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during. during. the. 0. 000000 money this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes in times of despair. i know our residents will rally together. and help one another make it through the mayor of the u.s. city of indianapolis offers words of comfort so after a gunman killed 8 people at
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a fed ex facility overnight police the still trying to find a motive. sucking body count 1st it reveals yet another u.s. police shooting an officer gunning down a 1st team year old boy. key members from me on malls on to clear movement form an alliance with alsa politicians in want they're calling a national unity government. rights group says facilities in the us mexico border a big push to the limits because many children are showing up and i'm we're hardiman sports vancouver's hockey team is out of action again the canucks play has been delayed indefinitely after more than 20 players tested positive for corona virus. alone welcome we begin in the u.s. city of indianapolis where
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a gunman has killed 8 people and injured several others at a fed ex facility the police haven't identified the attacker who also killed himself it is the latest in a series of mass shootings across the united states the 3rd in the city of indianapolis this year alone survivors who were working in the building describe the traumatic moments the chaotic scenes during the incident. but you give my cell phone lockers away you can't even go to the lockers just the break room we're going to shoot or when it was going on i can't believe it you know i'm going to work just money on a way to bring guns to work why would there be an argument so bad he needed to shoot john hendren is covering the developments from the city of minneapolis john the mayor and the police chief of the city and enough less happened giving a press conference what more if we'd learned about the shooting well police say that they responded to a call for shots fired at the fed ex facility in indianapolis and when they got
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there police say that they saw a number of people wounded outside and those people had wounds consistent with gunshot wounds when they entered the building they say they now understand that the police that the gunman had already killed himself after killing 8 other people and it's reported that 5 other people have gone to the hospital 4 with gunshot wounds one with other and identified wounds. so they are now going through surveillance footage and doing interviews and trying to find out what the motivation was because they say they was no precipitating incident there was an argument or a dispute that they're aware of this is according to police who talked to officials at fed ex the mayor of the town joe hogg's that talked about the grief in that news conference which is still ongoing this is what he had to say. when we are left with this morning is grief grief for the families of those killed and
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grief for the employees who have lost their coworkers and grief for the many americans struggling to understand how tragedies like this continue to occur again and again. gov eric holder come has ordered flags in indiana to be flown at half staff the attorney general of the u.s. merrick garland has been informed of this and inevitably president joe biden will be informed as well this is the 5th mass shooting in the u.s. in as many weeks and despite the fact that the pandemic kept people indoors throughout much of the past year 2020 ended up being the most violent year for gun violence in about 2 decades many thanks dan john hendren let's turn to chicago. a fatal police shooting that of excess 10 year old boy has
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sparked nationwide outrage disturbing bodycount video of the incident has only just been released weeks after the incident it appears to show adam 10 to offices hands raised before being shot by an officer caster has this report. the video you're about to see is incredibly disturbing it's 2 30 am and an officer wearing a body camera arrives at a black and latino neighborhood of chicago a police are valences jim had detected gunshots nearby and the investigating officer runs after a person down an alleyway. 3. children but. that person was a 13 year old adam toledo chicago police had at 1st called this an armed confrontation with the police claiming the boy had been holding a gun the video released 17 days later appears to tell
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a different story as to lead allays crumpled his empty hands still raised in the hands of position fall next to his body with an earth stay with us they waste their way wants us to. start c.p.r. i'm not. at him during his last 2nd of life did not have a gun in his hand. the officer screamed at him show me your hands adam complied turned around his hands were empty when he was shot in the chest at the hands of the officer. it had taken intense public pressure to convince chicago police to release the video toledo's mother had spoken to her son in early april. but not. good students. are up in the air i don't know what next. the civilian office of police accountability is investigating
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and the officer identified as eric stillman and obviously shaken immediately after the shooting is now on administrative duties the chicago police department was cited by the u.s. justice department in 2017 for civil rights violations. aimed at minorities and a white officer who shot a black man 16 times and 2014 was convicted of murder we live in a city that is traumatized by a long history of police violence and misconduct so while we don't have enough information to be the judge and jury of this particular situation it is certainly understandable why so many of our residents are feeling an all too familiar surge of outrage and pain chicago's mayor and the toledo family have issued a joint call for calm in the city acknowledging the painful footage will elicit an emotional response from all who view it the last moments of
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a 13 year old who according to his mother had dreamed of becoming a police officer himself now dead at the hands of one. castro al-jazeera. and in minnesota a former police officer who killed a black motorist has been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter dante writes was so soft he was stopped for minor traffic violation al-jazeera spoke to a witness who says police did not give an immediate medical care. reports from brooklyn minnesota. brooklyn center police have only released a few seconds of body count footage from just one of the officers involved in the shooting of 20 year old dante write the criminal complaint against officer kim says she fired one round into the left side of the victim the victim then stated that he shot me and the vehicle sped away for a short distance before crashing into another vehicle and coming to a stop the victim was pronounced dead at the scene off to medical intervention was
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unsuccessful. carolyn hanson lives opposite the crime scene she rushed out of the house when she heard what was happening and she was quoted in media accounts discussing the oft amount for example in this article in the minneapolis star tribune carolyn hansen said she saw offices pulling out of a car and perform c.p.r. a passenger who got out of the vehicle was covered in blood she said. hands and told al jazeera that she was misquoted she alleges that the official account does not report that a significant amount of time passed between the call coming to arrest and dante wright being given any medical care. for minutes before. they got her out of you. right away if. you shot him. in a why is it your number one priority. and. why are you doing hanson
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began filming minutes after she arrived you can see rights white car between the police vehicles no one is attempting to help right she says only a minute and a half off the she began filming right being given c.p.r. having been pulled from his car hanson also says office a post did not immediately attend to right off to having shot him only to back up anything down that 1st person they're dragging part. i think she could she do it because she made that mistake if he was a mistake then that's what she would done the lawyer for rights family says this is another argument for more transparency from the police this proves we need to see all the body cam video from all the offices to see if the police officer has rendered ada mediately for dante right that could a possibly saved his life we also brooklyn sent to police to speak to us but
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they've yet to respond on main question why does it appear it took so long for them to give dante right any medical assistance she had her times the al-jazeera brooklyn santa. well as we saw and she holmes reports attorney ben crump is representing dawn tehran's family and at a press conference on thursday he encouraged people to keep protesting and push for an overhaul to the system the only question that we have before us today is we're dante right name join that list of black people in america who have been and just we care about a police who did not have the police held accountable so we're making progress and i want to encourage those protesters those young people
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those activists that you are making a difference in minneapolis minnesota right here and now is ground 0 for that change. and here's why those calls for racial justice same ever more urgent african-americans have been disproportionately affected by police violence last year more than a quarter of people killed by police were black that is according to the data project mapping police violence their figures reveal how black people are 3 times more likely to be killed by police than whites offices are held to account in only a few cases between 2002028 more than 98 percent of killings by police did not lead to an officer being charged with a crime let's go to ronald sullivan he's professor of law and the director of the criminal justice in st harvard law school he joins us now from newton in
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massachusetts many thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera george floyd's death sparked a massive movement against police brutality in the u.s. essentially the black lives movement went mainstream but what is actually changed in terms of police accountability since then well certainly not enough all of the activity in the action and the passion in the march ing in the protesting that occurred over last summer has to give way to affirmative legislation that changes the way in which police do their work particularly in neighborhoods of color. a lot is in the offing we have an example in buffalo new york of the passage of curios warmer curial horn an officer who intervened and saved the life of someone in a in a choke hold by another officer so we need legislation mike that in all 50 states
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that helps to to curb some of the violence that black and brown communities in the u.s. are experiencing what about this idea of defunding the police which gained some popularity how successful has that been. what that is gaining some success as well defunding the police is a term that has a fairly broad meaning but most minute to redirect some not all some of the funds in police departments to programs that that aid misery in some of these communities that are crime ridden so it's not told but although the the term is defund the police it doesn't mean take all the money away from the police rather it means that some of those ferns can be used for prevention as opposed to you know after the fact law enforcement the old saying you know an ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure it is apropos so you have things
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like midnight basketball venue's that give young people space to to blow off steam and engage in constructive activities these are the sorts of things social work job training educational opportunity if we put more money in those sorts of things and we'll see less criminality around the states we've seen another uptick in protests after the don't have right shooting and now of course the release of this body can that have a shooting of 13 your adam to later i wonder how much impact do you these massive waves of protests have on politicians and the police. i think tremendous that it really raises the awareness of what's going on and as you mentioned in your opening of these these protests are multi racial and multi generational the power of these cell phones is that people from all walks of life are able to see what we
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as black folk have been experiencing for ages now and i see it with their own eyes in their mind it people say this cannot be so these last 2 killings have just resulted in an existential the tea these communities are just tired you want to be able to to go to a grocery store or buy some skittles or or wear a hoodie or jog in your neighborhood without with dying in if that's not too much to ask so these protests are appropriate and they're going to they're going to last and it does put pressure on politicians to go and make some real changes so that the united states can actually achieve the ideals of its democracy you did say though that not enough has changed what is stopping that change from happening at the rate that it's happening. the biggest impediment to my estimation are
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police unions these police unions justify even the most heinous reprehensible acts of their members and they get in the way of legislation they lobby against it these these police unions have to be reined in and there are many many good police officers out there and it's a horrible use of their resources to engage in the sort of rhetoric that they do in defense of the bad apples 2nd thing politicians have to be courageous they have to be courageous and begin to implement legislation that actually makes a difference a lot of politicians like to keep everything level the status quo we're in a in an emergency situation right now and we have we have to be creative and come
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up with a lot of solutions what we know is that policing in the way that we do it doesn't work we know that drawing people in cages for a long periods of time for nonviolent infractions do not work so we need to get things like community policing back police need to live in or near the communities in which today police we need to decriminalize a whole host of infractions and make them civil violations as opposed to criminal violations and we need to rethink the collateral consequences attendant to criminal violations or convictions which stop people from getting housing and going to college there's a larger list of things that we can do that we know will work but we need the political will to make it happen runaway to get to get your thoughts on this ronald sullivan professor of law and the director of the criminal justice institute at harvard law school. thank you much plenty more ahead on the news hour
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including hong kong's prominent pro-democracy figures sentence for their role in anti-government protests back in 2019. 62 years after the revolution began the last keep as castro brothers get ready to formally step aside. and it's all the united have given themselves another chance of ending their losing run in the semifinals. politicians opposed to military formed a national unity government and includes ousted members of the parliament young leaders of the protests an ethnic minorities the animal has been gripped by a political turmoil and bloodshed since the military deposed elected leaders in a coup in february security forces have killed more than 700 people since then.
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an organization that has opposed the takeover by myanmar's military on february 1st have announced the formation of a national unity government a body that will work to remove military control and restore democracy it will operate inside and out of the country. the leaders have been named including elected members of parliament ousted by the coup and who protest leaders and members of ethnic minorities they feel they have a better chance of being recognized as the real leaders of the country and not those heading the junk so no you give me a very good chance he has no good need to be of cause don't be some change the. venue to mind the to go moment. the announcement won't change much for the protesters nor is it expected to change the posture of violent crackdown by myanmar security forces but some say
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it's aimed at building legitimacy for those opposing the junk i think that it's entirely possible that this will play an important role someone to talk to for the international community as someone that can speak to international forums and can represent the protesters and the people of myanmar as they continue their tug of war against a military that seems determined to shoot people down in the streets he went on to say that the new government could serve as a connection to the leadership being held by the joint including deposed civilian leader on song suchi and what's new in this national unity government a broad ethnic representation of the many different groups within myanmar some have ethnic minority forces that control their semiautonomous areas and the leaders of the new body say they intend to team up with them to form a federal army scott heiler al-jazeera. hong kong's 9 most prominent pro-democracy activists have been sentenced for taking part in anti-government protests in 2019
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among them as veteran campaign a martin lee who helped launch the city's largest opposition party in the 1990 s. and media tycoon jimmy lay friday's court proceedings mark another blow to hong kong's pro-democracy movement which is an increasing pressure from china asian brown reports. what do you think it's a phone call martin lee helped found hong kong's pro-democracy movement and co-wrote the city's mini constitution which is why he's often called the father of hong kong's democracy now $82.00 the lawyer arrived at court saying whatever happens i can take it in his case an 11 month sentence suspended for 24 months lead chuckie run arrives ready for jail referencing the words of a familiar anthem for troubled times you will never walk alone ever work together for a 3rd even though we were there for you know he
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was jailed for 12 months jimmy lie the founder of hong kong's most popular newspaper was jailed for 14 months his legal journey has barely begun. jimmy lie is already in jail having been denied bail after being charged under the new national security law on friday police late additional charges against him including another under that law if convicted he faces the prospect of the rest of his life in jail the 9 activists were convicted of organizing and taking part in the larger unauthorized but peaceful protest in august 2019 that took place in turin chill rain they're veterans of a campaign for political reform that began almost 40 years ago when hong kong was still a british colony and the. ocracy was limited china's recent overhaul of the political
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system means that campaign seems to be back where it began emily lau is a rarity in today's hong kong an opposition figure who hasn't been arrested yet so maybe our next who knows but i think people just have to stand up and speak up for what they believe in and as the judge said take the consequences but the game is not over the fight will go on in a peaceful and nonviolent way. the sentences come amid a stepped up propaganda campaign to promote patriotic education lessons on safeguarding national security and now part of the curriculum another sign of how china is remaking this city in its image a dream brown al-jazeera on call. thousands of children making the perilous journey to the united states are being held in mexican shelters with some living without any basic necessities the charity save the children says
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a number of them are traveling on their own and some shelters about 15 percent of people are showing symptoms of covert 19 u.s. government figures show more than 34000 unaccompanied children why identified at the border with mexico between january and march of this year. john heilemann our correspondent who is live in mexico city so john why is this search happening. it's a general migration surge as you mentioned there's a company children the surgeon within it but let's talk about the push factors going out from central america there are already these countries guatemala el salvador honduras in a bad way home daughter some especially is the 2nd poorest country in the western hemisphere but late last year 2 back to back storms really pole variety especially honduras and guatemala so that's another factor there the pandemic over 19 hasn't
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helped those countries and help people that are already teetering on the brink in terms of poverty so that's what pushing many people out now in terms of especially the surge of unaccompanied minors children that are turning up on the u.s. border it's been suggested that at least in part this is due to a policy change under president biden's of ministration that says that basically unaccompanied minors will immediately be expelled of the country as soon as they get back in there will be sent back to mexico they'll be left there in the country to be able to pursue. their asylum case in the united states now that's been cited as one of the reasons that people are sending their children or bringing their children if their parents were ready in the united states to try and cross over and of course as these children pass through mexico they're passing a country that we as a team have gone through these stages with migrants many times and it's a country that's riddled with organized crime demanding kidnapping or demanding
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extortion money for migrants and controlling swathes of trade through where at times as corrupt officials where the shelters as you mentioned are close to overflowing so this is a really really perilous trip especially for children and they specially on their own. and what what the government's country mexico and the u.s. said about this issue what are they going to do about it. well i think in the immediate sort of future what president biden and his administration are saying is that they're establishing emergency shelters because the ones they have are of the credit for these children that they're also establishing processing centers to try to get them through the bureaucracy in the red tape in terms of mexico where we are president lopez obrador has also talked about this he said he's going to be going to the southern border him his start this as a human rights star problem in which human sperm people smugglers are taking advantage
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of these people to try and get them through to the united states now one of the thing that the u.s. said that it's agreed with the central american countries and also with mexico is a military crackdown a crackdown of troops story on people smuggling now the way that that's translated every single time this is happened before and this is happened not just under this administration but under president trump and president obama before her is that that's meant that there's been a lot of troops on mexico's southern border and the attempt to stop people from getting through even before they reach the united states with all the human rights problems that go with many thanks for that update don homan speaking to us live there from mexico city japanese prime minister. is in washington to meet u.s. president joe biden and biden's 1st face to face meeting with the foreign leaders since taking office by didn't see the expected to discuss china's expanding
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economic and military power in the in the pacific region beijing has warned the u.s. and japan about what it described as negative moves and collusion against china let's go to our correspondent mike hanna who is live outside the white house so this is quite significant the japanese pm is actually the 1st foreign leader to visit the biden white house that's what is the importance of that. well it's a very important detail indeed because what it does is emphasizes what has been a very clear tilt by the biden administration in foreign policy switching it towards asia focusing very strongly on asia and in particular focusing on china the fact that the japanese prime minister is the 1st leader to meet face to face with president biden in the white house is a more than a gesture it's a strong signal from the united states to china but also to the world that its
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foreign policy initiative initiative is now centering on age so china is going to be the major subject of discussion there will be other issues that will come up you know to be for example something like semiconductors there's been a massive shortage of them they will be discussing ways in which to ease this particular shortage obviously coronavirus is another issue that will be discussed in terms of how japan and the u.s. can work together in terms of combating the ongoing pandemic but significantly and probably most importantly is the fact that japan is now central in terms of u.s. foreign policy with regards to china and it's an uncomfortable position for japan its imports are some 22 percent of its exports go to china the u.s. that figures only some 8 percent so japan has a lot more to lose in terms of trade with china should there be some form of retaliation but there's a significant meeting not least for the fact that it signals a new u.s.
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foreign policy tilt many thanks for that mike hanna speaking to us than life and the white house. so ahead on al-jazeera. the dramatic recovery survivors of kevin 19 and from best stories of the fight against the virus. pakistan banned social media day all to france advises its citizens to leave. and it's quarter past the gulf and why there will be here with that story. hello there things are looking relatively quiet and calm across much of the middle east we will see some isolated showers across central parts of saudi arabia they may affect riyadh but temperatures here where we expect them for this time of year
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edging up into the early thirty's $32.00 in riyadh $35.00 in doha there is the wind kicking in and that's going to bring some dusty skies as well with some hazy sunshine for parts of qatar and the u.a.e. also saudi arabia but it's as we head up north to the levant that things are really heating up temperatures in jerusalem edging up as we get into sunday to record levels near record levels 34 degrees there in jerusalem and for iraq it's a similar story for look at baghdad by his time we get to monday will be peaking up into the early forty's so plenty of warm weather around here and it's a similar story in the north of africa things are heating up there awesome storms expected across the ethiopian rift valley affecting parts of somalia as well but much of the rain is in that central band of africa getting particularly heavy on sunday in the western areas of democratic republic of congo for much of the sunshine will have to head further south.
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the climate has changed every year for millions of years decades of told but little action it's all about creating. the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was a main bankroller or opposition to climate action the campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing. it was fears of the same absolutely. 0. vaccines a promising paul thought of the pandemic but implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geopolitics to the pure economics the misinformation the
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latest developments what's going on here is very different 1st comes in the form of the nasal spray special coverage of the corona virus pandemic. the. watching out is there a mind to our top stories this hour police in the u.s. to save indianapolis say it's still premature to establish a motive behind thursday's mass shooting the gunman killed 8 people and injured several others at a fed ex facility who killed himself has not been identified. u.s. officials have released body count video of a chicago police officer fatally shooting a fast teen year old boy last adam toledo appeared to raise his hands just before
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shots were fired. members of me at mons outside political parties ethnic leaders an antique the protesters have formed a national unity government they say it's aimed at restoring democracy off to the military overthrew the elected government in a coup in february. the head of russia's foreign intelligence service says new u.s. sanctions against the kremlin are poorly considered and will erode international stability washington has imposed a broad array of sanctions in response to what it says is moscow's election meddling and cyber attacks where the kremlin's denied all the accusations and says a response is inevitable but didn't specify when u.s. president joe biden says dialogue is still possible now is the time to deescalate the way forward for the right of. the u.s.
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is to continue constructively to move sure that process. my bottom line is this regime interesting united states to work with russian we should and we will russia seeks to violate interest united states we will respond but its mess has more on the story from moscow. russia's president appears to be in no hurry to announce what measures he will take if any to counter the sanctions imposed by the u.s. on russia on the expulsion of 10 russian diplomats from washington d.c. kremlin spokesman dmitri peskov says any concrete steps will depend on a decision by putin he also says that the sanctions imposed on russia won't affect russia's domestic economy but he welcomes comments from president biden both leaders see eye to eye on the need to deescalate tensions between russia and the
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u.s. the u.s. has a long list of complaints against russian activities alleges interference into u.s. presidential elections widespread cyber hacking the occupation of ukraine jailing of alexei navalny the opposition a politician over what the americans call nefarious activities the russians of course deny allegations that their meddling in america facts. while the russians had said some sort of response was inevitable i think we have that response we've just heard from russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov he says that he will ask 10 u.s. diplomats to leave russia so that news just coming in. by the foreign minister the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov saying he will ask 10 u.s. diplomats to leave russia. more than 100000
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people have now died of covert 19 in france and millions have been infected since the pandemic began for those who recovered the battle against the virus was hard times traumatic there are accusations that the government could have done more to stop the outbreak from getting worse natasha report from paris. a do better he spent 2 months in a coma in a paris hospital last year off to contract in covert 19 doctors told his family there was a chance he wouldn't live his recovery took weeks video of the day he returned home after his ordeal shows him looking days and fragile. new a levy i came back to life when i was totally weak and i was discouraged to fall asleep because i thought if i want to sleep i will die and i couldn't let that happen it was a battle i had to fight to leave it to barito he survived but many have not
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french health officials say more than 100000 people have died of covert 19 since the start of the pandemic more than a year ago among them health worker patrick grassi his daughter says he died alone at home on your korean people need to understand that their think over times is extremely violent because you can't see your loved one you can't hold their hand or say goodbye in a tweet the french president said that the victims would not be forgotten also with their families their loved ones for children that have lost a parent or grandparent for bereaved siblings and friendships cut short the fact that 100000 people have died of covert 19 is a sad and grim milestone for france particularly for those who have lost loved ones and it comes at a time when the country is still battling a 3rd wave. i don't last little near paris this doctor says there's some deaths could have been prevented if the french government had imposed tighter restrictions
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and unfortunately. the french government has decided to try to live with the virus and to let the virus circulating circulating within the population and definitely that strategy is at least partly responsible for the promise of many deaths the government has exonerated is vaccine roll out and did move to a partial lockdown off to resisting calls for weeks to do so it says it will lift some of those restrictions in mid may some health workers say that would be too soon it will bear to agrees he says it's important for him to share his experience and raise awareness about the dangers of cove it his way he says of honoring those who didn't make it natasha butler i'll just sirrah paris. nearly 9000 new cases of kevin 1000 happened reported in the netherlands over the past 24 hours it is the
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biggest increase in infection since january i missed that marker to has warned that it's too soon for restrictions to be eased the government is expected to decide whether to extend current lockdown measures at a cabinet meeting next week. the president of the philippines is warning that the worst is yet to come in the pandemic or drink or detect a says it's uncertain when enough vaccines will be available for everyone almost a 1000000 people in the philippines and known to have been infected since the pandemic began 16000 people have died. china the world's 2nd largest economy has recovered at a record pace compared to last year when the pandemic hit the country hard economy grew by 18.3 percent during the 1st quarter of this year this is compared to the same period in 2020 the rebound is mostly driven by exports and growing domestic consumption iran says it has successfully enrich uranium to 60
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percent far beyond the limits set under the terms of the 2050 nuclear deal and it comes a day off to more talks were held in vienna aimed at reviving that accord discussions have progress but were affected by an attack on iran's main nuclear facility last sunday u.s. president joe biden says he wants to rejoin the agreement but iran must return to the limits set by that deal to iran once u.s. sanctions lifted. it's the end of an era in cuba often namely 6 decades cubans will finally have a leader who is not a castro or raul castro the brother of the late for del castro is stepping down the leadership of the all powerful communist party is possible to a younger generation but little else is likely to change as our last american had to solicit reports now. his seuss navarro and his wife haven't missed an episode
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of the series conquering a dream a special state t.v. production about the cuban communist party. it's part of the lead up to the end of the castro era window castro renounce is his last and most powerful position for a moment by the secretary general of the only party that has ruled cuba for nearly 6 decades that means that about his entire life a castro has been in charge. if you see it would be hard to watch raul leave but will have to accept that. unlike his older brother fidel castro has been a family man what gregg arius he and his wife huma spin joined fidel castro to overthrow cuba's former dictatorship he always took a back seat to his brother but for half a century he controlled the military he was vice president and number 2 in the communist party. when fidel castro fell ill in 2006 it was finally the old castro
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turn to run the country he quickly lifted knows some practices such as the prohibition for cubans to buy or sell property or a car or even stay at hotels and resorts for foreigners he introduced timid economic reforms to allow ordinary citizens to run small businesses. he oversaw the renewal of diplomatic ties with the united states and a historic visit by president barack obama in 2016 but what he did not change was his commitment to the cause. his party has total control. they didn't elect me as president to restore capitalism in cuba or to surrender the revolution i was elected to defend maintain and continue perfecting socialism not to destroy it for more than half a century the same so-called historic generation with cloth with their own and fidel castro in the insurrection has held the most important positions in the party . but 5 years ago at the age of 85 gallon castro announced that he and the rest
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would step down the same problem at the next communist party congress. believe they will be the judge of the lore of life in the 7th congress will be the last one held by this is storage generation but he is handing over the baton during an acute economic crisis brought on by the pandemic and more severe u.s. economic sanctions and while these billboards appeal to cubans to resist my. goodness now more open dissent than ever. he's hinted he'll retire and return to eastern cuba where he was born and where fidel castro is buried to spend the rest of his days in the countryside but many don't believe that he's going to be like a guy you know and a spiritual guy but in the end he is going to be. controlled in every sin like like old. almost 5 years after fidel castro died the last remaining
6:46 pm
castro brother is stepping down whether he remains in the communist party in a lesser capacity or as an elder statesman it's unlikely to mean the end of 89 year old castro's influence at least in the immediate future. well we can talk to lizzie in newman who is live in chile capital santiago this is indeed a historic moment who is going to replace castro and how popular. well let me just say that would be if there is going to be no surprises there will be a party congress finally convenes in a few more hours it's going to be me guess b.s. kind man who is the man who was chosen by then president raul castro as his successor in the presidency and he's been already in it for about 5 years in
6:47 pm
that position so he's now going to also have the double role of being the president of the country as well as the secretary general of the communist party how popular is he that's very very difficult to gauge in a place like cuba because raul castro has still been there so people only looked at took the top man. on the other hand is seen as someone who has a different name but castro but he does basically the bidding if you like of raul castro what will he do one is on one is on his own that is really the key question here and we really don't know some people like him but he is he doesn't seem to have what many cubans say the moral authority of having been one of the leaders the original leaders of the revolution so he's going to have a very tough time indeed and indeed he takes a job with cuba facing a lot of challenges can you talk through some of.
6:48 pm
well as i was mentioning earlier the kami has not been in such dire straits since the collapse of the soviet union back in the 1990 and that is what the cubans called the special period when people were literally starving to death many people went blind because of lack of vitamin c. it was temporary blind this in most cases but it was a terrible period that all remember with horror even those who didn't even live through it so many people are telling me that they're getting closer and closer to a repetition of the special period and they don't see a way out of it there's no longer a soviet union there's no venezuela is ideologically an ally of cuba but it doesn't have the money anymore to prop up the economy and then we still have these intense or intensified a good army sanctions that were imposed under the trump administration which have not been removed under the current president so all those things plus growing
6:49 pm
rumblings and demands for more freedom especially could not make freedom in cuba are the things that the communist party are going to have to deal with so it's not just a matter of changing names and tapping in to see how they can solve the day to day problems of the cuban people many thanks for that listen human speaking to us from santiago. the u.n. refugee agency says it's concerned about 65000 people who fled their homes in northeast nigeria this week have been driven away by a series of attacks by armed groups in the town of domestic in borno state at least 8 people were killed during the raids the agency has suspended operations in the area after attackers looted and burned homes warehouses containing humanitarian aid were also looted as well as one of its offices a clinic. australia's federal court has found that google missile consumers about personal data collected the case involve settings in android smartphones google was
6:50 pm
found to have misrepresented what options were necessary for people's data not to be collected john says it may appeal australia's consumer watchdog brought the case and says it's an important victory take companies particularly those providing services for free are in the interest in the business is the business they are in is to collect as much data from you as possible therefore there's always that incentive to not perhaps be upfront with you in terms of walked out of they are collecting in case you object to it and they therefore have less stock and they therefore might less money. still ahead on al-jazeera in sports more problems for the bank a vacuum knicks hockey team escape in 1970 on the ice. for
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
the all. the times the sport now has their thank you myleene the vancouver canucks hockey team have been hit with more pandemic problems they return to play has been delayed yet again after more than 20 players tested positive with coronavirus any richardson reports not breaking as the chants told its. this was the last time the vancouver canucks played a game he was sure she could get. a fine one loss against the winnipeg jets on march the 24th and since then the team has been hit by a widespread outbreak has 19 at least 21 play as full members of the coaching staff
6:53 pm
tested positive for the virus and this is the biggest outbreak not just in the n.h.l. this season but in all of north american professional sports since the pandemic began you know the additional thing that's made this outbreak complicated is that it's widely presumed to be the p one variant which is obviously running you know rampant in terms of its community spread in the bank over community and we're talking about a majority of the players who are on the ice for sessions on ice sessions on tuesday march 30th and wednesday march 31st majority of players and coaches who are competing on the ice in unmasked athletic activity contracted the virus. the canucks hopping due to return to action against the edmonton oilers on friday but the national hockey league decided to cool the game off that decision came after comments made by one of the few canucks players not to have tested positive
6:54 pm
of a very competitive guy when i really want to win and that's you know today it's nothing better but at the same time this is not the new. house i beat a dead horse for santa sometimes but throughout the health and safety of our players and our players families and their children obviously this game is important a lot of players go and you know your family comes 1st so you guys are dealing with it it's. it's scary i mean i i know a guy over there and it's him and his family have went through it so it's it's it's something can't take lightly. the canucks say they need time to get their players back on the road and on the ice but sometimes what this team doesn't have if that's a play the 19 games left in this season and the richardson al-jazeera. world 100 meter champion christian coleman will miss the tokyo games due to a doping ban coleman had taken his appeal against
6:55 pm
a 2 year suspension to the court of arbitration for sport the court did reduce the penalty by 6 months but the american will still miss the olympics the 25 year old was banned for missing 3 drug tests. britain's dan evans has followed up his shock win over novak djokovic with another victory evans beat the world number one in straight sets on thursday and now the unseated player has won his quarter final against belgium's david goffin in 3 sets he'll face a fine us that's a pass in the semifinals. so i'm tried of of how i can but today especially with the new the. concentration was it wasn't right and i'm really happy with clinic 3 because you know when and yes they would have been you know so it was with a bad performance today so it's a pass had a much easier passage into the last for his opponent the vid of it for keane a quick midway through the match with an injury it's the 1st time the greek player has reached the semis in monte carlo. manchester united have given themselves
6:56 pm
another chance to end their losing run in the cup semifinals a 4 nil aggregate when over spanish side granada has moved united into the last 4 of the year up a leak during his time as manager ole gunnar sol shire has led the team to 4 previous semifinals united have lost all of them. we relish the chance again to go to a final i think the. determination. to never play is that we want to go one 3rd the disappointment of the defeats that we've had they give us the motivation to go one step further and hopefully and and the season on the high united will next face roma while villareal take on arsenal arsenal forward pierre emerick a bombing missed their win against slavia prague he's just come out of hospital after catching malaria while on international duty with gabon he's completely fine
6:57 pm
at the moment he had 2 days in hospital to get the right treatment but he is feeling good no and feeling good. will be back training soon but going so well see how he recovers i think he will need a few days to recover from that but he wants to be back as soon as possible does what he said to me 6 time moto g.p. world champion mark marquez is making his 1st term from injury marquez is out on the track for friday's practice sessions ahead of sunday's portuguese grand prix the spaniard fractured his arm during last season's opening race and did not compete all year. and take a look at this shot by a south korean golfer amy yang yang pulling off a hole in one at the lodge a championship in hawaii it helps move her to 7 under par at the halfway stage in the tournament but she's still 9 shots behind overall leader of the philippines. all right that's it for me to direct i'm only in thanks larry i'm not set for me.
6:58 pm
but this news hour i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news stay with us. a stall strike through the top a top in the would be voted to the working class of his hometown and it's close. to pulling legend and it comes in no introduces destry on the lakotah a one of a kind seek to stop. the 2 doored by his funds for his socialist values
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as his money goes against italy's footballing elite football rebels on disease. i'm a lack of oz in the south of india to find out how a tiny box in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a standstill coronavirus how he wept across the world with devastating of plastic and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade here in vietnam we did that a rescue center for some of the world's most threatened animals and joined the call for an end to the global wildlife very early on al-jazeera. planet earth a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an x. the stench of threat you don't get a reset button that's to throw a scare in the lead up to us to al-jazeera run special coverage documentaries discussion center pools exploring the consequences of our actions and inactions
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very hard news a bar a few all civilization yet i'm showcasing ways in which so much seeking to turn the talk this straight ahead there is 3 individuals in very rare to see that it's really exciting a season of programming exploring the china curse ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. russia hits back at the u.s. working upwards how to trade sanctions on expelling american diplomats. and they are again on money inside egypt this is out of their life and also coming up police try to work out a gunman's motive after the latest in a spate of u.s. mass shootings. key members from mammals and take a movement form an alliance with alice.


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