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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations How To Sell A Massacre P1  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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witness presents off the suit on and just that's show patience is still must go on. play an important role. ringback the. hello i'm barbara sarah in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera a move by the u.s. to punish russia for its alleged election interference has prompted warnings of retaliation the sweeping new sanctions are in response to what the white house called the stabilizing actions both online and using the military the kremlin now says the u.s. has no right to tell it not to escalate matters but president biden's press secretary said the actions were unacceptable our objective here is not to escalate
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our objective here is to impose costs for what we feel are. unacceptable actions by the russian government some of these are done in court nation with our european partners and allies in the past and our view is that when there are actions that are taken that are unacceptable that are not aligned with our interests that we feel. go beyond what should be acceptable from any country you have a partner or relationship with then there should be consequences america's top diplomat is in afghanistan to reassure the government of continued u.s. support this fight a full withdrawal of troops by september secretary of state anthony blinkenlights president bashar funny and chief executive of the love the law in kabul lincoln says there will be a new push for diplomacy but it's time for u.s. troops to return home. well maintained the american tradition of providing
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humanitarian assistance for those most in need including women girls and refugees i share that message in all my duties today with president danny with chairman i believe with representatives from civil society who are working for change every single day in their communities throughout the country the united states will remain afghanistan steadfast partner we want the afghan people countries in the region and the international community to know that fact it's also a very important message for the taliban to hear the stage is set for the closing arguments in the trial over george floyd's death after the accused the police officer of the cited not to give evidence both prosecution and defense rested their case says after their it show when the climb to testify the judge told the jury that cannot be interpreted as an admission of guilt i have repeatedly advised you
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that this is your decision and your decision on mom i've read. i have advised you and we have gone back and forth on the matter with the common understanding right now so those. on after the meeting. last night we had some further discussion. and have you made a decision today whether you intend to testify or mother you in time to invoke your 5th amendment privilege. i will invoke my 5th amendment privilege today. is this your decision not to testify it is your honor all right. a u.s. police officer who fatally shot a young unarmed black man has appeared in court to ontario right were shot on sunday after being stopped by police for a traffic violation officer kim porter was charged with manslaughter and released on bail the incident reignited the days of protests against racial inequality and
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police brutality police say the officer mistakenly drew her gun instead of her taser me. ya see the difference this is a case in this is the david but no money if you will squeal with a big ugly law these 2 are hurting our family is hurting our blood has been spilled in are we any as it pleases he didn't is name it please help us to go on here and get something down on a conviction something. those are the top stories stay with us al jazeera investigations is next thanks for watching.
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think. the. full 3 years old is here is been investigating the pro-gun lobby destiny is here. filming with hidden cameras inside america's national rifle association. the only good stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy. entrenching a political party from a stranger as they seek millions of dollars from the us come will be great 3 and a $1000000.00 a week when he actually washed 5 seats of the senate. in secretly recorded
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meetings the one nation political party promises to reverse a stranger's junk control has. gone charge that people are going to be lookers further go truck help them get out of the truck or some you know it will or the whole must be stopped. mother to fund. such. i say even beneficial i want to take steps in the right directions because the biggest i mean we don't get ourselves and our look at us for. the we work of that. one nation learns from the us gun lobby how to sell a message to johns to. top that off that's what the n.r.a.
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very well. meant how to smear supporters of gun control by choosing them of exploiting a message to. stand for it so those children were cho this. to be about jack nice with me. just mike my die yet you. get to. the group the bugs. were all. this was an essay on a very. honest really is queensland coast synod to pauline hanson is addressing supporters of who conservative political party one nation.
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and i'll take action as. i was there on and your heart and i'll just have you. with the federal election looming senator hansen is running her message that is straight your is in trouble. well i 8 was not in that office chair os. i am and not the century. hansen is a senator leading a populist right wing party that bears the name. for years she's pushed a hard line and he immigration policy and plan to tell us that hands to you east. asian us in the house why should something be what we in this country thanks one nation's chief of staff james ashby is one of senator henson's top infosys. he's an
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architect of her battle plan for the coming polish. based on. a nice and healthy 6 which is. gin. and. thank. you tony. and in the audience roger malone a proton that picture to. his calls to source to firearms legislation brought him to one nation's in a circle to. those who thought it was just life itself. is the public face of gun rights astray oh. my god brother molly
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from. we don't have al brought so it's got out as a thought limited and they've just come out with legislation that picks on farmers gun crime has been decreasing at a steady right in the meantime it's all a social media. roger has a reputation for high level connections within the pro-gun community in the united states including senior executives such as chris cox from the national rifle association. no no not well this. roger has made it clear to america's gun lobby that he wants more guns in the hands of the straight guns here in louisville kentucky at the n.r.a. can't will be disagree please bear with us there roger miller who is here all the way from sydney australia my goodness gracious and this is your 1st entering the 1st annual meeting and it's a very impressive show the event was expected to attract 70000 people some of them
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from all over the world then to die nobody saying everyone has to have a gun what we're saying is it needs to be a rational to buy from australia to the lane of the free lodging where travel to the generate convention and from down under here you know right on france to learn more about what you know is done with that some great conversations with them and then down. looking down i. told. you to. put your my life isn't who he claims to be. he's working undercover for me into charlie. rose that very interesting i'm a reporter from al-jazeera is investigative unit we created gun rights astray as
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a front in order to infiltrate the pro-gun lobby and understand how they operate they guys yeah right i won here in louisville at the n.r.a. conference 2007 saying that i conference to get a look at the website by soliciting sees a. road used concealed cameras to film officials from the n.r.a. even broke shoulders with donald trump jr. he briefed me on what he'd seen and heard. over a period of 3 years roger handed over hundreds of hours of hidden camera recordings . case in 2018 roger attended a one nation function in sydney. and i think it needs education and we. increased the time the school the board in the senate.
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when roger introduced himself to james ashby and told him about his powerful us context the one nation chief of staff said he wanted to meet the. people he thought might fund the party as it prepares for the polls. with the promise to loosen the strain used on the rules. you guys. look at a special guest that i state dixon is the head of the one nation party here in queensland and a senate candidate they don't stay at for pleasure to match. so i stay futilely a little bit more about the one nation gun policy well 1st right before we are we are pro-gun when ugly people in this country on and on one nation's proposed review of jungle was was devised by steve dixon. he's a former state government minister now one nation's party leader in queensland and he's running for a seat in the senate in australia's upcoming elections i had
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a week actually mike the difference between you know orange types was the strategy and also the tactical and sensible a more people can actually get involved in shooting or thank you god and think if he always. said it harry say you know i'm nice with me just my mind i. miswrote you infiltrated the one nation party the leaders wanted him to plan a trip to america to forge contacts with the n.r.a. . it was invited to the party headquarters and was greeted by james ashby. it's been. 31 the. caucus here. the. bit of luck america should this be because why is it i feel so passionate about
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america sometimes i'll be in a very crowded room in the country one of the struggle. is for my country you know but really like oh well i mean one of us right here the 2 got is that was our weather conditions here at home. aren't we going to go. dixon says he dreams of changing a straight news jungle was to make them more like those in america. well enough to watch them break away. but there are more one bottle of the stuff ok operator life what a night to do it and what you find out it is because that's what it's like barter to be quiet kid in the game he's going to do anything. if you package it up with some of a good lords of finance for governor perry said perry. the
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death toll continues to rise at port arthur where a gunman today when time random shooting spree the nightmare unfolded around hop publishes a new thing to get in a cafe but come the fall in the top 5 right gunmen stormed around the area unchallenged keeping his victims in this room playing. the blues dixon proposes to soften up put in place following a message to a new strain in town of port arthur in 996. odd neighborhood it got into fall so my immediate thought was that it was a cop that are. going around. in what was then one of the worst measure routings ever recorded in the world so he 5 people were murdered. i'm seeing people. shot and then i saw him and he had this massive very. large military rifle. and he was coming up
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behind my daughter. the killer was using an a.o.l. 15 assault rifle it would become a weapon of choice in mass killings in america for years to come. no one's running no one's screaming. that with every. it's 5 is another life go on. and there's another life goal and is not a life gone. and you feel your ride motel she. walked past myself and my daughter i'm on the floor shoots in the back. and he shot my 2 shot in the back. and i can see his fate asked. the atrocity led to a swift and ready call repeat of his trade use candles. i will do everything humanly
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possible to get an effect open gun control situation in this country. would find it. absolutely out except. that with his car and our bubble. of about 70 automatic automatic and simeon automatic firearms were banned and in what became known as the national firearms agreement more than 650000 guns were destroyed. the gun laws of probably a standout social reform not in not strident and in fact the club is significant because a striker is able to demonstrate a before and after a chimes of his skull in the run up to the fore to offer meska a strike it was tracking inside the level and right metrics as the americans but since not in $96.00 and 0 fresh troops of paper but not the silent instructor. the poet author of paints is etched into the minds of anyone with
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a lot at that time it was a pivotal event to establish saif gunnels for australia the national firearms agreement covers everything from the style of our arms the ownership the responsible use of. and it's very very fun and that will strike some crowd and it keeps us safe. much we want to follow. that is really the nuts and bolts because we think this. one nation is excited about traveling to the u.s. and what a meeting with the n.r.a. might deliver. to get a pretty good thing up we want to get through you're. right $3000000.00
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a week when he said question about statesmanship you might be a good model michael we are going to go you need on your leg a decision today. dixon asks for guidance on how best to deal with the american gun lobby. it's better that we not you know but frankly if ya want to get. pissed off because that's not the reason we got. that i don't want to go out of the absolutely but this right up and up able i'm good i'm even that with the muscle. i asked roger to hopes a chill the n.r.a. is indorsements of pulling henson. we need to want to them this is about the suspect in china getting your medical unit stronger they can actually work with you not it's types in the wider you know it's right because i want the investment you know it's such a shuttle mission i'm going to go watch too much difference maybe. it's the left
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wing anti gunners who literally point to australia using the mainstream media as the shining model as to why we need gun bans and gun confiscation. the n.r.a. is so troubled by his trail use strict firearms laws that it's targeted the issue in videos like this. suggesting that a stranger's national firearms agreement is a failure and must be scrapped america we have for an american will not stand for a government any guff trampling our rights. dixon says that by funding a social media campaign the n.r.a. could promote one nation without handing over any cash. we can get a $1000000.00 fuck you it would suck i don't. even need the funding i just need want if we get one that struck just for us. and if we need to touch them. that
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way the in a ray would promote one nation social media content while providing cover for their financial contributions just give them if they have the cottage country it will give them the option. that it never i mean if. this dixon believes that as a veteran politician he knows how to make deals like that have been. on. each experience and work through it in the turn. on the. say oh. it's that and then we got to go. see it in the know it. in all of history there's always been a time in a place when patriots stand up and rise up against the decree of the elites
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and shout no more. and the n.r.a. convention in 2016 roger witnessed the power of the gun lobby's messaging and influence in u.s. politics. i'm officially announcing the n.r.a. is indorsement of donald trump are present. ah. my sons have been members of the n.r.a. for many many years and they're incredible they have so many rifles and so many guns sometimes even i get a little bit concerned that it has a lot. to would be president will go in and i write a script america's 2nd amendment the right of u.s. citizens to carry a gun is under threat. and he will make sure nobody ever takes anybody's guns away
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. i will not let you down remember that i will not. be messaging to the gun community increasingly has been built on fear government's going to take away your guns they often use the united nations as a demon as they have demonized hillary clinton and bill clinton before them and using fear to gin up support fund raising new members and guns. hillary clinton wants to abolish the 2nd amendment just remember that we're not talking about changes she wants to abolish the 2nd amendment show when i can let that happen i can tell you that right now. from the inside the playbook influencing public opinion.
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in the states a bit so maybe you could be right and we're going to fight. me. when one nation landed in washington d.c. roger was there to meet them oh i got you know i think it's safe to say you know he had set up meetings for dixon and ashby into his drug lobby contacts in those years and i could tell you again yes he's dixon's visit to the united states. but like all the big thing the middle east fear yeah the big optimist that is the the washington monument.
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the trip is timed so they can attend one of the gun lobby's most influential gatherings of the here. the dinner is organized by the congressional sportsman's foundation. first you know you. are. very. close to. what comes up location to raise cash for the gun lobby.
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the one nation visitors regale guests with tales of life down under. would normally be allowed on guns in a study to show protection to me and i believe that might be true in saigon that we've been in when it was most and we just got it we got quiet put it down to becoming the you know let's go to 25 feet in then. really. it is like you know it was fun because i still enjoy doing it but it's stealing the everything going on. it is the country's going to iowa. they tell tim soles his front row cheerleaders for the u.s. president donald trump and we've still got a nice i mean it's in the good stead of how he saw her down the road we were out and i'll bet with him i know i'm out of it all the parishes we are back with i'll find her in my house and i kind of went over. to the truck she is i don't think i
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wish and it's a trial i. thought . oh time i'm not. gonna block. the one nation visitors till potential donors to their party that they want to change jungle respect. the people in their country it's really yours but it's wrong because. dixon discusses the strenuous firearms laws with congressman ted but here we are back to the much profit of the population or the gun out of which you are in complete denial he gives congressman a warning the banning of automatic weapons in a stretch is the beginning of a trend that threatens to take hold in the u.s.
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yet the bellwether never. really think that if you. get a look at the bottom of the. playoff it's like honestly. people that if that sounds like you might. get a beer there except for. the benefit of hangover. we were. empowered to one nation gets advice from the n.r.a. on how to sell a message and smear the critics of gun ownership. children but work on the job. and they discuss how an injection of gun lobby cash put effect one nation's chances in the upcoming elections you're on a lot of announced after the pattern of the government.
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in pakistan's largest city climate change and water shortages and driving some residents to desperate measures it's 101 east meets the water of corruption funneled to 0. hello i'm barbara starr in london these at the top stories on al-jazeera a move by the u.s. to punish russia for its alleged election interference has prompted warnings of retaliation the sweeping new sanctions are in response to what the white house called the stabilizing actions both online and using the military the kremlin now says the u.s. has no right to tell it not to escalate matters but president biden's press secretary said the actions were unacceptable. our objective here is not to escalate
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our objective here is to impose costs for what we feel are. unacceptable actions by the russian government some of these are done in court nation with our european partners and allies in the past and our view is that when there are actions that are taken that are unacceptable that are not aligned with our interests that we feel. go beyond what should be acceptable from any country you have a partner relationship with then there should be consequences america's top diplomat is in afghanistan to reassure the government of continued u.s. support this fight a full withdrawal of troops by september secretary of state anthony blinken met president ashraf ghani and chief executive of the love in kabul lincoln says they'll be a new push for diplomacy but it's time for u.s. troops to return home. former police officer derek chauvin has chosen not to
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testify in the trial over george floyd's death both prosecution and defense have now rested their cases closing arguments will start on monday. the u.s. police officer who fatally shot a young unarmed black man has appeared in court to want to write home sunday after being stopped by police for a traffic violation officer kim paltrow was charged with manslaughter and released on bail police say the officer mistakenly drew her gun instead of her taser. and india has recorded more than 200000 new corona virus infections in the past 24 hours that's its highest daily tally yet it's now the 2nd worst effect that country for total infections behind only the united states those are the top stories stay with us algis their investigations continues next i'll have the al-jazeera news that we're for you at the top of the hour as to what life.
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they're like thank you so much for how as. a right way and these people that. sat in the well. and that they had me 15 that it came with a decision i'm trying to fight thank you we even got the glory right through to you the things pests do. in america's midwest n.r.a. volunteers are gathering to help promote the organizations newly endorsed presidential candidate. rogers. yeah i hear there are enough of you know the police chief faculty got to get those dogs back. out of you know. raj of funds a recurring message amongst those assembled here destroy use strict jungle was said a disturbing international precedent and it's imperative that the legislation be
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changed. because we're going to come back to australia to work towards oh i shall have my blood going now to turn other exhibited that dying also on your person that . will donate i'm doing a great job and i thought my social lives are going to be that the son of the house has a shop where i seriously i get everything. the volunteers told roger hell the n.r.a. sways public opinion. play howard on the phone or ability of women women women you know women protecting themselves c.d.a. bill is it shouldn't she be allowed to protect your child just so why are you trying to take just away from perkins like you somehow put it into the context i can ruin your view that i take away her choice detectorists me of what kind of barbarian i'll use to write. my name is dave and i
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want to hear with. i ask you to question the watch. following a script written for them by the n.r.a. the ohio volunteer group will make hundreds of calls tonight the honorees indorsed on trial for this from us to do everything in his power to protect our 2nd amendment rights are you planning us or. one of the volunteers who's just 12 years old and has been working the phones in ohio for weeks i doubt they. are shit you know how they can be justified for. his mother says he's now made more than 2000 coolers urging voters to put donald trump in the white house. stage lp oh. yeah and then we're not going to hear it we have to look at that chris thank you for taking the time to speak this call was paid for by the right for. you
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thank you never greedy. the head of the n.r.a. recorded a widely broadcast message to its members celebrating trump's victory. on november 8th you the 5000000 men and women of the national rifle association of america are with the 10s of millions of gun owners all over this country who followed your lead achieved a truly extraordinary story even a hard growing accomplishment you were the special forces that swung this selection and said donald trump and mike pence to the white house. finds some work for god and i'm adama psyche's of the line and i'm so happy about it because this is putting out a famous speech to everyone around the world that the people have is now happening . to one nation to gather so the hotel. so close to the system. just not
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a lot of them. they have meetings lined up and they're feeling guilty and. see that was sitting in . washington they say to set the story we're talking about how we want to treat what. calculates health money from the gun lobby can push one nation's future. we take you know now on you tube to see you know now. that. you it went to
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you would you would you in on a lot of house after you've had dogs. who conjecture of my fear that. if one nation could get in here you know it's got to be because my state senate seats get. healthy the better. the next day i should be an excellent visit the and i raise institute philip just with action. so. brandy graham is a senior n.r.a. lobbyist it's a good job to make sure congress maintains a pro-gun agenda. the united states a lot of times they don't look and i'm struck you know. there's a problem we have to make you know i mean. she has a tip for one nation on how to mobilize pro-gun advocates work from the ground up.
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i don't care if you are right only have 6 of your buddies. back and share them as long as they're $20.00 for the organization or whatever it is trying to raise if we have it both need to spend $40.00 or more and that's the reason it was. going to struggle is probably one of the most important thing it's a roy 1st brothers culture we're going to lose both drugs if you're trying to play . the n.r.a. would welcome one nation using the right to self-defense as an argument to change restraint used jungle was. i think very beneficial if you are all able to take steps in the right direction to start providing protection to people then again that helps us because the biggest hurdle i would get from fabs it's a look at australia. they're continually attacking us that's never ending.
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or we want to kill al. trucks that people are going to go for this product go dark. they have to go to a politically correct problem and it. fortune or you know it will force the whole was reached on the. men to help storm that kicks in and asks to brandy graeme's assistance with all the meetings in washington. people who might be aware of the symbolic infrastructure. people see who is stopping this infection. if you can course know aggressive people when you talk we like to think you're like my we do our people on the ground. graham offers to connect one nation to energy giant industries whose massive political donations put donald trump into wealth as
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. if he can talk about if that. got all sins and the other issues that. we never knew then that it won't help our quarrel. but graham has a warning for one nation guests public support for gun rights can carry a risk particularly when news breaks of another mess killing the. bus fairly well this is at least 38 death threats which is crazy you know these people they hate guns they're in they're going to shoot us it was. a gunman fires more than a 1000 rounds from his hotel suite. coming. into a crowd attending a music concert followed by. everybody a good crowd. $59.00 level of children and full
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$141.00 on. the less vegas massacre is one of $346.00 permission tings the took place in the us that year. 8 children are being killed every day in this country over you know 340 people are being shot every day. 39773 people were shot dead in america in 2070. well look we do we're just if we give your guard mike sure you will still keep your girl unconscious tried. but the one nation visitors are meeting the n.r.a. is p.r.t. . jeff bridges they're the people who deal with reporters when
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a mesh shooting takes place. you go out with you see there's this big oh my wallet says the size of my. lungs don't side is one of the can i raise senior media liaison officers if another measure happens in a straight he advises one nation to smear his supporters of gun control by accusing them of exploiting the tragedy there used to raise those children or. not is that if you. if your policy isn't good enough to stand still oh. there were one or. the really good that's a good we're able we always do the right behind it's us they want to drag him into it and there's a bad story about a photo of a child gets further shocked when. they want to call the n.r.a. 1st for a home what do we have to do with this. that's remote. part of the and i'll
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raise public relations team. we will not comment because we don't want our media that story they have nothing to do. so we generally just what. they do comment the n.r.a. has a blueprint for managing the media hafetz hafetz office and that is an effective communication strategy and that's what the n.r.a. gets very well we the people have had it we've had it with your narratives your propaganda your fake news. the n.r.a. a text critiques in the media it accuses them of being part of a detached elite. and being out of touch with main street america. we try very hard to promote that the n.r.a. is made up of average americans that look and sound like the rest of america that we're not like some sort of outlier one of the related. you have
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a vet the farmers to cal boys the loggers the drug grabbers you don't know the mile from me and live on the land or the brave cops who fight the good fight in the war zone samba national rifle association of america. predicts safest place and we've had it with your pretentious tone deaf assertion that you are in any way truth or fact based journalism. the big thing right now is to get your message out there on filter. we want to speak directly to our members and supporters. recession the lies you hear. the bypass. we're going to face the new york times and find out just what deep rich means to this old grey had we're going to laser focus on yourself called honest pursuit of truth and sort we're coming for you to all this so i'll shoot why are all
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of those the sons of god so if you think this is something that we support inventors of some sort of policy though and we. of course our reaction is the same as any other verse very. quickly outgrew that website only back and i want right. now that's the sort of stuff we're up guys you know them by writing everyone you know of by their very very or entire manner of truck. and that's the white maker's cross over. here something happens here not the style you know it's like. when you try to look at it with children that were made. without nashiri we're having not buddy who shot and trap another we don't know our wall of the compound what. happened you know more people who kill trucks you know probably a lot of what will strike that's what happens in the struggle. mike
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. phelan times today another mess killing this time it's a high school in pocklington florida the disc told 17. these are not just numbers these are faces these are family members these are people of the community. that are being slaughtered all across the country. 6 minutes and 20 seconds with an a r 15 and my friend carmen would never complain to me about piano practice aaron finest would never call kiera miss sunshine alex shocked or would never walk into school with his brother ryan scott beagle would never joke around with cameron
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at camp palin or mc would never hang out after school with. my colleagues today had to go pick up her daughter for 11 year old daughter from a damn good school in new york city because there was a threat of a school shooting to day. to day this is what i just think this is i guess kids are texting their parents that there was going to be a shooting and i ran there to find a ton of parents so upset picking up their kids. that's today. much more must be it for me more than to go to the you know the good luck thank god there's crime from the grip of this crime from the schoolhouse how much more will be necessary just coming.
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in when i'm going out to talk to the families of these loved ones that have been killed and you know sometimes. i'll sit there and i just stare at them in the waiting room. knowing that what i'm about to do is going to completely change their life i'm about to. tell them that their loved one is never coming back. and i will tell you looking at. the faces of those mothers sisters you know brothers fathers those faces are often chiseled into my memory. what was frustrating is that hollywood in the bankruptcy just dumped all this money in the one nation visitor's good the and now raise take on the student protests following the public in the high school shooting. brandy graham said the survivors
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have become the puppets of anti gun at you take his. basic classes and your organizing in time what to say what to do who they do interviews with who they so with all history by days going to one word just think it was not. and to those politicians supported by the n.r.a. that allowed the continued slaughter of our children in our future i say get your resumes ready. the n.r.a. publicly mulct students who just witnessed the killing of their classmates. this kid ought to be marching against an hypocritical police structures they hate machines their constant except hold on no you never going to take the car. you want to attack a teenager who went to a school shooting that's who's your enemy now is a school shooting survivor a kid who doesn't want to die. but that it is but that it we hear the 1st gunshot
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echoing through the hallways. our 1st response was not sounded a lot like a gunshot or the every day of the day on the media and now they're getting or it's time to get on the side not this is going to be a mess and to you for the citizens like all those that is going to walk away from his phone like i was believe or. not mind he wasn't actually there or the shooting to profit he went home and take back the media that. i'm never. surprised. but david was at the shooting he recorded a video when he was the killings were taking place.
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videos like that abroad to boost and. ways. to exploit tragedy for political gain. and legacy media love mass. the love that. mothers. care not about america's school system and. if they truly care what they would do is they would protect their goal is to eliminate this. so they can eradicate all individual freedoms. they've had enough. they've had enough and they're going to tell you to your face when. you're peddling
11:53 pm
. painful look in the mirror and ask yourself if it's truthful because oftentimes truth is the most painful. so. we. with pressure mounting for gun reform how does the n.r.a. maintain the support of so many members of congress. and really well founded last acts are doing caroline's role is to mobilize the in a raise 5000000 members to support pro-gun politicians were a big organization with very good political and been doing it
11:54 pm
a long time to bridge and we actually need to appreciate everything we have to replace it if you don't lawmaker with the program lawmaker we do we have to realize though to keep the program on the group days. i remember when i was at the national rifle association i went in to see a couple of the senators and i remember very distinctly playing real hardball with them i handed the senate 2 letters and one letter essentially says dear fellow n.r.a. member when we came to see your senator he was walkin crn about what the new york times had to say then what you believe and what. the other letter said the opposite dear fellow n.r.a. member when we came to meet with your senator he was far more concerned about your interests and your rights and what the editorial board of the new york times had to say now that's hardball that's how you play the game. we have to make sure that
11:55 pm
we're fighting in the presidential front the senate from the house trying to guess we just can't afford to take a step back and. we concentrate our political views were so strategically you can have the most impact. is to try to realistically strategically decide are there some politician who can't be correct in the. way. one nation's james ashby knows how a stranger would react. even if a loon to the party was asking for american gun money it gets yeah. it does for my if you seen me that you're done. so his meetings in washington were to be kept secret also he sort. of national don't know enough about it i think if i actually sink one national as
11:56 pm
a political force in astride a. majority is trying population still very very strong for come calling for trying to unpick that was an argument that says i want a 3rd party lobby group in another political jurisdiction to dictate terms to you mike's licensed this would be the last thing you try to pick through the back. and i don't care have you off i'm sorry but i find it pretty regularly very frustrating to be asked to have this view at all well look there but it does visa doubt that it does not want to get struck.
11:57 pm
in the next episode of how to sell a massacre you know one nation lands a meeting with energy giant industries. big dog it can do so over there if you give them a bit of a good. week and i rake you just one nation whole political advice. stay straight to the us president joe biden is making remarks on russia let's listen. i was candid respectful conversation was candid and respectful 2 great powers with significant responsibility for global stability and president putin i have had a significant responsibility to steward that relationship i take that responsibility very seriously as i'm sure he does russia and americans are both
11:58 pm
proud and patriotic people and i believe the russian people like the american people are invested in a peaceful and secure future of our world during the campaign for the for the presidency and i was unequivocal that if i was elected president i would respond to any attempt to influence our elections to the last election and because elections are sacred are sovereign undertakings and are expression of the will of the american people and we cannot allow foreign power to interfere in our dramatic democratic process with impunity and i told them if it turned out that the investor as i thought that there was engaged in in our elections that i would respond later during the transition as you learn more about the solar wind cyber intrusion i made clear that i would respond once we determined who had in fact conducted a hack on the scope and scale that occurred when president putin called me in
11:59 pm
january after i was sworn in to congratulate me i told him that my administration we're looking very carefully now that we had access to all the data and at the issues that to assess russia's role and then determine what response we would make . when we spoke again this week i told him that we would shortly be responding in a measured in a proportional way because we concluded that they had interfered in the election and solar wind was totally out of the inappropriate today and i have approved several steps including the expulsion of several russian officials as a consequence of their actions i've also signed an executive order authorizing new measures including sanctions to address specific harmful actions that russia has taken against u.s. interest i was clear of president putin that we could it could have gone further but i chose not to do so to be i chose to be proportionate united states is not
12:00 am
looking to kick off a cycle of escalation and conflict with russia we want a stable predictable relationship and russia continues to interfere with our democracy i'm prepared to take further actions to respond it is my responsibility as president states to do so but throughout our long history of competition our 2 countries have been able to find ways to manage tensions and to keep them from escalating out of control are also areas where russia the united states can and should work together for example in the earliest days of my administration we were able to move quickly to extend for 5 years the new start treaty and maintain that key element of nuclear stability between our nations and that was in the interest of the united states of russia and quite frankly of the world and we got it done when i spoke to president putin i expressed my belief that communication between the 2 of us person.


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