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al diaz can l. we look at the situation in the country today is this the end of the need for a continuation of the legacy all of the beginning of real change in cuba special coverage has rolled castro steps down on al-jazeera. u.s. troops will now pull out of afghanistan by september the 11th going against a deadline agreed with the taliban. globes a whole rommany what you are observing life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes a defense expert says the policeman accused of killing george floyd was justified in kneeling on his neck for more than 9 minutes. health care and show when
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a word is justified with acting with objective reasonable miss protest bill the head of a curfew for a 2nd night in minnesota after a shooting of an unarmed black man that by a police officer. and the long road to recovery the belief forecasts for people living in the shadow of a caribbean volcano that still erupting. welcome to the program the u.s. will take more than 4 months longer than agreed deadline with the taliban to pull its troops out of afghanistan u.s. government officials have indicated that president joe biden will withdraw them by september the 11th which marks the 20th anniversary of the $911.00 attacks on the u.s. it means they'll miss the deadline of may the 1st which was agreed by the talent with the taliban leaders and the previous administration around 2500 american troops remain in the country down from
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a peak of more than 100000 in 2011 the 2001 attacks by al qaeda led to the us invasion of afghanistan which is america's longest war. the president has been consistent in his view that there is not a military solution to afghanistan that we have been there for far too long that has been his view for some time well documented well reported on he believes that and he remains committed to supporting negotiations between the parties which many of you may be following are resuming next week and he also believes we need to focus our resources on fighting the threats we face today 20 years almost 20 years after the war began. to come out how small from washington d.c. . the reaction is somewhat mixed particularly from congress there the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell has described the decision as a grave mistake this is a sentiment shared by
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a ranking member of the powerful house armed services committee mike rogers who says that this could impact on the u.s. national interests and its security some democrats to have expressed reservations but generally there's been overwhelming support from that side of the house for president biden's decision interestingly enough when he was vice president all those years ago joe biden attempted to persuade barack obama that there would be no military victory within afghanistan that the u.s. presence there should be sharply reduced he failed to do so but now that he's president he's going to get his own way and significantly as well there are no conditions attached to the step the timeline he's expressed the opinion that there can be no military victory in afghanistan he says the u.s. is now going to focus on a diplomatic arrangements attempting to get some kind of diplomatic deal between all the parties but. the 11th of september the last remaining of
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some 2 and a half 1000 u.s. soldiers in afghanistan will be withdrawn for good or diplomatic editor james bays has more reaction from the united nations headquarters in new york. the taliban holiday in their position just hours after the announcement here at u.n. headquarters of a day for new talks on afghanistan they now say they won't attend any negotiations about the country's future until all foreign forces have left the idea of the istanbul talks was to reboot earlier talks in doha to try and get a negotiated political settlement before u.s. and nato forces leave the conference will focus on helping the negotiating parties reach a new set of shared fundamental principles that reflect an agreed vision for a future of ghana stem a road map to a future political settlement and of course an end to the conflict is the u.n.
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is one of the koch convene is still committed to a democratic afghanistan to an afghanistan with freedom of expression and an afghanistan with equal rights for women and the u.n. committed to those 3 weeks we are committed to the people of afghanistan we are committed to ensuring that the gains that have been made or not lost and that is especially true for women in afghanistan. they'll be urgent diplomatic efforts now to try and get the taliban to change their mind pakistan will be key is the country which has the most leverage over the taliban in kabul many will be worried and it's worth recalling a letter that the u.s. secretary of state antony blinken wrote to president garvey at the beginning of last month it was later leaks he said after american military withdrawal i'm concerned that the security situation will worsen and that the taliban could make rapid territorial gains.
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i. use of force expert has testified that former police officer derrick chauvin was justified in pinning george floyd to the ground in the us city of minneapolis broods said that's because of what he describes as frantic resistance it contradicts the testimonies of several top minneapolis police officials including the city's police chief who said trayvon used excessive unjustified force chauvin knelt on floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes during an arrest last may i felt that derek chauvin was justified and was acting with objective reasonable ness following minneapolis police department policy in current standards of law enforcement and his interactions with mr floyd so the judge in an office and after his conduct it's more of a challenge to again put yourself in the officer shoes to try to make an evaluation
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through what they're feeling what they're sensing the fear they have and then make a determination well john hendren is following the trial in minneapolis. it was a dramatic reversal today on day 12 that's because the prosecution rested its case and the defense began calling its witnesses and one after another they contradicted what we have been hearing for 11 previous days 1st off we had body camera footage of a 2019 arrest of george floyd and that was contrasted with new body camera footage of the fateful may 25th arrest when george floyd at the end was no longer breathing and famously said i can't breathe and in both cases defense witnesses claimed that george floyd. did not cooperate with police and took drugs that were in his possession before being taken by police and then you have the star witness for the
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defense today and that was very broad saying that he believed that derrick chauvin was using inappropriate holding that he essentially did nothing wrong in kneeling on george floyd's neck for 9 and a half minutes on the prosecution pushed back on that pointing out that long after george floyd had stopped any kind of resistance to that arrest and after he had even stopped having a pulse an officer actually checked him derek children continued to kneel on george floyd so that might not have gone particularly well for the jury but the theory of the defense is that george floyd did not die because derek children kneeled on his neck and that he died in fact from a combination of heart problems and drugs that he had in his system so that's going to be the tact the defense continues to take and so we expect to hear a number of witnesses probably some medical witnesses coming up. in minnesota police officer say 20 year old unarmed black man has resigned along with the city's
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police chief the brooklyn sense of shooting has reignited nationwide protests against police brutality and racial inequality a right to a shot on sunday after being pulled over for an expired registration the police chief called it an accident saying the officer miss took a gun for the taser well civil rights attorney benjamin crump is representing the families of bryant's and george florey to let out a joint press conference he called for responsible leadership. this is. making. their own. out. there. that goes. without do believe that's implicit but. they treat margin among minorities differently then they treat white american citizens when a poor their mo is so we have to speak to that and if the city leadership brooklyn
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symptom is saying that we need more f. leadership to make sure that this is prevented in the future. the family welcomes responsible leadership but it's conservative alan fischer he's on the books in central minnesota and joins us not over see the public ignored curfew times last night and they've come out to get on to the streets on cheese day . that's right if you've been extended here it will be 10 pm but it gives you an idea of the size of the crowd around here in brooklyn center hundreds of people for a vigil and march to remember dawn to right people here are angry we saw trouble over the last couple nights number of shops have been lifted but there is genuine deep seated frustration to many areas of the community and we'll be speaking to
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black white brown people who live right here in brooklyn center people who live 820 kilometers away in minneapolis and others who come from such a 40 minutes drive away to express their anger about what happened here on sunday when 20 year old had gone to right was shot by a police officer 26 year old veteran of the force remember the police are saying it was a case of mistaking her gun for her taser she thought she was pulling a taser but she fired the fatal shot that killed at the young man's people here i'm really buying that excuse members of the family aren't buying that excuse they look if you get any level of training and you get on the 4th or 26 years you know the difference between the feel of a taser and the feel of a gun but the people here are. here's me all right and what is a viciously cold night to express their concern about what happened because they
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say although the police chief has resigned and the city center manager is lying on the officer who fired the short has resigned all in the last 24 hours it's simply not enough what has to happen is systemic change in the way that policing is carried out here in the united states and the see the act tired of coming out on protests like this because another black man has been killed at the hands of the police and they say that this should be our wake up call to politicians that they can just walk away and say it's just the voices of a few i agree people on the fringes of these communities this is the heart of the community and these people. he's me how can i write to express their concern their anger and their frustration the intention is that they will move from here back around to the front to the police station out of court where we've seen a confrontations over the last couple of nights everyone here is hoping that those
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resignation may well have lowered the. motional temperature here and also the authorities are hoping that the actual drop in temperature because it is freezing as you can see it's snowing might just be a now to make sure that there is no repeat of the trouble with part over the past 2 years all continue to monitor events of the island up to the curfew television the course of the brooklyn center in minnesota. still ahead here on al-jazeera russian research to end a military buildup on its border with ukraine calls a threat of war and we'll look at argentina's double dilemma back into lockdown and see the economies thumb further cases keep on rising those stories after the break . it's time for the perfect gentleman the weather sponsored point qatar airways.
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ok the rain is going from japan that the sun has come out or will come out and you've got temperatures rising above 20 degrees so the saw will continues raging torrents certainly on the western side of the slopes of honshu if you follow this system back to china is the seasonal one and what he announces self bring heavy rain down towards grand on fujian eventually taiwan some follows this disturbance in northern china and still cold enough some of these said to produce snow a long way north need not think that includes beijing not an 18 degrees doesn't but it certainly is going to induce some big showers even thunderstorms on thursday and the breeze will pick up for a while improve the air quality there will die down temperatures only change wost you're within those hour order to meet those showers south of all this the action actually is in the western pacific and that's taken all the showers away from eastern indonesia that remains dry but this potential circulation is a potential cyclic which will eventually move probably was
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a philippines but not for a while yet this rain for the west sumatra still strapped thailand and peninsular malaysia and that's moving up into the southern bay of bengal in fact the rains are moving up into the far south of india in the norse including in delhi the breeze picks up every now and again in fact it could even turn sundry the day or 2. qatar airways. xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. generation identity was at one time the fastest growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate. part 2 of a special 2 part investigation on a. welcome
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back you want yours there with me sell rum a reminder of our top news stories u.s. president joe biden has reportedly decided to withdraw all the remaining african american troops from afghanistan by september the 11th it means the u.s. will miss the deadline of may the 1st set up by the trumpet ministration. a use of force expert has testified at the trial of don't show over and that the police officer was justified in pinning george floyd to the ground because there was frantic resistance it contradicts the testimonies of top police officials who said servant used excessive unjustified force in the us city of minneapolis. the minnesota police officer who fatally shot
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a 20 year old unarmed black man has resigned along with the city's police chief there are protests for a 3rd day against dante wright's death. russia is being judged to deescalate border tension with ukraine u.s. president joe biden has proposed a summit in the coming months with vladimir putin but russia has already rejected nature's call for an end to military build upon ukraine's border natasha butler has more from paris. unjustified and unexplained was how the head of nato described russia's buildup of troops on its border with ukraine after meeting with ukraine's foreign minister in brussels russia must end this military buildup in and around ukraine stop its provocations on the escalate immediately. russia has deployed naval ships heavy armor and tens of thousands of troops in recent weeks violence is risen between russian backed separatists and ukrainian
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forces in ukraine's east ukraine's foreign minister said nato must respond to what he called a threat of war by gathering today we try to avoid the mistake that was made in 2014 when russia was ready to act swiftly and pursue its military goals in crimea and gone bust while our western partners were considering their reactions to what was happening on the ground. russia will not be able to catch anyone by surprise anymore we could labor also discuss the situation with the u.s. secretary of state is on a 3 day visit to proselytise the u.s. will station an extra 500 troops in germany we're seeing unfortunately. russia take a very provocative act want to have right without. the largest concentration. of russian forces one present for her defense 2014 kremlin officials say the troops
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are on a training exercise and that ukraine has been acting provocatively some analysts say vladimir putin is less interested in conflict than in challenging washington what we have seen over the last few months is a breakdown of the u.s. russia and relation seems there by the ministry of. power and i think putin is basic you trying to die and he's testing by going to be sufficient to see how far i'd be willing to go and they really are all on russia the white house says u.s. president biden has called russia's leader to urge a deescalation of tensions the kiev the best way to end the conflict with russia would be for nato to foster track its request for membership of the alliance sending a clear message to moscow the ukraine sovereignty could not be threatened natasha butler al jazeera paris. gyptian authorities have impounded the container ship the
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blood of these serious car last month the ever given more stark canadia wing to supreme billions of dollars in global trade the head of the suez canal says the vessel won't be released until its japanese own a settles a claim for compensation reported to be around $900000000.00. ben's incumbent president patrice tello has won a 2nd term in an election marred by violence and low voter turnout early results received 86 percent of the vote but official data shows just half of eligible voters turned out opposition politicians boycott of the poll and 2 people died last week in anti-government protests many are angry the talent abandoned a 216 yet pledge to serve just one term limited dress house more from a culture new on the balance southern coast. doesn't support the president making the streets of. east victory the wide
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margin of his victory. generally. results are just like any way by the election commission is what you. want to take in 16 countries want to. participate you. say. to be sworn in. and many people here in front believe that he's. the president of. this particular election. but counting from the 1st round of prue's general elections has nearly finished socialist because theo will have
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a runoff in june against the conservatives who featured marie who faces corruption allegations and so most peruvians choosing the next president won't be easy as money on a sun just ripples from lima. teacher bit look at the you campaigned in remote towns where health care police and even the into. it are an illusion nearly unknown castillo won the 1st round of the vote. while some live in great opulence and dressed in toys behind desks with a luxurious life my brothers today a place that trust in a man of the people those who bite their nails every day whilst waiting for that bread to come have removed that blindfolds. among promises the 51 year old union leader says he'll nationalize resources and change the constitution. those are marxist ideas that scare her but there's been some input from us and i would not vote because he's too leftist extremist we have no option but to vote for who he
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maury. but they go for him or he brings a wealth of problems with the judiciary she faces 30 years in prison for corruption charges the 45 year old daughter of former autocratic leader of the mahdi jailed for grass human rights violations says she'll continue her father's legacy of governing with a hard fist given us at the u.n. that. we will confront populism and the radical left and i know many will join us. 65 percent of peruvians say they would not vote for her if. it's inexplicable people have no memory after all what the folk imari family has done negatively i have no option but to vote for christie as always the least worst. after 5 years of political instability nearly 28 percent of peruvians didn't vote and 2800000 cast a blank or an old ballots chronic discontents with the state of things democracy
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and politicians has made people search for an anti system solution. analysts say whoever wins the presidency will have a problem with legitimacy neither candidate was favored with even 20 percent of the vote. and now some analysts believe they have to move to the center of their extreme views to win voters is that. as you know in the studio is used to negotiating who doesn't have an m.b.a. like keiko who's never negotiated anything in her life and if she wins she won't have a majority in congress which means she could easily be ousted. this 5 year term will end in july with the 5th president sworn in and for many disenchanted with politics the new vote will be like choosing between one illness or another the innocent just i'll just leave.
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brazil senators agreed to launch a congressional inquiry into the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic it was the most severe political consequence to date for president also hours approach to covert 19 and he's repeatedly downplayed its impact and undermined restrictions imposed by state governments the virus has killed more than 350000 people in brazil the 2nd highest death toll after the u.s. now argentina is reporting a record number of new kovac 1000 cases with more than 27000 infections confirmed on tuesday but with millions facing difficulties putting food on the table the government is reluctant to impose more restrictions 30 has more from what is iris. food is a human right see this people in the center of what a sight is the government in argentina's capital to demand more government help to act as we said it best is poverty rates are on the rice and millions of people are struggling to survive. we understand the way out is with work and they were in
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a complex situation but there are resources. the government will have to choose whether to continue paying for foreign debt would take care of those people that can barely make ends meet the pandemic poses a major challenge for argentina the government is already assisting over 10000000 people with food and cash handouts but the economy has deteriorated rapidly the country is struggling to pay to foreign debt and still every day around 20000 new infections are confirmed there is an evening curfew here in the capital and access to public transport is limited but authorities are reluctant to declare another full lockdown like they did last year fearing the consequences that my come from closing the economy completely but i'm not against yes there's no social margin to shut down everything there are lots of people that don't eat meat if they don't work the government has fewer tools than they did last year and that's why it's crucial the excluded the vaccination campaign they cannot focus only on
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restrictions because there is no support and there is need on the street even though argentina has one of the strongest public health care systems in latin america is to to sions and workers here are under stress they're rising factions in this past week most hospitals in one outsiders. have to be in some low place and they're already transferring patients to other areas north of hope would have demanded their help because i've been waiting 4 hours to go inside an emergency room i'm daniel o'donnell is a construction worker and says he rushed to the hospital because he was feeling ill . oh my throat hurts my back hurts i have difficulty breathing i've been waiting for a while to see a doctor. but experts say this is the beginning of a 2nd wave with a long winter ahead and scores resources or thought these are evaluating when is the best time to shut down. i just want to say this. the caribbean island isn't
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vincent has been rocked by another eruption the volcanic activity threatens water and food supplies 16000 residents have been forced from their homes with experts saying the explosions could continue for weeks and the governor has more. for decades less of free air remain dormant but late last week huge eruption sent gas and rocks spewing from its summit probably 50 kilometers. above the summit no the initial impact led to evacuation orders 416000 residents on monday a big a volcanic explosion made a dire situation worse those that didn't evacuate to dealing with increasing amounts of choking ash and water shortages and fear that more eruptions may come i'm not telling a lie and right now i think. because we don't know if you ever get back oh wow. now we have to suffer a little aid from neighboring countries is slowly making its way to this island of
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100000 people but the prime minister told al jazeera the road to recovery will be hard we can see we might dramatically decision how long it's going to last but this is a long haul we need to be in this condition before bob's or more but it's going to take much longer time to react he did tend to reconstruct so far there were no reports of deaths or serious injuries from the multiple eruptions those that live close to the volcano were evacuated to scientists or signs of activity in 1000 know to an estimated 1600 people died during a violent a ruction those that remember the last eruption in 1989 and say this is worse if you looked up. there is this huge. in this. deadly drug only once and now within minutes. it would
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just feel a change in the mood in the town the volcano sits on the northern part of the island away from most of the population but the threat to crops water supplies and the health of those still on the island is critical and vincent's prime minister says normal life doesn't exist and may not for some time and to gallica al-jazeera . you want your desire of being so horribly reminder of our top stories u.s. president joe biden those reportedly decided to withdraw all remaining american troops from afghanistan by september the 11th it means the u.s. will miss the may the 1st set by the trumpet ministration one kind of has more from washington d.c. . the reaction is somewhat mixed particularly from congress there the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell has described the decision as a grave mistake this is
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a sentiment shared by the ranking member of the powerful house armed services committee mike rogers who says that this could impact on.


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