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question and i think that's what actually does the ask the question should people who should be accountable and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. cases on coronavirus skyrockets across india leaving a fragile health care system to battle the outbreak. of about i'm how i'm here day in and this is out to sierra my friend doha also coming up here as president joe biden announces his fund to withdraw all troops from afghanistan ending america's longest war. the u.s. climate envoy visits china to talk carbon emissions at a time of strained relations between the 2 superpowers. and are not so bright
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blue as north korea marks this year's day of the sun. for the 1st time since the start of the pandemic india has recorded more than 200000 new cases all over one seen in a 24 hour periods the outbreak there has been getting worse day by day for weeks now it's the 2nd worst affected country in the world by its also cases and the worst by daily new infections for all ages say the surge is partly being fueled by super spreader events including a major hindu religious festival as well as political rallies several states say their health systems are overwhelmed and many are reporting shortages of oxygen are rising and stadiums and waiting halls are being converted into hospitals to help ease some of the pressure well for more on this we're joined from new delhi by
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elizabeth piron both alarming reports there of the indian health system under strain just give us a sense of what the coronavirus situation is like an idiot right now. hello well india is very much in the throes of a 2nd wave of the corona virus and while the state of maharashtra remains the worst affected worryingly we are seeing numbers the case is rising at an alarming rate in many other states now including here in the capital delhi and india's most populous state with their predation and with that rise there are increasing reports of the shortages of hospital beds of oxygen supply on ventilators long lines of ambulances carrying kovan 1000 patients waiting outside hospitals waiting for a bed and also long lines at crime a toy and at burial grounds now dellys chief minister has asked hospitals to
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requisition hotels and banquet halls to create more beds for quote the 19 patients states needed that earlier this week we are seeing more and more stadiums being. inverted to quote care facilities again as they were last year more restrictions have come into place in maharashtra which is home to $125000000.00 people as of wednesday night they are not going to be allowed to leave their homes unless it's to go to work or to get essential supplies and as has announced more restrictions over the past week we are seeing migrant workers people who work in different states to where they're from crowding transports or terminals after they've lost their jobs and they are desperate to get home we are seeing similar pictures here in delhi in anticipation of more restrictions being announced the state leader is holding a review meeting to discuss what to do about the cases which are rising more rapidly much more rapidly than they were last year what we vote. there is some of the more
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regional restrictions being brought in but given the pressures nationwide what other action is the government taking to restrict large gatherings in particular events. absolutely nothing actually it's doing the opposite of restricting large gatherings again there are restrictions as you mention in place in many states for instance on thursday we have local council elections taking place in the state of the with 13000000 people are eligible to vote for the record of more than 20000 new coronavirus cases on wednesday including that of the state media chief minister you're not millions of people have gathered this week together in the northern town the heart of the hindu festival the. festival to bathe in the ganges river there was no social distancing very few mosques and the town of recorded at least 1000 new cases in 2 days as the
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festival was taking place that's more than half of the tally of the state of that. in and we've had promised in that in the audience health officials saying that the current wave is the cause of large gatherings which took place earlier this year when the number of cases had come down and because of people not observing. guidelines like social distancing and wearing masks and yet prime minister modi himself has been leading large political gatherings in the state of west bengal elections are currently taking place concerning situation there over in india both parowan and thank you very much indeed for bringing us up to his aides. after 20 years in afghanistan the us amazed to say the time has come to end their military campaign leaders made the announcements on wednesday after 2 decades it no longer makes sense to keep troops in afghanistan or white house correspondent kimberly
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reports. after a generation of war in afghanistan u.s. president joe biden says it's time for american soldiers to return home we cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan and hoping to create ideal conditions i'm now the 4th united states president to preside over american troop presence in afghanistan to republicans to democrats i will pass this responsibility on to a 5th the withdrawal of u.s. forces begins may 1st and ends by september 11th the 20th anniversary of the attacks on new york's twin towers and the pentagon the u.s. invaded afghanistan in 2001 attacking al qaeda training camps where osama bin laden coordinated the attacks but biden says since then security threats have evolved
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osama bin laden was gone that was 10 years ago and my direction my team is refining our national strategy to monitor and disrupt significant terrorist threats not only in afghanistan but anywhere they may arise and there in africa europe the middle east and elsewhere the united states has roughly 2500 soldiers in afghanistan as part of the nato alliance currently we have speaking from brussels the nato secretary general and now it's those forces will also begin drawing down may 1st we went into afghanistan together. we have adjusted over together and we all united in leaving together who know america's longest war has been costly 2 trillion dollars more than $2300.00 american lives.
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bided traveled to arlington national cemetery to honor those lives lost biden's decision honors the agree. for withdrawal put in place by his predecessor donald trump both men have been criticized for ignoring pentagon advice to remain in the country the loss of the knitted d.d. the u.s. presence in the coalition's presence could be a very a further destabilizing question on the ground in the region on capitol hill biden's conservative critics and some members of his own democratic party oppose the move arguing it will put u.s. and afghan lives at risk it undermines our commitment to the afghan people particularly afghan women senator jeanne shaheen said in a statement adding the biden administration must make every effort between now and september to protect the progress made the united states intends to keep a diplomatic presence in afghanistan what is less clear is just how many clint
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destine forces and u.s. security contractors will remain to monitor and meet future threats can really help at al-jazeera the white house. an overnight curfew is in effect in parts of the say the u.s. state of minnesota where protesters have rallied for a force knights in response to the fateful police shooting of don't say rights earlier police form a police officer compulsories charged with manslaughter over rights killing less than 20 kilometers away the murder trial for former officer derek shulman continued on weapons say. over murdering george floyd's shop returns with reports center. there are defense called a form of forensic pathologist who argued that floyd's history of hypertension disease on drug use but it couldn't be all good conclusively but the cause of his death was being 68 by the office up and he says he's in
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a situation where he's been restrained in a very stressful situation. and. that creased he's fine type of reaction and that. would be considered a homicide and you put all of those together it's very difficult to say which of those is the most. i would fall back to and unlike the prosecution which was to prove chauvinist guilty of murder or manslaughter but the fence just has to raise a reasonable doubt in at least one juror's mind the true will is responsible for floyd's death fall even suggested that carbon monoxide from the tailpipe of the police car a drink to floyd while he was being knelt told not going to help but it's may have been a contributory factor to his death something the prosecution seized upon did you see any here monitoring data that actually would give you getting information as to
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what amount of carbon monoxide if any would have been in the breeding zone. you know because it was not tested it was a yes or no question you haven't seen any have i have not seen you need it the prosecution suggested file that had misled the jury about the science of its fixation pointed out that followed made money out of his medical testimony probably himself is a controversial figure he's being sued by the family of a 19 year old black man in maryland who died after being smothered by police they accused him of helping cover up police wrongdoing i was the trial continued in downtown minneapolis i'm not like case of a black man killed in a police encounter this time 16 kilometers away in the suburb of brooklyn something 20 year old dante wright was. that on sunday the officer who pulled the trigger kim porter was tried with 2nd degree manslaughter those representing the right family ridiculed the idea of a party had reached for her gun thinking it was a taser when you look at the fact that you didn't know what
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a 26 year veteran. if she did know in 26 years the difference in sadness and weight of a gun as opposed to a tase then how was she a veteran in police how was she even on the force that long paul has been released on bail and once again hundreds of protesters gathered outside brooklyn santa police station to register their outrage at the death of another young black male lead this way as a result of police escalation but to simply did not need to happen the response from the security forces help us break flash bangs on the frets harass insureds escalation she every time see al-jazeera brooklyn something minnesota. the u.s. and china are the world's 2 biggest polluter is no climate envoy john kerry is in
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shanghai it cements chinese leaders well the visit is soon make the environment's an area of closer collaboration between the city is the 1st trip to china by a high ranking point ministration official china wants to become carbon neutral by 2060 the u.s. is also expected to announce a new targets for reducing emissions let's get more from katrina a year she joins me live from shanghai a kitchen that was sort of progress should we expect from these talks given the particularly freed relations between the u.s. and china. well both thought of relatively low expectations for this meeting but it is seen as a positive step in the right direction both of us and china seem to sincerely want to work closer together to fight climate change and that's crucial because these 2 countries together count for more than hoff the world's greenhouse gas emissions and china just one on its own but despite that both sides want something
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a little different from this meeting in shanghai this week don't tarry wants china to impose more stringent reduction targets when it comes to carbon emissions and beijing is going to be asking for washington to pledge to spend more to help developing countries transition to a new energy china is also looking at the optics of this meeting it wants to be seen as an equal to washington and it also wants to be seen by the international community as a leader in fighting climate change but at the same time many are skeptical that they'll be able to rise above the differences because the last time u.s. and chinese officials met was in alaska at the end of march and there was very frosty exchange between the 2 underscoring the unfriendly or even hostile nature of the bilateral relationship at the morning but john kerry has said that he's determined to separate the climate change issue from other issues over which the 2 sides disagree such as taiwan and hong kong lose focus on the environment.
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true just give us a sense of how much work lies ahead for china to goo green. even. 2060 it's not going to be an easy task is it. nor but many have said that china set quite ambitious targets considering how much china does contribute to global greenhouse emissions tonne is also set this midway target of achieving peak carbon emissions by 2030 but many have criticized this saying because china hasn't said any detailed roadmap about how it intends to achieve that but at the same time time isn't ridding away from heavy industries investing more in high technology and if you such a solar power farms and also electric vehicles china is the biggest market for electric vehicles but the big caviar is 90 percent of china's greenhouse emissions come from its energy sector and the government is traveling a lot of trouble weeding itself off the use of coal so many are hoping that china
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is going to impose more policies that will help us actually enforce this transition to clean energy. ok katrina you there live in shanghai katrina thank you so as we go over here on al-jazeera afghans share their hoops and fears for the future after washington confirms the withdrawal of u.s. troops. and cons cancer. i would say all right you 2 children remember your old karim is suffering we can't get the treatments each. at the moment moscow is warmer than madrid the cold air that's been invading much of europe is fronted by this thing here if you like so it's been squeezing what was really what warm weather right out was the caucasus which means moscow is on the
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warm side everyone else is on the much colder side the yellow represents temperatures typically 10 degrees or below the highest by then europe into the teens misplayed spain and portugal and that but they're still well lower than they should be now the weather falls out of the sky rain and snow is back with us for poland the czech republic going back into wards germany the high temperature only 5 in prague obviously the sun's now out in croatia and serbia where it was snowing 24 hours ago and this right along the south coast of spain in the north coast of africa this is disappointing even in the sunshine it does still only improve but it's a very painfully slow process the same time moscow gets cooler there athens firmly beats moscow but madrid yeah just let's head south i did mention north africa for the next 2 days anywhere from casablanca right across to tunis if you're near the coast or even
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a bit inland is going to be wet windy and not very warm. but . when i enter the ring i feel on top of the world i don't want that feeling to go away when the show ends the final on court begins retirement and i follow my laugh line watch the laugh line meet the form a circus performers gracefully supporting each other on the stage of life ego and less you got a broken bone every minute of it was beautiful witness presents off to circus on and just you know that's face this show patience is still must go on.
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my. this is al-jazeera quite riser all the headlines for you know india has recorded more than 200 thousands new cases of covert 19 in a single day for the very 1st time for a role which is say the surge is partly being fueled by super spreader events including religious festivals and political rallies protesters and police have been facing off in the u.s. state of minnesota for a 4th night the fatal shooting a police shooting mother of don't say rights and overnight curfew is now in place in the suburbs of brooklyn center and the u.s. and nato say they're ending their military campaign in afghanistan after 20 years president joe biden and as all troops in afghanistan will be withdrawn by september 11th. well america's objective in afghanistan was to overthrow the taliban and al qaeda but since then the taliban has become
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a key player in diplomatic talks with the u.s. and afghan governments lower burden man they has this reports. from the bookstore she runs in saying that prominent says the news that the u.s. will be withdrawing all its troops from afghanistan has left her with a feeling of dread. i as an afghan girl can easily study and work as the current government is in power but if the us troops leave the country and the civil war happens or if the taliban takes over i will not be able to study or work i won't even be able to go out. on the streets of the capital people have mixed feelings. the americans have not fulfilled their responsibility to afghanistan their responsibility is to ensure a strong government the rule of law and democracy in afghanistan and ensure that people's concerns relate from terrorism drugs intervention by other countries. they failed to fulfill the promises they have made to the afghan people discourses are
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not useful to afghanistan because their presence has not changed the country's security situation president ashraf ghani has welcomed the move in a series of tweets he posted after speaking to the u.s. president joe biden he says afghan security forces are capable of defending their own people an official from the afghan peace negotiations team shares his optimism but in the past at least 2 years it has been our national security defense forces that has been fighting on the front line specially since february this being the. international force on the ground the taliban who has been buying for power since being overthrown by the u.s. in 2001 has welcomed the move. the withdrawal of the foreign troops as our people's demand and this is something we fought for in the last 20 years this was always our objective at the end of the day the withdrawal must take
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place. the united nations says at least 44000 afghan civilians have been killed since the beginning of the war at least 100000 afghans have died overall but many now fear attacks by the taliban. in the previous few months rights groups say there's been a rise in targeted killings of government officials civil society leaders and journalists although president gurley has prepared a plan to reach a political settlement with the taliban with an absence of a cease fire the biggest fear for many is that the country could plunge back into renewed civil war and for people like for a month and all those affected by almost 2 decades of conflict only time will tell how the troop pullout will affect their lives nor about a manly al-jazeera turkish diplomatic sources say the u.s. has canceled the deployment of 2 warships to the black sea they were due to arrive
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this week the u.s. embassy in ankara notified turkey's foreign ministry of the decision but didn't provide a reason washington and nato have been alarmed by the buildup of russian forces near crane and in crimea russia's navy has started military exercises in the black sea and has warned the u.s. to stay away from the area if the rebels in yemen say they've launched an attack using drones and missiles on these southern surtees city of season they say it caused a fire at once argot belonging to the oil giant aramco saudi arabia hasn't confirmed the claim but earlier state television said a ballistic missile and 2 explosive laden drones have been intercepted it's. around the world the pandemic has made it more difficult for people to receive health care as hospitals have become overwhelmed in the gaza strip patients needing specialized care already had very limited options. it's getting even worse and
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getting permission from israel to live for treatments isn't a guarantee it's a good name shares one family's struggle the. cancer has waged a war on the awad family 1st it took their daughter ran up then their son mohammad and now it's returned were 11 year old karim the boy had a bone marrow transplant at a hospital in jerusalem and requires specialized follow up treatment unavailable in gaza however his father has been denied a medical permit to accompany him into israel he says no explanation has been given and there is no one else to escort his son. i want my father to come with me because he knows his way around israel unlike my mom my mom has become tired. from the trauma of losing 2 children has shattered
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karim's mother psychologically so the task of ensuring karim gets the medical care he needs now falls soley on his father. doesn't i'm sad and frustrated not for myself before my son i'm worried about him and concerned about how to continue getting treatment for him the only solution is to continue treatment at the same hospital and the world health organization says through september of last year there was a 90 percent decline in applications for medical permits by palestinians seeking treatment in israel or abroad in gaza almost 30 percent of the application submitted were rejected to the israeli military tells al-jazeera throughout the pandemic it is allowed entry to. palestinians in the gaza strip in need of quote life saving treatments and it works tirelessly to provide a medical response for humanitarian patients. there are 2 cancer centers in gaza
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to treat its population of more than $2000000.00 people they lack basic treatment such as radiation therapy each and every time we are using a lot of voice that we we are in need of that addition cynthia in gaza because i just said that in gaza it will help to relieve the suffering of more than 60 percent of my visions who are going outside of us. karim's father is really applying for a medical permit to take his son for treatment in israel after the deaths of his other 2 children he is painfully aware that access to quality cancer care may still not be enough natasha elders era gaza. brazil's supreme court says allowed a congressional inquiry into the president's handling of the pandemic to go heads a day after it was backs in the senate. critics say he bungled brazil's response by
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done playing the impacts of the virus on the mining state restrictions and failing to secure in the fact scenes his allies say he's being unfairly blamed for a high number of cold the deaths which now exceeds $360.00 thousands in the share an investigation is underway to find out what caused a fire at a school that killed at least 20 children officials say the pupils were trumps and cost rooms when it broke riots in the capital niamey on cheese day the prime minister has visited the size and promised to punish those responsible if the fire starts it deliberately. north korea is marking the most important day in its calendar the day off the sun celebrating the birth days of its founding father kim il soon state run media has been painting a rosy picture of life there but it comes since north korea's leader ments the many problems his country is facing bright reports from seoul. this is the
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upbeat image north korea wants to project to the world extensive coverage on state run media of leader kim jong un presiding over projects that improve people's lives like this housing development in pyongyang or of happy citizens taking part in a drawing and calligraphy festival to coincide with the day of the sun and good news features such as this one about a flourishing culture thanks to the beneficence of north korea's leader julian in terms of them to get a respected general secretary took measures to build a factory so that people could have tea at any time and place but domestically kim jong un has had to deliver a far more somber assessment of the multiple problems his country is facing and that his people are all too aware of more than a year of self-imposed isolation because of the pandemic has compounded the impact
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of international sanctions and food shortages from last year's storms that ruined crops with our only then will i ask party members if only evils to wage another more difficult arduous march in order to relieve the people's hardships as they follow their party as their mother. the arduous march is the euphemism for the famine in north korea suffered during the 1990 s. following the collapse of its ally the soviet union and failed harvests kim jong un's comparison with those grim days seems to be the clearest admission yet of the extent of his country's problems. more proof of the northside salacious came with the announcement it won't be taking part in the upcoming tokyo lympics dashing the south korean hopes of trying to revive diplomacy around contacts at the games but state run media has focused attention instead on athletes training for games to
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mark the day of the sun as further evidence that on this most important day in north korea's calendar everything is just fine macbride al-jazeera seoul and finally people on the caribbean island of st vincent's are being warned to keep well away from a volcano that's still erupting flows of rock and hot smoking ash have destroyed crops and affected water supplies much of the island is covered in a thick layer of ash and ruptured began almost a week ago. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines india has recorded more than 200 thousands new cases of covert 19 in a single day for the 1st time for all ages say the surge is partly being fueled by super spreader events including religious festivals and political rallies elizabeth prime.


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