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tv   People Power Coronavirus Lockdown - Iran  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2021 1:30am-2:01am +03

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never of god it is his old family property from what he did resident peace. to do the right thing heard a lot of people made off had requested release from prison for medical reasons but was refused bernie madoff leaves behind no fortune 170000000000 dollars in assets seized by the government there's only his wife ruth and what he described at sentencing as a legacy of shame his name now synonymous with wall street. kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president joe biden says the american withdrawal from afghanistan will be complete ahead of the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attacks in a speech at the white house see in the house that all sri $1500.00 u.s.
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soldiers in the country will begin to leave next month the conflict has cost the lives of $2400.00 u.s. service members and an estimated 2 trillion dollars. i'm now the 4th united states president to preside over american troop presence in afghanistan 2 republicans 2 democrats i will not pass this responsibility on to a 5th we want to have to stand because of a horrific attack that happened 20 years ago that cannot explain why we should remain there in 2021. a former us police officer has been arrested and charged with manslaughter over the death of an unarmed black man one to write was fatally shot during a routine traffic stop on sunday the 20 year old stephanie reignited protests in minneapolis happening in the same city of course as george floyd's death and the ongoing trial kimberly porter who resigned after 20 years on the force faces
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up to 10 years in prison. meanwhile at the trial over george floyd's death a retired forensic pathologist says he died as a result of preexisting heart disease the fence witness dr david fowler says he believes that floyd's condition was made worse is he inhaled fumes from a police car his findings contradict prosecution witnesses they say that floyd was starved of oxygen by having former police officer derek show winds need pressed on his neck for over 9 minutes. and the indian government is refusing to call off a religious festival linked to more than a 1000 colona virus cases it comes as the country's new infections hit another record with more than 184024 hours etc see you tomorrow by. i may like a vase in the south of india to find out how
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a tiny box in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a standstill coronavirus how he wept across the world with devastating impact and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade here in vietnam we visit a rescue center for some of the world's most threatened animals and join the call for an end to the global wild why planes are thrived on al-jazeera. literally 2020 was the covert 19 pandemic was breaking wheels filmmaker jem should know to dottie to document lloyd is lost in his native iraq the result was made into a fortress of only solution in one of the world's least understood countries on your own with iran facing a 4th wave of the pandemic where showing his film again have been finding out what
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happens to. there was a shot but then as if we knew that it was. secure if we knew there was one the only procedure people tell to go to the bundle to. run a member one of them this whole thing your mother would have you not heard back. thank you for everything more and more you didn't ever. put in with that everybody can work for you are they going to call home around the member for you. even if you
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have mum house. whatever you do you know more than a more modern one with. so little of that the she doesn't. mosey which is not good if. this is the main germ she demanded that the house things are the most that in a measured look you know on seeing the car could it. that he can see a better man with many more in the music but i know that he or she. thinks it should he get them to be nice but i think just tell us. your marriage your. parents. put up a covert people there i just read it will join up with this will go out but i. already have i'll show you a quote on our. to have voted that you be sure his are more time.
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mr howe memorandums in the game and thus we should have you know 3 short. i will submit how you feel a lot of asked me to put. as how can i force him to go from the washroom but i bet duff that if you. tell us what you think it was. to this. a lot when most a mother will meet her to be a mother it is but that has to do with another. because. i mean look at them as who better than yours and it was whether you would have anybody but you knew it was somebody to make her see whether you could put up with him for the. man himself has an immeasurable before the visit of a set of should he. would have been good if they would bury him with that he was as
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you take yourself with. your child for having to then the british mark. you to speak. when there. was just a little it. would be. the best in the game and. that improves her you know that. she's equal. bottom or ought to put in.
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i don't. think you're going to anything is. going to be a common i don't want to quote i'm not even here. how did that nearly but it was the push. that i had that they needed a little bit of us to give. up. here.
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for the not i like you. turn a little still. might . come with it to the body little boys that will be in the. tunnel to see him but i have to talk with amenities and i was going to be with him but how much it'll be superficial because to be subtle was a sort of i'm not sure if asked the judge you go on a 15 year. old loser would. be sure to let me. know who is behind me those of that are. shooting. incident when he had another his for their part to have
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a liver. which to. my is not my book. you say canada. used to say kid would say it is one as i said before you. get. to know me and i know go to homes.
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in the bay. chill moment the minute you must give us the. most of the new look. which is genetically related to the. badly mobutu sykora not dirty i'm sure mom daddy i know you do about tennis court on a dating show one at 80 only beatles the tatty man. the more you know me who was sick how did i suppose you that kid you know as well as you could most of them let them . know how you'd be imbued with the notion that it doesn't know.
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so well must. use one another. holding the love. of most of those of us because you didn't really have a sense of. the law school i did not. have a cell last christmas we didn't even for my last week i was in the do. you know horse made up of faith in. the normal time she was happy with the things that sure looks like ours they don't know how can you tell me to need to open a lot on those voices and call must tell us then bit by a moment someone does a hold of a moment some of. those will tell you what you are already doing so concord.
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it has happened before it started moving of all numbers and all who don't have to match the past so yes i'm only concerned with the june issue that's the sooner some of them go well imo the only. solution which i think. you put. in when you just don't know you know it was a. lot of talk about something. redeeming quality. of the need. for the one who are another's devotion to what's going on what number was given out. on the form of the message. not the. sure.
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what was. going. because of his it to me of the weather again sure. it was with that he has to go off to. an issue of. venice's just wanted to mention if you want to put it. another name that was another thing. that initiate a. missile or judaism one of jennings i know in order. to live as well as you have been misused to miss i want to just 600 on each of us
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no. daft on my total wish that one to play the match with yet to eject easy to judge could you. show that if there's a saudi man on the valley i don't doubt that some are shot by a total out of a john everybody thought. but now i do have enough but as i am but then i was supposed to move to low b.b. without john official guys that stood up and sought solace just no use i got him out of the business it's just know you played sorely missed this neighborhood for not mom is this. going to. show my dad asked me a call i jumped up on the high side to find just enough itis to.
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be lies not to me again pool because if you met him again will the time. and the time of time no year. remember that you see. i loved was going to. if you leave us a good then time for the it was a. do is akin to me to the if i have the. chair haha true. mr i know a good one for the. nothing because you didn't get into the. way didn't you know. you know what. is for the show or quit or lower from according to a good it. is 71 is choke little bit when you do you you it was love that if it should have played with from the. shock that you know this bama toes he should just want to be in the.
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box. that he should reach it i mean you did hurt him in the mists of time ho you in civil with wish that. you looked at him sad that such a. little machine. had. this. world it. can't hurt to know when it. no one because unemployment you feel this is
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good to me feel good i mean close enough to janie you. was really just a human being except for the shit you couldn't. i mean the money that is going to be going to the general yes they needed. somebody to get. there. who wanted to share getting that back to mother them yeah who's good because again dad was a good one of those good it's not all right good night for mitt romney. you know. what. i don't need get only as you kid me you need to do some good if you know he'd be in the feel. good about
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where they could be going to death in the 1st week you should then i think should. slow. tunes again. yeah. mr. miller. home. is suddenly you know the best is a pub shop see how sad that is i want to win it. but am
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so so i think i have to. call now a. shot for you. so be. deceiving him said he was so having them. in the us going to the. and so the only show in the. should monitor sht. sutro are so. much closer. to.
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see. those. but. it's. just. it's only a matter of the hash better you made in that you don't excel in a reporter title tome but every all of us should know about nothing just yet the subtle mommy or the book.
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that's a kid never going to how much you know how because behold but i mean what would have to. make one of us have you don't know how i will not hide a moment as a kid on the scene at the national it would have shown up that's. going to. last. chip on your list just. told me that she should do you should off. the bus i don't even know you he said to me and i would look at you put out i'm buzzing there with one of the. madam to give me says had initially but i knew it was tied up thanks for that i should give it to feel the way i think headed mecklenburg had a go ok. i
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didn't. know. you'd be out and with the moment when you should let her. so i mean more math because you know yes they're quite good and my question is going to come create a class in. there. yet that's standing beside the question what. so the weathercock.
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didn't just know that we're going. you know how did wrong and says the nature. of course that is. a look. good morning it's good news for a little. how much is that a couple should. be a little closer that's what that other course say that usually. you can folks and all other people. to whom you better get 20 both of them the result of them took on another home you dump your boom you know not going on and on and on and i was because i'm an associate. myself with longer more suits and he has nothing. more. you will miss and i'm the son of the. daughters who mistook my thank you as bush not do you. know what that was one of the book a lot of the book. as if your mother her mother daughter you have to read up on the
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confidential. question if. you do not produce a number of john. mccain there is. no you can you can do nothing wrong i john. no you're just not you're john wooden is to do a coke and. i think i hear john in the us or. chavez. is a misleader but. i said he shouted in one of the disciplines. the minutes of the i don't know what it's about i don't know.
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the meaning of the english but i'm. sure. it was a little known not only in this one i'm. sure the more i mean. any other misjudgements. embryos tasneem gayety shortcake as beast was. about 18 or stone harder to shroud cast because hoddle made. casts a whole year and what i said back to amber east. the shadow of that effect if he measured wouldn't that have a jam with. this of the stone. circle on those.
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holes of. the 2nd disc of earth whatever bush had anything he thinks with a bunch of those funny very often cardboard they do it on a b. sub and it will be in them and the penny. foreseen you know being the man from missouri where. they're naming a number here that's how many anonymous on the phone with the bushman moving in and . he just taking care of them other than. reading them 107 actually mom is not one. step mom and.
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since this film was made iran has reported more than 2000000 cases of covert 19 and around 65000 deaths today john should merge it out he is still unable to work and like many around the world he's seen family friends and colleagues for saic has just been fortunate patients and of her children and the whole of cornelius have done a fairly good if you know him and they had the situation of oh you know you go or she's just really home and. he threw the most interesting reaction in there that he should. but then that hey at least. now iran is again in lockdown to date less than one percent of its 84000000 people have been vaccinated only he walks and that even. though he would have been home whether he pushes a. he just walks and he. says oh man that i
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don't. know what the box and the official has recently been worth and he said they were needed for a chip devoted to the store the only one who thought and who pushes. the stage is set and it's time for a different approach so let's leave simplicity to the headlights join me as i take on the lies dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradictions i'm marc lamont hill and it's time to get out from the climate has changed every year for millions of years decades of talk good little action it's all about just create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverts of the oil industry was
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a main bankroller or opposition to climate action the campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing more shoot it was fusion good thing absolutely. 0. ending america's longest war the u.s. president's timeline for getting troops out of afghanistan. war in afghanistan was never meant to be a multi-generational. but they're still down to about taliban talks with the afghan government the group saying it won't take part until all fallen troops leave. elam.


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