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football rebels on how disease. there are some of the media stories critical look at the global news media spread across the pond how does the government shut off access to social media. and dig america's longest war the u.s. president's timeline for getting troops out of afghanistan. or in i've never meant to be multi-generational but there's still doubt about taliban talks with the afghan government the armed group says it won't take part until all foreign troops leave. the rommany watching al jazeera live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the
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next 30 minutes. another night of protest and anger after a u.s. police officer is released on bail on a manslaughter charge the shooting an unarmed black man. plus 5 years old and living with cancer a drug shortage in mexico is putting this boy's life and thousands of others at risk. welcome to the program after 20 years in afghanistan the u.s. and nato say the time has come to end their military campaign leaders made the announcement on wednesday saying that after 2 decades it no longer makes sense to keep thousands of troops in the country our white house correspondent kelly health that begins our coverage from washington d.c. . after a generation of war in afghanistan u.s.
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president joe biden says it's time for american soldiers to return home we cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions i'm now the 4th united states president to preside over american troop presence in afghanistan to republicans to democrats. i will pass this responsibility on to a 5th the withdrawal of u.s. forces begins may 1st and ends by september 11th the 20th anniversary of the attacks on new york's twin towers and the pentagon the u.s. invaded afghanistan in 2001 attacking al qaeda training camps where osama bin laden coordinated the attacks but biden says since then security threats have evolved osama bin laden was gone that was 10 years ago and my direction my team is
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refining our national strategy to monitor and disrupt significant terrorist threats not only in afghanistan but anywhere there. and they're in africa europe the middle east and elsewhere the united states has roughly 2500 soldiers in afghanistan as part of the nato alliance currently we have speaking from brussels the nato secretary general and now it's those forces will also begin drawing down may 1st we went into afghanistan together. we have adjusted over history together and we are united in leaving together who know america's longest war has been costly 2 trillion dollars more than $2300.00 american lives. why did travel to arlington national cemetery to honor those lives lost biden's decision honors the agreement for withdrawal put in place by his predecessor donald trump
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both men have been criticized for ignoring pentagon advice to remain in the country the loss of the knitted baby the u.s. presence in the coalition's presence could be a very a further destabilizing question on the ground in the region on capitol hill biden's conservative critics and some members of his own democratic. already oppose the move arguing it will put u.s. and afghan lives at risk it undermines our commitment to the afghan people particularly afghan women senator jeanne shaheen said in a statement adding the biden administration must make every effort between now and september to protect the progress made the united states intends to keep a diplomatic presence in afghanistan what is less clear is just how many claim destine forces and u.s. security contractors will remain to monitor and meet future threats can really help
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at al-jazeera the white house when the u.s. set out to go to war in afghanistan its objective was to overthrow the taliban and weaken al qaida well since then the taliban has made a resurgence and become a key figure in diplomatic talks with the u.s. and afghan governments but with no official ceasefire many fear the country could plunge into civil war or a burden manley explains. from the bookstore she runs in saying that prominent says the news that the u.s. will be withdrawing all its troops from afghanistan has left her with a feeling of dread. i as an afghan girl can easily study and work as the current government is in power but if the us troops leave the country and the civil war happens or if the taliban takes over i will not be able to study or work i won't even be able to go out. on the streets of the capital people have mixed feelings.
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the americans have not fulfilled their responsibility to afghanistan their responsibility is to ensure a strong government the rule of law and democracy in afghanistan and ensure that people's concerns relate from terrorism drugs intervention by other countries. they failed to fulfill the promises they have made to the afghan people these forces are not useful to afghanistan because their presence has not changed the country's security situation president ashraf ghani has welcomed the move in a series of tweets he posted after speaking to the u.s. president joe biden he says afghan security forces are capable of defending their own people an official from the afghan peace negotiations team shares his optimism but in the past at least 2 years it has been our national security defense forces that has been fighting on the front line specially since february this being the. international force on the ground the taliban who has been buying the power since
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being overthrown by the u.s. in 2001 has welcomed the move. the withdrawal of the foreign troops as our people's demand and this is something we fought for in the last 20 years this was always our objective at the end of the day the withdrawal must take place. the united nations says at least 44000 afghan civilians have been killed since the beginning of the war at least 100000 afghans have died overall but many now fear attacks by the taliban. in the previous few months rights groups say there's been a rise in targeted killings of government officials civil society leaders and journalists although president gandhi has prepared a plan to reach a political settlement with the taliban with an absence of a cease fire the biggest fear for many is that the country could plunge back into a new civil war of the people who like for
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a month and all those affected by almost 2 decades of conflict only time will tell how the troop pullout will affect their lives nor about somali al-jazeera. protesters are out in falls for the 4th night in the u.s. state of minnesota after the police shooting of 20 year old dante right true an officer came potter has been freed on bail after being charged with manslaughter the latest development comes as the defense continues to make its case in the trial of former police officer trayvon he's accused of murdering george sloyd let's go straight over to she have returned see who's at the brooklyn center and of course she has it's quite obvious that people continue to gather every consecutive even since sunday despite a curfew pending. obviously the hour away but basically the forces are.
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under police station already all of the crowd to disperse the crowds are concerned this is an on lawful assembly that part of the flash bangs already that certainly was not a proper and. they were massing for about 40 minutes without right shields. we are expecting certainly if prologue. they do decide to clear out the crowds earlier rather than the time of year they call this an unlawful assembly even though it was rather a festive entirely peaceful peaceful demonstration of protest is disgusted frankly at another black man losing his life needlessly apparently by a police officer escalating a situation that needs that need to be escalated and i guess the irony is a cause well what are we seeing right now a peaceful demonstration but ever since the demonstrations started outside brooklyn center police station it's very been a situation there's been probably nothing learn from the summer of black lives
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matter protests that we've been seeing or even from 56 years ago by call brown in ferguson there were lessons nuns which is you've got to have dialogue with the protesters and so we're going straight back to the bad old days where the police are behind the fence heavily militarized and the protests are one sided there's no real communication not only that the local police force the local city council the local man has no control over what's going on here what the response has been has been to move up the plan that was already in place for the george floyd trial the derek show you've been trying out and they're expecting the possibility of trouble if sherman for example was acquitted what they did was to be transposed that plan for a city of minneapolis to this tiny suburb of minneapolis so we've got thousands apparently of security forces in that from the county sheriff's department state patrol national guard are around here somewhere but the local police won't do what we now realize you know what about 49 people apparently none of you actually live in the suburb anyway they are apparently not involved the matter has no control and in
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fact the city council voted on monday to outlaw the use of pepper spray and smoke and smoke bombs and rubber bullets against peaceful protesters but they have no control this is being taken over by by state authorities so it's a fascinating microcosm of the problem in the 1st place. i'm not listening to the community not letting the community grieve not letting them protest i'm just completely having the jack boot of the state affectively. on this suburb that has lost a 20 year old mom well we'll continue to monitor events for the she had as the night progresses thanks very much. now still ahead here on al-jazeera a notorious fraudster who's estimated to cost investors tens of billions of dollars has died in jail. a new u.s. envoy john kerry prepares to take the temperature in beijing as he tries to find common ground with china on climate change.
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it's time for the perfect jan in the weather sponsored by qatar airways. in an interruption to the smooth process of generating spring rains we have this thing developing in mongolia which should be windy dusty and even snowy for some will certainly produce thunderstorms in beijing that eventually the korean peninsula always time the sun is out over japan and the rain prophetess bring rain is developing once again in southern china but studies are grandaunt of region and taiwan beijing is back in the sunshine the air quality will be good it's colder and it's still quite breezy it will not a snow day in seoul but it will get it briefly sherri and cooler all the action weather wise further south is just here in morris in the philippines see
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a tropical cyclone has formed it will be around for a few days it's slow moving so already affected yap with the amount of rain but it's mostly over the water it does mean there will be very few showers in west papua eastern indonesia that's much drier than it might do this time the year of the big showers further west particularly sumatra that are says true for the next couple of days and what's happening in sumatra indicates what is coming north up through the bay of bengal into southern india it's the start of the rainy season where they always starts rather fitfully but in the north the still snow in northern pakistan and shows new delhi. cooper spoke to paul cuts at ways when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of suggestion and the state line becomes the default and media in england about new games or images that that leak and that it gives to these guys that just how did it create and use it just makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside the
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mainstream to shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening posts on a. i could watch al-jazeera with me cell robin reminder of our top stories the u.s. and nato say that after 20 years in afghanistan they're ending their military campaign in a speech at the white house joe biden and i was all troops in afghanistan will be withdrawn by september the 11th. protesters are out in force for a 4th night in the u.s. state of minnesota after the police shooting of 20 year old down today right bertran officer came potter has been freed on bail after being charged with
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manslaughter police have declared an unlawful assembly and fired tear gas at demonstrators earlier in minneapolis the defense continued to make its case in the trial of the former police officer shaver he's accused of murdering george floyd. has been at the trial. defense called a former forensic pathologist who argued that floyd's history of hypertension heart disease and drug use but it couldn't be argued conclusively that the cause of his death was being hit by the officer and he says he's in a situation where he's been restrained in a very stressful situation. and. there creased his 5. reaction and that would. be considered a homicide and you put all of those together it's very difficult to say which of those is the most. i would fall back to and unlike the
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prosecution which tries to prove schauble is guilty of murder or manslaughter but the fence just has to raise a reasonable doubt in at least one juror's mind that trouville is responsible for floyd's death valley even suggested that carbon monoxide from the tailpipe of the police car adjacent to floyd while he was being mel torme most 9 and a half minutes may have. in a contributory factor to his death something the prosecution seized upon did you see any here monitoring data that actually give you getting information as to what amount of carbon monoxide it would have been in just a few weeks breedings i. know because it was not tested it was a yes or no question you haven't seen any have i have not seen you need it the prosecution suggested file that had misled the jury about the science of his fixation on pointed out that follow made money out of his medical testimony
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probably himself is a controversial figure he's being sued by the family of a 19 year old black man in maryland who died after being smothered by police they accuse him of helping cover up police wrongdoing i was the trial continued in downtown minneapolis another case of a black man killed in a police encounter this time 16 kilometers away in the suburb of brooklyn something 20 year old dante wright was shot dead on sunday the officer who pulled the trigger kim was charged with 2nd degree manslaughter those representing the right family ridiculed the idea of a poster had reached for her thinking it was a taser when you look at the fact that you didn't know what a 26 year veteran. if she didn't know in 26 years the difference in sadness and weight of a gun as opposed to a taste then how was she a veteran in police how was she even on the force that long paul has been
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released on bail the reverend sharpton also raised the fundamental point connecting the killings of george florida down to a right why would the police so keen on arresting the 2 black men floyd for allegedly using a counterfeit $20.00 bill and right for a minor traffic violation would police have confronted white people in the same way she had her parents the al-jazeera many. u.s. climate envoy john kerry is in shanghai for talks with chinese leaders kerry has been urging countries around the world is that ambitious targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions the u.s. is due to announce its own target in the coming week while china has pledged to become carbon neutral by 26 to kerry's visit will be the 1st to china by the ministration official let's get more this from our correspondent katrina you who joins us now katrina this might be viewed as an opportunity for both washington and beijing to be on the same page before really the big event in glasgow in scotland
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later in the year. that's right and it's significant this is the highest level visit by u.s. officials since joe biden took the presidency and he will meet in shanghai with his chinese counterpart c.i. gen while he's here on the invitation of beijing and it's crucial that these 2 countries work together on climate change because together they account for more than half of the world's greenhouse gas emissions china alone accounts for about one 3rd of those carbon emissions and both governments have made it clear that climate change is a priority but they're going to be wanting slightly different things from this meeting the u.s. wants for example for china to implement more stringent targets when it comes to reducing its carbon emissions and china for its part wants the u.s. to do more to help developing countries invest in renewable technology and for china the optics is also very important they want to be seen as an equal to the u.s. and as a world leader when it comes to combat saying climate change now both sides have
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said quite low expectations for what can be achieved but it is signal significant that they are meeting this is seen as a positive exchange and that's because this is in the context of a really deteriorating bilateral relationship the last time u.s. and chinese officials met was in march 19th in alaska and that didn't seem to go very well not only was there a lack of. a significant breakthrough during that meeting there was also a very frosty exchange between 2 sides which really underscored the uncertainly or even hostile nature of the relationship but john kerry has made it clear that he's going to try to isolate climate change as an issue when it comes to the discussion between these 2 countries and also trying to set it apart from other issues where they might disagree including in taiwan. and hong kong and of course katrina china has been at pains to stress that it wants to go green and move away from that heavy manufacturing reputation that it's always had i mean what moves have been on
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the ground to sort of go in that particular direction. well it has certain likes ambitious climate change targets like 206020 want to become carbon neutral want to achieve climate climate emissions by 20 or 30 and it has moved in that direction trying to lie less on heavy industry moved toward high tech industries as well but it still has a long way to go in terms of enforcing those policies or implementing for policies which allow it to become more green overall i think it will watch friends with you from shanghai as the day progresses thanks very much people who are on the caribbean island of st vincent are being warned to keep away from a volcano that still erupting flows of rock and hot smoke of destroyed crops and affected water supplies much of the island is covered in a thick layer of ash since the eruption began almost
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a week ago. nobody entered the red zone because very hazardous. there are checkpoints are young however we would be actually able to ensure that. we're in the red zone trying to get to ensure that they get the red zone in the meantime are prevented from coming to the roads. the un says women have been subjected to sexual violence ethiopia's northern tea grey region the conflict began in november when ethiopian soldiers launched an offensive against the regional government now the security council is due to hold a meeting on the conflict on thursday on diplomatic etta james bass has more from the un. the current president of the un security council the ambassador of vietnam confirmed to me that the council will have a meeting on to grow a it follows a discussion they had over lunch with the secretary general of the united nations and the subject was raised during
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a security council meeting about sexual violence in conflict zones in the remailer mountainous regions of north and central to great women and girls arguing against the object of sexual violence with a level that beyond comprehension ok we're ok documenting no cases of rape and let me bring this back be a few of the prize there was on the platform but movement. and communicates the operation we as a council must address what are its. military abstract. and reports its actual. refugee camps other nation it is the us that's called this latest meeting it's now almost 6 months since the start of the ethiopian military operation in that time the security council has been absolutely silent they haven't managed to agree a single statement on the subject. saudi arabian state television says it's
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intercepted a ballistic missile and 2 explosive laden drones it claims they were launched by who the rebels towards jews are and near the border with yemen's. turkish diplomatic sources say the u.s. has canceled the deployment of 2 warships to the black sea they were due to arrive this week the u.s. embassy in ankara notified turkey's foreign ministry of the decision but not did not fried a reason that russia's navy has started military exercises in the black sea and as well washington to stay away from the area. the coronavirus pandemic is exacerbating a medicine supply crisis in mexico health experts say it's putting thousands of lives at risk including children but will repel or reports now from mexico city. a 5 year old at mistletoe has been battling cancer for almost 3 years his mother
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pies says a nationwide shortage of medicine has made it difficult to guarantee timely access to his medication yes when they are you arrive one day for the chemotherapy and it turns out there's no medicine they tell you to go back home and come back tomorrow to see if they restocked unfortunately at mrs case is far from isolated in mexico. dr marcus about that says the messages she received from colleagues in other parts of the country are heart wrenching she received one text that reads patients are dying like flies because we don't have anything to treat them in a moment then added to their families at the net the moment we run out of medications things become complicated i say this as a doctor and i can speak on behalf of many of my colleagues because we've been the ones who've had to show face on behalf of government authorities you know so just legal experts say that while medicine shortages are not a new phenomenon in mexico the problem was made worse after mexico's president
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nationalized the country's drug purchasing agency for his part president lopez over there that has promised to end drug shortages adding that the decision to centralize drug purchases was aimed at reducing corruption by big pharmaceutical companies. health observers say that with the corona virus outbreak drug shortages have only grown and so have protests and lawsuits demanding access to lifesaving medicine and said they languish mean this in a way september 29000 was when parents 1st protested outside the health ministry because of a lack of chemotherapy sexual diversity groups also demonstrated against a lack of hiv treatments. some parents. we've gone beyond protesting last year low dana as 2 year old son evan lost his battle with cancer due to a lack of medical treatments she has since sued the government and accuse the mexican president of murder and speaking out and will continue to so that more
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parents will speak out and not stay silent another president cannot give me back my son that i at least want to avoid one more child missing a single chemotherapy sishen and medical treatment. earlier this year doctors told buzz that her son's cancer was in remission but recently discovered a new tumor anatomist his side she says the thought of dealing with drug shortages has multiplied her worries it's estimated that more than 1600 child cancer patients died in 2020 alone with some health experts suggesting a direct link to drug shortages across the country. al-jazeera mexico city brazil's supreme court has allowed a congressional inquiry into the president's handling of the pandemic to go ahead a day and after it was backed in the senate. his critics say he bungled brazil's response by don playing the impact of the virus undermining state restrictions on failing to secure enough vaccines his allies say he's being unfairly blamed for
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a high number of covert 900 deaths which now exceeds 360000. the former finance convicted fraudster bernie madoff has died in a u.s. federal prison aged $82.00 he was handed a 150 year sentence for defrauding tens of thousands of people for billions of dollars christensen early reports from new york. from a finance industry legend to a man the tabloids described as the most hated new york bernie madoff was convicted in 2009 of orchestrating the largest ponzi scheme ever it's virtually impossible to violate rules his promise to clients of 11 percent returns each year simply too good to be true instead investment money from new clients was paid as profits through established winds all while eluding regulators for years don't forget also that the largest bank in the world j.p.
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morgan paid $2000000000.00 in fines because it turned a blind eye and assisted for decades. this ponzi scheme so it this isn't just some rogue individual this was at the heart of what of course became the 2008 financial crisis it's estimated the scheme cost his investors individuals and institutions nearly 60 $5000000000.00 from celebrities like hollywood director steven spielberg to charities like the foundation started by nobel prize winner ellie b. cell which lost $15000000.00 and there was a human cost as well made our oldest son mark took his own life on the 2 year anniversary of his father's arrest he took advantage of seniors that he should never of god and if his old family property from what he did resident peace. didn't
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do the right thing and had a lot of people made off had requested release from prison for medical reasons but was refused bernie madoff leaves behind no fortune 170000000000 dollars in assets seized by the government there's only his wife ruth and what he described at sentencing as a legacy of shame his name now synonymous with wall street. kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. there with me so rob a reminder of all top stories the u.s. and nato say that after 20 years now afghanistan but ending the military campaign in a speech at the white house joe biden announced all troops in afghanistan will be withdrawn by september the 11th protesters are in force for a 4th night in the u.s. state of minnesota after the play.


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