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that atoll lovely spring sunshine also sunshine says father dry across a good part of mexico some heavy just around southern parts of central america you might catch a shower or so it's a hispaniola but for the most part it's 5 and sunny. russia responds to u.s. sanctions by expelling 10 american diplomats and slapping a travel ban on a current and former u.s. official says. now this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. police in indianapolis identify the gunman who killed 8 people at a fed ex facility as a 19 year old former employee. the 1st time in decades cuba's communist party want
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to be led by a castro. and an important scientific advance for the stuff of nightmares researches create the 1st embryo from human and monkey itself. relations between the u.s. and russia have hit the lowest point in the use moscow has retaliated to u.s. sanctions by expelling 10 diplomats and banning former and current officials from entering the country it came a day after the u.s. imposed similar measures accusing russia of election interference in cyber attacks but it's what has more from moscow. the russian government says its response to u.s. sanctions is to the top 10 u.s. diplomats will have to leave and a senior current and former administration officials a bomb from entering russia that includes former national security adviser susan rice for a min. says he could go further still. if for exchanges of
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niceties continue we will ask the americans to bring the number of their diplomats who deal with bilateral relations with russia in accordance with the number of our employees working in the embassy and to general consulates in the us. the kremlin is reacting to u.s. government decision to blacklist russian companies expel russian diplomats and bar u.s. banks from buying sovereign bonds from the central bank in moscow russia continue to interfere with our democracy all this because washington says russia is involved in malign acts including the persecution of opposition politicians alexina valmy interfering in elections engaging in cyber hacking as well as occupying crimea that the toughest sanctions since 2018. if the government is frightened by the way the events are developing but they won't change course and will continue to be confrontational but the question is how far will the kremlin push it they will try
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to make it look as though nothing has changed but in reality they will be much more careful in the way the consequences of their actions the kremlin says president putin has yet to decide if you'll take part in a u.s. led climate summit next week russia's government seems to be open but a line has now been drawn up in his response to the u.s. sanctions the foreign ministry here says he wants to avoid any further escalation and survey lavrov says he takes positively joe biden's offer of a meeting with vladimir putin. but it's an al-jazeera moscow and. there's a saying a fellow at the washington institute for near east policy she says russia russia rather was predictable. this is a basic tip for tat and given the state or world u.s. pressure relations and how the kremlin tends to respond to these types of things really i think this was a very predictable response these that seem like tough measures and certainly they do seem to you know they do to step forward. they build on previous sanctions and
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in the day they make a stand and so forth but overall i think the biggest measure the biggest effect of these sanctions is fairly symbolic because if you look at digging a little bit deeper for example when the sanctions target russian ringback something don't something that itself in bonds they don't prohibit us secondary market trading in this is what the economist and in saying that really when you don't prohibit secondary market trading alternately there's not going to be a serious economic impact and the effect largely many political and symbolic when certainly wants to show that it's tough on russia that he keeps russia in the light activity seriously and sure his rhetoric has been very consistent in that regard certainly if you look back in the last 20 ringback years of of both putin's activities alternately ringback he's put us in this position everything he's done
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to this point has created this situation but also it's clear that from the bike initiations perspective it's china that is the top priority china stands above head and shoulders above all other foreign policy priorities and therefore russia is 2nd only. the u.s. president and japanese prime minister say they'll continue to work together to meet the challenges posed by china. as the 1st will be able to visit the white house on the biden administration the summit focused on a wide range of issues including technology and they're calling me it was terrible attacks that dominated the discussion. we committed to working together to take on the challenges from china and on issues like the east china sea the south china sea as well as north korea to ensure a future of a free and open and oh pacific japan and united states are 2 strong democracies in the region and we're committed we're committed to defending
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advancing our shared values including human rights and the rule of law we're going to work together to prove that democracies can still compete and win in the 21st century can deliver for our people and the face of a rapidly changing world you know if you not tell you you know he's not going you'll get we agree to oppose any attempts to change the status quo by force in the east and south china seas and intimidation of others in the region at the same time we agreed on the necessity of each other to engage in frank dialogue with china and in doing so to pursue stability of international relations while up holding universal values. the gunman who shot and killed 8 people at a fed ex facility in the u.s. had previously been interviewed by the f.b.i. after his mother called police flagging mental health concerns with regards to his son officials also revealed that 19 year old brandon hall was a former employee at the indianapolis facility having lost work there and make 2020
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president joe biden issued a statement describing gun violence as a stain on the country chrysanthemum the reports. another corner of america the scene of yet another mass shooting this time at a fed ex facility in indianapolis a gunman opening fire late on thursday night killing workers outside in the car park before going inside to kill others and then himself by friday morning police were still trying to piece together the motives of the gunmen details remain scarce he got out of his car and pretty quickly started some random shooting outside the facility there was no confrontation with anyone that was there there was no disturbance there was no argument he just appeared to randomly start shooting and that began in the parking lot and then he did go into the building into the facility for a brief period of time the f.b.i.
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later revealed that the gunman a 19 year old former employee was interviewed in april last year after his mother became worried about his mental health however he was later released overnight workers families gathered at a nearby hotel and waited to be reunited with relatives on shifts compound in the anguish a fed ex policy banning cell phones at the workplace which made it harder for survivors to reassure loved ones indiana's governor eric holcomb tweeted condolences but was immediately criticized for his anti gun control agenda he's received an a grade from the national rifle association reserved for politicians who demonstrate particular enthusiasm for blacks gun laws the mayor of indianapolis summing up the feelings of the majority in the country where we are left with this morning. is grief grief for the families of those killed grief for the
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employees who have lost their coworkers and grief for the many americans struggling to understand how tragedies like this continue to occur later president joe biden issued a statement saying too many americans are dying every single day from gun violence it stains our character and pierces the very soul of our nation we can and must do more to act and to save lives this latest tragedy coming just weeks after mass shootings in atlanta colorado and south carolina drawing further attention to what's been described as a deep seated epidemic of gun violence christian salumi al-jazeera. the mother of a young black american men shot dead by police during a traffic stop has issued an emotional plea for justice relatives and friends of don't televise gathered in minneapolis a day after the officer who shot him appeared in court kimberly process is charged
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with 2nd degree manslaughter she says she mistakenly drew her gun instead of a taser rights mother told a news conference the charges are not strong enough justice is definitely what we want but i'm never going to get just justice would be bringing my son home to me justice would have been my son driving to the car wash coming home after that i'm not going to get that with 2nd degree manslaughter is not ok i'm not ok with that that's not right she murdered my son my son is never going to come home. the mother of another black american man facially shot during a police traffic stop was also at the news conference valerie kost to the mother of fernando castillo says the case of dawn tyrone it struck a chord with her he was martyred in his call her vehicle was why. and he did nothing wrong he did nothing wrong
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these police officers as you can see off clearly incompetent. how do you keep having martyr after murder we don't have and to read over. as they all gain share bhutanese has more from brooklyn sent to minnesota it's near the place we don't have right was killed and it's become a focal point for protest is. it's like we have some new features of christmas for example many of the protesters are wearing dressing down to see me. because a few nights ago a woman lived in one of the residential blocks all the. way she came down to look for her brother she was wearing about 3 and she was apparently. put you know pushed to the floor by several security officers and arrested and taken off to jail. people wearing that bad bathrobes in solidarity with that of that so that's one
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feature and a lot of a lot of the speeches right now are actually about how i should say look for the last week basically in protests against move a policing escalation what we've seen is policing and has collation it doesn't really seem that the message is necessarily getting through we have another feature today which is the secondary fence which is a pit and this is become a big focus of the activists too because they're putting up half russian is not on the fence as you may have heard the the mother of dante writes that he was a rich initially stopped because he had african is standing for his rearview mirror and the state that's illegal but it's one of those driving by while black crimes something that isn't in force against white people and but but it's often used as a pretext stop black drivers going about their business and it was and the mother of dante wright says that was the pretext that was used to used to stop. still
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ahead on al-jazeera. nothing if they could forget. the abduction of priests found for ages the nation. takes center stage escaped the story election campaign comes to play. it's time for the perfect jenny. sponsored point qatar airways. writing class really gathering now for japan and as we go through the next couple of days you see this hook of cloud that's moving through the sea of japan and that will continue to strive its way further east was running towards a rare area of high pressure but it will make some decent progress so some heavy rain there q.c. for honshu for a time slides over the mountains will see that west of weather coming into tokyo
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saturday going on into sunday but broad skies will start to tuck in behind little backwash of re just coming back into western parts of honshu through as we go on through sunday fun enjoy there for the most part across the korean peninsula at this stage though the parts of china generally fine and dry some warm sunshine hazy sunshine in beijing about 24 degrees celsius equity not particularly terrific the further south as a 24 for hong kong as well some wet weather there just coming down towards northern parts of vietnam wet weather to across a good part of in there china but we're mainly drawn to at developing typhoon and this will become a major storm as we go want to the early part of next week possibly a super typhoon that means very close to the philippines but it should stay offshore i'm pleased to say somewhat by the city just making its way towards southern parts of india and sri lanka but for the most part is fine and dry. qatar airways the climate is changing every year for millions of years decades of
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talk good little action it's all about just create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was a main bankroller for opposition to campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing more shoots you did with yours you could see absolutely. 0. you're watching are just there a reminder of our top stories this hour russia is expanding 10 u.s. diplomats and banning former and current officials from entering the country it's
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a response to a similar move by the us of a large russian cyberattacks and election interference. the u.s. president and japanese prime minister say they'll continue to work together to meet the challenges posed by china russia he is the 1st world leader to visit the white house under the biden administration. police in indianapolis have an identified the gunman who killed 8 fed-ex workers before killing himself 19 year old brandon hall was a former employee of the facility he previously been interviewed by the f.b.i. after his mother called police flagging mental health concerns. the 89 year old cuban beat up raul castro has confirmed that he is stepping down as the head of the communist party and then 6 decades of leadership by himself and his older brother fidel the see a new man has more now that not even the pandemic could prevent cuba's aide communist party congress from proceeding exactly as planned but roll castro's confirmation that he was stepping down was none the less this story. my
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task as the 1st secretary of the central committee of the communist party of cuba concludes with the satisfaction of having done my duty and confidence in the future of the fatherland. nevertheless peculation that the last of the castro brothers to rule cuba might retire from politics entirely was quickly to rest. i have reached the meditated conviction not to accept offers of any other top party position but i will remain in the party as one or more revolutionary combatant making my humble contribution to the end of my days. i will castro used most of his opening speech to repeat accusations that the united states is tightening an economic news around cuba to sabotage its companies and monetary reforms impose chaos and to provoke
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a social uprising. this was a thinly veiled reference to an increase in demonstrations and expressions of political dissent in cuba. coincides with an acute economic crisis and scarcity of primary goods. while our lives i will be ready to continue fighting for the country and socialism with the most strength than ever let's shout together long live a free cuba view after their. own past ended perhaps for the last time with the slogan pointed to his brother fidel. fatherland or death as cuba's communist party prepares to face an uncertain future without a castro at the helm. seeing human al-jazeera. and augusten is and have an eye with more reaction what does raul castro's retirement mean for ordinary cubans all the sectors of the population are broadly supported by the government particularly
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those that lived through the huge improvements in health care education public safety that were ushered in by the cuban revolution in the 1960 s. but for 30 years this island has been living through a slow drawn out economic and social crisis and there's a younger generation that's demanding more let me know when the 1st thing i change is i get rid of the blockade so that the spire of this country would change that only when the revolution triumphed did a lot for society schools hospitals and there were other things that went backwards housing trade. for me the customers legacy is that there is free education and health care and we should be grateful for that and i must tell you the limit really is that we have serious problems with freedom of expression most cubans are scared to express themselves because they are scared of reprisals all that the police have them in the streets although they take them away in a police car because they won't know the real problems we have humans are living
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through the most serious economic crisis since the fall of the soviet union the sun has been lashed not only by the pandemic but also by powerful new sanctions of the communist regime put in place improving the economy is the island's main political challenge but the mood here in havana is that more than anything any cuban leader can do improve the economic future hopes and dreams run through improved relations with the united states. violence is on the rise in haiti catholic institutions are protesting the kidnapping of at least 10 people like gangs on monday haiti's catholic church slammed the government's failure to act over the on rest and denounced what they called haiti's descent into hell there is about reports. a mass to demand the release of 10 hostages taken by gangs in choir they were just outside port au prince. among those abducted or 7 clerics 2 of them are french people here say they're increasingly concerned over the rising kidnappings
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in the past year. there are many people who have been kidnapped they got right and tortured many of them have never returned to normal we ask ourselves when will this internet country. during the service protesters took over the church denouncing what they call a lack of democracy in the country and blaming the government over rising violence . the police fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators but. as a teacher my life condition is very bad i can't live like this that's why i'm in the street to protest against a president who has not been doing anything for us. in recent months kidnappings for ransom have sharply increased the clerics were kidnapped by a group known as 400 mile or so gang locals say began seems to be in charge in some
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parts of the country. mandela was kidnapped and taken for a week she had to pay for her release women and children are now a target for kidnappers she did not want to show her face during the interview. given my by a loved one with a car stopped in front of me and 4 guys got out of the car they drew their guns to force me into it put the hood on my head imprest my neck i cried a lot. the protests have been ongoing import of prince against the government. and his apparent inability to solve the problems people face every day. the president failed to hold legislative elections in 2019 and has been ruling by decreasing them moyes has said he plans to hold a constitutional referendum in june which critics call part of a larger effort to consolidate power. human rights groups say the only concern people have right now is the growing insecurity he's talking about conservation is
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talking about referring them were cured of course the ship to ship. them and this could of insecurity. the opposition says the international community continues to support leaders who fail to improve people's lives and that's why they say. remains in power while moyes says he's fighting a call. while the confrontation between the opposition and the government continues the lives of millions are caught in the middle threatened by kidnappings and violence that seem to be getting out of control. and. the united nations security council has approved the deployment of sixties face fire monitors to libya it's calling on the new unity government to prepare for free fair and inclusive elections in december and diplomatic editor james base has more from the united nations the man who was voted the security council means the united nations
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can now deploy peace monitors to libya they'll be about 60 of them initially they'll be unarmed and they won't be wearing military uniforms i'm told the 1st of them will go to the capital tripoli to set up their headquarters but the majority will be deployed around certain about was the front line of the conflict until the ceasefire which came into force almost 6 months ago this is a big achievement to the united nations building on top of the national unity government they now have in place one of the big problems though still is the withdrawal of foreign forces and foreign mercenaries so something that's been demanded by the u.n. security council but i'm told the u.n. monitors won't be involved in this the big goal is at the end of the year when the united nations hopes that libya will have general elections there slated for the 24th of december. a colorful election campaign is coming to
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a close in cape bird the tiny group of islands off the west coast of africa the incumbent president says his reelection would be. good for the nation's oil and diamonds but his opponents are accusing him of mismanaging the economy at a time of severe drought and less hot reports. playing a familiar tune prime minister will aisha's korea e.c.l. vice trying to win votes in his final rally on the island of south dissenting using the slogan the safe path he tries to reassure the people of the small island nation that have suffered from the economic fallout of the covert pandemic he says he's the one that should be trusted to lead the country for the next 5 years just to serve the rest of you said the field of the gas. it's sad to see the vos construction work but you have hills this is no coincidence that. we have created jobs and built an atmosphere of trust attracting investors. all lies according to
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his main challenger young. from the old african party for the independence of keep bird known as the p.i. c.v. she has been travelling across the islands meeting voters just to the people know that beyond what this country needs is someone that has the will to walk this is a race to build a better nation for us holes she accuses the prime minister of selling the country's assets including the national airline the national electric and water company says of the government has been mismanaging public funds. with the slogan. told us meaning a cape verde for everyone in the opposition leader on monday trying to appeal to both young 1st time voters and the traditional electorate if she wins she will be making history becoming the 1st female prime minister in this country's history. in this election there are hundreds of candidates for only 72 seats in the national assembly an important portion of the electorate are they kept virgins living abroad
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in the east coast of the united states portugal in europe they make up the majority of the population the money they send back as well as tourism fuel economy allowing the government to invest in green energy education and health care and over the course of a generation bird went from one of the world's least developed nations to a middle income country sustaining this success is the challenge for the country's next leader. nicholas hawke al-jazeera. there from protests against somalia's president after he extended his own term in office demonstrated to mogadishu describe the move by muhammad. as a power grab the u.s. and its allies have condemned the act saying it could up end if it's to establish a functioning state. today and scientists say the chinese corona jab is preventing
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deaths by 80 percent a study of a 10000000 chileans who received the jab found it effective in preventing symptoms 67 percent of the time chile has registered over a 1000000 infections with the new strand of the virus and nearly 25000 in. brazil is edging women to delay getting pregnant until the worst of the pen demick passes its health ministry says expectant mothers appear to be affected by the if it affect them or rather by one covert 19 variant and other is official say previous cases during pregnancy was seen in the final trimester or at birth it's now being noticed in the 2nd trimester and in some cases even earlier scientists have created the world's 1st embryos that are part human part monkey and kept them alive and in the barn tree for up to 20 days it's hoped the development will help scientists devise new treatments for disease find ways to grow organs for transplant and understand early human development they also allow scientists to undertake experiments where human embryos can't be used because of ethical concerns and then
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is the director of research support at the john hopkins institute of bioethics he says the experiment was the most successful of its kind so far but going forward there will be ethical questions. this early research i think that they avoided a lot of the significant ethical challenges by just looking at early embryonic development by just looking at cells in a dish. in this particular case they should that they understood the ethical challenges they brought in outside consultants. and they had appropriate oversight approvals but if they're going to achieve their ultimate goal of having for example a pig with a human heart that could be used for transplantation they're talking about live birth of the now animal that has living human cells in it human and i'm human animal kyra and then you have to address some really big challenges like 'd before we do that we want to know more about what's the moral status of this animal. and
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to know that we really need a better conception of moral status we don't really have a broadly accepted conception of moral status of elbel right now and don't forget you can always check out our website for more al-jazeera dot com is the address. the. result is there and these the top stories russia is expelling 10 u.s. diplomats and banning former and current officials from entering the country it's in response to a similar move by the u.s. of a ledge to russian cyber attacks and election into ferentz from moscow has been its myth 10 u.s. diplomats in russia will have to leave russia or is also sanctioning 8 washington administration officials this is because last month the u. .


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