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that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be there to tell the people story was very important of the time. play an important role protecting it when i. face. already. moscow expels diplomats and bans u.s. officials in retaliation to sanctions an ounce by the biden administration. allowing mariam to rise in under and you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program a country where one name is looming large for decades as raul castro steps aside we find out what lies ahead for cuba. gunned down at work 8 fed-ex employees die when
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a gunman opens fire as families mourn police hunt for a motive. china's economy bounces back in the pandemic with recall growth but is everyone feeling the benefit. i've come to the program our top story russia is expelling 10 american diplomats in response to u.s. sanctions the measures were widely expected following the expulsion of russian diplomats the u.s. accuses russians of masterminding cyber attacks to interfere in last year's presidential election which russia has tonight and its myth reports now from moscow . the russian government says its response to u.s. sanctions is to the top 10 u.s. diplomats will have to leave and a senior current and former administration officials a bomb from entering russia that includes former national security adviser susan
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rice foreign minister sergei lavrov says he could go further still. the notion of militants if all exchanges of niceties continue we will ask the americans to bring the number of their diplomats who deal with by lots rules relations with russia in accordance with the number of our employees working in the embassy and to general consulates in the u.s. . the kremlin is reacting to u.s. government decision to blacklist russians. companies expel russian diplomats and bar u.s. banks from buying sovereign bonds from the central bank in moscow russia continue to interfere with our democracy all this because washington says russia is involved in malign acts including the persecution of opposition politicians alexina avowal me interfering in elections and gauging in cyber hacking as well as occupying crimea that the toughest sanctions since 2018. if the government is frightened by the way the events are developing but they will change course and will continue to
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be confrontational but the question is how far will the kremlin push it they will try to make it look as though nothing has changed but in reality they will be much more careful in the waging of the consequences of their actions the kremlin says president putin has yet to decide if you'll take part in a u.s. led climate summit next week russia's government seems to be hoping that a line has now been drawn up or response to the u.s. sanctions the foreign ministry here says he wants to avoid any further escalation and survey lavrov says he takes positively joe biden's offer of a meeting with vladimir putin. but it's an al-jazeera moscow. meanwhile ukrainian president lansky has pressed for 4 way peace negotiations to ease tensions following the build up of russian troops along their shared border during a visit to paris talks with the french president and the german chancellor angela merkel interest or a cease fire along ukraine's eastern border charles stratford reports on this now
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from kiev. emergency talks in paris an effort to deescalate a military situation with russia many ukrainians fear could spiral into war. germany's chancellor joined her french and ukrainian counterpart on line russia's recent deployment to what's estimated to be 100000 troops along with heavy weaponry to its borders with ukraine has caused alarm across europe and among nato allies we have seen so warm and stronger nation that in ukraine and france and then germany about i said where indirectly and there are one as laid out which we need to move where equate sorry i understand that it's a war problem but it but i think that it's not only our problem that is the safety of you or. russia the 4th member of the so-called normandy format that has for 7 years been trying to negotiate a political solution to the conflict in eastern ukraine was not invited to the
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meeting in paris. moscow says its troop deployment is a military exercise and poses no threat but has warned it will respond to what it describes as ukrainian provocation. 14000 people have been killed in a 1000000 forced to flee their homes since the conflict began in 2014. both science accuse each other of regularly violating a cease fire that has barely held since it was signed 7 years ago germany and france have been accused of wavering on how to confront russia and how much support to give ukraine ukraine's foreign minister last week called russia's troop deployment an open threat of war and destruction of his country more ukrainian soldiers have been killed since the beginning of this year and throughout 2020 in kiev ukraine's deputy foreign minister told al-jazeera russia is using the threat of violence to test nato and the new u.s. administration each from russia ready to settle the conflict that is the question
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and the basic plot sent about by terrorists is about russia. russia has no interest in having result oriented approaches in these negotiations they are only pushing for the process by itself to control the situation people in the ukrainian capital on the us severs or both of you know what could happen you can expect anything from putin if there is a war everyone will defend our land we will be defending our country yet you pull a video is no no what you need which i'm not a fortune teller but of course i don't want war everything is possible from russia it's the aggressor there capable of anything and nothing good will come of it ukraine's president says he is ready to holds talks with russia france and germany in order to calm the situation on the border in a statement released of the paris meeting france and germany yet again urge russia
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to withdraw its forces but despite the diplomatic pressure there is no sign russian president vladimir putin is ready to do that yet charles struck at al-jazeera kiev former cuban president raul castro is stepping down as head of the ruling communist party in his farewell address at the congress of the at the 8th congress of the ruling party in havana he vowed to always defend his country. and that you believe i know this is your nothing compels me to make this decision but i fervently believe in the strength in the value of example and the understanding of my compatriots and let no one doubt it let as long as i live i will be ready with my foot on the steerable to defend the country the revolution and socialism with more force than ever let's shout long live the free cuba long live fidel homeland or death. well to call it the end of an era would be an understatement after raul and his late brother fidel ruled the island for more than 60 years latin america and
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newman has more on that legacy. his seuss navarro and his wife haven't missed an episode of the series conquering a dream a special state t.v. production about the cuban communist party. it's part of the lead up to the end of the castro era window castro renounces his last and most powerful position for tomorrow by the secretary general of the only party that has ruled cuba for nearly 6 decades that means that throughout the battles entire life a castro has been in charge. infancy it would be hard to watch raul leave but will have to accept that. unlike his older brother fidel castro has been a family man more gregarious he and his wife the in my spin joined fidel castro to overthrow cuba's former dictatorship he always took a back seat to his brother but for half
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a century he controlled the military he was vice president and number 2 in the communist party and when fidel castro fell ill in 2006 it was fine even old castro turn to run the country he quickly lifted knows some practices such as the prohibition for cubans to buy or sell property or a car or even stay at hotels and resorts for foreigners he introduced timid economic reforms to allow ordinary citizens to run small businesses. he oversaw the renewal of diplomatic ties with the united states and a historic visit by president barack obama in 2016 but what he did not change was his commitment to the communist party his total control. they didn't elect me as president to restore capitalism in cuba. render the revolution i was elected to defend maintain and continue perfecting socialism not to destroy it for more than
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half a century the same so-called historic generation with cloth with throne and fidel castro in the insurrection has held the most important positions in the party. but 5 years ago with the age of $85.00 castro announced that he and the rest would step down this april at the next communist party congress. juge of the lore of life in the 7th congress will be the last one held by this is storage generation. but he is handing over the baton during an acute economic crisis brought on by the pandemic and more severe u.s. economic sanctions and while these billboards appeal to cubans to resist. the risk now more open dissent than ever. he's hinted he'll retire and return to eastern cuba where he was born and where fidel castro is buried to spend the rest of his days in the countryside but many don't believe that he's going to be like
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the guy you know and the spirit or guy but in the end he is going to be. controlled in every scene like like old. almost 5 years after fidel castro died the last remaining castro brother is stepping down whether he remains in the communist party in a lesser capacity or as an elder statesman it's unlikely to mean the end of 89 year old role castro's influence at least in the immediate future to see a newman al-jazeera. there are calls for calm in chicago after police released footage of an officer shooting a 13 year old boy dad. was killed last month then what police called an armed confrontation but the video shows he was unarmed when he was chased down an alley incident comes a difficult time with protests in the city of minneapolis as well over the death of unarmed black man dante wright sharing a routine traffic stop. when u.s.
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president joe biden is saying his country must act against gun violence off to another mass shooting claimed a lives the late night incident unfolded at a logistics in indianapolis christensen a miracle it's. another corner of america the scene of yet another mass shooting this time at a fed ex facility in indianapolis a gunman opening fire late on thursday night killing workers outside in the car park before going inside to kill others and then himself by friday morning police were still trying to piece together the motives of the gunman details remain scarce he got out of his car and pretty quickly started some random shooting outside the facility there was no confrontation with anyone that was there there was no disturbance there was no argument he just appeared to randomly start shooting and that began in the parking lot and then he did go into the building into the
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facility for a brief period of time. overnight workers families gathered at a nearby hotel and waited to be reunited with relatives on shifts compound in the anguish a fed ex policy banning cell phones at the workplace which made it harder for survivors to reassure loved ones indiana's governor eric holcomb tweeted condolences but was immediately criticized for his anti gun control agenda he's received an a grade from the national rifle association reserved for politicians who demonstrate particular enthusiasm for blacks gun laws the mayor of indianapolis summing up the feelings of the majority in the country what we are left with this morning is grief grief for the families of those killed grief for the employees who have lost their coworkers and grief for the many americans. struggling to
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understand how tragedies like this continue to occur this latest tragedy coming just weeks after mass shootings in atlanta colorado and south carolina drawing further attention to what's been described as a deep seated epidemic of gun violence christian salumi al-jazeera. so i had for you on the program it managed to escape attacks by armed groups now hundreds of thousands of people in mozambique desperately need food. but. the weather sloshy far to try for much of australia now i am pleased to say if a little on the cool side of the case down towards a southeastern corner where we're drawing in winds from
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a south westerly direction always a cool direction here that little more cloud just around the eastern side of new south wales and that will produce some i'd say unwelcome shallow was just to the north of sydney some of them on the heavy side i want to show is just glancing that east coast of queensland as well as we go on through sunday maybe pushing up towards the cape york peninsula hopefully by then it's dry or it's warmer across the eastern side of oz sydney at around 23 degrees and 19 there for melbourne much of the country is fine and dry with some pleasant warm sunshine getting up to 28 in perth a nazi back to into new zealand a little more cloud here 21 in christchurch that's not too bad a chance of somewhat weather moving through as we go on into the early part of next week the u.k. could touch 22 by the time we come to monday so might weather see making its way across japan now big area cloud here sliding in across the sea of japan the rain is gathering as we go through saturday heaviest across southern parts rick you shoot through honshu but it does move through price
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a clear skies calm backing behind take a 22 celsius fired and right to the korean peninsula. on counting the cost about $1.00 versus the markets with the turkish economy already on the brink will the president's unconventional economics take over yet pos mozambique huge gas reserves big investors and an insurgency could do you really don't. counting the cost on al-jazeera. full and untold stories from asia and the pacific on how to see if. the earth. the. the world.
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combat main stories now russia has hit back a day after a wave of sanctions from the united states 10 american diplomats have been expelled from the country with 8 top officials banned from entering ukraine's president says he wants russia's leader involved in peace talks tensions are rising on the border between the 2 countries with a large buildup of russian troops nearby. and the former cuban president raul castro is stepping down as head of the ruling communist party ending more than 60 years of leadership by the castro dynasty. a colorful election campaign is coming to a close in cape verde the incumbent prime minister says his re-election would be good for oil and diamonds but his challenger wants to become the country's 1st female leader nicholas haq reports from the capital prior.
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playing a familiar tune prime minister will issues korea e.c.l. by his trying to win votes in his final rally on the island of selby center using the slogan the safe path he tries to reassure the people of the small island nation that have suffered from the economic fallout of the covert pandemic he says he's the one that should be trusted to lead the country for the next 5 years just observing us over said the theoretical girls. it's sad to see the vos construction work when you have hills this is no coincidence. we have created jobs and built an atmosphere of trust attracting investors. all lies according to his main challenger young. from the old african party for the independence of keep bird known as the p.i. c.v. she has been traveling across the islands meeting voters she didn't just to the people know that beyond what this country needs is someone that has the will to walk this is a race to build a better nation for a soul she accuses the prime minister of selling the country's assets including the
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national airline the national electric and water company says of the government has been mismanaging public funds. with the slogan have a bottle of us meaning a cape verde for everyone in the opposition leader on monday trying to appeal to both young 1st time voters and the traditional electorate m.p. when she will be making history becoming the 1st female prime minister in this country's history. in this election there are hundreds of candidates for only 72 seats in the national assembly an important portion of the electorate are they kept virgins living abroad in the east coast of the united states portugal in europe they make up the majority of the population the money they send back as well as tourism fuel economy allowing the government to invest in green energy education and health care and over the course of a generation cape verde went from one of the world's least developed nations to
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a middle income country sustaining this success is the challenge for the country's next leader. nicholas hawke al-jazeera. the un's world food programme is saying almost a 1000000 people are facing severe hunger in northern mozambique nearly 700000 people have been displaced by fighting between government forces and groups linked to i still around 2600 people have died since the conflict started 4 years ago our metacity reports now from a camp and cowboy delgado province. zubair to our marshes 3 months ago dragged him into the forest saying they were going to chop off his head when he tried to escape they shot him. dead irony is one of. the kept shooting at me and they kept running ahead in the bush for 3 days and 3
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nights i was weak and i lost a lot of blood somebody found me and carried me to a place where boats were rescuing other people from my village that is how i survived. an armed group calling itself al-shabaab with links to eisele is behind this attack in fact they've been wreaking havoc in the region since 2017 their attacks have left at least 2600 people dead and uprooted nearly 700000 people. is one of them he now lives in a camp for internally displaced people is one of several in mozambique daugaard a province thousands of people now have no source of income and rely on humanitarian aid but many of them they have seen directly their relatives being here. either by shooting or vertica potations. many of them they don't know where there are thieves are and they don't know if they are alive and there is no way for
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them to know because they don't have a communication voice is now that you can call by still what are you are still alive so it's just they don't know. another thing is sort of the living conditions like you can see here it's very very small houses where sometimes you have 8 to 10 people living there. a few kilometers down the road there is another even bigger camp this one was set up only a few months ago. the last census carried out by the government in december last year counted nearly 50000 people living in this camp since then attacks in towns and villages have grown in size and frequency humanitarian workers say many more people are now living here as well as an other camp in the problem was. the most recent attack was in parma in march weeks later families are still arriving at reception centers desperately looking for food and shelter some of them could end
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up joining thousands of others already living in camps not sure if it will ever be safe enough for them to go back home. al jazeera out of province mozambique. the united nations security council has given the green light to deploy 60 cease fire monitors to libya is calling on the country's new unity government to prepare for a free fair and inclusive elections in december a diplomatic editor james bays has more now from the united nations. the man who was voted the security council means the united nations can now deploy peace monitors to libya they'll be about 60 of them initially they'll be unarmed and they won't be wearing military uniforms i'm told the 1st of them will go to the capital tripoli to set up their headquarters but the majority will be deployed around certain about was the front line of the conflict until the ceasefire which came into force almost 6 months ago this is a big achievement to the united nations building on top of the national unity
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government they now have in place one of the big problems those still is the withdrawal of foreign forces and foreign mercenaries so that's something that's been demanded by the u.n. security council but i'm told the u.n. monitors won't be involved in this the big goal is at the end of the year when the united nations hopes that libya will have general elections there slated for the 24th of december. the u.s. president and the japanese prime minister say they'll continue to work together to meet challenges posed by china as she day so go was the 1st world leader to visit the white house on the identity ministration summit also focused on technology with both leaders are going to work together on developing 5 g. networks. or perhaps something else that's uniting the japanese american leaders is that countries need for semiconductors the computer chips are tiny but vital for everything in the modern economy problem is there's just not enough of them being
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made of ronald's has more. semiconductors are at the heart of the devices many of us use every day from phones to game console household electronics and medical diagnostics to name just a few but now there are a shortage of the vital silicon chips in my 30 year career i've never seen a. demand exceeding supply to the extent that we have supplies were tight before the pandemic hit but during the global lock downs demand for more networking and more devices has skyrocketed now we're in a multi-year cycle where the demand is really outstripping the supply the crunch is crushing the u.s. auto industry at the beginning of the pandemic demand plummeted and automakers cut back production drastically but they underestimated how quickly demand would rebound when they raced to put in more orders late last year they were turned down
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by chip makers committed to supplying other industries when those orders got cancelled immediately got back filled by other areas of the market that actually stayed very robust recovery things like you know the scenes in person like tronics all these anything work from home starting from home away from home demanded an incredibly resilient so that that immediately got back to the name of the auto guys came up at a back way recently general motors the largest u.s. auto maker announced it would cut production even though demand is high if you look across the board i mean a shot a lot of factories are closed down shots for a lot of their popular crossovers as well and so it's definitely hitting you know hitting the market the u.s. leads the world in semiconductor design but manufacturing is heavily concentrated in taiwan south korea and japan recently president joe biden called for strengthening u.s. manufacturing capacity as a matter of national economic security top administration officials are in recently
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president joe biden called for strengthening u.s. manufacturing capacity. as a matter of national economic security top administration officials are meeting with leading chip manufacturers meantime are reaching out to our allies semiconductor companies and others in the supply chain to rip a production to help us resolve the bomb mix we face now increasing ship capacity will take time and it won't be cheap a single semiconductor plant can cost $20000000000.00 to construct robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. i want to turn to some economic developments china reporting an 18.3 percent leaf in economic growth over the past 3 months it comes a week after the international monetary fund for cost a yearly growth of 8.4 percent for china this year leading the wilds pandemic recovery the us the largest economy will be another powerhouse expanded by a predicted 6.4 percent the i.m.f.
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believes the global economy will surge by 6 percent which would be its foster's pace of growth in 4 decades but as katrina a year reports now from shanghai there are a doubts or concerns about whether the economic growth figures from china a credible. and shanghai's commercial center buses of domestic tourists rub shoulders but office workers and delivery people the city has bounced back from the pandemic something reflected in the latest economic figures china grew by 18.3 percent in the 1st quarter of 2021 the biggest jump since records began in the early 1990 s. there is talk of the us what i would say we expect the economy this year to maintain its current trend of steady strengthening and steady improvement but many say the figure is skewed it comes from a low base of minus 7 percent this time last year a period of lock downs employees during the beginning of the crowd a virus outbreak that created a historic contraction still the chinese government says the recovery has been
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robust led by a strong industrial sector and a jump in demand for exports as corvids spread around the world beijing poured money into infrastructure projects but resisted heavy handed stimulus measures to avoid worsening debt china's response code 19 economically was percentile in between 10 and 30 percent of what was done by the us europe etc so there wasn't this helicopter money but retail spending and domestic consumption continue to lag behind and some analysts say china's economic recovery has been an even and many living in poorer areas are still struggling to get by right now a job security every people working outside of big cities consumption declining so basically the economic recovery right now are concentrated in big cities if you're looking at. areas their economic recovery or. china's
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g.d.p. grew by 2.3 percent in 2020 the only major economy to do so during the pandemic analysts attribute china's relatively fast economic turnaround to its ability to control its coronavirus outbreaks. early and intensive restrictions so normal life in many cities resumed around the middle of last year but china's borders remain closed and uncertainty over when they'll open up again is undermining consumer confidence the chinese government expects more modest levels of growth later this year and has set an overall target of more than 6 percent to 2021 between e.u. al-jazeera shanghai. take you through the headlines this hour now russia has hit back a day after a wave of sanctions imposed by the united states 10 american diplomats have been
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expelled from the country with 8 top officials including the head of the f.b.i. now banned from entering so slap sanctions on 8 individuals.


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