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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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sunny as we expect for this time of year 32 degrees and have an a 32 in kingston and mexico is seeing a lot of that warmer weather as well with temperatures rather high across the yucatan peninsula and looking rather fine in mild. qatar airways. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the get this is that he was a live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes keep members of bad laws and movements form an alliance with ours to politicians and what they're calling a national unity government. pro-democracy media tycoon jimmy lie as one of mine people sentenced in hong kong for their roles in 29 teens antigovernment protests
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police. stuff like. shocking body count footage reveals yet another u.s. police shooting officer gunning down a 13 year old boy. and 62 years after the revolution began the last of cuba's castro brothers it's ready to formally step aside for the next generation. and i'm lee harvey in sport hockey's crisis team hits more problems the vancouver canucks return to action has been delayed indefinitely after more than 20 players tested positive for corona virus. groups opposed to may have lost military join to have joined forces to form a national unity government outside the country as part of the ongoing resistance to military rule think clude ousted members of parliament ethnic leaders and protest figures hundreds of civilian demonstrators have been killed since the coup
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at the start of february the unity government is promising to and people's suffering scott hypes reports now from bangkok. what it means actually on the ground probably not that much different quite honestly they're still going to face this intensified crackdown by the security forces on the streets across myanmar as they go out so that won't change but what they're hoping to do this new government this new unity government including leaders from ethnic groups they are looking for recognition a little bit more to it is that what they're trying to do is really participate in the dialogue that everyone is hoping will eventually come everyone in the region everyone fighting against the giant inside myanmar and that is hopefully through the un hopefully through some regional bodies where there will be some type of dialogue to try to find a political solution so what this unity government is trying to do in their effort now as they've officially named officers in this in this unity government and that
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officials in this unity government and that is they want a seat at that table they want to participate if the judge to send a representative if there are other representatives from other nations it's a tall order that this will actually be recognized as a government of myanmar any time soon but what it does do is it pushes forward this organization this this government in exile if you will even though some of the members are still in myanmar it pushes that forward so they can have a seat at that table so they can speak with a more unified voice those who oppose the jones and who working against the giants inside myanmar. is the union minister of international cooperation and spokesman for the national unity government he joins us now live via skype from an undisclosed location good to have you with us so what is your government aiming to achieve and how will it gain legitimacy internationally and with the people of myanmar we have to add.
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these buttons now. 715 people of myanmar have been killed but these of the less military generous these. against the people of myanmar. crimean those activities military operation against the people of myanmar has to end now so we form these national unity government that is the clooney of all ethnic nationalities our president acting president will be catchin our prime minister is for careens and the tears from different part of the country we came together are to file to end these military dictatorship and to have the war the power back to the people of myanmar has but how are you going to do that and how are you going to gain legitimacy with
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the international community international common in demarches chose be turned evil and good be turned him across the end it to us if our government we farm is elected by the people of myanmar for the people of myanmar through democratic process of a free and fair election of 2 and dean 20 dead means that it's not in our community which are free and fair and democratic has there is possibility to quickly and immediately accept a gaga nice and stuff all these nuts in a unity government this is the only legit the meat body in a comfortable myanmar is the only democratic body in a culture of myanmar is the only legal body is the only body don't have the mid of the people of myanmar and she said you've tried to be as inclusive as possible with the makeup of this government what's been the response to your proposals from me on
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most various ethnic groups where we formed this national unity government. secret society organizations all around the country included. arms organizations were included and what if it got parties where include it. most importantly elected member of parliament in the elections were included so does the 4 main stakeholders are included there and is a very important these now see no unity government is a big open eyes but international community as it is beautiful but now it's by the people of myanmar do you see the various ethnic armed factions in myanmar taking on the military in the name of this new unity government as in will your government have an exile a government in exile have a military wing would it be taking on the military in armed conflict.
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phosphor let me clarify that a bit on exercise i will presidents acting president will be inside a country album the prime minister will be sign a contrary and 70 percent of all will cabinet minister will be inside the country therefore it is inside the country we had a government there will be working inside the country so it's a very important that it's not a call as exile government is the government inside only functioning of call it is ethnic arms organizations that have be farm for several decades they have be fighting for the freedom and defend their democracy of myanmar so 'd bettys we dust in the same aides we all be fighting for ouattara on ground that is for then their democratic union of myanmar the freedom of myanmar and of justice for myanmar and then everybody would have to have
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a future without me that i get into sleep so we vow for all mab one is it out the gate not many that he take to us if we are from whom up to isa new leaf occasion of 2000 acres dushan remember 3 fawzi is to build send the democratic union of myanmar at home for east to to build imagines of people its government so until we achieve those 4 object even populaces we were not asked and i ask again sir are you prepared to use all means in order to do that the question is that decent if the hours of innocence has been fighting for the of freedom for the last several decades so when i say we are together then me your fight for of freedom and just these democratic union of myanmar.
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many thanks indeed for being with a stop to suss out that. thank you very much. 9 pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been sentenced for taking part in antigovernment protests in 2019 among them is veteran campaigner martin lee who was given a suspended sentence of 11 months while media tycoon jimmy lie was sentenced to 12 months in this case and more on a separate matter $29.00 teams mass protests were in opposition to a bill that would have allowed criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland china it was shelved adrian brown reports now from outside the court. 4 received suspended sentences but 5 others have been jailed for terms rating from 8 to 18 months and at the moment actually they're chanting some of the slogans you heard during those protests in 2019 that technically of course break the new national security law at the moment the police are standing back they haven't moved
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in yet but i would imagine if the supporters carry on chanting their way they are the police may well be forced to take action but the real story today has i think been what happened to jimmy lie he has been jailed for 12 months but then he received an additional 2 months for taking part in a protest in july the main protest the focus of today's sentencing happened of course in august and we've also learned today that jimmy lie is going to face additional charges under the new national security law remember he's already in jail having been arrested under that legislation now he's going to be charged once more so he faces 3 charges under the new national security law which means of course that he's if convicted going to spend very likely the rest of his life in jail here with the news out from al-jazeera still to come on the program. the attack on hama began on the 24th of march he later some families have fled the
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violence i still trying to reclaim areas i'm outta me tossed in northern lights and heat i'll be telling you family still. capturing and unprecedented here the images that won the hearts of the judges this year's world press photo competition. in sport by just a niceness should give themselves another chance of ending them losing what they call satisfy. the u.n. refugee agency says that it's deeply. about 65000 people who fled homes in northeastern nigeria this week they've been driven away by a series of attacks by armed groups in the town of dhamma sock in borno state at least 8 people were killed the u.n.h.c.r. suspended operations in the area after attackers looted and burned homes one of its offices aid warehouses and
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a clinic for more let's speak with al-jazeera as i would address who joins us from where have all these people gone it. well they've crossed the border in tunisia according to the reports we have identified states close to the niger and egypt border and by the way because of the last time around has attacked this town it's important for them it would provide strategic importance in terms of their walk back against the nigerian state as well as in egypt in government because this is a strategic location that they can easily move and run across the border whichever way trouble comes so dumb as that base is the latest attack is of course the good in a series of attacks in about 10 days now with the information the latest information we're hearing from democratic the governor of borno state who visit to the air today has confirmed that more aid at least 18 people have been killed and 21 enjoy it now has been occupied was occupied by
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a book i'm before until 2016 when the nigerian military in collaboration with regional forces under the multinational joint task force cheesed out book or out of that area and reoccupied almost as well as many other local governments that what previously and what arms occupation but now what we see now is a conflict that has developed since 20162016 there was normal state for west africa probably as i swap now islamic state for west africa probably is back in the northeast of the country and in the general area so we've seen some kind of changes in terms of the warfare these attacks continue and we are likely going to see more of these attacks because but what i'm specifically to is ramadan what can time get a lot of what was in a mosque or by the praying or listening to some once during the month of ramadan i was desirous of address reporting live from many thanks on that. the un's world
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food program says that almost a 1000000 people are facing severe hunger in northern mozambique barely 700000 have been displaced by fighting between government forces and armed groups linked to i saw about 2600 people have died since the conflict began 4 years ago or is it was horrible tarsa as our report from a camp in kabul daugaard a province. these 3 months ago dragged him into the forest saying they were going to chop off his head when he tried to escape they shot him. they kept shooting at me and they kept running i hid in the bush for 3 days and 3 nights i was weak and i lost a lot of blood somebody found me and carried me to a place where what's weird is killing other people from my village that is how i survived.
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an armed group calling itself al-shabaab with links to eisele is behind this attack in fact they've been wreaking havoc in the region since 2017 their attacks have left at least 2600 people dead and uprooted nearly 700000 people. is one of them he now lives in a camp for internally displaced people is one of several in mozambique province thousands of people now have no source of income and rely on humanitarian aid but many of them they have seen directly their relatives being killed. either by shooting or vertica potations. many of them they don't know where there are things are and they don't know if they are alive and there is no way for them to know because they don't have communication voices know that you can call by so what are you are still alive which is they don't know. another thing is sort of the living conditions like i'm in if you can see here it's very very small houses bigger camp
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this one was set up only a few months ago. the last census tied up by the government in december last year counted nearly 50000 people living in this camp since then attacks in towns and villages have grown in size and frequency humanitarian workers say many more people are now living here as well as an other camp in the probably. the most recent attack was in parma in march weeks later families are still arriving at reception centers desperately looking for food and shelter some of them could end up joining thousands of others already living in camps not sure if it will ever be safe enough for them to go back home. province mozambique the head of russia's foreign intelligence service says the new u.s. sanctions against the kremlin are poorly considered and well road international stability washington has imposed a broad range of penalties and respond. to what it calls moscow's election meddling
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and cyber attacks the kremlin denies the accusations it says a response is inevitable but hasn't yet specified water when u.s. president joe biden says that dialogue is still possible now is the time to deescalate. the way forward for dialogue and diplomatic process. the u.s. is prepared to continue constructively to move toward that process my bottom line is this will is an interesting united states to work with russian we should and we will russia seeks to violate the interest united states we will respond. from our serious part of smith to moscow. russia's president appears to be in no hurry to announce what measures he will take any to counter the sanctions imposed by the u.s. on russia on the expulsion of 10 russian diplomats from washington d.c.
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kremlin spokesman dimitri prescott says any concrete steps will depend on a decision by putin he also says that the sanctions imposed on russia won't. affect russia's domestic economy but he welcomes comments from president biden that both leaders see eye to eye on the need to deescalate tensions between russia and the us a long list of complaints against russian activities is interference into u.s. presidential elections widespread acking the occupation of ukraine jailing of alexei the opposition politician americans called nefarious activities the russians of course deny allegations that their meddling in america that. iran says that it successfully enrich uranium up to 60 percent far beyond the limits set under the terms of the 2050 nuclear deal that comes the day after more
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talks were held in vienna aimed at reviving the accord discussions have progressed but were affected by an attack on iran's main nuclear facility last sunday the us president joe biden says that he wants to rejoin the agreement but that iran must 1st reverse its violations teheran for its part wants u.s. sanctions lifted 1st big reports from tehran. iran is doing that because it's a reaction to what they have called the act of sabotage last sunday at their main nuclear facility. iran announced that they would be enriching to 60 percent as well as installing a 1000 more advanced centrifuges now that attack happened on sunday iran said it was nuclear terrorism and the cold in the europeans yesterday to condemn it and actually cuse them of having a weak response now yes that is above the limits in the 2015 nuclear deal but iran has already passed those limits iran has been enriching up to 20 percent uranium
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enrichment since november and that enrichment the increase in resentment was the reaction of the assassination of iran's and the nuclear scientists must in fact result in november if i take you back to 2015 iran was interesting to 20 percent when they signed that deal it was 3.6 percent former president donald trump imposed sanctions in one waited for a year then went up to 4 percent now yesterday the president hassan rouhani said that iran has the ability to pursue 90 percent that's weapons grade clearly concerning for the united states and the europeans well iran is also using this as leverage for those talks 8 people have been killed at a fed ex facility in the u.s. city of indianapolis the company says that it's deeply sad and shocked by the loss of life and confirmed that its employees were among the victims police say the gunman took his own life for more let's go live now to john hendren minneapolis took us through what happened late last night. where police say
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they approached federal express. in indianapolis after 11 pm when they got reports of shots being fired one witness on the scene said he heard what sounded like a car backfiring and then after he heard several more pops he looked toward the entrance of that building in the gunman with what he described as a machine gun in any case in automatic. weapon is how we it was described and police say that when they arrived they found several bodies with wounds consistent with gunshot wounds and then went inside the visibility that at some point when police arrived the gunman apparently committed suicide and they now say that that scene is secure but there are a number of family members and friends who waited for hours overnight at a hotel to hear the news of what had happened to their family members one reason for that is that at the fed ex facility people inside are not allowed to carry
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phones so many family members went to the basilica itself because they wanted to find out information about their relatives so as police continue to identify these people eventually we expect to get the names of them. we have already had statements of condemnation and sadness from federally from fedex saying we are deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of our team members following the tragic shooting at our fedex ground facility in indianapolis the mayor of indianapolis joe hogg's it said this morning indianapolis residents are confronted with the horrific news of yet another mass shooting and it is the 5th mass shooting in as many weeks and believe it or not despite the pandemic in the united states 2020 was the worst year for gun violence in 20 years president biden last week called the mass shooting problem in america as an international embarrassment. but he's got
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little shot of getting much through congress despite efforts to continue to propose limits on guns in the past congress has passed some limits including on assault weapons that expired and since then congress especially republicans in congress have taken an increasingly broad interpretation of the us 2nd amendment which allows individuals to bear arms so. little legislative action activity is likely to result from this again the 5th shooting in 5 weeks here in the u.s. the 5th mass shooting. i was there as john hendren reporting live from minneapolis many thanks joe police in the united states are facing more protests this time over the fatal shooting of a 13 year old latino boy it happened last month but video of the incident has only just been released the distressing pictures appear to show adam toledo turn to offices with his hands raised before he was shot i did show castro reports
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the video you're about to see is incredibly disturbing it's 2 30 am and an officer wearing a body camera arrives at a black and latino neighborhood of chicago a police surveillance system had detected gunshots nearby and the investigating officer runs after a person down an alley way. talking but. that person was 13 year old adam to lead 0 she called the police had at 1st called this an armed confrontation with the police claiming the boy had been holding a gun the video released 17 days later appears to tell a different story as to lead allays crumpled his empty hands still raised in the hands of position fall next to his body with an earth stay with us they wake their way 5. adam during his last seconds of
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life did not have a gun in his hand. the officer screamed at him show me your hands adam complied turned around his hands were empty when he was shot in the chest at the hands of the officer. it had taken intense public pressure to convince chicago police to release the video toledo's mother had spoken to her son in the early april. are up in the air. the civilian office of police accountability is investigating and the officer identified as eric stillman and obviously shaken immediately after the shooting is now on administrative duties the chicago police department was cited by the us justice department in 2017 for civil
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rights violations aimed at minorities and a white officer who shot a black man 16 times in 2014 was convicted of murder we live in a city that is traumatized by a long history of police violence and misconduct so while we don't have enough information to be the judge and jury of this particular situation it is certainly understandable why so many of our residents are feeling it all too familiar surge of outrage and pain. chicago's mayor and the 2 little family have issued a joint call for calm in the city acknowledging the painful footage will elicit an emotional response from all who view it the last moments of a 13 year old who according to his mother had dreamed of becoming a police officer himself now dead at the hands of one. castro al-jazeera. a former u.s.
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police officer who shot dead a black motorist in the state of minnesota has been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter al-jazeera has spoken to a witness who says the police didn't give him immediate medical care jabber tansey reports. brooklyn center police have only released a few seconds of body count footage from just one of the officers involved in the shooting of 20 year old down to write the criminal complaint against officer kim potter says she fired quote one round into the left side of the victim the victim then stated that he shot me and the vehicle sped away for a short distance before crashing into another vehicle and coming to a stop the victim was pronounced dead at the scene after medical intervention was unsuccessful. carolyn hanson lives opposite the crime scene she rushed out of the house when she heard what was happening and she was quoted in media accounts discussing the aftermath for example in this article in the minneapolis star tribune carolyn hansen said she saw offices pulling out of a car and perform c.p.r.
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a passenger who got out of the vehicle was covered in blood she said. hanson told al jazeera that she was misquoted she alleges that the official account does not report that a significant amount of time passed between the car coming to arrest and dante wright being given any medical care they waited in these 4 minutes before. they got her out of you. right away if. you shot him and you recognize the realize you. and you should have done that in a why is it your number one priority to go in get him and try and save his life and give him a chance in life why are you doing that hansen began filming minutes after she arrived so you can see wright's white car between the police vehicles no one is attempting to help right she says only a minute and a half off the she began filming do you see right being given c.p.r. having been pulled from his car hanson also says office a post did not immediately attend to right off to having shot him only off to
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backup arrived was anything dumb that we should be the 1st person there dragging my heart and doing anything she could to do it because she made that mistake if it was a mistake then that's what she would the lawyer for rights family says this is another argument for more transparency from the police this proves we need to see the body cam video from all the offices to see if the police officer has rendered aid a media late for dante right that could a possibly saved his life we also brooklyn sent a police to speak to us but they've yet to respond main question why does it appear it took so long for them to give dante right any medical assistance she had the al-jazeera brooklyn santa. wow fighter that stands out time for us to get away the full cost his avatar. hello the rain clouds really gathering now for japan as we go through the next couple of days you can see this hook of cloud that's moving
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through the sea of japan and that will continue to drive its way further east was running towards a rare area of high pressure but it will make some decent progress so some heavy rain there for q.c. for honshu for a time slides over the mountains will see that western weather coming into tokyo saturday going on into sunday but broad skies will start to talk in behind a little backwash of rain just coming back into western parts of poland shoot through as we go on through sunday fog in dry there for the most part across the korean peninsula at this stage though the parts of china generally fine and dry some warm sunshine hazy sunshine in beijing but around $24.00 degrees celsius equity not particularly terrific the further south is a $24.00 for hong kong as well some wet weather there just coming down towards northern parts of vietnam wet weather to across a good part of in the china but we're majorly drawn to at developing typhoon and this will become a major storm as we go want to the early part of next week possibly a super typhoon it means very close to the philippines but it should stay offshore
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i'm pleased to say somewhat by the city just making its way towards southern parts of india and sri lanka but for the most part is fine and dry. it's a many thanks still to come here on the news hour the chips are down we'll hear about a serious worldwide shortage of semiconductors. pakistan banned social media a day off to france advise as its citizens to leave the country find out why. that is forcing a perfect moment for this golf in hawaii mia will be here with us and the rest of the sports a little later. jumped into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian and global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we all want to feed than me and be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land
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we have been disconnected from who we are good enough to keep the new and be part of today's discussion this dream on out is the era. frank assessments of poison. what exactly you have and what taking for the situation might not be you could ever get informed opinions is the u.s. with thinking the military positioning in the middle east or is it just a symptom of reorganizing ministry us that this is a message to the router that the united states is rethink you're its military posture in-depth analysis of the day school ople headlines inside story on 00.
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hello good is good to have you with us adrian for going to here in doha with the news hour from al-jazeera the headlines members of the on laws ousted political parties ethnic leaders and anti could protesters afford what they're calling a national unity government that will operate in exile as possible resistance to the ruling generals 9 pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been sentenced for taking part in an empty cup and protests in 2019 among them is veteran campaign a martin lee who was given a suspended sentence of 11 months. u.s. officials have released body count video from a chicago police officer fatally shooting a 13 year old boy last month adam toledo appeared to raise his hands just before shots were fired. china has released record growth figures as it rebounds from the pandemic its economy grew by 18.3 percent for the 1st quarter of this year compared
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to the same period last year it's a dramatic turnaround from 2020 when tough coronavirus measures brought the chinese economy to a virtual standstill the trading year reports from shanghai. and shanghai is commercial center buses of domestic tourists rup shoulders but office workers and delivery people the city has bounced back from the pandemic something reflected in the latest economic figures china grew by 18.3 percent in the 1st quarter of 2021 the biggest jump since records began in the early 1990 s. . we expect the economy this year to maintain its current trend of steady strengthening and steady improvement but many say the figure is skewed it comes from a low base of minus 7 percent this time last year a period of lockdowns employers during the beginning of the current a virus outbreak that created a historic contraction still the chinese government says the recovery has been robust led by a strong industrial sector and
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a jump in demand for exports as carpet spread around the world beijing poured money into infrastructure projects but resisted heavy handed stimulus measures to avoid worsening debt china's response code 19 economically was percentile in between 10 and 30 percent of what was done by the us europe etc so there wasn't this helicopter money but retail spending and domestic consumption continue to lag behind and some analysts say china's economic recovery has been an even and many living in poor areas are still struggling to get by right now job security is bad ever looking at people outside of big cities consumption declining so basically the economic recovery right now are concentrated in big cities if you're looking at smaller cities areas and their economic recovery or. china's g.d.p. grew by 2.3 percent in 2020 the only major economy to do so during the pandemic
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analysts attribute china's relatively fast economic turnaround to its ability to control its corona virus outbreaks early and intel. of restrictions so normal life in many cities resumed around the middle of last year but time is buddhism and closed uncertainty over rumble open up again is undermining consumer confidence the chinese government expects more modest level support later this year and overall target of more than 6 percent to 2021 between e.u. al-jazeera shanghai u.s. president joe biden is due to hold his fast pacing with a world leader in possum since taking office japan's prime minister you know she had a sofa has arrived in washington china is expected to dominate that folks as is the global economy so go and buy a consignment of worldwide shortage of semiconductor chips brunell's reports.
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semiconductors are at the heart of the devices many of us use every day from phones to game console household electronics and medical diagnostics to name just a few but now there are a shortage of the vital silicon chips in my 30 year career i've never seen a. demand exceeding supply to the extent that supplies were tight before the pandemic hit but during the global lockdowns demand for more networking in more devices has skyrocketed now we're in a multi-year cycle where the demand is really outstripping the supply the crunch is crushing the u.s. auto industry at the beginning of the pandemic demand plummeted and automakers cut back production drastically but they underestimated how quickly demand would rebound when they raced to put in more orders late last year they were turned down by chip makers committed to supplying other industries when those workers that
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cancelled it immediately got back filled by other areas of the market that actually stayed very robust recovery things like you know p.c.'s in person like tronics all these anything work from home study from home away from home. demanded incredibly resilient and so they got to be got back on the name of the auto guys came up at a back why recently general motors the largest u.s. auto maker announced it would cut production even though demand is high if you look across the board a lot of factories are closed on ships for a lot of their popular crossovers as well so it's definitely hitting you know hitting the market the u.s. leads the world in semiconductor design but manufacturing is heavily concentrated in taiwan south korea and japan recently president joe biden called for strengthening u.s. manufacturing capacity as a matter of national economic security top administration officials are meeting with leading chip manufacturers in the meantime are reaching out to our allies
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semiconductor companies and others in the supply chain to ramp up production to help us resolve the mom likes we face now increasing ship capacity will take time and it won't be cheap a single semiconductor plant can cost $20000000000.00 to construct robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles pakistan has imposed a ban on all social media often violent protests earlier this week on wednesday security forces fired tear gas to disperse a sit in following the arrest of the leader of the technique in the bike party the religious group wants the government to expel the french ambassador its also demanding a ban on french products after the publication of cartoons in france depicting the prophet muhammad come on haida reports from islamic dot. the progress on telecom or tautog a days dieted go to spend internet services for 4 hours a cross-bar gets done because they did a friday the move was an attempt to try to stop the daily gallop back by august on
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from all going to idling more protests across the country for the last 3 days a country where there were 200 standstill after the protesters blocked their door when their leader at a stage now their leader wanted a state because he had given a call across bog standard people just gotten word on islamabad and go for the french embassy there demanded the french ambassador should be turned out of the country and that france products should be boycotted now the government decided to ban the organization saying the days when their day to day start very dire day were already 'd creating problems law and security issues and therefore it was important to ban the organization the move of god had been criticized by some of the political parties however the government is adamant that they really are the louder anyone could take madeleine today own hands and therefore the media ban which is
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going to be for the next few hours is likely to try to preempt any further protests across pakistan certainly as federal court has found that google misled consumers about personal data it collected the case involved sensing as an android smartphones google was found to have misrepresented what options were necessary for people's data not to be collected the online giant says that it may appeal the straightness consumer watchdog brought the case and says it's an important victory to take companies particularly those providing services for free are in the end in the business the business they are in is to collect as much data from you as possible therefore there's always that incentive to. not perhaps be upfront with you in terms of walked out of they are collecting in case you object to it and i therefore have less stuff and they therefore might listening the u.n. envoy for yemen has warned of dangerous signs of escalation in the ongoing conflict
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martin griffiths was speaking during a virtual meeting of the un security council hears yemen's warring parties to accept a proposed peace plan the urgency of progress towards a peaceful settlement makes the continued violence on the ground that everyone hear from are all the more concerning matter that as we have endlessly discussed in this council remains the major center of gravity in this politics it is as true today as it was last year through those many months the fighting in maryland and goodness knows we've seen this spike in the fall and spring and fall and now it is very dangerous times of escalating once again. the u.n. security council is voting on whether to war the rise the deployment of ceasefire on a system libya the draft resolution or foreign forces must risk to leave the country
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as agreed in october ceasefire deal on diplomatic it's a james based reports. this is the draft security council resolution that's currently being voted on what the un is proposing is a nimble force of unarmed. i'm told by the un their job will be to place the cease fire rather than to supervise the withdrawal of foreign forces what the secretary general is proposing is a phased display phase deployment for and will. cease fire monitoring component and that would be about a maximum of about 60 monitors they would be deployed to syria that once all of the requirements for a permanent presence have been met excluding obviously security logistical medical and operational aspects and in the meantime a forward presence will be established in tripoli as soon as conditions permit because the security council is currently meeting virtually resolutions like this a put up for a vote over
4:44 pm
a 24 hour period so it will take some time before we know whether these monitors will be deployed to libya the 1st stage and the u.n. has plans to prepare the country for elections this december the u.s. is calling for the immediate withdrawal of eritrean faces from ethiopia's to grow region eritrean forces are reported to have dressed as members of the ethiopian ministry so that they can stay that the un's humanitarian chief says that there have been many reports of systematic rape by men in military uniform 4 and a half 1000000 people in to gripe need humanitarian aid. brazil's supreme court has confirmed its decision to a no criminal convictions against the former president lula da silva last month the court ruled that lula was treated unfairly in a series of corruption investigations is now eligible to run in next year's election against president. cuba's leadership is passing to a younger generation ro castro before his brother fidel ruled the island for 60
4:45 pm
years is a lesson america editor lucianne human. his seuss navarro and his wife haven't missed an episode of the series conquering a dream a special state t.v. production about the cuban communist party. it's part of the lead up to the end of the castro era when doubt castro renounces his last and most powerful position for tomorrow by the secretary general of the only party that has ruled cuba for nearly 6 decades that means that throughout your battles entire life a castro has been in charge. if you see it would be hard to watch raul leave but will have to accept it. was unlike his older brother fidel castro has been a family man what gregg arius he and his wife the in my spin joined fidel castro to overthrow cuba's former dictatorship he always took a back seat to his brother but for half
4:46 pm
a century he controlled the military he was vice president and number 2 in the communist party. when fidel castro fell ill in 2006 it was fine it held castro's turn to run the country he quickly lifted knows some practices such as the prohibition for cubans to buy or sell property or a car or even stay at hotels and resorts for foreigners he introduced timid economic reforms to allow ordinary citizens to run small businesses. he oversaw the renewal of diplomatic ties with the united states and a historic visit by president barack obama in 2016 but what he did not change was his commitment to the communist party's total control. they didn't elect me as president to restore capitalism in cuba or to surrender the revolution i was elected to defend. maintain and continue perfecting socialism not to destroy it for
4:47 pm
more than half a century the same so-called historic generation with cloth with throne and fidel castro in the insurrection has held the most important positions in the party. but 5 years ago at the age of 85 gallon castro announced that he and the rest would step down this april at the next communist party congress ordering. juge of the lore of life in the 7th congress will be the last one held by this is storage generation but he is handing over the baton during an acute economic crisis brought on by the pandemic and more severe us economic sanctions and while these billboards appeal to cubans to resist. and it's now more open dissent than ever. he's hinted he'll retire and return to eastern cuba where he was born and where fidel castro is buried to spend the rest of his days in the countryside but
4:48 pm
many don't believe that he's going to be like the guy you know and the spiritual guy but in the end he is going to be from backstage control in every scene like like all. almost 5 years after fidel castro died the last remaining castro brother is stepping down whether he remains in the communist party in a lesser capacity or as an elder statesman it's unlikely to mean the end of 89 year old road castro's influence at least in the immediate future. you see in human al-jazeera from the pandemic to america's racial reckoning 2020 was a momentous year photographers and storytellers and documented some of the most striking images of the past 12 months have been on ads of the world press photo contest. this photograph showing a nurse a bracing a care home resident in brazil was selected this photo of the year was taken by the photographer and he told al-jazeera that he believes his image shows hope
4:49 pm
a time of crisis for the world i mean it's been subsurface significant years it's a significant time in history so to receive the prize in this year specifically it's an amazing honor it's it's amazing to be able to write in or or come in you like our own human history together. and i think this is paid to really try to pay tribute and respect to to the millions of victims of the of the covered crisis i also photographed the cemeteries the hospitals the ambulances in personal that where because this shows one of the countries that it's been mostly affected by this crisis very much due to the president also not who's been one to let's end it from the very beginning so those images are important however i also think these images that is bringing in a bit more hope and maybe it's you know it's kind of showing the other side of it
4:50 pm
or maybe showing a way out of it i think with an image that can show you compassion hope solidarity jimmied shows a way out of this crisis it at least it's it's it might be a path and that's also what i wanted to with this image that yes we are in tremendous crisis but there's also a way out of it and that is by. protecting one another protecting the people we love protecting other people and standing together. still to come here on that is how it's forced more problems for the vancouver canucks hockey team as coach at 19 keeps them off the ice.
4:51 pm
all. the all.
4:52 pm
i got to explore his new thank you adrian will and hockey the vancouver canucks have been hit with more pandemic problems their return to play has been delayed indefinitely after more than 20 players tested positive with coronavirus the team has been out of action for more than 3 weeks with similar outbreaks the league said the decision to postpone play was made to give staff and athletes additional time to recover and one of the few players to not get sick is j.t. miller's he says the team really isn't ready to play. it's hard for me and guys that haven't been affected by the over that ok to not imagine guys at it you guys are you know struggling to breathe get up and down steps to try to come back and form a part that i go back to about this just more worried about you. know our players
4:53 pm
in there and with and that's our number my own number one priority and thought it goes through my head in a database of at least 21 players and 4 members of vancouver's coaching staff has tested positive for the virus since end of march the canucks had been due to return to action later this friday against the edmonton oilers but now as we know that game has been called off the canucks have 1000 games left to play with the season sets and on may 16th that date may now have to be changed well we've been talking to hockey writer thomas drams about the wider implications of what the canucks are going through. multiple teams have at one point or another lost at least 5 or at least 7 players to the covert protocol of the philadelphia flyers the dallas stars the new jersey devils and the buffalo sabers among them with the canucks however this is the biggest outbreak not just in the n.h.l. this season but in all of north american professional sports since the pandemic began you know the additional thing that's made this outbreak complicated is that
4:54 pm
it's widely presumed to be the p one variant which is obviously running you know rampant in terms of it's community spread in the vancouver community that's created a level of transmissibility that i think certainly has kept the n.h.l. up at night since this outbreak occurred and when you look at the players that got sick you know we're talking about a majority of the players who are on the ice for sessions on ice sessions on tuesday march 30th you're going to and wednesday march 31st majority of players and coaches who are competing on the ice in an masted athletic activity contracted the virus from you know an origin or an index case of one issue to me that suggests some really difficult questions for the n.h.l. particularly these of either you threaten supposed to on ice athletic activity and asked as as hockey is played at the moment in the face of the p one which is
4:55 pm
spreading in western canada at the moment world 100 meter champion christian coleman will miss the tokyo games due to a doping ban coleman had taken his appeal against a 2 year suspension to the court of arbitration for sport the court did did reduce the penalty for 6 months but the american will still missed the olympics the 25 year old was banned for missing 3 drug tests. britain's dan evans has followed up his shots went over novak djokovic with another victory evans beat the world number one in straight sets on thursday and in the last few minutes the unseeded evans has won his quarter final against belgium's david goffin in 3 sets and stuff honest since the past had a much easier passage into the final for his opponent davidovits quit midway through the match with an injury it's the 1st time since the past has reached the semis in monte carlo manchester united have given themselves another chance to end
4:56 pm
their losing run and cup semifinals afford an ill aggregate win over spanish side granada has moved united into the last 4 of the europa league during his time as manager only going to so shire has led the team to 4 previous semifinals until united rather have lost all of them to the relish the chance again to go to a final i think the i've seen the determination and every player that we want to go one 3rd is the disappointment of all the defeats that we've had they give us the motivation to go one step further and hopefully and and the season on the high united will next face roma while villareal take on arsenal arsenal forward pierre emerick obame young missed their win against slavia prague he's just come out of hospital after catching malaria while on international duty with the bomb he's completely fine at the moment he had 2 days in hospital to get the right treatment
4:57 pm
but he's feeling good now and feeling good. will be back training soon but doing so well he recovers i think he will need a few days to recover from that but he wants to be by i guess from his post who does what he said to me. 6 time moto g.p. world champion mark marquez is making his return from injury marquez's out on the track for friday's practice sessions ahead of sunday's porch agree or to gain ground pre the spaniard fractured his arm during last season's opening race and did not compete all year and i take take a look at the shot by south korean golfer amy yang yang pulling off a hole in one at the latte championship in hawaii and helped move her to 7 under par at the halfway stage in the tournament. oh yeah. that's impressive well that's it for me and back over to adrian all submit many thanks dave that's it from the news hour but of course the news never stop something back to update you with more of the day's top stories just about to.
4:58 pm
the star striker at the top atop the in the what the fuck did to the working class of his hometown and its. bulling legend and accounts and good deeds is just beyond the lakotah a one of a kind seduced. by his fans for his socialist values and his many goals against italy's footballing elite football rebels on disease. the climate has changed every year for millions of years decades of told but little action it's all about just to create confusion to thank smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was a main bankroller or opposition to campaign against the climate do you think that's
4:59 pm
a bad thing more she did wish you could see absolutely. 0. halfway between tokyo and now she's a look of it was then relatively sleepy place not a lot of violent crime and so when 4 people get killed on one occasion in as bloody a massacre as this was in the trucks a lot of the board. the task force of each police officers was created to find out what happened. police counted more than 40 stab wounds all together the victims .
5:00 pm
the. key members of man mas anti troop movement for alliance with us to politicians about the calling ammash told unity government. and i get i'm adrian for the get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up pro-democracy media tycoon jimmy light.


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