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when antiviral coaching like other such mosques can be washed and reduced the design that we've come up with is ethical sustainable and in the u.k. it looks like the place mostly because of many people's lives at least in the short term whatever calling the way they're being urged to consider where it comes from and where it'll end up. this is al jazeera. hello i'm a clarke this is the news our live from doha coming up the next 60 minutes and now it is time to bring our forces home. after war stretching 2 decades american and nato forces are expected to leave afghanistan together but they won't meet the crucial deadline. south africa finds a new safety concern in johnson johnson's cave in 1000 vaccine but joined other
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countries and called you rolled up. somalis president signed a controversial law to extend his term by 2 years despite threats of international sanctions. and other nights of protests in minnesota wrote the future the police officer responsible has resigned. and i'm leah harding with sports was a 100 days to go until the summer olympics and organizers insist that the tokyo games will start as planned despite the pandemic. so the plans for the u.s. to withdraw its troops from afghanistan by next month being delayed in a few hours president joe biden is expected to announce those forces will now leave by september the 11th under a deal signed with the taliban they were set to pull out by rather 1st now at the peak of the war in 2001 there were more than 100000 americans nearly 10000 foreign
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troops from 36 countries a still serving as part of a nato mission the u.s. contributes the most followed by germany and its defense minister says that she will meet with officials from the u.s. from u.k. and from france to coordinate their exit now a delay in the withdrawal raises questions about talks with the taliban and the afghan government which is set to resume in turkey the taliban has said it won't. take politan to who foreign troops leave will stephanie decker is in berlin and will have more in germany's presence in afghanistan just a member 1st let's go to our white house correspondent can be how could in washington so kimberly 1st up how will this u.s. decision impact coalition forces also in afghanistan as we await the official announcement of not only an end to the conflict in afghanistan but also a withdrawal of u.s. troops by the u.s.
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president the commander in chief of the armed forces in the united states we are already hearing from the secretary of state anthony blanket who has been in brussels meeting with the nato secretary general and we listen to his comments it's very clear that it's not just u.s. forces leaving but also a vessel of the coalition forces as well the statement coming from the readout of that meeting secretary blinken saying that while the coalition went in together 'd they will also leave together take a listen together we have achieved the goals that we we set out to achieve and now it is time to bring our forces home we will work very closely together in the weeks and months ahead on a safe deliberate and coordinated withdrawal of our forces from afghanistan but even as we do that. our commitment to afghanistan to its future will remain.
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complete is barack obama's vice president joe biden he seemed to favor keeping some forces in afghanistan what is knowledge of the. well we know that when the u.s. president came into office he immediately conducted a review of the situation on the ground in afghanistan and you're right for a long time he did advocate that there should be a small footprint of u.s. forces but the conclusion from that review is that there never will be the conditions based approach that would allow for u.s. forces to leave in other words they don't see the u.s. forces being able to improve conditions on the ground anymore 10 years from now than they do right now and that is the reason that the president has come to this conclusion that it is time for the united states forces to leave now we should know this is rejecting some pentagon guidance as we also saw from president trop and it's not being met well by some members of the republican party on capitol hill in
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fact they are calling this decision as they did with joe biden's predecessor reckless dangerous this could put partner nation at risk even risk civil war still joe biden saying he's going ahead with that and we'll be hearing from him in the coming hours on the details surrounding that decision you have back with you can believe then when that happens thanks very much indeed can we hope that in washington let's cross over now to berlin stephanie deca a joins us from there and stiff germany has the 2nd largest military presence in afghanistan off of the united states and it seems that please. that's right similar words being said here in a press conference held yesterday the u.s. secretary with the defense minister was here talking to germany's secretary of defense and they said the same thing we went in together and we will leave him in the bottom line nic is this is that nato troops is around 10000 of them in the
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country very much dependent on the americans in terms of logistics and in terms of just operating in a country which still remains very dangerous on the ground that we have had this language you know for over a year now with the taleban and americans negotiating the some form of the peace deal and part of that was always going to be the removal of u.s. and you know by by by association foreign troops from the country now for germany certainly you mentioned that the biggest force off for the americans around 2300 it's been germany's bloodiest military presence since the 2nd world war even though they're not there in a combat capacity but of course it is the nature of the ground in afghanistan there in a training capacity but of course have lost soldiers $59.00 soldiers it's cost taxpayers over $16000000000.00 and just recently parliament extended the mandate of german troops of the army on the ground so certainly now i think hard to say you chart because of course the language of the piece 2 of that started in doha now being
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talked about in turkey i have always said the removal of foreign forces from afghanistan it seems now that joe biden is putting. his backing fully behind that just as you said a longer time frame for stuff like that stuff. let's take it further we can speak down to christine brazil you know who's a senior fellow at the german marshall fund of the united states joins us now from chicago christine welcome to the program for so what's your reaction to this. i think this is an incredibly meaningful step in a incredibly long conflict the decision to remove out u.s. troops by september 11th the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks is incredibly politically significant we will see later in president biden's remarks has his address about this. how important is to the united states to have had a 20 year military engagement in it in response to this to the incredible attack
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and shocking attack on american soil has been a core element of american security and foreign policy and so i would say that this decision to bring the troops home by the 20th anniversary is deeply politically significant and the biggest decision we have seen for president biden on foreign or security defense policy in since he took office and this is something that many presidents have sought to to try to figure out how to leave and it's clear that they are isn't anything more that the u.s. feels that it could achieve right. now 20 years of engagement for that to suddenly come to an end it's going to leave something of a void whichever way you look at it what kind of impact do you think it's going to have on the ground in afghanistan. i think in many ways it is an earthquake you have had the only stability has been the foreign presence and ongoing and ongoing
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conflict right and so to pull that out i think it is the end of an era and i think we're going to have to manage the effects that come from that again this is not a withdrawal because they fully successfully completed missions is that what drop in the sense of all that can be done has to be done but what more can you bring it and i think if you think about the other european presence the nato presence themselves so there are we have seen the militaries engaged now the question is how do you engage in a way that bridges stability or some kind of assistance but not a military presence will have be possible what will those conditions be and that really will need to be worked out and what about the status of the afghan army can they resist the taliban because they've been in the ascendancy of late. i think the stable of the situation continues to be somewhat unpredictable and somewhat unstable and i think that again the loss of the nit that the the us
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presence in the coalition's presence could be a very a further destabilizing question on the ground in the region and so again i think we will see in the coming months how do you balance this desire and the symbolic move to withdraw with needing to mitigate against the worst possible consequences of that decision and again that balance is going to be very difficult to strike given the high political desire for the u.s. to leave and then the added on coalition withdrawal which i think given that the u.s. front and in their presence there is a very much in the context also of an article 5 response to only article 5 or sponsor in history for the u.s. to say we are done it will be very difficult for the others not to go as well right it's not out of the question that the taliban could rise up and we could be tumbling towards a civil war at some point and then there would be the next question of intervention
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again and one would assume that would be out of the question as far as the united states. i think once the troops leave it'll be very difficult to reengage and so the question is how to prevent that kind of scenario from occurring on the ground while also managing withdrawal but again is that feasible that is very difficult to say yeah huge challenges ahead interesting news thanks very much to christine busy there thanks for your perspective appreciate it thank you. now plenty more still ahead on news hour including defense testimony is underway show evidence of trial for the murder of george floyd we hear from an expert on the use of force. because for coming up and leaving basketball players call for liberty and justice in the aftermath of a fatal police shooting here with that story. south africa says a local study on the johnson and johnson cove in 1000 vaccine showed no major
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safety concerns and yet it has decided to suspend its use over concerns raised in the united states that it could be linked to blood clots the single days vaccine was only one being administered but it does have other doses on order from fines or for me to miller is in johannesburg and she says the pause is adding to worries about getting south africans inoculated. so that's because health ministers william crazy has said that the country can't ignore what the f.d.a. has decided with regard to the suspension of the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine the health minister the government as well as experts have also said that the doesn't appear to be a course all relationship between the vaccine and blood clots and that it has an identified any specific safety concerns but at the same time the south african health products authority has recommended that the implementation study that south africa is in the in the middle of using that johnson and johnson vaccine to
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vaccinate $290000.00 out workers so far that study should be paused so that the data can be reviewed the health minister has said he expects this to be resolved in a couple of days and he's confident that south africa can continue to use johnson and johnson to vaccinate at least to continue or broaden a vaccination program that so far is focused on health workers the concern for many south africans though is that the rollout has been slower than expected primarily focusing on an implementation study and also that south africa hasn't received vaccines that have led to the slow rollout and also in this particular case is now committed financially to both johnson and johnson and pfizer and the government should anything go wrong with either vaccine that south africa can't be refunded. from professor henry sousa member of south africa's ministerial advisory committee
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on coated 19 and she says that the polls as a matter of precaution. in the south african setting where we live in this 300000 doses we haven't seen this rare condition but because this has been seen in the united states and they're evaluating it now it was thought wise that we just put a temporary hold while the u.s. has more investigation we don't know globally nobody can say at the moment whether this is what's called causal i.e. is it the vaccine that's causing this rare condition or is it other factors that pertain to the individual that might have contributed to this condition such as smoking for example now we're going to be rolling it up to millions of people and if you see a rare side effect it might be real it might be associated with vaccine but it might just be that once you roll things out to millions of people such conditions
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will occur that's life and that's nature and that's people's health so you need to be able to differentiate whether this is just a coincidence and not causal or whether it really is associated with the vaccine so that's what's being looked at at the moment but i think that what the f.d.a. has said is that they're being ultra cautious i think many regulators i'm i'm i chair the regulator the richie here in south africa as well we're being very cautious about safety signals and evaluating them that's good news that's reassuring for the public on the other hand as you say is confusing for the public because they say go go go no go that is confusing we need to be able to be a short one. india has announced another record daily high of new cases of covert 19 just short of 185000 that's around twice as many as brazil and you know the united states the 2 other worst hit countries the epicenter has been maharastra where new restrictions are coming to affect the western state includes the
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financial capital of mumbai that accounts for about a quarter of new infections and those with power on them has more now from new delhi. so from wednesday evening until the rest of the month the modest will not be allowed to go out on this to go to work or to get essential supplies groceries medicines are going to the bank and only essential services will be allowed to operate the state leader has said that this is the cause he said causes cases and a growing at what he called a horrifying pace it does account for the daily rise in cases they account for about a 3rd of all the cases in the country there are at least 60000 cases there on tuesday they tried to stem the rise with a weekend. night curfews but that hasn't made a difference. struggling because of those cases with a lack of hospital beds with
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a shortage of health care workers and also critically a shortage of oxygen supply we have focused on. throughout the past year because the worst affected but over the past week we are seeing a similar situation to what's happening in modest rwa really being played out now in other parts of the country as well most recently in the state of arousal seen videos of a very long line of and waiting outside the mine hospital carrying patients a lot of them who are on oxygen supply waiting for beds reports of the official death toll both in the state and mother not adding to the number of bodies which are being carried out at hospitals are. being cremated as well. the u.n. and some world leaders do not support the somali president's decision to extend his term. for my joe is undermining the peace process. he signed into law a bill allowing him to stay despite opposition from some members of parliament had
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ended in. protest calls for him to step. from nairobi in kenya. a lot of somalis are saying that what the president has done is problematic on so many levels so he signed this motion into the last night but ideally what's supposed to happen according to the law is that once the lower house passes such a motion they have to forward it to the upper house the senate for approval or rejection so that stage has been skipped we also have had from the speaker of the senate of the upper house who said that they would have rejected this motion anyway because it was unconstitutional there's also a lot of reactions from different quarters we've had from a coalition of opposition presidential candidates and some leaders of the federal states particularly jubal land end point land all of them saying that they reject
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this decision they reject any extension of the presidential term saying that president from joe just wants to cling on to power we've also had from somalia's key donors the e.u. the u.s. and the u.k. all of them speaking on this in the same tone very strongly why did statements basically saying mr president if you continue with this we are going to rethink how we do business with you it will be business as usual talking about perhaps get it set targeted sanctions on some individual states to be stumbling blocks. i. seconded defense to so many in the george floyd murder trial resumes in just over an hour in minnesota on tuesday a former police officer said the shave ins use of force was justified when is
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accused of merely on george for its next more the 9 minutes during his arrest 100 days in minneapolis. minnesota press thank you the defense opened its case. by putting george floyd on trial and turning the court's attention from former police officer derek children to the man he's accused of murder. on 'd 'd us the defense theory is that floyd died of heart trouble and a drug overdose to support that show vns lawyers called a police officer and a paramedic who testified that floyd took opioid pills when he was arrested in a separate 2019 encounter prosecutor aaron eldridge fired back mr flame dr denbigh you are interacting with cracked. no thank you for. the floyd family calls the attacks on him character assassination of a dead man police solved with of killing us and we have been murdered at a rate that i. could imagine if the time. and that time is now
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media you are ok sweep this under the rug anymore. and we will fight for justice put his family hoping to link the 2 arrests the defense then showed police body camera footage from the fateful day of may 25th to hill was in the car with floyd when police 1st arrived. much again 12 were spent on the defense's star witness of the day. george floyd's neck for 9 and a half minutes. thing wrong. in your opinion was this the use of deadly force it was not. i film the showbiz interactions of mr floyd were following his training. following current practices in policing and were objective a reasonable prosecutor steve slicer pushed back noting children held floyd down
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long after he had not only stopped resisting but was apparently dead did you hear at some point in your review officer king say that he couldn't find a pos yes. all of this would have been known to a reasonable officer in the defendant's this ish crack yes and the defendant's position is and was and remains as we see here at this moment at this time in this clip on top of mr floyd on the street isn't that right yes. i have nothing further with the defense expected to wrap up its testimony this week one big unanswered question is whether show than himself will take the stand john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis police officer who fatally shot to black man in a minneapolis suburb has resigned dante writes shooting his spot protests in brooklyn center where the incident happened she spotted the offices resignation and that of the police chief demonstrators were out on the streets again ignoring
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a curfew that official reports now from were concerned. i thought night of protest hundreds of people in the streets in brooklyn center their anger clear and draw as the clock ticked towards curfew time the police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly and pulled people to clear the street. to run through. some of. the fire tear gas and moved in in large numbers all in riot gear they were met with water bottles fireworks and content. that been a peaceful vigil for done to right the 20 year old shot dead on sunday more than $600.00 gathered some travelling a long distance to be there the hundreds here say this is no longer just about going to write other cases like this is about a demand for fundamental change to the way the police operate in the united states
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needs to be changed when it was based on racism in the 1st place and so once he will understand that and no doubt we need a different form of policing that is when real change happens a lot of the things are mental health we need more mental health workers in our communities and on our streets that's what we need here we don't need more militarization of our police forces. the authorities hope the resignation of the police chief and the officer who fired the fatal short would lure the emotional temperature on a freezing night the departures announced earlier in the day by the mayor. we have received a resignation letter from our 2nd quarter. in addition to that we have also received a letter for the resignation. of police chief kim porter a veteran of the force was the officer who fired the fatal shot she know faces possible month slaughter charges the family of george floyd took
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a break from the derek chauvin trial in minneapolis to offer support to the right family and it is just something i could not. then to many apple miss minnesota. a suburb. firmware this show when trying to record insurance for. where it's taken place there the police so for. were a shoo in. 6 black man the police say the shooting was a tragic mistake that intended to kill a teenager but she drew her gun instead it's still the story the family is buying how many times in training over the course of 25 years has this officer pulled aimed and shot her firearm in practice so don't tell us it's an accident.
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because it undermines the tragic loss of life that this family has experience the protesters say they'll be back again on wednesday and every night it takes until the see justice alan fischer i'll just eat a brooklyn center minnesota. all right let's move on to the weather now his role. winter has not let go of north america this is all wintry weather and it's slowly curling through the plains states in the upper midwest this is what you want expect spring thunderstorms and the difference is because the difference in temperature that cold air of the winter is good more way down through the plain states reaching panhandle of texas nighttime temperatures are these just above freezing in the city center which means it's frosty in the countryside very easy in that cold air comes right down through arkansas tinsel in new orleans this is more or less where the 2
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meet so it is where you get the big thunderstorms during thursday now the snow is spreading out of the mountains the rockies into the plain states slowly as nebraska maybe less fast science as texas press that's probably pushing it nevertheless you've got the 2 areas meeting the waltz in the gulf and the cold coming in which means we produce more thunderstorms and similar area texas arkansas down towards louisiana and when that cold air comes out across the waters in the bahamas eventually ends up with using big showers it's just gone off his back on us it's the leeward and the moon which get significant showers and that's also true of costa rica and panama so it does leave the opportunity for war but the sunshine to improve things in cuba and has been your lap. still ahead here around 0 millions denied bodily autonomy women and girls freedoms come into the spotlight cross the walk. a long road to recovery that's the bleak for casa people living in the shadow
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of a caribbean volcano is still erupting. in sport tennis is world number one makes a winning return to action and i will be here without. frank assessments of poison but the government needs to watch what exactly happened and what measures are now taking fantasy to asian might not be good ever again informed opinions is the u.s. with thinking the military positioning in the middle east or is it just a simple act of reorganizing mr assets this is a message to the region that the united states years are rethinking its military posture in depth analysis of the day school ople headlines inside story.
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al jazeera. and. kind of get you watching al-jazeera her multiple top stories this hour and that the u.s. secretary of state says that nato allies will coordinate a withdrawal of forces from afghanistan president joe biden is set to announce that he will put out american troops by september 11th and that means he misses a may deadline set by his predecessor south africa says
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a local study on the johnson and johnson cave at 19 facts showed no major safety concerns but it has decided to suspend its use of concerns raised in the united states that it could be linked to. somalia as pres mohamad bloc he has extended his time in office for 2 more years is a mandate ran out in february sparking protests to monday but he stepped down but there's been no agreement about how to hold elections so let's explore this further let's speak to mohamed barak who is executive director of makati an anti corruption and geo that advocates good governance and transparency in somalia joins us live via skype from nairobi i would welcome to the program that many suggesting that this move was unconstitutional has been condemned by the united states and by the e.u. and by the african union tell us more about what the concerns are here. the concerns
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are we past presidents time on day 8 and there is no life at the end of the tunnel the president clings on to power and there is no political decision there agreement on continuing the current situation there was a there's an agreement back in september but the presidency needs to own it and he decided to go it alone and leave god out of the collatz out of it and that's where we are now the president is. going to power and yes passed a 2 year extension and with the help of the law of the parliament and we've got the upper house it's illegal and despite that he signed a law. which is very and constitutional so we have a station up ok so it's illegal the process of law has not been followed what's been the reaction within the country itself the president has not supported him on most political actors except. for
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a member state presidents whom he installed in the past couple of years so he is he doesn't have many allies to hold up in a bill or somalia or do any number of allies just a few days ago 2 days ago one of the 11 of his closest and. security officials and police commissioner on that issue and defected from him under threat tended to close by elements or. we are in a very dangerous station indeed is it what are your concerns about how this could spiral and where it could lead. and my main concern is that rule of law and some ideas and march towards democracy is. is not going anywhere and cruel cruel blow is being and erased the president's use of the screw to forces how he sees fit so mind me concern is that even if that from i just removed of where he stands on this becomes. it becomes the norm every president when try to extend his mandate to
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try to use this coup to force us to intimidate his enemies or try to extend his stay he would try to install a. puppet in the sort of member states i think it's a very dangerous force on my listed building and the price as i say there's been plenty of condemnation around the world what can the international community do to get this reversed and get the country back on track for parliamentary and presidential elections i think somali government is sitting ally and international support it's it's mostly a quasi state controls a very little territory outside nobody should it lies on its international commission so international actors have a lot of leverage because it's based on international support and international commission that the government exists and it exerts power draws its power from international community so i think we need such a community to defeat and demand action that is not under 3 conditions the credible
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threats. far sanctions are there and that action taken there has otherwise been present once you knew how do you want to be doing and someone to support us because of counterterrorism will continue supporting the government because this you know other than the show amount of baraka we appreciate your perspective thanks very much indeed that's mohammed bart executive director of makati. now harmful practices against women are undermining gender equality in developing countries detailed in the u.n. population fund's flagship report found almost half of the women in nearly $6060.00 countries are denied the right to decide whether to have sex with their partners use contraception or access health care 20 countries or territories have laws that allow alleged rapist to escape prosecution if they marry their victims more than 40 countries have no legislation addressing the issue of marital rape more than 30
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countries restrict women's freedom of movement outside the home it's. kind of the executive director of united nations popular fund and joins us now from new york and welcome to al-jazeera it's a troubling report it's been on your report to shine a light on the emerging issues in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights and this particular edition as we said focuses on women in their lack of autonomy over decisions that should be there so tell us more about the fight. since $978.00 un f.p.a. united nations sexual more connected health agency has issued reports about the state of world lation and this year they are making clear that only autonomy of women has been put at risk norms. by culture in particular women and girls are the owners of their own bodies yet the denial of these rights
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which is a fundamental human rights leads to nothing less than misery lack of access to health care lack of access to contraception and sadly as you noted next. half the world's women cannot make their own decisions governing their own bodies decisions are made by others. and startling data within this report including this one of the 20 countries will territories have marry your rapist no one's tell us about. what we see is that sometimes by law and policy and sometimes by practice there are a wide spectrum of practices that are really harmful to women and girls let me give you the example of female genital mutilation done without the consent of a woman or a girl the aspect of so called marry your rapist laws
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this is a total annihilation of the woman's right to be able to find justice when she is harmed moreover we see that noxious practices for example. virginity testing what is this this is a way of subjugating the woman's ability to get in these tests are not real they really don't work but it's a way of trying to take power from women but one that brings a lot of sorrow to me is the aspect of child marriage every single day more than 30000 girls somebody's age of 18 we've got to start questioning why and the report gives the evidence that shows. the consequences of this type of attitude ok and so what about solutions understand that the data shows that high levels of education leads to greater decision making power so what can we do to bring better education
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. well you know nick it actually starts in the cradle every family every girl that's listening to your program right now needs to understand that she has equal rights to everyone else so i think the quipping girls and boys should be able to claim rights that lead to healthy decisions it's part of the solution the arguments about whether or not young people age appropriate need information about their bodies that should be laid to rest they do i also think that the report brings up the law and policy aspect the violations of these rights are actually against the norms so we're calling on governments to do their part of the calling of a man to become allies in this very important fight right exactly this is not just about educating girls is also about changing may a lot to choose to sex and movies rights and well give you a great example that comes out of new share me share right now has the highest
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fertility rate of the average woman there has 7 children not necessarily because she wants to and they also have a high death rate in childbirth because of this high fertility so what government is doing there is encouraging them to attend husband schools where really they learn about the human body they learn about how to protect their daughter their wife their relatives from the dangers of too frequent pregnancy and how to access modern contraception it's a big success and good luck to them because men should step up when it's an important report we do appreciate you bringing it to attention until they come in thanks very much indeed thank you so much. a greece in libya's internationally recognized governments have agreed to hold talks a very contentious maritime agreement between libya and turkey says the deal is not legal must be canceled but libya and turkey this week renewed to commit to it as
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part of a wide a dispute over territory and energy exploration rights between greece and turkey in the eastern mediterranean this is in athens where the prime minister korea christmas attack has met with libyan officials. greece and libya announced they will negotiate a new maritime treaty that treaty will divide the mediterranean waters between their coasts into 2 exclusive economic zones where each day also rising oil and gas exploration the reason they're doing this is that at the end of 2019 libya agreed to a similar treaty with turkey which cuts across what greece claims as part of its exclusive economic zone the european union and greece have called that turkish libyan agreement illegal and have said that it needs to be a no so libya is now entering upon a delicate process of negotiating a new treaty with greece and renegotiating an old one with turkey the reason it's
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doing this as the head of the presidential council mohammed al then for you said in athens today is that the past between libya and the european union passes through greece in other words if libya hopes for european union investments that will help rebuild the war torn country it must make good with a member of the european union that has a serious complaint against it so the next few months will be occupied by this delicate process on the part of libya of trying to maintain a good relationship with turkey which remains an important economic partner to libya and trying to open a new pathway of investment with the european union and that means a maritime treaty with greece the prime minister said vincent has told al-jazeera volcanic activity on the caribbean island could go on for months huge eruptions of just blanketed the country and ash and a threatening water and food supplies 16000 people have been forced from their
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homes and he says for. for decades less of free air remain dormant but late last week huge eruption sent ash gas and rocks spewing from its summit probably 50 kilometers this. approach to some of the initial impact led to evacuation orders 416000 residents on monday a big a volcanic explosion made a dire situation worse those that didn't evacuate to dealing with increasing amounts of choking ash and water shortages and fear that more eruptions may come i'm not telling a lie and right now i think. because we don't know if you ever get back. now we have to suffer a look aid from neighboring countries is slowly making its way to this island of 100000 people but the prime minister told al jazeera the road to recovery will be hard we can see we might dramatically decision how long it's going to last but this
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is a long haul we need to be in this condition before bob's or more but it's going to take much longer time to react and we do intend to reconstruct so far there were no reports of deaths or serious injuries from the multiple eruptions those that live close to the volcano were evacuated to scientists or signs of activity in 1000 know to an estimated 1600 people died during a violent a ruction those that remember the last eruption in 1989 and say this is worse if you looked up. there is this huge. in this. deadly drug only once and now within minutes. it would just feel a change in the mood in the town the volcano sits on the northern part of the island away from most of the population but the threat to crops water supplies and
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the health of those still on the island is critical and vincent's prime minister says normal life doesn't exist and may not for some time and he gallica al jazeera . china has described recent military exercises near taiwan drills just as an official u.s. and unofficial u.s. delegation arrived in taipei president joe biden sent a former senator and 2 former deputy secretaries of state to taiwan to meet its leaders visit comes a day after taiwan launched a new warship monday $25.00 chinese fighter jets and bombers entered taiwan's space what type he says it's the biggest incursion yet well the chinese government has condemned the visit and warned washington to stop sending what it calls wrong signals about taiwanese independence. china firmly opposes any type of official contacts between the u.s. and taiwan this is china's clear and consistent position we urge the u.s.
4:45 pm
to truly observe the one china principle cautiously deal with issues related to taiwan and not send any wrong signals to taiwan separatist forces that's in order to avoid further damaging u.s. china relations and to preserve the peace and stability of the taiwan strait. south korea has reported its highest daily rise in cases of covert 19 since january more than $700.00 health experts are warning a 4th wave is looming as clusters spread from greater seoul to more than a dozen regions and cities and that's despite strict social distancing rules the government has been criticized for its slow vaccine rollout. argentina has also reported record number of new cases more than 27000 but with millions of people struggling to put food on the table the government is reluctant to impose more restrictions reports now from what is heiress. food is a human right see this people in the center of one to. be gathered in argentina's
4:46 pm
capital to demand more government help. so i guess we separate that says poverty rates are on the rice and millions of people are struggling to survive. we understand the way out is with work in the we're in a complex situation but there are resources the government will have to choose whether to continue paying for foreign debt would take care of those people that can barely make ends meet the pandemic poses a major challenge for argentina the government is already assisting over $10000000.00 people with food and cash handouts but the economy has deteriorated rapidly the country is struggling to pay to foreign debt and still every day around $20000.00 new infections are confirmed there is an evening curfew here in the capital and access to public transport is limited but authorities are reluctant to declare another full lockdown like they did last year fearing the consequences that my come from closing the economy completely but i'm not against yes there's no
4:47 pm
social margin to shut down everything there are lots of people that don't eat meat if they don't work the government has fewer tools than they did last year and that's why it's crucial the excluded the vaccination campaign they cannot focus only on restrictions because there is no support and there is need on the street even though argentina has one of the strongest public health care systems in latin america is to to sions and workers here are under stress they're rising factions in this past week most hospitals in one outsiders. have to take in some low pay so they're already transferring patients to other areas north of hope but i demand their talk now because i have been waiting for hours to go inside an emergency room and don't you know daniel is a construction worker and says he rushed to the hospital because he was feeling ill . oh my throat hurts my back hurts i have difficulty breathing i've been waiting for a while to see a doctor. but experts say this is the beginning of a 2nd wave with
4:48 pm
a long winter ahead and scores resources or through these are evaluating when is the best time to shut down. one of society's. still ahead here announcer and we'll have sport and the latest from tokyo as a city marks the 100 day countdown to the start of the olympic games it's.
4:49 pm
ok to welcome back muslims in occupied east jerusalem have celebrated the 1st night of ramadan with pres inside the mosque it's
4:50 pm
a very different picture from last year when 1000 restrictions meant the site was a place to worship is joining islam's holy month for a force that join the crowd. the 1st night of ramadan and drew slim's old city is bustling a year of coronavirus and the accompanying restrictions took a heavy toll on lives and livelihoods here this has the air of relief and celebration with a common destination in sight last year we were all abandoned to come to our luck some of this year 100 and we are all allowed to go hopefully until the end of the month we can go because then and a little bit last year we stayed at home they were no prayers this year there's life there are people there are sweets there is. initially the israeli vaccination campaign struggled to find take up in occupied east jerusalem but recently the vaccination numbers have been going up at the same time as koby cases have been in steep decline allowing for an ever greater reopening there's a real sense of joy of release here in the streets around the ark's
4:51 pm
a mosque and that in large part is explained by the ability once again to pray during ramadan at islams 3rd holiest site but it's also about the ability to experience together with friends families neighbors this very important time of the year after a year of pandemic. last year's ramadan came at the end of the full 1st coded lockdown with some restrictions on movement remaining in iraq so close to worshippers this time the crowds are back the mosques islamic trust is still instructing those going for prez to wear mosques and maintain distance and so far israel is allowing only 10000 vaccinated palestinians from the occupied west bank to enter friday prayers nonetheless for the old city's merchants and snack vendors there is hope that after a bleak year this year it's different. we will break into war reckon to life and. this will be a month to savor every force it out easier occupied east jerusalem. ok let's get on
4:52 pm
to the sport has left thinking neck well there are now 100 days to go until the opening ceremony but the international olympic committee says that they still have no doubt that the tokyo games will take place that's despite a rising coronavirus cases in the country and polls suggesting that the vast majority of japanese people want the olympics to be cancelled and the richardson reports. events to mark the $100.00 day countdown to the start of the tokyo games were necessarily low key the city has just raised its coded 19 alert level and government experts say japan is heading into a 4th wave of infections organizers though are resolute in their commitment to the event going ahead. and had no hesitation in saying that the games will type place and they'll be the safest games possible. all of the counter measures have been put in place to deal with that to ensure that the public place in all of the other
4:53 pm
bitches and societies we can expect that emotions will run even higher because of the significance of the world being together for the 1st time in a pandemic situation there are so much expectations from the world community $11000.00 at leats will compete at the games the international olympic committee said being vaccinated isn't supreme requisite for taking part but many countries are hoping they will be able to offer their athletes the option of getting vaccinated in the athletes and the pieces we're going to take the world is going to take yoso in terms of looking after the health and well being of the athletes and also giving him that confidence that they have been vaccinated going to be very important that performance in. the top 3 lay is an event designed to raise awareness and interest levels in the games that the most recent poll of japanese public opinion suggested that more than 70 percent on the event canceled or
4:54 pm
postponed and matsuyama city has just called off its like of the relay jutes arising coronavirus cases we have medical professionals here questioning why the games are going on saying it's a too big a risk despite all that it is going on it's going on because the international olympic committee lives after elevation revenue it must get these games on television secondly the japanese state has invested perhaps 50. $100000000000.00 in these games prime minister suga i think is staking his claim to perhaps extending his prime ministership on making these games successful so the japanese public cannot back off and so the games go on tokyo sold itself as a safe pair of hands when it won the right to host the games in 2013 back claim is now being tested in a way few would have thought possible on the richardson al-jazeera well in basketball the minnesota timberwolves in the brooklyn nets players a call for justice for black lives ahead of their n.b.a.
4:55 pm
game on tuesday they were special shirts and had a moment of silence following the fatal police shooting of dante right in minnesota the shooting on sunday has led to the resignation of the police chief after the officer that shot wright said she used her gun when she meant to use a taser we have to hope. for real you know. i don't want this to go like ok it was about. it was not. tennis world number one novak djokovic has made a winning return to competitive action jack of it beat a tally and teenager yannick center to reach the last 16 of the monte carlo masters the serbian has not played since he won the australian open title in february it's it's feels great. also playing here in monaco resides in you know us
4:56 pm
this club actually has a training base for films 15 years so feels playing feels like playing at home and was a was a very very good encounter i thought it was a great 1st match big challenge for me he on accusing form. also through is defending champion fabio fognini the italian beat jordan thompson of australia in straight sets but mean he has held the title for 2 years since last year's tournament was cancelled due to the pandemic. will byron munich's head coach says he's considering his future after his team were knocked out of the european champions league flick side were beaten by paris angel mom in the quarter finals the defending champions won the 2nd leg in paris one nil but went out on away goals p.s.g. will face barouche of dortmund or manchester city in the last 4 and former p.s.g. boss thomas tickell saw his chelsea side being one nil by porto but they still went through 21 on aggregate it means chelsea are into the semifinals for the 1st time
4:57 pm
since 2014. but the young team can almost always do is fight run hang in there and take it like an adventure for them it's a big big step to be in semi final and this is a very very because chief meant and you see when we win when chelsea has been last time and semi fun so we are not used to you are not used to be there and once you are there you play for the final. and there are 2 more last 8 games that are coming up manchester city have a 21 lead and their tie with berisha dortmund and liverpool they need to pull off a big comeback against real madrid the english champions lost the 1st leg in spain 31 the winners of this tie will play chelsea in the semi finals. already that's it for me with all your sports handy back over to nick thank you so much we'll see you later thanks very much for that for this i will be back in just
4:58 pm
a couple minutes with another for hall fire of news. from the al-jazeera london broke. to people in thoughtful conversation people use the lowest get agreement they describe the outsider with no host and no limitation. a choice when you are refugee you are forced to speak of asma khan and. what has happened a lot in the west is that culture and food are separated studio unscripted and al-jazeera. in pakistan's largest city climate change and water shortages and driving some residents to desperate measures. one o one east meets the water of corruption 100.
4:59 pm
planet earth a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing a next the stench of threat you don't get a reset but on a topic that's just really scary in the lead up to us to al-jazeera run special coverage documentaries discuss intent of course exploring the consequences the actions and inactions it's very hard to choose a bob or 3 all civilization. and showcasing ways in which some are seeking to turn the talk or straight ahead there are 3 individuals in very rare to feel that it's really exciting a season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of earth day on al-jazeera.
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man and now it is time to bring our forces home after war stretching 2 decades american and nato forces are expected to leave afghanistan together but they won't meet a crucial deadline. a lot of the clock this is al jazeera live from doha also coming out of south africa finds new safety concerns in johnson and johnson's covert 19 vaccine but joins other countries and.


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