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here is the mission yet of the extent of his country's problems more proof of the northside salacious came with the announcement it won't be taking part in the upcoming tokyo olympics dashing the south korean hopes of trying to revive diplomacy around contacts at the games but state run media has focused attention instead on athletes training for games to mark the day of the sun as further evidence that on this most important day in north korea's calendar everything is just fine of the bride al-jazeera so. this is al-jazeera and these are the headlines the u.s. secretary of state's anthony blinken has made and i'm sure will visit to afghanistan he's met afghan president ashraf ghani and top afghan negotiator abdullah abdullah on monday president joe biden announced that u.s.
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troops will leave afghanistan by september 11th. yes. i think you're. going. to. what. we have heard. is changing but. as we've been discussing i think. that. we have a new challenge but it's the right. talks aimed at reviving the iran nuclear deal have resumes in vienna delegates have been arriving at the venue in the austrian capital u.s. president joe biden says he wants to rejoin the agreements but 7 must 1st reverse its violations so iran wants u.s. sanctions lifted discussions have been progressing but are under the shadow of an attack on iran's main nuclear facility and he has recorded more than 200000 new
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cases of covert 19 in a single day for the 1st time experts say the surge is partly being fueled by super spreader events including religious festivals and political rallies it's the 2nd worst affected country in the world for numbers of infections protesters have been out sin the state of the u.s. state of minnesota for forced nights over the fatal police shooting of don't say white and overnight curfew is no place in brooklyn center the officer in question can poss and has been charged with manslaughter and nearby minneapolis the defense has been making its case in the murder trial of former police officer derrick show over and a retired pathologist testified george floyd dies because of multiple factors including preexisting heart conditions and that sure up to date stay stay with us here on al-jazeera inside story is next.
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the u.s. plans to withdraw all its troops from afghanistan by september the 11th but some american officials have criticized the decision so could it accelerate the afghan peace process or plunge the country into further conflict this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program fully back to bill it's been in the united states the longest running war but it's now set to end president joe biden plans to
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withdraw all u.s. troops from afghanistan by september the 11th this year that's exactly 20 years after the invasion was ordered by george w. bush following the attacks on new york city and the pentagon the planned withdrawal will miss him a 1st deadline for a pullout that the trumpet ministration agreed with the taliban last year the us has some $2500.00 soldiers in afghanistan a spot of a nato mission is spent trillions of dollars on the conflicts and lost more than 2007 members since 2001 washington says it will reposition its troops in the region to keep an eye on afghanistan but some u.s. officials have criticized the decision they say it's a grave mistake that could embolden the taliban and lead to more violence senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said foreign terrorists will not leave the u.s. alone simply because opt out politicians have grown tired of taking the fight to them the president he says needs so it's. explain to the american people how abandoning our partners and retreating in the face of the taliban will make america
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safer now the head of afghanistan's recounts in the asian committee. has warned the taliban against imposing conditions after the us withdrawal be to assure that if the people of afghanistan want their rights and freedoms protected and they don't want the destruction for going to stand and this is the decision of the afghan people and we should find a way out and how to take people out of this destruction. well the taliban appears to have hardened its stance towards a delayed us withdrawal of troops after me the 1st the spokesman for the taliban office in qatar mohammed nyima tweeted on tuesday until all foreign forces completely withdraw from our homeland we will not participate in any conference that shall make decisions about afghanistan well let's take a closer look at where the afghan peace process has got to attend a peace summit is due to be held in turkey next week in an effort to end the war and hammer out a political settlement it comes after the afghan government in taliban agreed to
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accelerate negotiations in russia last month direct talks between the 2 sides began in doha last year but didn't achieve a breakthrough the group agreed to stop attacks on international forces following an agreement with the u.s. last year but it's certain to resume hostilities against any foreign troops in the country after may the faced the and the and festering in our guest now in kabul we have a doc who is a political analyst and head of the international relations department at cardon university in washington d.c. david iraq is a former pentagon official an associate professor at the national defense university and also in kabul victoria funtown professor of he studies at the american university of afghanistan welcome to you or welcome to inside story david or ocean washington d.c. let me start with you because this is where this decision has come from president biden rejecting the pentagon's push to remain until afghan forces are able to
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assert themselves against the taliban why has he done this and in your view is this a good or bad decision. well i think it's a bad decision and i think that that's shared across the board washington post which has been certainly pro biden has said it's a disastrous decision so i don't think this is just the military view i think that's shared across the board why has he done it well he's done it because quite frankly americans are weary of the war and the idea is that if the afghan government would have developed the capability to stand on its own 2 feet it's had enough time to do it i saw a surge in the our in afghanistan when my son was 6 months old in 2002 he has a beard now you know and that that is a pretty common detail people are just tired what we've seen are a lot of houses bought in dubai we haven't seen elementary progress made towards a functioning government it does remain an open question though is whether this is
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a sincere order or whether he's trying to put pressure on the government to give more in negotiations take negotiations more seriously but if you only have the i have to do you think it gives the u.s. any leverage at all. no no i think it deprives us of leverage i mean what it does it's a huge morale boost for the taliban i mean you know the afghan government is a very very fragile concept outside of the suburbs of kabul and what you have are a lot of individuals and tribal groups 'd and other sorts of groups that are saying ok who are we going to support and what the taliban is saying is the afghan government is about to melt away you know historically people don't win wars in afghanistan by conquering their foes they win it because military forces change sides and what you see here is a huge boost for the taliban telling people that have the ability to choose the government or the taliban it's time to change sides so i think this is not the last
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word on the subject and i think we'll see a lot of flux in the coming months i am sadat do you agree with that david says that this is going to be a huge boost for the taliban is it and where does it leave the afghan government. up. to the taliban. is there any funds at your water if not and when you simply want the thing. i think the out. of both enough of the budget for the men. if not a bunch of big would be very difficult and. they shouldn't win the fight and not in a funny cause we have. and the government also. important as a. and that government. the kabul government would not call that in the situation. but in the absence of what in
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truth and in the absence of support him as an adult suppose there is. one government. to collapse. given the surge in the attack. from the taliban one through withdrawal so i think the taliban are also looking at an opportunity one that. is as such that. it would be easy for them to take over on a couple which definitely in. for. a month and victorious one time you'll find the us secretary of state antony blinken has hinted that other nato countries might follow suit and also withdraw their troops from afghanistan is now the time we need to close the book on the afghan conflict.
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well. definitely for some nations they're saying that they're going to be closing the book both for after the conflict will continue and you know this was actually going to be the end of the war and i think that this is something that tree or to be taken into account. and that you know foreign governments have to be clear on their intention they want to leave for the war will continue now the legal letter that was sent to president back in february left an opening for all of the country actually stay in for more regional force to be established in order to help afghanistan satellites and help the government of afghanistan. security while it was negotiate with the taliban and unfortunately now it doesn't look like it's going to be the case anymore 'd but as they would say you know you know maybe this is a way to put pressure on the afghan government to actually get its act together and
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start creating the conditions to negotiate this would be the only way forward. because it is indeed a terrible. time for the afghan government to get its act together and end of the conditions that is agreed to but is it solely the afghan government that is to blame for the stalling of the peace process. well you know of course the american government has been important in the taliban's both the trumpet nice transition and now the buy in and use transition with its condition though an ounce of that was drawn at least the trunk at the station had with conditions follow it so it's definitely not just the afghan government's fault but you know the get the administration has been too busy fighting with all the political factions so playing on to power instead of actually creating an afghan state force ray to negotiate with the time event right and now we see rice that is about to be 8
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a david let me come back to you because you know what you said earlier that this was a bad decision but what what would a small remaining contain gente of american jews be able to accomplish really in afghanistan you know just over 2007 men remain in afghanistan what role and what have they been able to accomplish and what would leaving them there actually achieve well it depends on how you tailor the force but i imagine what you would have would be a cadre of trainers and people that would run certain high end military functions that the afghans just are not ready to take on. in spite of years of invest so that's things like aerial medivac supervision of logistics running you know logistical systems repairs and maintenance of high end equipment it's and then the 2nd thing was that there would probably be a very small very limited targeted counterterrorism capability that if there were any sort of hint that we had you know an attack brewing against the united states
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'd or against our interests overseas or allies or partners from afghan territory that would go in but they've said that you know what they would keep some troops in the region though to keep an eye on afghanistan. well that was the trump plan but the biden plan seems to be absolute it's and you know the problem is you can't keep troops in an area in the absence of a cooperative friendly government so you know this would assume that the afghan government is able to you know maintain its control and what we've seen is you know just you know failure after failure whether it's tribalism or corruption let me ask for him about that for him the afghan government has until now relied on us as strikes so to help hold again sagan's back but it's an awesome lot of territory to the taliban is it ready to be on its own. rather. the afghan government wouldn't have an option but to fight. i think one of the
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basic things they would draw it would be kabul in order to hold back. we will really have to see if the government has that capability but. looking at the gotten better the situation the weather. benefit and in a situation where the audience who. although it's. very much i think the role that supported by the. government operation that is happening at the moment and tell they are losing territory. where we do and we don't see that on government being bad and take part in at the podium as it does. so i think the situation will deteriorate and there will be a benefit and by the people in the bottom. up of the troll and.
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as opposed to the afghan government medicine operation victoria u.s. pessimistic as faheem who says the situation the security situation will likely dettori deteriorate with seen attacks by the tiny band we seen also attacked by other groups i sold a number of bold and brazen attacks by i saw in the last year in the last 2 years what will be a departure of foreign troops of the us contingent even if as fine said they've been mostly an advisory role what will that mean for the security of afghanistan and what about these other groups have also been fighting for for control and fighting to gain some sort of recognition in afghanistan. well i think that this is a really important question because be unlearnt attacks that have taken place by other groups in the last 15 months at this amount of that are increasing that the
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amount of casualties has always been very high and so it clearly shows that the taliban has not got to actually prevent such attacks from occurring and so you know i guess that when it's also clear is that the the taliban are weighty militarily even in our lives u.s. as support so when there's actually no air support the afghan army and defense forces have actually no means to sustain. the whole that they have on certain areas outside of the cities and so the futurists believe they will be no supports. on their contingents or the groups will be emboldened in the same way that the taliban is being important now and it's very clear that the taliban have no way to pacify the country as they promised us they would do and again the taliban is not
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just one group there's many different. then and then what happens when they start fighting one another indeed they are divisions even within the taliban movement david i want to ask you about these other groups that the u.s. has promised to to prevent. other groups from. a presence in afghanistan how are they going to be able to do that now. you know that's a good question so you know honestly if you don't have a physical presence there and the means to it force an agreement with violence in the ultimate. analysis then you're dependent on the word of the people that you're leaving there so it would be either you know some sort of agreement between the afghan government the legitimate afghan government and the taliban but it's victoria pointed out you know there's there's really 2 there's more than 2 but a simplistic analysis is there's 2 afghan government to afghanistan so there's there's kabul and then there's the provinces and in the provinces anybody who
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hasn't. a grievance against the central government calls himself taliban that gives them instant status but that doesn't mean that they can you know it works in the negative they they can be used as a force of eyes but they can't be used that effectively to impose government decisions whether it's from the afghan government or taliban leadership so it's going to be very very hard and i think what'll happen is when bad things happen the taliban want to say oh that's an outlaw a rogue group nothing to do with us we'll do our best to put it down but the bottom line we're going to have to take their word for it and i'm not comfortable that your thoughts about this faheem that the taliban has been trying to gain international legitimacy so some would say it is in their best interest to negotiate an agreement on a deal now with the afghan government do you do you think there is appetite for that within the movement and how worried are afghans about the prospects for peace you know with the taliban saying that they will not participate in the negotiations
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into until 004 until of sleeve their country how worried oppy people about this. well basically i think that the history is on their side at the moment and they have on most won't be warm in the cattery. i'm off the. miners within the taliban bank and prior to that. 3 total military victory and they do not ready. to do to have a political system in coming out of negotiation but there are some. of the founded by now who are engaged in a political settlement and want to cement or of i'm. also dependent on how is the battlefield commanders and as well as because it or should be fired and how much they. see that on but. with the
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afghan people i think. what it is because atlanta some of 2021 is different with that of one. night when the taliban had dad him out in a bun and now people that we different situation. one woman are concerned for that right. and human rights activists are concerned for their human rights. and not make him a rough. idea that 'd if alabama and also i think all the options that the moment i want them to understand to be caught up in the national media and. what would that would that risk in context. to carry the human rights and women's rights 3 3 and if i'm not being difficult by the. way which
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we have at the moment. are the concerns that if we add on the holes now if said in that photo they feel. all right. victoria i want to ask you about the peace talks of peace negotiations are supposed to be a meeting in turkey next week which taliban has said for now anyway that it's not going to attend there is also the russia track with moscow we saw a week ago a few days ago actually getting the 2 sides together and the crumbling also pushing for a cease fire which of these tracks has a better chance at success i mean the russians getting involved of course there were the talks in doha that were you know a few things but have been extremely slow the negotiations have stole where can they be. movement do you think in these negotiations and what needs to happen
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well it depends what the end game is because the taliban know that there will be terribly and they know that they don't need to negotiate any c b 4 for the u.s. to actually stroll and they know you have the capacity to take the country over basically so you know which peace talks could actually succeed it depends how you define success we know that the as it is in bringing about a unity government. the game is there really only don't you need a government when you can go in on your road and that's really the question to be to be asked here or saw some of the parties that were supposed to negotiate. at the same parties that actually brought the conflict to took place in the 1st place 40 year old a different war veteran and so you know too it depends who is going to be other
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they were shitty day one who is going to be accept a setting to negotiate the truth doesn't look like the inclusion of other parties but for all its and but then surely the time it. would actually yields to any form are of a progressive and state law which seems in the past in the past few years so again with regards to peace this particular announcement signifies to many that the peace talks are dead and that they are not likely to where we start any time soon david in washington d.c. let me come to you you talked about your experience what will be the legacy of america's 20 year conflict in afghanistan in your opinion. well we you know we never speak of legacies in what from an american perspective our limited wars i've always had you know you know when i was there have always had a view that you know when you have
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a limited war like this the outside power in this instance united states and it was kind of like ships and it moves in and moves out there is an educated class of women i was very proud when i was in afghanistan and i managed teach english to some afghan women in my spare time so there's an educated class of women that quite you know hadn't been able to reach that level even even in the days before the soviet invasion theoretically if the taliban is is forced to modify itself there might be you know some sort of assertion of that but that's that's really not much more than hope i think the 2nd thing is that there is. an effect on pakistan pakistan is the stork leap in the safe haven for the taliban but i think particularly after the you know assassination of benazir bhutto and then the massacre at the army officer cadets college and shower i think pakistan has a more wary approach so perhaps a legacy of the war will be
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a little bit different but other than that you know there's been a lot of buildings built but i'm afraid that a lot of our effort has just vanished into a mob of corruption and inefficiency. i'll give you the last word as an afghan what do you see as. the legacy of the american involvement of in afghanistan being. a so far we have a government we have a constitution we have. as somehow a democratically elected president we have an emerging. and we have the. concepts such as human rights women's rights to creation where we have where guns are going and getting. that is an international mission and i think that all the that that we have on top of it. but what what what the people are what it now. is their vision and i mean of.
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all of the last of the. not going to waste by 'd having. submissions not with their harsh interpretation of naam and soon as i think i. want. to follow up democratic and. free will is respected and as well as women's rights and right. ones are. looking for something like that you don't want it want to end but 'd what caused it is now the question at what cost. to come to an end of who are we won that war ain't that bad that the previous deems to be sustained and as well
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as. free and an elected in a democratic society. in the future thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us fighting for god david dave ocean victoria funtown thank you all for being on this edition of inside story and thank you for watching you can always watch. this program again any time by visiting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for trash a.j. inside story and of course you can also join the conversation on twitter i handle that inside story for me for the back to the whole team thank you for watching by for now.
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the castors alleged child was reading communist party seems the $959.00 revolution has powers 100 over to miguel diaz kind o. we look at the situation in the country today this is the end of the league but continuation of the legacy or the beginning of real change in cuba special coverage has rolled castro steps down on al-jazeera it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there white supremacy impacts all of our issues you're putting more money into the hands of someone taking money out of the hands of other workers that will goes to their camp and becomes a us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is there from the al jazeera london. to people in thoughtful conversation i can be in my culture i can still raise my voice against bigotry aki with no host and no limitations the pandemic actually
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exposed the injustice in our societies to as an icon and has had in hospitality we have protected these men who are violent and bully studio to be unscripted and algis their. hello i'm adrian for the top stories on al-jazeera 1st breaking news from iraq where at least 4 people have been killed by an explosion in eastern baghdad large plumes of black smoke have been filmed wising from such a city of suburb of the capital police say that it was a car bomb at least 17 people at the wounded. u.s. secretary of state and the blinken has arrived in afghanistan the briefed president ashraf ghani and other leaders about plans to withdraw all american troops u.s. president joe biden wants the un condition.


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