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more shock and outrage over police brutality in the united states as body cam footage shows a chicago officer chasing and shooting dead a 13 year old boy. alone welcome i'm peter dobby you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up russia seeks to violate his united states we will respond the biden administration slaps new sanctions on moscow but also offers talks to
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defuse tensions. china post an incredible 18 percent rise in g.d.p. in the 1st quarter of 2021 despite a global downturn because of the pandemic will be live in shanghai. and hong kong's pro-democracy campaigners are in court to face sentencing for their role in the 2019 protests. the chicago police department released graphic video of the police shooting of a 13 year old latino boy the killing happened last month and the footage appears to show the boy turning to the police with his hands in the air before he was shot some viewers will find the following footage disturbing we've chosen not to show the moment he died is how to joe castro. the video you're about to see is incredibly disturbing it's 2 30 am and an officer wearing a body camera arrives at
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a black and latino neighborhood of chicago a police are valences jim had detected gunshots nearby and the investigating officer runs after a person down an alleyway. 3. children but. that person was 13 year old adam toledo chicago police had at 1st called this an armed confrontation with the police claiming the boy had been holding a gun and the video released 17 days later appears to tell a different story as to lead a lays crumpled his empty hands still raised in the hands of position fall next to his body with an earth stay with us they wake their way. i'm going to start c.p.r. i'm not. at him during his last 2nd of life did not have
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a gun in his hand. the officer screamed at him show me your hands adam complied turned around his hands were empty when he was shot in the chest at the hands of the officer. it had taken intense public pressure to convince chicago police to release the video toledo's mother had spoken to her son in the early april. up in the air. the civilian office of police accountability is investigating and the officer identified as eric stillman and obviously shaken immediately after the shooting is now on administrative duties the chicago police department was cited by the u.s. justice department in 2017 for civil rights violations aimed at minorities and a white officer who shot
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a black man 16 times in 2014 was convicted of murder we live in a city that is traumatized by a long history of police violence and misconduct so while we don't have enough information to be the judge and jury of this particular situation it is certainly understandable why so many of our residents are feeling an all too familiar surge of outrage and pain. chicago's mayor and the toledo family have issued a joint call for calm in the city acknowledging the painful footage will listen any motion no response from all who view it the last moments of a 13 year old who according to his mother had dreamed of becoming a police officer himself now dead at the hands of. castro al-jazeera. has spoken with an eyewitness who says police did not give don't a right immediate medical care after he was shot by an officer the 20 year old had
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been stopped by the police from minor traffic violation in the state of minnesota on sunday as she have a tendency to brooklyn center police have only released a few seconds of body count footage from just one of the officers involved in the shooting of 20 year old down to write the criminal complaint against officer kim potter says she fired quote one round into the left side of the victim the victim then stated that he shot me and the vehicle sped away for a short distance before crashing into another vehicle and coming to a stop the victim was pronounced dead at the scene off to a medical intervention was unsuccessful. carolyn hanson lives opposite the crime scene she rushed out of the house when she heard what was happening and she was quoted in media accounts discussing the aftermath for example in this article in the minneapolis star tribune carolyn hansen said she saw offices pulling out of a car and perform c.p.r. a passenger who got out of the vehicle was covered in blood she said is that the
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person you saw. housing told al-jazeera that she was misquoted she alleges that the official account does not report that a significant amount of time passed between the car coming to arrest and dante wright being given any medical care they waited these 4 minutes before they got him out of the car they got her out of you. right away if. you shot. and you recognize we realize you shot it and you should have done that then why is it your number one priority to go in and try and save his life and give him a chance in life why are you doing that handsome began filming minutes after she arrived so you can see wright's white car between the police vehicles no one is attempting to help right she says only a minute and a half off the she began filming right being given c.p.r. having been pulled from his car house and also says officer post did not immediately attend to right off to having shot him only off to backup arrived was anything done that was the 1st person there dragging my heart and doing anything
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she could to do it because she made that mistake if it was a mistake then that's what she would the lawyer for rights family says this is another argument for more transparency from the police this proves we need to see all the body cam video from all the offices to see if the police officer has rendered aid a media late for dante right that could a possibly saved his life we also brooklyn center police to speak to us but they've yet to respond question why does it appear it took so long for them to give. any medical assistance. and process a continuing outside the brooklyn sense a police department in minnesota many of them were carrying placards reading black lives matter while others put up tributes to the right on offense police say recent protests have been smaller and more peaceful than those on tuesday when 72 people
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were arrested. china has released record economic growth figures g.d.p. gross domestic product grew by 18.3 percent for the 1st quarter of this year as compared to the same period last year the i.m.f. the international monetary fund says china will drive global economic growth for at least the next 5 years that of course is while the rest of the world. from the global pandemic live now to shanghai correspondent katrina katrina headlining figure in context for us is it as good as it looks. well that's good but maybe not not good 18.3 meaning credible think or false especially given that we're in the middle of a pandemic not the biggest quarterly growth figure that china has posted since records began in 1993 but we have to remember that is it is a somewhat skewed think it because we're coming off a very low base this time last year china posted
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a historic contraction of them or 7 percent that really did set the stage for a massive rebound that we've seen this 18.3 percent there a very large figure was in line with what many economists were expecting now we have to look at this in terms of the context of china getting back to normal life last year we had to close some quite draconian measures to control 19 and because of that we saw this outbreak controlled relatively early compared to other countries for mig last year it started to make up for those losses economically and from september. we had kind of made up for those losses and continue to grow and so we actually soul in 2020 china's economy grew by 2.3 percent and it was the only major economy to do so so that's important but what is key to remember though china's economy economic growth has been robust it has been on even the loss of that is thanks in large part to a strong industrial sector a lot of these exports going to other countries especially those still affected by
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lockdowns and also this state led infrastructure building and some moderate stimulus as well is to thank for that worth where we haven't seen as strong growth has been though in the retail consumption area retail consumption domestic spending that isn't up where it was pretend demick and that's because many analysts believe that people are still affected by this pandemic. daytime his board is all still closed and all those people have resumed normal life based on not able to travel and people are still worried their confidence has been affected and so they are keeping tight control of their savings not spending as much and because of this the chinese government does not expect this kind of growth to continue for the rest of the year indeed they're expecting it to taper off and achieve about the 6 percent growth target for the entire year 21 katrina thank you very much katrina are you there in shanghai in the sangin is a senior fellow at the center for international business ethics at the university of international business and economics he says china has attracted huge foreign
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investment over the last 12 months china's intervention its stimulus was minuscule compared to what's been going on globally so i don't think there's a case to be made that china is the one that stimulating things into the unknown both europe and the us have so this idea that people are trying to do deals with beijing and actually the rhetoric is against beijing so this idea that somehow everyone's clamoring of the things you do see a tremendous amount of f.b.i. foreign direct investment coming in to try to you know but those are private companies these are not governments which are saying quite the opposite. u.s. president joe biden has signed off on sanctions against russia over primarily what is calling cyber attacks and other acts of hostility the kremlin has reacted by saying it will respond in kind of threat that followed a blanket denial as to by consensus there's still room for the 2 countries to work
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together as a white house correspondent kimberly how could. they are some of the most punitive u.s. measures taken against russia in years today i've been through several steps including expulsion of several russian officials just days after a phone call between u.s. president joe biden and russian president vladimir putin to secure a u.s. desire for a predictable relationship the united states announces surprise russia's sanctions we cannot allow foreign power to interfere in our democratic process with impunity more than 30 russian entities are being targeted at least 10 russian diplomats will be expelled from the united states and some tech firms are being punished for allegedly providing support to russian intelligence the sanctions also put in place rules banning some financial dealings involving russia's sovereign debt to choke off lending and inflict economic harm we want to stable predictable relationship
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and russia continues interfere with our democracy i'm prepared to take further actions to respond to. the white house says the sanctions are retaliation for russia's alleged aggressive actions including the occupation of crimea interference in u.s. presidential elections and last year solar winds hack that infiltrated the computers of thousands of u.s. businesses and government agencies. the sanctions also respond to unconfirmed intelligence alleging russia offered bounties as high as $100000.00 for killing u.s. soldiers in afghanistan intelligence officials haven't confirmed the russia bounty program still the white house. says we have course will not stand by and accept the targeting of our personnel by any elements including a foreign state actor this information really puts the burden on russia and the russian government to explain their engagement here the sanctions come just days
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after u.s. intelligence identified russia as one of the most serious threats to the united states and officials warn that sanctions may not be the only retaliation suggesting clint destine actions may still be yet to come kimberly helped at al-jazeera the white house still to come on this program the former police officer accused of killing george floyd has chosen not to testify at the trial. and the chips but just how bad is the worldwide shortage of semiconductors. now for fairly quiet weather throughout the arabian peninsula the showers picking up again which means it will be not as humid in qatar as an example there be a bit more dust in the air brought down towards the u.a.e.
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the fanned out into the empty quarter of saudi and showers seem like is the wind cold around the high ground in western side and the lower ground actually they might even reach riyadh next day or so otherwise the sun is blazing hot and things are warming up particularly in the van look at jerusalem's forecasts for 31 does that seem unusual to you we probably should put this color background on overseas pretty woman everywhere oranges and reds but in particular in jerusalem you should be saying about $22.00 by days or well about that the record is $35.00 you might get close to that by sunday yeah it's only april and already pretty hot now things than elsewhere are relatively quiet the shamar dies down by the end of sunday it was 232 degrees in doha the seasonal right in africa has moved north allowing the sun to do its work here today are we going to autumn here but this red line that takes you through zimbabwe probably down towards southern and go down the maybe a few some record high temperatures not waltz will reach cape time in the next few
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days. but. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work out. in the world god the threat we still believe might. inspire in documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. i am the voice we are the. witnesses on al-jazeera. i've.
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been watching al-jazeera welcome if you're just joining us let's just recap your top stories officials have released body cam footage of a chicago police officer fatally shooting a 13 year old boy last month shows an officer running after adam toledo in an alleyway the teenager appeared to raise his hands right before the shots were fired . the u.s. president joe biden has called on russia to deescalate tensions after he imposed sanctions against moscow for alleged election interference and cyber attacks biden insists there's still room for the 2 countries to work together. china's g.d.p. grew by a record 18.3 percent for the 1st quarter of this year as compared to the same period last year while the rest of the world still recovers from the pandemic. a group of pro-democracy activists in hong kong are to be sentenced in the coming few hours for taking part in antigovernment protests and 2019 among them is the veteran
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campaigner martin levy who helped launch the city's biggest opposition party in the 1990 s. and media tycoon already behind bars in connection with a separate case is also to be sentenced today the 21000 protests were spurred by beijing's tightening squeeze on freedom across the territory it has more from hong kong. this is a magistrate's court which means the maximum sentence that the magistrate can hand out for a single conviction is 2 years with 3 years for multiple sentences but it's possible that the prosecution could appeal against that and have the case moved to a district court where they could then face a possibility of up to 5 years now the court is just adjourned for lunch after the magistrate heard mitigating pleas from defense lawyers in the hope that their clients can get a more lenient sentence the 7 defendants all of them former lawmakers all of them
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veterans of hong kong's pro-democracy movement arrived at the court in fairly upbeat mood they were philosophical they said they were prepared to accept whatever sentence was given to them today they've all been accused of taking part or rather convicted of taking part in an authorized assembly in august 2019 the charges that they participated in an organized that demonstration which grew more than 1700000 people now in the past few months be seen a wave of prosecutions here in hong kong that in many ways of help to restore order here but we're also seeing and it's playing out rapidly that china is remaking hong kong very much in its image the u.s. president joe biden will hold his 1st meeting with the world leader in person since he took office the japanese prime minister you know she had
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a sugar has arrived in washington for those talks china is expected to dominate their discussions the u.s. and japan are concerned about chinese military exercises near taiwan and human rights abuses engine gian and hong kong. the global economy is another focus of the talks between mr biden is to show the 2 leaders are concerned about the will wide shortage of semiconductor chips rob reynolds takes up the story. semiconductors are at the heart of the devices many of us use every day from phones to game console household electronics and medical diagnostics to name just a few but now there are a shortage of the vital silicon chips in my 30 year career i've never seen a. demand exceeding supply to the extent that we have supplies were tight before the pandemic hit but during the global lockdowns demand for more networking and more devices has skyrocketed now we're in
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a multi-year cycle where the demand is really outstripping the supply the crunch is crushing the u.s. auto industry at the beginning of the pandemic demand plummeted and automakers cut back production drastically but they underestimated how quickly demand would rebound when they raced to put in more orders late last year they were turned down by chip makers committed to supplying other industries when those workers that cancelled it immediately got back filled by other areas of the market that actually stayed very robust recovery things like you know he sees in person like tronics all these anything work from home starting from home plate from home demanded an incredibly resilient intellect that immediately got back on the name of the auto guys came up at a back why recently general motors the largest u.s. automaker announced it would cut production even though demand is high if you look across the board i mean a shot a lot of factories are closed down shots for a lot of their popular crossovers as well so it's definitely hitting you know
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hitting the market the u.s. leads the world in semiconductor design but manufacturing is heavily concentrated in taiwan south korea and japan recently president joe biden called for strengthening u.s. men. factory capacity as a matter of national economic security administration officials are meeting with leading chip manufacturers in the meantime are reaching out to our allies semiconductor companies and others in the supply chain to ramp up production tempus resolve the mom likes we face now increasing ship capacity will take time and it won't be cheap a single semiconductor plant can cost $20000000000.00 to construct robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles and the fates of the former minneapolis police officer derrick chauvin will soon lie in the hands of the jury his lawyers rested their case on thursday he chose not to testify and they're arguing show in should not be convicted in the george floyd murder trial john hendren has
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a story from minneapolis. your honor at this time the defense rests with that testimony ended in one of the most highly charged u.s. civil rights trials in decades i have repeatedly advised you that this is your decision and your decision i'm correct the defendant former police officer derek show ven will not testify i will invoke my 5th amendment privilege today that ended weeks of speculation on whether chauvin would take this stand which would have opened him up for aggressive questioning from prosecutors now after a long weekend the lawyers will go before the jury once more for closing arguments on monday then the jury will be sequestered that is isolated until they render a verdict that could take days weeks or even months the judge said when packing hope for short plan for long. over the 1st 11 days the prosecution presented
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a damning case with medical experts. in this case mr george george floyd died from a cardio pulmonary arrest. it was caused by low oxygen levels and those low oxygen levels were induced by the prone restraint and positional asphyxiation that he was subjected to then there was the police chief who finally jovan the day after he was seen for 9 minutes and 29 seconds kneeling on floyd until the life out of him that in no way shape or form is anything that. is by policy is not part of our training and it is certainly not part of our ethics are about these and there were emotional interviews i believe when a murder he showed like hollow to treat a mom in how to respect he he just he loved her so dearly it's been month i stayed. apologizing in.
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the palace. for you for not doing more in not. physically in around in. a not facing his life the defense spent just 3 days to make its case arguing that show vun did nothing wrong i fell off the showbiz interactions of mr floyd were following his training. following current practices in policing and were objective be reasonable. and that floyd died from a combination of a drug overdose heart trouble and maybe even car exhaust the your opinion that mr show business in any way impacted the structures of mr ford's no. no did not. now the city that erupted into turbulent riots after floyd's death waits anxiously
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and fearfully. wondering if the verdict will reignite the fiery civil unrest of the long violent summer of 2020 john hendren al jazeera minneapolis. brazil's supreme court has confirmed its decision to a null criminal convictions against the former president lula da silva last month the court ruled that luna was not treated fairly in a series of corruption investigations justice commonly reversed her earlier position tipping the court's 5 judge panel in lula's favor. eligible to run in next year's election against the current president. the u.s. is calling for the immediate withdrawal of eritrean fighters from ethiopia's to grave reachin there have been reports that eritrean forces are dressing as ethiopian military in order to remain there there also been widespread reports of a continuing conflict in that particular region let's get the latest report from
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that story. her 2 children were waiting for her to come home with food when she was pulled off a bus in ethiopia region to be gang raped and beaten by $23.00 soldiers over the course of 11 days the incident happened in february in the city of. she recalls what one of the men 1st said. he said to me listen to me you go where we tell you to go otherwise we will blast your belly out with this knife we don't want to waste any of the bullets we will cut your throat with this knife then i screamed out villagers found her unconscious and bleeding she had a broken leg and severe internal injuries at the hospital doctors removed blood soaked items including nails that soldiers forced into her body after she was raped evidence of the kind of crime that is becoming more common in this conflict these are idiots who are aware. going to get facility. is being
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efficient and so they're courageous enough to come to this facility and these are people who are close to the city's majority of. people are living in the area and so i would assume that the number of cities that people tend to graze top public health official said women are being used as sexual slaves the 27 year old is one of hundreds who have accused ethiopian and allied eritrean soldiers of horrific acts of sexual violence well i think it is you that is got that in the whole i have spent a month in this hospital i'm receiving treatment my legs do not to me they are broken my back is broken let alone moving i can't even get up i cannot control my hearing there is a mix if you are in blood coming out if me the enemy has destroyed my life.
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if the o.p.'s prime minister has acknowledged incidents of rape and said perpetrators will be brought to justice but if european and eritrean leaders have also accused activists from the tigre a people's liberation front who they've been fighting since november of faking rape cases as a propaganda tool this despite their own health officials confirming hundreds of cases survivors describing similar incidents and showing injuries consistent with rape still recovering in hospital she spoke of another kind of pain the soldiers had taken her phone and she had no way of speaking to her 4 year old son and 6 year old daughter when she left them with their grandmother to search for food they only had enough bread to last less than a week. zain bus ravi others here. india has recorded more than 200000 new covered 19 infections for the 2nd consecutive day the country is now the 2nd worst affected
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country in terms of cases the authorities are looking to import oxygen levels around dangerously low the latest largest search is in the state of maharashtra where morgues have been overwhelmed health experts say large political and religious gatherings are exacerbating the problem. and if you thought of a one man meat eating dinosaur the size of a school bus is intimidating how would you feel with $2500000000.00 of them scientists estimate the total number of tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs that have room and they did so for about 2500000 years mostly in western north america scientists came up with these numbers after studying the animal's body mass and life expectancy among other factors. peter dobby with your top stories here. officials have released body cam footage of
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a chicago police officer fatally shooting a 13 year old boy last month and shows an officer running after adam toledo in an alleyway.


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