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but you may now be passing into history. see for movies he wasn't dormant but he's now managed by a security company the doorman of egypt on al-jazeera. diplomats expelled and companies blacklisted russia is targeted by new white house sanctions over claims of election interference and cyber attacks. alone barbara starr you're watching i'll just say real life from london also coming up. a real involvement from privilege to the. proceedings that brought to a close in a minneapolis court after the accused former police officer derek chauvin waived
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his right to testify. a new wave of infections pushes india's hospitals to crisis point the country logs 200000 new coronavirus factions in a single day. and capturing an unprecedented year in the images that caught the eye of the judges in this year's world press photo competition. a move by the u.s. to punish russia for its alleged election interference has prompted warnings of retaliation the sweeping new sanctions are in response to what the white house called the stabilizing actions both online and using the military the kremlin now says the u.s. says no right to tell it not to escalate matters but president biden's press secretary said the actions war unacceptable. our objective here is not to escalate
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our objective here is to impose costs for what we feel are. unacceptable actions by the russian government some of these are done in court nation with our european partners and allies in the past and our view is that when there are actions that are taken that are unacceptable that are not aligned with our interests that we feel. go beyond what should be acceptable from any country you have a partner relationship with then there should be consequences well it was something donald trump always appeared reluctant to do but his replacement has no issues with blaming russia for election interference joe biden's government has placed sanctions on $32.00 people and organizations for meddling in last year's presidential vote a total of 10 russian diplomats including intelligence officials have been expelled
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from the u.s. in retaliation for hacking and it's formally named the russia as being behind the so-called solar winds hack which last year targeted $100.00 american firms and 9 government agencies a further 5 people and 3 entities have also been hit for their alleged links to russia's ongoing occupation of crimea well russia says its response to all of this will follow soon. which it yet its human. response to the sanctions will be unavoidable washington must realize that they have to pay for the deterioration of bilateral relations the united states of america is fully responsible for what is happening. well to get more clarity on this let's go to the white house and speak to our correspondent kimberly how kit can really what's prompted all of this now. well you know it is
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a little bit of a mystery given the fact that we know that lattimer putin and joe biden had a phone call just earlier this week and following that phone call the white house said what its goal was in that call was to try and establish when it comes to russian u.s. relations relations that are stable and predictable and then just days later we have these surprise sanctions so it is a bit of a head scratcher about the timing but what is clear is that the u.s. feels that now is the time to put in place some of those punitive actions against russia that the united states has taken in years and there's another reason they're taking these actions that has to do with the alleged bounties that were placed on u.s. soldiers of up to $100000.00 fighting in afghanistan by russia we should point out russia denies this and we should also point out that the u.s. intelligence on this allegation is of the category of low to medium confidence that it's even accurate still the white house is defending these actions say this on the
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burden of russia to explain its posture and engagement in afghanistan with respect to those alleged bounties so collectively there are some concerns about this action and why it's being taken now here in the united states and that's why so many are watching very carefully for the statements coming out of the white house because what has been made very clear is that they believe that these will improve u.s. russian relations even as others are suggesting it may complicate them and kimberly we are actually expecting to hear from president biden in about an hour and a half what else are we expecting him to add that to all of this. well the president spoke just moments ago and he said that he would be outlining these actions that have been taken he also said that he would be discussing in detail the phone call that he had with lattimer putin and this is of particular interest to americans who have long been very frustrated with the previous administration for
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not taking a firmer hand when it comes to actions regarding russia so there is going to be an opportunity for potentially reporters to press on this as well there is really sort of kind of a need for an explanation by the u.s. president about what he is hoping to achieve from all of this one big question mark that is still out there is that we know earlier this week the 2 leaders committed to a summit in a 3rd party country but we don't know where it will be held or even if it will be held so what we're hearing is that this is something that still being worked out so we're hoping that the white house and more specifically the u.s. president will provide that clarity can really help with the latest there at the white house for now kimberly thank you so that's what's happening on the front of u.s. russia relations but meanwhile america's top the diplomat is in afghanistan to reassure the government of continued u.s. support despite a full withdrawal of troops by september secretary of state anthony blinken met
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with president musharraf conning and chief executive of beloved elaine kabul lincoln says there will be a new push for diplomacy but it is time for u.s. troops to return home the taliban has been demanding an immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops will maintain the american tradition of providing humanitarian assistance for those most in need including women girls and refugees. i shared that message in all my meetings today with president danny with chairman i believe with representatives from civil society who are working for change every single day in their communities throughout the country the united states will remain afghanistan steadfast partner we want the afghan people countries in the region and the international community to know that fact it's also
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a very important message for the taliban to hear and link in their wireless filioque entre for explains from kabul the message over a a sure and has a stop concerns that the country is heading towards a civil war. this announcement is something that everybody here has been waiting for and it's something that had been sinking in that u.s. and foreign troops are leaving afghanistan but it has what has been really stunning here is the way that this is happening that this was supposed to be a conditions based withdrawal and now here there is the sense that the americans are leaving regardless of the situation on the ground and the situation on the ground is really dire this is a war where dozens are being killed and injured any day and there's a lot of talk going on lately that without a peace deal between the government and the taliban in place of the foreign forces leave the country could plunge into chaos into civil war and even the government
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could even collapse now we heard even from secretary blinken and from president biden last night that the united states is still committed to this country yet here there's a lot of worry and concern as to what this commitment will be we shouldn't forget that nato mission here is still responsible for training advising and assisting foreign forces and there's all this questions how will that continue to happen once there are no boots on the ground how will they continue to do that the afghan security forces have been conducting over 95 percent of all military operations in the country but they are still heavily relying on u.s. air force and those those trainers that are training them how to do the combat operations. the 1st day of resumed talks on the iran nuclear deal have been described this positive despite an incident at a nuclear facility and iran's pledge to press on with its plans the parties to the
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deal are meeting in vienna but the u.s. and iran are not actually talking face to face the russian delegation described 2 hours of meetings as generally positive it followed concerns after an assistant to iran's foreign minister said the country would pull out if talks became a waste of time since the last round iran says its main nuclear facility was attacked and it pledged to begin enriching uranium to even higher levels. the stage is set for the closing arguments in the trial over george floyd's death after the accused police officer decided not to give evidence both prosecution and defense rested their case is after their children the climb to testify the judge told the jury that cannot be interpreted as an admission of guilt that will be sent
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out to consider their verdict after the closing arguments which will now be heard on monday prosecutors say the former police officer killed george floyd by kneeling on his neck for over 9 minutes the defense says he died because of drug use and heart disease i have repeatedly advised you that this is your decision one decision mom. but. i have advised you. i've gone back and forth on my own time and understand. well after the meeting. last night we had some further discussion. and have you made a decision today whether you intend to testify or whether you intend to invoke your 5th amendment privilege. i will invoke my 5th amendment privilege today is this your decision not to testify it is your honor all right. john hendren is live
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for us in minneapolis and obviously has been following this trial a search on the testimony is all over it now closing statements on monday but of course the key moment on this final day was that the session by chauvin to testify what do you think was behind that the station would use and the fact was for. well you're right it's been 14 days since the judge gavel the opening arguments into session in the day deric show been murder trial and after 11 days of prosecution testimony in just 3 days or defense testimony you heard the denouement there that was derek show been saying that he was going to invoke his 5th amendment right not to testify a right under the u.s. constitution that you don't have to incriminate yourself and that was obviously a strategic decision made by the defense they don't like to put the defendant on trial if it's unclear what could come out of that and there are
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a lot of things that would have been very difficult for chauffeur to cope with one of them was that he's got over a dozen previous accusations of excessive force the defense could ask about that then there would be the issue of why he held george floyd down on the ground for several minutes after he showed no polish whatsoever another difficult question to answer in the end the defense seems to have decided that they have a nuff evidence of reasonable doubt they have an alternative theory to how george floyd died they're saying it was as you mentioned drugs and health problems he had with his heart and they have their own experts suggesting somehow that derrick chauvinists lead did not cut the wind pipe of george floyd and then you've got the prosecution can with its counter argument that it was the knee that cut off the air that killed george floyd simply they've got medical and police experts all the way
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up until the chief of police of the man who. fired day after all of this happened so now what happens is the jury gets 3 days on a bank holiday weekend if you like and on monday we have closing arguments from both sides that's the time when each of them will summarize their case and they can only draw on the evidence that has been presented before the jury so far after that the jury deliberates and that's something that could take days weeks possibly even months because they have to come up with a unanimous verdict either way the judge said when asking the jury to pack for being sequestered because they will be isolated in a hotel until they come up with a verdict once opening arguments start he said plan for a long hoped for short. john hendren with the latest from minneapolis on that trial john thank you. for the u.s. police officer who fatally shot a young ananta black man in minneapolis has appeared in court to want to write on
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sunday after being stopped by police for a traffic violation officer came to her was charged with manslaughter and released on bail the incident reignited days of protests against racial inequality and police brutality police say the officer mistakenly drew her gun instead of a taser. yes he difference this is a case in this is a cave. but no money if you will squeal with a bit of good law. these 2 are hurting our family it's hard not blood has been spilt and all we a small as it pleases kidneys name him please help us to go ahead and get something
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down a conviction something. still to come in this half hour back under lockdown and with the 3rd wave still rampant france reaches a milestone it had hoped to war for and. i'm nicholas hawk on the island of selby sent to in cowbird where for the 1st time in 100 years the carnival has been canceled with no tourists coming to the islands of cowbird find out next how the economy of the country is struggling. to. rival all the walls have been squeezed out of europe with the exception maybe of southern greece this is well here is in cold air so those 2 areas of low
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pressure when you can think of them dropping snow in the city will be wrong in april but that's what's happening now that snow is warming out so you might get in slovakia the money maybe some more than all the slopes the outmost is turning to cold rain for look at the temperatures we talk about single figures in most places double figures for some and if you're lucky yes warming up in madrid and it's cooling down in moscow so you too have reversed but athens still beats everybody but henley just i have to say the picture continues into saturday with the sun doing service works or up a degree or 2 in many places but still well below where it should be at this time of the year and at the bottom end of spain the rain is falling crossing the water and affecting morocco algeria tunisia was quite a strong wind in it to see if that that's part of a circulation would suggest dust storms through tunisia algeria and most likely into libya that's what's happening in this northern part of africa where you can't quite tell is the amount of heat just north of where the incoming showers are in
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for example north and senegal rough into the middle forty's is high. from. a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby i've been employing it was made into a lot of really nice to. reveal secrets you want to put resiting out there will be people outraged you know. and connections some don't want to expose many in legacy media. mass shooting. back next week night and al-jazeera investigations houses sell a massacre on al-jazeera. the in the on.
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the back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera russia has promised it will retaliate against the u.s. after the white house announced sweeping new sanctions for moscow's alleged election interference u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken has met president ashraf ghani and other top leaders in kabul as promised america remains steadfast partner a day after joe biden announced the withdrawal of all troops by september and former police officer derek chauvin has chosen not to testify in the trial over george floyd's test both prosecution and defense have rested their case it's closing arguments will start on monday. the humanitarian situation in ethiopia stieg raid region is deteriorating with no evidence of the promised withdrawal by the every tree and army the un's humanitarian chief also
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warned of widespread reports of systematic rape and sexual violence by men in military uniform the security council was told 4 and a half 1000000 people in t. great need human it hereon aid or diplomatic editor james praises at the united nations with more now on mark statement to the un security council. it contradicts much of what the government has been saying in public he says the humanitarian situation is deteriorating he says the conflicts not over and things are not improving and targeted violence mass killings execution as well as systematic rape gang rape and sexual violence taking place in tikrit province remember the ethiopian government said the eritrean troops were being withdrawn but mr lowcock told the security council i must say neither the un nor any of the humanitarian agencies we work with have seen proof of an era trend withdrawal he
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says there are even some reports that the eritreans are now wearing ethiopian defense force uniforms remember the ethiopian or thora his so the humanitarian situation is improving not so calling to mr local to the security council he says the vast majority of tikrit is completely or partially inaccessible and he says out of a population of 6000004500000 need humanitarian assistance they are not getting that humanitarian assistance so a really grim picture what is the u.n. going to do about it i put that to the spokes person for the u.n. secretary general what should be done one is increased humanitarian humanitarian access to see real movements on each human rights investigations given the horrific reports we're seeing from our own people sometimes even from the ethiopian government's own people and a real reconsolidation. within the different groups
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in tikrit it is now almost 6 months since the start of the military operation and it is worth noting that although the security council here is lots of these statements always behind closed doors had not had a public meeting on the issue they have said absolutely nothing we haven't been able to agree any sort of statement on the situation in t. gray i'm told behind the scenes there may be another push an effort to try to grease some words but nearly 6 months so far and no public statement from the security council india has recorded more than 200000 new coronavirus infections in the past 24 hours its highest daily tally yet it's now the 2nd worst effect that country for total infections just behind the united states several states say their health systems are overwhelmed many hospitals scrambling to find enough beds and
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oxygen elizabeth poor on them is in new delhi where restrictions and curfews are being imposed. we'll once again that here in the kinds of reports and seeing the kinds of scenes that we did last year during the height of the 1st wave during the peak of the 1st wave and because of that we've had the stage leader of the capital delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal announce the closing down of the moles restaurants bars and gyms restaurants will only be allowed to do deliveries he's also a bounced a weekend. delis little to $20000000.00 people where they will only be allowed to go out to work or to get essential supplies he said that there is no shortage of hospital beds in delhi but at the same time he has asked hospitals to requisition hotels and banquet halls to add more beds who will close that mine to patients there are 7 a restriction is already in place in the worst affected states maharashtra from
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wednesday night its 125000000 people on to launch a go out on this it's for work or to get essential supplies and we have states imposing such restrictions because there are many reports of a shortage of hospital beds or has a critical shortage of oxygen supply we're seeing reports pictures of long lines of ambulances with carrying patients waiting for hours outside hospitals that in good drug because of the shortage of unfortunately of bodies piling up outside hospitals in the state of shock this go that has a disproportionately high death rate with long lines at crematorium and at burial grounds. that's the situation in india in meanwhile in france the coronavirus this toll has passed 100000 making it the 8th country in the world to reach. there has more from paris. as most people in france very
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saddened indeed to learn that 100000 people have died of covert 19 in the country since the pandemic began more than a year ago now it is a very grim milestone it is a very sad time for many people indeed we saw a tweet from the french president emmanuel micro he said that the people who have died will not be forgotten he said that they are parents they are children they are siblings and that the french government also made it clear that they might organize a commemoration in memory of think tim's although war shape that would take we don't know yet it is particularly poignant because it comes at a time in which france is still really thoroughly in tackling a 3rd wave of coronavirus we've seen i see used across the country nearly saturated the daily infection rates are still extremely high health workers say
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they are exhausted and they say that the peak is still yet to come and that we could be in this health crisis for many weeks to come the pandemic is weighing particularly heavily on countries whose economies depend on tourism like cap verd the archipelago nation off west africa holds parliamentary elections on sunday joblessness and the speed of any recovery are top of voters' concerns nicholas ports are from the island to the arrival of covert nineteen's built the end of the party for event organizers. people came to a club on the edge of the airport to experience what he calls a journey on the dance floor to the sound of afropop tourist would be with locals it was a place to celebrate a sense of unity that is now all gone. into those on if you don't. entertain a man tonight is there
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a lifetime of work destroyed the future looks uncertain when can we start the party again and when we go back to normal and welcome tours to my club. in the winter europeans flocked to keep birds islands attracted by the clear blue waters and the soft sandy beaches brought from the sahara desert winds blowing over the atlantic those beaches are now empty hotels are closed restaurants are barely breaking even for the 1st time in 100 years the carnival in the island of selvi sente that inspired rios festivities was cancelled normally during the festive season the people of so he sent a come out on the streets of mindell 0 selling trinkets and drinks to tourists earning months worth of income in the short week of carnival the celebration is not just a festivity it's a driving force of the economy and so without it this year it has had a devastating impact on people's lives. according to the african development bank
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unemployment has doubled to 20 percent with almost half of young people out of work ahead of sunday's legislative elections each candidate is putting up a show promising to jumpstart the economy and bring tourists back among them prime minister. his government has been guaranteeing a lost wages paying 70 percent of people's income in an interview with al-jazeera he admits the state coffers cannot sustain this last on the same street from a mythical. rethinking of long term investment to gradually be listed printed on tourism and use of human capital turn it into a blue economy be self-sustaining and use alternative energy to be more resilient and even jumpstart agriculture. 80 percent of the food consumed on the islands is imported sensing. hardship ahead jude son turned a portion of his nightclub into a farm to grow salad. his employees no longer pour drinks but now water plants and
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in the evenings jills on puts the music back on despite covais he says the party will never stop it was hard to al-jazeera so he sent him. from the pandemic to america's racial reckoning 2020 was nothing short of historic now the world press photo contest has announced their picks of the best iconic images the 1st them grace showing the reunion of a brazilian care home resident and loved one or selected as photo of the year that was by matt nissen and haveby by antonio such a long gold documenting love stories set against the israeli palestinian conflict was awarded the photo story of the year is the center of a care home in in outside of some poland you see
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a nurse at the ana embracing the re woman called rosa and who is 85 years old and are also has been isolated in this care home for 5 months and without basically any in the in the physical contact except from the most necessary so it's the 1st time in 5 months you can actually embrace another person . now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera a move by the u.s. to punish russia for its alleged election interference has prompted warnings of retaliation the sweeping new sanctions are in response to what the white house called the stabilizing actions both online and using the military the kremlin now says the u.s. has no right to tell it not to escalate matters but president biden's press.


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