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meet the form of circus performers gracefully supporting each other on the stage. let's you've got a broken bone in the main. witness presents off to suit on i'm just that's based. on. al-jazeera. hello and welcome to that i'm adrian for the gun in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes afghanistan's president looks to a smooth transition after the u.s. announces a full troop withdrawal but others fear worsening chaos a major 2nd wave of covert 19 effect infections accelerates in india where hospital beds and oxygen supplies affording shills. the world's 2 biggest economies look for
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common ground on climate change despite tensions of the trade human rights and territorial disputes and a not so bright outlook as north korea marks this year's day of the sun. and i'm lee harvey and with sports the semifinal lineup for the european champions league is now complete liverpool have been knocked out by real madrid and manchester city are also went to the last for. afghanistan's president says that his country's forces are ready to defend the people without the united states' help not everyone shares his optimism though after u.s. president joe biden announced his timetable to end america's longest war a white house correspondent kimberly how could reports from washington. after a generation of war in afghanistan u.s.
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president joe biden says it's time for american soldiers to return home we cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions i'm now the 4th united states president to preside over american troop presence in afghanistan to republicans to democrats. i will pass this responsibility on to a 5th the withdrawal of u.s. forces begins may 1st and ends by september 11th the 20th anniversary of the attacks on new york's twin towers and the pentagon the u.s. invaded afghanistan in 2001 attacking al qaeda training camps where osama bin laden coordinated the attacks but biden says since then security threats have evolved osama bin laden was gone that was 10 years ago and my direction my team is
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refining our national strategy to monitor and disrupt significant terrorist threats not only in afghanistan but anywhere there. and there in africa europe the middle east and elsewhere the united states has roughly 2500 soldiers in afghanistan as part of the nato alliance currently we have speaking from brussels the nato secretary general and now it's those forces will also begin drawing down may 1st we went into afghanistan together. we have adjusted over history together and we all are united in leaving together who know america's longest war has been costly 2 trillion dollars more than $2300.00 american lives. why did travel to arlington national cemetery to honor those lives lost biden's decision honors the agreement for withdrawal put in place by his predecessor donald trump
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both men have been criticized for ignoring pentagon advice to remain in the country the loss of the knitted baby the u.s. presence in the coalition's presence could be a very a further destabilizing question on the ground in the region on capitol hill biden's conservative critics and some members of his own democratic. oppose the move arguing it will put u.s. and afghan lives at risk it undermines our commitment to the afghan people particularly afghan women senator jeanne shaheen said in a statement adding the biden administration must make every effort between now and september to protect the progress made the united states intends to keep a diplomatic presence in afghanistan what is less clear is just how many clint destine forces and u.s. security contractors will remain to monitor and meet future threats can really help
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at al jazeera the white house tweeting his reaction afghanistan's president ashraf ghani posted that afghanistan's security forces are fully capable of defending its people and country which he says they've been doing all along adding that the afghan nation will forever remain grateful speaking to al jazeera the taliban spokesman says the departure of foreign forces is a goal shared by all afghans or the whole night. the withdrawal of the foreign troops is our people's demand and this is something we fought for in the last 20 years this was always our objective at the end of the day the withdrawal must take place as there is for the o'connor for ias in kabul and explains why people there were surprised by president biden's announcement. it would be an understatement to say that basically everybody here was holding their breath to see what will president biden decided happened yesterday to have saved is not exactly what
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people were expecting to hear on the ground just because for all this time everybody was talking about a conditions based withdrawal and what we heard yesterday it's about a would roll will be unconditional we've seen. a statement from president lani which was very simple very solemn and we thank the united states for what they've done in this country he said they will the government will help for a smooth transition towards the next phase now if you talk to afghans there are so very different ideas about what they think about this announcement there is a lot of anger a lot of disappointment a lot of them feel betrayed because they're asking why is the united states after 20 years just leaving us like this when there's no peace agreement in place and
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all this is pending just as all the diplomatic efforts seem to be stalling and while some certainty has been brought us to right now we do know when foreign forces will depart there's many many other questions as to what will follow next for afghanistan as this is a completely new chapter. in the. thailand is considering new restrictions off for reporting a record $1519.00 infections in one day the outbreak has been linked to nightclubs and bars in bangkok and the department of disease control says that it now appears to have spread beyond it could delay the government's plans to reopen to tourists let's go live out of bangkok al-jazeera scott can tell us more. what's happening in thailand the country had been weathering the pandemic pretty well until now. it had adrian and that was something that the government here was very very proud
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of is that they were able to contain the spread of the you know this is as you mentioned this is the 3rd wave the 1st 2 waves weren't that big compared to you know the rest of the world obviously and even this 3rd wave which is the worst here in the country still isn't that big when you look at other nations but it is big for here and there are a couple of reasons for that as you mentioned 50 over 1500 cases new cases today thursday that's the 4th record daily record set just this week so very concerning for the people of thailand and for the government now the government is getting a lot of criticism before they are being heralded for their ability to contain the virus but what the criticism is focusing on right now is is the vaccine program less than one half of one percent of the 69000000 people here in thailand have been vaccinated so a lot of the critics are saying a lot of the criticism of this is coming from the opposition parties in the government saying that they should have really not waited to rollout the vaccine
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program they are the opposition is saying that mainly they were doing that they the government the leaders of the government were doing that because they were kind of resting on their laurels because they were able to contain the virus like they have over the last several months now moving forward obviously they're trying to do everything they can we're going to hear from the covert task force that's led by the prime minister paid on friday to see if there are going to be further restrictions put into place right now each province has the ability to restrict people coming in or to have them tested or to have them go into corn teen so it's done kind of different in different parts of the country but right now we're seeing these spikes as you mentioned that started really here at night clubs in bangkok spread really quickly across the country part of the reason for that were just coming to the end of the some kron new year holiday here so a lot of people traveled again the government getting criticism because the spike really kind of started before people started traveling but they didn't put any restrictions on then all eyes on tomorrow if they're going to be more restrictions
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more specifically what's going to happen next week when everybody comes back from their holiday what's the situation's going to neighboring countries. well to the east in cambodia they have also seen a spike to the degree that the government there has locked down the capital phnom penh to the point where they're actually police checkpoints the only reason people are allowed to leave their homes right now this was implemented this morning on thursday is if they're going to work if they're going to buy food or if they need medical attention those are the only 3 reasons people are allowed to travel so that even police checkpoints setting up and again you know when you look at southeast asia most nations here have been pretty lucky when it comes to containing the coded 1000 streb they are in the same case that they only have about $5000.00 cases total in this pandemic but they're worried about this recent spike because they haven't seen numbers go up this precipitous lee in the last several months so they are lot not taking any chances and locking down the capital and the surrounding areas agent
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0 scott hines a reporting live from bangkok scott many thanks david well another worrying record india which is counted more than 200000 new cases in 24 it's now the 2nd worst affected country of the world a total cases of the worst for daily infections but the capital it's far behind other nations hit the outbreak has been getting by the day for weeks now several states say the health systems overwhelmed as of this but for all of us in new delhi where restrictions and curfews being reimposed. we'll months again that here in the kinds of reports and seeing the kinds of scenes that we did last year during the height of the 1st wave during the peak of the 1st wave and because of that we've had the state of the capital delhi chief minister. announce the closing down of the. restaurants spas and gyms restaurants will only be allowed to do deliveries
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he's also a balanced weekend. for delhi little to 20000000 people where they will only be allowed to go out to work to get essential supplies he said that there is no shortage of hospital beds in delhi but at the same time he has asked hospitals to requisition hotels and banquet halls to add more beds cool clothes and mind to patients there are 7 a restriction is already in place and the worst affected states maharashtra from wednesday night its 125000000 people to go out on unless it's for work or to get essential supplies and we have states imposing such restrictions because there are many reports of a shortage of hospital beds or has a critical shortage of oxygen supply we're seeing reports pictures of long lines of ambulances with carrying patients waiting for hours outside hospitals that in. because of the shortage of unfortunately own bodies piling up outside hospitals in
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the state off the scare that has a disproportionately high death rate with long lines at crematorium and at burial grounds. highest number since january are adding to concerns over the turkey olympics 4300 new infections were announced on wednesday the 2nd most powerful figure and the governing party has suggested that cancelling the games in july is still an option but other officials insist that it will go ahead brazil's supreme court has given the green light to a senate inquiry into the president's handling of the pandemic jiah balsam hours critics accuse him of bungling the response as allies say that is being blamed unfairly mark again a queue of reports from. the pandemic is changing the demographics in rio de janeiro and 11 other large brazilian cities in recent months they've been witnessing more funerals than births yet another tragic statistic in
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a country that already has the world's 2nd largest school been 1000 death toll and was late to started smacks a nation campaign. from the start president has been accused of downplaying the coronavirus and of setting a bad example by not wearing a mask nor respecting social distancing rules but on wednesday as brazil surpassed 360000 deaths by covert 19 widespread criticism of both and out of the actions took a serious turn the supreme court authorized a congressional inquiry into the brazilian president's handling of the pandemic. the primaries a blow to both sonari because it'll put the spotlight on the government's mistakes which for many the president will have to explain why he had no national plan to fight the pandemic and why he felt the governors who tried to control the asked
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price on their own bomb posing lockdowns were importing back saying he's. also not a reacted by saying that the crisis caused by the pandemic has turned brazil into a powder keg and blame the restrictive measures he opposed for increasing poverty and hunger in brazil beso follicle do with them up brazil is at its limit people sasha take action i am waiting for the people to give me a son because the hunger the misery the unemployment of their. but while many in brazil slums are crying out for help and food in the hospitals doctors and nurses are at their wit's end they're running out of drugs to treat the increasing number of patients fighting for their lives in intensive care meineke an i.q. of. rio de janeiro there with the news from al jazeera here's some of what's still to come this hour. another night of
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protests and anger after a u.s. police officers released on bail over the shooting of a black man. and how this boy is and of a cancer patients lives are at risk as the pandemic overwhelms already exhausted health services later in sport rafael nadal makes a winning return to action in one of his favorite tournament's live here with that and the rest of the day's action a little later. talks aimed at reviving the iran nuclear deal have resumed for a 2nd day delegates have been arriving at the venue in austria's capital u.s. president joe biden says that he wants to rejoin the agreement but that iran must reverse its violations fussed iran wants u.s. sanctions lifted discussions have been progressing but under the shadow of a cyber attack on iran's main nuclear facility and teheran says that it will begin enriching uranium at even higher levels let's go live now to iran's capital tehran
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of a serious assad bagus force what's the one saying about this increase in enrichment ahead of these talks. yes iran said yesterday that they will begin enriching to 60 percent now that's the highest level iran has ever enrich to even before the 2015 nuclear deal it was still only act 20 percent and iran says that this is a reaction to that cyber attack what iran has called an act of sabotage at their main nuclear facility and attend the europeans france germany and the united kingdom have issued a statement saying that it is of grave concern that iran is enriching to 60 percent and the fact that iran will install $1000.00 more advanced centrifuges at that natanz facility now iran will note that none of these countries have condemned the attack have issued a statement they have said nothing whatsoever but this morning president has been rouhani has been talking and he and what he said will be of concern he said that
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iran today has the ability to enrich to 90 percent that's weapons grade but what he did say was that iran's nuclear program is peaceful that they won't be enriching to that level that they have the capability to do so but you also said of the united states that you are the ones that produce nuclear weapons and store them and iran isn't after a nuclear weapon is the u.s. if the u.s. came back to the deal and lifted those sanctions iran would begin to reduce its enrichment to 3.67 percent that's within the 2015 nuclear deal we've also had the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei speaking he said he is he's not opposed to the talks he understands the need for them but he told me go she says that they should not take too long and said that so far the u.s. offers had been degrading and the negotiators should move forward with their eyes open now that issue around that time frame has both been highlighted by president hassan rouhani and foreign minister zarif who both have said that time is running out because the reality on the ground here is that the presidential elections take place in june this administration's time in office ends in august so any deal would
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be binding on the next government and if there isn't a deal the next government may be less likely to want to engage negotiate around that 2015 nuclear deal. as had big reporting live from tehran let's get the thoughts of 000 senior political analyst mullen bashara is is with us now on the mood music surrounding the resumption of these talks doesn't exactly inspire confidence that's the terms attack as when he put a spanner in the works doesn't it when you know it's raw going to predictable aegean in a sense that we know that both of them have come to you know really new deal that is in tatters a lot of things have happened since the last 4 years in some ways president biden is trying to exploit the measures of the sanctions taken by his predecessor trump in order to put more pressure on iran and iran is trying to exploit you know the
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enrichment already in your own 2 from 3.6 to 20 knots they're saying to 60 in order to put more pressure is on the americans to look the sanctions there's something so predictable in our eye really watch this thing and yawn nonstop at the fact that we know are they going to come to a deal there's lots of pride involved there's lots of american men chip involved but we understand that both parties need the deal both parties what the deal i'm like what the iranians are saying they need to trust because their economy is in that there's the americans need it fast because they need to resolve the issues of stability and reversing the thrum policies in the middle east so really it is a question of time and it just really taking their sweet time and it's frustrating that they have the americans are approaching this with that with a thought in their side in the shape of israel are they you you wrote yesterday in
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your blog that the attack on the town's facility was time to essentially embarrass the u.s. and chastise it for deciding to return to negotiations with iran. that's that's exactly so and i want. a thorn on that side although i was you know again i always agree with you on your terminology i love it but i think in a distorted particular case it's really a slap in the face and that the neo is getting used to slapping americans and american leaders and he's been doing that now for you know more than a dozen years he did it obama is doing it to to by then and he's almost sadistic and the way he times is and he has his humiliation of the americans when there is an american in israel drying that line american. support for israel and it. and military superiority in the region it's really fascinating that even
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by get himself some tender love and years ago when he was in israel netanyahu you mediated himself. by announcing the building of 1600 new illegal such units when biden was trying to revive the diplomatic process and here we go again and just when the secretary of defense was a bit of a if trying to make a commitment yet another. yet another time has he been in the united states a real slap across the face and you would expect that biden would. perhaps react you know despite the poor israeli lobby in congress and so support the american prestige you know is that american national interest is a. middle east security as a state so you know again. and you would hope that by didn't act a bit more forcefully than obama did but but to what to what extent to what extent
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does could this this tit for tat between israel and iran that that's that's going on in the middle of all of this escalates and really blow the deal away. here you go this is the crunch of the matter that this man just manger strictly brinkmanship on the part of israel and iran each trying to see when the other is going to. you know accept the conditions or and or the threats or the deterrence of the other. people that iran is really a notch in the region trying to spread its influence of course in iran and iraq syria lebanon yemen and so forth and israel continuously trying to undermine american diplomacy trying to attack in various ways the iranian nuclear program trying to undermine hearing in shipping trying to attack the arena positions in
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syria so this is been going on now for a good number of years the last year we had dozen attacks on the region shipping. doesn't attack. scientists and. nuclear installations and we've had you know so many of the back and forth the clere shoes and threats and so so forth and eventually eventually just hastily brinkmanship could lead to an. escalation in the region whether it's in syria whether it's between iran and israel directly whether it's in other means that we don't know about but clearly this is becoming dangerous and once again as i said the only part of it is able to stop them. it is the united states and its partners to the nuclear deal but the 5 plus one and they are good and
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you united nations security council resolution by using the resolution against north israel and iran forcing to stop this escalation that could lead to a midget more perhaps even regional war in the middle east you can read more of my one's thoughts is op ed piece titled nuclear chutzpah in the middle east is about 0 dot com always great to talk to you about and many thanks indeed a u.s. police woman who fatally shot a young black man has been charged with manslaughter a day after she turned in her badge the killing of set off several nights of unrest not far from where former officer derrick servant is on trial accused of killing george floyd habra tansey reports now from brooklyn center or that are not all the outskirts of minneapolis. there are defense called a form of forensic pathologist who argued that floyd's history of hypertension disease on drug use but it couldn't be all good conclusively but the cause of his
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death was being 68 by the officer and he says he's in a situation where he's been restrained in a very stressful situation. and. then creased he's fine. reaction and then he. would be considered a homicide and you put all of those together it's very difficult to say which of those is the most. i would back to and unlike the prosecution which was to prove chauvinist guilty of murder or manslaughter but the fence just has to raise a reasonable doubt in at least one juror's mind the true will is responsible for floyd's death probably even suggested that carbon monoxide from the tailpipe of the police car a drink to floyd while he was being knelt on night on a half minutes may have been a contributory factor to his death something the prosecution seized upon did you see any here monitoring data that actually would give you getting information as to
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what amount of carbon monoxide it would have been and breathing so. you know because it was not tested it was a yes or no question you haven't seen it happen i have not seen any date the prosecution suggested foul that had misled the jury about the science of this fixation pointed out that followed made money out of his medical testimony probably himself is a controversial figure he's being sued by the family of a 19 year old black man in maryland who died after being smothered by police they accused him of helping cover up police wrongdoing i was the trial continued in downtown minneapolis i'm not like case of a black man killed in a police encounter this time 16 kilometers away in the suburb of brooklyn something 20 year old dante right. shot that on sunday the officer who pulled the trigger kim was trials with 2nd degree manslaughter those representing the right family ridiculed the idea of a poster had reached for her gun thinking it was
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a taser when you look at the fact that you didn't know what a 26 year veteran if she did know in 26 years the difference in sadness and weight of a good one as opposed to a taste then how was she a veteran in police how was she even on the force that long paul has been released on bail and once again hundreds of protesters gathered outside brooklyn santa police station to register their outrage at the death of another young black male lead this as a result of police escalation that just simply did not need to happen the response from the security forces pepper spray flash bangs and the threats of arrest insureds escalation she every time see al-jazeera brooklyn sometime in a series on the web the next day on the news when we come back.
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for the last 2 children now 11 year old karim the suffering he can't get the treatment but he also. i mean nicholas hoult on the island of selby sent a cab verd where for the 1st time in a 100 years the carnival has been canceled with no tourists coming to the islands of camp bird find out next how the economy of the country is struggling and in sport russia may be banned from the tokyo games but that hasn't stopped it's making a limping kits for its athletes. right when all the walls have been squeezed out of europe with the exception maybe of sudden greece this is well here is in cold air so those 2 areas of low pressure where you can think of them dropping snow in the city will be wrong you know april
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but that's what's happening now that snows warming out so you might get in slovakia the money maybe some more than all the slopes the outside mostly is turning to cold rain for look at the temperatures we talk about single figures in most places double figures for some and if you're lucky yeah it's warming up in madrid and is cooling down in moscow so you too have reversed but athens still beats everybody but only just i have to say the picture continues into saturday with the sun doing service works or up a degree or 2 in many places but still well below where it should be at this time of the year and at the bottom end of spain the rain is falling crossing the water and affecting morocco algeria tunisia was quite a strong wind in it to see if that that's part of a circulation would suggest dust storms through tunisia algeria and most likely into libya that's what's happening in this part of africa where you can't quite tell is the amount of heat just north of where the incoming showers are in for example north and senegal rough into the middle forty's is high.
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3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby i've been employed it was me really. reveal secrets. there will be bottles you know. i'm connection some don't want to expose nanny and legacy media. last shoot. duck next week al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. the climate has changed every year for millions of years decades of told good little action it's all about distraction create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was a main bankroller or opposition to climate action the campaign against the climate
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do you think that's a bad thing to do it was fears of the same absolutely. 0. hello again it's good to have you with us adrian sitting in here with the news hour for mouse's here of the headlines the u.s. and nato say that they're ending their military campaign in afghanistan after 20 years president joe biden announced that all troops in afghanistan will be withdrawn by september 11th. india has recorded more than 200000 new cases of covert 19 in a single day for the 1st time experts say the surge is partly being fueled by super
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spreader events including religious festivals and political rallies and talks aimed at reviving the iran nuclear deal have resumed u.s. president joe biden says that he wants to rejoin the agreement but that iran must reverse its violations 1st iran wants u.s. sanctions lifted. and investigations underway into a fire at a primary school in which 20 children were killed the national teacher's union is speaking out calling on the government to take action against makeshift classrooms in overcrowded schools under schapelle reports. mangled frames of desks and burnt pages of textbooks are all that's left. what was lost on tuesday a fire ravaged to school and a community strong winds carried flames from one straw classroom to another it's not known where it started and as. i arrived at the same time the fire fargas arrived the fire the already destroyed the building and several bodies were taken to hospital including my daughters one as. we were informed that
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a fire had broken out of the school and in no time so it became a huge tragedy with the length carried from classroom to classroom by the wind. most older students were able to escape but not the younger ones this same phone sadism formed they were mainly preschool children 3 and 4 a to 5 years old today the whole neighborhood the whole of me share really is in total mourning for these little children innocent people have been burnt alive in this fire the prime minister has promised a thorough investigation and said to do this in the team and then if the file was criminal be assured we will find the perpetrators i'm we would do everything to ensure they receive a maximum sentence because this is not acceptable but parents teachers and their national teachers union say authorities share in the blame they say the government should ban the use of straw huts that are often used to extend overcrowded school
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buildings and instead to build brick and mortar classrooms so a tragedy like this can never happen again and al-jazeera. in another protester has been killed during an antique demonstration in the city of mandalay people also gathered in the largest city and go on to remember those who died the group released. into the sky a group say that at least 715 people have been killed by security forces since the military's takeover in separate. the united states and china are the world's 2 biggest polluters now u.s. climate envoy john kerry is in shanghai to meet chinese leaders he aims to make environmental challenges an area where both countries can cooperate more closely it's the 1st trip to china high ranking by the ministration official china wants to become carbon neutral by 26 feet the u.s. is also expected to announce a new target for reducing emissions zeros katrina you reports now from shanghai and
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. this is significant because it's the highest level visit we've had here to china by a u.s. official sr biden became president and john kerry is here at the invitation of dating and he's going to meet with his chinese counterpart. and it's crucial that these 2 countries work together to combat climate change because together they account for about half the world's carbon emissions china on its own accounts for about one 3rd now both countries have said that this is a priority but they want 5 different things from this meeting in shanghai john kerry says he's going to sing to impose more stringent climate reduction targets and china wants to encourage the u.s. to do more to help developing countries invest in renewables and china is also looking at the optics of this meeting and wants to be seen as an equal to the u.s. and seen also as a climate change and now this is very significant in terms of it being seen as a positive interaction between the 2 countries because the context of this is that
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this is happening and it's very hostile deteriorating bilateral relations. on u.s. and chinese officials and that was in alaska at the end of march and they had a very. frosty exchange and there was no breakthrough it seemed that really underscored the unfriendliness of the relationship between the 2 countries but don't carry through his part he said he's going to try to isolate climate change as an issue and deal with it separately apart from the other issues over which the 2 countries disagree such as singe on hong kong and taiwan hong kong is holding its 1st national security education day to promote the controversial security law imposed on the territory last year on call as leader kerry lamb and some of beijing's top representatives launched the event of hong kong schools are holding activities to educate children about them all. the other things the ability to take on t.v. but 2 meanwhile protesters gathered near the venue where the ceremony took place activists some critics say the security law has crushed civil rights but
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effectively outlawed political opposition the un says that women have been subjected to sexual violence in ethiopia still the region if she drives the conflict began in november when ethiopian soldiers launched an offensive against the regional government the security council is due to hold a meeting on the situation on thursday our diplomatic editor james space has more from the un. the current president of the un security council the ambassador of vietnam confirmed to me that the council will have a meeting on 2 grey it follows a discussion they had over lunch with the secretary general of the united nations and the subject was raised during a security council meeting about sexual violence in conflict zones in the rebuild mountainous regions of no concern to the great women and girls are being subjected to sexual violence with a level that would be beyond comprehension. ok we're commencing
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a new cases of late and then read this but for your replies there was. but movement. and could mean the operation we as a council must address or its. military aspects of basic commodities and reports of sexual. refugee camps other nations it is the us that's called this latest meeting it's now almost 6 months since the start of the ethiopian military operation in that time the security council has been absolutely silent they haven't managed to agree a single statement on the subject the corona virus pandemic is westing a crisis in the supply of medicines in mexico health experts say that is putting the lives of thousands of people at risk including children. reports from mexico city. a 5 year old adam is sort of has been battling cancer for almost 3 years
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his mother pi's says a nationwide shortage of medicine has made it difficult to guarantee timely access to his medication yes when they are you arrive one day for the chemotherapy and it turns out there's no medicine they tell you to go back home and come back tomorrow to see if they restocked unfortunately at mrs case is far from isolated in mexico. dr marcus about that says the messages she received from colleagues in other parts of the country are heart wrenching she received one text that reads patients are dying like flies because we don't have anything to treat them in a moment then added to their families at the met the moment we run out of medications things become complicated i say this as a doctor and i can speak on behalf of many of my colleagues because we've been the ones who've had to show face on behalf of government authorities you know so just legal experts say that while medicine shortages are not a new phenomenon in mexico the problem was. made worse after mexico's president
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nationalized the country's drug purchasing agency for his part president lopez over the top has promised to and drug shortages adding that the decision to centralize drug purchases was aimed at reducing corruption by big pharmaceutical companies the right to health observers say that with the corona virus outbreak drug shortages have only grown and so have protests and lawsuits demanding access to lifesaving medicine and at the end but the length of those mean this in a way september 29000 was when parents 1st protested outside the health ministry because of a lack of chemotherapy sexual diversity groups also demonstrated against a lack of hiv treatments and some parents have gone beyond protesting last year load in a 2 year old son evan lost his battle with cancer due to a lack of medical treatments she has since sued the government and accuse the mexican president of murder i am speaking out and will continue to so that more
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parents will speak out and not stay silent another president cannot give me back my son but i at least want to avoid one more child missing a single chemotherapy sishen and medical treatment. earlier this year doctors told us that her son's cancer was in remission but recently discovered a new tumor anatomist his side she says the thought of dealing with drug shortages has multiplied her worries it's estimated that more than 1600 child cancer patients died in 2020 alone with some health experts suggesting a direct link to drug shortages across the country. al-jazeera mexico city. the u.s. centers for disease control has delayed a decision on the future use of johnson and johnson's covert buying team vaccine it's suspended for now due to the job's possible links to very rare blood plots the c.d.c. says it needs more time to collect information before recommending further action.
1:43 pm
around the world the pandemic has made it more difficult for people to receive health care in the gaza strip patients stating specialized treatment already had limited options now there's no guarantee that israel will allow them to leave for treatments matushka name reports this new. cancer has waged a war on the awad family 1st it took their daughter ran up then their son mohammad and now it's returned were 11 year old karim the boy had a bone marrow transplant at a hospital in jerusalem and requires specialized follow up treatment unavailable in gaza however his father has been denied a medical permit to accompany him into israel he says no explanation has been given and there is no one else to escort his son. i want my father to come with me because he knows his way around israel unlike my mom my mom has become tired. from the trauma of losing 2 children has shattered
1:44 pm
karim's mother psychologically so the task of ensuring karim gets the medical care he needs now falls solely on his father. has and i'm sad and frustrated not for myself but for my son i'm worried about him and concerned about how to continue getting treatment for him the only solution is to continue treatment at the same hospital and the world health organization says through september of last year there was a 90 percent decline in applications for medical permits by palestinians seeking treatment in israel more broadly in gaza almost the. 30 percent of the application submitted were rejected to the israeli military tells al jazeera throughout the pandemic it is allowed entry to palestinians in the gaza strip in need of quote life saving treatments and it works tirelessly to provide a medical response for humanitarian patients. there are 2 cancer centers in gaza
1:45 pm
to treat its population of more than 2000000 people they lack basic treatment such as radiation therapy and give it time we are using a lot of voice that we we are in need of i had an addition since that i got in gaza because i just i'm going to gaza it would. leave the suffering of more than 60 percent of my patients who are going outside of us. karim's father is really applying for a medical permit to take his son for treatment in israel after the deaths of his other 2 children he is painfully aware that access to quality cancer care may still not be enough natasha l. disease gaza. the pandemic is weighing particularly heavily on countries whose economy is dependent on tourism like. the archipelago nation of west africa holds palm tree elections sunday. and the speed of any recovery
1:46 pm
a top of voters' concerns nicholas hawk reports from the island of. the arrival of cove in 1000 spelt the end of the party for event organizers. people came to his nightclub on the edge of the airports to experience what he calls a journey on the dance floor to the sound of afropop tourist wouldn't go with locals it was a place to celebrate a sense of unity that is now all gone. and to those on if you don't. entertain a man tonight is there a lifetime of work destroyed the future looks uncertain when can we start the party again and when we go back to normal and welcome tours to my club in the winter europeans flocked to keep birds islands attracted by the clear blue waters and the soft sandy beaches brought from the sahara desert winds blowing over the atlantic those beaches are now empty hotels are closed restaurants are barely breaking even
1:47 pm
for the 1st time in 100 years the carnival in the island of selby sente that inspired rio's festivities was cancelled normally during the festive season the people of soviet sent a come out on the streets of men dello selling trinkets and drinks to tourists earning months worth of income in the short week of carnival the celebration is not just a festivity it's a driving force of the economy and so without it this year it has had a devastating impact on people's lives. according to the african development bank unemployment has doubled to 20 percent with almost half of young people out of work ahead of sunday's legislative elections each candidate is putting up a show promising to jumpstart the economy and bring tourists back among them prime minister licious correa you see his government has been guaranteeing
1:48 pm
a lost wages paying 70 percent of people's income in an interview with al-jazeera he admits the state coffers cannot sustain this last on the same street from a mythical. rethinking of long term investment to gradually be listed printed on tourism and use of human capital turn it into a blue economy be self-sustaining and use alternative energy to be more resilient and even jumpstart agriculture. 80 percent of the food consumed on the islands is imported sensing. hardship ahead. a portion of his nightclub into a farm to grow. his employees no longer drinks but now water plants and in the evenings. puts the music back. despite. the party will never stop.
1:49 pm
the chicago white sox.
1:50 pm
hello again sport in a minute but 1st north korea is marking the most important day in its calendar the birth date of its founding father kim il song the day of the sun as it has been darkened by admissions from leader kim jong un but the country faces huge problems as what mcbride reports. this is the upbeat image north korea wants to project to the world extensive coverage on state run media of leader kim jong un presiding
1:51 pm
over projects that improve people's lives like this housing development in pyongyang or of happy citizens taking part in a drawer in the calligraphy festival to coincide with the day of the sun and good news features such as this one about a flourishing culture thanks to the beneficence of north korea's leader kim jong un in to listen to gifts and respected general secretary took measures to build a factory so that people could have tea at any time and place but domestically kim jong un has had to deliver a far more somber assessment of the multiple problems his country is facing and that his people are all too aware of more than a year of self-imposed isolation because of the pandemic has compounded the impact of all new going international sanctions and food shortages from last year's storms that ruined crops we need our only then will i ask party members if only evils to
1:52 pm
wage another more difficult arduous march in order to relieve the people's hardships as they follow their party as their mother. the arduous march is the euphemism for the famine in north. korea suffered during the 1990 s. following the collapse of its ally the soviet union and failed harvests kim jong un's comparison with those grim days seems to be the clearest admission yet of the extent of his country's problems more proof of the northside salacious came with the announcement it won't be taking part in the upcoming tokyo olympics dashing the south korean hopes of trying to revive diplomacy around contacts at the games but state run media has focused attention instead on athletes training full games to mark the day of the sun as further evidence that on this most important day in north korea's calendar everything is just fine macbride al-jazeera so
1:53 pm
time for sport has thank you adrian all real madrid and manchester city have completed the lineup for the semifinals of the european champions league city were 42 aggregate winners against dortmund on germany and in the mill draw against liverpool was enough for real to progress 31 on aggregate they haven't maybe been the liverpool last season when they were champion but still she has a really strong side. to intreat one at home and here no militia could result. so yeah i think it's always hard to pass against liverpool on a good. note is to try to recover well 13 time champions rio will take on chelsea in the semis a city are up against last season's runners up paris and her mom p.s.g. beat byron munich in their quarter final it's the 1st time pep guardiola has reached the last for a city manager psychologically for all of us for the players for myself of course
1:54 pm
for for our chairman for seo. this moment a quarter finals to edison and fun it was necessary now of course. city have never won europe's top competition before football writer chris williams says success in this tournament is how guardiola as time at city will be judged by the quality ola spoke going as the start of the season maybe been a back and last season but if he doesn't win the champions league as much as the city he may be regarded a failure now i think that was a bit tongue in cheek from the old of but there is a little bit of truth to it because they've steamrollered the premier league this season i think they were off form last season which is why liverpool were able to run away with it because they were in tremendous form those 2 teams have been better than the out but manchester city of one pretty much everything they can in the game when the domestic english trouble the only thing that's alluded them is the champions league trophy i think until they win it they'll be regarded as just another side in europe or be
1:55 pm
a very good one to take that next step like chelsea did a few years ago they need to win the champions league trophy and this season should be or could be the season if they get it right in the semifinal they're going to come up against for me the best team left in the competition last season's beaten finalists who got massive point to prove that we know they are the biggest team in europe despite their lack of european success for the last few years and it's your party to notice taken them to that next level but thomas to call it started and got them towards where he's come in refined the way refine their tactics a bit and back to neymar look almost unstoppable they now i think i've got that champions league trophy in their sights they all saw it last season and i think they wanted desperately this season manchester united's manager has been dealing with an unusual problem caused by games being played in empty stadiums all again or so shires change the colors of the banners covering the seats at united's home ground in an effort to improve their results there is now less red and more black
1:56 pm
so his team's red shirts don't blend into the background it shouldn't be any reasons really. bull similar play is mentioned you know that split 2nd decision you have to make look over your shoulder if your team mates there renault . is on the red background just in the red seats. so we. try to to change that despite officially being banned from competing at the olympics russia has been showing off the kits its athletes will be wearing in tokyo there's no national flag on the outfits just the logo of the russian olympic committee is being used instead the country is banned from major international events due to doping offenses but individual russian athletes who pass anti doping tests can take part. we exchanged some ideas and i hope these kids didn't disappoint the fans all the athletes you don't really need to have
1:57 pm
a strong imagination in those uniforms that you saw on national flag can be seen really obvious lee. well novak djokovic and rough on the doll are back in action at the monte carlo masters both players had easy wins on wednesday night all was a straight one straight sets against winner arjen time a qualifier frederick bonus health. in the last 16 a little later on the spaniards main concern has been staying clear of coronavirus after practice partner and world number 2 medvedev tested positive head of the events and baseball pitcher carlos rode on has put a career best performance for the chicago white sox ahead bought a hit batter and the 9th inning against the cleveland indians cost him the chance this of the perfect game but rode on did become only the 20th white sox player in franchise history to throw a no hitter and his team's 80 victory. all right that's it for me back to adrian libby thanks we'll see you again a little later
1:58 pm
a little bit for the news hour as well but what he was considering is how about talk to each other in just a few moments i'll see you again thanks for watching but for the. planet earth a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an x. the stench of threat you don't get a resort but on the topic that's to throw a scare in the lead up to us to al-jazeera run special coverage documentaries discuss inventor pools exploring the consequences of our actions and inactions it's
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very hard to lose a bar a few all civilization that culture and showcasing ways in which so much seeking to touch on the top is straight ahead and there are 3 individuals in very rare to see that it's really exciting a season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. in pakistan's largest city climate change and water shortages and driving some resistance to desperate measures 101 east meets the waters of corruption 100. a star striker in the top a town in the but devoted to the working class of his hometown and its class. footballing legend eric cantona to give his display on the lakotah a one of a kind superstar. equally dogged by his funds for his socialist values
2:00 pm
and his many goals against italy's footballing elite football rebels on how dizzy. be the hero the world needs. washing. here secretary of state and city blinking arrives in afghanistan after president joe biden announced his plans to withdraw all troops. hello the i'm out of my head again and this is out just 0 live from doha also coming up. delegates arrive in vienna for another day of talks about salvaging the iran nuclear deal.


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