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sure for a lot of americans out there white supremacy impacts all of our you change your put your money into the hands of someone 1st taking money out of the hands of other workers their own goes to their king after he becomes a us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line asks the big questions on out is the. russian response to us than sions by expelling 10 american diplomats and slapping a travel ban on 8 current and former u.s. officials. are there and can be now this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up police in indianapolis identify the gunman who killed 8 people at a fed ex facility as a 19 year old former employee. the 1st time in decades cuba's communist party want
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to be led by a castro. and an important scientific advances or the stuff of nightmares researchers create the 1st embryo from human and monkey cells. relations between the u.s. and russia have had the lowest point in years moscow has retaliated to u.s. sanctions by expelling 10 diplomats and banning former and current officials from entering the country it came a day after the u.s. imposed similar measures including russia of election interference sent cyber attacks but its move has more from moscow. the russian government says its response to u.s. sanctions is to protect 10 u.s. diplomats will have to leave and a senior current and former administration officials are banned from entering russia. that includes former national security adviser susan rice foreign minister
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sergei lavrov says he could go further still. if for exchanges of niceties continue we will ask the americans to bring the number of their diplomats who deal with bilateral relations with russia in accordance with the number of our employees working in the embassy and to general consulates in the us. the kremlin is reacting to u.s. government decision to blacklist russian companies expel russian diplomats and bar u.s. banks from buying sovereign bonds from the central bank in moscow russia continue to interfere with our democracy all this because washington says russia is involved in malign acts including the persecution of opposition politicians alexina valmy interfering in elections engaging in cyber hacking as well as occupying crimea that the toughest sanctions since 2018. if the government is frightened by the way the events are developing but they will change course and will continue to be
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confrontational but the question is how far will the kremlin push it they will try to make it look as though nothing has changed but in reality they will be much more careful in the waging of the consequences of their actions the kremlin says president putin has yet to decide if you'll take part in a u.s. led climate summit next week russia's government seems to be open but a line is now being drawn up a response to the u.s. sanctions foreign ministry here says he wants to avoid any further escalation and sergey lavrov says he takes positively joe biden's offer of a meeting with vladimir putin. but it's an al-jazeera moscow. the gunman who shot and killed 8 people had a fed ex facility in the u.s. had previously been interviewed by the f.b.i. after his mother called police flagging mental health concerns with regards to her son officials also revealed this 19 year old brandon hall was a former employee at the indianapolis facility having last worked there in late twenty's. it comes as president joe biden described gun violence at the stain on
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the country kristen salumi reports. another corner of america the scene of yet another mass shooting this time at a fed ex facility in indianapolis a gunman opening fire late on thursday night killing workers outside in the car park before going inside to kill others and then himself by friday morning police were still trying to piece together the motives of the gunmen details remain scarce he got out of his car and pretty quickly started some random shooting outside the facility there was no confrontation with anyone that was there there was no disturbance there was no argument he just appeared to randomly start shooting and that began in the parking lot and then he did go into the building into the facility for a brief period of time the f.b.i. later revealed that the gunman
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a 19 year old former employee was interviewed in april last year after his mother became worried about his mental health however he was later released overnight workers families gathered at a nearby hotel and waited to be reunited with relatives on shifts compound in the anguish a fed ex policy banning cell phones at the workplace which made it harder for survivors to reassure loved ones indiana's governor eric holcomb tweeted condolences but was immediately criticized for his anti gun control agenda he's received an a grade from the national rifle association reserved for politicians who demonstrate particular enthusiasm for blacks gun laws the mayor of indianapolis summing up the feelings of the majority in the country where we are left with this morning is grief grief for the families of those killed. grief for the employees who have lost their coworkers and grief for the many americans
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struggling to understand how tragedies like this continue to occur later president joe biden issued a statement saying too many americans are dying every single day from gun violence it stains our character and pierces the very soul of our nation we can and must do more to act and to save lives this latest tragedy coming just weeks after mass shootings in atlanta colorado and south carolina drawing further attention to what's been described as a deep seated epidemic of gun violence kristen salumi al-jazeera. stephen kent is the host of the podcast right now on al-jazeera is digital platform rightly he joins us live via skype from fairfax virginia thank you time when you look at what happened in indianapolis at what seems like a constant stream of shootings in the u.s.
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do you think that gun laws gun control as it is right now in the u.s. is working. well what is unclear to me whenever we are having these conversations in the united states is what kind of gun control are we talking about and what kind of gun problem are we talking about. there has been in the past month c.n.n. was reporting this morning 45 mass shootings across the united states but when you look at those 45 mass shootings they include everything from the fed ex situation which is sort of a nightmare scenario disgruntled employee comes in murders the people who used to work with we see that happen at schools we see that happen in offices but then lumped in there we also have violent crime people getting in arguments at bars people doing drive by's in major cities crime has spiked in the past year in the united states significantly but that is in the backdrop of a 30 year decline in violent crime in this country so we are seeing something that
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is hard to wrap our minds around it hurts but it is no doubt connected to the kind of year that we've had with the pandemic and also with racial tension in this country brought about by police violence ok so coming back to my question do you think that gun control laws as they stand the gun laws in the u.s. right now as they stand do you think that they are ok. i do think they're ok and there are a lot of different gun control laws so it's kind of unclear which ones we're talking about ok let's talk about it in detail then why and i don't want to talk about it and tens of i guess how you talk about it on your platforms why do you think that gun control has become such a bipartisan issue surely everyone wants the same thing to reduce the number of people being killed by gun. yes everybody does want that and they want their cities
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to be safe and peaceful. i reject the premise that there is sort of a bipartisan consensus around gun control we all want to see bile and crime go back down and continue that downward trajectory in which we've seen it but i it puzzles me when we are having these sort of dual debates right about gun control and gun violence and also police shootings right where police are too intimately involved in the streets of our community is coming into confrontation with everyday americans seeing someone with a gun like they did in chicago and thinking this is some sort of enemy who i need to take down and we want to ratchet up those sorts of tensions we want to ratchet up that kind of policing in the country there's a cognitive dissonance dissonance here about what we need to be doing there are a lot of different gun control laws you could enact that speak to different sorts of crimes but we need to talk about what those are we talking about handguns we're talking about long guns these so-called ghost guns that that makes
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a big difference about what kind of conversation we have about it ok. is the issue of gun violence to also an issue of racial justice and should be part of the conversation when we talk about gun violence because black americans much more likely to die from gun violence then why do americans yeah in all forms homicide suicide police violence obviously the fact is to address that complex rooted and inequality but with black americans so much more at risk shouldn't those in power be obligated to change the status quo. well violence and economics go hand in hand poverty and violence go hand in hand black americans disproportionately live in poverty in this country and in poor communities right so violence is higher what do you think is going to happen if we declare some sort of war on guns in this country in order to protect people on the streets do you think
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that police are going to be in a more peaceful posture in the poorest and most violent neighborhoods in the country no they're not they're going to be kicking down the doors of black and brown americans all over this country not going after what i think liberals sort of imagine which is that they're going to be picking through the doors of white militia men in the middle of oregon right who are stockpiling tons of tons of big guns that might happen but this always comes down to the people with the least power the least connections and the most confrontations with law enforcement they're going to pass laws who are they most likely to be enforced on i think that's going to be black americans disproportionately. all right great to have him program stephen kent there from there is digital platform rightly. thanks for the conversation. still to come here on al-jazeera a moment of national unity for me and not a protest movement the civil society groups and rule makers announce new steps against the military. u.s.
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president joe biden meets japan's prime minister his 1st face to face meeting with world leaders and present tougher action against china. welcomes other look at the international forecasters say some big storms rumbling away across the deep south of the u.s. hopefully things will quieten down a little as we go through the next day or so but with this waving weather fronts in place it does maybe are looking at more wet weather coming through if the u.k. drags its way across louisiana mississippi alabama right over towards the panhandle as we go on through sassed a little straw a little fodder for the north although we have got some bits and pieces of cloud and rain just around the central plains some snow the sliding in off the rockies i'm also going to make its way a little further south which in
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a switch as we go through sunday out west of where the starting to clear through still some showers up towards the tennessee valley pushing up towards the ohio valley while the more of a wintry wish just coming out so the 1st central parts of canada pushing across the mountain states easy across the northern place through the prairie and heading towards the midwest western pasta confided to a lot of lovely present sunshine even seattle getting up to 23 degrees don't see bad atoll lovely spring sunshine also sunshine soufan intricacy good parts of mexico some heavier showers just around southern parts of central america you might catch a shower whatsoever to his banjara but for the most part it's fine. and sunny. thank you. for. a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby have been going it was moving to got to really kind of. reveal secrets seem. messaging out there i mean people
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are outraged getting mad and connections some don't want exponents many in legacy media. mass shooting. documents work night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour russia is expelling 10 u.s. diplomats and banning top officials from entering the country it's in response to a similar move by the u.s. over a legit russian cyber attacks and election interference. police in indianapolis have
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identified the gunman who killed 8 fed-ex workers before killing himself 19 year old brandon hall was a former employee of the facility he had previously been interviewed by the f.b.i. after his mother called police planking mental health concerns with regards to her son. the mother of a young black american man shot dead by police during a traffic stop has issued an emotional plea for justice relatives and friends of dante rice gathered in minneapolis a day after the officer who shot him appeared in court kimberly porter is charged with 2nd degree manslaughter she says she mistakenly drew her gun instead of a taser bride's mother told a news conference the charges aren't strong enough justice is definitely what we want but i'm never going to get just justice would be bringing my son home to me justice would have been my stunt driving to the car was coming home after that i'm not going to get that 2nd degree manslaughter is not ok i'm not ok with that
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that's not right she murdered my son my son is never going to come home the mother of another black american man facially shot during a police traffic stop was also at the news conference valerie kost steele the mother of philander christie who says the case of dante wright struck a chord with her he was martyred in his call him the call was why and he did nothing wrong he did nothing wrong. these police officers as you can see off here early are. how do you keep having martyr after murders where you know. oh. hey oh. let's get a live update now from shepparton is consent to minnesota she had there have been protests there a lot of anger in the city in the country about as valerie can still put their
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burden off to murder what's happening there now. but the process is developing in some ways because not only do we have the murders but we also have the reaction of the security forces and most people protest against the searchlights we have some new features comparisons for example many of the professors are wearing dress and go see what we go through because a few nights ago a woman lived in one of the residential blocks. away she came down to look for her brother she was wearing a belt for what she was about her. pushed to the floor by several security officers and the rest of them taken off to jail. for people wearing bathrobes in solidarity with that of the so that's one feature and a lot of a lot of the speeches right there actually about how i should look for the last
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week basically in protest against google policing and escalation what we've seen is good policing and has to be lation it doesn't really seem that the message is necessarily getting through we have another feature to that which is the 2nd brief answer disappears and this is become a big focus of the activists too because they're putting up half freshness no on the fences as you may have heard the the mother of dante wright said he was a rich initially stopped because he had an african is standing for his rearview mirror and the mistake that's illegal but it's one of those driving by while black crimes something that isn't in force against white people. but but it's often used as or as a pretext stop black drivers as they're going about their business and it was and the mother of dante wright says that was the pretext that was used to stop her despite the fact that the police it was about. registration that doesn't seem to be doesn't stack up necessarily so we have this new fence here and we have noticed
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that as a result of the last night it does seem to have had a restraining effect on the security forces on the other side they seem to be this it to be not as wild as they have been in previous evenings they did let the protesters go about its natural course and as we've always seen since the black lives matter protests began several years ago you do that and then they have the natural timing and they tend to dissipate peacefully if however you immediately come out with your flash bang grenades and tear gas that people get a bit angry understandably and things tend to escalate they didn't do that last night we'll see what they do tonight but that's what the part of the focus of the speeches is is this entire operation that we've had in the last week which the local residents have no control over the local mayor has no control over the lip. city council as we were driven to the state stepped in and drafted in thousands of troops who you are using tear gas and rubber bullets despite the local ordinances against that it's protests and it's really getting it's against making people even
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more angry on top of the arguments against needless killings of black on a. right that will check back in with you later the finale thank her that she had her town say. it is the end of an era in cuba roll castro the brother of the late for del castro is stepping down as the head of the communist party it and 6 decades of leadership by himself and his older brother fidel and his farewell address the former 1st secretary valves he will always be prepared to defend his country and the communist party. now that you're really a guy you're nothing compels me to make this decision but i fervently believe in the strength and the value of example and the understanding of my compatriots and let's no one doubted that as long as i live i will be ready with my foot on the steerable to defend the country the revolution and socialism with more force than ever let's shout long live the free cuba long live fidel homeland or death it or
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histon is in havana with more. i think for many people in cuba the retirement means that for the 1st time in most people's life the revolution will not be led by somebody whose name is castro. love them or hate them fidel and raul castro. did ensure that this country is sovereign and people who recognize that so 959 cuba was effectively a neo colony of the united states the us ambassador himself said that he was more powerful than the president and that changed radically in 959 where cuba became sovereign focused on social justice and then after attempts by the north american government the u.s. government to overthrow the new regime subsequently allied with the soviet union. this week marks 60 years the 60 year anniversary of the bear fix invasion
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which is the only time in latin american history up until now that a u.s. organized invasion of a latin american country has been defeated the united states is has succeeded in eliminating every single government in latin america in the 20th century in the 21st century that it viscerally disliked the island in which i'm speaking to you now is the only one that defies u.s. control and many people here especially the older generation a very clear on. the u.s. president and japanese prime minister say they'll continue to work together to meet challenges posed by china. was the 1st world needed to visit the white house under the biden administration a summit focused on a wide range of issues including technology and the economy it was geopolitics that dominated the discussion. we committed to working together to take challenges from china and. south china sea as well as north korea to ensure a future of
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a free and open window pacific. japan and united states are 2 strong democracies in the region and we're committed we're committed to defending advancing our shared values including human rights and the rule of law we're going to work together to prove that democracies can still compete and win in the 21st century can deliver for our people and the face of a rapidly changing world. you know. we agreed to oppose any attempts to change the status quo by force in the east and south china seas and intimidation of others in the region at the same time we agreed on the necessity of each other to engage in frank dialogue with china and in doing so to pursue stability of international relations while up holding universal values so let's go now to what is your castro who is in washington d.c. heidi so how exactly are the 2 biggest planning to meet these challenges posed by
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china. well kim if they dissed discussed details it would have been behind closed doors and none of them were shared in that joint press conference from the white house rose garden and certainly you can be assured that china's was watching the words of these leaders and it was certainly the elephant in the room because what we heard just now that you aired for viewers is about all the 2 leaders said about china at least publicly we know that behind closed doors over lunch and over tea throughout this day long bilateral china was certainly the major focus in particularly how these 2 countries china and the u.s. and the chapin what counter a rising china and this meeting happened during a few weeks of escalating tensions with china particularly concerning taiwan with china sending warplanes into taiwanese airspace and president biden responding by sending a delegation an unofficial delegation to interact with taiwanese counterparts and
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certainly of course the fact that it was the japanese prime minister who was the 1st foreign leader to be invited in person to visit the biden white house that speaks loudly here and is a picture is worth a 1000 words and seeing these 2 world leaders stand side by side certainly was meant to communicate a message to china that japan and the united states are united in promoting democracy in the indo-pacific how does your castro in washington d.c. thank you for that update politicians opposed to the meanwhile as miter june to have formed a national unity government that includes members of the palm and young leaders of protests and ethnic minorities meanwhile has been gripped by political turmoil and bloodshed since the military deposed elected leaders in a coup in february security forces have killed more than 700 people since then.
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an organization that has opposed the takeover by myanmar's military on february 1st have announced the formation of a national unity government a body that will work to remove military control and restore democracy it will operate inside and out of the country the leaders have been named including elected members of parliament ousted by the coup and who protest leaders and members of ethnic minorities they feel they have a better chance of being recognized as the real leaders of the country and not those heading the junk so no you give me a very good chance he has no good need to be caused to be some change the. venue to mind the 2 go moment. the announcement won't change much for the protesters nor is it expected to change the posture of violent crackdown by myanmar's security forces but some say it's aimed at building legitimacy for those opposing the john i think that it's
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entirely possible that this will play an important role someone to talk to for the international community as someone that can speak to international forums and can represent the protesters and the people of myanmar as they continue their tug of war against military that seems determined to shoot people down in the streets he went on to say that the new government could serve as a connection to the leadership being held by the joint including deposed civilian leader on song suchi and what's new in this national unity government a broad ethnic representation of the many different groups within me and mark some have ethnic minority forces that control their semiautonomous areas and the leaders of the new body say they intend to team up with them to form a federal army scott heiler al-jazeera. nearly $9000.00 new cases of covert 19 were reported on friday in the netherlands in just 24 hours it's the biggest increase in
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fiction since january prime minister margaret to has warned that it's too soon for restrictions to be eased the government is expected to decide whether to extend current lockdown measures at a cabinet meeting next week. the president of the philippines is warning that the worst is yet to come in the pandemic or go to turkey says it's uncertain when enough vaccines will be available for everyone the philippines has received more than 3000000 doses of the sign of american to astra zeneca vaccines almost a 1000000 people are known to have been infected since the pandemic began and about 16000 have died. and scientists have created the world's 1st embryos that are part human part monkey and kept them alive and on the bar a tree for up to 20 days it's hoped the development will help scientists devise new treatments for disease find ways to grow organs for transplant and understand early human development they also allow scientists to undertake experiments where human embryos can be used for the ethical concerns alan is director of research support
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at the john hopkins institute of bioethics he says the experiment was the most successful of its kind so far there are ethical questions ahead. this early research i think that they avoided a lot of the significant ethical challenges by just looking at early embryonic development by just looking at cells in a dish. in this particular case they should that they understood the ethical challenges they brought in outside consultants. and they had appropriate oversight approvals but if they're going to achieve their ultimate goal of having for example a pig with a human heart that could be used for transplantation they're talking about a live birth of the now animal that has living human cells in it human i'm human animal kyra and then you have to address some really big challenges like 'd before we do that we want to know more about what's the moral status of this animal. and
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to know that we really need a better conception of moral status we don't really have a broadly accepted conception of moral status of elbel right now. this is just there and these other top stories russia is expanding 10 u.s. diplomats and banning top officials from entering the country it's in response to a similar move by the u.s. of alleged russian cyber attacks and election into ferentz from moscow has been it's been it 10 u.s. diplomats here in russia will have to leave russia or is also sanctioning 8 washington administration officials this is because last month the u.s. sanctioned 8 russians it's going to stop the u.s. embassies and missions here hiring russians on other 3rd country nationals to work in their missions this can affect everything from drivers and cooks to analysis stuff.


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