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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations Generation Hate P2  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2021 4:00am-5:00am +03

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minister vladimir by the trainer said the armed forces were hope lige to defend their country from the regular groups but added that human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. the in. the of. your charges there with me so wrong and remind of all top news stories u.s. president joe biden has reportedly decided to withdraw all remaining american troops from afghanistan by september the 11th that means the u.s. will miss the may the 1st outlined such by the trumpet ministration the president has been consistent in his view that there is not a military solution to afghanistan that we have been there for far too long that has been his view for some time well documented well reported on he believes that
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and he remains committed to supporting negotiations between the parties which many of you may be following are resuming next week and he also believes we need to focus our resources on fighting the threats we face today 20 years almost 20 years after the war began like um a house full of washington d.c. . their reaction is somewhat mixed particularly from congress there the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell has described the decision as a grave mistake this is a sentiment shared by a ranking member of the powerful house armed services committee mike rogers who says that this could impact on the u.s. national interests and its security some democrats to have expressed reservations but generally there's been overwhelming support from that side of the house for president biden's decision interestingly enough when he was vice president all those years ago joe biden attempted to persuade barack obama that there would be no
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military victory within afghanistan that the u.s. presence there should be sharply reduced he failed to do so but now that he's president he's going to get his own way and significantly as well there are no conditions attached to the step the timeline he's expressed the opinion that there can be no military victory in afghanistan he says the u.s. is now going to focus on a diplomatic arrangements attempting to get some kind of diplomatic deal between all the parties but. the 11th of september the last remaining of some 2 and a half 1000 u.s. soldiers in afghanistan will be withdrawn for good the use of force expert has testified at the trial or during that the police officer was justified in pulling george florey to the ground because there was frantic resistance to contradict the testimonies of top police officials who said trayvon used excessive unjustified force in the us city of minneapolis the minnesota police officer who variously
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short a 20 year old unarmed black man has resigned along with the city's police chief. there are protests for a 3rd day against dante right steph there are side a police station with a curfew due to come into effect in the coming hours. nato has called on russia to withdraw forces that the alliance says the kremlin has been deploying near ukraine gives foreign ministries in belgium meeting with nato officials there is growing concern that the kremlin is moving towards war gyptian or forties have impounded the container ship that blocked the su is canal last month the ever given was stuck for nearly a week disrupting billions of dollars worth of global trade but the head of the su is can al says the vessel won't be released until its japanese owner settles a claim for compensation reported to be around $900000000.00 brazil's senate has
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agreed to launch a congressional inquiry into the government's handling of the corona virus pandemic is the most severe political consequence to date for president also known as approach to covert 19 he's repeatedly downplayed its impact and undermined restriction in posed by state governments the virus has killed more than 358000 people in brazil the top infectious disease expert in the us says the polls in a ministry in johnson and johnson jobs will allow time to investigate rare cases of blood clotting the suspension recommended by u.s. regulators prompted europe to delay its rollout while south africa has suspended it benny's president petrie's to law has won a 2nd term in the election marred by violence and low turnout early results tuller received 86 percent of the phones those stories on our website at abc as ever dot com more news in half an hour next al-jazeera investigations.
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i. don't think they were here you know the place that. is the signal for the 2nd. episode to generation hate al-jazeera is investigative unit infiltrate france's phone right. it would offer you because we both were part of the. not just the sort of. person race. but something has to
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come our undercover investigator joins generation identity a movement calling for the expulsion of muslims from europe. to look up to 3. groups up. the system if you think people will be going for it to get so that the marine le pen's close allies attends a new fascist browny. over the. city through pseudo new political defeat to c.b.c.'s here. and we revere links between generation legend c. and leaders of marine le pen's national front. the question that you probably don't see so not results i have gotten. to know. so you cannot
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get. for 6 months an undercover reporter from al-jazeera investigative unit joined one of europe's fastest growing far right movements. generation identities dramatic stunts have attracted media attention unsoundness of followers. in early 2018 around a 100 militants blocked a mountain tossed used by migrants on the france italy board a. generation i don't see claims to be a nonviolent non-racist political movement. at all or on the cover of found otherwise. to do with usually a generation right entity activists carry out
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a race attack oh. and one has a wish to drive a vehicle into a crowded market popular with muslims. most of what you'll do a little bit of is risking my job don't you just saw a little closer to the just are you just using. the typical psychiatric. facility. are on the cover reporter louis joined generation identities flounders broad based in legal. its headquarters is a ball called the citadel a social club where activists drink and discuss policy today is the club's birthday . single so. it's about security you can.
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follow your details about the fields. you're in the community. to see it to you today. in public the hustle says generation identity is neither violent nor racist in private the head of the live branch gives a different message to followers. he encourages g.-i members to his soul political enemies but if you hug most. of the elders even though i'm your hero. a place that is you know for your own for you actually quite a few of us in pushing this issue of the if you go if the public initial quake you mentioned. in. the hostel brings out a weapon g.i. activists say that the hassle encourages street violence as a political tool and it is really up to the surface on the street is.
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very small he she will offer you a goodish through some of these years of. the n.s.a. or student mob tie long played a prominent role a street thugs in hitler's rise to power. and influence the boy you're going to do this you know that. you believe for the grace of. louis arranges to go to a football match with 2 generation identity activists. from. the vigil to go.
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they drive to a match involving leo's football team. louis ascent to meet a group of fans renowned for their violence most of the munchies which. lympics sporting club has a hooligan fan base known as the mosque on me. today leila playing moss a team with many supporters from france's arab community. heroes to women so big boy for to grow up on something i didn't put up with if you cheat where you come from this good but this control you know because. it is in your destructive it's good to push because it's the stuff was good.
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you know that outside the little stadium is with g.i. activists 50 pool and the lost on me. the last only includes members of the extreme far right. as the most a fans are rife pretty pool heads to the front of the crowd. that. the bottle is throwed. the cold returns of the scoff he's stolen from a ma say find. something for the coming. generation identity has already been tarnished by its links to the lost on me. i'll mail you the last year of our time nicholas good you know fill the void let.
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me tell you it's the way to go to do what's good for the. body. to make when you get. the last colony ben but he used to attend the citadel is you know on mute we filmed him after a court appearance. since. his awaiting trial for his alleged role in a man's death the body was found in the lille river commute was also a member of the now disbanded near nazi group even a little more yeah go. cold . would you go a bit more cool just because this source. says she gets to put. in
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episode one of generation hate remy follies takes part in a race attack the. problem with her. 6 blog. for felice the activities of the last call me go beyond football hooliganism. something you feel. but this. was actually true. but you know all she. struck with general. following meets arrest pictures emerged of him with a citadel regular. on match days tell he saw joins the last call me as a pub close to the stadium. went to easily met movie at the citadel he said
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violence helps g.i. members to bond but. today he's suspicious of louis. it was the last season which they've done which was to. well you think about it later because i thought it was it was awful you wouldn't get the opportunity was. upset about this i also thought that very manages to reassure him and offers to join him on a night out was it worth it whatever it was whether you like was the thing about it let it go like that with. the last army has a reputation for filings 41 members of the last call me were arrested when they were played at bordeaux in december 26th 18 among them well to easily you know i mute on the. already employed hassle they were charged in the course had all of the verdicts are under appeal. to
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a big gulp down with going to scummy trying to buckelew switch to spirit people to sort of step forward yeah. that's a meeting in legals main square vassal tells louise about a movie used against rival football fans. golf and nothing from the simple we saw an opportunity to listen to that i'm going to look at all the capital it's such a little bit what's on the surface but i think if you look at people just a couple of you look like the boat they can get on such a fire. going to have it going to drink or somebody will cut wood up or is really cool as well if you know the traditional church and also. keep in touch with the blogosphere make an affair and they're all going to take a little bit of look at a clip they also think of such a ridiculous question with. all of this quote we can say also get.
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later at the citadel basle tells are on the cover of course at that last call me members are not welcome at his bomb. it's a goal of. t.v. . sets that resulted in studio just yet. he tells louis that generation identity rejects the phylum far right. which as you said it was a fight that was the only ideal ended out of those debussy but we all know you don't get a look i'm hoping that if i were sober just over a stupid which would you consider an awful awful you would know well how do you know i was good for you finding people to be real sorry for the or
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despite the hassles claims inside the system till there is a racism. that he was going to be just something most of the stuff you know also. because you know there's another reason. that he couldn't work for me as you do so you know you have a mission flaws and you must produce a committee to get the people to believe exhibit but because he knew he has many anti semitic remarks that this is going to go through. 'd 'd the. way he. preached. but then you see i see guys are talking about stuff that you know he tries to take photographs in the box for a 2nd time. searching little bit of
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a shoulder because of that it was also because of all that the hassle is constantly trying to prevent outsiders knowing what goes on in the citadel i think you know when setting up when he said he got so much more powerful than for you know she had to get shit on the phone. takes louise photos and i want them to help us in the early levels you know but all of them said you know that's what the cable you were 3 years ago. makes it clear that members have to play by his rooms busy. i just said that was going to. change don't you see me all hanging. on somebody in the middle. it's the night before a planned national protest by generation identity in paris. receives a message. who can document that you know. everything.
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just. because. the. left wing activists attack a generation identity but. most dislike it with the let me get let me on a little beyond all such. stories the point forgot about the. following morning activists gather at the citadel before leaving for paris. if the citizens it is easier to shoot people that if the. generation identities demonstration has been banned by the french school it's due
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to fears of file and. the police cordon surrounds hundreds of g.i. activists from across europe. they include members of leo. g.-i activists later stage a demonstration outside the box a clown theater 89 people was shot dead by islamist assailants join the 2015 paris attacks. outside the ball damaged by left wing activists the national director of the identity and is with the hassle and all the g.i. leaders. plans to exact revenge for the attack that's been put on hold. not because of me i think it's obvious that he's everything seems to thinks it's not me it's. clearly jail moni was in the
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bar at the time of the attack so it was mostly consistent system that is not something i could not use in a little yeah because i think it is something. a week after the ban demonstration activists watch a video of the paris bar attack posted by on to fascists chloe jail nobody has trouble to legal. was. justified but. the good. film only reveals that talks about a revenge attack have taken place with another far right groups of people that came to something similar small system to. seize or to
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tell them all sorts of stuff from a subject matter. of the forms of in the middle of a song for this course of. the group union defense is a neo fascist organization. she has a long history of conducting violent attacks. the grouping in defense was formed after may $68.00 in france as a reaction to trotskyist another leftist movements. the group is radical in its ideas but above all radical in its violence that's the principle is that violence is a goal in itself it's in a static that's talk to young activists senior. members of generation identity all worried that the media will find out about their plans to work with the good.
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museums. it's due in part. because it would lose a few 100 of the. truth. to. some of the internet it was. it's the weekend that leo hosts the national front congress. to a meeting on europe's future hosted by right wing publishing house generation identity has a stand. with a friend. left
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on the jail for. al-jazeera tamed a video which showed fidel in the room when good members assaulted the former president. well you go back to fidel believe that the former good leader edouard klein was too weak to run a far right organization you walk us through there's a couple of dollars. exactly there's a lot. of said dahlan to all those face assault charges but i don't think so i tried to say this was that if he was with 2 of the you. want to use the open source of the hassle joins vigil in mocking klein of the dog and the boy on the roof for allah it 'd was supposed to be if you want to wake up to the experience of. the most weeks of this.
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week is a good week so i read something. at the citadel lee meets a visitor from the capital. to the evolution of the 1st official. to be all there all of us are going to call you value of the day all of which i look for among the good was formally dissolved in 2017 following internal roused. activists continue to operate under its name alongside members of generation identity. to. 'd 'd record the existence of a conscious president clinton with one of their colleagues who work for the good has been linked to a number of attacks on left wing students will be i want to be sure to make you
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better for the big issues come to you i don't want to do the removal of the one for the girl with up to. the number one unit on the far right activists have storms. frances here some of the attacks have been violent like the wanted to paris school several activists from the good that arrived giving fascist salutes and shouting slogans all the food all one of them was convicted in france last summer it. was. he was given a year suspended jail sentence for punching a female student scrupulously all the. members of the good attend national front running alongside activists. in the company. also.
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every year the citadel hosts an event called. it's a medieval germanic tradition involving singing and drinking let. during a break. gives more details on generation partnership with the good. ones are not. getting a lot of similar type. i got a lot of some of those. but you know all that. because a lot of your. lives . easier.
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important to remember the national front this is the citadel on to posts about his street fighting skills there's a good. you know you can find out if you want to come out of the night on one of le pen his closest friends says immigrants will be expelled from france if the party wins power very useless talk. my son gets on. it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there white supremacy impacts all of our patients you're
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putting more money into the hands of someone 1st taking money out of the hands of other workers and everyone goes to their camp it becomes us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is there. you what you all deserve with me so wrong a reminder of all top news stories u.s. president joe biden has reportedly decided to withdraw all remaining african american troops pardon me from afghanistan by september the 11th it means the u.s. will miss the may the 1st outline set up by the trumpet ministration mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . the reaction is somewhat mixed particularly from congress there the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell has described the decision as a grave mistake this is a sentiment shared by
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a ranking member of the powerful house armed services committee mike rogers who says that this could impact on the u.s. national interests and its security some democrats to have expressed reservations but generally there's been overwhelming support from that side of the house for president biden's decision in other news the use of force expert has testified at the trial of don't show over and that the police officer was justified in pinning george floyd to the ground because there was frantic resistance it contradicts the testimonies of top police officials who said trayvon used excessive unjustified force in the us city of minneapolis also minnesota the police officer who fatally shot a 20 year old unarmed black man has resigned along with the city's police chief there are protests for a 3rd day against dante wright's death and they're outside a police station with a curfew due to come into force in the coming hours nato has called on russia to
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withdraw forces that the alliance says the kremlin has been deploying new ukraine gives foreign ministers in belgium meeting with nato officials there's growing concern that the kremlin is moving towards war egyptian authorities have impounded the container ship that blocked the suez canal last month the ever given was struck for nearly a strike for nearly a week disrupting billions of dollars worth of global trade the head of the suez canal says the vessel won't be released until its japanese owner settles a claim for compensation. a top infectious disease expert in the us says a poor as in administering your johnson and johnson jobs will allow time to investigate rare cases of blood clotting the suspension recommended by u.s. regulators prompted europe to delay its rollout while south africa suspended it you can follow those stories of course on our website at al-jazeera dot coms updated throughout the day be back with more news in half an hour we continue with al-jazeera investigations.
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al jazeera is on the cover of has infiltrated generation identity. it's one of europe's fastest growing far right movements in part one of the g.i. leading illegal and promotes street violence as a political tool. in freedom works it will issue the future of the people for the office in which. generation identity calls for really migration where known european immigrants and their families all sent back to their supposed country of origin a reporter was about to discover a plan by senior national front figures to secretly adult these policies. then. i don't really want even half of.
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this year's national front congress is in legal. form. following the 2017 election defeats this is marine le pen's 1st big opportunity to galvanize his supporters the senior party figures are gathering. among them filipe amory. amory was exposed in episode one this generation hate hiring g.i. activist to work for the national front. get a lawyer. and we reveal the links between sebastian shenouda and
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generation identity. things that should know there's always tonight. there's us just sort of some games will extend what you call the tour or to the back to the cubicle up to get you look at what it is that exclude women a look at but it's equally don't assume it could be journals or that the book says that the to. our investigation found evidence that sheena knows already in basle the g.i. leader in louisville. or you know this initiative was the 1st. case it's just. with the national front congress in town it's a big weekend at the citadel. delegate some senior policy figures are expected to stop by. there are gods outside and further checks inside following
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concerns that journalists may also try to enter. the law of the eurozone you have a. lot of media in the. among the visitors is club of a doubt a former activist with a violent likely movement the good he's in legal for the national front congress the criminal. louie wonders if he too could attend the congress. difficult for future contributors. of form of the output of the. project. to the far right activists such as vitale can access the national front congress with ease but the new push to jump through the us is the biggest number of
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them all to the own. home. looming the big national front delegates state all over the issue of evolution actually think about it. it's. a shock to believe the model be able to do that in the fall they were put through mixes with leading policy figures including nicholas face a senior official and member of the european parliament. you could get more money if you do make up what we're going to reveal some of the you would if a group of 6 was a little bit about the future much of. some of the. almost like you know not the number of the.
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citadel is a track to some influential figures. to leave g.i. leader jokes that he doesn't recognize them well those were all. the benefits. given those kids to the. crawshay is a good friend of marine le pen and joining him another cold feet all of the party leader frederick schettino is. actually on crawshay to face fraud charges in connection with election campaign funds. for hostile greeks shouting all of the tools to karate there are 00000000000. 000004 the spirit of the bushes. the few see an enormous simply place that in 2017 a french television documentary was broadcast about the financial scandal.
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chatty on call. all known in the french media as marine le pen's men in the shadows . senior national front figures are accused of embezzling millions of euros of public money and selfish the program focused on the alleged roles of crawshay and szechuan younger. these f.a. additional small to combine civic to highlight the don't question differences unique abu hussein. peace to do see some to meet. some new pain the documentary was based on a book by investigative journalists to stultify a murray in turkey. he couldn't actually finish it also make a crushing and frederick szechuan really our marine le pen's men in the shadows they are not in the official organizational structure they're not in the media yet they're the ones who pull the strings from behind they've been your friends for 30
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years they control the parties communications and finances and work for the national front of the european parliament when astronaut are on the cover reporter met crawshay the night before the national front congress. doesn't know what to call them in the fog. and what a lot of clues. to the effect of the pit with all of the law will fall to the. new shooters i think going to find it hard to ignore. crawshay speaks about a trip to italy that he'd recently taken with a chatty all put into almost fell on which to build fences as a whole but with all the. people you should clear. cast the pound is the new fascist political movement in italy. it's staged to ready to mark the 40th anniversary of the death of 3 far right activists.
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yeah after the round left wing activists bought chatty on crawshay. with us just. for the pizza. debate ships at sea org website but she's a machine simple. people out there even if you cycle. in the end the 2 men managed to escape. maybe that's the hunters you know. but you get to see so it's immediate said sibyl so i got it to come to come. to determine. the critical shift for the nickel or crochet and frederick szechuan are toxic because they are already linked to financial scandals
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affecting the national front today but there is another much more ideological aspect to frederick shetty on he is the radical who is close to being the pan and he was president of the good degree that. was president of the extreme far right good movement as a student in the 1990 s. he's been accused of anti semitism sic in the book she does not trust many people but she trusts them her former chief of staff told me that le pen said that she can count on them for life and death so there is an enormous trust there in all. the citadel and all undercover reporter met more leading national front figures who align themselves with generation identity. she was just there was a little bit you know the whole subject of only about all religion is going to. be all of us going to hear what's good for the future of hollywood legend akil been
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good for the individual will point shut up so much to get the security services. it's not the same thing not just a little disappointed. what's the good news because it's a well just a comfy almost a fiddle to finish to suit the nose on the you but also want something to follow you you want to focus on good luck to go to. college. nearby the party congress is on the way. she still has value is a member of the european parliament for the national front. she's voted on to the policies national council i ask her about the number of muslims living in france. just. sick on that day you won't see the need too little easter songs you know just a good idea that you need me to tell the studio and letting them know if it's you don't it will be it's just always you know looking focal point it's all sorts of
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yeah well now come what you want for you. if you don't get these to live for the so no it's the fault of it it's the same east. no no no. the cities makes them do what i think you know best only it would be the schools will be back up and up and you. put your own stuff. evolves and one of the founders of the identity area movement is also elected to the policies national council. he has a conviction for inciting racial hatred. one of the guests is steve bannon president trump's former advisor and right wing ideologues let them call you racist less to list it was a let them call you son of folks the menace it is it was appeasing of let them call
4:45 am
your native us let's see if it is up to. wear it as a badge of honor. badge. yes even though me i mean our camera captures little value was young from swap the drone who work for a local party in normandy. at the citadel a drone who introduces a list of valley a. national map incident to his town it is little that you have not had to know. that if you thought he's going down right now i was. right you. know the only new you. know. that's just really.
4:46 am
not going to. be at the end of this you know. they are. going to tease program and ideas. but what is also telling for me is to see a national front. in an identity tarion bar surrounded by violent openly racist activists. vassal dances with his national front guests. shot yawn crawshay also enjoying the evening. alongside grammy follies we filmed punching a woman in a race attacked. louis asked cross a why he's there. he's not there doesn't even get my number let me have them.
4:47 am
as more prominent national front guests arrive at the citadel basle jokes about the risks they're taking my way before you hear of the body of the officer you want to . get on the. dillies wife sylvie golden is another m.v.p. louie all say if a prominent party figure should be seen as a g.i. bar. early it's clearly just young. son you know you love.
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you. anyway so yeah ya go down in the yacht your boss if that's what i thought it was yeah that was what was all right but let me ask you a little dance if we're. good well. there's a video i felt perhaps naively that they were no longer on that terrain. the fact of entering into positions of political responsibility that could also change their personal line towards the identity variance there obviously this was not the case for everyone and this is an unwelcome surprise for me. to know that we're not going to. have the let's just talk about yet another one off the market i'm going to write a book. with
4:49 am
a friend shetty are looking on marine le pen prepares to make an announcement about the national front future. the band wants to broaden the party's appeal. chickie through sudan of the can by the gun if you deceive. the pen believes many voters associate the party's name with extremism. so no one issue not. a book out in the straw it became you know you never served. who could have. mended to the influx of crimes you could kill who was one of. the ones i don't call a foreigner sure now and there v.n. joha song mona showed up. the pen hopes the name change will attract the moderate voters she needs to gain power. and i know ben sit for what matters to marine le pen
4:50 am
is what you see in the media not what's happening in the parties back rooms when he said if they try to put a positive spin and ideas that french people view negatively they try to change the form and the way they communicate these ideas and not the ideas themselves but is the enemy. of the citadel the pen's former accountant legal across a is raining against the european parliament don't talk to you through the talk to . get what they see on the journey to know what you see. behind closed doors see a policy figures express views that look 10 wants to hide from the public and anyone to the justice in the end this isn't a question about it that's not what i was able to get at it. there's a status but there's no slant on us will ever stops there.
4:51 am
don't you don't for listening to what's worrying for those who might vote for the national front or the ideological consequences of having identity aryans within the party that is specially regarding the migration and the great replacement of the 2 main ideas of the identity ariens migration is the return of the immigrants to their countries of origin of the great replacement is the idea that french people are being replaced by immigrants these are extremely radical ideas incestuous saw is the extent. of it as you know it is a reform you know. you look at me got some very good sense of my soul mates not on. secrets like you mock him or. the tears or so but i'm on. welfare and. most of
4:52 am
what we call the 3 more noisy talk. he can a shapeshifting can't cope with. on the street. the fact that people from the national front can openly say that they support re migration must concern and worry people. because it means that your cousin your sister your girlfriend can one day for a reason unknown to us be sent back to a country which is allegedly their country of asylums. does. your position for you and the people you love all your choice talk about safety. but even they're. not up to the standard that means that. that's one of the rights. they're going to likely when they get was a problem with your lesson. that all of that.
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was. made like this in my own. no this was. there are things here which we have never heard and never seen in france. we can really see that the national front is keeping links with violent far right satellite groups around the national front movement on us from that arena the pens the demonization is torn to shreds by these images and the links and the interviews of the people that we see in the film whether she's in. some communities or maggie going to. miss you home to do you for me don't dish this one of them like that too often that you. have let's not let that stand. up when your aspect really we're not allowed to really. get you. get. a
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lot of. missions not come in we have a can testimony from someone who says that we agree with the line promoted by the identity but we cannot express it we can take that and we will see afterwards i think that must serve as an alarm for everyone at. home. get it done to mitigate quandaries i let you go that's only if you do. this in the fullness fernanda. if the national front comes to power notably with groups like these in your documentary we can be afraid the racist hate speech gets institutionalized that racist hatred and hatred of other people gets totally left out of this that there would be a sort of into coming no violence or even into ethnic violence which is what the
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identity ariens on. we want in this country. don't pick. the pen said that since becoming policy leader she'd suspended or expelled all members who'd been violent racist or anti semitic lappin disagreed with. statements saying the n.e.p. supported a line that members had rejected when they elected her as president. le pen said it was unreasonable to reproach frederick sheffield for his involvement with the as a student. of the pan i did that already in vassal has never been a member of a movement and is banned from joining fee for a mary said party assistance at the regional council we recruited legally.
4:56 am
sebastian she said that while the hostel did contact him to say he was not allowed into a political meeting he did not go looking for him. already and the hassles lawyer said the citadel did not represent generation identity and welcomed the wide range of members of diverse persuasions. said that being secretly filmed in a private place is detestable countries discovery of this it irritated him the hassle did not respond to our request for an interview. so i went to see him. that he just. longing. to me to do what you're going to do it is a very determined unction i think you're going to meet a man that made it feel really intelligent. and he didn't write. almost every
4:57 am
policy and i mean. he would go to civil. is it that you don't want successes the future will be where you need to go from going to. see who. i thought was a weirdly studios who visited your shoes when young all young folk who said you know you did so well this is all. since our investigation the hassle has been sentenced to 5 months in jail for assaulting 2 north african youths he claims he is innocent and does lodged an appeal generation identity say he's no longer a member. eric dillies and sylvie gordon have left the national rally. after the 1st episode of generation hates the measure of leo called for the citadel to be closed down the public prosecutor has launched an inquiry.
4:58 am
4:59 am
so a 3 year investigation into the pro-gun lobby have been implementing those meetings are going to really. reveal secrets. out there i mean people out there you know. connection some don't want to expose many in legacy media law last shoot. back next week night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. from
5:00 am
the favelas of caracas to the battlefields around also our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. u.s. troops will pull out of afghanistan by september the 11th going against a deadline agreed with the taliban. tell us the whole robin you're watching over there a live from doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. please try to break up a crowd of angry protesters rallying for another night against the shooting of an unarmed black man in the u.s. .


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