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you know and the spiritual guy but in the end he is going to be from backstage control in every scene like like all this. almost 5 years after fidel castro died the last remaining castro brother is stepping down whether he remains in the communist party in a lesser capacity or as an elder statesman it's unlikely to mean the end of 89 year old role castro's influence at least in the immediate future you see in human al-jazeera. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines for democracy activists in hong kong have been sentenced for taking part in antigovernment protests 2019 former politician martin lee was given a suspended sentence of 11 months and media tycoon jimmy lie received 2 separate jail terms. u.s.
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officials have released body cam video of a chicago police officer fatally shooting a 13 year old boy last month at once a leader who appeared to raise his hands just before shots were fired. members of myanmar as i said political parties ethnic leaders and anti to protest as a forms what they are calling a national unity government until operate in exile as part of resistance to the ruling generals exiled politician dr sassa has been appointed the government's envoy to the un he says this the move to help show the world who are the rightful leaders of myanmar is the same for international community. another very moderate. they are the killers so to today i have not see any international going to be illegal denies military generals as government of myanmar so now we are given a very good chance which innocent are going to be tonight. of course there will be
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some change but we weaned that challenge ready to mind to go no matter what you paid. the head of russia's foreign intelligence service says new u.s. sanctions against the kremlin are poorly considered and will erode international stability washington has imposed a bold series of sanctions in response to what it called moscow's election meddling and cyber attacks the kremlin has denied the accusations and says a response is inevitable and iran says it has successfully enriched uranium to 60 percent far beyond the limits set under the terms of the 2015 you clear deal it's a year earlier iran attendees more talks in vienna aimed at reviving the accords and that is she up to date stick keep it here on al-jazeera inside story is up next .
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2 more years somalia's president defies global pressure and extends his mandate will the move undermine elections or strengthen them and how old regional and international players react to this this inside story that. hello and welcome to the show i am sam is a than somalia's president has signed a controversial law extending his mandate for 2 years mohammed up the line 104 year
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term expired in february but on monday the lower house of parliament voted to extend it that this edition threatens to further divide the nation and worsen its political crisis the african union e.u. and united nations say they won't support the extension muhammad also known as father marjoe previously reached an agreement with leaders of 5 federal states to prepare for elections in late 2020 an early 20 to 21 but that deal collapsed after groups failed to agree on how to conduct the vote many now fear the instability will embolden the armed groups. which for years has been trying to topple the government well catherine sawyer has more from nairobi in neighboring kenya. some somalis say this decision to extend the time of the president and government by another 2 years is problematic on so many levels it has already faced rejection
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from the senate a coalition of opposition presidential candidates and leaders from 2 of the 5 regional states we've also seen very strongly worded statements from. of somalia's key donors the u.s. the e.u. and the u.k. all speaking one to one saying that if this doesn't change that they're going to rethink how they do business with the government of somalia and also talking about targeted sanctions they also say they want the stakeholders in this electoral process to go back to the drawing board resume talks and go back to an agreement that was made last september on holding on in direct election as soon as possible but then talks on how to contact that election have failed and the president and his allies have blamed leaders from particularly to states jubilant and portland for being stumbling blocks a hindrance to that electoral process they say the president and his supporters say
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that this extension is crucial because the country cannot be in a vacuum for too long. now for decades somalia has been at the center of civil war famine and on rest it began to fall apart in 1991 when warlords ousted presidency out battery and then turned on each other attempts at peace or several interim civilian regimes installed between $991.20 the transitional federal government established in 2004 took control of most areas from the islamic courts union or i.c.u. it then splintered though and its armed wing began to fight government forces and their african union peacekeeping allies of the group still controls large parts of southern and central somalia a new provisional constitution was passed in august 2012 it reformed somalia into a federation of 5 states or 5 years later then former prime minister for marjah was
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elected by parliament as president despite threats from a shabab. let's bring in our guest into the show we have joining us in modern issues acarya had j. abdi he's a member of parliament and former minister of information in toronto with an alley is a good and development expert in a few arielle me is an associate professor of security studies at kut-o. university welcome to you all if i could start with zachary here in mogadishu 2nd here is this move by the president to extend his mandate is it legitimate. i think you misread the. whole situation there is no president to explain really only to you it. it is the balance by the way we don't have a lot of. the law how have we have how many people decision the right by the way we
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don't know can i finish please by the way we don't. have a lower house because people's house the parliament decided to and it still means that the country has experienced it for the last 8 months because of the. bickering between a speedboat. from the region and some central government 'd that could not decide the fate of the country to go to what they call by the election i don't call elections a selection tribal a bunch of tribal elected. members of parliament and this is the only system in the . 198 countries that. did in these 2 shootings based on tribal. rival selection so we want to get past this.
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type of election selection and go to the polls for the democratic system of giving people the power back to select everybody since it's this is what happened and there is no 2 yet we have said that meaning the maximum time to hold election. 2 years if the. the. the committee of the election the national committee of election 2 more of if they say within 2 months will all of the election frame there's a problem but right there right that is the democratic. electorate it isn't because of the public all over the world ok let me bring in her dan what can then possibly be wrong you heard the message from zakaria it's been repeated by president mohamed he wants to reform the electoral process so that it's basically one man one vote
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direct elections let people choose their leaders rather than the current system which zachary describes as kind of a mess of really indorsing the power of the dictatorship as he put it of clans. hi good morning thank you sam for having me i concur with a piece of carry on the need to have one person one vote however i think countries are governed by rules and laws and constitution. what transpired earlier this week passing. this legislation through the people's house really is sort of a violation of the current constitution so money has capacity legislation who people house there also with the senate agreeing to pass the solution we need to be careful as to have that partick way forward their actions with the
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current rules and regulations that we haven't run by the by constitutional process great. it's unfortunate that right now we are facing. this division within the country albeit not just from the government but also the regional governments ok how can i be champion they can be mad at the problem you've made you've raised a good point and i want to briefly take that point back to zachary and his reaction to that zakaria this was not a legitimate move because it was only approved by one of the houses of pollen the people's house rather than including the senate to how do you respond to that suggestion from her that also this is also miss faith there is a there are you know with the senate which is new is in the 1st term that you have 7 achieved this is. a limited term. the senate there.
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we have 2 lines of 2 guidelines one is that there are things that we both do and there are things that we cannot do together i mean each chamber should good. separate the most of the lowest. and in the people's house of parliament goes directly to the president some categories the laws which concerns to those states you know we give us housing to present to people the sanity presented administration is in the fight frequently so much so if the thing is concerned on to those states those. states then they they have to be in the budget in the picture but this is not something concerning to the senate all right the members of the somali government let me
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jump in there and let me give hold on chance to come back in on the international a national issue it's not it doesn't look i think. all right than your misreading of the situation is the suggestion from zachary and the senate does not need to be involved in this. well i'm not a constitutional expert i mean it's clear that you do need both houses of parliament to pass such legislation but if i could go back even further the mandate of the current parliament has expired the mandate of the president has expired these are facts these are mad at something that needs a could be in our thinking so we order for us to have a healthy way forward it is imperative that the country actually come together in the breeze and upon a process it's not a process that is seen as an illegitimate process whether. or not there are
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you know section of the country that opposes the move in the end of the day what we want is to get to a one person one vote but that has to come from an acceptable did in that process that goes through due process in the end of a nations are governed by rules and regulations and we can't just start when we do we'll you know we want to get ahead with a certain perspective and these are actually. the facts on the ground. that the president have actually signed the legislation you have an entire structure population in. the federal state. and we can't risk the. i. can feel hard indeed when it's. opening right. let me let me if i may it's let me jump in here let me bring in
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ok you've made you've made that point but let me bring in a fury and ask the question if you are in the end i think most people would probably agree with what dan is saying that there does need to all parties agree that there does need to be reform and she would like as i'm sure many somalis would like to see be done in a way that has the support of most people but at the end of the day that was precisely the problem is that the parties could not agree could they are few arre on how to reform the electoral process how to hold elections was there then any real alternative but to extend the mandate of the president and let the parliament run over time. well thank you very much basically i agree with them on this issue that the decision taken by the house of people is illegitimate. basically goes a power going up they had for years if they want to conduct elections they failed
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and they have also another venue which is more like if they can't organize a credible inclusive election what they need to do is go back. and secure some sort of a political agreement if these are the only 2 ways what we have here right now is that one of the 2 jim 1st decided by the way both of them that they are tedham has expired so one of the 2 jumpers and the president want to make some sort of a power to get up on on on on and on and on just extending their terror illegally and this is unacceptable there is no legal basis of extension in the constitution that's one thing but there is a lot of order but then can i point out it was my question how would they hold new elections either for the president also renew the parliament if they simply can't agree on how to hold elections. well here i believe
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based on my information on the last tasks and also the talks prior to the i mean these one in the summer read the decision was within reach of the government actually stepping out simply because they wanted to gerrymander their own results or if they don't get it they want to just stage manage some sort of extension and that's what happened and what i just wanted to mention here is that it's love about the legality of the of the decision taken here it's about the consequences of such a decision we're talking about a very fragile state and such a reckless decision actually threatens the nascent democracy and also the instability and the unity of the country i think this to not be allowed at all and it should be rejected in every account this is unacceptable in
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my view all right let me bring in zachary and ask you for your response to that regardless of the question of the legitimacy and whether the president had the right to approve this vote coming from the people's assembly the people's house putting all of that aside what do you make of f.e.r.s. argument and i think it's supported as well by her than amening somalis that at the end of the day if you don't have the support of enough of the somali people then your actually undermining the institutions of the country and its very stability if if not enough people are on board. well gentleman we have president days where few people. normally themselves and some of the last 30 years we have been under the tribal face of ship and tribal
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logic. so malia needs to change and transform. but essentially face. we what we have done is the court of the constitution it's not illegitimate. by the way most of the people that's what they believe not otherwise that's actually set. you have information. the parliament through there is not my question was it enough for the people i want to wait a minute for them let me finish not enough people on board if we're hearing a lot of this is one of them obviously you have not you have knowledge you have you have no right to say that you have not counted all the people you haven't done any any any any you know selection or election or whatever or you have an account of the whole people's mind play and i don't think i'm starting to count on the people i'm going to sell you that from reports there are there are many somalis i did not claim whether the majority are only 10 or so it's not my time there are millions of
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so and it is we've seen i don't know during the summer that this move will insist instability right you don't deny that are you saying that all somalis are not support the decision by the what i think is that what you're telling the. are you are going with the are you asking the question i'm asking a question you asked me what my stand that was on the line i don't necessarily mind what's going on i've enough people are on board and never mind if the statement of the some other people was undermined is a student a student of this. is the tribal selection and they had so many of her belly there are only 2 cars in some earlier who are supposed to be for her own daughter reception with the president of the prime minister this is when this when the term finishes they want to jump in the in the position and they said this is our time no we're not we're not we're not playing this anymore what we're playing now is a democratic. past we have to bring about somalia into the democratic past for example they say to let the current attorney spanish that's right our time is
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finished but there is no any other parliament those who advocate. this frame this. word of finishing that actually advocating a coyote system shall we go from the obvious and said ok obvious r.m.c. the country is going to back when i said i'm no doesn't it doesn't work like that doesn't play like that you have to we have to you have to constitute. that you can see ghosts right past right election and then we go those who are elected usually by the government will come in in our face but there is no one now to you know to feel better all right let me let me bring in our economy again but by what they say it's outsized our time is up and we are already going outside no that's not the way. the way well you know works all right let me bring
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a fairy into the discussion again how important are determined and our elections of power in a country in a society like somalia where in any case it seems to be clans that hold the power and a country that's dominated by foreign powers many with donkey. for the last 20 years we had one component of them ocracy which is rotation of power it had been assumed this position list this position is. either through clan elbrus or this or you know some sort of accepted. i mean formal by the state court so 'd that is what we had an at the moment that under pressure simply because a region that incumbent does not want to organize a credible and inclusive elections or just to go through normal political this mistaken process once is just to extend itself and this is really unacceptable so
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just to let me just remind you one thing president ob-la yusuf. went for instance when he disagreed on the way things were progressing he decided just to step down and said no i disagree with what's going on and he left in the power the other 2 presidents also faced with a similar problem but they had to go back and good she ate with the stakeholders of control and then to poland and other places so that they they just. come to some sort of unacceptable conclusion what we have expected from president from our jaws just to either. conduct some sort of a legitimate election if you can he has to go back and good shit and compromise and get at the compromise it does doesn't mean that he just got his way or that he failed or at least let this is let me go i can let me bring in havana and ask this
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question it's not only a controversial question within somalia it's a controversial question for many of the foreign powers that have interests and support somalia do you think that the president will be able to withstand the disapproval of powers like the united nations and the u.s. which the country of course relies on for a lot of aid right. absolutely and i work in the aid and development sector and i know that quite well 70 percent of someone is live under the poverty index of $2.00 straight day what we need to remember is the vast majority of someone it's need peace and stability in that political over who is these in power who is not the reality remains that the political insecurity of some day is. quite precarious and we cannot afford to go back to the needs of violence what i urge is for all sides to practice caution in to ensure that dialogue and resumption
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of talks is prioritized rather than empty rhetoric and smokescreen about what the people want what the people want is the meticulous process that is inclusive that follows the current. structure is in regulations and rules that we have abiding by the constitution the provisional constitution coming back to can the government withstand the purchase outside the reality is you know somalia doesn't have complete control over all of its appearance including security we have over $20000.00 amazon troops in somalia guarding business of money if i may add so in the end of the day we need to make sure that we understand what's at stake is that the put here of the show operates in the show and that is the reality. do you think you will leave it weston's i should hold on very briefly. absolutely the the ones
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gaining momentum right now are shut up larry hang on and let me hear some i guess i mean just a lot of notice we've gone minute left i want to bring zecharia into this then and give him a chance to come back home on some of this. how concerned is the central government about the resurgence of a shabab as a result of this controversy. before that let me let me answer some questions but since 1st of all i do not know the logic to 175 m.b.'s or to resent some other people i'm not legitimate but only people or 5 people at the rigidly people business is a compare him to a not understand number 2 so much. so but in state in the country that has its independence in 160 we are not under any obligation to know in our affairs when the american authors or any other country or virtual community is up to the somali people or jews there but isn't the
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last to leave but the least is that so we've got 30 seconds so there's a certain psychology cult problem this is what they call fear of unknown those who do not want to go to the path of data collection is the under democratic state that they are free from those consequences so we have to do it by the way we have to do it i mean we were out of this for the last 50 years right time we had a that they're not afraid 167 ok i'm afraid we are out of time so i want to have to leave it there and thank our guests i'm sure that this discussion can go on and i'm sure we will have further opportunity in the future to continue this discussion for now let's thank all of our guests as a career in mogadishu than in toronto and a few out here in doha and thank you for watching you can see the show again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion head
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over to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and also join the conversation on twitter our handle is that a.j. inside story from the sam is a down and the whole here and now let's go by. i . it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there white supremacy impacts all of our issues you're putting more money into the hands of some workers taking money out of the hands of other workers that will goes to their camp and becomes
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a us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line on the big questions on out is there understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the mom so no matter how you take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. that was 1st fully effects in its life is a clear demonstration of all of the measure of set up that a way as has put in place to ensure the highest standards of safety and hygiene on ball p.p. if i stop. such in-flight entertainment system you recap in cleaning systems disinfectant robots. today visit in part time day for the airline industry
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and a message for travelers is that we are walking tirelessly to implement every measure to save god their health thank you. hello 'd i'm adrian for the get into the top stories on al-jazeera pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been sentenced for taking part in anti government protests in 2019 for politician martin lee was given a suspended sentence of 11 months and media tycoon jimmy lai received 2 separate jail terms which is here as adrian brown has more from outside calls. for received suspended sentences but 5 others have been jailed for terms rating from 8.


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