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so they do not cross into argentine territory from this form are gentile forwards can monitor what's happening in the economics of sept zones but what authorities here are saying is that what's important is talk regulate what's happening in international waters. pro-democracy media tycoon jimmy law is among several people jailed in hong kong for their balls 2900 antigovernment protests. my. all of them how my hidden and this is al-jazeera on my from doha also coming out on the touchline. distressing video showing an officer shooting dead a 13 year old latino boy at sea u.s.
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outrage over racism and policing. and figures from myanmar's anti could movements join eyes to politicians and others and what they're calling a national unity government. thus the castros of rules cuba for 6 decades raul is preparing to step down i look back at some of the key events in his life. my. first 9 pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been sentenced for taking part in antigovernment protests 2019 among them is veteran campaigner martin lee who was given a suspended sentence of 11 months media tycoon jimmy lie was sentenced to 12 months in this case and more in a separate matter $2900.00 mass protests were in opposition to a bill that would have allowed criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland china
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it's was shelves agent brian has more from outside the courts. 4 received suspended sentences but 5 others have been jailed for terms rating from 8 to 18 months and at the moment actually they're chanting some of the slogans you heard during those protests in 2019 that technically of course break the new national security law at the moment the police are standing back they haven't moved in yet but i would imagine if the supporters carry on chanting the way they are the police may well be forced to take action but the real story today has i think been what happened to jimmy lie he has been jailed for 12 months but then he received an additional 2 months for taking part in a protest in july the main protest the focus of today's sentencing happened of course in august and we've also learned today that jimmy lie is going to face additional charges under the new national security law remember he's already in
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jail having been arrested under that legislation and now he's going to be charged once more so he faces 3 charges under the new national security law which means of course that he's if convicted going to spend very likely the rest of his life in jail. police in the united states are facing more furious protests this time over the fatal shooting of a 13 year old latino boy it happened last month but video of the incident has only just been released the distressing pictures appear to show adam toledo turn into officers hands raised for being shots at each of castro reports. the video you're about to see is incredibly disturbing it's 2 30 am and an officer wearing a body camera arrives at a black and latino neighborhood of chicago a police are valences jim had detected gunshots nearby and the investigating
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officer runs after a person down an alley way. talking but. that person was 13 year old adam toledo chicago police had at 1st called this an armed confrontation with the police claiming the boy had been holding a gun and the video released 17 days later appears to tell a different story as to lead allays crumpled his empty hands still raised in the hands of position fall next to his body with an earth stay with us they wake their way. i'm going to start c.p.r. i'm not. at him during his last 2nd of life did not have a gun in his hand. the officer screamed at him show me your hands adam complied turned around his hands were empty when he was shot in the chest at
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the hands of the officer. it had taken intense public pressure to convince chicago police to release the video toledo's mother had spoken to her son in the early april. but not. good students. are up in the air i don't know where next. the civilian office of police accountability is investigating and the officer identified as eric stillman and obviously shaken immediately after the shooting is now on administrative duties the chicago police department was cited by the u.s. justice department in 2017 for civil rights violations. aimed at minorities and a white officer who shot a black man 16 times in 24 teen was convicted of murder we live in a city that is traumatized by a long history of police violence of misconduct so while we don't have enough
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information to be the judge and jury of this particular situation it is certainly understandable why so many of our residents are feeling it all too familiar surge of outrage and pain chicago's mayor and the toledo family have issued a joint call for calm in the city acknowledging the painful footage will elicit an emotional response from all who view it the last moments of a 13 year old who according to his mother had dreamed of becoming a police officer himself now dead at the hands of one heidi jo castro al-jazeera. groups opposed to the myanmar military jinsa have joined forces to form a national unity government site cite the country as part of the ongoing resistance to military rule including i said members of parliaments ethnic leaders and processed figures hundreds of civilian demonstrators have been killed since the coup at the start of february unity government is promising to end people suffering
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the likes of politicians up to sassa has been a point since the i said government's envoy to the un he says this new move will help show the world who are the rightful leaders of myanmar it is the time for international community to recognize another very bad mother rose. they are the killers so to today i have not see any international community recognize military generals as government of myanmar so now we are given a very good chance which it has in a community trickle going to us of course there will be some challenge. we that challenge that a venue to mind to go no matter what you take scott high that has more details from bangkok. what it means actually on the ground probably not that much different quite honestly they're still going to face this intensified crackdown by the
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security forces on the streets across myanmar as they go out so that won't change but what they're hoping to do this new government this new unity government including leaders from ethnic groups they are looking for recognition a little bit more to it is that what they're trying to do is really participate in the dialogue that everyone is hoping will eventually come everyone in the region everyone fighting against the joint inside myanmar and that is hopefully through the u.n. hopefully through some regional bodies where there will be some type of dialogue to try to find a political solution so what this unity government is trying to do in their effort now as they've officially named officers in this in this unity government and that officials in this unity government and that is they want a seat at that table they want to participate if the judge to send a representative if there are other representatives from other nations it's a tall order that this will actually be recognized as
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a government of myanmar any time soon but what it does do is it pushes forward this organization this this government in exile if you will even though some of the members are still in myanmar it pushes that forward so they can have a seat at that table so they can speak with a more unified voice those who oppose the jones and who working against the inside myanmar. the president of the philippines is warning that the worst is yet to come in the coronavirus pandemic. say says it some serious and when in effect scenes will be available for everyone so it's likely people will die the philippines has received more than 3000000 doses most of which originated by china feel most 1000000 people infected in the philippines since the pandemic began and 16 sons and have died. the head of russia's foreign intelligence service says new u.s. sanctions against the kremlin are poorly considered and willie rhodes international
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stability washington has imposed a broad array of sanctions in response to what it says is moscow's election meddling and cyber attacks the kremlin has denied all the accusations and says a response is inevitable didn't specify when u.s. president joe biden says dialogue is still possible now is the time to deescalate. the way forward part of dialogue in the writing process. the u.s. is prepared to continue constructively to move toward that process my bottom line is this was an interesting united states to work with russian we should and we will russia seeks to violate the interest united states we will respond. that his faith is tracking developments in moscow. the u.s. has a long list of complaints against russia from interference in presidential elections cyber hacking bullying the occupation of ukraine the jailing of opposition
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politician alexei in a valley and other malign acts russia of course denies involvement in any of these it's yet to lay out the exact steps it's going to take in response to the imposition of these sanctions from the u.s. but you can imagine that for example u.s. expelled 10 russian diplomats well russia in previous instances when this has happened is very likely to do the same maria as a hair over the foreign ministry spokeswoman says she says that the american sanctions contradict president biden's desire in a phone call made on tuesday night to vladimir putin to normalise tiny's the us ambassador was summoned to the kremlin on thursday to get be given what essentially was a dressing down mazak or over said it was not going to be a pleasant meeting for him and he says the u.s. behavior is aggressive and will receive divine decisive rebuff russia's
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ruble has actually recovered a lot of the ground it lost before the sanctions were announced this is thought to be partly because russia's central bank may now have to increase interest rates because of the sanctions but also because the restrictions on dealing in the russian ruble were not as severe and as strict as they could be perhaps the americans holding some other further tighter sanction options in reserve. still to come on al-jazeera. social media explain why. the attack began on a train much weeks later some families leave the violence trying to reach areas i'm hardly tossed in northern mines and week i'll be telling you some of before. it's time for the perfect gentlemen. sponsored point qatar airways
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because of all the weather on the cots coming into japan over the next day out so you can see the same area of cloud here that's just pushing across the korean peninsula into the sea of japan all associated with this weather front bumping into our area of high pressure group saying that rain making its way across western parts of japan initially the rain will climb is where cross the mountains and eastern areas by the end of sas they will turn rather unsettled it is a mobile feature that as we go on into sunday the skies brightened up temperatures in tokyo pick up to around $22.00 degrees celsius and pleasant spring sunshine coming back in a low cloud just coming in across the corridor into that western side of japan once again with some snow to play coming in over the mountains brought the skies there across the korean peninsula northern parts of china we have got disappointing visibility inequality here at present low $24.00 celsius in beijing southern parts of china seeing some very heavy rain for
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a time that rain stretches its way across in the china so what's the weather coming into the southern parts of myanmar because some rain see just hugging the foothills of the himalayas so when the pool butan far north of india left westley disturbance bringing some cloud and right here playing on st pete also popping off some showers out towards the faso elsewhere he's hot. support qatar airways. a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby had been evacuated as we've just got to really know and was. revealed secret so you were. sitting out there i mean people outraged you know mad and connections some don't want exposed many in like a simiar. mass shooting. us with al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. who
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. my. this is al-jazeera quite mind all of our top stories this hour the democracy activists in hong kong have been sentenced for taking a course in anti government process in 2019 from a politician martin lee was given a suspended sentence of 11 months media tycoon jimmy lie received 2 separate chilton's u.s. officials have released body count video of a chicago police officer fatally shooting a 13 year old boy last month adam toledo appeared soon raise his hands just before shots were fired. and members of men are as i said political parties ethnic leaders and anti cult protesters a form of what they're calling a national unity government it will operate in exile as part of resistance to the
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ruling generals. iran says it has successfully enriched uranium to 60 percent far beyond the limit sets under the terms of the 2015 clear deal that comes a day after more talks were held in vienna in that reviving the accords well discussions have to dress but were affected on an attack on iran's main nuclear facility last sunday u.s. president joe biden says he wants to rejoin the agreement but iran must 1st reverse its violations to han aunt's u.s. sanctions lifted let's go get more from a said big joins us live from to her and on one hand iran is negotiating to get this deal revived on the other it's enriching uranium to levels clearly brevity is in that agreement why are they doing that. well yes iran is doing that because it's
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a reaction to what they have called the act of sabotage last sunday at their main nuclear facility neck hands know iran announced that they would be enriching to 60 percent as well as installing a 1000 more advanced centrifuges that attack happened on sunday iran said it was nuclear terrorism and the cold in the europeans yesterday to condemn it and actually cuse them of having a weak response now yes it is above the limits allowed in the 2015 nuclear deal but iran has already passed those limits iran has been enriching up to 20 percent uranium enrichment since november that enrichment the increase in richmond was the reaction of the assassination of iran's elite nuclear scientists most in fact result in november if i take you back to 2015 iran was interesting to 20 percent when they signed that deal it was 3.67 percent when former president donald trump imposed sanctions in one waited for a year then went up to 4 percent now yesterday the president hassan rouhani said
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that iran has the ability to preserve richard 90 percent that's what the great clearly concerning for the united states and the europeans will iran is also using this as leverage for those talks so where does this leave these talks then because if they do get up to 90 percent weapons grade uranium they they can't unlearn this knowledge they can't really roll back the clock so is this action not threatening these talks with the united states and the other g c p u partners. well the president hasn't really hardly when he announced the iran can enrich to 90 percent he said iran's nuclear program is for peaceful and iran doesn't seek a nuclear weapon iran has maintained that line throughout and iran says if the united states returns to the deal and lift those sanctions iran will return to 3.67 enrichment stipulated by the 2015 nuclear deal the reason we're iran is enriching to these levels is to use it as political leverage but also to show that any
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attempt any attack against iran's nuclear facilities to try and slow down the nuclear program or to derail negotiations it won't happen that iran's nuclear program is up and running and iran has the capability to do that iran wants this deal the reason that iran is enriching to 60 percent now is because of that reaction to the attack in tents but also because of the internal political pressure because there are those that want to see a reaction every time iran is seen to be attacked so iran is happy to return to 3.67 percent they say as long or so sanctions are lifted then the united states returns to that 2015 nuclear deal. there brady is the view from her on thank you very much indeed. the un's world food program says almost a 1000000 people are facing severe hunger in northern nearly 700000 people have been displaced by fighting between government forces and armed groups i saw when
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2600 people have died since the conflict started 4 years ago. this report from a camp in couples or god or province. zubair our marshes 3 months ago dragged him into the forest saying they were going to chop off his head when he tried to escape they shot him. there are any. one of. they kept shooting at me and i kept running i hid in the bush for 3 days and 3 nights i was weak and i lost a lot of blood somebody found me and carried me to a place where boats were rescuing other people from my village that is how i survived. an armed group calling itself al-shabaab with links to eisele is behind this attack in fact they've been wreaking havoc in the region since 2017 their attacks have
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left at least 2600 people dead and uprooted nearly 700000 people. is one of them he now lives in a camp for internally displaced people is one of several in mozambique daugaard a province thousands of people now have no source of income and rely on humanitarian aid but many of them they have seen directly their relatives being here. either by shooting or by the capitation. many of them they don't know where they're at the are and they don't know if they are alive and there is no way for them to know because they don't have communication ways is now that you can call by cell what are you are still alive so just they don't know. another thing is also the living conditions like i'm in. you can see here it's very very small houses where sometimes you have 8 to 10 people living. a few kilometers down the road there is another even bigger camp this one was set up only
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a few months ago. the last census carried out by the government in december last year counted nearly 50000 people living in this camp since then attacks in towns and villages have grown in size and frequency humanitarian workers say many more people are now living here as well as an other camp in the problem the the most recent attack was in parma in march weeks later families are still arriving at reception centers desperately looking for food and shelter some of them could end up joining thousands of others already living in camps not sure if it will ever be safe enough for them to go back home. al jazeera out of province mozambique. pakistan has imposed a ban on all social media after violent protests earlier this week on wednesday security forces far to gas to disperse assistance following the arrest of the leader of the. pakistan party evil ijaz group wants the government suit sparrow the
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french ambassador it's also demanding a ban of french products after the publication of cartoons in france which depicts it's the prophet's mohammed's. australia's federal court says phone that google misled consumers about personal data collected the case involved settings in android smartphones google was phones have misrepresented what options were necessary for people's data notes to be collected online giant says it may appeal straight as consumer watchdog brought the case and says it's an important victory. to take companies particularly those providing services for free are in the interest in the business the business they are in is to collect as much data from you as possible therefore there's always that incentive to not perhaps be upfront with you in terms of walked out of they are collecting in
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case you object to it and they therefore have a list and they therefore miklas money. yes president joe biden is g. to hold his 1st meeting with the world leader in person since taking office japanese prime minister yesterday they suga has a rival in washington china is expected to dominate their talks as is the global economy. and abides in are concerned about it's a worldwide shortage show of semiconductor chips benefits as more. semiconductors are at the heart of the devices many of us use every day from phones to game console household electronics and medical diagnostics to name just a few but now there are a shortage of the vital silicon chips in my 30 year career i've never seen a. demand exceeding supply to the extent that we have supplies were tight before the pandemic hit but during the global lockdowns demand for more
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networking and more devices has skyrocketed now we're in a multi-year cycle where the demand is really outstripping the supply the crunch is crushing the u.s. auto industry at the beginning of the pandemic demand plummeted and automakers cut back production drastically but they underestimated how quickly demand would rebound when they raced to put in more orders late last year they were turned down by chip makers committed to supplying other industries when those workers that canceled it immediately got back filled by other areas of the market that actually stayed very robust recovery things like you know p.c.'s in person like tronics all these anything work from home starting from home play from home demanded an incredibly resilient and so that got to be got back on the name of the auto guys came up at a back way recently general motors the largest u.s. auto maker announced it would cut production even though demand is high if you look across the board i mean a shot a lot of factories are closed down chance for
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a lot of their popular crossovers as well so it's definitely. you know hitting the market the u.s. leads the world in semiconductor design but manufacturing is heavily concentrated in taiwan south korea and japan recently president joe biden called for strengthening u.s. manufacturing capacity as a matter of national economic security top administration officials are meeting with leading chip manufacturers in the meantime are reaching out to our allies semiconductor companies and others in the supply chain to ramp up production to help us resolve the bomb mix we face now increasing ship capacity will take time and it won't be cheap a single semiconductor plant can cost $20000000000.00 to construct robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. cuba's leadership is passing to a younger generation ro castro and before him his brother fidel wrote the islands for 60 years use on latin america editor the soon human power his seuss navarro and
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his wife haven't missed an episode of the series conquering a dream a special state t.v. production about the cuban communist party. it's part of the lead up to the end of the castro era window castro renounces his last and most powerful position for a moment by the secretary general of the only party that has ruled cuba for nearly 6 decades that means that about his entire life a castro has been in charge and if you see it would be hard to watch raul leave but will have to accept it. unlike his older brother fidel castro has been a family man more gregarious he and his wife the in my spin joined fidel castro to overthrow cuba's former dictatorship he always took a back seat to his brother but for half a century he controlled the military he was vice president and number 2 in the
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communist party. when fidel castro fell ill in 2006 it was fine it held castro's turn to run the country he quickly lifted nose from practices such as the prohibition for cubans to buy or sell property or a car or even stay at hotels and resorts for foreigners he introduced timid economic reforms to allow ordinary citizens to run small businesses. he oversaw the renewal of diplomatic ties with the united states and a historic visit by president barack obama in 2016 but what he did not change was his commitment to the communist party's total control. they didn't elect me as president to restore capitalism in cuba or to surrender the revolution in our. elected to defend maintain and continue perfecting socialism not to destroy it for more than half a century the same so-called historic generation with cloth with their own and
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fidel castro in the insurrection has held the most important positions in the party . but 5 years ago at the age of $85.00 alan castro announced that he and the rest would step down this april at the next communist party congress ordering. juge of the lore of life in the 7th congress will be the last one held by this is storage generation. but he is handing over the baton during an acute economic crisis brought on by the pandemic and more severe us economic sanctions and while these billboards appeal to cubans to resist my. interest now more open dissent than ever. he's hinted he'll retire and return to eastern cuba where he was born and where fidel castro is buried to spend the rest of his days in the countryside but many don't believe that he's going to be like a guy you know and the spiritual guy but in the end he is going to be.
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controlled in every scene like like all. almost 5 years after fidel castro died the last remaining castro brother is stepping down whether he remains in the communist party in a lesser capacity or as an elder statesman it's unlikely to mean the end of 89 year old role castro's influence at least in the immediate future. you see in human al-jazeera. my face is al jazeera and these are the headlines for democracy activists in hong kong have been sentenced for taking part in antigovernment protests in 2019 former politician martin lee was given a suspended sentence of 11 months and media tycoon jimmy lie received 2 separate jail terms.


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