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social studies says many goals against italy's football elite football read on how dizzy. be the hero the world needs. washing. more at the end. here secretary of state and city blink in arrives in afghanistan after president joe biden announced his plans to withdraw all troops. out of our heads and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. delegates arrive in vienna for another day of talks about salvaging the iran nuclear deal. a
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major 2nd wave of covert 1000 infections accelerates in india the hospital beds and oxygen supplies are falling shorts. and a not so bright outlook counts north korea marks the sheers day of the sun. while the u.s. secretary of state is in afghanistan this saturday yes present your by tonight is his timetable to end america's longest war he's been meeting with afghan president ashraf ghani here's a little of what they had to say. i'm here to demonstrate. going . to open. we have a partnership exchange but endures. as we've
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been discussing. the. president said. we have a new chapter but it's a new chapter the right to get. i was very eager to come. to a place possible also to begin the course to be. in writing that chapter. i demonstrate. the on points or. the united states has a right it's a pleasure to see you really think it was a signal to european business in the us that it's officially really tremendous for 2nd place and i say to people you know before. we believe you can use that information. to. decisions about be moving to the extremes even if we extract a redistricting there that the secretary thank you both. for coming
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to support. their peaceful so. i put it to you. ok well. i did so i am. still in the combo he's speaking there let's see if we can go to that night no we can't instead we're going to take our white house correspondent kimberly hall could she's been reporting on the measures the president by it's an announced. after a generation of war in afghanistan u.s. president joe biden says it's time for american soldiers to return home we cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions i'm now the 4th united states president to preside over american troop presence in afghanistan to republicans to democrats. i
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will pass this responsibility on to a 5th the withdrawal of u.s. forces begins may 1st and ends by september 11th the 20th anniversary of the attacks on new york's twin towers and the pentagon the u.s. invaded afghanistan in 2001 attacking al qaeda training camps where osama bin laden coordinated the attacks but biden says since then security threats have evolved osama bin laden was gone that was 10 years ago and my direction my team is refining our national strategy to monitor and disrupt significant terrorist threats not only in afghanistan but anywhere there. and they're in africa europe the middle east and elsewhere the united states has roughly 2500 soldiers in afghanistan as part of the nato alliance currently we have speaking from brussels the nato
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secretary general and now it's those forces will also begin drawing down may 1st we went into afghanistan together. we have adjusted over history together and we all are united in leaving together who know america's longest war has been costly 2 trillion dollars more than $2300.00 american lives. why did traveled to arlington national cemetery to honor those lives lost but instead cision honors the agreement for withdrawal put in place by his predecessor donald trump both men have been criticized for ignoring pentagon advice to remain in the country the loss of the knitted baby the u.s. presence in the coalition's presence could be a very a further destabilizing question on the ground in the region on capitol hill
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biden's conservative critics and some members of his own democratic. already oppose the move arguing it will put u.s. and afghan lives at risk it undermines our commitment to the afghan people particularly afghan women senator jeanne shaheen said in a statement adding the biden administration must make every effort between now and september to protect the progress made the united states intends to keep a diplomatic presence in afghanistan what is less clear is just how many clint destine forces and u.s. security contractors will remain to monitor and meet future threats can really help at al-jazeera the white house. well al jazeera is fairly or contra foolery is in kabul she explains why people there were surprised by president biden's announcements. it would be an understatement to say that basically everybody here was holding their breath to see what will president biden decided. yesterday to
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have states not exactly what people were expecting to hear on the ground just because for all this time everybody was talking about a conditions based withdrawal and what we heard yesterday it's about a would roll will be unconditional we've seen. a statement from president hadi which was very simple very solemn and we thank the united states for what they've done in this country he said they will the government will help for a smooth transition towards the next phase now if you talk to. there are so very different ideas about what they think about this announcement there is a lot of anger a lot of disappointment a lot of them feel betrayed because they're asking why is the united states after 20 years just leaving us like this when there's no peace agreement in place and
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all this is happening just as all the diplomatic efforts seem to be stalling and while some certainty has been brought us to right now we do know when foreign forces will depart there's many many other questions as to what will follow next for afghanistan as this is a completely new chapter. talks aimed at reviving the iran nuclear deal have resumed in vienna delegates been arriving at the venue and all she is capital u.s. president joe biden says he wants to rejoin the agreements but that iran must reverse its violations 1st iran wants u.s. sanctions lifted its discussions have been progress and butts are under the shadow of an attack on iran's main nuclear facility and teheran says it will begin enriching uranium at even higher levels well in a moment we'll go live to a setback in teheran 1st though it's in the barber in london and let's see what are
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the european saying. well they publicly voiced their concern and developments in the last few days since last week's talks between the signatories apart from the u.s. to the iranian nuclear deal were on wednesday u.k. germany and france issued a joint statement saying that they had great concern over iran's announcement that it would move to. enrichment of uranium saying that it was a serious development an important step in the production of a nuclear weapon saying that the country had no need for that degree of in enrichment for a civilian nuclear use similarly the u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken called in said that it called into question iran's seriousness of purpose in these talks in vienna which of restarted on
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thursday he called it a provocative announcements will iran in the last few hours has said that it is delegation in vienna has been holding intensive talks with the european delegations for the last 2 days and we're hearing from russia from their representative in vienna that they believe that the j c p a way the nuclear deal struck in 2015 is quote the only viable solution which can bring the iran nuclear program but to the agreed parameters let's not forget the agree parameters with 3.6 percent 3.67 percent enrichment of uranium iran moved to 20 percent in january now it's saying it will move to 60 percent purity and in fact u.n. inspectors went to that natanz facility in the last 24 hours said that iran is almost ready to start that degree of enrichment but the iranian government is saying that it will pull back if it receives positive signals all along it's been
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saying it wants the sanctions lifted before it will actually come back and in the ois of its partners me. its commitments under the nuclear deal it's not clear where the compromise will be but right now the immediate concern is trying to persuade iran that it's not in anyone's interests to go forward with that higher level of enrichment. but there live from london thank you need the most crossfire it see teheran where we can speak with al-jazeera said big ass it was the perspective from iran here one of the thing can be achieved in these talks. well iran has always maintained they want those sanctions lifted that's what they want in fact the head of the uranium delegation before going again today has said that from the beginning iran engaged to have constructive to achieve something constructive to get real results and if they don't see that happening if the talks become exhaustive and iran relieved that comes after the supreme leader ayatollah
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khomeini the political and spiritual leader of the country spoke yesterday and he said he was opposed to talks he understood the need for them but they shouldn't take too long and he said so far the u.s. office had been degrading and he told me go she has to move forward with eyes open now as nadeem said iran's enrichment has gone up to 60 percent iran says it was started reaching to 60 percent but this morning the president has spoken he said today iran is able to enrich to 90 percent that's weapons grade but he said that iran's nuclear program is for peaceful means and iran doesn't want to nuclear bomb and he said the united states without naming them. said that you were the ones that produced and stored nuclear weapons and that iran returned to its commitments of 3.67 percent stipulated by the 2015 nuclear deal if the united states rejoined that deal and lifted those sanctions as far as iran is concerned that this latest move of enriching to 60 percent is a direct result of that attack their act of sabotage as iran calls it at the main
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nuclear facility in attendance. ok a setback there live from the iranian capital thank you very much indeed. still ahead here on al-jazeera. was. another night of protests and anger after a u.s. police officer was released on bail over the shooting of a black man. the world's 2 biggest economies look for common ground on climate change despite tensions over trade human rights sans territorial disputes. it's time for the perfect jannie. sponsored play qatar airways. now also spring rains we've seen come and go and they're still there in china
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they've gone offshore from japan there's a massive cloud in the north which is catching a bit of late with her from northern china and certainly thrown some thunderstorms and active weather through beijing through the yellow sea and particularly into the korean peninsula now this is friday's picture when much of it's gone through so a few legacy showers here but will probably pick up the rain an edge or increases amount over honshu those heavy rain here 2 days ago so we're seeing more a little early in the world and still melting that a cessna matters knows on the western slopes and i'm sure the same time the chinese end of it is going offshore so most of showers settled i'm fine beijing's wind is dying down and air quality is ok it's certainly better than is currently the case in the northern plains of india but the winds picking up here as well as you can see that orange there that sound like he brought out of roger's done there is rain in the south i think ebbing away in the next day or so new delhi reflects what's
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happening in the north sunder stalls from northern pakistan through northern india which of course should improve the air quality typically it is time of year we be looking at but the pretty monsoon he needs there but it's only slowly rising. paul qatar airways when i enter the ring i feel on top of the world i don't want that feeling to go away when the show ends the final on court begins retirement and i follow my laugh line watch the laugh line meet the form a circus performers gracefully supporting each other on the stage of life ego and less you got a broken bone every minute of it was beautiful witness presents off to circus on and just that's face to face show patience is still must go on.
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this is al jazeera a quick reminder of the headlines for you know u.s. secretary of state and see blinken has made an impromptu visit to afghanistan he's been meeting afghan prime minister shoved on the and top negotiator abdullah abdullah on wednesday u.s. president joe biden announced that all american troops would leave afghanistan by september 11th the talks aimed at reviving the iran nuclear deal have resumed in vienna u.s. president joe biden says he wants to rejoin the agreement but that iran must reverse its violations 1st known wants u.s. sanctions lifted. india has canceled more than $200.00 thousands you coronavirus infections over 24
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hours its highest daily tally yet it's like the 2nd worst affected country in the world by thoughtful cases and the worst by daily infections but per capita is still far behind other nations yet their break has been getting worse by the day for weeks now several states say their health systems are overwhelmed lives with promise in new delhi are restrictions and curfews are being imposed. we'll months again that here in the kinds of reports and seeing the kinds of scenes that we did last year during the height all. first wave during the peak of the 1st wave and because of that we've had the stage for me to all the capital down the chief minister and announce the closing down of the mole's restaurants spas and gyms restaurants will only be allowed to do deliveries he's also a balanced weekend. delis with a 20000000 people where they will only be allowed to go out to work to get
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essential supplies he said that there was no shortage of hospital beds and leave it at the same time he has asked hospitals to requisition hotels and banquet halls to add more beds cool clothes and mind to patients there are 7 overstretch and so in ready in place and the worst affected states maharashtra from wednesday night its 125000000 people should go out on this it's for work or to get essential supplies and we have states imposing such restrictions because there are many reports of a shortage of hospital beds as a critical shortage of oxygen supply we're seeing reports pictures of long lines of the ambulances with carrying patients waiting for hours outside hospitals that in. because of the shortage of unfortunately own bodies piling up outside hospitals in the state check the scar that has a disproportionately high death rate with long lines at crematorium and
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at burial grounds thing. thailand is considering new restrictions to report seeing a record 1500 factions in one day has been linked to nightclubs and bars in panko can lead to puppets of disease control says it appears to have spread beyond control this could delay the government's plans to reopen to 2 wrists scott high and low reports not from bank own the government is getting a lot of criticism you know before they were being heralded for their ability to contain the virus but what the criticism is focusing on right now is is the vaccine program less than one half of one percent of the $69000000.00 people here in thailand have been vaccinated so a lot of the critics are saying a lot of the criticism of this is coming from the opposition parties in the government saying that they should have really not waited to roll out the vaccine program their opposition is saying that mainly they were doing that they the
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government the leaders of the government were doing that because they were kind of resting on their laurels because they were able to contain the virus like they have over the last several months now moving forward obviously they're trying to do everything they can we're going to hear from the covert task force that's led by the prime minister pay attention on friday to see if there are going to be further restrictions put into place right now each province has the ability to restrict people coming in or to have them tested or to have them go into corn teen so it's done kind of different in different parts of the country but right now we're seeing these spikes that started really here at night clubs in bangkok spread really quickly across the country part of the reason for that we're just coming to the end of the song kron new year holiday here so a lot of people traveled again the government getting criticism because the spike really kind of started before people started traveling but they didn't put any restrictions on then all eyes on tomorrow if they're going to be more restrictions more specifically what's going to happen next week when everybody comes back from
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their holiday. the u.s. census for disease control has delayed a decision on the future use of johnson and johnson's code with 19 vaccine it suspended for no other jobs possible links to very rare blood clots the c.d.c. says it needs more time to collect information before recommending further action and japan's highest number since january or pursue more question marks over the talkie lympics 4300 new infections were announced on wednesday the seconds at most powerful figure in the governing party as even suggested cancelling the games in july but other officials insist the games will go ahead the years policewoman who fatally shot a young black man has been charged with manslaughter a day after she turns in her badge the killing has set off several nights of unrest not far from where former officer derrick chauvinists on trial accused of killing george floyd shihab rattansi reports from brooklyn center on the northern outskirts
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of minneapolis. there are defense called a form of forensic pathologist who argued that floyd's history of hypertension disease on drug use but it couldn't be all good conclusively but the cause of his death was being 68 by the office up he says he's in a situation where he's been restrained in a very stressful situation. and. then creased he's fine type of reaction and then he. would be considered a homicide and you put all of those together it's very difficult to say which of those is the most. i would fall back to and unlike the prosecution which was to prove chauvinist guilty of murder or manslaughter but the fence just has to raise a reasonable doubt in at least one juror's mind the true will is responsible for floyd's death probably even suggested that carbon monoxide from the tailpipe of the
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police car a drink to floyd while he was being mel torme for almost 9 and a half minutes may have been a contributory factor to his death something the prosecution seized upon did you see any here monitoring data that actually would give you getting information as to what amount of carbon monoxide it would have been and breathing so. you know because it was not tested it was a yes or no question you haven't seen any have i have not seen you need it the prosecution suggested file that had misled the jury about the science of this fixation pointed out that followed made money out of his medical testimony probably himself is a controversial figure he's being sued by the family of a 19 year old black man in maryland who died after being smothered by police they accused him of helping cover up police wrongdoing i was the trial continued in downtown minneapolis i'm not like case of a black man killed in a police encounter this time 16 kilometers away in the suburb of brooklyn something
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20 year old dante wright was. that on sunday the officer who pulled the trigger kim was charged with 2nd degree manslaughter those representing the right family ridiculed the idea of a poster had reached for her gun thinking it was a taser when you look at the fact that you didn't know what a 26 year veteran. if she did know in 26 years the difference in sadness and weight of a gun as opposed to a tase then how was she a veteran in police how was she even on the force that long paul has been released on bail and once again hundreds of protesters gathered outside brooklyn santa police station to register their outrage at the death of another young black leader this me as a result of police escalation but to simply did not need to happen the response
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from the security forces help us flash bangs on the threats of arrest insureds escalation she every time see al-jazeera brooklyn sometime in a series of. united states and china are the world's 2 biggest polluters no u.s. climate envoy john kerry is in shanghai to meet chinese leaders he's aiming to make the environment an area of course collaboration it's the 1st trip to china by a high ranking by the ministration official china wants to become carbon neutral by 26 c. the u.s. is also expected to announce a new target for reducing emissions katrina you has more from shanghai. this is significant because it's the highest level visit we've had here to china by a u.s. official sister biden became president and john kerry is here at the invitation of dating and he's going to meet with his chinese counterpart sat down and it's crucial that these 2 countries would together to combat climate change because together they account for about half the world's carbon emissions china on its own
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accounts for about one 3rd. now both countries have said that this is a priority but they want 5 different things from this meeting in shanghai don't kerry says he's going to ask beijing to impose more scrutiny climate reduction targets and china wants to encourage the u.s. to do more to help developing countries invest in renewables and china is also looking at the optics of this meeting and wants to be seen as an equal to the u.s. and seen also as a climate change now this is very significant in terms of it being seen as a positive interaction between the 2 countries because the context of this is that this is happening i'm it's very hostile deteriorating bilateral relations the last time u.s. and chinese officials and it was in alaska at the end of march and they had a very frosty exchange and there was no breakthrough achieved it really underscored the unfriendliness of the relationship between the 2 countries but john kerry for his part has said he's going to try to isolate climate change as an issue and deal
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with it separately apart from the other issues over which the 2 countries disagree such as sin john hong kong and taiwan. hong kong is holding its 1st national security education day to promote a controversial security law imposed on the territory last year its leader carol lam and some of beijing's top representatives attended a ceremony to launch the event schools in hong kong are holding to choose to teach children to obey the law. professors demonstrated near the ceremony they say the security law has crushed civil rights and effectively. political opposition. in myanmar one protest has been killed during a demonstration. in the city of mandalay against the military process was also held in young going where people gather to remember those who died the group released say small birds into the sky in their own or aid groups say at least 715
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people have been killed by the security forces since the military's takeover in february. north korea is marking the most important day in its calendar the birth of its founding father kim and son the day of the sun as it's known has been darkens however by mr kim jong admitting his country faces major problems right reports. this is the upbeat image north korea wants to project to the world extensive coverage on state run media of leader kim jong un presiding over projects that improve people's lives like this housing development in pyongyang or of happy citizens taking part in a drawing and calligraphy festival to coincide with the day of the sun and good news features such as this one about a flourishing culture thanks to the beneficence of north korea's leader julian in
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terms of them to get a respected general secretary took measures to build this factory so that people could have tea at any time and place but domestically kim jong un has had to deliver a far more somber assessment of the multiple problems his country is facing and that his people are all too aware of more than a year of self-imposed isolation because of the pandemic has compounded the impact of going international sanctions and food shortages from last year's storms that ruined crops with our only that i ask party members it's only rules to wage another more difficult arduous march in order to relieve the people's hardships as they follow their party as their mother. the arduous march is the euphemism for the famine in north korea suffered during the 1990 s. following the collapse of its ally the soviet union and failed harvests kim jong un's comparison with those grim days seems to be the clearest admission yet of the
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extent of his country's problems more proof of the northside salacious came with the announcer. and it won't be taking part in the upcoming tokyo olympics dashing the south korean hopes of trying to revive diplomacy around contacts at the games but state run media has focused attention instead on athletes training for games to mark the day of the sun as further evidence that on this most important day in north korea's calendar everything is just fine macbride al jazeera so. this is al-jazeera and these are the headlines the u.s. secretary of state's blenkin has made and i'm sure will visit to afghanistan he's met afghan president ashraf ghani and top afghan negotiator abdullah abdullah on them.


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