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some really big challenges like before we do that we want to know more about what's the moral status of this animal. and to know that we really need a better conception of moral status we don't really have a broadly accepted conception of moral status available right now and you can find much more on our web site be as risk for that is al jazeera dot com. result is there and these are the top stories russia is expelling 10 u.s. diplomats banning former and current officials from entering the country it's in response to a similar move by the u.s. over alleged russian cyber attacks and election interference from moscow has been at smith 10 u.s. diplomats here in russia will have to leave russia or is also sanctioning 8 washington administration officials this is because last month the u.s.
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sanctioned 8 russians it's going to stop the u.s. embassies and missions here hiring russians on other 3rd country nationals to work in their missions this can affect everything from drivers and cooks to analysis stuff and also it's been suggested by the russian foreign ministry that the u.s. ambassador here goes back to washington for consultations because russia's ambassador is in moscow for consultations several european leaders a russia to reverse a troop build up on its border with ukraine ukrainian president vladimir this is vilinsky is calling for a summit with that amir putin and european powers his statement follows a video conference with the leaders of germany france and ukraine. police in indianapolis identified the gunman who killed 8 fed-ex workers before killing himself 19 year old brandon home was a former employee of the korea company he had previously been interviewed by the
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f.b.i. after his mother called police flagging mental health concerns the mother of a young black american men shot dead by police during a traffic stop has issued an emotional plea for justice relatives and friends of don't a right gathered in minneapolis a day after the officer who shot him appeared in court on charges of manslaughter. the u.s. president and japanese prime ministers say they'll continue to work together to meet the challenges posed by china. was the 1st world leader to visit the white house under the biden administration. raul castro the brother of the late for del castro is stepping down as the head of the communist party in cuba it in 6 decades of leadership by himself and his older brother fidel. those the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera right after inside story that's coming up next season .
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the u.s. slapped sanctions on moscow is the biden administration taking relations with russia in a different direction after the trump era and how will it impact the front lines around the globe this is inside story. hello and welcome to the show i'm sam he's a them relations between the u.s. and russia have dipped to a new low president joe biden signed off on a raft of new sanctions against moscow the white house says it's retaliation for
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russian hiking of federal agencies election interference and other hostile acts biden insists the u.s. is not looking to kick off a cycle of conflict with russia but wants a stable and predictable relationship but the kremlin is already threatening to respond in kind with its foreign intelligence service accusing washington of eroding international stability will bring in our panel shortly but 1st this report from our white house correspondent kimberly how cute. they are some of the most punitive u.s. measures taken against russia in years today through several steps including expulsion of several russian officials just days after a phone call between u.s. president joe biden and russian president vladimir putin to secure a u.s. desire for a predictable relationship the united. states announced surprise russia sanctions
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we cannot allow foreign power to interfere in our direct democratic process with impunity more than 30 russian entities are being targeted at least 10 russian diplomats will be expelled from the united states and some tech firms are being punished for allegedly providing support to russian intelligence sanctions also put in place rules banning some financial dealings involving russia's sovereign debt to choke off lending and inflict economic harm we want a stable predictable relationship and russia continues interfere with our democracy i'm prepared to take further actions to respond. the white house says the sanctions are retaliation for russia's alleged aggressive actions including the occupation of crimea interference in u.s. presidential elections and last year solar winds hack that infiltrated the computers of thousands of u.s. businesses and government agencies. the sanctions also respond to unconfirmed
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intelligence alleging russia offered bounties as high as $100000.00 for killing u.s. soldiers in afghanistan intelligence officials haven't confirmed the russia bounty program still the white house says we have course will not stand by and accept the targeting of our personnel by any elements including a foreign state actor this information really puts the burden on russia and the russian government to explain their engagement here the sanctions come just days after u.s. intelligence identified russia as one of the most serious threats to the united states and officials warn that sanctions may not be the only retaliation suggesting clint destine actions may still be yet to come can really help at al-jazeera the white house. well for more on this now i'm joined by guests in this show in boston massachusetts. glenn kahl columnist for newsweek and for my death the national intelligence officer for the cia in london
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klinsmann moratti a geo political advisor and c.e.o. of the consultancy pangea why a group and in moscow dimitri babich political analyst for so wagner a news agency in russia a warm welcome to all 5 could start with glenn in boston so what do you think glenn do these sanctions indicate that the by the administration is going to take a very different approach to russia than we saw under the donald trump administration oh absolutely that is the case it's a return to a more traditional kind of relationship for tat and carrot and stick early ship between rivals which is how international relations function until biden took office we had for 4 years someone who was very least compromised by russian intelligence and pretty clearly involved with the very how do we know that
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glenn just just to get factual on you about how do we know he was compromised i know the allegations about golden showers and all but how do we know for sure. well by observing every statement and every policies action that he took her horror here is a crisis you don't have to go behind curtains to see that when the all 17 agencies of the united states intelligence community reach a conclusion and provide evidence to support and then the presidents of course the the protestation of. it's pretty clear and there are hundreds literally hundreds of examples of that plus hundreds of examples of contacts of course an intelligence officials with members of cross entourage so there's really no allegation it's a. give me a flag in this return i don't want to get caught of the detail but do we have i mean you're a former cia officer did you see are you saying you saw evidence of the of don't
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trump actually being compromised i mean we i mean i understand what you're saying about deducing from how he would approach is only. now i'm asking you know the statement you made about he's actually compromised if if we say we need a photograph of him doing something accepting an envelope of money you know in the classic example that we do not have we do have however overwhelming numbers of. evidence substantiating dramatic financial interest we don't buy russian all of our and other figures and russian intelligence officers with members of the crime family not around for decades so it's a yes ok well that constitutes it's all right let's bring in dimitri the mitri how do you think moscow is reading the new biden administration does it see a tougher u.s. approach to russia under the biden. well. basically of
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course roger was unpleasantly surprised when trump used that was mildly under political language about our president when by the basically he left and then in 2 weeks biden fast i call that personal on those personal relations are very important you know between him and president but we are used to this the united states is no longer a democratic country it divides the walls into democracies and not democracy so basically the united states sometimes behaves in a very personally tarion manner which we are very familiar with you know it's like stalin and hitler in the end of the 930 s. to date where i cannot to morrow we have a lot to prevent go back the same story with biden yes that they would and what the cuba today we're going to have a summit meeting somewhere in europe and personal relations that very important and
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of course the narrative about trump being the russian agent and somehow so for russia is completely false you know you just have to look at the fact you have to look at the western brass strong expelled more russian diplomat than 80 u.s. president in history he believes very very. wrote a story about the poison in or the scream fall in the u.k. no one question is the scream fall after he was poisoned he didn't even need to be honest it was not shown to the dawn of that we all have to believe the british intelligence the same story with what blair has been better not about a transcript luzhin with russia 1st a commission of robert mubarak came to the conclusion that there was no collusion between france campaign in russia and poland that inclusion or rather close reports in april ok now i'm intrigued enough for you. me i'm going to jump in now while
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your talking as well let me just pick up on one point you mentions we don't get bogged down too much of the history of donald trump but when he is is your point you mentioned there that the u.s. is no longer a democratic country think most of you is do you mean to tell viewers that the u.s. is less democratic than russia right now does that justify perhaps the russian approach or does it disqualify the allegations of russian interference in american . elections and their federal agencies well i k 2 compare count us which party is better which is not this is against international law every county or stall in every country found its way to freedom and its way to openness but just listen to what glenn has told us the us has 17 secret agents has. the same number i think all in are to germany for that you know there are
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a lot of secret agent democracies do not need so many secret agents in the united states people are all front you know was in office for saying something not politically correct you can read it in their wall street journal you can see what happened during the last year. and basically there are lots of examples when the united states behaved towards its old you sent us so i'm just there it will not tolerate sanction behavior in another country you know i'll tell you this doesn't justify what does that justify allegations of russian hacking. of the u.s. or no host is would say is is is a better example of democracy than than what what is currently prevailing in russia right no i told you i don't want to compare because i don't want to raise my own country i cannot tell you that i'm not talking to you and i'm not afraid or in
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correspondence i have been talking to or in correspondence for 30 years and since gorbachev stands we have complete freedom we expression know what is going to tell me what i should tell you what i shall tell you and i understand it's very important that about the 2nd let me just and that there is no absolutely 0 evidence on russian taking quite what we have now as these are only warts from mr baez and his officials they never presented any group any recordings that he's taken was done by russia and ok 2nd as well it's all right let me jump in there i'm sure van is going to want to come back in on some of that stuff or before we do that if we can stay a little bit focused about these latest sanctions and what they mean for russia or indeed the world can bring in clinton and ask the question do you think to what extent will the sanctions actually complicate russia's ability to raise money and international money markets. that's
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a good question and before i get to that sammy i think the conversation between glenn and dimitri right now i think shows the vitriol between both the u.s. and russia when it comes down to high level politics and if it and it can on the affairs you must realize that the relation between russia and the us goes back to not way and it both been and their time to superpowers during the cold war and russia some visions i don't think haven't haven't died as their as their political system is changed they have a lot of experience in international affairs to have their agendas met and the u.s. knows that more than anyone else but when it comes time to the disorder and that sanctions that we put on by by then i don't think this is going to do a lot because you have to realize that these sanctions have been put on the primary markets which means effectively u.s. asset managers cannot buy them directly but can buy them in the secondary market so this really won't do much i don't think to impact the economy how russia and in
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fact this somehow opposed to the effect on on on russia as well because you have to remember that if currency if the president or the ruble goes down after this measure this makes exports a lot cheaper which means you know china's i mean russia the district boundaries china so it will see this and it unintended consequences actually impact china by making imports of oil into china cheaper so this may have an unintended consequence moving forward is why i think they're moving on the on the economic sanctions much more slowly to find out where the bilby any unintended consequences to these actions because the more political side of sanctions explain that matz. and then again shaming you know actors i think is a trying and tested method which which really. is no more expensive be hacked but go back to what so many said this carrot and stick situation now that bites and others will see this more i read or think the us really has really
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a carrot left in any spot of tricks really to to bring any nation into compliance with international law because they're think they're exhausted everything they can as actors tend to be the 1st place they go to but they don't really move on to anything else ok that's interesting i want to pick up on one point that you mentioned there which i think is really important and glenn did the biden administration deliberately perhaps engineer these sanctions in a way not to impact the russian economy so severely by not going after as clinton was pointing out into media trees in the secondary bond market. well i think that's a very good point and sanctions are a very crude tool always but it's also true that the united states and every other country i think that tries to calibrate sanctions to send a message as. clearly defined as as it can so i don't know
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but i think you're surmising about the sanctions being. done in the matter to send a message and yet to leave it clear to the russians that there is a way forward is probably what the biden ministration to that is that a standard the point is for the vibe in this region as it is for any country to. make clear that there will be some costs yes actions are taken against united states that are considered by the united states hostile not simply to cause pain which is why biden said the statement that doesn't lend what will little color to be gathered what will the conspiracy if russia can simply get around this. well that's a good quite often they don't work you send a message and you can try to use act some pains of the calculation for in this instance the russians is a bit more complicated but it's not guaranteed to work at all and i can tell you
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that no sanctions have ever start a foreign power from seeking to pursue its interests as it defines them so the russians have never stopped and will continue to conduct intelligence operations sure i'm sure there are plenty of others who would say the u.s. engages in intelligence operations against the interests of other countries as well dimitri how concerned is moscow about the impact of these sanctions then on the economy listening to what glenn includes mina saying would we be right in assuming that moscow probably isn't too worried about any negative impact on its economy. well most lawyers wanted the language or the sentence i mean mr biden if you read he's executive order imposing sanctions on russia he basically says that i declare a national emergency in the united states so russia is so dangerous
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that biden think you know you need a national emergency when you impose sanctions on russia that's a very very i would say destructive language because it's a hostile language and the fact that i have his executive order before me the fact that a view on who walked in any sector of russian economy can be a target of sanctions not only people who cooperated with our defense sector this is also something new so basically a new businessman not only from the united states but of business from other countries who cooperated with a country that the united states doesn't like for some reason is now under threat that is against western values just like the so-called magness is against western values because people can be you know their property can be taken away from them their right to travel kind of the limit that based on decisions not taken by the
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court but by decisions taken by bureaucrats you know by bureaucracy beijing is decisions or newspaper reports that's very concerning asked for they want to me a russian economy is remarkably stable we survive their coronavirus pandemic much better than doing that they despite some very bad predictions from there that they i don't like shoving throwing there but when i heard american predictions for example about iran losing millions of people and us american staying away from it i heard that in the early it went early 2000. when i thought that this wasn't just you know laurel and here we have. the house we should get back on topic though. dimitri the whole coronavirus handling of course is a very big issue let me bring in klinsmann and ask this question klinsmann are we necessarily heading towards a deterioration between the u.s.
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and russia and their relations i mean after all you could look back to like the eighty's era and see the sort of starts that ronald reagan took towards the van soviet union would have been described by many years as very tough stance but it ultimately culminated in warming relations with gorbachev at the time didn't it. this is how i see the world working right now we can't put what biden does specifically as it is the very beginning of his presidency on any kind of pedestal to show that he is very different anyone else and is going to mark a different attitude towards us foreign policy because he said he hasn't had enough time to an app anything serious when he 1st came to power he did all the easy things really he signed back up to it but if you're the same about 2 parts planet who are and he also stated that he wants to get you on your back on track these are really easy things to do but when it comes down to more difficult issues like what
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to do with the real issue with russia and this higher every nation nature of warfare that we see happening these days his response needs to be a lot more multifaceted but the way the world works now is that sam is that no longer are there 2 superpowers in the role as there was during the cold war china is a rising power and china who have other powers coming up and are taking a bigger hole of america's attention in its national affairs and u.s. really has a lot on its hands to really deal with such a such complex relationships that i think it's very early in biden's presence the release date anything concrete as to what you do or what is mark on your side to be or i will this segues nicely into a finger point we have to raise and that is whether we're going to see glenn do you think we're going to see tensions now increase on a number of issues in a number of flashpoints around the world that involve the u.s. and russia whether we're talking about ukraine to syria or i don't know importing
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gas into europe and arctic shipping. well i think the simple answer to that is yes russia has sought for years since this years of include an. international system where what allow me to draw the line but hasn't the us all the same i'm sure dimitri would could easily point out the same of us and many other countries right now i guess i would say yes no i'm not claiming that nice this is an innocent choir but the us has on the whole sought a normative system the international system of who'll now that does benefit the united states as the strongest power and want to say that it is self-interest that is also true but russia as the relatively weaker power of what a great power seeks to reassert in sent in europe. its influence that it has lost to the hall of the berlin wall so we can we should expect to see
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increasing tensions over ukraine specifically in probably the baltics unfortunately but i think that is true similarly in the middle east where russia has been quite successful and aggressive in becoming more influential there specifically were in syria and the us is probably going to contest that even though in the larger sense the us is slowly. considering the middle east less strategically critical it has for the last 75 years so in a number of areas yes the tensions are likely to get worse. dimitry russia is already warning about this move the sanctions move eroding international stability do you think in your understanding moscow is looking at perhaps other global issues other global flashpoints where it may for want of a better word try and play its cards to get back at the u.s. over the sanctions move. well i mean with hate to play this year all sound the
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we want to leave peacefully as a peaceful nation and what if that ravaged the rush of the growth in europe just look at the map or 90 $9.00 to $1.00 and look at them out now will where the borders where was nato in $1000.00 names and where is it now where was the soviet union in a going along and where is the russia now and it was all done without a single shot russia wanted to be crowned with the west at that time unfortunately we were here yearly deceived by the west and leadership primarily of the by the united states but also by the european union but of what it doesn't mean that we want to restart a cold war to what is going on around fortunately right now is that the united states and europe are joining your brain into a new africa you know like africa and latin america where there are areas where the soviet union and the united states led their proxy wars in the 1980 s.
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where it just struck you will argue proxy wars well unfortunately ukraine is in the same situation we want to avoid that but that's the tragedy unfolding before our eyes or i'm afraid that is our our own won't protect us or bite in the terms of the i'm afraid we are at some of them have to end of ever like to thank our guests for has been a really good discussion i think in sharing different viewpoints around this issue so let's thank indeed glenn karl klinsmann moratti and dmitri babich and thank you to fortune you can see the show again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion head over to our facebook page that's facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story can also join the conversation on twitter our handle there is at a.j. the inside story from me sam is a band and the whole team here for now thanks for joining us.
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and just you know that's faceless show patience is shown must go on. there is no channel that covers world news like we do we revisit places take on just there are really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. i'm kinda belen doha with the top stories on al-jazeera russia has retaliated to u.s. sanctions by expelling 10 american diplomats and banning former and current officials from entering the country on thursday washington imposed similar measures accusing moscow of election interference in cyber attacks when it smith reports the russian government says its response to u.s. sanctions is to the top 10 u.s. diplomats will have to leave on a cd a current and former administration officials a bomb from entering russia.


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