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because. no matter where it takes us i prefer you feel secure in miami. and. impartial please tell your stories we are your voice. al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the get this is that he was live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a surprise visit to kabul u.s. secretary of state reassures afghan leaders that they have america's support the troops get ready to leave in the coming but it's. a blast rips through iraq's capital at least 4 are killed and dozens more have been in. russia's hip with
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a loft of new sanctions for its role in the u.s. election it's a fear it's widespread hacking of government agencies. and not so bright and outlook because north korea marks this year's day of the song. and i'm lee harvey in with sports the semifinal lineup for the european champions league is now complete liverpool have been knocked out by real madrid and manchester city are also into the last for. the u.s. secretary of state and city blinken has made an unannounced visit to afghanistan less than a day after the u.s. and nato said that they were ending the mission pulling out all troops lincoln has been meeting afghan president ashraf ghani of other top leaders told him that the u.s. remains committed to helping afghanistan. really on the outset. i'm
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yours and then. i'm going. to. open. we have to. change. as we've been discussing. the. unusual but it's the right yes. well afghanistan's government says that its troops are well able to defend the country themselves from many people within the country have expressed concern that the troop withdrawal is happening before a peace settlement between the government and the taliban as for the group it says that the september 11th deadline set by the us is too far away the taliban demanded that all foreign troops leave immediately as per the may 1st deadline previously agreed in doha in a moment we'll go live to philly oh contre foolery who is standing by for us in
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kabul but 1st let's speak with our white house correspondent kelly how could he's with us live from washington kelly what is the the secretary of state doing in afghanistan. well this is really a visit to reassure nervous partner and ally the message that was very clearly given by the commander in chief joe biden the u.s. president less than 24 hours ago was that there is no longer a need for u.s. soldiers to have such a heavy footprint in afghanistan and that has made many people nervous so this was about reassuring and to the blinken there to meet with president bashar gandhi to reassure those in the government that the united states may be leaving in a military role but there will still be a diplomatic presence what they want is to preserve the gains that have existed there and are existing but also to ensure that it is a future for afghanistan that isn't determined by the afghan people and so the
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united states shifting its presence into more of a support role on the diplomatic front and this is something that is being heavily criticized not just in afghanistan but also here in the united states conservative critics and also some members of the president's own democratic party are concerned that this could leave particularly women and girls vulnerable and that those gains may be lost in fact there is fear that this could even devolve into a civil war but the believe of the commander in chief is that there will never be ideal conditions it's time to end the forever war and also that the threat to the united states is no longer concentrated in afghanistan and that those threats are evolving and are now in other places around the globe i was house correspondent kitty how could i live in washington the u.s. secretary of state and the blinken has been giving a press briefing at the u.s. embassy in kabul that's been going on for some minutes now he's taking questions
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from journalists we will briefly misnamed before we speak to our correspondent in kabul who left before through on the circuit we hope spears. the embassy stuff you talked about how you're a local of where you take care of safety and security of local employees and one of the ways to do that is through honoring the u.s. i.v. the special immigrant visa program how exactly are you planning to do that are you going to stop this up you are off the mark question and probably yesterday but. i wasn't quite sure of the answer thank you for thanks matt. a couple things look. this is a time of transition and with any transition comes. uncertainty comes concern and. i say i very much recognize that and and i see that and let me let me say a couple of things and in that regard. so as you know we met with with
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with president gunny with chairman and other leaders from from the government today . and i listened carefully what they had to say particularly in response to the president's speech last night and the decision we made and i've got to say at least what i heard today was pretty consistent across the board respect for the president's decision. profound appreciation for our years of partnership but also commitment to and optimism about the next going to write together what i heard in private today from president gandhi was entirely consistent with the statement that that he released publicly yesterday no no difference. again a lot of gratitude for what the united states and partners have done over the past 2 decades but also something i mentioned just
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a moment ago which again i found pretty a pretty powerful that afghanistan is it doesn't live in the past that it's no longer 2001 or 2011 and what we talked about was a partnership between our 2 countries fitting for 2021 and beyond and so. what does that mean well 2 things one to your point i did i did come to in the 1st instance deliver a message with the strong encouragement from president biden that our partnership with afghanistan is enduring we will remain side by side going forward and i laid out a number of areas where that partnership is going to manifest itself in very concrete ways including as i said ongoing support for the afghan national security
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forces. work together. on on development on economic progress support for civil society. and our strong diplomatic engagement. and bringing other countries into the into the effort to advance the prospects for peace so that was the message now to your point and it's exactly the right point that message now has to be followed and it will by action and i think that. the afghan people will see in the weeks and months ahead that as i said even as we are. drawing down our forces we are stepping up in all of these other areas our engagement with with afghanistan with its government and with its people and look ultimately as they say the the proof will be in the putting but it was very important to to make clear what we plan to do and now it is up to us to do it
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. and look on the on the special immigrant visa program this is something that i've felt very strongly about for years in iraq in afghanistan and potentially in other areas where. men and women have worked side by side with our soldiers with our diplomats and have put themselves at great and their families and loved ones at at great risk by the fact of doing that and working with us so this is just something that i'm committed to and to the extent that there is a demand for that coming from afghanistan that's something that i'm going to work on and make sure we were committed to. u.s. secretary of state and bring. speaking of the u.s. embassy in kabul u.s. that is after the u.s. invasion or so they were ending the nation enough going to start pulling out all
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troops let's crew our correspondent for the record for them who's with us live from kabul so it's more about the reaction to this announcement but you know afghanistan . well you know ed you and this announcement is something that everybody here has been waiting for and it's something that had been sinking in that u.s. and foreign troops are leaving afghanistan but it has what has been really stunning here is the way that this is happening that this was supposed to be a conditions based withdrawal and now here is there is the sense that the americans are leaving regardless of the situation on the ground and the situation on the ground is really dire and this is a war where dozens are being killed and injured any day and there's a lot of talk going on lately that without a peace deal between the government and the talabani place of the foreign forces leave the country could plunge into chaos into civil war and even the government could even collapse now we heard even from secretary blinken and from president
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biden last night that the united states is still committed to this country yet here there's a lot of a worry and concern as to what this commitment will be we shouldn't forget that nato mission here is still responsible for training advising and assisting foreign forces and there is all this questions how will that continue to happen once there are no boots on the ground how will they continue to do that the afghan security forces have been conducting over 95 percent of all military operations in the country but they are still heavily rely on u.s. air force and those those trainers that are training them how to do that combat. i the same time if you speak to afghan people who were out filming a story earlier the afghans are really angry because they're saying it's ok they
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leave they want them to leave but at the same time what they told us is that they were supposed to bring peace and prosperity here and that's not what we got a lot of concern among women and i have to tell you this is one of the most uncertain and critical times for afghanistan which is going into a very very critical phase in the coming weeks and months adrian for your country free reporting live from kabul for the many thanks dude. well to iraq quest several people have been killed off for an explosion rocked the capital baghdad it happened in the southern city area police say that it was a car bomb at least 4 people that's been confirmed that so far dozens more wounded let's go live now to baghdad some of. that force tell us. about what happened. over here at the side of the incident in such a city you can see behind me the people who have gathered around me and so then you
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can probably have sold for a few dozen purity 4 things which have now been going to. secure the area and what we understand what happened is that there was a car park fire at a roadside here which was rigged with improvised explosive device and one of that's needed resulted in a large number of casualties but precise numbers have not yet been determined because there were some people who were severely injured and transported to the hospital now this is the 2nd deadly. we have seen here in the capital this year the last one happened back in january it was a twin suicide bombing that. lives and that it was 1 claimed by iceland there is a fear here among people that these kind of attacks making priests in the coming weeks and months 1st of all we have elections coming up in iraq you know in general we see a growing instability head of the boat with an increasing number of attacks or explosions
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and secondly the fasting month of ramadan began just this week and this is to be a time when we see groups like isis targets these densely populated areas. to really try it so this dropped alive and to try to claim as many lives as possible and of course people here are quite upset that security forces were not able to prevent this attack even though they warned last week that they expect that such incidents to happen during ramadan 000 support a full team reporting live from baghdad some of the many things. there with the news are from out 0 still to come on the program the huge 2nd wave of covert 98 infections accelerates in india where hospital beds and oxygen supplies are right. the world's 2 biggest polluters look for common ground on climate change at a time of tension over trade human rights and territorial disputes. that it's for russia may be banned from the turkey it gave us but that hasn't stopped the country
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making a limping kits for exactly. the white house has just announced a raft of new u.s. sanctions on russia for what it says are the kremlin's election interference actions against dissidents and cyber attacks 32 individuals and entities are on the sanctions list the u.s. treasury says the measures will limit russia's ability to finance its activities it also has expelled 10 people from the diplomatic mission in washington d.c. let's go straight to our state department correspondent jordan is with us now live tell us more about what these sanctions aimed at doing and who's been targeted. well it really does cover of broad spectrum of the russian government this is of course with the expulsion of diplomats assigned to the embassy here in washington
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that certainly if you want to get the headlines but this is also a matter of the vibe that ministrations afterwards to the whole of moscow accountable for things such as a logically paying back for. enemy combatants to target u.s. forces in afghanistan this also is a matter of as you said trying to haul law schools ability to pay for its on its operations by orbiting us some financial institutions from doing any business that uses the russian ruble as the basis of why the transaction made june and that's a considerable financial penalty because it if it sharply one of moscow's ability to do business in international law monetary markets there is also a lot of the call for rob or concern about likes enough ali the opposition figure
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who is said to be in the climbing help in a russian prison and you're seeing more efforts being launched against the government for its. punishment and persecution alexina homely and there is also a lot of financial a lot of penalties and sanctions for all of those involved in the so when cyber attack against. computer run networks state department correspondent. reporting live from washington many thanks very much. talks aimed at reviving the iran nuclear deal have wrapped up for the day in vienna u.s. president joe biden says that he wants to rejoin the agreement but that iran must reverse its violations 1st iran wants u.n. sanctions lifted 1st discussions have been progressing but are under the shadow of an attack on iran's main nuclear facility until ron says that it will begin enriching uranium at even higher levels in just
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a moment we'll go live to our side baker who's in tehran but 1st let's bring in the barber who is in london the european signatories to the nuclear deal saying about all of this. well agent 1st of all the perhaps the strongest words as you were hinting came from the u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken saying that the announcement by the iranian government that it would further enrich uranium to a high level saying that that was a provocative announcement and calling into question in his view the seriousness of the iranians in these talks which resumed on thursday after last week's meetings similarly on wednesday there was a statement put out jointly by the united kingdom of germany and france in which they said they had a grave concerns over this announcement and they they said that iran has no credible civilian need for richmond at this level that's
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a sentiment shared by the european union a spokes person for the e.u.'s external action service the in effect the foreign ministry headed by just that burrell saying that there is no credible or plausible civilian justification for such a decision well the the announcements been made and it does show how angry iran is at this. event at that attempts nuclear facility but in the last few hours china's envoy to the u.n. nuclear watchdog in vienna has said that there have been enough disruptions to the talks and that what's needed is for the pace of negotiations to be increased particularly on the issue of the united states lifting those sanctions which of course president trump reimposed after pulling out of the deal so the question is where does the compromise come from the u.s. says that iran has to again meet its obligations before the u.s.
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will get on board iran says that 1st of all they want those sanctions to be lifted because they don't trust the americans so where the wiggle room will come from is not clear right now around the many thanks indeed let's bring in i said big ben who's in iran's capital tehran what is the perspective from iran here what is iran hoping can be achieved in these talks. well what iran hopes to be achieved is all those sanctions to be lifted for the united states to return to that deal and then iran says that they will come back into compliance with that 2015 nuclear deal in fact this morning president has been rouhani has been speaking and he said that iran has the capability to enrich to 90 percent now that's weapons grade but he did add that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and that iran doesn't want a nuclear weapon he pointed to the united states without mentioning them is it is you who have nuclear weapons and store them and iran return to that 3.67 percent
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enrichment level stipulated by the 2015 nuclear deal if those sanctions were lifted now one of the head negotiators for iran has been speaking and what he has said that took place in that meeting in vienna is that he started off by condemning that attack the act of sabotage as he called it nuclear terrorism that took place at natanz on sunday and he criticizes europeans for not condemning it said it was a weak response and he continued to say that iran is not after wasting time talks will continue and that's something that's been echoed by the supreme leader here how many he said that he is not opposed to talk see understands the need for them but he told negotiators that they shouldn't be any time wasting and so far that the united states offers regretting and the negotiators should go forward. and with their eyes open something that's been reiterated by president hassan rouhani and for mr jeffords rewarding the europeans in the united states that time is running out because we have those presidential elections in june and this administration's time in office and in august. said let's get the
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thoughts of al-jazeera senior political analyst marwan bashar here in a moment i was reading your op ed. column yesterday you start with 4 words here they go again why the exasperated. absolutely and i thank you for for minding rio that because 'd you know if you have been as long as i have and maybe you have been i would say. you would none of these things that happened once and again and again and again and again and you would see that the same frustrations and the same complications and the same bombast by the 2 parties go on for some of us of course have been following it with force people to years process between iran and the united states
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since 979 we've been seeing the tensions rising and somehow descending and we've been seeing more or less the same the cabinet it being used in the same at them said diplomatic slowing down if you will or easing of tensions and now after 40 years of trump we see a willingness on the part of the by the administration to go back to the and you know what they say when there's a will there's a wait and clearly we are now on track in vienna to get the idea except that both parties are exercising some sort of brinkmanship each party wants the other party to make the concessions 1st as we've heard from the team and i think especially for the united states the the bike and mr actions trying to be kind of all that intelligent about it in the sense that it will not lift the sanctions on this not only iran goes back to the nuclear deal but they're not issue other issues
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needs to be resolved like the ballistic missile system like iran's role in the region and i think the united states would like to deal with those issues as well iran not so much to what extent is israel muddying the waters here one of the dangers of the doing so. you know. i've been thinking about that a lot over the last you know few days and i think you know if i could summarize it in one sentence i would say israel is trying to get a seat on that they've been in vienna without really being present in vienna meaning it once to be heard in again i mean it is basically fitting that the 5 plus one mic are all in for the fight us. that israel and some of its regional partners nowadays do not then you will found best friends would like to have
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a say as to what's going on in vienna in the sense that they think that it's their feet in the fire and they have certain conditions that need to be met before sanchez understood or before the international. community eases its treatment with iran on he said conditions are the syquest some demands are viable not so much because the united states have really done its due diligence during the obama administration to let's not all you know let's all remember that the only nuclear states don't want to nuclear power in the region is israel so really the fact that israel puts condition or other country that is not capable under international provisions to develop nuclear weapons that one nuclear power to be making such demands of course rings hollow both in washington and better use that money and set
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them there in moscow and you can read more of my wants thoughts on this as in his article ukip chutzpah in the middle east it's had lied at al-jazeera dot com. and the many thanks indeed good to talk to you. hong kong is holding its 1st national security education day to promote a controversial security law imposed on the territory last year its leader kerry lamb and some of beijing's top representatives attended the ceremony to launch the event schools in hong kong holding activities to teach children to abate the law. meanwhile protesters demonstrated near the ceremony they say the security law has crushed civil rights of effectively outlawed political opposition. in myanmar one protester has been killed in a demonstration against the coup in the city of mandalay a protest was also held in the ngong where people gathered to remember those who died the group released small birds into the in the on our aid groups say that at
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least 715 people have been killed by security forces since the military's takeover in february. north korea is marking the most important day of its calendar the birth date of its founding father kim il song the day of the sun as it's known has been darkened by leader kim jong un admitting that his country faces major problems pride ripples. this is the upbeat image north korea wants to project to the world extensive coverage on state run media of leader kim jong un presiding over projects that improve people's lives like this housing development in pyongyang or of happy citizens taking part in a drawing and calligraphy festival to coincide with the day of the sun and good news features such as this one about a flourishing tea culture thanks to the beneficence of north korea's leader kim
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jong un to listen to guess a new suspected general secretary took measures to build a factory so that people could happen at any time and place but domestically kim jong un has had to deliver a far more somber assessment of the multiple problems his country is facing and that his people are all too aware of more than a year of self-imposed isolation because of the pandemic has compounded the impact of going international sanctions and food shortages from last year's storms that ruined crops. only then will i ask party members if only evils to wage another more difficult arduous march in order to relieve the people's hardships as they followed their party as their mother. the arduous march is the euphemism for the famine in north korea suffered during the 1990 s. following the collapse of its ally the soviet union and failed harvests kim jong un's comparison with those grim days seems to be the clearest admission yet of the
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extent of his country's problems more proof of the northside salacious came with the announcement it won't be taking part in the upcoming tokyo olympics dashing the south korean hopes of trying to revive diplomacy around contacts at the games but state run media has focused attention instead on athletes training for games to mark the day of the sun. that's further evidence that on this most important day in north korea's calendar everything is just fine on the bride al jazeera so we're almost at the midway point in this news august got a weather forecast his robot. once again was time for big thunderstorms on the gulf coast and there they are with these yellow flashes lightning they were big storms they produced hail and flash flooding from the amount of rain and it's not unusual we are talking about spring weather but this unusually cold up in colorado in
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wyoming and that cold that snow has moved across into nebraska the coldest 6 hours and we tend to get this meeting of minds of the the gulf air coming up and the cold the 2 together produce big thunderstorms a repeat performance quite likely on friday a name move east was into florida and certainly through georgia that's during saturday this time the snow has faltered but the cold distil that not as cold as it was admittedly is warming up slowly we're talking about spring sunshine after all and when these fronts leave the u.s. are cut off and bill bigger showers for the bahamas has been you're in puerto rico and that's the last from it is the line is still visible and it stretches invisibly back towards panama or costa rica where the heaviest rain is like to be in fact mexico is looking quite dry the temperatures in eastern mexico quite on the high side 40 in monterrey a bit early in the for the telling in south america yes there are a few showers in paraguay maybe in the southeast of brazil but the heavier ones a lot further north right many thanks still to come here on news.
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well. another major protest anger after a u.s. police officers released on bail a manslaughter charge for shooting an unarmed black man. brazil's president faces an inquiry of his government's pandemic response to the number of deaths continues to rise. and its force baseball pitcher celebration will be a perfect game the chicago white church and the. planet earth a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an x. the stench of threat in the lead up to us to al-jazeera run special cover ups documentaries discussions and reports exploring the consequences the bar actions and inactions and showcasing ways in which some are seeking to turn the tide
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a season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby have been implementing those meetings are going to really. reveal secret c. one point resiting out there i mean people outraged you know. and connections some don't want exponents nany in legacy media for law less shooting. documents with night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera.
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it is good to be with us hello a very unforgiving here in doha with the news from al-jazeera the headlines u.s. secretary of state antony blinken has made an unannounced visit to afghanistan but they offer washington said that it would pull its troops out by september 11th he says the u.s. remains committed to the country and will keep up its humanitarian support. in iraq several people have been killed after an explosion rocked the capital baghdad it happened in the southern city area police say was a car bomb at least 4 people are confirmed dead so far. the white house has announced new sanctions on russia for what it says of the kremlin selection interference actions against dissidents and cyber attacks it's also expelled 10 people from the diplomatic mission in russia. soldiers from the u.s. in the philippines restarting a 2 week joint military exercise that was postponed due to the pandemic president rodrigo to take canceled his country's defense pact with america last year but with
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regional tensions rising and china expanding its military presence he's reversed that decision general allen dugan reports now from. the u.s. theodore roosevelt a strike group returns to the south china sea for a 2nd time this year the u.s. 7th fleet says the visit is part of its routine operations. but regional tensions are flaring because of china's reclamation of many areas and its use of maritime militia to enforce its illegal claims in the south china sea the u.s. considers the philip. one of its strongest allies in the region and these so-called balikatan exercises allowed both countries to conduct joint military and humanitarian exercises. they resumed this week after being cancelled last year because of the pandemic but they've been toned down that's because philippine
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president rodrigo to terror to cancel the visiting forces agreement between the 2 countries early last year after a political ally was denied a u.s. visa but faced with widespread criticism and mounting public pressure there to announced in november he was suspending that this issue and for 6 months the turtle has declared since it took office nearly 5 years ago that he wants an independent foreign policy that is free from america's influence and the so-called pivot towards china policy is seen by many here as an attempt to appease the country but it come under attack by letting beijing demean and abuse our country the president is only signaling that we are weak that we will not stand up for ourselves and our interests despite 2 weeks of public outrage a deterrent to has remained silent over the occupation of the wits and reef in the south china sea by hundreds of chinese military vessels the arrival of china's
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maritime militia and fishing pleaded with grief in my opinion is designed to put pressure on deter today who are equally case and whether or not he's going to terminate the forces agreement last week u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin spoke with this counterpart in the philippines secretary dilfer in there in sana to discuss the situation austin proposed measures to deepen defense cooperation but many here believe this will prove difficult unless the visiting forces agreement is fully restored in dog and out. the united states and china are the world's 2 biggest polluters now u.s. climate envoy john kerry is in shanghai as i meet with chinese leaders he's aiming to make the environment an area of closer clabber closer collaboration it's the 1st trip to china by a high ranking by ministration official china wants to become carbon neutral by
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2060 the u.s. is also expected to announce a new target for reducing emissions trading you has more now from shanghai. this is significant because it's the highest level visit we've had here to china by a us official sr biden became president and john kerry is here at the invitation of beijing and he's going to meet with his chinese counterpart. and it's crucial that these 2 countries work together to combat climate change because together they account for about half the world's carbon emissions china on its own accounts for about one 3rd now both countries have said that this is a priority but they want different things from this meeting in shanghai john kerry says he's going to ask beijing to impose more stringent climate reduction targets and china wants to encourage the u.s. to do more to help developing countries invest in renewables and china is also looking at the optics of this meeting and wants to be seen as an equal to the u.s. and seen also as a climate change and now this is very significant in terms of it being seen as
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a positive interaction between the 2 countries because the context of this is that this is happening and it's very hostile deteriorating bilateral relations the last time u.s. and chinese officials met was in alaska at the end of march and they had a very frosty exchange and there was no breakthrough it really underscored the unfriendliness of the relationship between the 2 countries but john kerry for his part has said he's going to try to isolate climate change as an issue and deal with it separately apart from the other issues over which the 2 countries disagree such as hong kong and taiwan. for the 1st time since the start of the pandemic india has recorded more than 200000 new cases of covert 19 in a 24 hour period. has been getting worse day by day for weeks it's now the 2nd worst affected country in the world by total cases of the worst by daily new
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infections the religious say the surge is partly being fueled by super spreader events including a major hindu religious festival as well as political rallies elizabeth is in new delhi where restrictions and curfews are being reimposed. once again that here in the kinds of reports and seeing the kinds of scenes that we did last year during the height of the 1st wave during the peak of the 1st wave and because of that we've had the state of the capital chief minister arvind kejriwal announce the closing down of more walls restaurants bars and restaurants will only be allowed to do deliveries he's also a balanced weekend lockdown for delhi's more than $20000000.00 people where they will only be allowed to go out for work or to get essential supplies he said that there was no shortage of hospital beds in delhi but at the same time he has asked
4:40 pm
hospitals to requisition hotels and banquet halls to add more beds for core of the mine team patients there are 7 of restrictions already in place and the worst affected states wednesday night it's 125000000 people to go out on this it's for work or to get essential supplies and we have states imposing such restrictions because there are many reports of a shortage of hospital beds or has a critical shortage of oxygen supply we're seeing reports pictures of long lines of ambulances with carrying patients waiting for hours outside a hospital is that and. because of the shortage of unfortunately our bodies piling up outside hospitals in the state off the scare that has a disproportionately high death rate with long lines at crematorium and at burial grounds. is considering new restrictions after reporting a record 1500 infections in
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a day the outbreak has been linked to nightclubs and bars in bangkok the department of disease control says that it appears to have spread beyond it could delay the government's plans to reopen to tourists. the u.s. centers for disease control has delayed a decision on the future use of johnson and johnson's covert buying team vaccine it's suspended for no during the due to the jobs possible links to very rare blood clots the c.d.c. says it needs more time to collect information before recommending for the. japan's highest number since january of putting more question marks over the tokyo olympics 4300 new infections were announced of weapons today the 2nd most powerful figure in the governing party has suggested that cancelling the games in july is still an option brazil's supreme court has given the green light to a senate inquiry into the president's handling of the pandemic jiah both scenarios
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critics accuse him of bungling the response his allies say that he's being blamed unfairly while a chaotic here for ports from rio the pandemic is changing the demographics in rio de janeiro and 11 other large brazilian cities in recent months they've been witnessing more funerals than births. yet another tragic statistic in a country that already has the world's 2nd largest cool video 1000 death toll and was late to started smacks a nation campaign. from the start president who has been accused of downplaying the coronavirus and of setting a bad example by not wearing a mask nor respecting social distancing moves but on wednesday as brazil surpassed 360000 deaths by covert 19 widespread criticism of both and out of the actions took a serious turn the supreme court authorized a congressional inquiry into the brazilian president's handling of the pandemic
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scene if you're going to be a little slow with the probe is a blow to both sonari because it'll put the spotlight on the government's mistakes which for many the president will have to explain why he had no national plan to fight the pandemic and why he fought the governors who try to control the ass price on their own by imposing lockdowns or importing back saying he's. also not a reacted by saying that the crisis caused by the pandemic has turned brazil into a powder keg and blame the restrictive measures he imposed for increasing poverty and hunger in brazil beso follicle do with him up brazil is at its limit people sasha take action i am waiting for the people to give me a son because the hunger the misery the unemployment to their. but while many in brazil slums are crying out for help and food in the hospitals doctors and nurses are at their wit's end they're running out of drugs to treat the increasing number
4:44 pm
of patients fighting for their lives in intensive care meineke inaki of al-jazeera rio de janeiro. a u.s. policewoman who fatally shot a young black man has been charged with manslaughter the day after she turned in bad shape the deficit of several nights of unrest not far from where former officer derek chauvet is on trial accused of killing george floyd jabber tansey reports now from brooklyn center on that over the outskirts of minneapolis. defense called a form a forensic pathologist who argued that floyd's history of hypertension disease on drug use and it couldn't be all good conclusively but the cause of his death was being 68 by the officer and he says he's in a situation where he's been restrained in a very stressful situation. and. that crease he's fine. reaction and that he. would be considered
4:45 pm
a homicide and you put all of those together it's very difficult to say which of those is the most. i would back to and unlike the prosecution which was to prove chauvinist guilty of murder or manslaughter but the fence just has to raise a reasonable doubt in at least one juror's mind the true will is responsible for floyd's death probably even suggested that carbon monoxide from the tailpipe of the police car a drink to floyd while he was being knelt on for almost 9 and a half minutes may have been a contributory factor to his death something the prosecution seized upon did you see any here monitoring data that actually would give you getting information as to what amount of carbon monoxide if any would have been in this of late readings i. know because it was not tested it was a yes or no question you haven't seen it happen i have not seen you need it the
4:46 pm
prosecution suggested fala had misled the jury about the science of his fixation on pointed out that follow made money out of his medical testimony probably himself is a controversial figure he's being sued by the family of a 19 year old black man in maryland who died after being smothered by police they accused him of helping cover up police wrongdoing i was the trial continued in downtown minneapolis i'm not like case of a black man killed in a police encounter this time 16 kilometers away in the suburb of brooklyn something 20 year old dante wright was. shocked that on sunday the officer who pulled the trigger kim was troubled with 2nd degree manslaughter those representing the right family to ridicule the idea of a post i had reached for her thinking it was a taser when you look at the fact that you didn't know what a 26 year veteran. if she did know in 26 years the difference in sadness and weight of a gun as opposed to
4:47 pm
a taste then how was she a veteran in police how was she even on the force that long haul has been released on bail and once again hundreds of protesters gathered outside brooklyn santa police station to register their outrage at the death of another black man needlessly as a result of police escalation that just simply did not need to happen the response from the security forces help us break flash bangs on the frets harass insureds escalation. the al-jazeera brooklyn sometime minutes later a case after case of apparent police misconduct has put a spotlight on how offices are trained some criminals she experts say that the militarization of law enforcement is one of the causes of police violence and that it's time for major reform well brunell's reports. this video shows los angeles police manhandling enter own austin healey as soon as it was
4:48 pm
a criminal suspect when they saw him taking out the trash outside his home it's like. austin who is black has sued the police alleging racial profiling the suspect the police were actually looking for was white get out of the car and out virginia policeman joe gutierrez was fired for pepper spraying and threatening an unarmed black motorist army officer carol ms arielle in this incident late last year this ario. is also suing his attorney says he feared he would be killed. a right was killed when minnesota officer kim potter shot him during a traffic stop police say she meant to fire her taser but mistakenly used her handgun instead pata resigned on tuesday in the us police training is a patchwork with 700000 officers in 18500 separate police departments
4:49 pm
there are no national training standards police training is often based on military training models soldiers have one job they have. police do not have that are nice they have communities and so we have we tend to have. our militarized police and police trying to look like military training congressional house democrats have passed the george floyd justice in policing act which would allow federal authorities to investigate police departments for a pattern of discrimination require police training about racial profiling and limit police immunity from civil lawsuits in cases of alleged brutality or abuse the act has not yet passed the senate recently the state of maryland's legislature passed a sweeping police reform bill with more stringent standards on use of force and
4:50 pm
criminal penalties for police who break them. following large nationwide protests after the death of george floyd last year at least 20 major cities have cut police budgets and transferred funds to other community services but experts say without a fundamental shift in training unnecessary deaths and trauma at the hands of police will continue teaching officers that the community are their enemies. as long as they are friends. and is law is they. long as they are thinking that the world is trying to kill them this is the way they're going to act calls for a major shift in police training and the warrior mindset robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. on the 2nd out of a story of the devastating natural dom fire the french president has praised the amends worked on on the restoration of money l.
4:51 pm
mccall was visiting the rooftop of the paris cathedral to inspect progress the building spire a much of its roof was destroyed by the flames. still to come here all the do side sports tennis world number one. and a day to get the ball to secure the biggest player.
4:52 pm
and i get to support his leader thank you adrian in the last few minutes world number one novak djokovic has been knocked out of the monte carlo masters of it was beaten in straight sets by britain's dan evans in the 3rd round it's the biggest
4:53 pm
win of evans career by some distance talk of it's had been playing and his 1st tournament since winning the australian open title back in february. well 4th seed stuff on assists across was a straight sets winner against christian the greek player is through to the last 8 in this tournament for the 1st time he's reached at least the quarter finals of every event he's played this year. real madrid and manchester city have completed the line up for the semifinals of the european champions league city were 42 aggregate winners against crucial dortmund of germany and mil mil draw against liverpool was enough for reality progress 31 on aggregate they haven't maybe been the liverpool last season when they were champion but still she has a really strong side and yet to ensure one of the home and here known elizabeth result. so yeah i think it's always hard to bias against people put on
4:54 pm
a good. note is to try to recover well 13 time champions rio will take on chelsea in the semis see against last season's runner ups of parents say as your mom p.s.g. be byron munich in their quarter final it's the 1st time pep guardiola has reached the last for a city manager psychologically for all of us for the players for myself of course for all but forgot i was chairman for c.e.o. . moment the quarter finals to add to city fun it was this is really no of course we will move city have never won europe's top competition before football writer chris williams says success in this tournament is how guardiola his time at city will be judged. but going to all the spoke going is the the start of the season maybe being the back and the last season if he doesn't win the champions league at manchester city he may be regarded a failure now i think that was
4:55 pm
a bit tongue in cheek from the old of but there is a little bit of truth to it because they've steamroller the premier league this season i think they were off form last season which is why liverpool were able to run away with it because they were in tremendous for those 2 teams of being better than out but manchester city of one pretty much everything they can in the game when the domestic english trouble the only thing that saluted them is the champions league trophy i think until they win it they'll be regarded as just another side in europe or be a very good one to take that next step like chelsea did a few years ago they need to win the champions league trophy and this season should be or could be the season if they get it right the semifinal they're going to come up against for me the best team left in the competition last season's beaten finalists have got a massive point to prove that they know they are the biggest team in europe despite the lack of european success of the last few years where it's your party seen as just taken them so that next level not so much to call it started and got them towards the he's committed refine the way refine the tactics
4:56 pm
a bit and back to name all look almost unstoppable they now i think of got that champions a trophy in their sights they all saw it last season and i think they want it desperately this season manchester united manager has been dealing with an unusual problem only going to follow shiers change the colors of the banners covering the seats at united's home ground in an effort to improve their results there is now less red and more black so his teams red shirts don't want in the background he did shouldn't be any reasons really. similar play is mentioned you know that split 2nd decision you have to make look over your shoulder if your team mates there renault. is in the red background just with the red seats. so we. try to change that tokyo's a limping organizers ahead back it claims that the games could still be cancelled to officials in japan's ruling party said
4:57 pm
a surgeon covert 1000 and factions may result in the olympics either being called off or taking place without fans organizers say they remain fully focused on hosting a successful event and despite officially being banned from the olympics russia has been showing off kits its athletes will wear in tokyo there's no national flag on it with only the logo of the russian olympic committee the country is banned from major international events due to doping offenses the russian athletes who pass anti doping tests can take part and baseball pitcher carlos wrote on has put in a career best performance for the chicago white sox a hit batter and the 9th inning against the cleveland indians cost him the chance of a perfect game but rather than did become only the 20th white sox player in franchise history to throw a no hitter and his team's 80 victory. that's it for me his record adrian clear many thanks and that is it will be live in moscow and washington when i come
4:58 pm
back in just a few moments talk to a true all about more of the day's news and see the. the latest news as it breaks the biggest challenge to his presidency is not only having to deal with some vicious military officers but also a retard. with detailed coverage the cockpit voice recorder is now safely in jakarta in the hands of indonesia's transport safety commission from around the world let's go next good to say that could be a government of national unity if that's the case that. will keep his job. in pakistan's largest city climate change and water shortages and driving some residents to desperate measure that's 101 east meets the water changes of corruption 100. when the cold 19 undemocratic iran and.
4:59 pm
a filmmaker cut adrift from his crew he began documenting life from the mop down amid ongoing international sanctions. and intimate portrayal of isolation in one of the world's least understood countries. coronavirus lockdown iran people in power on a. new delhi take advantage of the relatively clean air after weeks of toxic small stopped people from venturing outside institutions including harvard say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the coronavirus and more deaths from it and nowhere in india is the situation worse than in daddy the number of cases. where a desperate situation of the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of and pollution across 5 known from the
5:00 pm
state's health experts and mention this has been wanting for months that the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on the car that 19. the u.s. hits russia with a raft of new sanctions saying that it's punishment for election a difference in cyber attacks. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. secretary of state flies into kabul to reassure afghan leaders they still have america supports a stroop script ready to leave. a car bomb goes off in a busy by.


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