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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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they may be forced to return to myanmar. a lot of the stories that we cover all highly complex so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can as al-jazeera correspondents that's what we strive to do. this is al-jazeera. out of their own it clark this is the news hour live from doha coming up the next 60 minutes south africa finds no safety concerns at johnson johnson's covert 19 vaccine but joined other countries in pausing its roll out. and now it is time to bring our forces home. years after war stretching 2 decades america's top diplomat
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says that the u.s. and nato will leave afghanistan together for formal announcement is expected later . somalia's president signs a controversial law to extend his term by 2 years despite threats of international sanctions. a defense witness and derek a show vince trial testifies the use of force against george for it was justified. and i'm only a hardened sports with a 100 days to go until the opening ceremony olympic organizers insist the tokyo games will start as planned will be live in the host city where officials claim they are winning the fight against the coronavirus. so that in south africa says a late stage trial of the johnson and johnson cave in 1000 vaccine show no major safety concerns however it has decided to suspend its use over concerns raised in the united states that it could be linked to blood clots. the single dose vaccine
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was the only one being administered but it has other doses on order from pfizer that says india has set another record daily high with nearly 185001000 cases that's about twice as many as brazil and that in the united states the 2 other western countries and south korea has also reported its highest daily rise in 1000 cases since january more than 700 over the past day their health experts are warning a 4th wave is looming as cluster spread from greater soul to more than a dozen regions and cities and the government is being criticized for a slow vaccine rollout. so u.s. health authorities say they've decided to pull the implementation of johnson jones of the johnson and johnson job as a precaution off the 6 cases a blood cruelty pudukkottai as more now from mariana. it was heralded as a big step forward out of the pandemic the johnson and johnson vaccine easier to
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administer just one shot and cheaper than the other approved vaccines but now federal authorities are urging health care providers to hold off on using it the reason of the 6800000 people who have received this vaccine 6 people have developed blood clots one died another is in critical condition critics say the federal response is an over reaction you've already heard from. a cost of this very rare or your unusual out of $6.00 almost $7000000.00 rocks nations a word that's less than one in a 1000000. compared to how she's going to go that is 10 times lower than what you found where. in germany and 4 times. lower than what you found in these type of blood clots show up in the unvaccinated population between $2.00 to $14.00 people per 1000000 in the united states every year but authorities here at the f.d.a. say it's the combination of this type of blood clot and low platelets that has
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raised the alarm because if doctors don't know to ask have you had the johnson and johnson vaccine they can give the wrong treatment and that can be fatal officials are urging people to keep an eye out for symptoms pay attention do you have symptoms headache you have shortness of breath chest discomfort do you have anything that resembles a neurological syndrome and obviously if you have something as serious as a seizure that's pretty clear but there is concern that this will only further increase vaccine hesitancy with more than a 3rd of people telling post. they will wait to take the shot or take it only if it is required and many say they simply won't take it ever officials say they expect the delay to last just days and the biden administration says it won't impact their overall goal for how many shots are administered but what they uncover about this could have a huge impact on the rest of the globe as many countries are counting on this
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vaccine to get them past the pandemic pedicle hane al-jazeera silver spring maryland where let's get more on what's happening in south africa we can speak to professor helen reese who is a member of south africa's ministerial advisory committee on code 19 and its vaccines and she joins us live by skype from johannesburg how the resale came to the program is a slightly confusing picture isn't it because now south africa's health authority has said there is no casual relationship between the johnson and johnson job and the development of blood clots but is also king for polls in implementation so what's happening. so in south africa we've been rolling out johnson and johnson backs into health care workers as part of what's called the 3 in the child this is an open label study where we only get the vaccine we don't give the seed but we continue to monitor safely things like side effects and safety and in the south african setting where we live in this 300000 doses we haven't seen this rare
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condition but because this has been seen in the united states and they're evaluating it now it was thought wise that we just put a temporary hold while the u.s. has more investigation we don't know globally nobody can say at the moment whether this is local who causal i.e. is it the vaccine that's causing this rare condition or is it other factors that pertain to the individual that might have contributed to this condition such as we're looking for one right why do you think there is such concern in the united states because it is a big goal isn't it because in fact these free teletubbies are incredibly rare one in a 1000000 is that not within the normal parameters friend of any vaccine. you know you're quite right i mean one of the things not only the code back then but whenever we roll out a new vaccine we're always very aware that we might have got data from critical
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trials of many tens of thousands of people but now we're going to be running it up to millions of people and if you see a rare side effect it might be male it might be associated with the vaccine but it might just be that once you're old exacta millions of people such conditions live that life and that's nature and that people tell you you need to be able to differentiate whether this is just a coincidence and not or whether it really is associated with the vaccine so that's what's being looked at at the moment but i think that what the f.d.a. has said is that they're being ultra cautious i think many regulators i'm a chill the regulator service to here in south africa as well we're being very cautious about safety signals and evaluating them that good news that to me assuring that the public on the other have this to say it's confusing for the public because if they go no go then to some few things you need to be able to be assured because we've already moved away from using the brushes and
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a good job in the south after having way and there's no danger here that there's more affair of the vaccine than the virus. well that is such an important point that you make and we have to get this into proportion and the previous a little sound bite you had was really stressing this this is another one case in a 1000000 people now if you look at because it is these about 50 'd percent of people will have these from baltic and balik and says that it's part of the pathology of cocoa that the terrible damage in the lungs to the heart to the brain to the kidney is the exception and then you know the really really common. signs and symptoms of coded now you have to weigh all that. if we do think this is truly an association it really really. association with a vaccine versus i really common risk which can be life threatening with the
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infection and this is a full benefit risk assessment so in the if we do think that there's a possible they pitch the next thing they'll say is there is the does the benefits outweigh the risk and this is what people have these they also have the astra zeneca vaccine that in fact the benefits of having a vaccine for you individually and for society in terms of stopping the pandemic the benefit in the case still outweigh the risk and this is the message coming from w h a lot of challenges and rolling out on the scale that professor had a recent appreciate your expertise thanks very much and thank you. well covered 9000 cases are soaring in india yet the center has been maharastra where new restrictions are coming into effect let's speak straightaway to elizabeth brown and he joins us live from new delhi and tell us more about the situation there and what's being done about it. hello nic so from wednesday evening until the rest of the month people in maharashtra will not be allowed to go
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out on lists to go to work or to get essential supplies groceries medicines are going to the bank and only essential services will be allowed to operate the state . has said that this is because he said coded cases in maharashtra growing at what he called a horrifying pace it does account the daily rise in cases the accounts for about a 3rd of all the cases of the country there are at least $60000.00 cases there on tuesday they try to stem the rise with a weekend lockdown with night curfews but that hasn't made a difference maharashtra is also struggling because of those cases with a lack of hospital beds with a shortage of health care workers and also critically a shortage of oxygen supply we have focused on maharashtra a lot throughout the past year because it's been the worst affected but over the past week we are seeing a similar situation to what's happening in maharashtra woring really being played
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out now in other parts of the country as well most recently in the state of gujarat have seen videos of a very long line of and we've been since waiting outside a clothing line hospital carrying patients a lot of them who are on oxygen supply waiting for beds reports of the official death toll both in the states of and mother predation not adding up to the number of bodies which are being carried out of clothes hospitals of that are. being cremated as well. so that it was withdrawn and in new delhi. putting more still ahead on news hour including another night of protests and minutes later after the shooting of a black man the police officer responsible has resigned. a left wing activist or the daughter of a jailed water problems we look at the choice faced by peruvians in the presidential runoff.
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of a 2 decade u.s. war in afghanistan is set to end president biden is due to announce that he will withdraw all remaining troops by september the 11th and that means pushing back a deadline set by his predecessor and speaking at a meeting with nato allies in brussels u.s. extra states anthony blinken hinted that other countries in the alliance will follow suit together we have achieved the goals that we we set out to achieve and now it is time to bring our forces home we will work very closely together in the weeks and months ahead on a safe deliberate and coordinated withdrawal of our forces from afghanistan but even as we do that. our commitment to afghanistan to its future will remain let's have more now from my kind of in washington it's been america's longest
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running war us troops were 1st deployed in afghanistan 20 years ago following the attacks on september the 11th now it will be set as a date by which the withdrawal will be concluded the president has been consistent in his view that there is not a military solution to afghanistan that we have been there for far too long that has been his view for some time this means president biden is pushing back that deadline up the 1st of may set by it's pretty to says donald trump last year. it's a timeline which a number of pentagon officials are believed to have argued against reaction in congress has been mixed for senate minority leader mitch mcconnell describing the withdrawal as a grave mistake of view shared in the statement by the ranking member of the house armed services committee mike rogers who says i am concerned that the president is so desperate to get a deal done that he's willing to capitulate rather than insist u.s.
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strategic objectives are met success but there's also significant support for the withdrawal senate foreign relations committee member chris murphy issued the statement after 20 years it's clear that our continued military presence will not deliver political stability to the country and the afghan people must decide their own future in coordination with our allies and partners as vice president joe biden argued strongly against the u.s. military presence in afghanistan but was overruled them by barack obama. but now as president he'll have his way a complete withdrawal of u.s. forces with no conditions attached mike hanna al-jazeera washington germany's defense minister has said it will likely follow suit and withdraw its troops from afghanistan germany has about 1300 forces on the ground recently extended its mission for 10 months britain had more than 9000 troops but since its mission ended
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in 2014 only 750 remain in a training and advisory role $36.00 countries are involved in total including italy and georgia which contribute over $800.00 each so let's take this on let's speak to that a notary who's a senior member of the afghan peace negotiation team he joins us live from kabul in afghanistan mr nuttery welcome to the program so 2 decades on the withdrawal is coming but later the taliban wanted and expected and now they've said they won't attend peace talks what impact will this have on peace negotiations. well the pieces of vital needs thought up on population and it should not be attached to any condition a peaceful settlement has been a desire of our government that we have been pursuing that and therefore we hope and expect the taliban would not attach or delay stop instrument of the permanence
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cease fire and. a peaceful end to this war to the citizens by other countries there's been war for too long people have suffered so much and it has been a war against international terrorism also and that's why our international partners were here to join hands it's a time now that everybody wants to see a peaceful end to this war and a peaceful settlement requires a genuine that's faithful engagement ok in finding that we're going to get that our way because it's all about and said that they will not attend so what impact will that have. well that certainly indicates that they do not have a desire or interest to engage in measures that will end this war peacefully of course their their decision is is impacting. all the preparations of those gone to get our governments we've made
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a lot of preparation and indicated that we're fully read in assisting gates with full preparation in finding a peaceful settlement and or is new ship to the conflict so that indicates if they don't attend to these talks on the conference that stumble then they have less of interest for peace more of an interest for war. and the afghan population will make its not only a decision but of course their judgment is already out what will this withdrawal mean for the balance of power not going to stop because the taliban are militarily in the ascendancy and they will often only held back by u.s. power not anymore. well in the past at least 2 years it has been our national security and defense forces that has been fighting on the front line and there's been specially since if every day is being legal. international
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foot on ground yes they did provide us with a military with the air support that certainly if the air support is gone that certainly makes the job of our forces a little bit difficult but we shall also at a to point to the fact that our air forces are. d.-day of their carrying out a lot of it strikes themselves. special forces are conducting operations and dependently their wish for the taliban but once the international forces would drop they would be able to take over and take over the government in kabul would be diminished once they they see the forces which will leave but they could not they will not be able to to date over the trees or to. expect a collapse of the government there are it is i want to how do you that what do you
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base that on because militarily the taliban have been in the ascendancy. the taliban have had the possibility of attacking. different locations and i wouldn't call it a full ascendance yes they have expanded some territories but not population areas they have taken some geographic but not aware of a large number of people with what left on the other hand our forces throughout the country have been able to push back to protect the civilian population from from the continuous attacks that they they have been carrying the taliban have become so there the call collation that if they do not engage in a peaceful settlement they would be able to win militarily is wishful thinking. that forces are committed population want to protect whether the gains in the past 2 decades and they would not want to see further bloodshed. in the country and
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therefore the best course of action forward is to engage in good faith in finding a peaceful settlement to this conflict not a shape that thanks very much thank you a u.s. delegation including 2 deputy secretaries of state has arrived in taiwan on a visit to beijing u.s. president joe biden has sent former senator chris dodd and deputy secretaries of state richard armitage and james steinberg to meet taiwan's meet is ahead of their arrival china's foreign ministry spokesman person warned the u.s. not to quote play with fire beijing regards taiwan as a breakaway province. somalia's president has extended his term in office for 2 more years president of mohammed a law he signed a bill into law despite opposition from some members of parliament his mandate ended in february sparking protests and calls for him to step down presidential and
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parliamentary elections were jus to take place this year but leaders of 5 semi autonomous states have failed to agree on how voting should be conducted let's speak to our correspondent catherine so he joins us live now from nairobi and catherine so the process of law has not been followed here what's been the reaction in some audiences. yes a lot of somalis are saying that what the president has done is problematic on so many levels so he signed this motion into the last night but ideally what's supposed to happen according to the law is that once the lower house passes such a motion they have to forward it to the upper house the senate for approval or rejection so that stage has been skipped we also have had from the speaker of the senate of the upper house who said that they would have rejected this motion anyway because it was unconstitutional there's also a lot of reactions from different quarters we've had from
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a correlation of opposition presidential candidates and some leaders of the federal states particularly jubal and the end point land all of them saying that they reject this decision they reject any extension of the presidential term saying that president for just wants to cling onto power we've also had from somalia is key donors the e.u. the u.s. and the u.k. all of them speaking on the same tone in very strongly worded statements basically saying mr president if you continue with this we are going to rethink how we do business with you it will be business as usual talking about perhaps saget and sec targeted sanctions on some individual states to be stumbling blocks so really very difficult political times right now in somalia. deepens already existing divisions what impact will this have on the security of
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a country. yeah a lot of people are quite divided about what's going on and i've been speaking to some analysts and just somalis in general who are particularly quite worried about the political stability and the security in the country we have for example last night hard from a military commander who's very influential in mogadishu has a lot of soldiers who support him and he issued a statement saying that if the president continues with this hardline stance then he is going to seize the airport and now this very dangerous words especially with the armed group in somalia there a lot of people also saying they're worried about the military cells could divide itself in clan factions or divided self in support of the opposition and the president this basically would mean creating a vacuum in which all shabaab this armed group in somalia can take advantage of and
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ramp up attacks already in the last few months we have seen attacks by the group in mogadishu and other cities as well we have also in the last few weeks in part tests by opposition leaders protests that have turned violent there are fears that this could happen again so again and sat in times people very worried about the security situation and the impact this decision will have on the political scene. in nairobi thank you. but means incumbent president patrice title has won a 2nd term in an election by violence the result. received 86 percent of the goods but according to official data only half of eligible voters turned out all this from politicians boycotts of the poll many people angry that talum broke his promise to serve only one up interests has more now from call new on panini
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southern coast the dictator is embodied much income of. a few dozen supporters of the president for his money making onto the streets of. east victory the white magic of his victory signifies there's generally a shift your stance there is no such a slight anyway by the matching commitment is what you know sometimes an election night you got to do what you did not take place in 16 countries supporting your states of. course he's participating in the picture to say the coaches will bite your tongue. and what may seem. to be sworn in so that he gets to. be one to be what he. is and many people here in fact believe that he's. the president a little bit tired that we're not all of this but you know he likes it. well vote
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counting from the 1st round of peru's general election is almost finished socialist predator castillo will have a runoff in june against conservative caucus mori who faces corruption allegations of the most peruvians choosing the next president won't be easy. as reports from the. teacher but look a steel campaigned in remote towns where health care police and even the internet are an illusion nearly unknown cost the year when the 1st round of the vote. while some living great people. it's an address in toys behind desks with a luxurious life my brothers today placed that trust in a man of the people those who bite their nails every day whilst waiting for that bread to come have removed the blindfolds. among promises the 51 year old union leader says he'll nationalize resources and change the constitution. those are marxist ideas that scare her but there's been some input from us and i would not
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vote because he's too leftist extremist we have no option but to vote for who he mori. but he brings a wealth of problems with the judiciary she faces 30 years in prison for corruption charges the 45 year old daughter of former autocratic leader of the mahdi jailed for grass human rights violations says she'll continue her father's legacy of governing with a hard fist given to those who are in there and we will confront populism and the radical left and i know many will join us. 65 percent of peruvians say they would not vote for her if. it's inexplicable people have no memory after all what the fuck imari family has done negatively i have no option but to vote for christie as always the least worst. after 5 years of political instability nearly 28 percent of peruvians didn't vote and 2800000 cast
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a blank or an old ballots chronic discontents with the state of things democracy and politicians as many people search for an anti system solution. analysts say whoever wins the presidency will have a problem with legitimacy neither candidate was favored with even 20 percent of the vote. and now some analysts believe they have to move to the center of their extreme views to win voters if fact. as union they tick a studio is used to negotiating who doesn't have an m.b.a. like keiko who's never negotiated anything in her life and if she wins she won't have a majority in congress which means she could easily be ousted. this 5 year term will end in july with the 5th president sworn in and for many disenchanted with politics the new vote will be like choosing between one illness or another but the innocent just are just. still ahead here on al-jazeera
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a long road to recovery that's the bleak for calls for people living in the shadow of a caribbean volcano erupting. and argentina to go back into lockdown and see the economy some further or let cases keep rising. cause for coming to of course leaving basketball players call for liberty and justice the aftermath of a fatal police shooting there will be him. at the moment moscow is warmer than madrid the cold air that's been invading much of europe is fronted by this thing here if you like so it's been squeezing what was really quite warm weather right out was the caucasus which means moscow is on the warm side everyone else is on the much colder side the yellow represents
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temperatures typically 10 degrees or below the highest by doing everything to the tee to mislead spain and portugal and that but they're still well lower than they should be by the weather and 4 of the scarlet rain snow is back with us for part of the czech republic going back into wards germany high temperature and 5 in prague and basically the sun's now out in croatia and serbia where it was snowing 24 hours ago and this right along the south coast of spain in the north coast of africa this is disappointing even in the sunshine it does still only improve but it's a very painfully slow process the same time moscow gets cooler so athens firmly beats moscow but madrid yeah just that it's heads sorry i did mention north africa for the next 2 days anywhere from casablanca right across to tunis if you're near the coast or even a bit inland is going to be wet windy and not very warm. for
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. al-jazeera goes beneath the waves with a team of women determined to save the dolphins we all share the same responsibility needed something during a project i'm aiming at using a variety of scientific techniques to study their behavior we can monitor them for their own home photos and behavior were able to how they're adapting to their new environment women make science dolphin sanctuary on al-jazeera. we live in a world where the news is at our fingertips where we're one clay course wipe away from the latest headlines but how often do we stop swiping and scrolling and just listen it's the difference between knowing what's in the headlines and understanding how they got there. and this is to take pod cast where we bring you the context and the characters behind the stories that matter subscribe and start
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listening today. rules. that are going to watch out 0 are mine of our top stories this hour south africa says a local study on the johnson and johnson coated $900.00 vaccine showed no major safety concerns however it has decided to suspend its use of concerns raised in the us that it could be linked to blood clots. sector state and blinken says nato allies will coordinate withdrawal of forces from afghanistan president biden is due to announce that he will pull out the remaining u.s. troops by september the 11th and that means pushing back
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a deadline set by his predecessor. smiley's president mohammed up like he has extended his time in office for 2 more years his mandate ran out in february sparking protests demanding that he immediately step down there's been no agreement about how to hold elections. the 1st day of defense testimony in the trial of derek shaven included a former police officer who said shave ins use of force was justified he's accused of nearly on george floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes during his arrest john 100 is in minneapolis. the state of minnesota rests thank you the defense opened its case by putting george floyd on trial turning the court's attention from former police officer derek shows to the man he's accused of murdering. 'd us the defense theory is that floyd died of heart trouble in
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a drug overdose to support that show vns lawyers called a police officer and a paramedic who testified that floyd took opioid pills when he was arrested in a separate 2019 encounter prosecutor aaron eldridge fired back mr flamed and dropped dead by your traffic act. no thank you for. the floyd family calls the attacks on him character assassination of a dead man police solve the killing us and we have been murdered at a rate that out nobody could imagine if the time but say and that time is now media you are ok sweep this under the rug anymore. and we will fight but just as put is family hoping to link the 2 arrests the defense then showed police body camera footage from the fateful day of may 25th one day hill was in the car with floyd when police 1st arrived.
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much of day 12 were spent on the defense's star witness of the day a police expert who said that george floyd's neck for 9 and a half minutes did absolutely nothing wrong in your opinion was this the use of deadly force and was not. interaction with mr floyd or following his trade. following current practices in policing and were objectively reasonable prosecutor steve slicer pushed back noting children held floyd down long after he had not only stopped resisting but was apparently dead did you hear at some point in your review officer king say that he couldn't find a pos yes. all of this would have been known to a reasonable officer in the defendant's decision correct yes and the defendant's position is and was and remains as we see here at this moment at this time in this
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clip on top of mr floyd on the street isn't that right yes. i have nothing further with the defense expected to wrap up its testimony this week one big unanswered question is whether show than himself will take the stand john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis a police officer who fatally shot a black man in the u.s. state of minnesota has resigned those who writes shooting has sparked protests and in minneapolis suburb where the incident happened despite the offices resignation and that of the police chief that was traders were out on the streets again ignoring a curfew unofficial reports now from broken santa. i thought night of protest hundreds of people on the streets in brooklyn center their anger clear and draw as the clock ticked towards curfew time the police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly and pulled people to clear the streets of.
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toronto. police. fired tear gas and moved in in large numbers all in riot gear they were met with water bottles fireworks and contempt. they've been a peaceful vigil for done to right the 20 year old shot dead on sunday more than $600.00 gathered some travelling a long distance to be there the hundreds here say this is no longer just about going to write other cases like this is about a demand for fundamental change to the way the police operate in the united states needs to be changed when it was based on racism in the 1st place and so once he will understand that and no doubt we need a different form of policing that is when real change happens a lot of the things are mental health we need more mental health workers in our communities and on our streets 4 that's what we need here we don't need more militarisation of our police forces. the authorities hope the resignation of the
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police chief and the officer who fired the fatal short would lure the emotional temperature on a freezing night the departures announced earlier in the day by the mayor. we have received a resignation letter from our 2nd quarter. in addition to that we have also received a letter for the resignation of. police chief kim porter a veteran of the force was the officer who fired the fatal shot she know faces possible months later charges the family of george floyd took a break from the derek chauvin trial in minneapolis to offer support to the right family and is just. something i could not. bear to many apple miss minnesota. a suburb. 10 miles from where this show i'm trying to record in georgia for.
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where it's taken place there a police officer. was sure 6. oh no no black man the police say the shooting was a tragic mistake so intended to kill a teenager but she drew her gun instead it's not the story the family is buying how many times in training over the course of 25 years has this officer pulled aimed and shot her firearm in practice so don't tell us it's an accident. because it undermines the tragic loss of life that this family has experience the protesters say they'll be back again on wednesday and every night it takes until d.c. justice alan fischer i'll just read a brooklyn center minnesota. u.s.
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president joe biden has condemned the shooting and says there must be a full investigation. done today right here in minnesota. colorado. shooting the breeze no result is dead. and in the midst of an ongoing trial attorney george for you know it was what's happened based on what byrd will it will be here. and his vice president commented harris says law enforcement must be held to the highest standards of accountability she said don't a right should be alive today folks will keep dying if we don't fully address racial injustice and inequities in our country from implicit bias to broken systems . the united states says it's going ahead with the sale of a $23000000000.00 worth of weapons to the united arab emirates the biden ministration confirm the deal that includes advanced f. $35.00 aircraft drones and other equipment that's despite the president freezing
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the trump air agreements one week into his tenure democrats overwhelmingly voted against it when it was 1st raised fears it would fuel the saudi led military campaign in yemen. iran plans plans to start enriching uranium to 60 percent purity from next week that would be the most significant breach of the 2015 nuclear deal the announcement follows accusations by terror that israel sabotaged its tons nuclear plant and said big as. a united front iran and russia longtime allies both say they want u.s. sanctions against iran lifted talks between the remaining members of the 2015 nuclear deal iran china france germany russia and the united kingdom are set to resume in vienna on thursday but there was a warning from foreign minister zarif. we are talking vienna to restore the rights of people in these talks have
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a limited time europeans and americans opportunity to return to their commitments under the jail is very limited and if they lose this opportunity they will face unfavorable conditions. russia called on all parties to return to the deal particularly because we understand our partners in tehran are ready to move forward immediately on this issue provided the u.s. takes the appropriate steps we support the ongoing negotiations in vienna and condemn any attempt to undermine these important talks an attack on iran's main nuclear facility in the city of attends on sunday that left it blacked out has increased tensions both inside and outside the country and are expected to affect the talks conservative politicians in iran never supported the 2015 nuclear deal in the 1st place many are now calling on president has undergone in any goshi actions following sunday's incident at iran's main nuclear facility this adds to the pressure for the negotiating team and set
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a time frame in the current government leaving office in august russia condemned what it said were attempts to undermine the negotiations the extent of the damage at the natanz nuclear facility is becoming more apparent at the event that happened on sunday relating to an electricity grid destroyed a great deal of our enrichment capabilities several 1000 centrifuges are now out of service the government blamed israel for what it called sabotage and issued this warning i know we will retaliate for the attack on the towns at all levels at the proper time with similar magnitude we won't allow our enemies to reach their political objectives. iran says it will now enrich uranium to 60 percent that's 40 percent higher than it already is and around 56 percent higher than permitted in the nuclear deal but all eyes are on vienna with many sides hoping that despite the incident at natanz. it can still be a breakthrough i said baik there are. egyptian authorities have impounded the
1:44 pm
container ship that blocked the suez canal last month the ever given was stuck for nearly a week disrupting billions of dollars in global trade the head of the suez canal says the vessel won't be released until its japanese owner settles a claim for compensation reported to be around $900000000.00. the head of libya's presidential council is in greece to discuss a contentious maritime agreement between libya and turkey with the prime minister but he says it's not legal and must be canceled but libya and turkey this week renewed their commitment to the accord it claims an exclusive economic corridor between the 2 countries is part of a wider dispute over territory and energy exploration rights between greece and turkey in the eastern mediterranean. and turkey has announced a partial closure for the 1st 2 weeks of ramadan a record number of new kovac 1000 cases in a single day the new restrictions include limiting public transport an intercity travel and study on wednesday night time curfew will be extended large indoor
1:45 pm
gatherings are also banned until the end of ramadan in a month. brazil senators agreed to launch a congressional inquiry into the government's handling of the pandemic its most severe political consequence yet for president jaya both snorers approach to covert 19 he has repeatedly downplayed its impact and undermined restrictions imposed by state governments the virus has killed more than 358000 people in brazil. argentina has also reported a record number of new cases in one day more than 27000 but with millions struggling to put food on the table the government is reluctant to impose more restrictions there is about reports now from one is that. food is a human right see these people in the center of one of citing the gathered in argentina's caprio to demand more government help. so i guess we separate that says poverty rates are on the rice and millions of people are struggling to survive. we
1:46 pm
understand the way out is with work in the we're in a complex situation but there are resources the government will have to choose whether to continue paying for foreign day it will take care of those people that can barely make ends meet the pandemic poses a major challenge for argentina the government is already assisting over $10000000.00 people with food and cash handouts but the economy has deteriorated rapidly the country is struggling to pay to foreign debt and still every day around $20000.00 new infections are confirmed there is an evening curfew here in the capital and access to public transport is limited but authorities are reluctant to declare another full lockdown like they did last year fearing the consequences that my come from closing the economy completely but i'm not against yes there's no social margin to shut down everything there are lots of people that don't eat meat if they don't work the government has fewer tools than they did last year and that's why it's crucial the excluded the vaccination campaign they cannot focus
1:47 pm
only on restrictions because there is no support and there is need on the street even though argentina has one of the strongest public health care systems in latin america is to to sions and workers here are under stress they're rising infections and this past week have most hospitals in one outsiders i'd have to think in some low place and they're already transferring patients to other areas north of hope but i demand that they're talking about becoming waiting for hours to go inside an emergency ward and daniel o'donnell is a construction worker and says he rushed to the hospital because he was feeling ill . oh my throat hurts my back hurts i have difficulty breathing i've been waiting for a while to see a doctor. but experts say this is the beginning of a 2nd wave with a long winter ahead and scores resources or thought these are evaluating when is the best time to shut down. one of. the prime minister said
1:48 pm
vincent told al-jazeera that volcanic activity on the curb in ireland could go on for months eruptions of blanketed the country and assure the threatening water and food supplies $16000.00 residents have been forced from their homes i think of her as this ripple. for decades less of free air remain dormant but late last week huge eruption sent gas and rocks spewing from its summit for the 50 kilometer this. is something the initial impact led to evacuation orders 416000 residents on monday a big a volcanic explosion made a dire situation worse those that didn't evacuate to dealing with increasing amounts of choking ash and water shortages and fear that more eruptions may come i'm not telling a lie and right now i think. because we don't know if you ever get back oh wow. now we have to suffer
1:49 pm
a little aid from neighboring countries is slowly making its way to this island of 100000 people but the prime minister told al jazeera the road to recovery will be hard we can see you in mathematical precision how long it's going to last but this is a long haul we need to be in this condition before bob's or more a month is going to take much longer time to react really did tend to reconstruct so far there were no reports of deaths or serious injuries from the multiple eruptions those that live close to the volcano were evacuated to scientists or signs of activity in 1000 know to an estimated 1600 people died during a violent a ruction those that remember the last eruption in 1989 and say this is worse if you looked up. there is this 'd huge. in this. deadly drug only once and now within minutes. it will
1:50 pm
just feel a change in the mood in the town the volcano sits on the northern part of the island away from most of the population but the threat to crops water supplies and the health of those still on the island is critical and vincent's prime minister says normal life doesn't exist and may not for some time and he gallica al jazeera . as far as talk about marilyn out server goes for coming up the will be live and take it as the city marks the $100.00 day countdown to the start all feeling the game is.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
let's get on to sport has left thank you nic well the tokyo olympics are 100 days away and the international olympic committee says they have no doubt that the tokyo games will take place the host city has raised its coronavirus alert level and the vaccine rollout in the country is still in its early stages international fans have already been told that they will not be allowed to attend the games which are taking place a year late due to the global pandemic it said it will happen it will commence the gangs on the 23rd of july and i think this is a great credit to what president and others have described as the best prepared ever go names and the work of the organizing committee has just been quite outstanding in this regard and i had no hesitation in saying they got into a tight place and they'll be the safest guides possible. all of the counter
1:53 pm
measures have been put in place to deal with cope with it to ensure that the public the afflatus and all of the other participants a safe well let's talk now to the associated press for its writer stephen wade who is in tokyo stephen do you think the i.o.c. is right to be so confident that the games will happen. well i would inform mr coates that today we have 4000 new cases in japan the highest since january osaka no went over 1100 its highest ever a new cases the head of the tokyo medical association today said it would be difficult to hold the games if these viruses continue to spread like this even with no spectators so i think mr coates of course is putting on a strong face that's his job to represent the i.o.c. to be confident but there's still a lot of doubts this virus is not going away in japan well what do you think it would take then to call it off. well you know and
1:54 pm
having said what i just said it's difficult to imagine the games would be called off and there's a reason for that at the i.o.c. earn 75 percent of its income from television rights they cannot afford to have these games cancelled japan has invested $15000000000.00 officially perhaps twice that much in terms of saving face japan absolutely has to have the games to go forward and prime minister sugo who perhaps is premier ship his prime ministership depends on them going forward they have to succeed so it's almost impossible to see them being called off but there are some warning signs on the horizon well tell us about japanese summer record ek and why her story you think could be important for organizers. you know she's she's an incredible story 3 years ago in jakarta in the asian games she won 6 gold medals she was seen as the golden girl of these games for 5 months after that early and 21000 she came down with leukemia she
1:55 pm
was out of the pool for a body year she began retraining perhaps a year ago maybe a little bit less than that earlier this month in the japanese championship she won 4 gold medals she qualified for the olympics she'd set her only hope really was trying to qualify for paris but now she's in in the games here she would have been had she not had leukaemia she perhaps could be the world record holder in 100 meter butterfly she is that strong she will be a tremendous tremendous story here and give the country a tremendous lift she's quite an inspirational story 20 year old woman like the girl next door and just a wonderful wonderful good news story 'd from japan well do you think the torch relay has helped on raising levels of support among the public for the games to dub i think it's a double edged sword the the torch started 3 weeks ago up in fukushima it's been circulating through the country the crowds coming out have been quite receptive
1:56 pm
although they've tried to keep the crowds back so there's some energy for it the you know the charge really in osaka however sort of cut the energy you know the virus spreading force the charge really to go through a park in osaka so you have on the one hand the charge really sort of inciting the virus and the spread of it on the other hand it's the energy of the games deed to be charged so it's a double edged sword i would say well stephen we thank you so much for joining us there live in tokyo. you're very welcome thank you well the minnesota timberwolves and brooklyn nets players have called liberty and justice for all ahead of their n.b.a. game on tuesday it follows the fatal police shooting of dante right in minnesota the shooting on sunday has led to the resignations of the police chief and the officer who shot right it said that she mistook her gun for a taser you have to hope. for real. i don't want
1:57 pm
this to go. it was not a way to. keep. the whole band munich's head coach says he's considering his future after his team were knocked out of the european champions league the flick side were beaten by paris asia ma in the quarter finals the defending champions won the 2nd leg in paris one nil but went out on away goals p.s.g. will face but who should dortmund or manchester city in the last 4 will former p.s.g. boss thomas 2 goals saw his chelsea side beaten one nil by porto but they still went through 21 on aggregate and means chelsea are into the semifinals for the 1st time since 2014 where they will either play real madrid or liverpool rough on the doll will be back in action later this wednesday for the 1st time since his quarter final exit at the australian open in february the world number 3 is taking on
1:58 pm
frederick odell bonus of argentina. back to you know let thanks very much a day that said to all of your work if. they came from the countryside to cairo and became part of a new life. they say this is a different role be in the form of al-jazeera world meets the man you've been keeping a close eye on residential life in the big cities for decades but who may now be passing into history. see the movie he wasn't born but he's now managed by
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a security company the doormen of egypt on al-jazeera. it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there white supremacy impacts all of our patients you're putting more money into the hands of someone 1st taking money out of the hands of other workers their own goes to their camp it becomes us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is they are. the health of humanity is its stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to loose supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of that seed keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the wood and in the land now more than ever the
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world needs w.-h. on making healthy a world for you. to everyone. south africa finds new safety concerns and johnson and johnson's hope at 19 vaccine joins other countries imposing its roll out. there that norah kaila says al jazeera live from doha also coming up and now it is time to bring our forces home after a war stretching 2 decades.


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