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tv   Al Jazeera World The Doormen Of Egypt  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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shooting. back next week night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. is room in the world on al-jazeera. i know i'm maryam namazie and london with a quick look at our main stories now president joe biden has reportedly decided to withdraw all american troops from afghanistan by september 11th speaking anonymously u.s. officials have told the reuters news agency the decision will be announced formally on wednesday when it would miss the may 1st deadline for the withdrawal equate with the taliban by the trumpet ministration september the 11th this year is the 20th anniversary of the 911 attacks by al qaeda which that the u.s. invasion of afghanistan and america's longest war can really help it has more on
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this now from the white house. in terms of this withdrawal it has been a generation since that war began ad and as a result americans have grown weary in a pandemic they feel this is no longer a price tag couldn't they can afford and so 2 there are about 2500 remaining troops we know according to the white house that the pullout could begin right away but should be complete by september 11th of this year now we should also let you know that this is being criticized here in the united states in fact the top republican in the u.s. senate mitch mcconnell saying just moments ago that the new reporting suggesting the biden ministration plans to turn tail and abandon the fight now afghanistan he calls it precipitously withdrawing u.s. forces from afghanistan is a grave mistake well the u.s. president vladimir putin to deescalate border tensions with ukraine in a phone call with the russian president biden propose they hold a summit in
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a 3rd country in the coming months russia has already dismissed nature's call for its withdrawal of forces it's deploying ukraine. now u.s. pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson says it's delaying the rollout of its coronavirus vaccine in europe after u.s. drug regulators recommended a pause in its use our investigative blood clots in 6 women often they were not kill ated patty call home reports. it was heralded as a big step forward out of the pandemic the johnson and johnson backseat easier to administer just one shot and cheaper than the other approved vaccines but now federal authorities are urging health care providers to hold off on using it the reason of the 6800000 people who have received this vaccine 6 people have developed blood clots one died another is in critical condition critics say the federal response is an overreaction for every 100000 people who are over the age of 52 does not take a back seat today instead takes it tomorrow that leads us at the current go
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already. and this is why you know one of 1000000 people own stock take. the money and try to wait for their preferred vaccine and tomorrow that's going to affect the 150 deaths per day these type of blood clots show up in the unvaccinated population between 2 to 14 people per 1000000 in the united states every year but authorities here at the f.d.a. say it's the combination of this type of blood clot and low platelets that has raised the alarm because if doctors don't know to ask if you had the johnson and johnson vaccine they can give the wrong treatment and that can be fatal officials are urging people to keep an eye out for symptoms pay attention do you have symptoms headache if you have shortness of breath chest discomfort do you have anything that resembles a neurological syndrome and obviously if you have something as serious as
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a seizure that's pretty clear but there is a concern that this will only further increase vaccine hesitancy with more than a 3rd of people. telling pollsters they will wait to take the shot or take it only if it's required and many say they simply won't take it ever officials say they expect the delay to last just days and the by administration says it won't impact their overall goal for how many shots are administered but what they uncover a bunk this could have a huge impact on the rest of the globe as many countries are counting on this vaccine to get them past the pandemic patty calling al-jazeera silver spring maryland and here is again reported the walls highest daily tally of new covert infections that can fall more than 161000 new cases on cheers day and $879.00 deaths countries seeing a huge surge of infections that's frightening to of well hospitals in the hardest hit cities al-jazeera wealth is next. ready.
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now let's try to fill it with in the thing a 2nd. i mean i'm out of the market in shanghai.
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over. some sort of them have the test and i'm going to have been listening. to him in a. little integer volatility. how that was you look at the. number one. of the. most. different i thought what is your opinion on. what lines are not. paid for very little more than i mean what have you nan. but up when i got on board one of. an out of the income armature
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a dollar. well webb. and the alleged death of a member of that armada. that have been adequately. so kind and if nothing else i want to. make if you look at it there yet was a failure in both well but i learned a lesson that little more of. what i was led to a man of. whom . you. know bold but john.
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new move closer when. someone. is high yeah. well web. developer but then nobody even. has a lot of money. but that i'm on my own and if the book of books was elected democratic a war. 3 enough said what in the muck them on nobody can though i laugh and i look at look to my minimal come on mostly on me when i. was. very little but even if it had been the last one that i will go to sudan but i love
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it here you. feel better about it you little feel. that it would. have been home with. me in the will but if i. didn't get out.
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mally i look at how we show as in certain way of showing brad at them and i sure. it is a mechanic at that dilemma i mean we'll add that in. a misstep can i fix it mess what and then i'm on. a modern and actually 2nd wealthier 2nd. i should give it he had to answer a model. that can and does that come better in and hagley a ali i also feel better but. maybe stacking new orleans so that the al. binti lead the community does that but hash why then in nobody but me. i had to get. out of course because the guy you and the leg i. was
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a little bit but i thought you know what they give a shit about us it's luck i thought i made this one had we never got it i been a collapse had a for the last a guy that is sad that musharraf left and i never had to diminish place like that there. is from a small. deed to figure turn. to without his earlier one means here. on the morrow. the bitter more all the only new is do
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more. good to most of us. very. little. show called to say. it was a. lot of the next month when i left it with that black little thumb up in. about this. one of my own and that. we. are not. see it. in fact when i get back to me well it doesn't be half way up shukla sort of the copy.
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you see. was through. the. whole wall was a bloody. how do you. think. i don't condemn non profit in the south if you can get betty yanni said that mccain should my said we have indicated that you can hear. from a few. of the southern tash in the house only so that i'm acting for that been hit on credit. and home but i'd same goliad it up on this list that i came to as i meant look to the saddam of their kind of awesome and i'm hostile i could be you i mean if you made enough. of them will be the fall of. you
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how would you screen for ya my feet i have has a lot more have to 2nd half ago last 2nd fuel. we have mobile. so let me just the sort of thing to this is all you know if you just said i'm tired when i stop and talk about the evolution 1st of all to. us as legitimacy should a condo get involved. so a little for dinner and if you. thought of. it but 92nd was open felt. somewhat.
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less good i felt with a lot of polish up again also. but i had little but i mean with a lot of. it will still live there. while my own mother has sort were not still more. plus how often. just do you know if you have a lot of things deaf and dumb and. you know. if you didn't see a plot similar ones that i think lay i said it's a bottle to feel. good. that i'll be up in this can i. can get $100.00 had the demagogic it's an exact quote a little. so candidly
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mine i can remember her shandong. total but i don't. have a bunker holler follow football star how you feel is our differences will never come he said you know me and so mark how. i go on never having. hold on when i had to put in a hard i mean i meant. not accept. i didn't. lie you pulled all. the mean. wrong. you know that old dude must know we. only on most lineups. but he did say. 11 is not unusual. for no one had developed have. another. mole you've got
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a lot of. or the loss of one of those you know hold on a little boy was the consent of all and in the funeral for the and but where the whole you know what the how well i said it the how we met in the hospital. in make them a few many escort has. led to be can let us again be well let the whole of a 2nd well let us come about. when you don't want to. help with that i'm not on there and i will give you a little 111 i don't want to i don't get a live. i'm a go my son isaac i did talk i let him look whenever he said i said i don't know whatever i want to welcome is where i feel it got that i am a part of to live. and whisk 11. times in for me i'm the
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nurse the middle of the house and all of the. i've been binocs and a bit of in bed been moved i lay you know i lived in this bed homebase yelling been an hour but i don't miss what i know going into the house no house of the house and in this well i can listen which i'm a little more. so i'm going to have to tell a whole. mitchell of normal. somehow dish and how does a lot of the high go would welcome v.l.a. admission. what a business. isn't. that. the
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one bad you could aim can for coming in at a motel as an actor but that you're high you're not in the way of a good keeper harrison but whether i get a new start for you have shown some sort of. i am. your mother 2nd i want for 20 some odd. calling almost from you know. it's nothing on the. do i would look at what the bible says. the following. time i'm alone i look a lot more look. to her
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a load of them or. fall on us of tar heel how they were because if my legs were harder than in my filter or so we're told to not all those who call me right of the movie over who can be different oh you are awesome. b.c. been mckim me tell ye. weird me mainly see you versus a minute long way in full you mean you'll lose some soul. i'm so glad i want to feel well that's almost kind of dated men she'll have to live as almost loose. and the show itself into law and how that would. go on separate unless i said i think. it will start a while got
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a home of. friends and. get you. to be. civilized. by june. because you're seeing any. less of a short. in the don't know. if you. learn a few of the look. at the. pentagon one of the good.
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and the mocked up on the host on the record at the moment the mom told the. model must have always been a while how you had a lot of 100. that matter how much it was for gable but my form with. the web and the lousy saw had i don't know what medical copy of the. second. had its own look for them and i don't know i don't want to be. with. and about in the. can be live in. let. but a ship that ship there but that would like a la the bow of the. senate in the web. as
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a you. man more. the way that. a cinema that she. was so well in the net should anything but where. many thing but where. in the modern moderate. let them be. sure. but they could give a fuck of us of something yet in the desert that doesn't get in the financial
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crisis and can short little. but where flecking them again after many met him in the woods he felt caramel i'm just saying it in. a web warm i had meant other euro at kenneth moore woodruff and mocked up my neck to get them for the hook to study in the deaths of any yet. i've. come out what been yeah. some women are in have been your the innocent. and. the and the big. can in the. form for too long over a. minute really you were removed remove an inch of freedom we have no bond in
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the recognition money only. bought in a bimbo web in some game and bellowed oh i use a. way well for all in my woulda fin walked i'm up now been a. kellet hasn't yet there was. but battlefield of the lot of a web. but about web based theory are all the we. in the fast buck and has all but web. but i will i may well ecan more. shellfish. my father is doing a little. bit.
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and says he should throw her out they had a law can bad eggs and she be net show the object as a snag by the imho america's challenge for the best the what i desire has little more to mock illini households see for what could be or was a seem a shaken city if the haze in the. battle but web of our heroic the whole what malik it donya we're back in was off along with our limp nails so we see. you she can be in the gene. meccania of our next year so we can live with you to a new book commune drawn from sin much of whom want. i don't you are. very it agatha to me very. very very outrage among your very.
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mission. can be. going forward you know off the letter from going to. be treated my lyf is no war you're hoodoo swarming a little beaver environment on me you want to be the law. you cannot be how gun wall street is bowed down. was a little thing a little book for. the head of it in order. to level the stuff. i do to get us
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all out. and i'm going to try to you know to court. but the senate and about that should get i'm going to make deductions about. me when i can feel enough said what. can the been this big the money len the going to be shut off and what the death of. a need. then you can cite the future but a must watch bank and believe if one has that in them but web. tech. in pakistan's
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largest city climate change and water shortages and driving some resistance to desperate measures it's 101 east meets the water of corruption. 0 most people will never know what's beyond this storm. in the sun it's 100 films how it feels to touch. british. people live and know what it's like to work with every breath expression. with here it's not an option. but when the most people. al-jazeera who is beneath the waves with a team of women determined to save the told friends we all share the same responsibility we need something to be protected amazing using a variety of scientific techniques to study their behavior we can monitor them for
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their photos and behavior were able to adapt to their new environment women make science dolphin sanctuary on al-jazeera. you're the only. allow i'm in london with a quick look at the headlines now president joe biden has reportedly decided to withdraw all american troops from afghanistan by september 11th speaking anonymously u.s. officials have told the reuters news agency that the decision will be announced on wednesday it would miss the may 1st deadline for the week for the withdrawal agreed with the taliban by the trumpet ministration september 11th this year is the 20th anniversary of the $911.00 attacks by al qaida which led to the u.s. invasion of afghanistan and america's longest war can be has more now from the
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white house in terms of this withdrawal it has been a generation since that war began ad and as a result americans have grown weary in a pandemic they feel this is no longer a price tag couldn't they can afford and so 2 there are about $2500.00 remaining troops we know according to the white house that the pullout could begin right away but should be complete by september 11th of this year now we should also let you know that this is being criticized here in the united states in fact the top republican in the u.s. senate mitch mcconnell saying just moments ago that the new reporting suggesting the biden administration plans to turn tail and abandon the fight now afghanistan he calls it precipitously withdrawing u.s. forces from afghanistan is a grave mistake oh u.s. president vladimir putin to deescalate border tensions with ukraine in a phone call with the russian president biden propose they hold a summit in
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a 3rd country in the coming months russia has already dismissed nato school for it to withdraw the forces it's to point me at ukraine. the u.s. pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson says it's delaying the rollout of its coronavirus vaccine in europe after u.s. drug regulate has recommended a pause in its use they're investigating blood clots in 6 women off today or not kill a tip close to $7000000.00 people in the u.s. have received the one shot jab the food and drug administration says it's recommending the pools out of an abundance of caution well india has again reported the world's highest daily tally of no new covert infections it confirmed more than 161000 new cases on choose day and 879 deaths the country is seeing a sudden infections that threatening to overwhelm hospitals in some of the hardest hit cities particularly with. al-jazeera well continues also tony $100.00 chante and often else time. blue face masks
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a common sight in city centers around britain but as lock downs abusive people will still be wearing masks for months or even years to come an ongoing nightmare for the environment this video shows stauffer to wildlife hospital helping a bird that's been caught up in discarded litter it's a facemask going to trust it now a recent survey found 70 percent of people using disposable bots didn't realise they were using single use prosthetics research is at university college london so you've every person in the u.k. used one disposable mosque every day every year it would create $124000.00 tonnes of waste half of which would be on recyclable this factory they're trying to provide an alternative for 90 viral co 2 like other such boats can be washed and produced a design that we've come up with it's ethical sustainable and entirely made in the u.k. it looks like a base mostly because of many people's lives at least in the short term whatever coming they where they're being urged to consider where it comes from and where it'll end up.
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again and. again.
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other columbus alaska was the. second hole of a good 2nd for armada someone wanted to get there before the 2nd before the year before the north big macand allowed to a number fi fans had their can macand they could has he had more air that far. and we had the had he. had yeah he was sorrow. so when my poor poor for. a. mohawk official a little more if you're on the official line on one of the elements or chemical of . the mother who was a little. innocent in the last. day when the cost benefits are valid that one does ina government city mostly due to an economic in. its name be able to add.
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a few what if. dad what. kind of theme. that luckless that i'm with i'm not going to feed nor. will. listen. in for. being. aware that even less and it's at the least to the neck in mass and it in no easy would have had the evil. to be the good that is it would let in the afterlife . insana meant for you right had limited for you.
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but that was due to. get a woman of the month for. the last over the border fowl to. suck off you that's right in. there that men are men are enough to muscle in on the hill by that that that then they met there was you for a local mayor elect get it but mr lynn as a man a said baird well a man when i hold my for. all my leave. in a bill out of what i had but webb. on my model for him about my office or methodology how most of all what at the present was a filibuster. a lot of people are all kind of worth the earth. doesn't so it was when you have some of the rules if you will for
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a 2nd. more for the hands of the wind up with. more so more follow my studies. i thought that as some of those it was if one of the several 1000 blooms on oil. from the monkey a woman at the turtle to climb a good. italian. to tell you another time but i would have to tell you are 2 above the times the amount of times as that are about that with another daughter in fairyland. can more case it was if you had to did you tell us how to. get her to the. film. how it can and i was. not at least not at. the start of feel.
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up to. be a newbie a spotless elater if a and shovel of lamb let into a lot of the rot i'm a fish that even moving along means how do you top that. had laid out of 10 of them have a lot here and more still ugly ines look to taught us has he. will we see some more of them involving email for you with laymen lost through a window well most will give you the letter d. muslim go again share a with the yard tell it many times you are going off the mayan if. you were to have will we. did see you in. elbow or being.
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not a good mom we. were going to go as wild wild me sure. was e of how could mean in washroom and in total. how does how does our model how does that feel they have. that of the couple to know what the public should. feel. where. they. in no. issue with eyes ynys saying.
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i was don't know what. the limb talked about how. they should see if you. don't understand. what it did to would hire a letter. kalid to restart the mystery has he. i'm attacked i'm the mom. had any day any lesson and. i'm tired now full force that is a. good. start to how the national scene.
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from us on up to. newton was on the lookout. to the beginning to get laid and i was you know a field day or 2 alleles he was going to do. the verity were getting a one off or on long. the how does our motto. or rather my. fear with fear will it deliberate or me will it eliminated a mish. george. bush will. he has. done a lot of a. lot of democrats is that i'm bad then they got a 2nd or they did. get on the.
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well rumor through. the new album or so i'll see you me we are near some scene. one. is just a look. well fee they don't have it at. all let me show it i am a. he she. started behaving awful but i think the beginning. of the all or near me that we didn't know which is not the typical of us. that the if you missed. them i let him in. if you had the idea.
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let's not hold it in a whole lot of committed. in no way abandon a buy in or to layer called we like beer general allen. also la motta for. your father to tell him to let in any. animal but it's all that intercom well and a filibuster with the. will do or if the man was the ember the new while the. demi armada get because of allah light message in my fish in the dark. that are also a sort of generic it. will only lead you from a vision idea. the book enough of a break america is
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a shop. but it must. have been will be in which you can look for an acronym i thought. of was of the how of molecular court the higher your 2nd go. through i.e. . the hardest most of us are likely limited value them held by leak which. we beat the good because. they live a war handed norman in the stuff of the. men alive and they can actually buy the. on the it's not. odd to shot of him but i'd meant it shall help with an 11 tape. zot of the for shot of out of the 3 but you do not know what i have got and then
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adds that minute then and it will go to show what the guy she left in a few 100 in the north. well a feel for soil for the british. would be to give almost would be misadventure from the court of the law for abuse you would. wear a mask a lot of for me because this is. the who did it go. away stuff i was there but i mean i think if you are. in canada or think you need to have the kalulu problem i believe.
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the money of the. that and then i get to meet yannis over the house and definition lawyer will have their on the bottle my mouth and my model of how down the 4th showing of the show when i'm on the on the. whole thumb on the top doesn't have the wouldn't be the get on with them or with a mic and i had a mr can have that i think i would need him with somebody. about going to. the heart of the. band and how they have some of it and so had all the other method to make any of. them but how the. 11 had. a lot of. planes and that you know. well to just. 2 year.
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old you'd be. doing the wall. between b. p b. i b c i was awful. good what i did what i did. and muddied. into concrete theater in a bottle but what. if in this.
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second his 2nd. element out of the. second in no way. i'm about to go to. see it on the new moon. with that they're going to have all the.
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trailer not just with. most eyes for a long. i mean the money. show the people that are going into wealth. and if. it does.
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if you will. if you made. sure of the hamas and fatah. and about how to talk about weapon of staff that sensitive i would not if you know that i would have developed awfully. garage but when i thought it had. occurred what was it about the i showed him the whole most of them that i showed in the 2nd. well actually i showed him the whole month. and. i should have also.
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saw that. about what he. did. but he did get a lack and had to get a well harris. may not. be. like it again. but had a wee wee bit security. in
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the lift. or your mother. was.
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english my. well clinton if you give that. a little unknown is she. going to one of. the. i'm going to have the definite bottom half full of love and almost done is out the door before them and i will look at those out in the lake. been the security will go up in their. job description i would see from was the fee but that harris. but that. would you but if they left the right. if you. let them about.
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one i want to. learn. about. the muscles of the men of one of the up to deliver a mom or young of the. one of the pillar. and call of the tom them both to learn comedy in the. in the month old war malala
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moment. when the covert 19 pandemic hit iran and. a filmmaker cut adrift from his crew began documenting life under lockdown i made on those international sanctions. an intimate portrayal of isolation in one of the world's least understood countries coronavirus lockdown iran people in power on al-jazeera. welcome to doha from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the
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scenes. so you can relax enjoy the perfect break in your journey. and when you leave with a smile we know our day's work is done cats are always welcome to our home. but. say goodbye to sit out there which is a tropical sock in the game different easier to hit western australia quite well way south the next thing to watch is a fairly active cold front this thing here so it's cold air coming from the
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southern ocean but not particularly cold but it is quite windy to clear south australia but for the next few months you're going to be seeing this sort of thing weather coming out of the by strong winds for tasmania and victoria heading eventually to was new zealand they go forth with the contest maybe next day or so it's not called 15 in her but still 20 in melbourne. and it's warm and sunny up through the coasts of new south wales and queensland even tropical quids and will barely see a shower next day or so the seasonal change in east asia is one of rain usually it's this system that wanders in and out of japan china and south korea and pulses the 1st pulses gone through you got the sun returning on wednesday in japan in southern china that rain intensifies and temporarily the still a bit of wind to hang around the far north china will be a sandstorm a bit as snow with it as well but the us has 18 in beijing i think it'll feel quite told you what could end up being a hail shower certainly on thursday the wind dies down the temperatures barely
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change. planet earth a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an existential threat you don't get a reset button it's just really scary in the lead up to us to al-jazeera run special coverage documentaries discuss inventor pull ups exploring the consequences the actions and inactions very hard news about a few long civilization cultures and showcasing ways in which some are seeking to turn the talk to their straight ahead there are 3 individuals in very rare to see that it's really exciting a season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. revealing eco
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friendly solutions to come back threats to off planet on al-jazeera. 0. 00000 i marianna my 0 watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes u.s. officials say president biden has decided to withdraw all remaining american troops from afghanistan by september the 11th. just a foreign. explained.


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