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sitting out there will be people outraged you know. and connections some don't want to expose many in legacy media love the mass shooting. documents with my al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. anger in the streets of minneapolis hundreds of people protest against the latest police shooting of a 20 year old black man. a man inside of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up more infections and more deaths thailand introduces new restrictions to. the 19 infections. the
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1st time in decades the castro family will not be in charge of cuba raul castro is stepping down. and a collapsing lebanese economy makes this year's ramadan celebrations a somber affair. hundreds of people have rallied in chicago in support of a teenage boy who was shot dead by police as outraged over the shooting of a young black man by police near minneapolis during a traffic stop have been several incidents during the past month which have heightened tensions across the united states over issues of policing and racial injustice she had her town say has this report. hundreds gathered in chicago a day after police released video from the march 29th killing of 13 year old adam toledo by a police officer. in the off tomorrow if the police should said that the boy had
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died all md confrontation you have the video shows 2 later complying with the instruction to put his hands up he's done shot dead an investigation is on to work for her health the video about him to later his death was released as the trial of police officer. in minneapolis i was protests continue here in brooklyn following the killing of a right. the protesters here have long argued that the disproportionate killing of people of color by the police is a systemic issue not the result of a few bad apples and the mother of dante writes again despaired of a system that may finally be putting police officers on trial but that remains fundamentally broken justice yes justice is definitely what we want but i'm never going to get. justice would be bringing my son home to me justice would have been my son jiving to the car wash coming home after that i'm not going to get fat but
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2nd degree manslaughter is not ok i'm not ok with that that's not right she murdered my son my son is never going to come. so you get the fit on a police pension right now why my son is going to be buried in a few days and that's not what the protests in brooklyn center just about police killings now they're also about the police response to protests about police killing on friday many of the protesters will both troops in solidarity with samir hassan she lives opposite the police station where night after night tear gas and smoke grenades have been fired with abandon. on wednesday she left her apartment in her bathroom to look for her brother she was tackled to the ground. she was then jailed for presidents of an unlawful assembly all week the irony has not been lost
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on those here but the response to these demonstrations against unnecessary violence and the over policing of black communities. is a beam unnecessary violence and over policing shihab rattansi outages are a brooklyn center. the gunman who shot and killed 8 people at a fed ex facility in the united states on friday had previously been interviewed by the f.b.i. that was off his mother called police raising concerns about his mental health officials also revealed that 19 year old brandon hall was a former employee at the indiana placenta president joe biden has issued a statement describing gun violence as a stain on the country christensen amy reports. another corner of america the scene of yet another mass shooting this time at a fed ex facility in indianapolis a gunman opening fire late on thursday night killing workers outside in the car park before going inside to kill others and then himself by friday morning police
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were still trying to piece together the motives of the gunmen details remain scarce he got out of his car and pretty quickly stopped. some random shooting outside the facility there was no confrontation with anyone that was there there was no disturbance there was no argument he just appeared to randomly start shooting and that began in the parking lot and then he did go into the building into the facility for a brief period of time the f.b.i. later revealed that the gunman a 19 year old former employee was interviewed in april last year after his mother became worried about his mental health however he was later released overnight workers families gathered at a nearby hotel and waited to be reunited with relatives on shifts compound in the anguish a fed ex policy banning cell phones at the workplace which made it harder for
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survivors to reassure loved ones indiana's governor eric holcomb tweeted condolences but was immediately criticized for his anti gun control agenda he's received an a grade from the national rifle association reserved for politicians who demonstrate particular enthusiasm for blacks gun laws the mare of indianapolis summing up the feelings of the majority in the country what we are left with this morning is grief grief for the families of those killed grief for the employees who have lost their coworkers and grief for the many americans struggling to understand how tragedies like this continue to occur later president joe biden issued a statement saying too many americans are dying every single day from gun violence it stains our character and pierces the very soul of our nation we can and must do
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more to act and to save lives. this latest tragedy coming just weeks after mass shootings in atlanta colorado and south carolina drawing further attention to what's been described as a deep seated epidemic of gun violence kristen salumi al-jazeera well after that shooting president joe biden once again members of congress to pass gun control legislation every single day every single day there's a match shooting in the united states if you count all those who were killed out of the streets of our cities and our rural areas it's a national embarrassment and must come to an end i strongly support the universal background checks which i continue to push for congress has to step up and act the senate has to act and i strongly support and continue to never stop supporting the ban on assault weapons and magazines that hold more than $1010.00 bullets thailand
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is closing schools bars and james for at least 2 weeks as it battles a 3rd wave of covert $9000.00 infections it had hoped to be able to reopen to tourism but now cases the rising it reported $1500.00 cases in the last day and 2 deaths brought the tort total death tolls and styles of the pandemic to 99 health authorities alarmed by the sudden surge in infections less than one percent of the population has been vaccinated let's go to our correspondent tony chang his life for us in bangkok tony record number infections reported on saturday is thailand heading for a lockdown. what europe's erode is the 4th day in a row that we've seen inflation shooting up with 1547. a real concern for people here they have avoided mask over the infections as they've
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seen around the world and i think they thought with vaccinations about vaccination program starting that they were close to the end but we've seen in the last week these infections rising we've also seen with the time new year holidays people traveling all over the country people were suggesting that the government might want to think about ordering that long down perforce people set off for the new year holiday in fact the government seemed to bend over backwards to allow their child to go ahead the reason is because thailand's vitally important tourist industry which is worth 20 percent of its economy has been disastrously hit by the long downs imposed all shut down imposed because of covert to stop getting into the country many of those businesses are absolutely reliant on the couple of weeks business just ahead it's assumed that if these infections continue to rise with the
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percentages we've seen the government probably is going to have to move towards a log but the prime minister on friday evening when he spoke to the media said there wasn't one in place yet he said the businesses were being closed early they're not being shut down yet is one of the tools they have in the box but he's very keen to stress that he's thinking very much about stopping the infection but also not damaging businesses any more than he has to thank you tony chang there for us in bangkok. india's rampant infection rate shows no sign of slowing it's registered almost 2 arjun says the $5000.00 cases over the past day that's yet another daily record $1300.00 people died in the past day bringing the total so far to more than 175000 the world health organization says the vast variant 1st identified in india may be more transmissible despite restrictions politicians are continuing to hold large election rallies. germany now has more
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than 3000000 confirmed cases of covert 19 the number of deaths increased to just under 80000 on saturday the chancellor angela merkel has asked parliament to pass a bill granting the government new powers to force lock downs and curfews in areas with high infection rates who is appealing to the public to get the job after she received her 1st dose of the astra zeneca vaccine scientists in today say the chinese corona vaca vaccine is 80 percent effective at preventing deaths the study of more than $10000000.00 chileans who received the job also found it effective against symptoms 67 percent of the time chile's vaccine rollout has been one of the fastest in the world the country is registered more than a 1000000 kovan 1000 cases and nearly 25000 deaths. the us president and the japanese prime minister say they will continue to work together to meet challenges posed by china yoshida sergei is the 1st well leaders
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who visit the white house since joe biden took office talks focused on a wide range of issues including technology and the economy but it was geopolitics that dominated discussions. we committed to working together to take on the challenges from china and on issues like the east china sea the south china sea as well as north korea to ensure a future of a free and open and oh pacific japan and united states are 2 strong democracies in the region and we're committed we're committed to defending advancing our shared values including human rights and the rule of law we're going to work together to prove that democracies can still compete and win in the 21st century can deliver for our people and the face of a rapidly changing world. you know you know you know. we agreed to oppose
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any attempts to change the status quo by force in the east and south china seas and intimidation of others in the region at the same time we agreed on the necessity of each other to engage in frank dialogue with china and in doing so to pursue stability of international relations while up holding universal values. still ahead on their russian troops building up at its border ukraine's president goes to paris imagines talks. about the welfare of hundreds of children trying to enter the us. we've got signs of some wet but eventually warmer weather coming as western parts of europe over the next couple days little area cloud here starting to slide in from the atlantic and that will just run into the area of high pressure is settled
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here because of the high with a little further race you got a low pressure now they ceasar if you haven't that's been producing some showers along the spell's affright so they will gradually ease a little further east which is because through the next i mean you see you have a cloud in the right that's swirling around that area of low pressure some wet weather to just down towards the southern end of the balkans a little bit of snow there still in play across the high ground in little russia showers still around that western side of but it's right in towards the valley areas much just fine and dry for now try to if on the cool side into could pass of france through the low countries up into germany and largely dry to across the british isles for the time big because this was the weather will nudge its way in across western parts of scotland i should much of northern scotland seeing somewhat weather as we go through sunday russia showers into central park but temperatures just starting to edge out getting into double figures london 14 degrees celsius even glasgow at 12 degrees fine and dry that's where the water is. down towards the
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southwest 18 celsius there it betrays there's a chance of what it's a shot across northern parts of this year and also algeria. in pakistan's largest city climate change and water shortages and driving some residents to desperate measures it's 101 east meets the water of corruption on 00. 0. every.
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be watching out as their minds of our top stories this hour have been rallies and chicago in support of a teenage boy who was shot dead by police on thursday body comforters was released showing an officer chasing 13 year old adam to later and then shooting him even though he appeared to surrender. thailand is closing schools bars and gyms for at least 2 weeks as it battles a wave of covert 19 infections it had hoped to be able to reopen tourism reported 15 under cases in the last day and 2 deaths. the u.s. president and japanese prime minister say they will continue to work together to meet challenges posed by china you're she he was the 1st world leader to visit the white house since joe biden took office. israel says it's conducted airstrikes against targets inside the gaza strip its military says it hit
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a hamas training facility an anti aircraft missile launcher post and it's in response to a rocket fired from gaza which landed in southern israel on friday night no group has claimed responsibility for that attack all those $3000000.00 lebanese that's hot the population off facing a tough ramadan the monthly cost of the meal to break the fast now cost 2 and a half times the minimum wage the world bank says food prices there have become the highest in the region so in a holder has more from beirut. for millions of people in lebanon food is becoming a luxury prices had already increased 5 fold since 2009 team before the holy month of ramadan began families of muslims are struggling to afford the if tar meal that breaks their dawn to dusk fast. prices are insane and they have gone up even
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more during ramadan a plate of salad with 6 times more disappear what do we do do we beg we're not used to begging ramadan is an important event in this time of calendar but there are few signs in this working class neighborhood gone are the lights decorations and the vending stalls with traditional drinks that are staples on an if tar table lebanon's economy has collapsed so has the local currency and that's reduced people's purchasing power. those who used to buy culo vegetables are now buying half while others buy a piece some just walk away after knowing the prices. a month of its star meals for a family of 5 is now estimated to cost $2.00 and a half times the minimum wage which is worth $60.00 at the black market rate and with no hard currency it's that rate which dominates trading. our
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salary hasn't changed but the prices have soared as desperation grows so have scuffles over subsidized goods and supermarkets lebannon imports most of its food and there have been shortages as the government runs out of dollars. despite wheat being subsidized by the government the price of bread has also increased over a month buying a single pack of bread a day will cost more than 10 percent of the minimum wage charities helping the vulnerable have had to expand their efforts unemployment is rising and at least half the population of 3000000 people is poor. maya terrell tells me her organization feeds up to 1600 families a months base that if we don't receive the food but this month in my mean that we might not have the far or i mean we have to eat half the amount many have had to change their diets some have stopped buying meat at herb's and spices in america we used to buy an ounce of paper for 2 and
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a half dollars it now costs more than $10.00 what are the poor going to eat politicians failing to agree on a reform minded government also means there will be international aid and now lebanon is on the un list of hunger hotspots. boot. the united nations security council has approved the deployment of 60 ceasefire monitors to libya it's calling on the new unity government to free fair and inclusive elections in december a diplomatic addison james pace has more from the u.n. in new york. the unanimous vote of the security council means the united nations can now deploy peace monitors to libya they'll be about 60 of them initially they'll be unarmed and they won't be wearing military uniforms i'm told the 1st of them will go to the capital tripoli to set up their headquarters but the majority will be deployed around certain now about was the front line of the conflict until
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the ceasefire which came into force almost 6 months ago this is a big achievement of the united nations building on top of the national unity government they now have in place one of the big problems though still is the withdrawal of foreign forces and foreign mercenaries something that's been demanded by the u.n. security council but i'm told the u.n. monitors won't be involved in this the big goal is at the end of the year when the united nations hopes that libya will have general elections there slated for the 24th of december. people in somalia have been protesting against the president's decision to extend his term in office by 2 years demonstrators in mogadishu same. from maggio's decision is a power grab the u.s. and its allies have also condemned the extension saying it could affect efforts to establish a functioning state. kiba will
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be without a castro at the helm for the 1st time in 60 years 89 year old castro has confirmed he's stepping down as the head of the communist party rah and his brother fidel began their leadership of cuba after the revelation of 1959 at a guest and is in havana with more reaction. what does raul castro's retirement mean for ordinary cubans all the sectors of the population are broadly supported by the government particularly those that lived through the huge improvements in health care education public safety that were ushered in by the cuban revolution in the 1960 s. but for 30 years this island has been living through a slow drawn out economic and social crisis and there's a younger generation that's demanding more let me know where the 1st thing i change is i get rid of the blockade so that the spire of this country would change that only when the revolution triumphed did a lot for society schools and hospitals and there were other things that went backwards housing trade. for me the customers legacy is that there is free
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education and health care and we should be grateful for that animal study polemical earlier that we have serious problems with freedom of expression most cubans are scared to express themselves because they are scared of reprisals all that the police have them in the street or that they take me away in a police car because they won't know the real problems we have humans are living through the most serious economic crisis since the fall of the soviet union this one has been lost not only by the pandemic but also by powerful new sanctions that the communist regime put in place improving the economy is the island's main political challenge but the mood here in havana is that more than anything any cuban leader can do improve the economic future hopes and dreams run through improved relations with the united states. thousands of children making the dangerous journey to the united states are being held in mexican shelters without basic necessities the charity save the children says a number of them are traveling on their own in some shelters about 15 percent of
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people are showing symptoms of covert 19 u.s. government figures show more than 34000 unaccompanied children why identified at the border with mexico between january and march of this year. john holeman is in mexico city with more on what people feel the need to make this perilous journey. let's talk about the push factors going out from central america there are already bees countries guatemala el salvador honduras in a bad way honduras and especially is the 2nd poorest country in the western hemisphere but late last year 2 back to back storms really polarized especially honduras and guatemala now in terms of especially the surge of unaccompanied minors children that it turning up on the u.s. border it's been suggested that at least in part this is due to a policy change under president biden's of ministration that says that basically
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unaccompanied minors would immediately be expelled out of the country as soon as they get back in they would be sent back to mexico or they'll be left there in the country to be able to pursue their at their asylum case in the united states now that's been cited as one of the reasons that people are sending their children or bringing their children if their parents were ready in the united states to try and cross over and of course as these children pass through mexico they're passing a country that we as a team have gone through the stages with migrants many times and it's a country that's riddled with organized crime demanding kidnapping or demanding extortion money from migrants and controlling swathes of trek through where at times as corrupt officials where the shelters are close to overflowing this is a really really perilous trip especially for children and especially on their own. prince philip's funeral is to take place later this saturday only 30 mourners will
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be able to attend the private ceremony at windsor castle because of coronavirus restrictions. on friday a memorial service was held in honor of the g. confederate and the falkland islands members of local government military officials and locals attended the event at christ church cathedral in stanley prince philip died on april 9th at the age of $99.00. president vala dimia selenski is calling for a 4 way peace negotiation to ease tensions after the recent buildup of russian troops along its border during the visit to paris and then ski held talks with president emanuel and the german chancellor angela merkel. had reports from kiev. emergency talks in paris an effort to deescalate a military situation with russia that many ukrainians fear could spiral into war.
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germany's chancellor joined her french and ukrainian counterpart online russia's recent deployment to what's estimated to be 100000 troops along with heavy weaponry to its borders with ukraine has caused alarm across europe and among nato allies we have seen so warm and stronger nation in ukraine and france and then germany and i said where and directly and there are one as laid out which we need now to move where equate sorry i understand that it's our problem but it might i think that it's not only our problem that is the safety of you are. russia the 4th member of the so-called normandy format that has for 7 years been trying to negotiate a political solution to the conflict in eastern ukraine was not invited to the meeting in paris. moscow says its troop deployment is a military exercise and poses no threat but has warned it will respond to what it describes as ukrainian provocation. 14000 people have been killed in
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a 1000000 forced to flee their homes since the conflict began in 2014. both science accuse each other of regularly violating a ceasefire that has barely held since it was signed 7 years ago germany and france have been accused of wavering on how to confront russia and how much support to give ukraine ukraine's foreign minister last week called russia's troop deployment an open threat of war and destruction of his country more ukrainian soldiers have been killed since the beginning of this year and throughout 2020 in kiev ukraine's deputy foreign minister told al-jazeera russia is using the threat of violence to test nato and the new u.s. administration each from ready to settle the conflict that is the question and the basic plot sent about by terrorists is about russia. russia has no interest in having result oriented approaches in these negotiations there will be pushing for
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the process by itself to control the situation people in the ukrainian capital nervous severability and i think it happen you can expect anything from putin if there is a war everyone will defend our land we will be defending our country when you put a video is no illusion ukridge i'm not a fortune teller but of course i don't want all everything is possible from russia it's the aggressor they're capable of anything and nothing good will come of it. ukraine's president says he is ready to hold talks with russia france and germany in order to calm the situation or the border in a statement released all the paris meeting france and germany yet again urge russia to withdraw its forces but despite the diplomatic pressure there is no sign russian president vladimir putin is ready to do that yet john strafford al-jazeera.
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3 astronauts has been on a joint russian american mission have safely returned to us the expedition came to an end when the soyuz spacecraft landed in kazakhstan the astronauts had been on the international space station about 6 months overseeing the planet only $3000.00 times. space x. has been awarded a $2900000000.00 contract to develop a commercial lunar lander fanaa said it will also plan to take 2 astronauts to the main as part of nasa as optimist program which once people back there by 2024 space x. c.e.o. in all moscow is clearly over the moon with a nice tweet saying nasa rules the company beat amazon founder jeff bezos private space endeavor blue origin as well as defense contractor dianetics. this is out.


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