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a lot of the stories that we cover a hearty complex so it's very poor we make them is on the stand as weak. as our correspondents crush will be strong to do. india's worst hit state imposes new code 19 restrictions maharashtra has around a quarter of the countries and factions. says al jazeera live from doha also coming up a delay in u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan president biden expected to announce a pullout by september the 11th. another night of protests in minnesota after the
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shooting of a black man a police officer responsible has resigned. as south africa suspends use of the johnson and johnson vaccine over safety concerns over possible blood clots. begin in india where cases of covert 19 are soaring it's an arson other record daily high just short of 185000 registered in the past day that's around twice as many as brazil and the u.s. the 2 on the west head countries have percentage has been maharastra when new restrictions are coming into force the western states includes the financial capital mumbai and accounts for around a quarter of new infections was upon him has more from new delhi. from wednesday evening. to. other than to go out for work or
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essential supplies and only essential services will be open until the end of the month. because it has been the worst affected but over the past few weeks we have been seeing a similar situation which is struggling with the shortage of medical facilities shortage of beds shortage of health care because of oxygen supply we are starting to see that in other states now including where local media is reporting long lines of. hospitals carrying patients waiting for. the official death toll not adding to the number of bodies being carried out at hospitals and being cremated the similar situation and despite that. is continuing in the. 2.8000000 gathered there all on monday and swam in the ganges river as is customary and already on wednesday we
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seeing hundreds of thousands of people continuing to do that this is despite the prime minister. saying that the current wave in india is because of people not following guidelines like social distancing like wearing masks but the festival has been allowed to take place and promised in that in the morning and other politicians themselves a still holding very large rallies with huge numbers of people no social distancing and very few mosques in south korea. the rising cases of covert 19 since january well than 700 over the past day as a warning a 4th wave is looming as spread from greats of soul to more than a dozen regions and cities this despite strict social distancing rules the government is being criticized for a slow vaccine rollouts. from seoul. it's just seem to be a troubling trend that is happening literally across south korea and it is being
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blamed in part at least on the weather in the last week or 2 we have seen an awful lot of spring sunshine that has led to a lot more south koreans travelling which seems then to have resulted in these clusters we have a similar pattern at the end of last year back in last november there was a spell of good weather we had an awful lot of domestic travel which then seemed was being blamed for what became the 3rd wave of infection here in south korea last december so the authorities here are concerned that we could be on the verge now possibly of a 4th wave and it has to be said that we're still talking about relatively small numbers and there is still largely quite good compliance and cooperation everybody here still wears a mask but the authorities here have accepted that there is a level of fatigue after more than a year of this and that we are seeing that translated now into a certain relaxation basically people aren't taking the kinds of precautions that
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they once did so we're now in a very relatively slow methodical organized rollout of vaccines but we didn't start vaccinating here in south korea until the end of february when a population of 52000000 only one of a quarter 1000000 people so far have been vaccinated and the authorities here are not expecting to get anywhere near herd immunity before the end of the year which means until then we have a population that is relatively vulnerable to any new waves of infection. the u.s. phone message deadline to pull its troops out of afghanistan by next month instead president joe biden is expected to make september the 11th a new days and then once been a strong wednesday like hannah reports from washington. it's been america's longest running war u.s. troops were 1st deployed in afghanistan 20 years ago following the attacks on september the 11th now it will be set as
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a date by which the withdrawal will be concluded the president has been consistent in his view that there is not a military solution to afghanistan that we have been there for far too long that has been his view for some time this means president biden is pushing back the deadline of the 1st of may set by is pretty to say donald trump last year it's a timeline which a number of pentagon officials are believed to have argued against reaction in congress has been mixed the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell describing the withdrawal as a grave mistake a view shared in the statement by the ranking member of the house armed services committee mike rogers who says i am concerned that the president is so desperate to get a deal done that he's willing to capitulate rather than insist u.s. strategic objectives are met succeed but there's also significant support for the withdrawal the senate foreign relations committee member chris murphy issued the
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statement after 20 years it's clear that our continued military presence will not deliver political stability to the country and the afghan people must decide their own future in coordination with our allies and partners as vice president joe biden argued strongly against the u.s. military presence in afghanistan but was overruled them by barack obama but now as president he'll have his way a complete withdrawal of u.s. forces with no conditions attached mike hanna al-jazeera washington. on to 10 times pays has reaction now from the united nations headquarters in new york. the taliban holiday in their position just hours after the announcement here at u.n. headquarters of a day for new talks on afghanistan they now say they won't attend any negotiations about the country's future until all foreign forces have left the idea of the
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istanbul talks was to reboot earlier talks in doha to try and get a negotiated political settlement before u.s. and nato forces leave the conference will focus on helping the negotiating parties reach a new set of shared fundamental principles that reflect an agreed vision for a future of ghana stem a road map to a future political settlement and of course an end to the conflict. is the u.n. this one of the koch conveners still committed to a democratic afghanistan to an afghanistan with freedom of expression and an afghanistan with equal rights for women to the un committed to those 3 weeks we are committed to the people of afghanistan we are committed to ensuring that the gains that have been made or not lost and that is especially true for women in afghanistan they'll be urgent diplomatic efforts now to try and get the taliban to change their mind pakistan will be key is the country which has the most leverage
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over the taliban in kabul many will be worried and it's worth recalling a letter that the u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken wrote to president garvey at the beginning of last month it was later leaks he said after american military withdrawal i'm concerned that the security situation will worsen and that the taliban could make rapid territorial gains. a police officer who fatally shot a black man in the u.s. state of minnesota has resigned on a rights shooting has sparked protests in a minneapolis suburb where the incident happened despite the office's resignation demonstrators were on the streets again ignoring a curfew a report from. a 3rd night of protest hundreds of people on the streets of brooklyn center their anger clear and draw as the clock ticked towards curfew time the police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly and pulled people to clear to.
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the fire tear gas and moved in in large numbers all in riot gear they were met with water bottles fireworks and contempt. they've been a peaceful vigil for done to right the 20 year old shot dead on sunday more than $600.00 gathered some travelling a long distance to be there the hundreds here say this is no longer just about going to write other cases like this is about a demand for fundamental change to the way the police operate in the united states needs to be changed when it was based on racism in the 1st place and so once he will understand that and no doubt we need a different form of policing that is when real change happens a lot of the things are mental health we need more mental health workers in our communities and on our streets that's what we need here we don't need more
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militarization of our police forces. the authorities hope the resignation of the police chief and the officer who fired the fatal shot would lower the emotional temperature on a freezing night the departures announced earlier in the day by the mayor. we have received a resignation letter from our 2nd quarter. in addition to that we have also received a letter for the resignation. police chief kim porter a 26 year old veteran of the force was the officer who fired the fatal shot she know faces possible months later charges the family of george floyd took a break from the derek chauvin trial in minneapolis to offer support to the right family and it is just. something i could not. bear to many of us minnesota. a suburb.
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10 miles from where this show i'm trying to regard george floor. where it's taken place there the police officer. was sure 6. oh i'm black man the police say the shooting was a tragic mistake so intended to kill a teenager but she drew her gun instead it's not the story the family is buying how many times in training over the course of 25 years has this officer pulled aimed and shot her firearm in practice so don't tell us it's an accident. because it undermines the tragic loss of life that this family has experience the protesters say they'll be back again on wednesday and every night it takes until the see justice alan fischer al-jazeera brooklyn center minnesota.
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still has had on al-jazeera defense testimony gets under way and direction over this trial for the killing of george floyd we'll have from an expert on the use of force. and the presidential runoff election in the room with a tough choice from those faces as a resume and then socialist takes on the don't talk on this one of it's full of what a crowd. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored plan cuts at ways just about the last vestiges of war have been squeezed out of europe bar this massive cloud which is really a cold front that's brought it down just about from the out the far as it is codes on. but it's got this far this massive cloud represents what happens when the 2
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interact it's cold it'll be snow and rain and the color back graham is yellow less than 10 degrees typically and look at this western russia is at least as warm as arsons and warm on than almost all of spain and portugal will atoms hold on to it just about i think just hold on to about 20 degrees sherry by saturday and sundry by monday where it cools down a little so it's not an improving scene here at least and here is the rain the snow the snow in poland in slovakia parts of austria and down towards rumania and if anything well to stay where it is or even disappear which you might expect reasonably in spring he's going to retrogress is going to go back across the border into germany. it is really cold this time of the even where the sun is out it's only about $9.00 to $10.00 degrees london for example hangs on to below average temperatures for 3 more days so pretty poor picture really for april.
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sponsored poll qatar airways jump into the story there is a lot going on in this show and join our global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we're more afraid than we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are who live love to hear from you in each week be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there. and there again you want your answers there is a reminder of our top stories this hour india has announced another record high in
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daily coronavirus cases almost 185001 of the hardest hit states is maharashtra it's imposing new restrictions for wednesday. police in minnesota news flash grenades and tear gas to disperse crowds gathered for a 3rd night after the fatal shooting of dante right the police chief has resigned along with the officer who shot the 20 year old during a traffic stop. and u.s. president and joe biden is expected to announce the withdrawal of american troops from afghanistan by september 11th that would mean the u.s. will miss the may 1st deadline set by the trumpet ministration. well there are around $10000.00 foreign troops in afghanistan as part of nato resolute support mission the us has the most forces followed by germany which has around $1300.00 personnel on the ground at least an extended its mission for 10 months person had more than 1000 troops but since their mission ended in 2014 only 750 remain in
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a training and advisory role the countries involved include italy georgia remaining and turkey which have fewer than $1000.00 forces present. with the afghanistan affairs unit that's an afghan think tank and joins us via skype from kabul good to have you with us how afghans feeling about this news. well you know really it was an expected news and we've been seeing tautog within the american administration began a list of whoever is leading it which had been talking about regard for him up on his own so that was an expectation that something like that was coming up but i'm expound going peace process it has created a sort of concern among those who are looking forward to a peaceful political settlement to the ongoing conflict so it was a bit off for jordan for those who were expecting the americans to consider
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a responsible withdrawal as they call it and that means that the americans will make sure that there is an intra line be between the ones who are the war in kabul inside the government side and the ones who are fighting in the dark man ranks which has not happened as of yet but the americans ever draw analogy of a jar unilaterally and the taliban says that they now won't attend any talks so how can a settlement happen. support and i meant the eunuch the presence of the americans and the influence in afghanistan was offer something positive in terms of injecting energy into the beast process they were talking to the regional borrowers who have a stake in afghanistan the had been a good relationship to the dollar but what the course of the negotiation that book is between the taliban and the american administration actually the trump administration. because of that goodwill hope that the americans would push for an
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interim government be before the withdraw now that we don't have it just off the table of course that's going to add impetus to the unwin conflict where certain elements among the taliban ranks have been looking forward to an opportunity that began topple the government and do more good set of government 3 share of power rather than sharing it with the others and do you think it is a realistic possibility that the government in kabul could be toppled once the u.s. withdraws. well not immediately for sure the other month or so have been thought of finding and keeping the taliban had been since 2014 the americans and the international forces have only been providing the aid wise to the support in some aerial bombardment so the american and the afghan forces continue to fight the taliban and give them a bit but definitely the example of the medic the normal engagement i mean the lack of getting a good image on the bed if we get it from the military perspective that's going to
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in boarding be the regional element as well as the taliban fighting resources and that's going to challenge the government probably or not it's going to actively be ongoing conflict adding more to the casualties and process of the afghans. among the fighting forces as well as a look at communities who have been building the burnt of the on we've gone through and. we will leave it there for the moment thanks very much for joining us from kabul. a former policeman as on trial in nearby minneapolis a kid is of the murder of george floyd last may drawing the 1st day of defense testimony use of force expert testified back shaven was justified and pinning floyd
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to the ground for the 9 minutes during his arrest john hendren as in minneapolis. the defense opened its case by putting george floyd on trial turning the court's attention from former police officer derek show to the man he's accused of murder. on. 'd 'd the defense theory is that floyd died of heart trouble in a drug overdose to support that lawyers called a police officer in a paramedic who testified that floyd took opioid pills when he was arrested in a separate 21000 encounter prosecutor aaron eldridge fired back mr dr denbigh you're interacting with him cracked. no thank you for. the floyd family calls the attacks on him character assassination of a dead man police solved with of killing us and we have been murdered at a rate that out nobody could imagine if the time but say and that time is now
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maybe apple if you are ok sweep this under the rug anymore. and we will fight but just as put is family hoping to link the 2 arrests the defense then showed police body camera footage from the fateful day of may 25th want to hill was in the car with floyd when police 1st arrived he is dead we have a cite please please don't kill me please don't shoot much of day 12 was spent on the defense's star witness of the day a police expert who said that in ruling on george floyd's neck for 9 and a half minutes derek chauvel did absolutely nothing wrong. in your opinion was this the use of deadly force it was not. i film to show his interactions of mr floyd were following his training. following current practices in policing and were generally reasonable prosecutor steve slicer pushed back noting children
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held floyd down long after he had not only stopped resisting but was apparently dead did you hear some point in your review officer king say that he couldn't find a pos yet. all of this would have been known to a reasonable officer in the defendant's physician. yes and the defendant's position is and was and remains as we see here at this moment at this time in this clip on top of mr floyd on the street isn't that right yes. i have nothing further with the defense expected to wrap up its testimony this week one big unanswered question is whether show than himself will take the stand john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis. south korea's president wants the international tribunal for the nor of the sea to examine japan's as theirs and to release water from its fukushima nuclear plant take care plans to dump a 1000000 tons of contaminated water into the sea from the facility which was damaged in earth quake and tsunami 10 years ago it says the water has been treated
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and doesn't pose any risk with china and south korea have both criticized the decision. south africa's slow vaccine rollout has been further delays health authorities have suspended use of the only one being administered to the johnson and johnson job. in the us where i can help for her to say that advising and be suspended as a precaution to 6 cases of blood clotting reports. it was heralded as a big step forward out of the pandemic the johnson and johnson vaccine easier to administer just one shot and cheaper than the other approved vaccines but now federal authorities are urging health care providers to hold off on using it the reason of the 6800000 people who have received this vaccine 6 people have developed blood clots one died another is in critical condition critics say the federal response is an overreaction we've already heard from 6 o'clock this very rare or your
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usual out of 6.8 almost 7000000 rocks nations that were that's less than one in a 1000000. compared to how she's going to go that is 10 times lower you found where . germany and 4 times. lower than where she found. these type of blood clots show up in the unvaccinated population between $2.00 to $14.00 people per 1000000 in the united states every year but authorities here at the f.d.a. say it's the combination of this type of blood clot and low platelets that is raise the alarm because if doctors don't know to ask have you had the johnson and johnson vaccine they can give the wrong treatment and that can be fatal officials are urging people to keep an eye out for symptoms pay attention do you have symptoms headache you have shortness of breath chest discomfort do you have anything that
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resembles a neurological syndrome and obviously if you have something as serious as a seizure i mean you're the. it's pretty clear but there is concern that this will only further increase vaccine hesitancy with more than a 3rd of people telling pollsters they will wait to take the shot or take it all really if it is required and many say they simply won't take it ever officials say they expect the delay to last just days in the biden administration says it won't impact their overall goal for how many shots are administered but what they uncover about this could have a huge impact on the rest of the globe as many countries are counting on this vaccine to get them past the pandemic pedicle hain al-jazeera silver spring maryland. someone as president has extended his time in office for 2 more he is president mohammed he signed a bill into law despite opposition from some members of parliament his mandate ran out in february sparking protests demanding immediately step down presidential and
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parliamentary elections were due to take place this year but leaders of 5 semi autonomous states haven't been able to agree on how voting should be conducted. that means incumbent president petrie's how long is one second in the election violence. 86 percent of the vote but according to official data only hoffa eligible voters turned out opposition politicians boycotted the poll many people angry that the long broke his promise to serve only one. votes counting from the 1st round of peru's general elections is nearly finished so says i will have a runoff in june against conservative taken for jean-marie who faces corruption allegations and for most peruvians choosing the next president won't be easy as well as sanchez reports from the. teacher pay look at the year campaigned in remote towns were health care police and even the internet are an illusion
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nearly unknown castillo won the 1st round of the vote. while some live in great opulence and dressed in toys behind desks with a luxurious life my brothers today placed their trust in a man of the people those who bite their nails every day whilst waiting for their bread to come have removed the blindfolds. among promises the 51 year old union leader says he'll nationalize resources and change the constitution. those are marxist ideas that scare her of this. i would not vote because he's too leftist extremist we have no option but to vote for who he mori. but he brings a wealth of problems with the judiciary she faces 30 years in prison for corruption charges the 45 year old daughter of former autocratic leader of the mahdi jailed for grass human rights violations says she'll continue her father's legacy of governing with a hard fist given that. we will confront populism and the radical left and i know
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many will join us. 65 percent of peruvians say they would not vote for her if. it's inexplicable people have no memory after all what the 40 marie family has done negatively i have no option but to vote for to steer as always the least worst. after 5 years of political instability nearly 28 percent of peruvians didn't vote and 2800000 cast a blank or an old ballots chronic discontents with the state of things democracy and politicians as many people search for an anti system solution. analysts say whoever wins the presidency will have a problem with legitimacy neither candidate was favored with even 20 percent of the vote. and now some analysts believe they have to move to the center of their extreme views to win voters if fact. as union leader because studio is used to
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negotiating who doesn't have an m.b.a. like keiko who's never negotiated anything in her life and if she wins she won't have a majority in congress which means she could easily be ousted. this 5 year term will end in july with the 5th president sworn in and for many disenchanted with politics the new vote will be like choosing between one illness or another to be honest i'm just i'll just leave. this is al jazeera these are our top stories india has announced another record daily high of coronavirus cases almost 185001 of the hardest hit states which is introducing tough new restrictions on wednesday as a problem has more from new delhi problem when state evening in the state of my last.


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