw was in the morning the plane was flying high and we had no experience we were children 17 and 18 years old we were trained for only 3 months in a surprising and ferocious attack the artillery the jets bombing us the parachuters it was a very difficult situation for all of us because we were very young. we attacked that plane beforehand we did not allow it to get close we were around 15 or 20 anti-aircraft gun owners shooting at the same time that was phenomenal the plane saw that and left. it will now allow one will have people along the way were cheering us they gave us drinks they cheered us they thanked us it was unforgettable how the people were on the streets. yet we had a free daily hero i saw fidel in play i get on he passed on the road right next to us we were in trucks and he was in
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a jeep and when we got to the base he was there giving orders it pass it goes you may be cuba still has a blockade it's 60 years blocking us but what else can they do to us they take the medicines they take the food they take the oil without oil there can't be a country that can't be electricity no life no industry and no work. you're going to need said we're i said tomorrow i believe that all human beings from all religions or any party has to know that the revolution is here to stay and is the only option we cubans have every day this country does something to make the world a better place now we have a vaccine against corona virus this vaccine is going to be distributed to the poor people around the world everyone who wants our vaccine will get it a good one of us to see it that one or all cubans who are proud of being cuban have to know fidel is not dead fidel is here and we have to keep on fighting working because this is our only option our revolution and our party. were at the midway
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point in this news how we got a weather update next and then brazil promises to fight illegal allison deforestation asking for money to help it happen the world though wants more commitments for us to. the doctrine of priests provokes outrage in haiti and many blame government failures. out in sport one of baseball's all time greats pits i'm not a career lamb. but. how we got some pleasant spring wald's across many parts of europe over the next couple of days not particularly high temperatures for many but a fair bit of sunshine coming through nevertheless little clouds spilling in from
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the atlantic towards sea british isles little more clouds whoever it was at least inside a few calls a cloud hippa to see some outbreaks of sherry re absa little bit of snow still in place there just around the balkans but not too much to speak of still the warm side for moscow 14 celsius average for this time vs around 10 degrees civil war down to. the southeast and cricket $24.00 celsius but again not just a few showers coming across parts of grace and in seats further west this is what we have more in the way of sunshine than showers some pleasant sunshine 18 celsius in madrid but we're not seeing that a tape of also some warped there into scandinavia over the next couple of days the cloud right will try to push in across western parts of scotland as we go through monday showers down across a pos germany southern areas of powder and pushing down towards austria was the balkans towards the black sea want to say showers to italy and want to see showers just moving across the fall north of algeria and the impulse of tunisia national in
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africa is of course laci dry but heavy showers around the gulf of guinea. when the covert 9000 pound mc hit iran. a filmmaker cut the drift from his crew began documenting life from the mop down made on growing international sanctions. an intimate portrayal of isolation in one of the world's least understood countries coronavirus locked down iran people in power on a. came from the countryside to cairo and became part of a. game to say this is different from being the normal al-jazeera world meets the man who's been keeping a close eye on residential life and the big cities for decades but who may now be
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passing into history. the thief and all the people he wasn't normal but he's now managed by a security company the doorman of egypt on al-jazeera. well again adrian for going with you here in doha with the news are from out 0 the headlines 3000000 people have now died of curve at 19 around the world it's a milestone that few could have imagined when the outbreak began in the united states remains the country with the highest number of deaths followed by brazil. thailand is closing schools and gyms for at least 2 weeks as it battles a 3rd wave of covered by infections it had to be able to open to reopen the tourism
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it reported one of the half 1000 cases in the last day and 2 deaths. of hundreds of people have rallied in chicago in support of a teenage latino boy who was shot dead by police the been several incidents during the past month which of heightened tension in the us. religious institutions in haiti denouncing the kidnapping of at least 10 people by gang members the catholic church that has condemned the government's failure to take action and stop the rising violence of 0 sizeable reports. a mass to demand the release of 10 hostages taken by gangs inquired the wookie just outside port au prince. among those have ducted were 7 clerics 2 of them are french people here say they are increasingly concerned over the rising kidnappings in the past year. there are many people who have been kidnapped they got right and
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tortured many of them have never returned to normal we ask ourselves when will this internet country. during the service protesters took over the church denouncing what they call a lack of democracy in the country and blaming the government over rising violence . the police fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators but the cut out as a teacher my life condition is very bad i can't live like this that's why i'm in the street to protest against a president who has not been doing anything for us. in recent months kidnappings for ransom have sharply increased the clerics were kidnapped by a group known as 400 mile or so gang locals say began seems to be in charge in some parts of the country. mandela was kidnapped and taken for a week she had to pay for her release women and children are now
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a target for kidnappers she did not want to show her face during the interview. given month by a love in a car stopped in front of me and 4 guys got out of the car they drew their guns to force me into it put the hood on my head imprest my neck i cried a lot. i know the protests have been ongoing important princess against the government. and his apparent inability to solve the problems people face every day . the president failed to hold legislative elections in 2019 and has been ruling by decrease in then. moyes has said he plans to hold a constitution a referendum in june which critics call part of a larger effort to consolidate power. human rights groups say the only concern people have right now is the growing insecurity is talking about constitution is talking about referendum we can have constitution in this situation we can't help
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them in this climate of insecurity. the opposition says the international community continues to support leaders who fail to improve people's lives and that's why they say when el mores remains in power while moyes says he's fighting a call. while the confrontation between the opposition and the government continues the lives of millions are caught in the middle threatened by kidnappings and violence that seem to be getting out of control. and. peru is congress has unanimously voted to ban the former president but in this current from holding public office for 10 years his car was found guilty of influence peddling after it was revealed that he his wife and several ministers received covert 19 vaccines before the public rollout of former president says that the side of the job that he was given in october was part of
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a clinical trial university one of the trial though says that's not true. the white house now says that president biden will increase the refugee camp after changing plans twice it initially promised to let in $65000.00 people a year but on friday signed an order to keep it at the trump era level of just $15000.00 refugees are allowed into the u.s. on the a separate program to migrants must be vetted while still overseas or many of those trying to get to the southern u.s. border a stopped along the way including unaccompanied children u.s. government figures show that more than $34000.00 unaccompanied minors were identified at the border with mexico between january and march of this year brazil's president jaya balsam has sent a letter to u.s. president biden recommitting to stop illegal deforestation in the amazon by 2030 u.s. climate envoy john kerry responded urging immediate action be taken to back up the
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pledge brazil has appealed for several millions of dollars in international support to meet the goal charron george is a senior lecturer course director for environmental sustainability of green technology of kiel university in the u.k. she joins us now live via skype from kiel good to have you with us sharon just why is the rain forest so important to the world's climate and how fast is it disappearing. we're very concerned about the way to our station that's happening and the rain forest the rain forest act as an important. c.n.n. tell you enter atmosphere and actions and the countries where these are we saw our impact all of us because c o 2 levels our planetary. planetary effect affected by these local areas and deforestation is happening at a rate is is meaning what we ate last year we saw. it was
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really forest that we saw the rate disappearance was the highest that we've seen for over a decade so and it's not just the d. fire station it's also the degradation of the remaining forest that we're concerned about the loads that 10 and the 30 that the trees and the remaining forest is also an impact and that will switch a forest from being a carbon sink to carp and sauce so eventually these forests won't because part of the c o 2 emissions well has been so much is there important role that they play for all of us right now that's a given that. is the this 2030 commitment by brazil to stop illegal logging in the amazon to far away. it is we say a commitment to stop illegal illegal deforestation should not be
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a thing we should be saying we forestation programs puts in place some of the barriers that are more economic than technically we know we we can do this but illegal forestation is such a big thing such a big thing to tackle that it's very difficult to say how this is going to be stopped and we've heard these promises before before but we're just saying actions from the brazilian government to support almost to support the illegal forestation way. back agencies track down and stop this deforestation so we've seen less resource put into stock in mess in the past so i will believe this talk it when when i see action not just pledges should will be paying brazil to stop illegal deforestation. i mean on one hand
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it shouldn't be a thing that's happening on the other hand it's such an important resource for all of us have even if we saw more action. and so genuine and genuine action to stop this and to start you know we form a nice far east. bizarro world to hear how the claim to support industry. get people jobs and put some economically generation in place to support this move away from they so legal economy that's happening now and this is this is what needs to happen. because you know every time we buy a product that contains a product that support is deforestation as a client we're supportive there's deforestation that is then by palm oil like cocoa sawyer and soy that used to feed cattle so beef is part of the problem as
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well so in directly impacts our knowing they were actually supporting this action to move economic ground so maybe there is a case to support that but only if that money would be used genuine late to genuinely support the the plantation of these forests in the degradation could talk to sharon many thanks indeed sharon george there in kill in the u k. the funeral of the u.k.'s prince philip is to take place later on saturday the husband of queen elizabeth died at the age of 99 last week only 30 close family members will be able to attend the private ceremony at windsor castle due to coronavirus restrictions al-jazeera sleeve baka joins us now live from windsor they'll be a minute's national silence just ahead of this funeral later neve what happens then
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. yes that's right that will be the moment when prince philip's body will be brought to st george's chapel from the private chapel where his body is currently being held his body will be brought on the back of a specially modified landrover military colors walking behind that vehicle will be his 4 children prince charles prince prince andrew and edward and princess anne as well also prince william and prince harry will join that group also prince harry has flown over from the united states and has been quarantining ever since the queen will not walk behind the coffin we believe that she will stand on observe the coffin from a special platform before getting in a car door being driven down to st george's chapel when the funeral starts itself don't expect any eulogies or grand speeches this will be
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a day of pead back pageantry largely because of the coronavirus restrictions and we gather the queen elizabeth herself by a cut something of a lonely figure in the pews of the chapel having to stand 2 meters away from other family members wearing a mosque throughout when the body of a husband who she's been married to for the past 73 years is lowered into the family vault undoubtedly this will be a moment for queen elizabeth to not only consider a life of g.t. in devotion to her around the country but also possibly her own mortality as well that is where she will eventually be laid to rest when she passes away but this is a day of course to remember prince philip and also possibly to consider the future for queen elizabeth as well. as need baka reporting live from windsor in the united kingdom for the moment many thanks indeed christopher wilson is a royal biographer he joins us now via skype from cornwood in devon christopher
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good to have you with us as need was saying that this will be back and therefore very different funeral mainly due to coronavirus restrictions that we know will be a landrover instead of a hearse with the eyes of the world on windsor in just a few hours what should we be looking out for. well i think the most extraordinary thing about this is that the millions of people around the world are going to be witnessing. a highly choreographed funeral man who actually wasn't head of state he wasn't crowned heads ses or. occupied any position other than being the husband of somebody very important and yet he is the most extraordinary. significant moment in british contemporary history and and a very good reason therefore to to take care of this moment to see this moment through because he was the glue that held the house of windsor together the queen
1:47 pm
doing her constitutional duty in running the country and having a really quite important political element to her job he. corralling the rest of the royal family those that we shall see this afternoon. to make sure they're all seen from the same hymn sheet that they're all serving the crown as best they possibly possibly can and as we know it has turned out to be a very difficult job indeed but he has over the years many years done such an amazing job in supporting the house of windsor when. really the the idea of royalty is becoming something over an acronym so given the schisms that exists between younger members of the house of windsor at the moment the youngest generation of the royal family what do you think the future holds for them with our
1:48 pm
prince for the. well i think it's very interesting but he felt it was a very much a disciplinary and trying to whip the whole in kittens behaving pretty much as he required prince charles his son who now steps up to be as it were the male head of the family. doesn't have the same influence whatsoever and i think that we can see unless there is a significant change in prince charles or that issue that we're going to see more difficult to say head which is perhaps something which concerns the queen as she considers her 73 years of marriage who has been and what the consequences will be for her dinner strictly in the years to come and as we said today there will be no sermon duke's body will be taken to his funeral on the back of a land rover not in
1:49 pm
a hurry what does that tell us about the man himself. well i have met prince philip the number of occasions and the great thing is that although he is a prince although he occupies this ceremonial role there is inside him very different individual a nonconformist in many ways and if you look back to the days of his. his tack night in 1947 and you look at the people who he invited to sacrifice not the military one that he had but the other one where you had his friends his friends were writers and poets photographers people who were very different. stripe and i think that always within here was this artistic side that rebellious side he managed to control of not show it to the world but so getting
1:50 pm
a land rover to bring him when there should be. gun carriage surrounded by troops marching saluting and doing all that sort of thing i think is his final statement the world but don't take me for being the man who wears a uniform and all these decorations and something else as well could still to christopher many thanks to christopher wilson. space x. has been awarded a $2900000000.00 contract to develop a commercial lunar lander for nasa it will also plan to take 2 astronauts to the moon as part of arsonists program which wants people back there by 2020 for space x. c.e.o. elon musk was clearly over the moon with the news tweeting nasa rules the company paid amazon founder jeff bezos private space and a blue origin and defense contractor dianetics. players here next with the sports will tell us how major league soccer is hoping the better times are ahead as
1:51 pm
a new season kicks off. we tell the untold stories. we speak when others don't to. be caught up alongside us. no matter where it takes us a pretty familiar fear of syria get out of my out and out and pasha away tell your stories we are your voice your news your network al-jazeera. a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby we've been imploring is making a lot of really. reveal secrets seem. resiting out there i mean people outraged you know. and connections some don't want to expose many in
1:52 pm
legacy media. last shooting. documents like night al-jazeera investigations houses cell a massacre on al-jazeera. or . rather again type of sport his lia thank you adrian major league soccer has started its new season with some teams welcoming fans into their stadiums for the 1st time in more than a year the league has suffered huge financial losses during the pandemic but that hasn't stopped a new team from joining the group any richardson reports got away for our child out of his car and instead of the bill by traveling a starship. the seattle sounders could hardly have asked for effect to stocks at
1:53 pm
this season the big went on for the 1st time in 13 months a limited number of fans were able to watch the action inside this stadium a lack of crowds at many venues last season's $200.00 beats to major league soccer losing close to $8000000000.00. the man in charge of the league says the pandemic has given its walty known as plenty of pause for thought stray dogs crossing to the far side of. their ability to sort of empower everybody around them to have optimism and confidence by the way at no time with that that get more tested then during the you know i would speak to owners a lot and say we have to spend most of our time ensuring that we can get through this with some of our time ensuring that we can move forward. in cities uncertain times comes a new team a stint at sea $15000.00 season tickets have been sold and
1:54 pm
a $260000000.00 stadium is close to completion a celebrity car owner completes the package why not become an owner well. coming in my fifty's and got 3 children i travel the world with my job what's the one game that's always in town whether i'm in right convect whether i mean cleveland where i'm in new york whether i'm in cape town when i'm in mali after just one game that's always in town. football as we call it soccer in america david beckham is part of the ownership team behind into miami with the team heading into their 2nd season and underwhelming debut campaign has prompted beckons to call on his former manchester united team mate phil neville for help these are the best moments this is why the job this is why you get into football for the big moments when you actually go out there and you're playing for the 3 points you played well for you know to get up in that lead to start the seas well to to self against the
1:55 pm
best managers in the best players. everyone involved in the league hoping this season the focus can stay on the football and the fans can remain in the stands and the richardson al-jazeera. it was a mixed night for tottenham an england captain harry came in the premier league kane scored twice in a $22.00 draw against everton but picked up an ankle injury just before full time the results we've spurs and 7th place in the league with everton just behind tottenham's manager says he doesn't enjoy playing these games without fans. interested in is not football. would some park for is a difference starting by one side more difficult but another side's more exciting and more explosive so. football without fans is a bit like. good food but it's all salt and pepper. rb leipzig lost ground in their effort to win the german league title they were held to
1:56 pm
a goalless draw by hoffenheim use a false and thought he had scored a late winner for leipzig but that goal was disallowed as a handball byron munich can go 7 points clear at the top with a win over wolfsburg later this saturday. ronald cumin has the chance to win his 1st title as barcelona's head coach marcel are about to take on athletico bilbao in the copa del rey final the spaniard at the spanish media is reporting that coleman may lose his job if the team fails to win a trophy this season because we had a run of 19 games without losing we are losing one minutes and then i need to talk about my future maybe i need to accept. i don't agree but i think you have to do your job you have to talk to the people in the club. and i have one more year of contract baseball pitcher max scherzer has hit another
1:57 pm
career landmark the washington nationals player pacify young on the all time career strikeouts list scherzer is total now stands at 2808 he's closing in on a place in the all time top 20 his efforts in this game helped the nationals to a 10 win over the arizona diamondbacks to go with it go out there. you know just be durables you know year in year out and be able to execute pitches and that's what i take away from you know pass and so young i was you want to very small time. you know different game now that is back then but to be able to do that to me that it's more than just pigeons it's how you take your body would you. teams have been able to welcome back limited crowds a season there are some downsides to that on happy new york yankees fans through balls on to the outfield during this defeat against the tampa bay rays the game had to be paused during the rest the last and the american league east already that's
1:58 pm
it for me to read adrian they have anything that will do it for the news hour but of course that is not assault smiley and is back in just a few minutes to update you on the day's top stories i'll see you again thanks for watching by for that. biz lights made to look like a city from the sky but they're fishing vessels just outside of argentina's exclusive economic zone the united states launched operation southern cross to
1:59 pm
combat illegal and regulated fishing in the southern atlantic argentina's coast guard say their main task is to control their movements so they do not cross into arjan time territory from this form large in time and money for what's happening in its economic exclusive zones but what authorities here are saying is that what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters. it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there a white supremacy impacts all of the issues you're putting more money into the hands of some keiki money out of the hands of other workers that will goes to the king up and becomes us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is there when i enter the ring i feel on top of the world i don't want that feeling to go away when the show ends the fun call the retirement and i follow my laugh line watch the laugh line meet
2:00 pm
the former circus performers grease from supporting each other on the stage going less you got a broken bone in a minute off it was the order to witness presents off to suit on i'm just that's fishless show. on. a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on 0. the global covered 900 death toll tops 3000000 and is rising fast as countries deal with spiraling cases and vaccination setbacks. money this is al jazeera live from coming up. they include thailand where
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a sad way traced to a night light district is risking clowns to welcome back to us.


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