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cut out all sides. no matter where it takes us i prefer your fear of syria gavel marriage and palin and pasha which tell your stories we are your voice no news your network al-jazeera. police used tear gas to try to disperse crowds gathered for a 3rd night demanding justice for the shooting of an unarmed black man in the social. club there i missed on the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a defense witness says the policeman accused of killing george floyd was justified
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in nailing want to sneck for more than 9 minutes. president biden is expected to announce that u.s. troops will now pulled out of afghanistan by september 11th going against a deadline agreed with the taliban. and the long road to recovery the bleak for cause for people living in the shadow of a caribbean volcano that's still erupting. well we begin in the u.s. state of minnesota where an 8 hour curfew is currently in force police that have used flash grenades and tear gas to disperse crowds gathered for a 3rd night of the fatal police shooting of dante bryce officers have declared it an unlawful assembly that shooting on sunday has led to the resignations of the police chief as well as the officer who shot try to ring a traffic stop and said that she mistook a gun for had taser. alan fischer has been at the protest force in brooklyn santa
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miniseries and sent us this update. yes the tear gas. being fired from my left there you can see that there is a line of police thought that. the family they have moved and significant as you can see and not. think the woods is. quite awful so let me tell you because i think the authorities the photographs if not the police chief and of course the police stop till you find the city so clearly going to be right but that meal or the emotional temperature as you can see that simply has not happened people here have been saying that is truly time for structural change in the united states this is not about one incident it's not about one man anymore it's about the way policing is county don't here and the united states and many people we've been speaking to over the last couple of hours have said that the current coming out of the protests like this every year because of you know another incident of another
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black man being killed by the police when they see this is the time you put it to change but i. found i. just another. c a large number of the people knew that. having a would be with the police and some points for getting away from our corners well yeah if you've been declared a number right. well u.s. president joe biden has condemned that shooting and says there must be a full investigation. you know it's not a right it's a misnomer to. call the. shooting a result is. in the midst of an ongoing trial that kind of george borjas modeling is what's happened based on what byrd will leave here. and his vice president come on harris says law enforcement must be held to the highest
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standards of accountability she said done to right should be alive today folks will keep dying if we don't fully address racial injustice and iniquities in our country from implicit bias to broken systems or earlier i spoke to you who williams who is the founding director of the racial justice initiative at the university of st thomas and he told me it's important not to simplify the different forces we're seeing play in the civil unrest here. there are really 2 pockets of protesters there are those who are engaged in nonviolent direct action protests who are not confronting the police who are adopting nonviolent stance and essentially using civil disobedience is a means to amplify their voices around the need for a change in the area of criminal justice and then there are those who are engaged in much more direct confrontational actions with the police the throwing of water bottles the looting and it's really hard to disentangle the 2 what happens
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unfortunately for the violent protesters is that they are grouped together with those irrigation looting and then of course that obscures the message around why all this is happening in the 1st place and that's yet another dead person of color dead african-american at the hands of police and i think what it involves is a conversation in the united states in particular about how we deal with issues of economic social political disparities that ultimately inform systemic racism in our larger society and culture we've seen this with regard to voting in this country we can talk about what's happening in georgia now we've seen it with health disparities in response to covert 19 and the most visible for most people is what happens with criminal justice it's hard for any of us to deny what we see in the video associated with the killing of mr wright and of course the killing of george floyd last summer but the reality is that these are deep structural issues within american society and culture that really have to be addressed otherwise the police
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reform that everyone's talking about will be for naught if you don't deal with those other structural issues. not all that far from that arrest and use of force expert has testified that derrick 7 was justified in paying george fairly into the ground for more than 9 minutes during an arrest asta it was a fast day of defense testimony and the former police up. this is not a trial in the u.s. and of minneapolis john hendren. state of minnesota rests thank you the defense opened its case by putting george floyd on trial turning the court's attention from former police officer derek shows to the man he's accused of murder and. 'd 'd the defense theory is that floyd died of heart trouble in a drug overdose to support that show vns lawyers called a police officer and a paramedic who testified that floyd took opioid pills when he was arrested in
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a separate 2019 encounter prosecutor aaron eldridge fired back mr flame dr denbigh you are interacting with cracked. no thank you for. the floyd family calls the attacks on him character assassination of a dead man police solve of killing us and we have been murdered at a rate that out no doubt i could imagine if the time but say and that time is now media you are ok sweep this under the rug anymore. and we will fight for justice put his family hoping to link the 2 arrests the defense then showed police body camera footage from the fateful day of may 25th to hill was in the car with floyd when police 1st arrived it is. much again 12 were spent on the defense's star witness of the day a police expert who said that george floyd's neck for 9 and
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a half minutes. absolutely nothing wrong. in your opinion was this the use of deadly force it was not. i film officer showbiz interactions of mr floyd were following his training. following current practices in policing and were objecting to the recent prosecutor steve slicer push back noting children held floyd down long after he had not only stopped resisting but was apparently dead did you hear some point in your review officer king say that he couldn't find a pos yes. all of this would have been known to a reasonable officer in the defendant's position correct yes and the defendant's position is and was and remains as we see here at this moment at this time in this clip on top of mr floyd on the street isn't that right yes. i have nothing further
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with the defense expected to wrap up its testimony this week one big unanswered question is whether show ven himself will take the stand john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis well moving to other wild news now and the u.s. will take more than 4 months longer than an agreed deadline with the taliban to pull its troops out of afghanistan u.s. government officials have indicated that president joe biden will withdraw all night by september 11th also the 20th anniversary of the 911 attacks mike hanna reports now from washington it's being america's longest running war u.s. troops were deployed in afghanistan 20 years ago following the attacks on september the 11th now it will be said it's a date by which the withdrawal will be concluded the president has been consistent in his view that there is not a military solution to afghanistan that we have been there for far too long that has been his view for some time this means president biden is pushing back that
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deadline up the 1st of may set by it's pretty decisive donald trump last year. it's a timeline which a number of pentagon officials are believed to have argued against reaction in congress has been mixed the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell describing the withdrawal as a grave mistake of view shared in the statement by the ranking member of the house armed services committee mike rogers who says i am concerned that the president is so desperate to get a deal done that he's willing to capitulate rather than insist u.s. strategic objectives are met success but there's also significant support for the withdrawal the senate foreign relations committee member chris murphy issued the statement after 20 years it's clear that our continued military presence will not deliver political stability to the country and the afghan people must decide their own future in coordination with our allies and partners as vice president joe biden
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argued strongly against the u.s. military presence in afghanistan but was overruled them by barack obama but now as president he'll have his way a complete withdrawal of u.s. forces with no conditions attached mike hanna al-jazeera washington while out of a matter of time spans has more reaction now from u.n. headquarters in new york. the taliban holiday in their position just hours after the announcement here at u.n. headquarters of a day for new talks on afghanistan they now say they won't attend any negotiations about the country's future until all foreign forces have left the idea of the istanbul talks was to reboot earlier talks in doha to try and get a negotiated political settlement before u.s. and nato forces leave the conference will focus on helping the negotiating parties reach a new set of shared fundamental principles that reflect an agreed vision for
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a future of ghana stem a road map to a future political settlement and of course an end to the conflict is the u.n. is one of the koch convene is still committed to a democratic afghanistan to an afghanistan with freedom of expression and an afghanistan with equal rights for women and the u.n. committed to those 3 weeks we are committed to the people of afghanistan we are committed to ensuring that the gains that have been made or not lost and that is especially true for women in afghanistan. they'll be urgent diplomatic efforts now to try and get the taliban to change their mind pakistan will be key is the country which has the most leverage over the taliban in kabul many will be worried and it's worth recalling a letter that the u.s. secretary of state antony blinken wrote to president garvey at the beginning of last month it was later leaks he said after american military withdrawal i'm
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concerned that the security situation will worsen and that the taliban could make rapid territorial gains well still ahead here on al-jazeera iran says it's about to carry out what would be its most significant breach of the 2015 day d.l. . and us bring sergeant coronavirus cases in south korea i'll tell you what that is a blaming that includes. the. now at the moment threat arabia's generally quiet and finest turned phrase humid recently around the gulf states in qatar bahrain and the eastern side of saudi but that normally plays will probably reduce the humidity it's warming up the sun is out now on the coast of for example lebanon beirut sees
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a temperature rise above the average about $25.00 over the next 3 days which is very pleasing it's been rather cool sherry just recently the last the snow has gone from the sun caucasus but it's still there in afghanistan and we might see a few showers generation the high ground the mountains of western society or western yemen and that increase in the breeze in the north might well bring some yet more hazy dusty through the gulf down towards us it's like at the moment to be honest the seasonal rains in africa are on their way north with the sun so the good arc now goes out from madagascar through tanzania. matching uganda and back towards the congo which leaves behind actually rather warm and quiet weather from most places which consider me going to water is maybe a bit surprising but every down again you do get a change in the cooler weather so windy weather is out of the eastern cape east side of south africa towards mozambique it's happening again.
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when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of sedation and the state line becomes the default the media namely the images that each day let it get to these guys and just how did he create and use it makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside the mainstream to shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening posts on a. the . they are watching al-jazeera that's remind you of our top stories this hour police
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have used tear gas to disperse protesters in the u.s. state of minnesota demonstrators rally there for a night against the police shooting of an unarmed black man the officer who shot dante rice and the police chief have both resigned. and also in minneapolis a use of force expert has testified at the trial of derek so that the police officer was justified in pinning george floyd to the ground it contradicts the testimonies of police officials who said that servant had used excessive force. and u.s. president joe biden has reportedly decided to withdraw the remaining american troops from afghanistan by september 11th it means the u.s. will miss the deadline of may fast set by the trumpets the trumpet administration. now russia is being urged to deescalate tensions on the border with ukraine u.s. president joe biden has proposed a summit in the coming months with president vladimir person but russia has already rejected a nato call to end its military buildup on ukraine's border natasha about 2 reports
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now from paris. unjustified and unexplained was how the head of nato described russia's buildup of troops on its border with ukraine after meeting with ukraine's foreign minister in brussels russia must end this military buildup in and around ukraine stop its provocations on the escalate immediately. russia has deployed naval ships heavy armor and tens of thousands of troops in recent weeks violence is risen between russian backed separatists and ukrainian forces in ukraine's east ukraine's foreign minister said nato must respond to what he called a threat of war by gathering today we try to avoid the mistake that was made in 2014 when russia was ready to act swiftly and pursue its military goals in crimea and on bus while our western partners were considering
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their reactions to what was happening on the ground. russia will not be able to catch anyone by surprise anymore we could labor also discuss the situation with the u.s. secretary of state is on a 3 day visit to proselytise the u.s. will station an extra 500 troops in germany we're seeing unfortunately. russia take a very provocative act want to have right without. the largest concentration of russian forces on prince or a different 24 team kremlin officials say the troops are on a training exercise and that ukraine has been acting provocatively some analysts say vladimir putin is less interested in conflict than in challenging washington which we have seen over the last few months is a breakdown of the u.s. russia and relation seems that by the ministry of. power and i
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think putin is basic you trying to die and he's testing be by going to be sufficient to see how far i'd be willing to go and they really are all on russia the white house says u.s. president biden has called russia's leader to urge a deescalation of tensions for kiev the best way to end the conflict with russia would be food nato to full struck its request for membership of the alliance sending a clear message to moscow the ukraine sovereignty could not be threatened with such a buckler al-jazeera paris now bonanza incumbent president patris telephone has won a 2nd term and an election by violence and versatile out early results are telling received 86 percent of the vote but according to official days or just off of edible voters cast ballots. also the pandemic now and south korea has reported more than 700 new covered 1000
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cases that's the highest daily rise since january health experts there are warning that a 4th wave is looming as clusters spread from greater seoul to more than a dozen regions and cities and that's all despite strict social distancing rules health experts are blaming complacency and increased activity during spring robert brad has more now from seoul. it's just seem to be a troubling trend that is happening literally across south korea and it is being blamed in part at least on the weather in the last week or 2 we have seen an awful lot of spring sunshine that has led to a lot more south koreans travelling which seems then to have resulted in these clusters we have a similar pattern at the end of last year back in last november there was a spell of good weather we had an awful lot of domestic travel which then seemed was being blamed for what became the 3rd wave of infection here in south korea last
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december so the authorities here are concerned that we could be on the verge now possibly of a 4th wave and it has to be said that we're still talking about relatively small numbers and there is still largely quite good compliance and cooperation everybody here still wears a mask but the authorities here have accepted that there is a level of fatigue after more than a year of this and that we are seeing that translated now into a certain relaxation basically people aren't taking the kinds of precautions that they once did so we're now in a very relatively slow methodical organized rollout of vaccines but we didn't start vaccinating here in south korea until the end of february and now when a population of 52000000 only one of a quarter 1000000 people so far have been vaccinated in the authorities here we're not expecting to get anywhere near herd immunity before the end of the year which means until then we have a population that is relatively vulnerable to any new waves of infection. well
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meanwhile the top infectious disease expert in the united states says a pause and administering the johnson and johnson vaccines that will allow time to investigate rare cases of severe blood tossing the suspension recommended by u.s. regulation has also prompted the company to delay its run off and europe south africa has suspended use of the vaccine has it called hang reports. it was heralded as a big step forward out of the pandemic the johnson and johnson vaccine easier to administer just one shot and cheaper than the other approved vaccines but now federal authorities are urging health care providers to hold off on using it the reason of the 6800000 people who have received this vaccine 6 people have developed blood clots one died another is in critical condition critics say the federal response is an overreaction we've already heard from 6 o'clock this very rare or your usual out of 6.8 almost 7000000 rocks nations were that's less than
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one in a 1000000. compared to how she's going to go that is 10 times lower than what you found where. in germany and 4 times. lower than where she found. these type of blood clots show up in the unvaccinated population between $2.00 to $14.00 people per 1000000 in the united states every year but authorities here at the f.d.a. say it's the combination of this type of blood clot and low platelets that is raise the alarm because if doctors don't know to ask if you had the johnson and johnson vaccine they can give the wrong treatment and that can be fatal officials are urging people to keep an eye out for symptoms pay attention do you have symptoms headache you have shortness of breath chest discomfort do you have anything that resembles a neurological syndrome and obviously if you have something as serious as
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a. seizure that's pretty clear but there is concern that this will only further increase vaccine hesitancy with more than a 3rd of people telling pollsters they will wait to take the shot or take it all e if it is required and many say they simply won't take it ever officials say they expect the delay to last just days and the biden ministration says it won't impact their overall goal for how many shots are administered but what they uncover about this could have a huge impact on the rest of the globe as many countries are counting on this vaccine to get them past the pandemic pedicle hane al-jazeera silver spring maryland. well now brazil senate has agreed to launch a congressional inquiry into the government's handling of this pandemic hits the most severe political consequences yet for president travels in are as approach to private 19 he's repeatedly downplayed its impact and undermined restrictions that were imposed by state governments the virus has now killed more than 358000 people
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in brazil that's the 2nd highest death toll in the wild for the u.s. . and now argentina is reporting a record number of new cases more than 27000 and factions consumed on tuesday alone but with millions still facing difficulties putting food on the table the government is reluctant to impose more structures to raise the bar reports now from what is area. food is a human right see this people in the center of what a sight is be gathered in argentina's capital to demand more government help to act as we separate us is poverty rates are on the rice and millions of people are struggling to survive. we understand the way out is with work in the we're in a complex situation but there are resources the government will have to choose whether to continue paying for far and do it will take care of those people that can barely make ends meet the pandemic poses a major challenge for argentina the government is already assisting over
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$10000000.00 people with food and cash handouts but the economy has deteriorated rapidly the country is struggling to paid for in debt and still every day around 20000 new infections are confirmed. there is an evening curfew here in the capital and access to public transport is limited but authorities are reluctant to declare another full lockdown like they did last year fearing the consequences that my come from closing the economy completely but. there is no social margin to shut down everything there are lots of people that don't eat meat if they don't work the government has fewer tools than they did last year and that's why it's crucial the exploration the vaccination campaign they cannot focus only on restrictions because there is no support and there is need on the street even the warden teena has one of the strongest public health care systems in latin america is due to sions and workers here are under stress there writing factions in the past we won't talk we don't want to fight this war i think it's some low pay for the already crowded
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place and the other area north of hope but i demand there have been waiting for hours to go inside of them are going through and daniel o'donnell is a construction worker and says he rushed to the hospital because he was feeling ill . my throat hurts my back hurts i have difficulty breathing i've been waiting for a while to see a doctor but experts say this is the beginning of a 2nd wave with a long winter ahead and scars resources or threes are evaluating when is the best time to shut down. i just want to cite as well the countdown is on that's now only $100.00 days until the tokyo lympics began after being delayed a year by the current of our standing back officials have now held a ceremony to mark the occasion organizers insist the games are safe to go ahead despite a rise in cases that japan's major cities are currently under a strict
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a restrictions to try to prevent outbreaks now the prime minister of some vincent has told al-jazeera volcanic activity on the caribbean island could go on for months a major eruption has already blanketed the country and ashton is even threatening food and water supplies and he got a reports. for decades less of free air remain dormant but late last week huge eruption sent ash gas and rocks spewing from its summit probably 50 kilometers. above the summit no the initial impact led to evacuation orders 416000 residents on monday a big a volcanic explosion made a dire situation worse those that didn't evacuate to dealing with increasing amounts of choking ash and water shortages and fear that more eruptions may come i'm not telling a lie and right now i think. because we don't know if we're able to get
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back. now we have to suffer a little aid from neighboring countries is slowly making its way to this island of 100000 people but the prime minister told al-jazeera the road to recovery will be hard we can see with mathematical precision how long it's going to last but this is a long haul we're going to be in this condition before pops or more but it's going to take much longer time to react and we do intend to reconstruct so far there were no reports of deaths or serious injuries from the multiple eruptions those that live close to the volcano were evacuated to scientists or signs of activity in 1902 an estimated 1600 people died during a violent a ruction those that remember the last eruption in 1989 say this is worse if you looked up. there is this huge. in this.
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deadly drug only once and now within minutes. it would just feel a change in the mood in the town the volcano sits on the northern part of the island away from most of the population but the threat to crops water supplies and the health of those still on the island is critical and vincents prime minister. as normal life doesn't exist and may not for some time to gallacher al-jazeera. clarence's al jazeera and these are the headlines police have used tear gas and flash grenades to disperse protesters in the u.s. state of minnesota demonstrators rally there for a 3rd night against the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man on sunday the officer who shot down terrorized and the police chief have both resigned allan fishes at the scene for us in brooklyn santa you can see.


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