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transfer the crossing of borders at a point like this the 2nd option would be for them to be relocated to 3rd countries now we've seen with even prior to college but definitely during cover that many countries have actually stopped their resettlement plans and therefore countries like norway sweden and canada that have historically been supportive are not doing this anymore and therefore there is no option really to settle them in 3rd countries and the 3rd and most important thing really is that many of the countries as we've heard already by some of the refugee spokespersons is that you know many of these countries are unstable they are violent and they have weak states so we are very much faced with a situation that like in 20152016 we repatriated voluntarily and it has to be voluntarily under international law it is 6000 people but many of them returned because there was simply no schools for their children to go to there were no livelihood for them to pick up and it was nor you know kind of health care
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available for them and i think the last one perhaps maybe is thinking about this is that you know for many people we tend to forget that many of these people in the comes are you know born in those camps they have got married in those camps they are as kenyan as many of us who live outside of the camps and for that reason this is a delicate process that needs to be managed with care and ensuring that we do not have been haphazard and disastrous humanitarian operation at this point so tough and i know you can't you hear you to have news done stories about the doll camp and cocoon the camp and you spoken to people who've has lived to have big chunks of their life if not all of their lives so i know you're not there right now because of covert but can you explain to me how many of the people that you spoke to thank think about the top and command and when they are in a position where that may not be that home going forward what does that tell you.
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let me just bust very briefly speak about the voluntary. that you was talking about in to 16 i extensively covered that rip artery ssion and i did speak to people who are going back home and i quote some of those people in this period who are still in i.d.p. camps in somalia and able to get health care unable to just get their basic needs i mean 27000 i went back to baghdad and i spoke to people who i had interviewed going to somalia and they had returned to the comes because it was too dangerous in the areas where they had where they had gone to so the situation is more less the same i have spoken to a lot of people in this period and i mean the sentiments are just like it was in 2016 days a lot of fun fact into there's a lot of fear
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a lot of people who were born there are like where are we going to go and you know in a couple months for example we have refugees from you know other countries in the region who still feel that it's very unsafe for them to go back and i spoke to them as well so that may wind about that they are aware that you know the court blocked things in 2017 and now there's also. it's government rhetoric and a lot of people a saying that you know this think keeps repeating itself so we're already one time the government makes good its threats where will they go so that is a sentiment a lot of fear a lot of are starting to be in those camps. conversation the closing moments of our conversation is right he's an international security researcher i'm going to put his thoughts to you more and let's have a listen. and maybe even the dual tendency in iran and this us to me the solution to this troubling is thus ensuring. for each humanistic approach that into groups
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the views of mortgages coming as it is national security issues you shoot him in the legs at that but also all the move will affect the humans accusing all the most vulnerable especially of these if you defend the shooting elected them so what i'm i'm hearing them one day is there's a negotiation that has to happen that is cowardly. what do you think is the best case scenario that we could hope for. thank you. actually i'm very delighted that after. the announcement by the minister has been almost you know activities everywhere their wills are telling you know at the international level or in the local levels in fact the 111 party that is missing in these negotiations are the mother countries of these people have not seen representatives from south sudan or from the government of somalia of. you know or run where it's obvious that
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if you just come from come to the table and say hey we are interested parties into these negotiations but as the government has made this announcement all these players are coming to the table and as my brother lee said in that clip that he played over there that security is such are yes we need to listen to each other this is this is the international system in the international system they are not salutes we listen to each other. present their case. they represent the c.r. and human rights groups obviously international matters deeply send a priest send their abuse and people listen to each other if we listen to each other for sure there is going to be an amicable solution and i tell you the ultimate solution that the government of can is looking for in the safety of its people the city of the city of its security agencies that are working in these areas the city of the citizens of this country do not forget that the government prosperous sponsibility is all citizen in needs to secure this country no matter
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the price of the house to pay for that and just looking here into some of the comments that people are reacting to guesses as you are actually speaking he says the kenyan alone cannot really integrate the number of people in the camps it's important to recognize the challenges kenya faces in relation to the camps being open and growing and science needs collective action this is going to be an instant reaction gas 5 years time what a dab and cooma still exist. well we don't know and i think. point about you know dialogue i think is critical. is critical when. the dollar and they still exist in 5 years' time no. catherine. i think we've got a lot of pressure the government is putting on you and it's you are another part and i was i don't think it will exist in 5 years time will i be here in 5 years
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time to do that show now is thank you very much catherine. a wrong go and you cheat us for your comments and your questions appreciate you asking you next time take everybody. examining the impact of today's headlines where does your site go from here the
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people of myanmar to do the. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion every time i talk about raises them i will get a twist i'm being called a race based programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the while today we are about to feed. themselves hungry magots see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. when i enter the ring i feel on top of the world i don't want that feeling to go away when the show and the fine i'm on call it retirement and i followed by a laugh line watch for a laugh when i meet the former circus performers gracefully supporting each other on the stage of life going les you got a broken bone in a very minute off it was beautiful witness presents after circus on i'm just that's business show patience is still must go on. a 3 year investigation into the
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pro-gun lobby i believe it is me god is really going to. reveal secrets so you want to put messaging out there that if you go out late. and connection some don't want to expose sneak in legacy media. mass shooting. documents with night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. is room in the world on al-jazeera. i know i'm maryam namazie and london with a quick look at our main stories now president joe biden is reportedly decided to withdraw all american troops from afghanistan by september 11th speaking
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anonymously u.s. officials have told the reuters news agency the decision will be announced formally on wednesday and it would miss the may 1st deadline for withdrawal equate with the taliban by the trump of ministration september the 11th this year is the 20th anniversary of the $911.00 attacks by al qaeda which that the us invasion of afghanistan and.


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