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tv   Al Jazeera World The Doormen Of Egypt  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2021 4:00am-5:00am +03

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i don't want to expose in the legacy media. last. night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. but you know it was there with me so wrong in doha a reminder of our top news stories the u.s. and nato say that after 20 years not gonna stop ending their military campaign in a speech at the white house joe biden announced all troops in afghanistan will be withdrawn by september the 11th our white house correspondent can really help it. after generation of war in afghanistan u.s. president joe biden says it's time for american soldiers to return home we cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan
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hoping to create ideal conditions i'm now the 4th united states president to preside over american troop presence in afghanistan to republicans to democrats. i will pass this responsibility on to a 5th the withdrawal of u.s. forces begins may 1st and ends by september 11th the 20th anniversary of the attacks on new york's twin towers and the pentagon the u.s. invaded afghanistan in 2001 attacking al qaeda training camps where osama bin laden coordinated the attacks but biden says since then security threats have evolved osama bin laden was gone that was 10 years ago and my direction my team is refining our national strategy to monitor and disrupt significant terrorist threats not only in afghanistan but anywhere there. and there in africa europe the middle
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east and elsewhere the united states has roughly 2500 soldiers in afghanistan as part of the nato alliance currently we have speaking from brussels the nato secretary general and now it's those forces will also begin drawing down may 1st we went into afghanistan together. we have adjusted over history together and we all are united in leaving together who know america's longest war has been costly 2 trillion dollars more than $2300.00 american lives. why did traveled to arlington national cemetery to honor those lives lost but instead cision honors the agreement for withdrawal put in place by his predecessor donald trump both men have been criticized for ignoring pentagon advice to remain in the country the loss of the knitted baby the u.s.
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presence in the coalition's presence could be a very a further destabilizing question on the ground in the region on capitol hill biden's conservative critics and some members of his own democratic. already oppose the move arguing it will put u.s. and afghan lives at risk it undermines our commitment to the afghan people particularly afghan women senator jeanne shaheen said in a statement adding the biden administration must make every effort between now and september to protect the progress made the united states intends to keep a diplomatic presence in afghanistan what is less clear is just how many claim destined forces and u.s. security contractors will remain to monitor and meet future threats can really help at al-jazeera the white house demonstrators have been gathering in the u.s. state of minnesota for another night of protests after the police shooting of dante
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wright a female police officer has been released on bail after being charged with manslaughter also minnesota the defense continues to make its case in the murder trial of the former police officer derek trevon a retired pathologist has testified george floyd died because of multiple factors including preexisting conditions the sudden led coalition says it's in step today ballistic missile into explosive laden drones it claims that they were launched by rebels towards the jews than near the yemeni border. the former financier and convicted fraudster bernie madoff has died in a u.s. federal prison aged $82.00 he was handed a 150 year sentence for defaulting tens of thousands of people and you follow those stories of course on all website i'll be back with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera we continue with al-jazeera world to stay with us.
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now let's try to fill a book within the thing a 2nd. item shall hike. over
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. some sort of them have the 10. minutes have been less than a. little integer volatility. how that was you look at the. number one. and this wasn't a part of the. look a lot of different i thought what a short term you know. what i'm not. paid for it with a little more than i'd need would have been. put up when i got on board one of. the. intermission of the dollar.
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well webb. and the alleged death of a man babbitt amada half of the. year that have been adequately. to me as a plan and not what i want to do and i never went ahead with it if you look at it there yet was a failure in both well but i learned a lesson to learn i want to do. what i was led to. go bold but john. new
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lows and when. someone. is high yeah. but then nobody even. has a lot of money. but i'm on my own which was illiterate i'm telling. you you have said what in the meantime on nobody can though i laugh and i look at look to my minimal come on mostly on he. is. very little but he did even us one day i'll go to sudan. field little
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boy good lord feel. bad. i want him. to. have been home with. me in the will but if i. didn't get out.
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so badly i like it a whole which was inserted where if she ran at them and i sure. it is a democratic that dilemma i mean i will add that to dakota a mistake and i think it best. and. modern and actually 2nd. second. i should give it he had to answer a model. that can and does that come better in an ad lib a ali i also feel berated but. maybe sacking new orleans so that the al. binti lead the community does that but hash what did in ruby but he. had to get. out of course because the guy you and the leg i'd be on. with all deliberate
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but i thought you know what they give a damn about us love it's law. had we never got it had a for the elastic god is sad that mish added. to diminish place like that there. is from. your deed to figure turn. to wee hours earlier one means here. on the morrow. the bitter more all the only new is do
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more. good to most. little. bit of a show called to say. it was a. lot of the next month when i left it with that black little thumb up in. about this. one of my own and that in 300. an ottoman will. see it. it will in fact when i get back to me well doesn't be half way up shukla sort of the copy.
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you see. was. the. whole wall was a bloody. how do you. think. i don't condemn non profit in the south if you can bury yanni so that we have been kid that you can hear. from the fish. and in the house only so that i'm acting for the bed and hit on the head of. the home for example or let you add it up on this list that i came to as i meant the saddam of their kind of awesome and i. could be you i mean obviously made enough. of them will be the fall of. you how would you screen for ya my feet i had
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woke up in the 2nd half ago last 2nd fuel. mobile. so let me just the sort of winter this is all you know if you just set some fog on a stop and talk about the evolution 1st of all to. us as legitimacy should a condo get involved. so a little for dinner and if you. thought of. shopping felt. somewhat.
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less good i felt the political was chugging also. but i had little but i mean with saddam. it will still live there. while my own mother has sort of an arsenal more. plus how often. just do you know if you have a lot of friends deaf and dumb and. you know. you didn't see a lot simpler ones that i think lay i said it's a battle to feel. good. that i'll be up in this can i. can get $100.00 had the demagogic it's an exact quote a little. soprano in the
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mind i can remember her shandong. but i don't. know how government got a homicidal football star how you feel is our differences will never come he said the number and the mark hagger i give or never have a. hold on when i had to put in a hard i mean i meant. not accept. i didn't. lie you pulled all. the mean. wrong. you know that old dude must know we. don't really and most lineups. but he did say. 11 is not a movie. no one had developed had. another.
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mole you've got a whole lot of. or philosopher one of those you know hold on a little boy was the anomaly in the film over the end but webb thought how you know what the how well i said get the how we met in the hospital i'm all in make them a few many escort has. to be canned and let us again be well let the whole episode kind well let us come up. when you don't want to. help with that i'm not a problem then i will give you a little 111 i don't want to i don't give. them a go my son i think i did chuckle at the look whenever he said i said i don't know what that went to one of them is where i feel it got that i am a part of to live. and with skill and. comes in for me i'm the
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nurse the missile at them will level out a son of god the. i've been binocs and a bit of in bed been named alan you know i lived in this bed home base. but i don't miss what i know going into the house no house of the house and in this. welcome isn't much the monitor it's a little more. than $110.00 a hole it's a lucky one about one hour on which a lot more be healed. and how does a lot of the high go. well i. know a business. is the have acted the.
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one bad you could aim can for coming in at a motel as an actor but that you hire a moment and way of a good keeper harrison but whether i get a new start for you have shown some sort of. i am. your mother 2nd i want for 20 some odd. calling almost from you nuts and we know. there's nothing on the hummus to tell you. not to i would look at what the bible says. the thought of the father. of the moment and looking at him on the low and i look a lot like them won't buy more luck with the world. war 2 or
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a load of milk for the year or. the fall on us have taught him how there will be no this mildly republican in my filter or so we were told to nod will call me right of the movie over who can be different oh you are awesome or b.c.b. mckim me tell ye. in the must. mean received. with. being a witness and sold. them so. i'm so glad i want to feel well that's almost whoosh dated and she'll have to live as almost loose gutter ball be brutal bought. for them for the glory and to hide that told. you both effort unless i said i think that i would. like a while got
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a whole month full my. friends on. my good should be. held to be. civilized. to the one. to end on by to no. more than most not to say remove. any. less of the shorts to let in the. shit. if you. learn a few of the little. you know. one of.
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the brand new hosts on the record at the moment. told the show well the. model must have always been a while humbler your holiday not a 100. limited to how much it was for gable but my phone with them and they'd be lousy i saw had a role model with medical the. second. had its own look for them and i don't know i don't want to be the same enough with. the whole and about in the tell me that drama. can be live in the hotel. let that mr. a lot despite a show that shit bad but that would have a law that what that he stood on the senate in the head but webb. as a you. feel
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when that man mohamed. or way back. in a cinema and a man that she. was so well badly hit the net should anything but well. many thing but where. in the modern moderate. media. let them be. sure. but they could give a fuck that one plus of something yet she. doesn't get in the financial crisis and
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can short little. but where flecking them again after many met him in the woods he fell caramel i'm just saying it in both. but web. meant other your art kenneth moore would often mocked up my neck to get them for the hook to study in the deaths of any yet. about what i mean yeah. some of the women in have been your the innocent. and. the and the big. tough for her to the. minute really you were removed remove an inch of freedom we have
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no bond in the recognition money is not only. a bimbo web in some game and. i use a. but way. more would than finn walked emma. hasn't yet there was. but a web battlefield out of the lot of a web. about web based theory our audio we. fast in the has all but web. man well ecan more. shellfish. they know. my mom is doing. their. bit.
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says you should throw her out a law can bad eggs and she be net show the object as a snag by the imho america's challenge where your best the what i desire has little more than mock illini households see for what could be or was a fema shack and see if the haze in the will harm it but about web all of our heroic the whole malick it don't yet we're back in was off on with our limp and now you so we see. you she can be in the gene. meccania of our next so we can only hold you to a new book communed you want to see in a month you want. and you are. very it agatha to me very.
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very very outrage among a very for can be. can be when local be going for what you know off the after for going to. be treated well if is no war your hoodoo swarming a little beaver environment and when you want to be the law. you cannot be how gun wall street is boarded with don't. let me go a little. less. if i did or hire. a head of a local in order to live i would not be. a liberal. i do think it also allowed.
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and i'm going to try to go to court. into. the senate and about that should get out i'm going to make them. fit me when i can feel nuff said what. can that been this big the money and then they're going to be shut off and what the death of. the future needs must want to believe if one has that in them but webb talk about. that in america is
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a regional one joint tragedy and violence but it doesn't matter where you are you'll have to be able to relate to the human condition on the scene trying to bring your only interest in the. country to the light and it's my job to shed light on why it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you stand on cancer culture. the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between is tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do what's the solution to get organized and what are world leaders or governments missing talking about targets like 2040 or 20 take. up front with me. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera who is beneath the waves with a team of women determined to save the job friends we all share the same responsibility we need to do something to be protected i mean you know using a variety of scientific techniques to study their behavior we can monitor them for
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their photos and behavior were able to adapt to their new environment women make science. on al-jazeera. your child is there with me so rob and to remind of all top news stories the u.s. and nato say that up to 20 years in afghanistan and doing their military campaign in a speech at the white house by the nuns told troops in afghanistan will be withdrawn by september the 11th we cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions for the draw and expecting a different result already have service members during
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a do not get a standard day whose parents served in the same or we have service members who are not yet born when our nation was attacked on $911.00 war in afghanistan was never meant to be a multi-generational undertaking we were attacked we went to war with clear goals rechy of those objectives the taliban has repeated warnings that it won't engage in talks until after all foreign troops have been withdrawn and others in afghanistan have the taliban to return to negotiations in good faith demonstrators have been gathering in the u.s. state of minnesota for another night of protests after the police shooting of dante wright a female police officer has been released on bail after being charged with manslaughter . also in minnesota the defense continued to make its case in the murder trial of former police officer derek chauvin a retired pathologist has testified that george floyd died because of multiple
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factors including preexisting heart conditions. the saudi led coalition said its intercepted a ballistic missile and 2 explosive laden drones claims they were launched by who the rebels towards on near the border with yemen. the former financier and convicted fraudster bernie madoff has died in a u.s. federal prison aged $82.00 he was handed a 150 year sentence but he fording tens of thousands of people of billions of dollars at least 20 children have died in a fire at a school in new peoples between $7.13 were trapped in a straw classroom when the blaze broke out in the capital niamey the cause of the fire is being investigated the prime minister promised to punish those responsible if it was started to live ok because you have all of those stories on our website at al jazeera dot com back with more news in half an hour we return to al-jazeera world the state or 4 months it's the mouth of their rape in gulf at the eastern
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end of the arab peninsula if you look at the arabian peninsula as a whole there are essential to the ancient culture and to the east. and to the west yes. it's sometimes known as the switzerland of the gulf because of the important regional role it plays in the gulf cooperation council the g.c.c. . but hormones long history is not well known outside the gulf region before oil was discovered in 1982 and fishing and pro diving words main sources of income. in this film we go back over the last 500 years of form and history of tribes wars rebellion and colonization and explore how and why a man still plays an important regional role today.
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again in.
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there columbus alaska was the. second home of a good 2nd that armada saw but i wanted to get there before the 2nd before the year before the north big macand allowed to a number field. and macand they could has he had more air that far. he has he. had yeah he was sorrow. with. a still an. official a little more of a view on the official line of one of the elements to come across. the mother who was a little crooked. to tell us that. ben was a valid that. government city mostly due to an economic in. it's maybe a. way out of. what
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. dad what. kind of theme we get here. that upmost that i'm with i'm accountable in a feat nor. will. be given a word that even less and it that they will use the election mess and it. will had . to be the good that is it would let in the left. center but for you had the right had limited for you.
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but the color was due to. get a woman of the month for. the last over the border fowl to. suck up to the fight in. there that men are men when enough to not must win for him. that that then they met there was you for a local mayor elect get it but mr lynn as a man a said bad well man when i hold myself. to all my. god i'm not. in a bill out of. that message or my model for my ass or message on how most of all of what at the present was a filibuster you. are all kind of worth the read. so i was ready to have some of those if for
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a 2nd. more thought i was of the wind up with. more so more formal studies. let's look at that some of those euros if one of the $7000.00 blooms on oil a good model is going to demand a woman at the total. italian. to tell you another time but i would have to tell you are 2 above the times the amount of times as that i got that with another daughter in fairyland. more tafe it was like if you had to did you tell us how to buy. it to get ahead to the. film. how it can and i was. not at least not at. the start of feel.
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up to. be a newbie a spark misallocated fray an itch of a left leg into al out of the rock i'm a fish that even moving along means how do you top that and had laid out of 10 of them have a lot here and more still ugly ines look to taught us has in men. will we see some more of them involving email for you with laymen through a window where most will give you the letter d. muslim go again share a with the yard tell it many times you are going off the mayan if. you were to have will we. did see you in. elbow or being.
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not a good mom we. were going to go in while we wired me sure. was e of how could mean in washroom when and. how does how does our motto how does that feel they have. that of the what the a bunch. of boys who said. they can one wrong. in. saying.
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i was don't know what. the lim talked about how. they should see. what it did to would hire a letter. kalid to restart the mystery has he. my mom. had any any lesson and. that is a. good. start to how the national scene. for
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months on a. little muslim about. threats to the beginning to get laid and i was you know a field day or 2 letters he would but at the. village the veritie were getting a one off or on long. how does our motto. or rather my. fear with fear will it in libya will it eliminate that of news we. might have. to shut down the lot of a. lot of the markets is that i'm bad then they got a 2nd or they did. get on the.
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well rumor through. saloon album or i'll come see you me you are near some scene. one. you just. don't have it at. all let me show what i am a. he she had started behaving awful but i think a beginning. of the all learned of me that we didn't know it's not up to full of us . the. fashion but when. i let him in. if you had the idea.
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as well so that you and i had the heart of committed. beyond an effect in no way a bond in a by in a clear cut real like beera again what if you. are also la motta for. your father is the inflected any indian. but it's all that intercom well and actually best possible for the who. will do or if the man was the way ember the new while the going to add them and armada get cash of all law light message in my fish in the dark. that are also a sort of generic it. will only lead you from a vision idea. the book enough to the average american is
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a shop. but it must. have been a way in which you can look for an acronym i thought for the kind of whys of the how of molecular to her your 2nd go. through i.e. . have no idea how this muscle. limited value them held by a leak was within 5. 100 feet bit that the leg of. the leg of. the liver wore how under normal the stuff. with midwife in the can actually by the. the it's not only. odd to shot of him but i'd meant it shall help with one or down to a. joint of the for shot of out of the 3 but if you do not all what i'll hug and then
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add does that mean that then and it will go to show what the good as she learned if you had in the book. a feel for soil. of a. bigot almost. would be misadventure from the. way mash was a lot of. this. he did it go. away stuff i was there but i mean i think if you are. in canada or think you need to have the kalulu problem i believe.
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the money of the. thought and then i get to meet you and he's over the house and definitional you well know how. the 4th. wouldn't be the get on with them or with them again i had them the 2nd how do you think i would be a muslim but. they have sort of gotten sad all the other method of mccain you. 11 had. a lot of. planes and that you know. well too just. 2 year.
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old would be. doing the wall. between would be. what i'd be what i live. and muddied. into concrete theater in a bottle but what. if in this.
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second the. second you head butt element out of the. second in no way. i'm about to go to. see it on the new moon. but they're going to have all the.
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trailer not just with. most eyes for a long. i mean the. short of people none of us are going well. and. it does around. us.
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if you will. if you made. sure of the hamas and fatah. and about how to talk about weapons of staff that sit well with not if you know that i would have. the border. garage but when i thought i'd have. to buy the i shot in the hole most of them that i showed in the 2nd. well actually i showed the normal food. and. i should have also.
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saw that. up the. bell. but you get a know how to. do it again well harris for the laughs going to lay out as us and the reality may not. be. like it again. but had a wee wee bit security.
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in the. movie or your mother. or your mother.
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was. english my. buckland if you give that. a little under. the. i'm going to have the definite bottom half full of love it's almost done as at the top of the room i'll look at those out in the. bin the security will go up in their. job description i would see from the wall the feet but that harris. because let me in my would you. like the right. if you. let him about.
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the moral. one i want to. be in the thought about love. of the man of one of the. young of the. one of the pillar. and call of the tom them both to learn
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comedy in the. old war malala moment. in the 1st thailand's of home in mesopotamia where the 1st settlements phoned the cradle of civilization iraqi people who've depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by womb and pollution outages or world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. planet earth
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a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing a next the stench of threat you don't get a resort but on a topic that's to throw a scare in the lead up to us to al-jazeera run special coverage documentaries discuss inventor pools exploring the consequences of our actions and inactions very hot news of a few all civilization. and showcasing ways in which some must see to touch on the top of their straight ahead there are 3 individuals in very rare to see that it's really exciting a season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. and.
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winter has not let go of north america this is all wintry weather and it's slowly curling through the plains states in the upper midwest this is what you want expects bring thunderstorms and the difference is because the difference in temperature that cold air of the winter has come or way down through the plain states reaching panhandle of texas nighttime temperatures are these just above freezing in the city center which means it's frosty in the countryside very easy in that cold air comes right down through arkansas tinsel in new orleans this is more or less where the 2 meet so it is where you get the big thunderstorms during thursday now the snow is spreading out of the mountains the rockies into the plain states slowly as nebraska maybe even as far south as texas press that's probably pushing it nevertheless you've got the 2 areas meeting the waltz in the gulf and the cold coming in which means we produce more thunderstorms and similar area texas
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arkansas down towards louisiana and when that cold air comes out across the waters in the bahamas eventually ends up with using big showers it's just gone off his panniers it's the leeward and the moon which get significant showers and that's also true of costa rica and panama so it does leave the opportunity for war but the sunshine to improve things in cuba and he's been eula. a star striker in the top a top in the but devoted to the working class of his hometown and its class. footballing legend eric cantona introduces christiane the lakota a one of a kind said to stop. he put it dogged by his fines for his socialist values and his many goals against italy's footballing elite football rebels on how disease
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. there are some of the media stories a critical look at the global news media spread across our own al-jazeera government shut off access to social media. and to get america's longest war the us president's timeline for getting troops out of afghanistan. or in afghanistan was never meant to be a multi-generational undertaking but that still doubts about taliban told us with the afghan government the armed group says it won't take part until all foreign troops leave.


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